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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  February 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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huge sunday show. now here's jon scott. lisa: bye, everyone. ♪ jon: day three of cpac is in the books with former secretary of state mike pompeo and house minority leader kevin mccarthy among headline percent today. all leading up to tomorrow's main event former president trump first major speech since leaving the white house. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." jon: cpac also serves as an early lit usnus test jockeying ahead ahead of tomorrow straw poll that survey could gi ideas of former president standing among party faithful meanwhile following two other big stories, the house passing president
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biden's 1.9 trillion bill sending it on to senate and committee recommending agency grand emergency authorization to johnson & johnson one shot coronavirus vaccine to give the u.s. its third vaccine against the virus. we have fox team coverage david spunt on relief bill and charles watson on vaccine and first mark meredith live in cpac with more. mark. reporter: good evening former president trump expected to find an enthusiastic crowd and takes stage later on tomorrow hl be the first formal remarks a little bit a month ago. seen a few dozen trump supporters outside hyatt trying show that you are support get excitement up before the arrival here now this cpac feature allies and seen quite a few inside and outside of the event. this year conference was moved down to florida normally held down up in d.c. but it was moved down here
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because of the pandemic. for republicans this really is chance to push resets after losing the white house and the senate. house minority leader kevin mccarthy telling crowd today gop is far from powerless. >> do you want to retire nancy pelosi? >> yeah. >> do you want to end the socialism in this country? >> yeah. win the house five seats to closest this is the smallest majority the democrats have had in 100 years. reporter: while president trump is come to night spotlight here before his speech tomorrow, this is also been a chance for several of the high profile republicans people that could be candidates in 2024 as well as running in different positions for the mitd term elections to kind of test the spotlight of their own. we've seen people like senator ted cruz of texas govan ron desantis of florida also heard today from south dakota governor kristi noem. >> must be smarter than proifgs
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we must know our history and we must know what works and what doesn't work. we must think through the issues. and make no mistake about it, conservatives exist to fight for america. and for every single american. >> governor noem certainly getting standing ovation now we're not hearing from all of the conservatives that may be on the trail including former vice president mike pence he declined to speak at this year's conference. and we have heard so many different themes come out from speakers against the lockdown, and been going on almost a year now to also fears of what the biden presidency will mean for whether it be foreign affairs or domestic issue especially when it came to energy we heard a number of speakers touch on that but jon no doubt about it a lot of people eager to hear what former president will have to say tomorrow and when he'll also say about his potential plans for the future. jon. jon: and more on cpac in hour ahead, mark meredith in orlando. mark, thank you. ♪ ♪
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well, president biden 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill is headed for the u.s. senate. earlier this morning, the president praised the house for voting overnight to pass the bill saying we are now one step closer to vaccinating country and rebuilding the economy. david spunt is live in wilmington, delaware, with more on that. david. >> hi jon good evening president biden also in wilmington with family over the weekend. he did make that statement at the white house. and after it passed the u.s. house of representatives earlier this morning, around 2 a.m., president biden came out and said now it is the senate's turn to get it done. >> we're one step closer to putting 1,4 nurks the pockets of americans. and one step closer to extending unemployment benefits from millions of americans shortly going to lose them. we're one step closer to helping millions of americans feed their families to keep a roof over their head.
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>> jon final vote was 219 to 212 with no republicans voting to back the package and two democrats crossing party lines to vote with republicans on that nearly $2 trillion plan, two democrats voting against plan kirk kurt from oregon and in a statement unfortunately the pass congressional leaders chose goes far beyond key provisions to tune of 100 billions of dollars after supporting $4 trillion in emergency covid relief in 2020, i won't support trillions more in funding that is poorly targeted or in many cases not necessary at this moment in time. >> the swamp is back. democratsdemocrats are so embary all of the noncovid waste in this bill. they are jamming through in the dead of night. >> while the bill covers just about everything democrats wanted, it does not allow that $15 minimum wage provision to go through at least to the senate
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because the parliamentarian there ruled that $15 minimum wage proposal is against senate rules. >> the $7.25 minimum wage now is in many instances in many instances an exploitation of the american worker. reporter: but jon senate planning to go around parliamentarian and saying you don't increase the minimum wage to at least $15, you may have to pay a 5% payroll tax. jon. jon: david spunt in wilmington, delaware, david, thank you. and fda panel unanimously recommends johnson & johnson one shot coronavirus vaccine for emergency use if the full fda grants approval it would give americans access to three vaccines. but it is a race against the clock, as new variants emerge. charles watson is live in atlanta with more on that.
