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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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would think that they would cover this material when you have a former president that is coming out for the first time i was expecting more criticism anyway we have to reset former president donald trump solidifying his status as a leader of the republican party. hello i'm lawrence jones along with gillian turner lisa boothe and chanh duffy this is our two of the big sunday show. >> the former president keeping the door open on running once again. >> in the coming years we will carry forward the torch of american liberty we will leave the conservative movement and the republican party back to a totally conclusive victory and we had tremendous victories
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don't ever doubt it. with your help we will take back the house we will win the senate and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house. and i wonder who that will be. >> mr. trump leading all the republicans in the cpac it was not a surprise that a former president and leader of the party was the guy that one handedly but what was interesting if we take him out ron desantis, lisa you were one of the folks that moved from new york to florida what makes you make this move is before i guess we have an hour, can i take up the time, the list of grievances alone. but primarily because new york is a communist state right now and you people like governor
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cuomo and mayor bill de blasio that are using the coronavirus to try to get more power to arbitrarily decide like who gets to exercise their first amendment right so if you are riding in the streets, it blm, antifa, if you want to light buildings on fire, that's totally cool, if you want to go to church not so much. i'm not okay with that and i'm not okay with governor cuomo when people wanted to see their families for holidays like thanksgiving to send the national guard to airport to make it more difficult to come in or leave and go see her family that is not freedom that is not america so i came before us where we have a governor who loves freedom and we have people in the state who value freedom and that's why they rejected joe biden they rejected the socialism that we saw from the last and i have to tell you the rapper was so spot on and said bill castro in his family fled communism and you fidel fact ano
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see what's going on with government taking control from the people with the coronavirus and people giving up their freedom so easily. gillian: where's pitbull's family from? lisa: cuba, they escaped communism. that's why he's such a proponent of freedom which is also what makes florida so great you have so many people, there's descendents of people who have escaped communism, socialism who value freedom and know how fleeting it is. lawrence: we will have sound later on in the program ami talking to people in florida, we already came from a country where socialism was there and we don't want our country to turn to that we will talk about that later in the hour sean i want to go to you desantis the reason you number one without the
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president, florida has become a symbol with the republican of liberty, of freedom the fact that you can go and have a meal, sit down, no one here in florida are denying that the virus still exist what i hear from people, you gave us a choice, what say you? >> i think ron desantis is a mini me of donald trump, ron desantis as a governor of florida is pushing back and throwing down with the media he led his state and he did what he thought was right even though the mainstream media was coming at him really hard you will have explosive covid in florida millions of people will die there is old people in florida and it'll be catastrophic for them but if you want to follow the science of pushback on the media and wild success in letting people as you mentioned decide for themselves freedom is wonderful if you have a comorbidity in your older and a higher risk from covid you can
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stay home and wear a mask, you can shelter but if you're younger and have less risk you can g and a store owner you can enforce the rules yourself wear a mask or not, that freedom is what people loving this country and ron desantis led like donald trump has, the other one was kristi noem to governors who are highly criticized by the media that led their states to prosperity. lawrence: she was number three in the polls. sean: did other states to prosperity, they have surpluses we see a different way to do it and listen to the liberals we would not see the wild success we would not see lisa boothe in florida with a great backdrop. what i have in wisconsin which is snowing today. lisa: come to miami, come visit. gillian: lawrence i want to ask you a days now and
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you have a really good sense of not just what's happening on the stage which we can see on tv but what the attendees are doing and talking about are there strict guidelines for covid safety at cpac or are people following that what are the guidelines and number people following them and do people feel comfortable or nervous about covid, what is the vibe. lawrence: from the first -- this is a private building so there cpac guidelines and in the building guidelines before you can even get into the area you have to take her temperature in a medical staff that is here to take your temperature to make sure you don't have a fever and you're required to keep the mask on in addition to that they have patrol on the ground to make sure people have the mask on. i just want to talk a bit about
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this briefly i think it's important to add when it comes to the masks, i think this is become very political what people are saying on the ground, they are not anti-science, what grinds these people's gear when the government tells them to do something. the fact that the state can tell someone you have to take this or you have to put this mask on or take the vaccine, any time that happens you will see some type of pushback they are saying there antiscience, there might be some of the crowds and i don't need the mask it doesn't work but what i do think there is so much tension around the issue is because they feel like the state has too much power. i want to follow up with you julian because one of the issues that the former president got into and he really took on biden when it comes to open up he said open them i want to play some sound for you.
