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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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private preschool. prompting backlash. he said the video was very inappropriate. no other public options for kids his daughter's age. we'll let you decide. let not your heart be troubled. laura, fair and balanced, she takes of right now. hi. >> laura: just looking at that guy, he's on the school board, ahead of the school board, okay. all right. it's san francisco. >> sean: keep the schools closed. >> laura: no. this is the way it always is. they don't support school choice so other kids can take their voucher and go to those schools. they want to keep their schools pristine. they don't want the rabble at their school. >> laura: a best seller, a great
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book. >> laura: awesome show tonight. love the debate. i'm laura ingraham and this is img. senator ted crews and former white house chief-of-staff will be here and they will respond to my angle and a whole lot more. another stiletto drops tonight against governor andrew cuomo. this time there is photographic evidence. the man who ran against him and may yet again has been warning about him for years. he's here to respond. and joe biden's visiting angel comes to his rescue. again. raymond arroyo explains it in "seen and unseen," but first, exposing themselves. that's the focus of tonight's angle. day by day democrats are revealing themselves. their anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-religion, anti-family, anti-gun, anti-law enforcement, and anti-history.
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they have closed and militarized washington, and yet, they have left our borders wide open. they insist our country is systemically racist as they give china a pass on genocide. with the pace of destructive change happening to our country, i know things may seem overwhelming. well, this angle is for you. for some perspective we need to step back a little bit. now, for most of the time, think about this. since reagan left office, the bipartisan establishment in washington has been obsessed with five really bad ideas. number one, they believe that we have a labor shortage here in the united states, so they want the borders as wide open as possible. now, as the border is bustling under a surge of illegals, biden is facilitating more mass migration.
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>> all i can do is communicate to both the american public and the individuals seeking protection they need to wait. we're not saying don't come. we're saying don't come now because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible. >> laura: an orderly process. number two. they believe that the ccp will evolve, and eventually become more free. meanwhile, they are making a ton of money over there so it was fine to help china become richer and more powerful. now we have a president who welcomed a rising china and now thinks what most of us call genocide is just a different cultural norm. >> culturally there are different norms in each country and the leaders are expected to follow. whether or not whether or not number three, the establishment has long believed that the future belongs to social liberalism so they want a
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supreme court that would lean in that direction. now democrats are emboldened enough to think they are ram through radical legislation to erase protections for religious freedom and they think they will get the high court to go along with it. >> i love talking about the equality act. we have for a long time a series of four things that we would like to do. it was not our doing. it was the court's. was marriage equality and the the courts took care of that. so the peace that was remaining of the four that we set out to do a number of years ago is being called the equality act. >> laura: does she realize moving her hands around doesn't make her any more logical in her presentation. she needs actually a scroll underneath her because of the mask. she was talking about the equality act. number four, they believe we should bring democracy to the middle east. they want a permanent troop
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presence in that part of the world. joe biden, authorized air strikes against iranian-backed forces in syria. >> you can't act with impunity. be careful. >> laura: liz cheney and a handful of other gop war hawks were fine with this. they welcomed it. number five, old bipartisan cabal believes train should never be restrained. never. so they do everything possible to make it easier for companies to ship jobs offshore. does joe biden have a problem with playing a keel row in that travesty. >> do you think you were naive about china? >> no, here's the thing. >> laura: all of these policies a total disaster for most americans but they were very popular with the donors who funded both parties, and so for
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decades voters who disagreed with those policies, they really didn't have anyone speaking for them. very few advocates. after eight years, george w. bush, with his endless wars, flat wages and nonstop catch and release at the border, a lot of us on the right decided we had to go in a different direction if we liked bush personally. at first we were known as the tea party and our movement grew. more people started using the term populist as well and after we coalesced around donald trump we had a leader who took our ideas into the white house. in less than a decade we had beaten the leadership of both parties. it's one of the most successful political movements in american history. so taken by surprise the empire struck back. they impeached trump not once but twice. they censored us online and drove many of us into hiding, the cancel culture. they call us racist and still
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do. they even changed the voting rules in some states and then they politicized the pandemic in the per -- pursuit of power. a few months ago i think they thought they were on the verge of crushing us for good but their landslide never happened. the gop gained seats in the house and in state legislatures. we gained support with hispanics and african-american working class voters as well. for the establishment press who have never been honest about our movement, cpac was just an excuse to bring out their old fear mongering, but if you saw any of it you saw how upbeat everyone speaking there was. president trump was defiant and he vowed to support strong populist candidates in 2022 and florida governor ron desantis, who is showing how our principles can work in a dynamic state like florida was another star. >> anyone can spout conservative
