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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and tyrus. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. see the. and he reminded all of us. rush, we'll miss you. jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. lessons from limbaugh. rush limbaugh passed away this week after battling lung cancer. the words used to describe him most often are pie near. a person who bravely sets forth on a path of their own and advances against the wilderness to stake an original claim and establish a new way of life. rush was a radio pioneer.
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a renegade with a microphone fan created a place for conservatives in the wild. he was fired over and over and over again until he finally worked it out in the late 80s. rush articulated conservatism so effectively that he payment most listened to talk show host in the lands. with his signature cadence and biting sarcasm, america's anchorman changed the course of american history. he did it with such humility. >> one of the things that is totally erroneous about me is
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that i'm pompous. and that i am arrogant. neither of these things are remotely true. i can tell you a joke to illustrate this. larry king passed away, goes to heaven. he's greeted by st. peter at the gates. st. peter says welcome, mr. king, i want to show you around and show you what's here. i can you can pick a place where you can reside. he said i just have one question, is rush limbaugh here? >> no no, he's not here. he finally gets to the biggest room of all with this giant throne and over the throne is a flashing beautiful angelic sign that says rush limbaugh.
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and larry king looks at st. peter, he says i thought you said rush limbaugh wasn't here. st. peter said he's not. this is god's room. he just thinks he's rush limbaugh. jesse: limbaugh had a ph.d in liberalism. he understood what makes them tick. their arrogance motivates them to seek power and control. other personal inadequacies and fear, combined with built over the success of america and their warped understanding of history drives hair need to irrationally -- drives their need to destroy what they don't understand. >> in many people's minds conservatives we are all in the arena of ideas. we are competing for dominance.
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we want to persuade our opponents we are right and they are wrong. we want to do it by being honest about what we believe. we don't want to attract believers to our cause by lying to them. we want credibility when it's over with. we assume everybody is the same way, playing by the rules, engaged in a battle for the minds of the american people. for us it's a battle for right versus wrong. i don't think liberals look at conservatives as wrong. they look at them as evil. it's not right versus wrong. it's good vs evil. they, the liberal leadership, we conservatives just by virtue of being conservative are evil they say. so in a battle of goods versus evil, good may do anything to
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triumph over evil. may break the rules and imend the law, because there is nothing but stopping evil. jesse: what many people misunderstand about rush. listening to rush was an education. half the show was opinion. the other half was information which formed the foundation for his opinion. the show for news junkies. every monologue was based on hard news reporting. you listen for an afternoon, you learned about climate science, the constitution, everything. he was able to persuade you with facts. and the audience would return the next day to learn something. we believe the show -- we leave the show enriched, feeling secure in urine -- we've leave the show feeling even ric riche.
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he was the he said he was right 99% the time he joked, but probably he wasn't joke. his sense of humor. he was searing. is irreverent sarcasm made conservatism fun. >> i care more than any of you about anything because i'm wearing these ribbons. and these ribbons say so. i want you people sitting at home. look down at your lapel. put the camera back on me. do this. when you look down. what do you see? you don't see anything, because you are not wearing any ribbons. it means you are a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe. it probably means you are a white guy, it probably means you
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are a pure mean and you, and you alone are responsible for all the ills of america. but i'm not because i'm not wearing any ribbons. i care more than you. jesse: them baugh ridicules his political opponents in such a fun and feisty way. mocking the shady shakedowns of sharpton and jackson and roasting the slippery and slimy clintons. millions of americans could see through thee d through washington, d.c. for what it was. the three things that made him most successful, psychological intuition, fact-based opinion and humor made him a huge threat to the left. they tried to take him out and take him off the air for
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decades. but his audience was too powerful. 20 million listeners a week at his peak. the radio was on to noon to 3 rsh. there was no match for his skills and there never will be. suitably, president trump awarded lum baugh the medal of freedom last year. >> you will be receiving the highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. jesse: i began listening to rush in college and never looked back. i used to make my liberal mother listen to it on long car rides and it made herb so crazy she
