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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that is timothy the hippo at the san antonio zoo getting a taste of the texas no he was not hungry hungry for, spitting it out right away. the zoo took care of the animal during this time. that some fox reports. thank you. judge jeanine: we went from trump's america first divided america last. when the leader of the country decides to make his country last when he believes his country is not so great and when his actions a policy may clear he intends to make his country
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last. after a magnificent run of 200 years with america the number one superpower we are left with a leader who believes in globalism, open borders, world equity in vaccines even before all americans are vaccinated and funding for the very lab which experts believe the wuhan virus emanated. we are watching real-time the takedown of america. a true biddable to joe biden america last policy. unlike the destruction of other countries empires this is self-imposed, self-inflicted from within, just as abraham lincoln said would be the only way america could fail. consider the following. since joe biden has taken the helm he has ordered a halt to schedule court ordered deportation of any illegal who is been convicted of a crime. biden has reopened the southern border, not stopping the rushing
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caravans. a direct result of biden's invitation made during his campaign just ask any migrant. an average of 3000 immigrants from central america across our board every day the obama administration considered 1000 today a crisis. as a result border patrol is forced to implement catch and release. release as and let the men and then release them into the united states. biden has nullified president trump's remain in mexico policy where illegals are held in mexico while awaiting entry into the country. biden has halted construction of the border wall, in addition to national security concerns, border security and humanitarian concerns ice enforcement concerns there is now a huge public health concern. as americans are told to stay
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home, most not allowed in restaurants, teachers not teaching in public schools legalized into this country with arranging pandemic page with vaccinations as an hurdle for americans to be safe, illegals are being released into her towns, cities and villages making clear that biden is not only prioritizing illegals over american citizens but a daily caravan of 3000 untested, on vaccinated, illegals to compete in the job market including restaurants. already small american border towns are begging biden to stop allowing the immigrants to rush their cities. but hey the drug cartels are happy, consider this. the cancellation of the keystone xl pipeline in addition to 11000 who lost their jobs on day one of the biden administration, biden has single-handedly caused america energy independent forcing us to go off natural
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energy with gas prices going up already 40 cents a gallon so far. biden's america last eliminated the pipeline incentivizes canada to work with china to sell crude oil and take away american jobs when we were virtually energy independent under president trump. biden's cockamamie efforts to remove us from oil and gas with allusions of a happy america under the green new deal brings me too texas. with millions of texans without water and heat we see the vulnerability of when meals especially when they're frozen. those windmills were a supplement to the energies grid. they were the energy wizards like aoc would like to come to texas to give a briefing on the feasibility of green energy in texas. but the problem in texas is not all about the windmills, it's about their energy grid, all of
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our grids, for years i been talking about the fact that our grids are not sufficiently hardened. consider this. biden support the powerful teachers unions. for refusing to go back to school, parents are left with the job of teaching their children at home which prevents them from going back to work and add insult to injury they're forced to pay food taxes for the teachers. in biden's america public school children are not only lagging behind those in private and catholic schools but globally they will never catch up to their competitors. and all the while american children suffering from mental health, drug abuse, depression and suicide. consider this, joe biden says we won't be on the clear and covid until christmas and he wants us to double mask, i don't know about you but i can't breathe with one mask, could joe be wrong about christmas, john hopkins professor and surgeon
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doctor marty says the coronavirus could be mostly gone by april because a number of people already infected and the number of them vaccinations could be herd immunity and make the virus spread. but then biden's america with unending immigration and open border policy there is a new variable that puts all americans at risk, illegals being released without testing or vaccination. even worse, there isn't even a plan to vaccinate border patrol agents or i.c.e. agents. and consider this. obama dance with a double and iran when he spent $400 million on unmarked plane to his penpal the ayatollah and freezing $150 billion men for the people of iran in 2015 which supposedly went to funding iran's terrorist activities. iranians attacked american forces five days ago.