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>> there is no reason whatsoever why the vast majority of young americans should not be back in school immediately. the only reason that most parents don't have that choice is because joe biden sold out america's children to the teachers unions. they are cheating the next generations of americans out of the future that they deserve and they do deserve this future they're going to grow up and they're going to have a scar. lawrence: julian i have to ask you as a reporter and to see the goalpost on this, do you believe reporters have done a good enough job to call this out we saw the movement in the dr. without team literally said it safer schools to open follow the science, now because the policies it is very clear all of those figures have moved their position on that, why hasn't the
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press been more aggressive calling that out? gillian: i think the general consensus now if you look at the reality of the fact most public health institutions have said the transmission rate among school-age children grade school it gets higher when you talk about preteens and teens in the transmission rate among kids is very, very low, the last numbers had nationwide transmission rates and fully open schools under 3% among the population and it was about 1% of covid cases nationwide when schools were open the numbers themselves are very low what we've seen happen over the intervening months is a very powerful teachers union step in and lobby the federal government really hard to make sure that the conditions were close to perfect and people are now saying you guys are making the perfect enemy and kids are staying out
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of school much longer than they really need to, i will see one of the under examined aspects of potential tragedies of the entire covid. are the mental health effects that this is having on children the loneliness epidemic that we seen in this country that is reflected in depression rates and anxiety rates and suicide rates is hitting the elderly and the young the hardest that is something that not a lot of people in the media or anywhere are not talking about on a daily basis i'm saying a year from now it'll be a different story and suicide rates among young people start to skyrocket is going to provoke a much more serious concerted conversation in government policy around it. it is really something that is quite horrendous. lisa: i feel like were already there we've known for some time that children are safer when it
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comes to the virus the fatality rate is so incredibly low for our children and quite frankly for people my age as well and what governor desantis did is not follow the science, exercise common sense, treat floridians like adults, knowledge of fact that you want to protect her most vulnerable which of the seniors, the high risk individuals, people have the comorbidities and allow the rest of society to live freely and safely and as possible that's where we should've been in the beginning of the pandemic and where we should've been the entire time and being engaged in a groupthink as a society and as a media we in engaged in groupthink even on the federal level that was the biggest mistake president trump made the entire time of his administration when giving too much power to people like dr. fauci and not allowing enough voices contrarian who were questioning the groupthink at the time and the doctor who wrote the op-ed is still to this
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day was right, he was accurate all the way back in march when he wrote the article he was nowhere to be found, he was on the media or part of the conversation the government has said you have people saying the same exact thing that is a dangerous place to see and to be you should always have contrarian offering a different opinion instead we went into lockdown mode and the country suffered and now to this day in places like new york, california there is still a lockdown and businesses are suffering and families don't know if they can put food on the table or roof over their head and it's because we engaged groupthink as a society. how ridiculous is that. >> a lot of people are upset california especially the infection rate is not too far away from florida and their lockdown. i've got to get to you sean the former president said that joe biden was anti-woman i was
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really trying to figure out how you will lead that together there is a controversial issue going on when it comes to transgender athletes competing biological males, competing with biological females and the president had some words about that. take a look at this. >> young girls and women are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males. not good for women and not good for women's sports which worked so long and so hard to where they are we must protect the integrity of women's sports. [cheering] is. lawrence: i want to hear from the former legislator, the founder, what do you think about this. sean: the backdrop of cpac is literally politics and you know donald trump had trouble with the women they didn't like his tone and the fights that he got
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in but if you look at what the president said about transgender men, not women in school sports but he also talked about schools opening those are issues that they truly believe in and often times they don't feel like they have the platform to push back they don't want to get shamed and blamed on the media on social media so they silenced themselves but most of them agree i should have girls compete against girls i should have girl showering with girls not only that we should follow the science and if you had covid and herd immunity we should open up our schools and moms across america are struggling with and dance across america are struggling and it does not make sense the stupid left policies that don't take into account science and one gender born at birth have certain physical attributes to affect your ability to compete when you get a middle school and high school.
