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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 2, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> harris: dr. seuss getting canceled. the children's book publishers as it will stop releasing six of his books. over critics calling them racist. same with the portrayals are hurtful. president biden dropped any mention of dr. seuss from the read across america day proclamation, event celebrated today and what would have been the author's birthday. former president trump along with former president obama and then first lady michelle obama all celebrated dr. seuss books. here is obama talking about the impact of dr. seuss' work.
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>> pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in dr. seuss. >> harris: more than 650 million dr. seuss books have sold in 95 countries, works based on his originals won three oscars, three grammys and a peabody. in 2004, one in four american children received dr. seuss as their first book. meanwhile house judiciary committee ranking republican jim jordan are called on determine jerry nadler to have a hearing on the impact of canceled culture in america. jordan wrote "from newsrooms to college campuses, social media giants, we have seen a dangerous trend towards silencing and censoring certain political speech. if cancel culture continues unchallenged, it is not just the
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unpopular or controversial viewpoints that are at risk. every viewpoint. and every idea whether widely accepted now or not runs the risk of eventually falling into disfavor with the ever-changing standard of cancel culture." i almost want to say that again. you're watching "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner with emily compagno, tomi lahren, host of "no interruption." leslie marshall, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. in the virtual center state, charlie kirk, founder and executive director of turning point usa. charlie, i'm going to start with you. canceling dr. seuss? why? why, why, why? >> i wish i was surprised. we saw this trend. "gone with the wind." mr. potato head, aunt jemima. it seems that the postmodernists almost academic left, they are
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not satisfied to almost every piece of literature, film, or pop culture is eliminated if there might be one thing that could sound potentially wrong. i was very curious this morning and i read the complaints against dr. seuss. i think there might be some legitimacy to saying dr. seuss held some views in a very, let's say, a way that's not decipherable for the target audience, five and 6-year-olds. however, it completely dismisses the wisdom of his work and it's something that we've seen. instead of focusing on his brilliance, the impact that he's had on the world, the new focus is okay, there was a specific viewpoint that he held that he may or may not have expressed in this literature. therefore he must be completely eliminated. that's wrong. that's not a way which our society handles history. wouldn't it be better to say this might represent something we don't hold in our family.
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instead of eliminating it. that's the wrong choice. the last thing i will say. it's not going to stop. whatever you might hold near or dear, it will get eliminated. there's a deeper philosophy guiding and i'm very, very concerned that if we don't stand up against it almost all of our history, all of our movies that we believe are part of the american story and experience will be eliminated. >> harris: the death of george floyd last may 25th and others. you wonder why in this country we can't have a real conversation about what justice and race and all those things look like. you can do it by loving people. you wonder why we can't? we can even handle dr. seuss. we can't even handle dr. seuss. it's not my turn. tomi, it's yours. >> tomi: i like what you said because i think we should be
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giving americans more credit. if there are problems and themes in certain books or certain movies or aspects of pop culture, they need to be discussed. if they're going to be offensive. let's have that discussion. the answer is always more speech, the open door. that's how people are able to decipher what's acceptable and what's not. more speech, more ideas. another thing that charlie touched on, they're going to cancel everyone. it's not going to end. they're going to cancel you. they're going to cancel me. they've tried at length to do that. if we don't fight back, they'll be successful. there's a lot of conservatives that independent folks they want to redo about cancel culture? it's time we start fighting back. it's time we start canceling the companies that cancel other people, the cancel other ideas and say listen, we don't like how radical your being with you cancel culture so were not going to shop there. we are not going to watch that. it's time to be joined together in numbers where the cancel culture mob has done so. and fight back.
