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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  March 1, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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we didn't really that have. i think we peaked the 9th of january and downhill ever since. >> dana: hang in there. vaccines are coming. >> bill: my tie matches the flag in the background. >> dana: do you think you planned that? "the faulkner focus" up next. >> the gloves came off you could say for former president trump. he gave a defiant speech warning critics the maga movement has only just begun. this is the "the faulkner focus" and i'm martha maccallum in for harris today. the former president brought down the house yesterday at cpac staked his claim on the leadership of his republican party. the former president trump denied reports that he is planning to start a third party. that was pretty big news yesterday but he warned republicans that the far left, he said, is on the rise and that his party needs to get tougher. he also hinted at a 2024 run
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for the white house and lit into the current president's policies. watch this. >> joe biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history. that's true. in just one short month we have gone from america first to america last. we have the republican party. it is going to unite and be stronger than ever before. i am not starting a new party. that was fake news. but who knows, who knows, i may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay? >> mark meredith live in orlando where cpac has just wrapped up. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. former president trump certainly seemed to enjoy being back in the spotlight. for nearly 90 minutes he talked to conservatives about his thoughts on the biden presidency as well as the state
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of the republican party today. the former president spoke for more than like i said 90 minutes and talked on so many different issues whether it was about the economy, what's going on with immigration as well as cancel culture. the former president also urged the party to focus on his brand and his political agenda of america first. >> i stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we've begun together, we went through a journey like nobody else. there has never been a journey like it or so successful. we began it together four years ago and it is far from being over. we've just started. [cheering and applause] >> traditionally former presidents don't speak out against political issues so soon after leaving the white house but president trump had no problem attacking president biden by name also attacking on his foreign and domestic policy
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issues. but the president seemed to get the most applause when he hinted he could run again for the white house in 2024. >> with your help we'll take back the house, we will win the senate, and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house. and i wonder who that will be? >> hundreds of trump fans showed their support outside cpac. we saw the large crowds and caught up with people after the speech to get an idea what they thought. they were thrilled to see trump still speaking out. >> we're the donald trump party and the maga movement is alive and well. >> he was basically telling them you either get in line or get out. and i really appreciated that because i'm a true conservative. >> there was some friendly fire, though. the president talking about the
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republicans that have voted to impeach him saying he didn't feel that was the right move and that there may be political consequences for them going down the line. unclear when the president may speak again. it is 77 and sunny in florida. how is that for march 1? >> dana: thank you. power panel joins us now. matt schlapp who was running the show at cpac this weekend and chris hahn host of the progressive podcast and former aide to chuck schumer. great to have you both with us. matt, let me start with you. i would imagine that there was some temptation in the trump camp for him to come out yesterday and say i'll run again. but that decision is postponed i'm told until after the 2022 elections. what do you think about that? >> i think that's exactly the right approach. i think what's interesting for republicans is it's much less about just the party and the elephant. it is now about this broad
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coalition. conservatives, by the way, are the biggest part of the american political electorate. it is still a minority but the biggest part. most of us decide to be republicans. now we have the independent-minded voters. a lot of additional voerts of color and working men and women and people who don't like losing their jobs on the keystone xl pipeline are part of this coalition. what we tried to do at cpac is tell everyone the welcome mat is out. you are all part of this coalition. i think what donald trump did is reiterate this is a unique thing and we can take back the house and the senate. but only if we keep this coalition growing and together. >> that's an interesting point, chris, with regard to workers in this country. we have seen the impact on the xl pipeline workers and people concerned about their energy jobs. we see gas prices going up in the country. your thoughts on that part of the electorate which used to always be the foundation of the
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democrat party. are you concerned that some of that might be slipping away? >> i'm not concerned with that at all. what we witnessed over the weekend was not conservatism, it was worshipping of one individual, right down to the golden idol that they drove out for the guy. look, william f. buckley if he saw what happened this weekend at cpac he would be turning in his grave. this is worship of one individual over a movement, over ideas. there was no discussion of new ideas. there were multiple sessions on the big lie. then donald trump comes out there and spreads the big lie some more. i think conservatives need to move on from donald trump. if you look at the straw poll that they did there yesterday it was surprising to me that only 68% of them want him to run for reelection. only 55% of them would vote for him in a primary. to me i think there is some division in the republican party. >> dana: that's my next question that chris brings up, matt.