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i think donald trump made a great round with his speech hitting issues that a lot of parents care about who have kids in middle school high school. gillian: i i would just ask i guess transit gender is a very big cultural issue in america right now but the idea transgender kids in school sports is not an out of meeting issue, were talking about the global pandemic in the national economy, does this rank, i'm not surprised president trump brought it up is what i'm trying to say were you surprised? lawrence: if you have a child who has worked their little hearts out to train for sport but they actually lose or don't get a scholarship, transgender girl is taking a spot from you those parents are angry and it's a big issue in their friends who have had the same situation take place. it pales in comparison to the pandemic but it is an issue being talked about were being forced upon young girls across his country in suburban america that i think parents care about.
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lisa: is about fairness. lawrence: i reached out to them and ask them about their support and they said this is not a anti-trans thing because property is one of the first properties that allowed trans people -- we have so much more on the show we have to take into the streets we are going to talk about how social leaders are affecting america and why the people outside still want donald trump to run in 2024. stay right here don't leave. ♪
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♪ ♪. lawrence: look at the beautiful city back now with the big sunday show the crowd ate up the president speech and i got to meet with the biggest bands in the maga movement they were out there supporting the president. watch. >> donald trump is the only man that cared about us the american people. >> i want him to run for the house and i want to him to take nancy's gavel from her.
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>> i hope he runs in the house in 2022 we can impeach by didn't come all. >> you want him to go to the house and then run for president. >> he does right for everybody he's not perfect he says things i don't agree with but as far as united states he is for us he is for everybody. >> we want to see our president we want to see what he has to say were excited about america first. >> what is going wrong in the biden administration is that the imaging policy, the open borders, people losing jobs. >> it is everything he never even said anything about what he was going to do. >> 's whole agenda is progressive liberal to keep aoc's in those knots happy. >> i'm an immigrant my husband is an immigrant we came to this country for a better life we did not come here to be supported by the government we came here to work and support our families we don't want anything free and
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honestly as an immigrant i have to tell you we have to secure our borders president trump did the right thing. >> lisa i want to come to you first one of the ladies that i don't agree with everything that the former president does but i feel like she stands for me there's a common misconception and i go to a lot of trump rallies and speak to these folks and they agree with everything that he does that simply not true. lisa: exactly at liberty to those because i think it's important to talk to people in hear from the voices and the actual voters of what they think of what's going on in the people and actually delineate of some of the policies and feel like they're being heard for the first time lawrence take yourself back to when president trump announced going back to the 2016 election he talked about the forgotten men and
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women these are so many people who felt like they were lost during the eight years of obama policies the war on american jobs the regulation, all of the policies that hurt american workers the focus on identity politics opposed to making americans lives better creating jobs and creating a better environment to foster and add workers so people were really receptive to the message and i do believe which i think will only be four years of the biden administration people will be receptive to that messaging because we party scene was stroke of the pen all of these good paying jobs already gone from the first step the joe biden took. lawrence: what about this mess of socialism so many immigrants in florida they talk about how they would flee the socialist countries and they don't want america to turn that way and i
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remember hearing a strategy from the house and the wrap up meeting even democrats say the socialism worked in the last election and if we continue this we will get our tales kicked in the next election. >> if you look at southern florida a lot of people coming from cuba or cuban descendents and you people coming from venezuela and then a very personal experience of what socialism does to an economy and families and they flee those countries and come to america for freedom and then they hear that america wants to go down the path of cuba and venezuela and they reflect when you talk to them, so many say i've seen this before with the democrats and the leftists are pushing i've seen it before and it ends really bad don't think it can't happen i never thought it would happen in venezuela i just wanted tell you i'm sure you're a rockstar everyone loved you and they have been there to there so much fun and it's a