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charles. reporter: good evening jon with final approval for emergency use authorization, in the works, johnson & johnson is expected to hit the ground quickly with its new covid-19 vaccine as many as 4 million doses could be shipped out to states as early as monday putting a third vaccine in the mix in the fight against covid-19. >> what this means from the data we looked at that we now have three highly effective vaccines. importantly, each of them are very effective against the disease and virtually all of them say that you look at the data and it is clear that you get essentially no hospitalizations or deaths. reporter: with an efficacy rate of 72% in the u.s., johnson & johnson vaccine doesn't offer quite as much protection as others on the market, however, unlike competitors it vaccine requires one shot and can be
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stored at warmer temperatures. while johnson & johnson will fall short of the 10 million doses had it hoped to have by the end of february expects to have 20 million doses by end of march and 100 million by july. biden administration says at the current pace, there could be a shot available for every american by august. >> we're averaging 15 million dose a week, and come mid-march, maybe about 21 march we'll be shipping as many as 20 million doses. reporter: vaccine manufactures are racing to stay ahead of new covid-19 variants that popped up in various parts of the country both pfizer and moderna are studying whether a third shot of the vaccine would be enough of a primer to protect people from variants including three discovered in u.k., south africa, and brazil and california variant that is believed to be more contagious
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and potentially more deadly than the original virus. >> variants have emerged available data suggest they are indeed more transmissible. questions remain about how these variants will impact vaccine effectiveness, severity of disease and mortality. reporter: and jon white house officials say, it is likely manufacturers will have to continually update their vaccines as long as these variants continue to emerge. back to you, jon. jon: charles watson in atlanta. charles, thank you if you want to learn member more about this vaccine rollout tune tomorrow to america together shot hosted by harris faulkner this in-depth special takes look at racial disparity and vaccination distribution and policies and misinformation surrounding the vaccine. the shot airs right here on fox news channel sunday 10 p.m. eastern time. well cpac wrapping up its third day in orlando, florida. with the biggest names in
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conservative politics looking towards the future of the gop. and the biggest name of all former president trump, takes the stage tomorrow for a highly anticipated address. here to talk about it the chairman of the american conservative union, matt thank you for being with us tonight how is your -- yours going so far? >> so far so good. i think the conservative movement in conjunction with republicans in the new independent maga supporters i don't think it has been so strong they're excited to hear from the president. mark meadows, the president's former chief of staff was on the hannity program on thursday night, and he had this to say about the front runners in 20 -- in upcoming election, listen. >> on sunday, as we will see the start of planning for the next administration, and i can tell you, the people that are top of that list all of them have trump
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as their last name. jon: what do you think about that first of all he didn't limit the selection to the former president. but seems to be including perhaps ivanka and donald jr. >> yeah. i think that's right we're going to have a annual strong hold at the barometer of where the conservative movement is on the presidential campaign. we're going to ask a question with the president's name and without the president's name to test the strength of the field but almost every poll i've seen shows you have last name trump it is one big advantage. jon: but we are almost four years out from the election. those straw polls might not hold a lot of water by the time 2024 rolls around. >> that's exactly right jon it is eternity especially in the politics in this country the way it is now. and so i think the key thing is cpac, is to listen to these potential 2024 candidates. mike pompeo was here, governor