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there has been a lot of discussion of those numbers. tremendous amount of support for president trump and his policies. but only 68% said they want him to run again. 55% by another measure. what did you think about that? >> i think that statistically these are overwhelming numbers. the first thing i thought was interesting is that his approval ratings went up with this crowd. they have gone up every year over the past four years. i think that's the real indicator of support. i do think it's somewhat controversial this idea of him running again. we've only had one other president who decided to run again between terms having lost in between terms. it is something that would be real history if he decided to do it. he is considering it seriously but i don't think he has decided to run. i don't think he has made that decision or not. the key is, are his policies popular? are his policies connecting to the american people who have felt disenfranchised by the power elite in washington, d.c.?
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that's the part that chris is very wrong about. conservatives aren't arguing over what we believe because we actually found real unity over that trump agenda. it was eight years of accomplishments packed into four. and i think people want more of those policies. >> dana: i want to move on to this other topic and we'll get your thoughts, chris. former president went after president biden's roll back of his immigration policies and warned it is leading to a new border crisis. watch this. >> my recklessly eliminating our border, security measures, controls, all of the things that we put into place, joe biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country the likes of which we have never seen before. >> dana: now even a fellow democrat is telling biden not to ease up too much on border security based on what is happening there. texas congressman telling axios
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you can't say yeah, yeah, let everybody in. then we're affected, he says, down there at the border. well, hello chris hahn. i think a lot of people in texas have felt that way for a long time and this democrat is echoing all their sentiments. >> look, i think that the border policy issue is something republicans love to talk about because trump's policies as president did not work. in fact they led to 500,000 americans dying of covid and millions of jobs being destroyed because the economy collapsed. >> dana: we're talking about the border issue. we have thousands of unaccompanied minors coming in. that's what we're talking about. >> the border issue is a republican conservatism trumpism distraction. we are a nation built on immigration. we need to come up with comprehensive immigration reform. >> dana: very quickly matt, i will give you -- >> what's happening at the
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border has nothing to do with what party you are in. it has to do with having an orderly immigration process. when you have a chaotic process that involves kids you will have great humanitarian distress. when joe biden encourages people that they are going to be accepted into this country if they come here illegally it will create more chaos. a disgraceful policy and he needs to end it now. >> dana: >> get on board with come prehenceive and you should have talked about that this weekend. >> we did. you don't know what you are talking about. >> dana: california governor gavin newsom heating indoors. he has a new video putting him in another tricky spot. new york governor andrew cuomo up to his ears in this controversy that is all around him right now and is getting worse by the day. all on top of his ongoing nursing home scandal that
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continues to go on. he says he is just being playful when it comes to these controversies next. >> i think that the governor now is trying to deflect it's a double standard. if this were a republican governor he would be gone already. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar drink, play, and win big in the powered by protein challenge!
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>> martha: here comes another one. dr. fauci is addressing on some of these vaccine issues saying that the j&j vaccine he believes offers protection, is the phrase being used against several of these variants which is one of the biggest concerns at this point. several doses in each one of these vials.