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nearly drove us into a ditch. it's easy being a liberal. you just have to say you care. anybody can say that, then spends my money to prove it. but since caring doesn't lift people up, the right course of action is needed to get results. it takes thought, energy, persuasion. you need to build your knowledge base. you have to seek out conservative news and information. finds a talk radio station. click on fox and discover talented writes yourself. yourself. being a conservative is invigorating. pursuing the truth is a journey we love. at the heart of it all is the love we have for the people of this country and our desire for everyone to live up to their true potential. this is so often misunderstood,
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it needs to be explained. >> let me tell you who we conservatives are. we love people. when we look out over the united states of america, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people such as this or anywhere, see see americans. we see human beings. we don't see groups. we don't see victims. we don't see people we want to exploit. what we see is potential. jesse: rush limbaugh made his listeners so proud to be american. if you understand american history like rush did, an always brought everything back to 1776, you have deep appreciation for how lucky we are as a people and how fortunate we are to be american citizens and how grateful we are for all the people who came before us to put us in this position to pursue
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happiness. >> as human beings we are no different than human beings anywhere else in the world. there have been familiar there is, clubs, countries for thousands of years on his planet longer than we have. and we have outdone everybody in almost everything that lives and raises the standard of living in the history of the world. it's not because our dna is dirvelts. it's because of our freedoms and the founding documents and the rights that we have and where they come from. jesse: he drove the media nuts. conservatives aren't allows to be brilliant, honest or funny. that humanizes them, attracts an audience and threatens political power. the mainstream media swept in like you will have tiewrs.
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like -- like vultures. "politico," let's briefly praise rush limbaugh then bury him forever. l.a. tapes, rush limbaugh died as he lived, dividing america. actor billy baldwin says, enjoy hell. bette midler, rush limbaugh has gone to his reward and it's hot. richard marks, rush limbaugh was a hate filled. the left is exposing how hateful they truly are. and rush would have said see, i told you so.
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he had a nickname for them. the drive-by media. >> the true definition of the drive-by media is, they fly into a situation. they arrive on the scene of major breaking news. they make up stuff. they stir up emotions to a frenzied fever pitch. they spread lies. and then after a few hours or a few days when the real facts emerge, they are gone. they are down the road doing it again on the next story. while everybody else is left in their wake with a mess that's real americans have to clean up. jesse: anyone who paid attention to the last four years knows that's exactly how the threcht
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wing media -- the left-wing media rolls. leaving everyone battered and bloodied by lies. it can be disheartening. and many of us feel that way after the last election. but rush was always optimistic. here he is on his last show of 2020. >> it's never time to panic. and it will never be time to give up on our country. never be time to give up on yourself. trust me. jesse: rush never gave up until he gave his last breath. he blades a path for hannity on radio, o'reilly on tv, and matt drudge online. former president rebegan wrote a letter to limbaugh. thanks for all you are doing to promote republican and
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conservative principles. now that i retired from active politics i don't minds that you have become the number one voice for conservatism in our country. i know the liberals call you the most dangerous man america. but don't worry about it. necessity used to same the same thing about me. keep up the good work. america needs to hear the way things ought to be. ronald reagan passed a torch to rush limbaugh who was the number one voice for conservativism this week. rush is passing the torch. i like to think he didn't pass the torch to one person. he passed the torch to all of us. our hearts shine together like a beacon on a hill lighting the way towards freedom. to take a moment of silence and let the light reflect as we
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jesse: the teachers union situation is totally out of control. most of the biggest school districts in america are still closed, despite the science saying in-person learning is safe. and despite billions of our tax dollars going out the door and probably being stolen as we reported last week. the more "watters' world" keeps digging the more we find this has been going on forking a long time. the former president of the washington, d.c. union was sent to prison for he embezzling union funds. the former president of the dade county teachers union was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling $650,000 in union funds. the teachers unions are holding our kids hostage, our parents hostage and even joe biden