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five days ago. and biden thinks these people are reliable and he wants to return to diplomacy with iran. by capitulating and reentering the iran deal, biden would deal with the position of weakness by giving up the sanctions we totally would lose our leverage especially since the iranian economy is now in shreds, this clearly jeopardizes the work that president trump did on middle east peace agreement with israel. the days of peace are back, and consider equality, to all the young girls out there who got up before sunrise to practice the sport and all the parents who chose to practice and supported and encourage them, joe biden and one fellow swoop has managed to take away every girl's dream of excelling in her chosen sport. by allowing boys who identify as girls, who are biologically stronger than girls to compete
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in girls sports, biden has single-handedly destroyed the sports dreams of a whole generation of young girls. and all his puffery about women in glass ceilings and is counter executive order that erases young girls sports by putting your daughters in the basement forget glass ceilings, hey joe, your identity politics are ridiculous what is fair about admitting biologically male athletes to girls teams. so in 30 days, radical left agenda joe biden's america last has taken home, it is not clear whether joe understands what he's done but americans do whether it's job security, reliable energy, open classrooms, dealing with the terrorist country committed to destroying us, opening our border as they locked on the capital, spending $4 billion for
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international vaccine equality around the globe, there can be no question, this man is unquestionably committed to one thing putting america last. and that's my open. let me know what do you think of my facebook and twitter # judge jeanine and if you like my open you love my book don't lie to me available in stores everywhere. as well as my closing statement later tonight on what is coming for new york governor andrew cuomo, you don't want to miss that one. joining me not to react to my open and much more is former senior advisor to the trump campaign lara trump. thank you so much for being with us tonight. i felt the obligation to let my audience know the first 30 days what president biden had done with respect to everything that i just indicated in the turner
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down of a lot of the trump policies. what is your opinion? >> you hit the nail on the head. that is 30 days it is taken joe biden to really start to destroy america and we warn people about this during the campaign, we said if you give joe biden the reins he will take down this country, i don't think anybody thought it would happen this quickly and this is a guy, don't forget that is almost double the number of executive orders as he has days in office at this point, he told us back in october anybody that rolled with executive order is a dictator. here he already told you i guess what he is but people are feeling the impact of the biden presidency in a really negative way, he talked about gas prices going up, the most egregious thing for me personally as a allegro plane sports is what you just talked about allowing men
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to compete in women's sports and how devastating that is going to be two young women all across america. he's change their lives in a really bad way, it's been really disappointing, i think what were seen is a very quick path toward socialism and towards full government control of our lives and how bad it is ultimately going to get, i hope it's not that bad but in the first 30 days it's what we seen indicative of a full term biden presidency, it is terrifying. judge jeanine: it is just the beginning clearly, they have the house in the senate is split, the question now is the republican party and where they're going and the role of former president trump that in fact the weekend i understand that the former president trump is going to make his first appearance at cpac in orlando
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florida the conservative political action committee which is certainly a bellwether and indicator that he intends to at least date and politics as it relates to conservatism, what is your take on that? >> he has told us to stay tuned this is not over for him and he has indicated that he probably would be interested in running again in 2024, he is the head of the republican party, he is the person that everyone will continue to turn to in order to help them get across the line whether were talking about 2022 or beyond, this man has changed politics and he has changed our party, the republican party there is no doubt about it i am excited to hear him at cpac it will be the first time anyone has heard from him since he left office in ethic what are the things we will hear is thank you
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the outpouring of support for donald trump since he left office has been so incredible you see the parade, continue to happen down in florida the people lining the streets as he goes to the golf course, nobody from our family sits those up, everybody associated with donald trump, those are just people who love america, love patriotism and want to say thank you to the president donald trump so he'll probably have a big thank you to those folks. judge jeanine: the support he sees along the road in the water in florida there impromptu, people love him, there's no question about it. in new york city were seen that two of the ice rings in central park are going to be shuttered when the trump organization had contract to keep them going because bill de blasio the mayor of new york city has decided he