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over the weekend, at cpac, hyatt received a lot of complaints and the cancel culture mob attempted to go after them for hosting. hyatt said no, we represent a diversity of opinion. we are convention hall and we welcome other ideas. eventually the mob stopped. hyatt stood its ground. it's going to be a good lesson in a good precedent for others. we need companies, individuals, organizations with a backbone. that's how you and not cancel culture. make no mistake, liberals. they might be coming after conservative now but they're going to come after you too. it's only a matter of time. it's times i have a backbone and say enough is enough. >> harris: let's talk about democrats canceling themselves. what tomi is saying is right. how far will it go? it will spread. sooner or later you're going to find somebody because your sensibilities and your opinions are going to be different. joe biden. if you don't vote for me, you're
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not black. right? van jones getting canceled by the left because he said things about donald trump's accomplishments as president. have you seen some of the things they are saying about van jones? he is like a really middle-of-the-road type of guy normally. he is pretty liberal. we will give them that but leslie, this is toxic for your party as it is for anybody else. >> leslie: i think it's funny actually because i've experienced this myself. this past year there was an effort to buy conservative organizations to cancel me, boycott my radio show, advertisers, get me fired from this very network. i guess i have a backbone, tomi, because i am still standing. cancel culture isn't something new. catchphrase might be something new. dr. seuss, we had to kill a mockingbird off the shelves of libraries in certain school
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districts. because of racial slurs they found offensive to their educational population. also "little house on the prairie," native americans depicted, some books were removed from the curriculum of the school. it's not democrats canceling dr. seuss. it's dr. seuss and the publicist removing some books they find hurtful specifically to african-american and asian-american children. they made this decision. if this is cancel culture, dr. seuss is canceling themselves. teachers, administrators and specialists in these areas because they want to put the best forward for the children of america in the classrooms at home. >> harris: here's the difference for this democratic president. i understand you're saying. those of the folks that are now not going to be published any longer. that's not what biden administration did. that's not what the white house today. they canceled it for the
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national reading program altogether on this particular day that i think i said was his birthday, dr. seuss. or what would have been. this is canceling them completely out. not just on those six books. if you go in there, as charlie pointed out, there is some stuff, yeah, we probably have to talk about that. how are we going to talk about it in the books are gone? i'm not saying that the president was going to read them. obama didn't read them, michelle obama didn't read them. biden wasn't going to read them. but they canceled the entire dr. seuss. magic wand, doesn't exist. they are canceling him, not just the six going out of publication. emily. >> emiy: the decision, the reaction is disproportionate to the decision. you mention six of the books have been canceled at the direction of the dr. seuss catalog, that's correct, the racially insensitive illustrations. timothy kiesel wrote more than 60 and you're right that his name has now been erased from the read across america day that
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in fact commemorated his birthday. that's the issue. i think there's a difference between reevaluating things and acknowledging sensitivities and other cultures and other people. without canceling and defeating it altogether. people talking about democrats eating their own or liberals eating their own. belmar had a special message for the progressive liberals. he said it isn't for republicans. nor is it for those that received their due comeuppance for crimes as he put it. he said everyone is a celebrity online if you think it's just for celebrities, you're mistaken. this long monologue where he cited everyone from gina carano to president abe lincoln and everyone in between and said this is like the hills have eyes meet wi-fi where everyone is walking around on eggshells for things that air called out for things that aren't are a function of their morals or character. he concluded by saying that a memo to social justice warriors. if what you're engaging in sounds like an onion headline,
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stop it. >> harris: i thought we were stronger than this. i thought we could look at the may 25th death of george floyd and walk away and say we can talk about anything now because we agree that was torture and murder. we were in a place of agreement. what happened? a third cuomo accuser comes forward with "the new york post" showing a picture of the woman with the governor. what she says cuomo asked to do after the picture was snapped. whites fueling more calls from even some fellow democrats for cuomo to quit. plus, new warnings of a surge of migrants the mexican border sparking more agents to head there. why is the biden administration claiming there's nothing to see here. no crisis, nothing, move along. >> do you believe right now there's a crisis of the border? >> i think that the answer is
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>> emiy: new york governor andrew cuomo faces growing calls from fellow democrats to resign after a third accuser comes forward. state attorney general has launched an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against cuomo. "the new york times" broke the story. "new york post" front page showing a photo of the governor with their hands on the face of the woman who now accuses him of unwanted sexual advances. all of this apparently the breaking point for near congresswoman, the first democratic member of congress to call them cuomo to resign. she tweets "the time has come. the governor must resign." the latest accuser did not work
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for the governor. she said he asked if he could kiss her the moments after they met at a wedding. her account prompted tweets of support from the former aides who have said that the governor sexually harass them. lastly, i like to start with you on this. get your perspective. calling now for his resignation over this. >> leslie: as more victims come forward, as i've shared with you before, i am also a victim. this is the subject matter very near and dear to my heart. as we saw the past whether it was katie hill or al franken, democrats don't look at whether it's a d or r in parentheses. what they look at our, do these look like credible allegations and which should be the result? some people calling for an independent investigation because they do believe there are two sides to every story and an individual does deserve the