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rhetoric. we can sit and and have academic debates about conservative policy and i'm not saying you don't do any of that, but the question is, when the lights get hot, when the left comes after you, will you stay strong? or will you fold? when do you and you engage in the battles ahead, hold the line. stand your ground. and don't ever, ever back down. thank you. god bless you. >> laura: you know, the establishment is going to try to kneecap him politically. they already kind of have tried. just like they did with trump. they fear desantis. it's funny because the same forces don't fear the ccp. they see china as their business partner. what they fear, though, is seeing power going into the hands of the middle class hard working americans who know their rights and who refuse to be cheated or manipulated and who insist on fair wages for their
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work. this explains why they are doing everything possible to soe hatred and division against and between us but we should relish this fight. democrats are exposing themselves as frauds across the board. governors cuomo in new york, newsom in california, pritzker in illinois, love locking down everyone except criminals and illegal immigrants. and a bully like cuomo, he actually believed he deserved his good press but now even the democrats are abandoning him. scrambling to try to get schools to reopen in his state only because he's facing a recall. 41 years ago, the conservatives led by ronald reagan took over the white house and saved this country from an era of decline and despair. this generation of conservatives now has the organization and policies that can do the same
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again. our ideas are already making life better for millions in the red states. but we're not going to stop there. this must be a 50-state movement devoted to uplifting the whole country, and we're not going to stop until our mission is complete. and that's the angle. joining me now is texas senator ted cruz. senator, you have become as well a popular target of the left. they are trying to decouple any republican who has a connection to the base, and the intellectual chops to actually make a coherent argument across the board. >> well, look, the left right now, they feel resurgent, and for them it's about power. they want to hold on to power. they want to expand power and when they have their power they want to ram through their socialist vision for this country. i was listening to your opening monologue and i think it's exactly right. you look at the left, and far
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too many in the republican party also, and for a long time, they have been on-board with essentially what i would call america last. standing with our enemies. standing with the chinese communist government. standing with unlimited open borders and standing against the working men and women. i think the most significant political change of the last decade has been that the heart and soul of the republican party, we're a working class party now. we're a blue collar party. that's what we should have been and that's what we are and if we're standing with the men and women who want to work, right now, look at the democratic party. they want to close your businesses. they want your kids to stay home. they want to close schools. open borders, abolish the police, make your life less safe, your kids less safe, your family less safe. they side with our enemies and they abandon our friends. it's all completely backwards but the good news is also what you said. they are revealing exactly who they are.
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what does it say that the governor of new york and california are both in free fall. their ideas don't work and sadly we're going to see that play out more and more over the next two years that will lead to us a very good 2022 and a they good 2024. >> laura: we need a 50-state movement. they are going to try to exploit the power grid failure in texas. we've got to have a 50-state movement. this hodgepodge of a few rough belt states and turn around three times and hope you'll win the majority, i think it's got to be much broader, but senator, the new dhs secretary, he was out there today. he was asked whether he thought there was a crisis at our southern border. watch. >> i think that the answer is no. i think there is a challenge at the border. it is a stressful challenge. we're not only addressing the urgency of the challenge, but also in building the capacity to
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manage it and to meet our humanitarian aspiration and execution of the president's vision. >> laura: senator cruz, building the capacity to manage the flow that he's personally encouraging, as i showed on "the angle." >> the democrats are magicians. you remember we had four years of news stories about kids in cages. well, those cages are being expanded. they are being reopened now that biden is running them. they are simply safe humanitarian locations. of course, obama built the cages and the reason we have little boys and little girls being brought in by human traffickers is because of obama's amnesty program that served as a magnet to begin with. you know, when the dhs secretary says there isn't a crisis at the border, from his perspective he believes that because there is an old joke that the term illegal alien is no longer politically correct. the new term is undocumented democrat. from his perspective every person coming here illegally is
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another perspective voter, and the democratic party has abandoned the working classmen and women. the millions of people who are out of jobs. who are seeing their wages pulled down. who are competing to provide for their families with people coming illegally, that's not who the democratic party represents anymore. they don't represent unions anymore. they don't represent construction workers or truck drivers or working men and women anymore. the democratic party today is the party of wealthy elites on both coasts. it's the party of big tech and big business. it's the party of universities, and from their perspective the more cheap labor that flows in, particularly if they vote democrat, the better -- we need to be standing with americans. we need to be standing for jobs, and, you know, we were talking about a 50-state movement. i want to pint out the democratic agenda is truly radical. what does it say, even california is recalling gavin newsom. when you shut down schools, 40% of kids k through 12 right now
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are going to in person schools. 60% are not. that's a generation of kids being left behind with a significant chunk of whom are black or hispanic, and the democrats are abandoning them. this is an opportunity for common sense, and i think that's what we ought to be fighting for. >> laura: senator, real quick, yes or no, should we boycott the 2022 beijing games? >> to be honest, i haven't thought about that question. i'm generally not a fan of boycotting things like the olympics. >> laura: senator, aren't they committing genocide? ongoing genocide? >> look -- >> laura: why should we give -- why should we give xi a big propaganda coup by sending our people over there to be in a packed stadium after they inadvertently or purposefully released a virus and they are committing ongoing genocide? how do we as a country counter that? >> because we shouldn't punish american athletes.