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despises donald trump so much that is going to shut down the skating rink. what is your take on that? >> it's absolutely disgusting don't forget donald trump was the one who got the job done, way back in the day the city was far overbudget they couldn't get the job completed, donald trump stepped and got it done ahead of schedule, under budget and much delay he ran this country we know that is his trademark in the trump organization has manage that rink ever since. their management contract is up april 4, this guy is going ahead and shutting down bill de blasio to rinks before it otherwise would end, were talking about 250 jobs, were talking about kids hockey team that practiced there every hour from 5:00 o'clock in the morning until it shut down at the end of the night all day long. by the way at a time when there's nothing you can do with your kids, nothing open my
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husband and i left new york city because there was nothing for our children to do, bill de blasio has such a vendetta against a man who doesn't even live in his city anymore down in florida that he is willing to take away the people's jobs, people have season passes are losing money on this it is absolutely disgraceful but the worst trumped arrangements is syndrome i have ever heard of it so terrible for the city of new york and this guy has bigger problems on his hands he might want to focus on getting the city back open because people are leaving as fast as they can it's honestly so sad to see and really disgusting that he would go to this link. judge jeanine: always good to have you on justice, thank you so much. more on the breaking news on president trump's first public appearance since leaving office. and much more with peter
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navarro, tomi lahren and leo terrell, how will the gop fight joe biden's radical agenda, house majority leader kevin mccarthy is a perfect person to answer that. and he joins me next, don't go away. ♪
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john: judge jeanine: welcome back president biden has moved to sacrifice our jobs for empty gesture politics, open our borders to crowds in the legal raimmigrants and brainwash our children with garbage it's only been a month. it's never been more important for republicans to organize and push back against theub democras attempt to forever change our country. joining me now house majority leader kevin mccarthy. good evening congressman. >> good evening judge, thank you for having me back on. judge jeanine: great to have you back, you heard my open and you saw what biden can do in 30 days. what do you expect is going to dhappen going forward and what can you and the republicans do to stop it. if anything. >> just in 30 days you watched his adversary advancing but not the american public, the kids are out of schools the americans
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out of work and those who need relief is out ofut their hands,e is pushing a costly corrupt liberal coronavirus fund and what is happening when you read this bill, nancy pelosi put $100 million into a tunnel that is just outside of her district that has nothing to do with coronavirus. we have almost a trillion dollarse sitting there from the last bill that can go out more than 50 billion sitting that can go to schools but what has he done in a short amount of time you named many, he ended the keystone pipeline putting americans out of work, he opened the border but kept the schools close he put his back into the pierce record which makes china an advantage over america he gave the world health organization who lied to the world about the coronavirus $200 million from hard-working american h taxpayers. and what is he doing now he is
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reentering talks with iran the world leader when it comes to terrorism, this is just within 30 days. if you listen to his worst. i tell you first thing, we have the closest majority we have had inside the house just five seats we are going to fight every step of the day and if you watch with her trying to do we need the american public to join with us we need only six democrats to move to the other side to stop what is happening, this president continues to use an executiveti order. we've waited long enough and we felt the pain of what he is doing and now it's a time to stop it, i told anybody that wants to join with us to judge jeanine:d finally, the
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republican party is not facing an identity crisis in terms of who they are, who is going to lead us coming out of this now. >> the republican party has always been a party of ideas the thing that you have to understand abraham lincoln was our, very first president. there has been no other country like this conceived in liberty that we are all equal, this is only the first time since 1994, no republican incumbent and congress we have narrowed the ability to our ideas are withger everybody can join us we are going to continue to listen to the forgotten women in man across this country we are hethe party of the hard-working american taxpayer, hard-working american taxpayer. judge jeanine: congressman who is going to lead the fight, we have 30 seconds left, everybody,