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kristi noem was here and governor desantis spoke yesterday josh hawley spoke yesterday and hear from dr. ben carson tonight and so many others -- let's see who really has the message they want to hear. i'll tell you there's some themes number one, no never trump republican has a shot to get this nomination. number two, the same old kind of careful republican approach of saying you're going to do a lot of things, but only fighting for certain things that is not what these people want. they think when you're looking at socialism you have to fight for each and every of the policy proposals we say we stand for. jon: you mention never trump republican is never going win the nomination and call mitt romney but he and former president have been very much at odds, even he says that the president has the starting position the poll position going into 2024. he told "the new york times" i don't know if he'll run in 2024 or not but if he does i'm sure
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he'll win nomination. i look at the polls and the polls show that among if you put president trump in there among republicans, he wins in a landslide. is that pretty much the feeling throughout the party? >> look, if mitt romney is saying that donald trump would win overwhelmingly, then i think we know that it is most likely for sure the case because he has not exactly been the biggest supporter pip wouldn't say he's a never trumper but i would say he's been sometimes trumper like a lot of these republicans in washington have been when they need him, they love him. what they don't need him they try to discard him and mistake they're making it number one that's the wrong way to approach politics but number two millions of supporters uncomfortable with republican party but they were willing to go there because they like donald trump outsider, donald trump talking about immigration, donald trump talking about trade and china. i for one would like to hold on to volters and expand our
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coalition, so that we can put more conservatives on supreme court and take back the white house. some republicans are insis tangt to make our coalition smaller. and i'm not going to be for that. jon: over at the white house they're putting on a what me worry face jen psaki president spoke woman urn concern about prospect of former trump taking the microphone and the bully pulpit if you will at cpac tomorrow listen to what she had to say. >> the president knows that we spent a whole lot of time not we, but in this briefing room talking about president trump over the last few years. that's for good reason he was president. and that his views we're going to spend the time focusing about american people and our -- objective to help them and our commitment to helping them sop so i wouldn't say he's thought a lot about former president visit to -- you know, i was going to say performance maybe that's appropriate at cpac. >> performance at cpac what do
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you think about that? and secondly about the job that president biden is doing? >> i just think it is hysterical they're talking about cpac at the biden white house let me let that seep in here and in all seriousness if they didn't care about cpac why did nancy pelosi purposely put votes on top of cpac after she guaranteed everybody there would be no vote on friday or this week but she change her mind in order to keep republicans from coming to cpac. why did the biden administration out of nowhere say they might have to restrict domestic travel to florida, despite the fact that governor desantis has done a great job in keeping the cases of chinese corona much lower than in new york and california. why did they want to restrict that travel potentially? i think cpac is all over and in their heads and i think it is glorious and i think it is part of our democracy and i actually think they realize why do they try to cancel trump and try to teach trump, why do they try to convict trump and try to call us all domestic terrorist they do not want him coming back.
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jon: gray and rainy day in new york city florida sounds pretty good about now. matt the american conservative union chairman matt, thank you. >> thanks, jon. jon: be sure to tune into next revolution sunday night for steve hilton exclusive interview with form or president trump that's tomorrow night 9 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. well the ceos of five new york hospitals are coming to andrew cuomo's defense. as the governor faces mounting pressure over his controversial directive ordering nursing homes to accept covid patients but that's not the only dark clouds surrounding cuomo a live report when we return. 1 in 2 kids is under hydrated. ♪ plant-powered creative roots gives kids the hydration they need, with the fruit flavors they love. and one gram of sugar. find creative roots in the kids' juice aisle.