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i think we should go over there, call them out. be absolutely explicit. i've introduced legislation to sanction the officials responsible for the genocide, to fight them and call them out directly, but when jimmy carter boycotted the olympics i didn't think it was a very good policy. i think hurting american athletes is a policy of weakness, but the answer we shouldn't do is to do who a lot -- what all of the democrats and a lot of republicans will want to do is go over there and kiss xi's behind. we need to speak the truth and call him out unequivocally. >> laura: you and i part ways there but i appreciate you answering the question. thanks so much for coming on tonight. if you've watched president biden speak on tv lately one thing is clear. he's not in complete control. so who is? the hill is reporting that senate republicans are attacking white house chief-of-staff ron -- as the guy behind the curtain, and prime minister klain.
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they blame klain for biden's refusal to negotiate the price of his covid relief package. here with me now is mark meadows, former white house chief-of-staff to president trump. mark, this was obviously never a concern in the trump administration. when you were running things, was knit was it even plausible? could klain be running the show on big decisions for biden? >> obviously somebody is running the show because moderate joe has gone missing. in fact, if anything, moderate joe has gone into hiding because we're seeing progressive joe, we're seeing a $1.9 trillion covid package that's a progressive wish list so somebody is pulling the strings whether it's chief-of-staff ron klain or someone else there. the results are horrifying, you know, laura. when we look at this, it's not only what you were talking about at the border, but it's our
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policy in terms of opening schools. it's our policies in terms of china. you know, we're shipping jobs to china instead of shipping them to texas and ohio and pennsylvania. we're energy dominant and yet we're wanting to move that over to china and give them the advantage. so it's time that somebody gets control and hopefully it's someone different than ron klain and the others in the white house right now. >> laura: mark, have you talked to the president about the beijing olympics? there is a growing movement, and i'm one of the people, i think, leading it, is to boycott the beijing games given the ongoing genocide, given everything that they have done and not being transparent about the virus? >> there is a growing movement there, and really, what it's about is not just the ongoing genocide that's horrific and should be condemned and addressed, but it's even further than that. we have this china virus that's
11:19 pm
been upon us, and yet, no one has still held china accountable. we need to make sure they are held accountable. what do we find from the biden administration? they are running back into the w.h.o. which basically, the world health organization, who apologizes for actually being the front man for the chinese government. so we've got to hold them accountable. at this point to give them a win for the 2022 olympics is not something we should be doing. >> laura: have you spoken to former president trump about this and what are his thoughts? >> you know, as you know, i spent some time with the former president trump yesterday. we spent a good deal of time together. we've not talked about the olympics. we have talked about a number of things. we talked about the attack on oil and natural gas. you know, really, when you start talking about green energy, you're looking at a subsidy to china instead of actually
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allowing things to happen. we also are looking at an attack really on the hard working men and women in america when we look at what we're seeing. it's a total sell-out by this administration, but i'm sure he'll have something to say about the olympics in the coming weeks and months. >> laura: break moments ago, acting house sergeant of arms tells the -- tells everyone that capital community significance of march 4 as true inauguration day has reportedly declined among various groups in recent days. i don't know what that is but i guess it's about this deal with people thinking march 4 was some kind of significant day and they had to use that to justify in part all that fencing around the capitol. mark, any -- was there any intelligence -- >> no. there is no intelligence that would suggest that this fencing should be up.