4:24 pm
my viewers mostly agree with what you're saying but the question is how do we get back to level again, everything that this president is doing is hurting americans and making america last. >> is correct, he's reversing the course of what president trump and the republicans were able to do change in the tax code and making them go stronger, rebuilding the military we cannot sit back and let him do it, we cannot sit back and say we don't have the numbers. our ideas are stronger, join with us tonight but make the phone calls, writeo the letters but join with us on the floor because our ideas are stronger let's stop them, the first way to stop it is costly corrupt liberal coronavirus bill that does nothing to actually put the kids back inn school, bt the 10 million americans back to work and give a vaccine to every american who wants it. judge jeanine: house majority leader kevin mccarthy, thank you
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soad much. >> thank you, judge. judge jeanine: up next how could biden's america last agenda hurt you, your family and your community. former trump advisor peter navarro joins me next to break what you need to know. don't goro away. ♪ (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (naj) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (naj) our fees are structured so we do better when you do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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>> "america's news headquarters" i'm jon scott the faa issued an emergency direction with engine inspection on boeing 777 jets after yesterday's emergency landing in denver. passengers aboard united flight 328 so the right engine break apart shortly after takeoff. no one on the plane or the ground was hurt the faa issued the directive united airlines and outs is voluntarily grounded 24 of the boeing 777 aircraft. millions of texans smiling a little easier as temperatures start warming up after last week's monstrous storm. the big problem facing much of the lone star state is a shortage of safe drinking water, fema is shipping and clean water protection residence. i am jon scott now back to justice with jeanine. for all your headlines log on to
4:30 pm judge jeanine: welcome back from energy to foreign-policy to immigration president biden has gone to extraordinary links to dismantle the very trump policy that kept america safe and prosperous. joining me not to talk about the real-world consequences of these actions is former trump white house trade advisor peter navarro. good evening peter today i understand and actually i read your article on immigration that you posted and i want you to talk about immigration in the turnaround that we are seeing from the trump administration to biden's reversal of all of the trump orders. >> we are getting whiplash from secure borders to open borders, here is the thing we have over 10 million americans unemployed right now, many of them are
4:31 pm
lower income working-class americans. the last thing that weer need to have 2 million more illegal aliens to come across the border for the next few years and that's exactly what's going to happen if joe biden gets his way. 2 million per year and illegal aliens. every time, 90% illegal aliens come from mexico or the northern triangle, guatemala, honduras and el salvador and what's important about that were offer immigrants but they have less then a great education for the most part, 25% english language proficiency they will come over here on educated and compete precisely for the jobs that we have at the lower end of our income distribution, ironically some of the people that will get hurt the worst are hispanic americans as well as
4:32 pm
african-americans in our inner cities who are struggling now in the midst of this pin number, this is insanity and the problem that we have is the laws that were passed over the last 20 years that basically reward illegal immigration, folks down in el salvador and, p and they can get better healthcare appear that americans can get up here because of the weight of the laws. esthis is craziness and the democrats are doing this and it's another way of stuffing the ballot box in two or three or four years when the folks get here and finally get the pay. this is crazy in the report i was doing at the white house, i put it on hold but during the pandemic i had to release it today peter because it's so important for every american to see this in kids in school are going to get overcrowded and push people out of jobs and by the way biden
4:33 pm
wants to bring the upper end of that in in the high-tech big tech where our millennial's are going to be the surface of modern america no home, no car, no job, no nothing. judge jeanine: the unfortunate part of all of this there is no real effort to identify, i come tointo an airport they have to trace me in contract tracing and where werewh you yesterday did u take a test before you got on the plane and these people are lacoming and and nobody's asking them anything, they catch and release. >> the second last thing we need beside having a millions of illegal aliens come in when there's ten millions americans out of work people bringing up that the ccp virus, what we have here is a battle between the globalism where theseth
4:34 pm