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they are on their way to indiana and ohio from this shepherdsville, kentucky distribution point. great news as we get the third vaccine up and running in under a year from when the lockdown began in the united states mid-march. pretty good news on the vaccine front these days. now watch this from the new york mayor. >> that's not an apology. he seemed to be saying oh, i was kidding around. sexual harassment is not funny. it is serious and has to be taken seriously and he was letting himself off the hook clearly for something that for the women involved sounded pretty terrifying. >> martha: no love lost between the mayor of new york city and the governor of new york. pressure is mounting on governor cuomo at this point. his office now saying that it will hand complete control of this sexual harassment investigation over to the state
8:17 am
attorney general james who has been a pretty tough a.g. on cuomo on the nursing home issue as well even though they're both of the same democrat party. this latest after second aide came forward with claims over the weekend she was asked about her situation by "the new york times." they reached out to her. cuomo said in a statement, quote, i acknowledge some of these things i have said have been misinterpreted as unwanted nrishtation. i am sorry about that. his comments were attempts at humor drawing mockery from the "new york post" on the front page hey, i'm the funny guy is the headline there. bryan llenas has been covering the story since the beginning and live in brooklyn with more for us today. hi. >> governor andrew cuomo issued that apology after this weekend when over the weekend his 25-year-old former aide charlotte been it accused the governor of making inappropriate remarks that made
8:18 am
her feel horribly uncomfortable and even scared. she says cuomo asked about her sex life and even asked her if she had ever had sex with older men. bennett said she understood the governor wanted to sleep with her. cuomo issued a rare lengthy apology yesterday that read in part at work sometimes i think i'm being playful and make jokes that i think are funny. i now understand my interactions may have been insensitive and too personal and some of my comments given my position made others feel in ways i never intended. a co-founder of new york's sexual harassment working group said this is a disgusting gas lighting response. no ownership of his actions, blaming his victims for misinterpreting his playfulness. >> the apology i don't find it to be sincere at all. i can't tell you how much training we have as elected
8:19 am
officials on this matter, on this subject. we know it's wrong, not right. >> cuomo also said he never inappropriately touched anybody. just days before another former aide accused him of unwanted kissing and touching. yesterday cuomo tried to control who would actually investigate him. after public backlash, bipartisan backlash as well as a public rebuke from attorney general james, cuomo relented and now the attorney general will deputize a private law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the governor's conduct. >> martha: that's important in these situations that it be someone who has no horse in the race. thank you very much, bryan. good to have you here. nicholas langworthy joins me now chairman of the new york republican party state committee. i think it's important as i
8:20 am
said, we've always argued for due process in all of these cases and the governor deserves to have due process in these cases as well. do you have a level of confidence that the new york a.g. leticia james will create that environment where both sides will get a fair hearing here? >> we have to hope the attorney general will be honest and forthright in this investigation. she was very forceful in demanding that this issue get referred by the governor's office so that she has the full subpoena power necessary to do the job. she actually needed that referral from the governor's office to make the investigation whole. >> martha: who did the governor want to do it? >> he took a very ridiculous step by suggesting a process that the attorney general in conjunction with a state judge come to a panel that was by his design to investigate his own office in his own miss deeds a
8:21 am
day after he had appointed someone that was a former associate of his through a law firm to investigate him and his own misdeeds. it's ridiculous. this is the andrew cuomo he has known for years. he loves to corrupt the process. a master politician in new york state government and has corrupted other situations in the past like the anti-corruption moreland commission. he corrupted that and his own top aide is in jail right now for that. >> martha: do you have any sense of -- we've seen some democrats including the mayor of new york city really come after him. when your own party -- he doesn't seem like he has a lot of friends in this system at this point. but the nursing home scandal remains the foundation of what has been going against him at this point. there was even some suggestion that some might want to sort of throw the focus in the direction of these harassment allegations rather than take the full brunt and all the other people involved on the nursing home side.
8:22 am
do you have any thoughts on that? >> well, i think it's very important we don't lose sight of the nursing home focus. this administration and andrew cuomo is now under two very serious investigations. one from the attorney general due to sexual harassment that he has been alleged to have made. the other is the cover-up of the nursing home issue. something that republicans across the state have been very forceful on. i've called for the governor's impeachment over the matter of the nursing home cover-up. his own chief of staff admitted on video to democratic legislators that they had to hide this information because the trump department of justice was investigating. and these nursing home families deserve justice and they cannot be forgotten no matter how serious these other allegations are. we have 15,000 senior citizens that lost their lives in new york. this is something that cannot be taken lightly and we need the full attention of people on this. >> martha: a national issue too. michigan, new jersey, other states with the same exact
8:23 am
policy that governor cuomo implemented at the end of march of last year. thank you so much nicklaus langworthy of the republican party in new york. good to have you here. coming up more trouble for california governor gavin newsom already facing a recall effort. next the video of him and comedian george lopez that appears to show him defying his own coronavirus rules. we'll show it to you and see what you think about it. the former president wasn't the only one who got the standing ovation at c pac for saying some covid rules had gone too far. governor mike huckabee weighs in on that and he is up next. don't miss it. we'll be right back.
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>> martha: millions of doses of johnson & johnson single shot covid vaccine now shipping today across the country. really big day. that's happening in shepherdsville, kentucky.