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right to due process which many on both sides believe but of course there are individuals on both sides and feel that the governor should resign. in light of a third and credible, when you have evidence that you're looking at, accusation. i'm not surprised. i don't think this individual, this democrat, this elected official would be the first to call for the governor's resignation. i also want to say that we've seen this before. almost two dozen women came out against donald trump. people cry for his resignation. he didn't step down. i think left or right when an individual's accused come in lessers push within their party, as we saw with senator al franken is an example, it's harder to get that person to step aside or resign. >> emiy: tomi, i want to dig a little deeper with you on something. the winning allegation that was not during employment. nor was she an employer of the governor or the state. it goes to pattern, goes to behavior. when leslie brings up credible allegations and accusations, is
9:19 am
a quantity? is that what shifts public support for something within the democrat party. in december lindsay boylan did come out and say exactly what happened to her, not the detail that she published a medium but she received immediate blowback by both the governor and his office as well as her own party. your thoughts on why and how this is different. >> tomi: the democrats realize they can't shield this man anymore. the democrat machine at large is still shielding this man. we haven't heard from joe biden probably because joe biden faces similar allegations so he doesn't want to get in the middle of it. the democrats are bringing this up now not because they care about the me too movement, not because i truly think they care about the accusations. along with the nursing home scandal, the cover-up, these allegations, they realize this man is no longer defensible. they realize they need to throw him under the bus because he's
9:20 am
making them look bad. i think it's more in their self-interest to get rid of the sky. you know he loves it more than anybody? governor gets amusement california. taking heat off of him. we need to hear from joe biden. jen psaki has been rather quiet on this issue. the democratic machine at large we need to have some answers from them. lastly, you're my friend. i love you, girl. i love how every time you talk about an talk about an activation against any democrat it always goes back to well, donald trump. well, don't count. donald trump is not in office anymore. we have to move on without one. cuomo deserves to be in the hot seat. his answer was he was just a funny guy and the way he played it off. no republican, no conservative would ever get away with that, let's be clear. >> leslie: can i jump in real quick. tomi, i love you too when we are friends. it democrats and republicans are saying that either party is not holding that individual accountable civilly because of politics, then politics is
9:21 am
relevant whether it's a democrat or republican being accused, the cry to resign has to be the same across the board. >> emiy: harris, in your role as a journalist, you've covered many falls from grace of political figures that you've covered sexual harassment scandals. i want to get your thoughts on the tenor, your thoughts on what you think is happening in the ground movement and also the public opinion for governor cuomo moving forward. >> harris: i think there's a couple different things going on. the comments really buy everybody here have hit different points that are true. i think andrew yang is still running for governor of new york. he announced that at one point. there's a lot of democrats would like to see this guy go. there's four other governors who did the same policy with her nursing homes. i am and one of the states. phil murphy, new jersey, right here. they didn't go sideways and miss report numbers into all that kind of stuff that has
9:22 am
allegations of particulars cover-up against this man, cuomo. but there is democrats would like to see that, can we make it go away? how do we do that? can we make him go away. one woman, it's always, you've got to listen to the woman. but you couldn't hear the shouts for that until you got multiple women. why is that for people on the left? why do we have to rule in a pack for people to hear us for one side of the political aisle and they are the keepers of this thing? they are the ones who set the rules, who say we believe all women and all that but unless you're rolling with your girlfriends. unfortunately maybe have potentially more victims, our voices are not as loud. it's more of a question than a comment. >> emiy: governor cuomo change the law in new york. instead of needing multiple remarks or jokes to create an offensive work environment, one rises to the level of legally
9:23 am
actionable. charlie, i wanted to finish with you. i wanted to get your overall thoughts on what's happening on college campuses. it seems like a lot of the culture trying to be shifted is entrenched. one that's been there for decades, allowing power to build and stay in the hands of these guys at the top. i wanted to know what the boots on the ground view is of students. they are saying enough is enough? one strike, you're out. what's the thought there? >> charlie: on-campus is the last couple years prior to the obama administration there's a lot of controversy. i think it's called title ix. basically removing any sort of due process on college campuses. i'm not one to defend andrew cuomo. i think some of the coverage of andrew cuomo has distracted from what i think is a much bigger scandal, the nursing home
9:24 am
scandal. i think andrew cuomo deserves due process. the context is super important. as these accusations mount, i'm not overly shocked that andrew cuomo is like a old news. it's not breaking news. what's important is that andrew cuomo probably was involved in something that resulted in thousands of elderly people's deaths and lied about it and covered it up and wrote a book about it. that i think it's something that could be one of the biggest state-based political scandals and modern political history. whether or not andrew cuomo is an archetype of the new york ruling class politician kind of acting like a pig. that's something that shouldn't overly surprise us. i want to focus on the nursing homes. >> emiy: that moral corruption is not necessarily limited to one lane. moving on, customs and border patrol is reportedly redeploying hundreds of agents to help with a rise in illegal crossings. why is the biden administration
9:25 am
saying that there's no crisis of the border? the panel covers it. anchor chris cuomo addressing the sexual harassment scandal involving his mother, telling viewers he can't cover it. our panel weighs in on it. >> favorite son. >> i appreciate. >> stay strong.