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hostage. the president hasn't have a clue about re-opening schools. their demands have nothing to do with academics. and now they want to cut the line in front your grandparents to get vaccinated. the teachers union has a stranglehold because they sends their donations then use those dove nations to he make their demands. there is no respect for parents who pay huge amounts of taxes to send their kids to school. school board administrators in oakley, california were caught on tape ridiculing parents for wanting their kids back in the courtroom. >> they want to pick on us because they want their
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babysitters back. jesse: another administrator is making threats. >> if you are going to call me out, i'm going to [bleep] you up. jesse: another parents says temperature ask parents want kids in school so they can get high in private. they didn't realize they weren't in private. toot clientele temperature -- >> we have the meeting open to the public right now. >> nuh-uh. jesse: joining me former california teacher. you are a former teachers union person, rebecca fed risk. >> i taught -- i taught 28 years
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in california schools. there are a sphiewf good school boards out there and those are in neighborhoods where the parents have taken control and the teachers unions have been abated. the teachers unions are in full control. they corrupt the pta. and when they support the pta, they are supporting union candidates. teachers are supposed to be the most wonderful people in society. lovers of truth and educators protecting our kids. instead, they are bullied continually. they are truly destroying our republic. the only way to keep a free republic is with a moral
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citizenry that can self-govern. and these people are undermining that task. ask. jesse: that's the right word. they are mass it. they are holding everybody hostage for cash. rebecca, thank you very much. i appreciate. the truth about wind mills. texas and the war on the american worker. mike rowe is on deck. wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live. ♪look at what's happened to me.♪ ♪i can't believe it myself.♪ ♪suddenly i'm up on top of the world...♪ maybe it is dirtier than it looks. ♪should've been somebody else...♪ it is dirtier than it looks. try new tide hygienic clean.
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>> live from "america's news headquarters" i'm ashley strohmier. a united airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after engine failure in colorado. the plane left a trail of debris across several neighborhoods before landing at denver international airport. everyone is safe and the 231 passengers are being rebooked on a new flight to why. the captain was making an announcement with a large explosion rocked the cabin. president joe biden former senate colleague rob dole in washington d.c.. the 97 real doll revealed earlier this week that he was
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diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer. the former republican nominee plans to start treatment on monday. biden and dole served in the senate from 73 to 1996. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "watters' world." jesse: blame game in full swing in texas after a winter storm' wise out water and heat for millions of people. it got even colder, demand grew and to bed them off line. democrats are launching a new war on energy workers. joins me now is the host of the discovery plus series, 6 degrees, which is about as cold 80s is in texas. we all love clean energy, but we also need fossil fuels. for some regional people want to
8:30 pm
put workers in the fossil fuel industry out of business. explain what this motivation is all about. >> i will give them the benefit of every doubt. when you live in a binary world with this narrative you need a good -- a good guy and bad guy. energy is a complicated challenge. it's venl fur predisposed to -- it's convenient if you are predisposed to believe that the world is going to come to an end in 12 years. it's convenient to put a black hat on fossil fuels. we just can't do it. there is no bigger investor in alternative energy than oil and natural gas. it starts with that. it's like shooting rats in the bottom of our boat with a
8:31 pm
shotgun. you will blow a hole in the boat and it will all go down. we don't understand our energy and as much as we would like to say these guys are good and these guys a bad, it's a trap. where the temperature in your house as your freezing to death or sweating to death. it's yoga pants. everything made from petroleum. the keypad on my computer. it's all connected. if we try to unravel it we'll start pulling on threads and the whole quilt will bunch up and it won't be pretty. jesse: if the country knew they used petroleum in yoga pants, i don't think you would hear about the green new deal. i wanted to zoom out for a second and talk to you about this is a big picture of the
8:32 pm
deindustrialization in the united states of america. we had a report out of baltimore. some ex-con wanted to pay shooters not to shoot people. i started looking into the city of baltimore. 60-70 years ago this was a thriving industrial city with car factories, rail and steel. chemical factories. people made a great living in blue collar jobs. they could afford to have a house. and now it's all gone. i'm looking at the amtrak route. joe biden said he took the amtrak train from wilmington delaware to washington, d.c. for 40 years. that track goes right past baltimore. so joe biden must have seen with his own eyes how the city of baltimore decayed.