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the latest now in the investigation into the shooting death of 26-year-old yale university graduate student kevin. new haven connecticut say they have arrest warrant charging m.i.t. graduate with his murder. upon remains at large on february 7th, she was shot multithe times found lying outside his car on a new haven street. hahn's family reportedly told police he was acting strangely around the time of the murder. police have not revealed a
3:21 pm
possible motive they are offering a reward of $5,000 to anyone with information that leads to his arrest. ♪ ♪ as controversies continue to grow around new york governor andrew cuomo, so do calls for an independent investigation. the governor faces two major crises involving accusations of sexual harassment, and his alleged coverup of nursing home coronavirus deaths. alex hogan is live in new york city with the latest on all of that. alex. reporter: good evening, jon, while govan andrew cuomo face a lot of criticism for order that was puts in place in early month of the pandemic that sent nursing home residents recovering from covid-19 back to their facilities but new york was not the only state to do so. california, michigan, new jersey, and pennsylvania also had directives ruling that facilities could not put
3:22 pm
residents away if their tested positive for covid-19 most states later change or updated those rules. now new york hospitals are coming to the defense of governor andrew cuomo the ceos of five hospitals writing a letter saying that readmitting recovering residents is a normal hospital policy, quote, this is true even if of infectious patients who are medically stable suffer precaution are taken. still more residents died in new york nursing homes than any other state. cuomo's admission is under federal inquiry under continue fire from mourning family members as well as other lawmakers that includes south dakota governor kristi noem who spoke today on fox. >> the new york attorney general announced that cuomo and his administration significantly undercounted amount of covid related deaths in nursing home by as much as 50%. to make matters worse, they tried to cover it up.
3:23 pm
reporter: cuomo second scandal in the mix the sexual assault allegations from his former top aid lindsay publish her claims in essay online and cuomo says this is all untrue there are growing calls for a separate investigation. >> i have not read her allegations or her post media post, but as i said, everyone has a right to be able to come forward, speak their truth and be heard. and that's true for her and it is also true for governor cuomo. reporter: governor cuomo usually holds press briefings on friday, however, yesterday he did not make any comments about these allegations. but his office did release some new numbers concerning the pandemic now new york state weekly positivity rate is the lowest it has been since thanksgiving of last year. jon. jon: alex hogan in new york city alex, thanks. well there's a surge in the
3:24 pm
number of unaccompany minors arrested for illegally crossing the u.s. southern border. even caused border agents to bring back a temporary detention facility that was criticized during the trump administration. lucas tomlinson explains. >> jon u.s. border agents are growing increasingly concerned over what they call crisis on southern border with mexico which particularly concerning with a high number of unaccompany children showing up and biden administration is preparing another tent facility south texas to handle this surge border officials estimate 13,000 unaccompany minors will arrive by the southern border by may. number children coming to the u.s. is projected to skyrocket over the next three months. this video from el paso, texas shows the protocols that have been put in place to handle the influx of migrants president biden asked about a report in "the washington post" another tent city we put up in dell rio texas next to border. >> thousands unaccompany children coming across border.
3:25 pm
texas they opened up one. one that was former of one used in the -- in the administration over the last administration. our hope and expectation is that won't stay open very long that will be able to provide for every kid who comes across the border safely to be housed in the facility that is licensed. reporter: u.s. custom confirm more tent cities are coming since 2020 since increase in border encounters in the western hemisphere due to worsening economic conditions. brought on by the covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters work to improve for safe and orderly process of individuals at the border, temporary soft sided facilities are sometimes necessary. with the u.s. government call soft sided facilities we know them as tent cities border agents are looking to put up more in the coming weeks to handle the surge in migrants. jon. jon: lucas tomlinson. lucas, thank you. well president biden has declared the transit atlantic
3:26 pm
alliance is back as he works to dismantle bred seis tore policy agenda and america first really gone for good? we'll discuss that, and what lies ahead for the republican party with florida congresswoman kat, next. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is the fox report it is the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us here's a look at some top stories making headlines. multiple reports say the fbi is focusing on one unidentified suspect in the death of this man, capitol hill police officer brian sicknick during last month's riot. "the new york times" first reported a person was caught on video attacking officer sicknick with bear spray and justice department has opened a murder investigation into the officer's death. the faa is proposing fine of $27,500 for a passenger accused
3:31 pm