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9:30 am
past week, up nearly 500 from the three week average. 97% of the beds for minors are full. here's the department of homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas when asked about the situation at the border. >> do you believe there's a crisis of the border? >> i think the answer is no. i think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing and we have our resources dedicated to managing it. >> harris: meanwhile the biden administration has reopened the very same texas juvenile overflow facility that had some democrats demanding that then president trump close down. this just crossing. just learning this. dhs is now projecting that there will be 117,000 unaccompanied children, migrants crossing the border this year.
9:31 am
axios' reporting. breaking news. tomi, you've been to the border and you feel strongly about what we are seeing. >> tomi: when the new dhs secretary tells us it's not a crisis, the democrats don't see it as a crisis. they see it as an opportunity. they might be sending more agents but they are sending them to be babysitters. i will give you insight and information. i've been to the border several times when i reached out to someone that's very high and border patrol and set i'd like to come back down and see what's going on right now, as you know i'm very invested in it. they told me off the record listen, with what's going on right now, there's no way this administration is going to let someone like you get anywhere near the border and see what's going on. they don't want the truth out. they don't want the american people to see what's going on in someone like you will not be allowed down there for the foreseeable future. it's heartbreaking to me but it goes to show this administration certainly has an agenda. it's an illegal immigration agenda. for those out there talking
9:32 am
about schools right now they're talking about inner-city schools and their talk about opportunities that talk about oppression. let's be very clear. when you have 117,000 kids plus that are coming in, flooding into the country, they have to go somewhere where they are not going to nancy pelosi's neighborhood. they're not going to gavin newsom's neighborhood. not going to andrew cuomo's neighborhood. they're going to inner cities, school districts in areas that are already underserved, going into areas not speaking english and being far behind in their education and as much as we feel for those individuals and those students we have to look at our american students as well. many are already underserved in inner-city committees they have to share their teachers and their resources with people flooding in that have no legal right to be her. it's a detriment to both unaccompanied minors who are coming across with coyotes and smugglers. it's a detriment to americans and american children. it cannot be overlooked. for the democrats are clear so -- claim to care so much about underserved communities, they have to look at what they are doing. it's only going to get worse.
9:33 am
as i talk to border patrol, normally january and february are low months for apprehensions. right now seeing this uptake. wait until we get closer to the summer. it's only going to get worse. mark my words. this is going to be the story of the biden administration, they don't want us to talk about it but we have to keep our eye on it. >> harris: we have a pandemic going on also. tomi, as you point out, we have children of color already struggling for resources. you talked about those resources. kids aren't even in school in many places yet. the timing, timing, timing. leslie. >> leslie: i'm not going to say -- i think this will become a crisis. troy miller, acting commissioner of the u.s. border patrol said "it's an uptick consistent with trends we've seen in years past." only said there was a crisis in 2019 is an example, there were
9:34 am
500,000 people that came over the border. also mr. miller said that the covid pandemic, as you pointed out, the pandemic, this is exacerbating the situation for these individuals in their countries with covid, the pandemic. increased crime and it's also decreased financial opportunity which is why we are seeing, some of the reasons these people are coming here en masse. >> harris: lastly, i want to lean and with a final question. how democrats want to address it. joe biden's administration is not quite seeing it as a crisis, if you point out. 117,000 projected minors by the end of the year, that's a lot different than an overall look at people who are adults. he realized they are not with their parents, it becomes a dangerous situation. what should the biden administration do? >> leslie: one of the reasons,
9:35 am
