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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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todd: i'm upset about that story, he was my fellow alum and paternity brother i'll be a couple decades ago. dr. seuss! come on! we are going to go through the books the next hour of all the dr. seuss stories. you are watching "fox and friends first". ashley: the biden administration pointing its finger at donald trump. todd: griff jenkins with more on the migrant surge. >> reporter: it is seeing 3000
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illegal crossings which alejandro mayorkas says is to blame on the trump administration. >> the entire system is gutted. was we are seeing at the border is the immediate result of the dismantlement of the system. >> reporter: is a crisis? anything over 1000 crossings a day but now the new secretary doesn't think this is. >> the answer is no, i think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing and we had resources dedicated to managing it. >> this is current officials resulted from era tactics, opening tent facilities on the texas border and you see these
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numbers pointing to a crisis, 72,000 in november, 74,000 in december, 78,000 in january, up from 36,000 in january of 2020. more concerning the number of unaccompanied children crossing alone, 5700 in january. projected 9000 in february and cbp says they are bracing for as many as 13,000 in may. chad bull says this team is in denial. >> everyone knows there's a crisis going on and i think the leader of the department needs to be honest with the american people. >> this as president biden met virtually with mexico's president. the two leaders discuss the country's close relationship, immigration and the coronavirus. afterwards biden leaving open the possibility of sending vaccines to mexico. >> sending vaccines to mexico?
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>> but his press secretary jen psaki singh a different tune earlier in the day saying the administration is focused was vaccinating every american first, then after that they would be open to discussion. a bit of mixed messaging at the white house it would seem. ashley: senator ted cruz represents a border state and says there's a reason democrats encourage illegal immigration. >> when the dhs secretary says there isn't a crisis at the border from his perspective he believes that because there's an old joke the term illegal alien is no longer politically is another prospect of the democratic party has abandoned the working-class men and women, millions of people who are out of jobs, seeing their wages pulled down you are competing to
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provide for their families with people coming illegally. that's not a the democratic party represents anymore. >> alejandro mayorkas urged them to delay coming to the us. >> a third woman accusing andrew cuomo of sexual harassment. >> carley shimkus joins us as calls for his resignation intensify. >> the third accusation from anna rush, former member of the obama administration who also worked on the 2020 biden campaign, the 33-year-old telling the new york times she met governor cuomo at a wedding in september of 2019, she says within moments of being introduced the governor placed his hands on the small of her back, she said i probably removed his hand with my hand which i would have thought was a clear enough indicator that i was not wanting him to touch me. he said can i kiss you. i felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed when really he is
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the one who should have been embarrassed. rush pulled away but said cuomo kissed her on the cheek. a friend capturing the awkward moment in a photo. a spokesman for the governor did not directly address the claim. instead referring the new york times to the statement the governor released on sunday acknowledging that some things he said have been misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation. the first woman to accuse cuomo of sexual harassment lindsey boylein responding this doesn't make me feel validated. it makes me feel sick. i feel nauseous thinking about anna's experience, i'm sending her love and light. charlotte and i are with you. new york attorney general letitia james says she can move forward with an independent investigation after cuomo's office sent her the letter she needs to do so. the attorney general will select an outside law firm to conduct an inquiry. as news of the third accuser was breaking the governor's brother chris cuomo broke his silence on the mounting scandal. >> obviously i am aware of what is going on with my brother and obviously i cannot cover it
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because he is my brother. of course cnn has to cover it. i have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so. >> hillary clinton releasing her first official statement on the subject saying these stories are difficult to read and the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that the women who have come forward and all new yorkers deserve answers to. the governor also facing increased calls to step down from his post. democratic congresswoman kathleen wright adding to the pressure tweeting monday night the time has come, the governor must resign. ashley: thanks so much. todd: miranda divine says governor cuomo's building is nothing new it is clear why democrats are now turning on him. >> he has always managed to evade accountability for all the malpractice he committed over the years and all the people he has bleed and all the power he
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has abused and unfortunately for him but not for the rest of us he has finally reached the end of the road and that is only because the democrats decided he was of no more use. he had served his purpose as a foil against donald trump. >> in the past governor cuomo supported women who made sexual harassment claims including brett kavanaugh's accuser, cuomo said, quote, to all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you. >> brothers and sisters in blue will escort a fallen georgia shasta pd home, justin was shot during a police chase near the florida georgia line. officers lining the streets while his hearse is supported from the tallahassee hospital, two brothers facing murder charges, this shows them arms, trying to break into a home.