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great thing to walk through in a trump rally. lawrence: really quick, should the president continue to do the speeches or should this be the last one? gillian: if i was one of the president's advisors i would be telling him he should get out there is much as he can especially since he lost the social media platform which was his powerhouse over the last four years it's ironic with anyone having a conversation is president trump the leader of the republican party does he have a stranglehold over the republicans were not supportive of him were like an hour into our show and were talking about president trump at cpac he is not the president anymore he's under a cloud of impeachment but he took with him and 87% approval rating even being impeached among republicans,
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that tells you everything that you need to know. lawrence: more trouble for governor andrew cuomo after a second former aide claims he sexually harassed her what the high-profile democrat is saying about this behavior. ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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gillian: welcome back to the big sunday show near governor andrew cuomo trying to explain his past interaction with staffer as he faces multiple accusations of sexual harassment. he's saying his jokes were misinterpreted yours unwarranted flirtation this in a brand-new statement comes to the state attorney general request to the point independent investigator to probe these claims, let's bring it out to the panel lease am going to come to you first the you find i don't know how much details you looked into comedy find allegations credible? lisa: i do i believe it's lindsey boylan, she wrote the op-ed and she has e-mails for governor cuomo staff talking about her appearance and text messages she sent to her mom
4:31 pm
raising questions and concerns over governor cuomo's behavior in real time. you think there's a lot there and i believe governor cuomo is incredibly vulnerable and he's facing investigation for covering up nursing homes, deaths for undercounting the attorney general of new york found in it caller reported back in a the m gave governor cuomo a pass to donald trump but now the knives are being sharpened from within because he treated people like ron kim, bullied him a bear de blasio said he's bullied him and others so the sharpening the knives and governor cuomo is up for election in 2022 and looking pretty vulnerable right now is beware the other big issue with play with the issues of two young women the manner in which the cuomo administration his own office handled them we learned from the new york times investigation not today, the
4:32 pm
latest employee went straight to her boss in the cuomo office where she worked including the chief of staff at the time they responded to her complaint by promoting her big time she went from being an executive assistant to an administrative job to be no policy advisor on health issues and this is how they essentially handled her complaint is it's a good standard to set for dealing with women's complaints of sexual misconduct and the workplace. >> there's nothing good about this and obviously they have built up andrew cuomo and they thought he could get away with denials from these accusations but actually he can't and as lisa pointed out more democrats are turning on him, i was a former prosecutor we have to have a presumption of innocence and democrats to one apply the standard to republicans because they set up new rules and
4:33 pm
standards for republicans that don't apply to democrats in those rules, we want to make sure we don't do what liberals do and cuomo has a presumption of innocence, let's hear from the women and let's at the process workout, let's not convict people before we do hear all the evidence because that's a very dangerous standard republicans join in that effort. gillian: and very quick follow-up what does that quote unquote process look like in this case? sean: and maybe through litigation, the sue cuomo and media hits input political liability for him but the conviction by accusation is a very dangerous process to the country i do think all women should be heard in these women's should be heard in accusations should be vetted. gillian: this is becoming a bipartisan issue, democrats are lining up to condemn him including alexandria ocasio-cortez, bill de blasio, cynthia nixon to name a few, what direction is all this
4:34 pm
heading? lawrence: will see right now he's adopted the joe biden strategy he releases a statement in saying maybe a bit inappropriate and got too far in just a loving guy i'll probably tone that down a little bit. let's see work for joe biden. gillian: coming up next how desperate are you to travel again when you give up your job, your life savings, your partner, a lot of americans turns out it would and it reveals how far some folks are willing to go for a vacation, stick with us. ♪ (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (judith) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs.