of hitting a delta airline flight attendant. the passenger and a companion were asked to leave the plane after dispute over wearing face masks. the faa toughens up unruly passenger policy last month after seeing, quote, disturbing increase in incidents. and sources tell fox news that combined joint task force operation inherent resolve has raised the threat level for u.s. service members in iraq and american contractors are now on high alert. hearing a response to u.s. air strikes in syria, the move is considered a reduce teen precaution given conditions on the ground. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, you can scan the qr code in corner of your screen or go to fox >> i was with the president so many trips he would tell his counterparts across the world say look i'm going to put america first president of the united states and i expect you will put your country and your
3:32 pm
people first. we'll work together, and accomplish this for both of our countries and we did that. >> america first is right for america. it is right for each of us america first, secures our freedom. and the entire world benefits when america is fearless and bold and strong. jon: that's former secretary of state mike pompeo today at cpac praising the america first foreign policy that he pursued under president trump. and contrasting it with what president biden has done so far on energy and climate. joining me now from cpac republican congresswoman from florida, kat cammack house home land security committees, your freshman member of congress, you also were part of a panel today at cpac on america first. what was the response there? >> well i have to tells you, jon it was incredible. folks here at cpac are so fired up. this is really the event that
3:33 pm
conservatives will carry that same energy through the rest of the year and into midterm. and i actually had a democratic staffer last night actually 2:30 this morning when we were fighting against nancy chaos bill tell me they knew when that bill passed that the republicans were going take the house back. so today, this is all about america first and what we're going to be doing as conservatives to make sure that we make that policy that president trump put forward continue on. we're going to be championing his legacy for the next two, four years and beyond and that is exactly what we were talking about. on the panel that i had we were talking about free trade, but it is not just free trade we need to work on. it is fair trade. and in the case and my home state in florida, agriculture is king. and we have mexico backed by the cartels that is dumping produce that is killing and breaking the backs of our producers here, and in my case being on both homeland security anding community food security is
3:34 pm
national security. so those are the things that we're working on that president trump was working to make sure we're going to continue on for generations. we're going push back against this biden administration that is doing everything they can to reverse it. jon: perhaps it shouldn't surprise you or anyone else that america first policies espoused by former president are not in great favor at the white house right now. listen to what jen psaki said back in mid-february. listen. >> i can assure you that the president, this president does not have -- is not looking to the last presidency as model for his foreign policy moving forward. president biden has been working in the global arena for decades. and what he means by foreign policy for the middle class is, ensuring that our team working on economic issues our team working on national security issues our teams thinking about how policies impact the american people are talking, and that we make decisions and make policies through that prism. jon: as this administration
3:35 pm
refutes the america first policies of president trump, what kinds of results do you see? >> you know, jen can't get it right. they were making comments justs ago criticizing us having a tough stance in the middle eetion and here we are seeing biden dropping bombs in syria. this is just -- typical status qoa we know they don't want to associate themselves at all with america first agenda that means b.i.d. only administration is going to be pushing an america last agenda they'll be going on the world apology tour making it so that our allies can't trust us, and that our adversaries think that we're weak. that is why it is so critical we get the house back in years and white house back in four. jon: let's talk about the last election it was not exactly a resounding success for republicans, you lost the white house. you lost control of the senate,
3:36 pm
you did make some gains in the house of representatives but still not in the majority. there how do you see the future of the republican party? >> you know, i came into the 117th congress as youngest republican woman in congress. and my personal story, nine years ago i was homeless and only in america can someone go from homeless to the house of representatives in less than a decade it proved that the republican party is the party of the working class. and we are the party that champions the diversity, and respect of ideas and opinions. we made tremendous historic gains with women, and people of color, minorities, and that is something that is resonating millennials and z largest and fact we have more serving now in congress sengdz a message that we are gaining ground in parts of the country that people never thought we could. i guarantee just like i told you i had a democratic staffer this morning at 2:00 in the morning as that bill was rammed down the american people's throats look at me and say, i know we just
3:37 pm
gave you the majority in two years. they are defeated they know it. they're going to try like hell to shove a liberal agenda down our throats. but they know that that's not what the american people want. the american people know that they know best for themselves and their families, how to make decisions. and they don't need a one side fits all big government approach that's why we're going to be taking the house back and the senate and the white house. jon: so what is in this 1.9 trillion covid relief bill that passed in the dead of night? [laughter] >> i guess better question is what isn't in this bill we've got nancy pelosi payoff left and right underground tunnel in silicon valley a bridge to nowhere no new york this so-called relief plan will close to 9% of it actually goes to covid relief. and the real egregious thing is that we have a trillion dollars that hasn't been spent that has been allocated from previous covid bills but just sitting there. and they talk about wanting to get kids back in school.