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homeowners as they ran away when he shot back, the suspects were later arrested. lieutenant beenwell served in the decatur county sheriff's department for nearly 20 years. bernie sanders elizabeth foreign 7 of the fight from minimal a tie, they say the senate should ignore or overrule the parliamentarian ruling that it can't be in the covid-19 refill. the idea that we have a senate staffer deciding whether 30 million americans get a pay raise or not is nonsensical, senate majority leader chuck schumer says the chamber will take up the relief bill this week. congressman jim banks will weigh coming up. >> americans could start receiving the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine today or tomorrow according to ceo. many single-dose vaccines are being shipped as we speak. they are up to 1 billion doses by the end of the year. the fda approved emergency use of the vaccine. did you see this yesterday? wall street kicking off march with soaring numbers, the dow jumping 630 points, s&p with his
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best day at 9 months, nasdaq up 3%, news of the third vaccine and passage of the covid-19 relief bill. >> the head of homeland security says there is no crisis at the border, and shelter overflows with migrants cashing in on promises the president made. that's no surprise because democrats don't see borders as a crisis in the first place, live next. todd: serving the country in iraq and afghanistan, he gets kicked off the counsel for defending the national anthem. that story next. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool!
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is the answer is no. i think there's a challenge at the border to put it
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successfully, the prior administration dismantled our nation's immigration system, the entire system was gutted. >> the homeland security chief saying there is no crisis at the southern border and he's blaming the former president for the surge of migrants promised amnesty by the current president. >> joining us to respond, madison hawthorne. so i want to get to this real quick. first off, bring the fullscreen up, southwest border arrests just in october of last year almost 72,000 border arrests in one month and he is saying there is no crisis, your reaction? >> he said multiple times the border infrastructure and facilities needed to house these
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migrants coming into the country doesn't exist and that is trump's fault. the reason it didn't exist as we were stopping them at the border, stopping the hemorrhage in and then deal with the problems in america. for secretary alejandro mayorkas to say this is all donald trump's fault is the democrat playbook, the only way they can select they have an argument is to blame donald trump. >> how long can they blame the trump strategy without acknowledging the executive actions for what is causing the problem we have seen recently? >> i genuinely believe i was here for the inauguration on january 20th of joe biden and when we were here i looked around and realized for the first time in inauguration history there were more supporters of the president at the southern border than there were in attendance forgot the inauguration. >> fascinating tidbit, congressman. i don't know if you're fired up about this but if you had a childhood and you read dr. seuss
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you might be. president biden canceling dr. seuss in a read across america proclamation after about county schools in virginia said his books are full of, quote, the orientalism, anti-blackness and white supremacy. you can't get more outlandish by the day. how does the stop? but i don't have to. i'm already fired up. inside our congress we actually have a lot of accomplished, we successfully renamed the post office here in the 100 seventeenth congress so you're telling me the actual priorities of the democrats is renaming the post office and now canceling dr. seuss? americans are actually struggling at this cancel culture does not help us. we want to heal america and end the major partisan divide we need to stop canceling our neighbors and communicate with them. >> one fish two fish, red fish blue fish is not as concerning as i don't know, china.