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this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> getting vaccinated does not say i have a free pass to travel nor does it say a free pass to put aside all of the public
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health majors that we talk about all the time. >> welcome back to the big sunday show ime sean duffy, dr. fauci want you to stay even if you get the covid vaccine but americans are getting desperate, so desperate that we are willing to give up just about everything in order to take a vacation a new survey from the travel website reveals 38% of americans are willing to give up sex for a year in order to go on a trip. 25% would give up their life savings and nearly half are willing to quit their jobs. oh good gravy how travel depressed we have gotten. lawrence i gotta go to this first year down in florida right now but what would you give up sex, savings or job to get on an airplane and travel again. lawrence: that's a bit extreme
4:40 pm
but maybe it's because i've been traveling the whole time reporting hell i even went to jamaica, i just don't believe it. lisa: how did you get that assignment i don't get an assignment in jamaica. lawrence: i think there's a balance we can be responsible and do the right thing and make sure were getting tested frequently and our loved ones that are at high risk but we have to start loving each other hugging each other, eating food, getting sunlight and everything's going to be okay but i feel for these folks, i really do. sean: lawrence i want to give you the tough question first, people are so wanting to get out about the julian to you it was interesting dr. fauci indicated before we came into the segment and forgetting vaccinations or if you had covid that does not mean we can necessarily travel
4:41 pm
and we might have restrictions in place does that make any sense if you had a vaccination or coping you can get on airplane and travel? gillian: it was surprising to hear him say that i'm personally a goal oriented person i like to have goalpost in front of me i find myself much better able to live my life and improve my own life and what i have a set goal i don't mind as much up found she ande of a pandemic a lot of this is unprecedented and takes time to figure out what's going to work and what doesn't but what i'm not personally comfortable with when you tell people nevermind that's not going to work and leave it there vaccines are now not the gold standard anymore and were not going to be able deliver lives even once for all vaccinated what is this going to take that as a piece of the puzzle that is missing even for people like me that it been very
4:42 pm
patient with the public health officials and trying to be understanding, i don't know what i would give up to go on a vacation right now but the story of washington, d.c. right in for this entire pandemic has been particularly dismal and depressing since the election. we had writing over the summer and looting and that turned into protest around the election in the capital insurrection on january 6 we have been locked down in the city since then i might give up a limb to go on vacation at this point, i don't know if i give up my job to the don't know if i could afford to go on a vacation but i definitely understand how these people are feeling. lisa: i'm glad julian is patient, i am not i am tired of being lied to by government officials like dr. fauci who is been wrong about everything he told us initially the
4:43 pm
coronavirus was not going to be a big thing he told us not to wear a mask, then it's a mask, then it's two masks that he was wrong on children going back to school he's trying to fear monger i'm tired of being lied to for people who want 15 minutes of fame, they love scary people because he wants to be on television, i would not give up anything i been living my life, living freely when i go see my parents my dad is high risk so i quarantine i make sure i get a test before going home and make sure it's negative and take it seriously because i love my parents more than anything and i want to protect them but when i'm on my own i'm footloose and 36 young and healthy and the coronavirus is not a threat to me i've gone to jackson hole, i went hiking i went horseback riding and they tried to water surf i've been to florida, go to the beach, i live my life i'm happy. sean: you're living your best life. lisa: i just want everybody to come visit me.