3:38 pm
we all know that's a lie. 95% of the 300 billion dollars plus that's in this bill can't even be spent in this year. let me just repeat that 95% of the money that has been allocated in this bill for school reopenings can't even be spent this year not to mention they're trying to implement a $15 man toind minimum wage federally which we know has -- going to cost us 1.4 million jobs. this is the ultimate biden bailout for his liberal, nancy pelosi just want it is for pet projectses around country. this benefit teachers union, illegal, and certainly doesn't benefit the american people trying to open up their doors to get their kids back in school it is a joke, it is garbage that's why we fought like heeling early into the early morning hours against it and no tv cameras around because nancy pelosi knew she couldn't pass it in front seat of the american people and had to do it in wee hours of the morning when nobody was there.
3:39 pm
so -- again, it is a loss for the american people but all of the more reason why we're going make ground or make gains in the coming months and years. jon: congresswoman kat cammack good to know you're no longer homeless quite a story. thank you. [laughter] >> thanks, jon. jon: weal have special cpac coverage tomorrow, with a special sunday edition of america reports with sandra smith and john roberts that begins 3 p.m. eastern tomorrow right here on fox news channel. ♪ ♪ now this fox news alert fda has officially authorized the johnson & johnson coronavirus vaccine for emergency use. it is the third covid vaccine to get granted approval in the united states and it is a single shot vaccine. unlike the pfizer and moderna vaccines which require two doses. the fda has approved the johnson & johnson vaccine for americans 18 years of age and older.
3:40 pm
well washington continues to debate raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour but is that too much? or not enough? as robert sherman reports, it fends on who you ask. ♪ ♪ first baptist church of florida -- as its own nonprofit child care facility. >> families need this to work we live in a day and age where both parents typically are working. just to make ends meet. reporter: mike is church's executive pastor, and says a $15 minimum wage will create a big problem. >> this worries me a lot. we were $30,000 over breaking even and we're going to be 170,000 dollars on hold. >> pretty much paycheck to paycheck. meanwhile faith booker fast food worker. she already has a big problem. trying to feed five children on less than $9 an hour. >> it is very hard you have to pick and choose you have to pay
3:41 pm
a bill this week or food -- >> millions around country are calling for a $15 federal minimum wage. which would more than double the current bench mark of $7.25 an hour but nonpartisan congressional budget office says going to $15 nationwide by 2025 would yield a mixed bag. on the one hand over a million jobs lost in an increase to the deficit but on the other hand 900,000 will be lifted from poverty. that's what faith booker hopes for. as she prays for better days. >> we need the help we deserve it we work too hard. >> mike ellis is hoping for moderation. ferlings this >> there has to ba middle ground better for those families but it doesn't completely kill our small businesses as well. but for a lot of folks may not matter what comes out of washington debate as several states including illinois, massachusetts, new jersey, and florida are all set to increase their state pljs to $15 over the
3:42 pm
next few years. jon. jon: robert sherman in orlando, florida, robert, thank you. police crackdown growing in burma as thousands there take part in protests against the military cue. details straight ahead when we take a look at some stories from around the globe. ♪ ♪
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jon: fox news alert the u.s. is getting a third vaccine to try to prevent further cases of covid-19. the fda just 20 minutes ago clearing away for johnson & johnson shot that works with just one dose instead of two and fda says j&j vaccine offers strong protection against what matters most serious illness hospitalizations and deaths. one dose was 85% effective against the most severe covid-19 illness. and here now some other headlines from around the globe, in burma police launching their biggest crack down yet on protests that have rocked that country since first military coup arrests hundreds of demonstrator and shoot at least one person. in nigeria gunman released more than two dozen teenage boys abducted from their school last week. authorities are still searching
3:48 pm