11:21 pm
listen, this fencing that's up is all for show. speaker pelosi continues to want to have razor wire around the capitol. it's indicative of the type of representation they have. keep the american people at bay, and even as you go around washington, d.c., even democrats are starting to say, this is a little bit ridiculous. it serves no really function and there is no intelligence to suggest that we should have it. >> laura: mark, it looks like the razor wire might be coming down but apparently the fencing that seems higher than what i saw at the board, not the trump fence but the other old fence, that's still going to be up there along with the thousands and thousands of national guard troops. it's unbelievable. no republican should vote for this ever. we look forward to seeing president trump out and about again soon. and coming up, does a party of women secretly hate them?
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laura explains the left shell game in a moment plus when everyones was turning a blind eye to andrew cuomo's corruption his 2014 opponent made him a staple of his campaign. that man will be here next.
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>> laura: it's never been about the principles. a way to pander to voters. white house press secretary has mastered this act. >> well, i'm also happy to repeat that we have the first female treasury secretary. >> what is president biden doing for my small business? first he nominated a woman to lead the small business administration. >> laura: you see what i mean? meanwhile the policies championed by the biden administration, lockdowns, school closures, targeting small businesses, they have forced millions of women out of the work force and their schools on zoom. joining us now is laura logan on fox nation. laura, you say there is a particular type of woman being targeted. explain. >> yes. i mean, women who are
11:28 pm
independent and who are independent minded and won't surrender to this. people are basically trying to terrorize, silence and intimidate us and to break our will. strong, independent women who think for themselves, and if we weren't going to be, you know, kept down by men all these years we're certainly not going to be kept down by the politics of division and hatred. and, you know, it's interesting, laura in that comment in that video, it reminded me, i remember being so shocked as a journalist on the ground in pakistan to discover that around 80% of pakistani women couldn't read or write. they were illiterate. guess who was the leader of pakistan at the time? yes. bhutto. a woman. so just because you have a woman appointed to a approximation of -- position of power doesn't really mean anything. you know as well as i do, i'm glad you're covering this topic. i have a lot of feelings about
11:29 pm
it as a journalist and professional but honestly i'm a white woman so it's also personal. these people aren't going to break my will or force me into hatred and prejudice. we all know that united we stand and divided we fall, right? that's very, very simple. that's been true since the beginning of time. and, you know, as many people know, i was gang raped and sodomized and beaten almost to death by a gang mop of 200 to 300 men in egypt years ago when i was working and they couldn't break my will and i can tell you, these people can't break my will and it's not just me. i really am speaking on behalf of all women. women of all races, and especially young women. i want them to know because they have haven't been around as long as you and i, they haven't had enough experience to know how they are being bullied and intimidated into self-censorship and i want them to know. you don't have to fall for this. you don't have to play into
11:30 pm
their hands. >> laura: when i say young women -- i'm afraid to speak out in class, i don't want to lose all my friends, i said look at your friends and say, i love you, i don't agree with you, but just say, this is my truth. turn it around and say, i love you, i love you, but this is my truth. i have every right to speak out. i every right to believe in my faith or facts. so, laura, thank you so much and you're incredibly brave, and an incredible testament to courage and fortitude, and, you bet, independent thinking. we needed to hear that tonight. thank you. speaking of democratic treatment of women, just hours ago a third female accuser came forward against governor andrew cuomo of new york telling the "new york times" the governor aggressively grabbed her cheeks and asked if he could kiss her during a wedding reception in 2019.