corporations give money to the democrats and they want to bring up this cheap labor into our labor markets, first what is essentially populism and economic nationalism trump is him and president trump this is why he needed a second term to finish the wall, finish what he started with the chinese communist party in joe biden is undoing everything, there is a republican report that came out that showed 20 including secretary of state of officials the biden regime compromised by the chinese communist party this is gotta stop. judge jeanine: we will do that next week, peter navarro, always great having you on. thank you so much. my closing statement on cuomo's day ofs. reckoning. we have proof the lesson in america is officially on hinge. we count down the most outrageous comments from aoc, hollywood liberals and more, tomi lahren and leo terrell join
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome back. judge jeanine: welcome back another week several more days of papal insanity from the left this time a responsee of the passing of rush limbaugh in the aftermath of the storm in texas joining me too react fox business host tomi lahren and fox news contributor leo terrell. i'm going to start with aoc she says the infrastructure failure ines texas are quite literally what happened when you don't pursue a renewed deal. leo let's start with you if we had the green new deal aoc says texans would have heat and water to be living happily ever after. what say you? >> i think the aoc and democrats have to demonize republicans, we
4:40 pm
may disagree as republicans but they hate us into hatred in order for them to gain power for them to keep paying their constituents they must try to demonize anybody without our on their name and that's what's dangerous about the democrats they use issues like the green new deal, like the racecar to demonize republicans and that is scary because it makes it sound like the democrats are the alternative. in fact there an example of going to the left if you go their way. that's what aoc does all the time along with other democrats to demonize republicans which is simply wrong. judge jeanine: tommy how is it that she thinks the green new deal which would call for all the turbines that are frozen, why is that the answer to texas'
4:41 pm
problem? >> listen we know the aoc said the world was going to end in 12 years if we didn't do something about climate change also known as the green new deal the frozen wind turbines would say otherwise, let's be honest aoc says i think she wants to be a reality star nobody takes her seriously like the cultlike following on social media. but i would say all that climate change the trees, the worshiping above the alarmism is sound and looks great until you have frozen wind turbines and your freezing to death but aoc i don't think understand that at all. judge jeanine: they talk a lot about unity and icon of the conservative movement, a great warrior rush limbaugh died, they come out with vicious hateful spiteful comments that humans don't use toward each other i've never seen a party more consistent in their hate and bet midler tweeted rush limbaugh has
4:42 pm
gone to his reward, that is hot. >> this is what i said and very upset, kudos to the governor of florida for lowering the flagstaff staff in honor of rush limbaugh he was a true american who love this country and it goes back to what i said about aoc they demonize republican, they tried to make us a bag i can, i'm glad to be a republican, donald trump put america first, and for the democrats to maintain control over their minions, they have to evil and make us look like the bad guys that's why they used issues like race and i'll tell you right now does not work because most of americans live outside of the west coast in the east coast, middle america understands american values the democrats want to take american
4:43 pm
values away and turn this nation into a socialist state by demonizing republicans. judge jeanine: a hate towards a man who is deceased, this is sick stuff, don't you agree. >> absolutely but you have to remember these are the same people that mourn the death of actual terrorism. why do they hate rush limbaugh, why do they hate donald trump, why do they hate the three of us so much, it's because we hate conservatives that stand their ground they prefer republicans that they can manipulate wave the wind they do not like people like rush limbaugh donald trump and the three of us conservatives because we cannot be pushed around that is why they celebrate and show their
4:44 pm
true colors. but again that's what we expect from the left the loving and the tolerant left could be anything but, it's disgusting but sadly not surprising in the least i hope the american people those in the middle and those on the fence i hope they look at the behavior of the left and understand exactly who they're dealing with. judge jeanine: tomi lahren and leo luttrell thank you so much for being with us we always enjoy having the two off you on. breaking news on president trump's first public appearance since leaving the white house. sadie slap is here with us next to break it all down. don't go anywhere. ♪
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judge jeanine: cpac has seen many historic moments over the years, and this judge jeanine: cpac has seen many historic moments over the years and this year's conference looks to be no different as we learned earlier today that president trump will be speaking
4:49 pm