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>> absolutely right. we are losing a battle that has not started against china, taken away all manufacturing and medications over there, they produce rare earth materials we need intellect medication satellites and taking over parts of africa and south asia with the their very aggressive stance when it comes to building infrastructure. this is a threat we should be worrying about, something that harms american lives, not if dr. seuss is racist was i laugh trying to think about that. >> hr one known as the for the people act. let's read through a little of it. it addresses concerns of federal control of national elections, extends voting rights to federal election commissions, among other things, every democrat in the house last week was on board
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with this but republicans, you say it's not going to micromanage everything. >> i absolutely agree. i am a big believer in founding fathers and reading the federalist papers particularly alexander hamilton it is very clear why they chose to decentralize the election process. of you in washington dc decide elections across the country and some sort of cookie-cutter reform. democrats found themselves in the majority and in control of the white house because they were able to leverage a lot of liberal judgments that came out of the court system and some odd mandates that came with different secretaries of state and this happened in the election but now there wanting to reset relies election so they can do this permanently. if that happens the party in control will never be out of control again. todd: this is an attempt to make the democrats in power in perpetuity not just for 2022, 2000, forever. appreciate your time this morning.
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jillian: ashley: michigan's governor faces morton's scrutiny for covid-19 policy. a lawsuit brewing demanding official data to be released to the public. todd: cheryl casone joins us with the latest. >> reporter: a pulitzer prize winning reporter plans to sue michigan governor gretchen witmer to release information on covid-19 nursing home def data saying on twitter that he at the mackinac center, michigan free-market think tank are
2:22 am
preparing a lawsuit against her tweeting, quote, we are preparing a lawsuit against governor witmer of michigan to turn over covid-19 devastating and accurate nursing home numbers to the public. all the way to the supreme court, also saying in a statement the public has a right to know if we could not protect them, we deserve an explanation from madame governor. republican state legislators recently called for a full investigation into witmer's actions, they say they are discrepancies in the data surrounding different cases in the state's long-term facilities and questions being raised over a payment to witmer's on a permanent director who resigned suddenly in january, robert gordon is such to receive 155,$000 payout with no explanation as to why he quit, gordon was built director and played a key role in michigan's response to the pandemic. todd: governor gavin newsom reopening schools, but schools are not being required to
2:23 am
reopen. newsom cases $6.6 billion package of incentives, $2 billion will go to school to provide ppe and ventilation upgrades, $4.6 billion toward programs for summer school tutoring, district under the state's most restrictive set of coronavirus rules, kindergarten through second grade, counties and rent your offer in person instruction for elementary school grades plus at least one grade in middle and high school. if it is confusing to listen to imagine what the kids have to go through to implement all this. jillian: the school, kindergarten teacher using history of american slavery to
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teach yoga. this displays the void across the atlantic ocean and is there work on plantations to teach different poses and incorrectly called africa a country. he was criticized for implying captured africans willingly became slaves. the school district says it has launched an investigation into the list which is called unacceptable and not consistent with its values. todd: i have no idea how the adults in the room came to the decision they made that these were good path forward. ashley: how to they react to this. todd: merrick are likely to be confirmed attorney general this week as governor cuomo facing growing scandals that could make him the focus of a federal probe. kenmare garland insured in partial investigation? doj official jamil jaffer says there are concerns. he claims next. jillian: challenging a stranger to a dance off. the impressive move stealing the show. ♪♪
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jillian: andrew cuomo facing a third allegation of sexual harassment, the latest accuser told the new york times cuomo put his hand on her back and face is seen in this, and allegedly asked could he kiss her. were democrats of come out against cuomo with hillary clinton commonly accusations difficult to read. they are demanding cuomo to resign. >> the scandal is the new york nursing home cover-up, a case that could reach the doj. is what mary garland told lawmakers when asked if it could be a fair investigation. >> a senior official that admitted the cover, will you commit to having the investigation done by a person with a conflict of interest?