for more than 300 kidnapped girls. in iran, the government condemning this week's u.s. air strikes against iran backed militias in syria. tehran also denying responsibility for the attacks on american targets in iraq. that prompted those strikes. in new zealand prime minister putting largest city on lockdown after the discovery of a new coronavirus case of unknown origin. the restrictions will last for seven days. in rwanda judge ruling that country can go forward with a terrorism trial for the man who inspired the movie hotel rwanda he's credited with saving more than a thousand lives during the country's 1994 genocide. the u.s. state department says it has been in contact with the rough with rwanda government abt and diplomats after escaping north korea where the pandemic trapped them for more than a year but it was a grueling journey home with the group
3:49 pm
using a hands powered rail car for the final leg. after a violent robbery and a massive search, lady gaga's two stolen french bulldogs are back safe. the latest on the investigation straight ahead. when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. i'm happy to give you the tour, i love doing it. hey jay. jay? charlotte! oh hi. he helped me set up my watch lists. oh, he's terrific. excellent tennis player. bye-bye. i recognize that voice. annie?
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jon: tiger woods putting out a statement saying he is recovering and in good spirits after follow-up procedures yesterday in los angeles golf star suffered serious leg injuries in a single-car crash early tuesday morning. woods and his family also thanking fans for their support and for respecting his privacy. the local sheriff says the crash was purely an accident with no evidence of impaired driving. lady gaga's stolen french bulldogs are recovered. koji and gustav are safe now after vanishing wepgd night when their dog walker was shot. christina coleman live in los angeles with that story. reporter: just a terrible distinct the investigation is underway fortunately dogs were recovered unharmed. a woman brought the two stolen french bulldogs to a police station just northwest of downtown l.a. last night. police say the woman appears unassociated and uninvolved in
3:54 pm
the robbery. now this comes after millions of people got a good look at gaga's two stolen dogs koji and gustav over the past few days, now gaga is in rome shooting a movie. but it didn't stop her from sharing multiple pictures of her pooches all over social media after they were stolen. she offered a $500,000 reward for the return of her french bulldogs. no questions asked. also frenchys are a popular and pricey breed, a frequent target of thieves the robbery was caught on security camera wednesday night. long time family friend ryan fisher was walking the mega star's dogs and a residential neighborhood in hollywood when two men pulled up in a sedan and attacked him. [yelling] [sound of gunfire] reporter: you can see that
3:55 pm
disturbing video there you heard gunshot the suspect struggled with fisher before one of them shot him in the chest and took off with two of the three dogs. police say fisher sustain nonlife-threatening injuries he's listed in stable condition. lady gaga also commented on fisher posting on instagram, quote, i continue to love you ryan fisher you risk your life to fight for our family you're forever a hero. and the search is still on for the suspects involved in all of this police are asking people to come forward if they have any information on wednesday's attack. jon. jon: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you. and we'll be right back. rcials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do.
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jon: nasa releasing new batch of out of this world high-definition images from its mars rover perseverance. the pictures prm a panorama showing the crater in which the rover will be doing its work over the next couple of years. perseverance is searching for signs of and chngt life so far, no little green men or even microbes just a lot of desolation and red rocks. and incredible basketball slam dunk on ice fake a look that's ontario skate or robyn ninth ranks men ice cross skater in the world watch has he straps on skates races to basketball hoop make it is a 25-foot long jump creates wild daredevil dunk.
4:00 pm
look out nba. whew. and that's how fox reports this february 27th i'm jon scott thanks for joining thus evening see you again, tomorrow. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" today dedicated to rush h limbaugh a fraudulent of so many of us a leader, and really an iconic figure in american history. i put him up there with ronald reagan and bill buckley, and milton friedman and thomas seoul. but for me he was a dear, dear friend


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