there and this'll be his first public appearance since leaving office. joining me not to react american conservative union and foundation senior fellow mercedes schlapp. i'm excited and i'm sure you're excited and everyone acu and that cpac is excited about the president coming to you as a first time after the election. what can man expect? >> let me tell you president trump has been a cpac regular since 2012 and we are so honored to have the former president because we know the largest gathering for conservatives, not only in the u.s. but across the globe because we live stream cpac as well but i think what you're going to expect is president trump focusing on a forward-looking vision of what the republican party will look like, what the conservative movement will look like and what
4:50 pm
america will look like he has a lot of successes under his belt and he's going to be able to also talk about his legacy, his time at the white house, i've got to tell you there's millions of americans out there who are ready to hear from the president. we know the president has been silent and taken off the major platforms by big tech companies and by so many democrats who want to shame him and shame his supporters and we at cpac believe it's important for the president to have a voice on president to speak because we know we want every american to know that they are right to freely speak in america is still protected. judge jeanine: it's a wonderful tribute to cpac and i spoken there many times in the past and it's a recognition too so many of the young people who go there that there are great americans
4:51 pm
who have been supported for cpac for many, many years. kudos to you and to matt for everything that you do at cpac. i suspect you will be filled to the gills this next weekend. >> cpac is sold out is been sold out for several years now we have such a great team that puts a conference together and you know we have diverse speakers who are unashamed and unafraid he were going to be talking about the conservative values that we treasure and that were so proud of so we'll see governor ron desantis, governor kristi noem, former secretary of state mike pompeo and will be able to tackle these critical issues that were facing right now. there are so many people out there who are so concerned about their lives and their families and about their livelihood, when are the schools going to reopen, how are we going to get the american economy going again and
4:52 pm
what we also know when you have president biden and these democrats who were in charge of every lover of government in their controlling how we communicate it is time for us to stand up strong, stand together to defend your constitution and defend our god-given right. judge jeanine: mercedes schlapp, thank you so much for being with us. what price will andrew cuomo pay for deadly nursing home policy in his pathetic attempts to cover it all up. that is next in my can't miss closing statement. don't go away. ♪e an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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judge jeanine: so arrogant governor cuomo still has not resigned. the fbi. state attorney general and new york state are after him, but he is not afraid, he is doubling
4:57 pm
down. he is indeed a raging bully. he actually opened a press conference applauding himself for getting vaccines for people in the nursing homes. as if that is going to make things right. >> i'm not going to let new yorkers be lied to. not let you hurt new yorkers by lyingto about what happened surrounding the death of a loved one. judge jeanine: liar in chief puts s on his make believe superman cape, and not let people lie to you, if it causes pain and damage to new yorkers, he said he should have taken on the lies earlier, but he deflects and said people died in nursing homes all over the
4:58 pm
country. but, they were not forced. youda lied about it, you lied about it because you and your healthcare lobbyist had to appease them, those who gave you millions for your campaign and ran ads during your last campaign, then you turn and you give them immunity from civil and criminal responsibility. you are the liar, you are a crook. you say there was a void? >> we should have been more aggressive in fighting the misinformation. most people would not say that one of my errors is lack of aggressiveness. but in truth, i was not aggressive enough in fighting back against these crazy political theories. and these crazy political opponents. judge jeanine: you say you should have been more
4:59 pm
aggressive? andrew? fighting the misinformation, you were the one with the misinformation and you were the one who was covering up, just ask the ag from your own party. ask melissa derosa. and you could not have been more aggressive andrew, because you were too busy promoting yourself on the national stage with your pathetic attempt to promote yourself as a presidential candidate. funny though, how brother fredo on cnn is not talking about you now there is a movement to remove your emergency powers to impeach you, fbi and attorney general investigating you. won't a -- once a liar always a crook, once a crook, always a crook, give it up andrew, no woe no one believes the word you say, most of all the families of
5:00 pm
those killed by your mandate. thank you for watching. i am judge jeanine. you can catch me on cameo, i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ mark: hello i am mark levine, this is "life, liberty and levin." tonight's program is dedicated on rush limbaugh. a friend, mentor, leader to show many of us and an iconic figure. i put him up there with ronald reagan and bill buckley. and milton friedman. and


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