2:29 am
>> it will not be the person running the investigation of any kind. it todd: garland is likely to be confirmed this week. jamil jaffer will talk about whether he will come through on the promise of impartiality. will either of these situations end up in a full doj investigation? >> not sure. the claim will be dealt with internally to the governor's office, statewide investigated, with respect to the nursing home because the numbers were reported to the justice department, it involved institutionalized person but it is based on reporting of the eastern district us attorney's office in new york. todd: how confident are you a merrick garland justice department will be fair and impartial with its investigation
2:30 am
on the nursing home scandal? >> judge garland gave the right answer to the question when senator cruise asked about this issue. the us attorney in the neighboring district, the mother-in-law of the cuomo administration official who supported the state legislature, the administration froze like a deer in the headlights when asked about nursing home numbers, they were worried, she admitted, that doesn't mean she will oversee that, she gave the right answer so we will see what happens going forward but these issues have been a concern of late to democrats in the last administration and now the same concerns with the new nominee to the justice department. todd: back to harassment for a moment and listen to jen psaki
2:31 am
commenting on what is going on in new york and ask you a hypothetical out of that. take a listen. >> every woman coming forward, charlotte, lindsay, should be treated with respect and dignity. there is a process of reviewing as you noted, independent investigation, we believe it to that process through the attorney general to make a determination on the path forward. >> could you see a situation or scenario where the doj goes have the after cuomo on the nursing homes and sexual-harassment to sort of say we are being tough, being unbiased even though this guys a democrat all in an effort to ignore the hunter biden allegation? >> wherever there is a federal law, do a serious and thorough
2:32 am
investigation and go after the person whether republican or democrat, they violate the law they should be charged and prosecuted. whether they are looking to outweigh the hunter biden investigation are not is open to question, that investigation goes on also so we see what happens with all of those. the main point we want to focus on, democrats raised this issue, nobody should be surprised. the justice department is free from political interference and that's the key issue at the way. >> it is how we have a nation. if our law enforcers are impartial. years cuomo's response, quote, i think i'm being playful and make jokes i think are funny and understand my interactions would have been insensitive or too personal. i never inappropriately touched anybody your proposition than anybody and never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable so there we have it. great job, appreciate your insight as always. ashley: a former military
2:33 am
veteran removed after rejecting a policy during the annual meet up, joined us earlier and says he will continue to fight for conservative voices. >> they can continue to virtues signal because it is trendy, i'm going to continue to fight for those all over the world and they are ashamed for that and their voices are suppressed, the flag protects all of that. >> us soccer athletes council said he violated the conduct policy section on harassment and he says he has received 30 death threats. the head of public utility lines after lieutenant governor patrick blamed her and other officials for claiming the state was prepared for the winter storm, ken paxton is suing the
2:34 am
provider for deceiving customers. about 390,000 texas residents are still under boil water advisories. todd: extreme weather continuing, destructive flooding hitting kentucky has that state deals with huge amounts of rain over several days. todd: you can see cars and homes submerged in water with residents forced to evacuate. janice dean joins us with the latest. >> janice: another round of heavy rain in the forecast for the southeast, the gulf coast as the frontal boundary remains in place, relatively warm air ahead of the front and behind is cooler temperatures. this is the focus, more showers and potential for flooding throughout the day not only today but the next 24 to 48 hours, you see moisture streaming in and then the potential for flash flooding. if there is a flash flood watch
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in your area, remember turn around, don't drown, do not travel over water you can't see the bottom of. the forecast precipitation over the next couple days certainly with the focus across the southeast and snow across the four corners of the southwest which is your forecast today. other than the frontal boundary looking pretty good across the southeast, very windy across the northeast, very windy across the northeast, look at this beautiful sunshine. todd: when life gives you lemons turn it into a book. today is the big day. >> janice: it is. it has been a year and a half in the making i started writing these good news stories before the pandemic, a lot of them during the pandemic, this book make your own sunshine helped me in a dark period and all the stories you read in this book
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have a common theme of overcoming obstacles so i can't wait for you to read it, i can't believe it is out today and thank you so much for helping me. >> you look beautiful with the bright yellow, looks great. you can make your own sunshine wearing yellow. todd: if your outfit can make your cover on the day your book goes national you have won the day. i have nothing else to say. jd wins this. and fox nation's special make your own sunshine, she's wearing a different outfit, who knows what they will be wearing in the special, you have to tune in to find out. to enjoy today, you deserve it. >> janice: thank you. todd: taking the fight against cancel culture to congress. a live report on canceling cancel culture.