11:31 pm
oh, and she has the photo apparently. this comes after two former staffers accused the love governor of sexual harassment. is it all surprising? especially when the elites have long known that cuomo is at least a repugnant bully. my next guest called out cuomo's contemptible behavior when he ran against him seven years ago. rob, i'm not going to condemn andrew cuomo because of accusations. i don't know what happened, when, you know. the photo about the cheeks. i don't know. but we did know at the very least that andrew cuomo was a bully who didn't let his own blame get in the way of giving himself accolades. >> well, that's true. laura, i agree with you. i think we all say, and should
11:32 pm
stand by, the constitution, our criminal justice system, due process, all the things, of course that andrew cuomo and the democrats didn't afford the likes of brett kavanaugh and others. but that doesn't mean it's not to be had for him. i mean, we should let justice play out. the investigations play out. but the deck of cards is starting to fall on cuomo. this is the tip of the iceberg. i honestly believe he's been corrupt since day one and i did point that out in our debate in 2014. but this goes back a long time. when he was attorney general, he signed off on a settlement that let off the hook a sexual predator in the new york state assembly, sheldon silvers top aide accused of sexual assault by many women. it was hush money that the governor signed off on. then he becomes governor and he does all these pay to play deals, like this buffalo billion, which was not the right way to rebuild the beautiful city of buffalo. it was all paid to play. corruption. you had scandals upon scandals
11:33 pm
upon scandals. the commission, which believe it or not, in new york, was set up as the anti-corruption commission, and only in new york could the anti-corruption commission have been corrupted, and it was, and once the bread crumbs started leading to cuomo and his office he shut it down unilaterally. this is well known in new york. unfortunately there have been way too many enablers including the press, including democrats and republicans. >> laura: for everyone who forgot -- it. >> has to come to an end. >> laura: sorry to interrupt. we only have a minute left. . everybody knows that, but then new york elected him, he has a famous last name. a lot of political nepotism, in new york, you won westchester county. a very common sense practical campaign. are you going to perhaps run again? will you challenge this democrat, you know, strangle
11:34 pm
hold on the state? again? >> i think what you and senator cruz were talking about earlier is so important. we have to have a 50-state strategy in america right now with the republican party. we should do what i did in westchester, which is a 2-1 democratic county and i won it twice because i did talk to everyone. i did go to african-american neighborhoods. i did -- speaking in spanish] walked through hispanic communities. education choice. we should be talking about as schools are locked down in new york. businesses. reducing taxes. i was just down in florida recently. i get off the plane. it's like welcome to adulthood. i come back and the national guard greets me. contact tracers calling me every day. are you home? this is what's happening. and that's why people are fleeing the state. but i do think he can be beaten, or, obviously, if he has to step down, we can't replace him with someone who smiles as a lefty and does the same thing. so i do think we need to be bold
11:35 pm
and i think republicans can win it. >> laura: rob, thank you so much. i've just been dying to talk to you. i really appreciate it. thank you. remember, it's the 11,000 senior citizens who were lost during covid as a result of these policies towards the senior care centers and sending covid patients back there. that's a real huge story. we'll see how the other stuff plays out. up next, biden gets rescued by his visiting angel. raymond arroyo explains it seen and unseen in a moment.
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don't put it off. take the first easy step. call today for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner, so call now. (soft music) ♪ ♪ hello, colonial penn? >> laura: this is the seen and unseen segment where we reveal the stories behind the headlines. the author of "the thief who stole heaven." . >> there were times when the president was totally lost, like when he tried to introduce those joining him, peel like sheila
11:41 pm
jackson-lee. tonight's freestyle and biden. >> joe, where are you? [funny music] and representatives -- sheila jackson-lee, al green, sylvia garcia, lizzie -- pinelli -- pinell, what am i doing, i'm going to lose track, mayor turner, judge -- thank you all for welcoming us. >> welcome to the 25th amendment, laura. this is why they are not releasing the visitor logs. why there is no press conferences, why his daily schedule is not posted. he's obviously in some kind of decline. they have got to take a look at it. >> laura: he squints, it's almost like there is a flashlight in his eyes. if he weren't doing such damage to the country, i would be feeling really sorry for him.