8:28 am
the fda gave it an emergency authorization. we're live with the latest on the j&j vaccine. >> johnson & johnson said the first doses will start going into the arms of americans within the next 24 to 48 hours. as we speak initial doses bound for indiana and ohio are being processed at a shipping facility in kentucky. workers took turns writing positive messages on the boxes with a sharpie pen. doses will be limited to about 4 million this week. 20 million by the end of this month. but johnson & johnson expects to ramp up quickly to 100 million doses by summer. >> i really can't think of another time in our history where we've been able to ramp up at this kind of pace. what is also important to remember when we say 100 million doses by june, that means 100 million vaccinations, patients that will have been treated. >> this is a one-dose vaccine.
8:29 am
once you get the shot, you are done. health experts are less concerned about the vaccine's 66% effectiveness against milder cases because many of the clinical trials took place in south africa where many patients had a resistant variant. there there were no hospitalizations or deaths among trial participants. a vaccine requires only one dose and with that one dose is 85% effective in preventing severe cases of covid-19. >> this has been studied in clinical trials for one shot. it will keep you out of the hospital. it is going to save your life. it will decrease the spread to others. that's a huge success. >> for this reason public health officials say the safest thing to do to protect yourself and the country is to receive the very first vaccine that becomes available to you rather than holding out for a specific
8:30 am
brand. >> martha: i've heard that as well. thank you very much. a new war of words between nancy pelosi and house minority leader kevin mccarthy. did the speaker cross the line this time? hear what she said and judge for yourself next. plus this. m newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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8:35 am
frustrated about that speaking of shutdowns, south dakota governor kristi noem got a standing ovation at cpac when she said this. >> south dakota is the only state in america that never ordered a single business or church to close. dr. fauci, he told me on my worst day i would have 10,000 patients in the hospital. on our worst day we had a little over 600. now -- [applause] i don't know if you agree with me but dr. fauci is wrong a lot. [cheering and applause] >> martha: former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee joins me now. good to see you today. it was interesting to me watching kristi noem of south dakota and governor desantis of florida, both of whom probably have some aspirations for
8:36 am
higher office and both of whom have gotten a lot of attention for the way they handled this covid shutdown. >> it is not just the results, martha that people are celebrating. the fact that they recognize their job as a governor was not to restriekt people's basic fundamental constitutional rights. we all need to be careful and certainly in the early days of the covid virus when we didn't know what we were dealing with. even now we need to be careful. with the vaccines out it doesn't mean we just act recklessly but these governors recognized government's role is to suggest to people, it is to encourage best practices and best behaviors and it is to make some restrictions on an emergency basis when absolutely necessary. it is not, however, to permanently restrict and co-operates peoples liberties especially like first amendment issues by going to church. >> martha: they played a large role in the 2020 election.
8:37 am
woel he see how long it lasts. hopefully not that long. these governors hope their record is included in all of that. rules for thee but not for me. california's democratic governor gavin newsom is under fire again as the effort to recall him continues to grow. he was in a tik tok video at an indoor event at a restaurant in fresno, california with george lopez. watch this. >> how do i find out if i can get a vaccination? >> you have to go to my >> wait a minute. thank you, governor. >> wonderful to be of service, george. >> martha: his office says he didn't eat while he was inside the restaurant. he was just discussing a grant with the owners. some users are not buying it pointing to a table in the background with glasses in place all over it. california's tiered covid policy shows that county has not reached an infection rate low enough to allow for indoor gatherings by their standards. this whole thing is rekindling
8:38 am
the outrage over his dinner out at the french laundry which governor huckabee frequents. you have contributed, your pac has to the recall effort against this governor. is this going to strengthen your case? >> i sure hope so. newsom did two things ridiculous. showed up at another restaurant and pretended he is the champion of fighting covid. the second thing he did, anybody who goes into a really wonderful mexican restaurant and doesn't eat shows how stupid he really is. so i think he would be more forgiven if he said i can't avoid. this food is so good i have to eat it. gavin newsom is sort of the poster child for the let me tell you what your rules are but don't expect me to follow them because i'm better than you. so yeah, my pac has given $100,000 to the recall effort of gavin newsom.