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todd: sidelining donald trump could mean defeat for the future, jim banks joins us with his warning to colleagues coming up. ♪♪
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todd: republicans taking on cancel culture is congressman jim jordan calls for a congressional hearing to cancel the issue. >> top republican on house judiciary committee is asking chairman jerry nadler to hold the hearing to address cancel culture. i exclusively obtained a letter urging him to hold a hearing on what he calls the, quote, dangerous trend of silencing and censoring certain political speech, jordan pointing to colleges the cancel lectures and speakers students disagree with and social media companies like
2:41 am
twitter and facebook permanently suspending donald trump calling it a, quote, dangerous phenomena in. that if it continues and challenged every viewpoint and every idea runs the risk of eventually falling into disfavor, jordan's request comes days after the conservative political action conference, the theme this year was american canceled, trump spoke at the event, his first major addresses leaving office and addressed the matter. listen. >> for the next four years the brave republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical democrats, the fake news media and their toxic cancel culture. >> reporter: the majority of americans are also worried about cancel culture, 64% of americans saying it poses a threat to their freedom. it is unclear whether nadler will agree to schedule a judiciary committee hearing on
2:42 am
cancel culture. 's office did not respond to fox news's request for comment. ashley: thanks so much. todd: two month into the new year and attacks on police already soaring so can we reverse this anti-cop climate we have in america? asking politicians to leave their desks and spend the day with law enforcement, he's next. jillian: that's check what is going on "fox and friends". >> on "fox and friends," donald trump junior will be joining us live this morning talking about the biggest stories of the day. tom homan will talk about the news proclaiming our immigration system was gutted under trump, the new guy says there is no crisis, it is just a challenge and nebraska's governor talking
2:43 am
about the $2 trillion relief bill that is going to penalize a lot of states. the conversation with lawrence jones, speaking out against the new da and progressive reform policies, we flipped the justice system. we have a busy 3 hours the kicks off 17 minutes from now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. ashley and todd back in a couple, you are watching "fox and friends first" on the number one fox news. the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ umm, honey...why is guy fieri in our kitchen? i don't know. i'm booking you a one-way ticket to flavortown with a king's hawaiian meatball sub. ♪ ♪ i gotta go. your neighbor needs king's hawaiian bread.
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jillian: the biden administration throwing it support weeks after the president insisted he does not
2:47 am
support defunding the police have police department see a violent start to the year. joining me is doctor oscar odom. thank you for being with us. i want to get to this. in the first two month of this year 45 officers were shot, six officers fatally shot in 2021, 13 were hurt in ambush style attacks. what is your reaction to this? >> it is terrible. that does not, when you have a body that shows you what has taken place whether a person is shot or murdered. 125% emergence already and 24%, it shows you people are not putting their money where their mouth is. they need to sit down and speak
2:48 am
to their constituents and put together a plan to keep this from happening. my brothers and sisters are paying the ultimate price by coming into this. ashley: 125% increase in murder. is anything in the works currently to combat this? >> the police department is always doing what they need to do for control, the greatest detectives in the world are poised on what they need, they need to back it out of the criminal justice system. not providing any services for them you heard in the community at risk again so there must be a follow-up.
2:49 am
they need to do that as opposed to letting them get out. it is going to be a problem because they do what they are going to do, solving a crime but if we arrest them and solve them and put them in there is a big problem. >> at a cnn townhall february 16th, listen to this. >> how do we be sure we don't legislate police officers, to protect the law-abiding citizens who live in high crime neighborhoods. train officers to police with compassion. >> number one, not defunding the police. we need to put more money in police work.
2:50 am
ashley: this is after their support behind the police reform bill. does it defunding the police work? >> know. and i am glad the president said we should not defend the police. how do you take away something from the police to provide training and better services and then expect them to do more? just like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. the issue decent police does not work, it is sitting down with the community and different action. that has proven that if you see fund and take a how do you expect them to do more with less? do you expect them to do less policing? and different regulations passed by politicians, it's not passed by police officers so if you set
2:51 am
that up you realize the funding was needed at as president biden said you should not and he is against that, we need more money for more training and more programs and more community relations so they are not defunded. ashley: thanks for your time this morning, appreciate it. todd: time is 15 after the hour, democrats, covid-19 relief. why is there a $141 million contract passed in $201 billion stimulus bill? congressman jim banks, serious about that. ♪♪ liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool.