4:44 pm
sean: you have vaccines and people with covid and then i get about us out of our basement, unacceptable we have to move on coming up, get off my lawn jen z is coming for a lot of things that we love, now you know were knocking to take any more lying down stay tuned working air our grievances on jen the. >> i have a lot of problems of the people now you're gonna hear them. ♪
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gillian: welcome back to the big sunday show i am lisa booth with lawrence jones, lisa boothe and lawrence duffy, here on the big sunday show the secular holiday made popular by george can stand his dad is partially observed in december but will get an airing of grievances without the best of its pull, gen z is telling us millennial's to stop partying their hair to the side and coma down the middle and it appears that skinny jeans have been canceled with the younger folks
4:49 pm
going for baggy pants, i'm going to start first of all i don't know who the gen z pirates think they are there and live long enough to know what is cool i been doing the side part since i was a little kid the middle part bob to get off my lawn and leave me alone and i might get 80-year-old in the list that annoys me is quite long gillian the queen of the side part, look at that beautiful here what say you. gillian: newsflash to gen z most people look really ugly with the middle part. it is true we should go to the books and look at some photos most people look hideous with the middle part, i'm kind of with them on skinny jeans i'm a late adopter most people don't look good in skinny jeans especially men but the hair parting, my biggest pet peeve with gen z they are saying millennial's care too much about
4:50 pm
pizza and makes us look ridiculous pretty peaceably the already survived your 20s by the grace of god you know at least once in your life pizza has literally save your life or your friends life this is especially true if you went to college my other big pet peeve they use facebook like it's linkedin they only use facebook to network and do professional networking in the end up with a very schizophrenic social media profiles like instagram, drunken dancing naked and facebook there wearing a suit with her grandma ended so inauthentic. lisa: i eat and abundance, leave us alone, and lawrence what granger gear, what takes you off. lawrence: number one when people
4:51 pm
have food in their mouth and decide not to close her mouth as they chew like in it annoys the hell out of me, gen z they are smacking away, did your mama not teach you manners, what may be fired up about this i take selfies because i'm 65 and they said you can't raise your phone up to take selfies anymore, thank you, whatever. lisa: if you want to have a double chin then take your selfies from down here and work every time. sean: my wife said you can't say you have a double chin if you put it up to high, they also say with selfies you can't look at the camera when you take the selfie you supposed to look off camera like your cool but one thing on the here and the side part my kids in the jen disease have no style they grow a mop on
4:52 pm
the top of their head and it looks like garbage and they think they're cool and they complain about my hair, there is no style to that it grows like mr. potato head and the hair grows out of it and i tell them to get a haircut, have some style with your hair and they don't listen to me. gillian: everyone has great hair on this my friend we took a picture years and years ago before selfies and called it a self taking picture on facebook so were revolutionary on that. gillian: you think that's why they booked us this weekend and because were very cool clearly. lisa: final thoughts when we return, stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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thoughts. with donald trump is funny. we need more of that in politics, people that are not your standard politicians that can laugh and add levity with things like do you miss me yet, you know joking a little bit. >> sometimes in speeches you don't remember what was said, but you remember how you feel, i always feel after a donald trump speech the sun in america is rising not setting.
4:58 pm
i am glad he talks about the best is yet to come for america's future. >> do you think he will run again? >> i do. i do. he is all in. >> all right. >> i think he is running again, he did not say it tonight, a lot of party's base hoped he would. he skirted the issue, flirted with it a little here and there, said maybe, hopefully we'll see. what really struck me coming out of this week with cpac is debate over whether donald trump the man is still animating the republican party could. i think is dead, he pro -- proved he is leading and directing is not from the policy perspective he is driving the base with his ideas, everyone was still obsessed with figuring out what he would say in the
4:59 pm
speech. >> good point. >> before we go. i want to play a little bit of him talking about future of g.o.p. >> together in the coming years, we will carry forward the to too everyone of torch of american liberty to a conclusive victory and we had tremendous victories, don't for get it. with your help we will take back the house. we will win the senate. and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house, i wonder who that will be. >> a powerful message and conference, people across florida, came from -- from the country actual, came here for the meeting of conservatives, that is it for us, i am lawrence
5:00 pm
jones, you can join me next week, fox news primetime, every day next week. 7:00 p.m., "life, liberty and levin" with the great one mark levin is up next. ♪ ♪ >> hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," one of the most prosperous, successful states in the union is florida, also third most populous state, i think, people are leaving blue states, and are leaving red states, heading to florida, they like the government there, the leadership of the governor, they
5:01 pm
like the weather. and they like the no income


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