one of the big three issues for voters and especially for democratic voters. >> harris: i get that but what needs to happen now? they are in power now. >> leslie: joe biden has to and he has begun to keep those promises which is we have antiquated asylum loss they need to be changed. we have facilities that they did not feel were adequate in their -- they are building those and changing those. that's not going to be done overnight. three, not to remove children from their families. reunite them with their families. in this pandemic to make sure not just those individuals but the communities are safe as well in light of that. >> harris: that last one, that's a pretty empty statement. we have title 42. the best thing you can do is put them where they can be tested. i don't know it that's going to be at the border facility. if they have covid, what we do? it is a pandora's box. think for -- thanks for taking the question. next, new deal to get schools to
9:36 am
reopening california. what tomi was talking about coming next. wyatt appears to center more on money then vaccinations for the teachers. chris cuomo says he can't cover the sexual-harassment scandal surrounding his brother andrew, the governor of new york, because that would be a conflict of interest. like he hasn't cross that line before. >> in scale, this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun you have mounted on the front of your pretty face. out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. attention veteran homeowners: record low mortgage rates have dropped even lower. at newday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and
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9:41 am
because he's my brother. now, of course, cnn has to cover it. they have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. >> emiy: so it's a conflict of interest now but things looked different several months ago at the height of the pandemic when he brought the governor on his show to joke around. remember this? >> i called mom. she said i was her favorite. some say i shouldn't come on this show because you harass me. you provoke me. >> in scale, this was the actual swab that was being used. wasn't this or this? tell people the truth. come on. >> emiy: charlie kirk, your thoughts. >> charlie: it looks like the scandal is not going away anytime soon. i take exceptional the one thing chris cuomo said. i don't think cnn has covered it
9:42 am
extensively especially on the nursing home front. chris cuomo was in a tough spot because he has a very specific political opinion to express and his brother, being the governor of the second-largest date of the country, right in the middle of it. more so than anything else i think people know exactly what cnn has become and we'll see what happens when it comes to the cuomo brothers. i wouldn't expect any honest journalism coming from chris cuomo show on this anytime soon. >> emiy: the argument is that cnn broke their own protocols during the pandemic and then sort of have these lighthearted segments during what was a really real life or death situation for americans at that time. so now in a way that argument of credibility rings hollow regardless of chris cuomo utilizing his brother to sort of humanize the governor during that time. your thoughts. >> leslie: i'm a bit in shock. charlie, you and i just agree for the first time ever.
9:43 am
i agree that cnn has not covered it extensively. it's not that cnn hasn't covered extensively as an opinion. there is a fact, how many times it's supported, et cetera. being lighthearted during the pandemic, not a good idea. understand that time when governor cuomo was having daily press briefings, his brother brought him on for a light segment. i've had my brothers on a radio show -- on my radio show for a fun friday segment. chris cuomo is right not to interview his brother on this issue. the rest of the network should and must. it's because there's a true conflict of interest. he would not be able to be truly unbiased and quite frankly i don't think i would be able to either if it were a family member, close friend, or someone i loved. >> emiy: harris, was this a good move for cnn and chris cuomo to acknowledge it? saint yes it exists but you will not see a cupboard on my show. your thoughts.
9:44 am
>> harris: it was an opportunity for all of us to say something we never say. chris cuomo is breaking his silence. on anything, the guys always talking but i agree that you can't do the job now with this blazing conflict of interest in front of you. what happens when -- charlie, you hit the nail on the head. what happens when the bigger story, because the victims -- it gets dealt with more substantively. what is chris cuomo going to say about his brother? he should have stopped talking about his brother all along if you can't handle talking about the scandal because his brother can't handle a scandal. it's only going to get darker from here. with the nursing home situation going on. the fbi is investigating. as you said, it has our attention in a different way. they are both important. both scandals. one has our attention in a different way.