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todd: progressive lawmakers pushing biden administration to overrule after she arizonaed against a proposed minimum wage increase. ashley: 81 million elect you on a platform that calls for a $15 minimum wage we urge you to keep that promise own call on ?ats to refuse senate parliamentarian advise and jim banks joins us now to wage in. good morning. >> good morning. glash so white house said they're committed to this but now progress eves are going around every single person to get this through, and i want to know what the mix messaging is all about in this situation. >> well this is the biggest open secret in washington and has been all along. that the $minimum wage never going to be part of the package.
2:56 am
progressive knew it and democrat knew it and they promised it during campaign cycle and they know at the end of the day clock is ticking. they know what we all know that republicans are going to win back the majority and midterm elections, and they've got to keep pushing these radical progressive ideas before they run out of time if so watch for they will to get more radical as days come not just on $15 minimum wage but on stack the court. and all of these whacky ideas they promise during the election cycle as they know the time is running out. todd: the 15 minimum wage is one thing but you have roasted the porkiness, the other porkiness of this stimulus bill. let's pop these things up on screen that you and your individuals of the gop there many in your party have railed against. number one on the list the subway, 141 million dollars for nancy pelosi's bart silicon valley extension and chuck schumer getting in on action getting bridge and 50 million for environmental justice grants, 86 billion a bailout
2:57 am
with the b for union pensions and $350 billion for bailout states for connecticut, illinois, california, you mention 2020 in your answer earlier. are you a little bit worried that come 2022 democrats if they're able to push some or all of those things through can say look, here's what we gave you and really sort of harp on that democrat line of hey we give you free stuff you vote for us. >> i'm concerned about the opposite. what this massive spending deal is going to do to american economy and what the economy is going to look like by 2022 and american people railings they have no choice buts to give republicans control of the house, and of the senate after the democrats pass this massive spending deal that even larry summers democrat economic advisor to barack obama said that this deal will devalue the dollar and sending our economy into a spiral if democrats pass it but democrats know the pandemic is coming to an end we have public health experts
2:58 am
saying that herd immunity is around corn corner and they have to use the pandemic as excuse to pass this wish list of liberal goody items to special interest gliewps put them in power before the pandemic is clearly over. and that's why they're rushing it through and sell talking about changes manipulating rules to add the $15 minimum wage because once again they know the clock is ticking. ashley: and then you warn that gop is destine to lose elections if it rejects trump and his voters. go into this a little bit. >> well you hear democrats some in the left wing media say all of the time there's a division in the republican party, and yeah there's like ten democrats who want to rerace sorry 10 republicans on our side who want to rerace donald trump who volted to impeach him. they look down on trump's voters they say that those voters and donald trump don't have a role in the future their republican party. if question adopt that line of thinking then republicans will
2:59 am
lose the midterm elections we woapght and back the white house in 2024. but if we recognize that those voters do play a role in our coalition, and if we recognize that the most important thing donald trump did for the republican party is make the republican party the party that working class again, i believe we're going to be very successful in elections to come todd: civil war is over donald trump at cpac said we're not forming a different party. it is this party and we're going if see how that carries out into 2022. can you believe we're talking about it already. it is march 1st we're already talking about 2022 congressman jim banks we appreciate it. >> thank you. todd: it is ashley favorite story and force her to dance bit time this gets over. dance and spreading good vibes. take a look. ♪ ♪ ashley: some of the moves hurts my knees moving. georgia tech police officer robert rodriguez loots loose and
3:00 am
busts move and officer starting a dance battle with someone across the street. unidentified dancer challenging accepting that challenge. bringing it -- >> relief -- "fox & friends" now. [laughter] bye. >> brags news on a third accuser anna riewsh governor andrew cuomo asked finally reached the end of the road that's only because democrats decided he was of no more use. answer is no. if there's not a crisis why is hhs building new tent facilities. some crime victims and former law enforcement officials looking to launch a recall effort against george gascón. district attorney turned this justice system that does work completely upside down. gas prices keep going up. up 28 cents from this time last


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