8:39 am
not because i live in california but because i think every governor in america needs to get a real pushback on this overreach of trying to dictate to people, something they don't have the legal authority to do. i didn't have it and they don't have it, either. they may think they do but they don't. >> martha: that effort reached 500 million dollars for all the money pouring into the recall effort. i think the next day newsom said i think we'll start the process of opening our schools. people's voices are being heard on this across the country and certainly in california. always good to see you, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: a promise from the house minority leader mccarthy saying he will wager this, republicans win back the house in the mid-terms when he is putting on the table and will he be right? nicorette® knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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♪ ♪
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>> martha: speaker nancy pelosi and minority leader kevin mccarthy getting into it after mccarthy made a bold prediction about winning back the house on cpac. >> we'll get the majority back. we're five seats away. i would bet my house.
8:44 am
listen, we were 31,000, my personal house. don't tell my wife. but i would bet it. this is the smallest majority the democrats have had in 100 years. we can do it. >> martha: pelosi's deputy communication director responded with this statement. no one should be surprised the minority leader is willing to wager his home. he doesn't have much to give after sacrificing his integrity during a a deadly pandemic. the way the game of politics is played this days. i said i live in the first houses i ever bought while pelosi take shots at me from his mansion. historically looking at the way these things seem to go in the past it's a fairly good bet given the numbers. we'll see. >> the last two democrats who were elected to the white house
8:45 am
immediately shed their majorities in the house of representatives. we all know in the last election it was very tight and it was only 35,000 votes that separated the republicans from actually picking up the five additional seats they need. we only need five additional seats to pick up the majority. i think it's a good chance republicans can get both houses. it is all about keeping the coalition together. if we kick out the maga people we will not win. >> what do you say, chris? >> well look, it's a redistricting year. republicans will do everything they can to gerrymander the seats they need. they won't win because of their ideas or done anything good or running on trump's failed record but partisan gerrymandering and that's it. the economy will be moving in the right direction. we've been vaccinated. >> martha: i find it interesting you say there is no policy discussion. i watched a fair amount of it.
8:46 am
there was a lot of discussion about immigration, a lot of discussion about the covid bill whether or not it is too big. a lot of discussion about the economy. a lot of discussion about women and hispanics and black voters. so i think that there is going to be a battle over policy and there will be a battle over ideas, matt, when 2022 rolls around. >> this question of gerrymandering is what majorities of both parties do to optimize the number of house seats and what is written into the constitution. it's how we come up with these lines. states have this power. when it comes to all this is hr1 which is going through congress. that would actually undermine all these state election rules. it would nationalize our election process. if you thought there was wrongdoing and a lot of illegal voting in the last election wait until hr1 passes. no voter registration, no signature verification. we shouldn't go there as a
8:47 am
country. >> more suppression is all you want. all matt wants. >> i want everyone to vote. >> fewer people to vote. when a lot of people vote, republicans with no policies do not win. hr1 needs to pass. so does the john lewis voting rights act needs to pass. if the senate needs to get rid of the filibuster to do it they should. >> dana: what you guys are talking about is probably the most important issue in the 2022 elections. you'll call it suppression and matt you call it making sure voters are verified and are who they say they are. >> and legal. >> martha: and legal. chris, those things should be important to both parties that there is only one person voting, a person can prove they are who they say they are. it is not -- >> it's not a real issue, martha. >> martha: oats not a real issue? >> study after study after study. nobody is faking it to vote. that's something conservatives say when they whine to lose.
8:48 am
>> martha: why would you be concerned about voter verification. chris, why would you be concerned about it then? you should have zero concerns if what you just said is true. matt? >> if we have representation -- >> i would like to address this. in north carolina there is actually a republican operative who was convicted of voter fraud. everybody acknowledged it. it can't just be voter fraud when a republican does it. in the state of nevada clark county threw out -- let me finish. clark county threw out one of their county commission races, 1/7 of the vote because the all-democratic county commission said there were so many voter irregularities they couldn't come up with an explanation. jim acosta admitted to me there was illegal voting. the question is can both sides come together and say we should do everything possible to minimize the incidents of illegal voting.