11:42 pm
>> when you can't read a prompter or a note it's troublesome and there was an interview with univision where biden was asked if he could confirm whether his administration was opening tent cities for immigrant kids along the border. he needed some assistance even with that answer. >> what i can confirm, there are over -- right now there are thousands of immigrants, thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border. we've been able to place saying it number -- texas opened up one. one that was a former, one used in the administration, in the last administration. >> this administration is doing it in a humane way, and that's really important. >> that humane co-interview, laura, continued from there. >> it brings back memories from the kids in cages, and how is it
11:43 pm
different from -- >> it's much different in terms of people there helping them. we have people in those facilities taking care of them. >> laura, we went down to the border. was it lord of the flies for these children during the trump administration? >> laura: no. in fact, i interviewed a number of board patrol officials and they had diapers and formula. they spent their own money to buy children's clothing, and brought clothing from their own homes to give to these kids. so that's a islander on our border patrol. i don't like that at all. we personally witnessed it. the golden globe last night but part live, part virtual event, didn't work, i don't think so. >> normally this room is full of celebs but tonight, our audience on both coasts is made up of smoking hot first responders and essential workers. we're so grateful that you're here so that the celebs can stay
11:44 pm
safely at home. >> laura, we've got to keep those celebs safe. the audience was safely at home as well watching something else. there was a 60% decline in rateings from last year's golden globes. most people saw none of these films and they didn't know who these actors were, awkwardly reacting from home. nothing screams elitism than having first responders become -- >> laura: was the queen's gambit, that was incredibly well active? >> and anderson for -- that was the one thing that i could point to that was a bright light but when -- wins best picture america turns away. >> laura: you mean bore app -- he's talented. he's talented. it's a tall order. raymond, thank you so much. i'm glad i missed and you
11:45 pm
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>> laura: in just the last two weeks we've seen covid cases collapse 26%. death drop 21%, hospitalizations hit their lowest point since october. but instead of celebrating even if cautiously the biden administration and the medical cartel supporting it are trying to psychologically break your spirit. how else can you explain statements from biden's cdc director like this. >> i remain deeply concerned about a potential shift in the trajectory of the pandemic. the latest cdc data continues to suggest that the declines in cases have leveled off. these deviants are a very real threat to our people and our progress. now is not the time to relax the critical safeguards that we know can stop the spread of covid-19 in our communities. >> laura: 15 days to slow the
11:51 pm
spread. victor davis hanson with the hoover institution, senior fellow, victor, don't you get the sense that it's not even going to be 15 years the slow the spread. there can never be another bit of virus anywhere in the world before we get our freedom back if these people have their way. your reaction? >> i'm reminded of general george s. patton's admonition that americans should never be captive of their fears. we can think of all sorts of bad things but you're right. the science shows weaver had a dramatic increase in vaccinations. we'll be up to 80 million. we probably have a hundred million people that haven't been tested but modeled that they do have antibodies. we have 30 million proven cases. we're getting closer and closer and these are scientists so they have an obligation to tell us that because we're on pretty thin ice, laura. we've had public officials who have been hypocritical about the application of the quarantine. we had dr. fauci's noble lie theory that he sort of lied about the utility of masks so we
11:52 pm
wouldn't go out and drain the supply. on herd immunity so we wouldn't let down our guard. any time you have hypocrisies and lies you destroy the credibility. if as i cynic, i would say we have a lot of bureaucrats who have had an enormous amount of influence and when the virus wanes they won't have that. finally, laura, if he forecasts a disaster, then, and it doesn't happen, he says, oh, it didn't happen because people made the adjustments that i warned about and if it does happen he tells us, i told you so, where as if it does happen, they say you're a murderer and if it doesn't they say it didn't happen only because of my warnings. it's a lose-lose situation for optimists and that's why we have very few bureaucrats that want to be optimistic. >> laura: absolutely, but there is always going to be a reason to take our freedom away whether it's climate change or racism or
11:53 pm
another health -- there is always a reason to have a lockdown in some way, shape or form but i want to ask you about what i started this show with, in part, what i asked ted cruz, given china's role in not being transparent with the virus, given everything that they have done, genocide, all of it, should we be sending our delegation to the beijing games next year for the winter games? victor? >> i don't know if i'm qualified to answer that but personally i would say no but we're going to do it and i'm a cynic again, so many of our leaders are compromised, in business academics, investment interests with china including the biden family. there will be enormous pressure from europe and china has their typical -- through so many governments, through financial
11:54 pm
joint ventures, et cetera. it's just a matter of truth and we should face it. >> laura: so you can commit ongoing genocide and we just repeat, you know, a mistake we made in 1936. unbelievable. victor, thank you so much. and cnn's chris cuomo has utter contempt for his viewers. "the last bite" explains.
11:55 pm
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11:59 pm
>> earlier tonight chris cuomo broke his silence on the many scandals enveloping his brother. >> obviously i'm aware of what' going on with my brother. obviously i cannot cover it because he is my brother. i have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so. i just wanted to tell you that. if there is a lot of news going on that matters also, so let's
12:00 am
get after that. this convention over the weeken was more like a coven. >> you can't cover your brother when things are going bad what you can do the double box thing and have your little pattycake sessions with him when he was considered this covid hero. i get how it works. keep it in the family. sets all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it all from here. >> the minute shannon: the minute eyesight you i thought those earrings a beautiful, my second was is one of them going to fall off during your show. they made it through. >> have a great show. shannon: breaking news. a third woman coming forward to accuse andrew cuomo of sexual harassment, the new york times


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