9:45 am
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>> a third woman comes forward to accuse andrew cuomo of unwanted sexual advances. cuomo has hired woody allen and harvey weinstein's attorney represent him in the nursing home case. restarting indoor sports, will they be successful? growing crisis on the southern border. we will hear from a texas congressman. i am john roberts. joined sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." sku in california order schools for in person instruction but schools can offer a lot of money to do just that. california's public schools could get more than $6.5 billion if they return to in person instruction. according to a new agreement between governor gavin newsom in the state's democratic lawmakers. the deal would not require all students and staff to be vaccinated before returning to classrooms. norwood district need approval
9:50 am
from teachers unions to reopen schools. so tomi, show me the cash. speak to this is typical california and typical gavin newsom. make no mistake. he knows he's going to be up for a recall election so he's doing whatever he can. he's absolutely terrified. you can't hide everything going on in california. businesses close in schools close. sports be enclosed. that's the issue he's going to have to face. money always talks but let's keep in mind california, they are broke. i know people and leslie's going to say either the fifth largest economy that's wonderful, they are. great state, a lot of resources and talent. the state is still broke. unfunded liabilities, when those come home to roost, they are really going to be broke which is why they want these bailouts. money talks. it's never been about vaccinations. it's been about placating teachers unions. now what this really is about is gavin newsom saving himself
9:51 am
because he's terrified of a recall. >> harris: emily we are getting to the point in some states in the united states where teachers are next up are already considered to be in the category for current vaccinations. we are getting there. i thought the vaccinations are part of the reasons why teachers wouldn't go back to classrooms. if we had known that it was just cash, newsome could've done this a long time ago. of course he's putting the whole thing on a credit card. >> emily: that's partly why this is so transparent. tomi is right, it is incentivizing with money that the state doesn't have. making up for poor governance and politics. dangling the carrot in front of them. we side with the city of san francisco and the san francisco school board. they said you have to have this plan by a certain date and they couldn't do that. that's why the city sued them. as the native californian on the panel, it breaks my heart to see
9:52 am
those obligations continue to widen deeper and deeper. on the hook will be the taxpayers, those that pay tuition, as tomi pointed out, these underfunded obligations that are not going anywhere. >> harris: charlie. >> charlie: i want to say thank goodness we have a recall mechanism in california or else none of the stuff would actually be happening. talking about school openings, business openings. the fact of a political threat to gavin newsom has made the quality of life in california improved dramatically so thank goodness that exists. more states, if you don't have it, you should. if the governor goes out of the way, you can bring it back with the possible threat of losing political office. >> harris: cuomo. leslie. >> leslie: this is the sixth recall effort against gavin newsom. secondly, harris, you are correct. teachers in california with his second in the list of who can get it after the elderly and those in nursing homes.
9:53 am
they were considered essential workers and recently the governor has had specifically vaccine set aside for teachers and testing sites and the cdc said you don't have to be vaccinated to go to schools. here's the problem. the reason for the money is the lack of ventilation systems and the lack of the ability physically to distancing to set in place some of the protocols and some of the larger classrooms. >> harris: i thought that the bidens $2 trillion relief to -- >> leslie: that has not been funded as well as beverly hills as an example. it's an effort to try to help meet the needs of what the teachers in the districts are asking for which is cash. >> harris: yeah. i thought the $2 trillion biden administration relief bill was aimed at doing that. i don't know. we'll move on. covid mandates reaching a new level. next, the state that's issuing rules on how you're allowed to dance at weddings.
9:54 am
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♪ ♪ >> emily: careful, if you are looking to bust a move at a writing reception in new york state which is allowing wedding receptions to resume later this week, according to covid rules members can only dance with those seated at the same table. they must maintain 6 feet of distance from each other during ceremonial dances like the couple's first dance. all right. leslie, this is footloose. we are living in footloose. >> okay, don't be shocked and it don't faint, this is crazy. are you kidding me? first of all, 150 people should
9:59 am
not be gathering, okay. and if 150 people are gathering they aren't going to listen to the rules. and we don't need rules for this. by the way, just to say, i'm a great dancer, or at least i think i am come after a few cocktails. >> oh, you are. >> how is this even enforceable? >> it's not enforceable, i'm sure they will try to enforce it, but we will let you dance and have a great time, and come to a free state and have some fun. >> charlie, take us home. >> i will get married in may 8th in arizona, thank goodness, lots of fun and none of these rules have to be followed. i'm so glad i don't live in new york, that's all i have to say about that. >> congratulations to you, that so exciting.
10:00 am
it's so great for me to celebrate an end on that note, i'm sure there will be tons of dancing at your wedding, congrats to you both. thanks everyone for watching it here is "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. calls for new new york governor andrew cuomo to resign are growing at this hour after the third woman has come forward and accused him of the unwanted conduct. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: has would begin a new day of "america reports," she says the governor touched her face and lower back at a wedding when they met and asked if he could kiss her. she provided this photo from the event. two former aides have accused him of sexual harassment. >> sandra: the governor has apologized for what he's calling jokes that he made at work. jokes that he set are misinterpreted. and now he is a


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