8:49 am
what you are saying, chris, i won't take you up on that wager. that's too bad. >> martha: it stands to reason. >> let's make it easy for everyone to vote. >> martha: it stands to reason if you don't believe there is any issue you should be able to have voter verification across the board so both sides can agree there aren't any problems happening. chris, i would leave you with that thought >> we buy things on our phone, let's make it easy to vote. >> martha: is dr. seuss a white supremacist? could this be the tipping point that gets cancel culture canceled for good? don't forget "outnumbered" is coming up next. you don't want to miss that. look at that great lineup. we'll be right back. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that
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attractive personnel because you're single and ready to mingle? >> i think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> are you dating anyone? what happened to the woman you are recommending? >> i don't know, i just don't know. >> thank you! thank you. [laughter] >> oh, boy. that was governor andrew cuomo back in may, the cnn host, cringeworthy videos of the governor coming to light after the second former staffer has accused him of sexual harassment. just last one day he made a cruel joke about vaccinations on the same day the first accuser came forward with the details of her claims. >> this is about trust. i'm going to be the vaccination.
8:55 am
on the state of new york, i took a 20 minute course. that's the anatomy, i do the vaccine, you will be surprised when you see the anatomy i pick. >> martha: fox news analyst at fox nation, so awkward and weird, i don't know if he is guilty of any of these claims that are leveled against him, but he's guilty of being awkward and weird, we have evidence. >> another thing is being shameless. he's making these weird anatomy comments. the same day that the first accuser came out with her allegations and now we have a second accuser. there is already scandal around his treatment of nursing home patience and sending patience
8:56 am
into nursing homes, covering it up. he seems to be treating this in a similar way. he has this cockiness about him that no matter what he says or does he's not going to get in any trouble. these are things he's saying publicly, like, what are you doing? it does make you wonder what it's like behind closed doors and with the brazenness of which she does it, he clearly doesn't think you will ever have consequences. >> i read that he said somewhere before he was governor, you should get everything you want to get done and your first two terms because the third term is always a mistake. very interesting. some people depending on your personality, they perhaps get too heady with the power that comes along with it. we heard from a state representative who said, i'm sure everyone can relate to this, just extensive training about the kind of things that
8:57 am
it's okay to say and work and not okay to say and clearly he took the course may be, but i don't know how much. >> you look at the pandemic, he's the celebrity, but among some people, like a symbol. he was the best and he was writing this book, turns out, wasn't really quite deserved. that's a good reminder for all of us that it's our job as citizens to question the people who have power over us, be skeptical because if they do become these icons, that allows them -- we are not providing the check on their power that we are supposed to be providing and it allows them to get away with more. >> martha: bob mcmahon explained that, so busy with the covid, horrible pandemic, he found time to give her advice on where she should put her tattoo on her body. apparently there was some
8:58 am
downtime while he was fighting the pandemic. fighting cancer culture was another big theme. watch this. >> we reject cancel culture. >> who is the cancel culture going to cancel next? >> they have to intimidate you. >> we are not going to back down. >> enough is enough, when they extend to fighting racism and dr. seuss as the county did. she writes on "as is the ultimate case, if you are ignorant of the facts, he wrote under the pen name of dr. seuss, he was an artist liberal who supported fdr and passionately spoke out against fascism to conclude that he was a closet racist is preposterous." a recent study found the books contain racist stereotypes and tropes as a result of public
8:59 am
schools in virginia canceling their annual celebration of the beloved author's birthday." >> i do think it's important to confront things like racism, sexism, but if what we want is to have those conversations, then having this knee-jerk reaction to cancel anybody who said something wrong or asked the wrong question, that's going to make people stay more silent. if you want to change hearts and minds, allow these conversations to happen and allowed to speak honestly about these things rather than just say, "you are canceled." that makes it less likely that we will ever get any work done. >> martha: create an environment where people feel like they can talk and say what they think, perhaps you will live a more meaningful way. glad you are canceled today. >> thank you. >> martha: thank you for watching.
9:00 am
"outnumbered" get started in a few seconds. they have a great lineup. i will see you at 3:00 p.m. on "the story." have a great afternoon, everybody. >> thank you, andrew cuomo surrendering the calls for an independent investigation after a second former aide said he harassed her. pressure grows from both parties. governor cuomo, former aide has accused him of making inappropriate remarks including asking if she had sex with older men. one say he kissed her on the lips without her consent. after the accusations he issued a rare lengthy apology yesterday that red, i think i'm being playful and i make jokes i think are funny. i do on occasion do it and good-natured way. i do it in public and private and i understand the


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