8:33 pm
he had to see what happened to the city of baltimore the last several decades. what is the solution? it's sitting there right next to washington, d.c. what would president mike rowe do about this? >> funny you should ask. that's my hometown. i grew up in baltimore, i live not far from the amtrak station. my dad worked sat sparrow's point. there is a big muscular hard working town. i think it's a frog in boiling water. the temperature went up slow overral number of years and a lot of things have gone off the rails in that town. i'm not an economist. rent control, all these things that drip with unintended consequences. all these policies.
8:34 pm
it does strike me right now that people on the left on people on the trite, we by and large d people on the right, and we want to live in vibrant cities, the question is, are you i am patient or no. is it a shortcut? minimum wage is a shortcut. rent control is a shortcut. making energy the enemy is a shortcut. and shortcuts lead to long delays. and every time i come on your show i tell myself, mike, stay in your lane. well, my lane is this. we are going to give away a million dollars next month in work ethics scholarships. all i'm trying to focus on is telling people that if you pursue a skill that's in demand and master that skill, you don't need to get tied up in the
8:35 pm
conversation about dying cities and minimum wage. i know a lot of plumbers making a beeline for houston and dallas. what happened there is just beginning. when those pipes thaw out, it will be like the wake of a hurricane. if you do drywall, electric, plumbing, you are going to make a fortune, not gouge people, but work as hard as you want. i try to find the silver lining. if you have a skill that's in demand, you are going to be in demand. jesse: go to texas right now, people. mike rowe is shooting rats in a boat and boiling a frog. that's your lane, mike, and we appreciate that. thank you for coming on "watters' world." bill gates pushing some very dangerous ideas. a closer look at the world's secondndndndnd (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently
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[♪♪♪] jesse: bill gates is worth $123 billion. he's the second richest man in the world. he could spend $100 million a day for three years and still be a billionaire. the man is extremely generous. he put you have a quarter billion dollars to fight the pandemic. his spending on vaccines helped eradicate polio and cut-in and the deaths around the world, saving millions of lives. he's one of the most admired philanthropists in world history. but gates has become the larkest farmland -- the largest farmland owner in the united states. he owned a billion acres. he's a super emitter. >> i probably have one of the
8:41 pm
highest greenhouse gas footprints of anyone on the planet. jesse: but he says he makes up with it with offsets if that concept works. gates is on tour promoting a book. he's treated like a scientist which he isn't one. he's pushing for the united states to get to zero emissions in 30 years. he's in favor of destroying the fossil fuel industry and seems casual about what that means for the american worker. >> this is a 30-year transition and there are lots of green jobs that can be created. the total number of jobs may go up. there may be some places there is dislocation so as we budget we have to think about those affected communities. jesse: this is interesting
8:42 pm
because miss foundation trust has vast investments in exxon mobil, chevron. his other big thing is beef. he wants to get rid of red meat and go to a plant-based diet, aka fake steak. >> using fungi, and they turn them into sausage and yogurt. pretty amazing. jesse: he's the largest farmland owner in america. so what is his agenda? if we want clean energy we need a bigger role for the government he says. he says all rich countries should ditch regular beef and go 100% synthetic. he's a big investor in fake hamburgers. nothing wrong with putting your money where your mouth is.
8:43 pm
"watters' world" has no beef with gates, and i'm in awe of his technological break through and his philanthropic organizations. perhaps his intentions are good. liberals' intentions usually are. he donates 8 times as much to democrats as he does to republicans. but it's important to examine his actions and how his actions will affect you the american people. here to discuss is carol swain. what is your interpretation of bill gates and all of the money he has invested in these seemingly i would say bizarre areas? >> i'm not a big fan of bill
8:44 pm
gates. and to me he's the closest america has to a mad scientist. he has no scientific background. but he invested millions if not billions in global initiatives that include gmo produced foods. he has been involved with chemical, agricultural, and the vaccine. he is a proponent for depopulating the world because he believes that the world's population at 6.8 billion, that the population needs to be lower if the world is going to survive. so he sees himself as a person who has been called to save the whole world. and he's willing to invest his money in people and organizations who will carry
8:45 pm
forth his agenda. jesse: he has a lot of money invested where a lot of americans would think, no, i'm not going down like that. thank you for your analysis. we appreciate it. western civilization under attackckckckck [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost. ♪upbeat music♪
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[♪♪♪] jesse: political correctness or being woke isn't just about being sensitive to people anymore. it's become much more aggressive. the state of oregon's education department is training teachers that math is racist. for instance, oregon says focusing on the right answer per pet waits white supremacy. so does making students show their work. math grades themselves are also quote part of white supremacy culture. upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuates objectivity. it's not your opinion that 2 plus 2 equals 4. mathematics is the pillar of
8:50 pm
civilization. shakespeare is understood assault. a radical teachers group wants schools to remove staples much western literature from their classroom. they are accusing shakespeare of promoting misogyny and racism and classism. christopher columbus, ben franklin and abraham lincoln are on the chopping block in chicago. discovering america and freeing the slaves are controversial. parents were asked to consider what kinds of white person they were. parents were given homework. the parents were asked to
8:51 pm
identify as a white supremacist. a white traitor, a white voyeur and so on. none of these groups were having good. all of this is more than just their political correctness. this is an attack only western civilization. from the greek and row mane empires to the d to the greek and roman empires leading to the great american experiment, western writers and explorers have contributed so much to human development, not just in the west but all over the gold. lifting people out of poverty and tyranny and basic human rights embedded in natural law that's of us now take for granted. we should be able to include new and diverse thinkers and ideas
8:52 pm
into western ziflization. western -- of western civilization. why are they seeking to destroy civilization rather than build upon it. joining me now is dennis prager. what do you think the motivation for all this is? >> that's the hardest question i have had to wrestle with. i have known and written and said all of my life that the left wants to tear down western civilization. this is not new. jesse jackson and stanford students demonstrated 30 years ago, hey hey ho ho, western civ has got to go. why one wishes to tear down the
8:53 pm
greatest achievement of humanity. with human rights, women's rights, gay rights, democracy representative government, independent judiciary. unequaled art and music. and none of this has to do with color. none of it. in japan which is having probably the greatest number of people proportionately listening to balk and beethoven, they don't care that they were white. they care that they wrote the greatest music. japanese don't believe the music is the same. this is the greatest music ever written. no longer does music need harmony -- or tonality.
8:54 pm
if it's white supremacy what do they teach in julian schools. is there one school in africa that does not teach there is only one right answer in math? of course not. because they have a higher rawrr regard for blacks in africa than they do in the united states. i can't think of a more obvious statement of racial statement of riggs prejudice. jesse: it might even be more sinister than we realize if it's to make a whole generation of younger people less intelligent so they can be taken advantage of by corporations or the political power structure. or it could be psychological. they could feel insecure about their lack of achievement and
8:55 pm
decide to take it out on western civilization and build it up in a system where they could achieve more. i hated shakespeare, but i didn't say shakespeare was misogynistic. we'll continue to dive into the root cause of why they are trying to uproot the pillars of trying to uproot the pillars of ♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. t-mobile is upgrading its network at a record pace. we were the first to bring 5g nationwide. and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile we're turning up the speed.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: the groundhog wasn't kidding when he said six more weeks of winter. but the camels in saudi arain yap didn't see this coming. they look confused. and their homes look like snowy mountains. it's the first time it snowed
9:00 pm
there in 50 years. it must be global warming. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember, i'm watters judge jeanine: the end of an empire is when a leader decides to make this country last. after


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