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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 2, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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it's so great for me to celebrate an end on that note, i'm sure there will be tons of dancing at your wedding, congrats to you both. thanks everyone for watching it here is "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. calls for new new york governor andrew cuomo to resign are growing at this hour after the third woman has come forward and accused him of the unwanted conduct. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: has would begin a new day of "america reports," she says the governor touched her face and lower back at a wedding when they met and asked if he could kiss her. she provided this photo from the event. two former aides have accused him of sexual harassment. >> sandra: the governor has apologized for what he's calling jokes that he made at work. jokes that he set are misinterpreted. and now he is a lawyering up,
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obtaining a defense attorney to the nursing home scandal who once represented harvey weinstein. the green light has been given to independently investigate him and to make new york mayor bill de blasio is piling on calling for cuomo to resign if those claims against him are true. >> if these allegations are true, he cannot govern them. he would not be able to govern and it's as simple as that. you have to have trust from the people and if you can't maintain that trust and then you can't govern. >> john: "the new york post" again going after governor cuomo again this morning and its own inimitable passion, compassion. the title reads "pansy andy." bryan llenas is reporting live on this. >> hi, john. all eyes are on this photo which was provided by anna rock to
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"the new york times." this was a moment at a wedding in 2019 when the cuomo put his hands on the 33-year-old's face. when she removed it, governor cuomo called her aggressive and then asked if he could kiss her. she said she was left feeling confused, shocked and embarrassed. fox news has an independently confirmed this information. now six new york state socialist legislators are now calling for a governor cuomo's impeachment. "a governor cuomo has repeatedly abused his powers and has yet faced no accountability. we must utilize every mechanism to lead a process commensurate with the severity of the governor's multiple abuses of power. democratic new york congresswoman kathleen rice tweeted, the time has come. at the governor must resign. ranking democratic senator dick durbin wasn't really quite ready to go there just yet. listen.
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>> the investigation should be completed as quickly as possible and credibility given to the charges. and if that's done in a timely way that will be a better opportunity for us to decide the fate of governor. >> cuomo has not been seen on camera at his covid-19 breathing since friday february 19. >> john: bryan llenas for us in brooklyn. >> president biden: let's bring in ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. good to see you on this tuesday afternoon. i'll tell you at this moment at least 16 new york lawmakers are calling on governor cuomo to resign. plus there will be seven new york lawmakers calling on the governor's impeachment, five in the assembly and two in the senate. at least 27 new york lawmakers have said the governor should be accountable in some form. where does this go next now that three women have come forward? >> well, if there's any fairness in the world the governor will conclude that what he did was
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wrong and he can't as a man hit on single women like that. and in the "me, too" era, how could he be so blind? i think it's going to be impossible for him to survive but what bothers me the most beyond the physical is he called himself a mentor. what kind of mentor as someone who is supposed to be helping about their sacks lives? that's followed everywhere he will look at it. >> sandra: all very good points and there are still two prominent women who are silent on this. kamala harris, the vice president and senator elizabeth warren. kristin fisher was in the white house a moment ago and we will try to turn that sound for you. and she very broadly answer that
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question. where is she? >> it seems like "silence of the lambs" and when joe biden was accused of inappropriate touching, is what vice president, harris said about joe biden. it's inappropriate touching, let alone asking a demanding that brett kavanaugh be impeached from his position on the supreme court. so the "silence of the lambs" who used to be walls comic wolves. why? because cuomo is a democrat? what does that mean for the me too movement? you have to be consistent about these things, particularly if you do want to help young women move up the career ranks into well. so he was really jeopardizing so many of the games that that me too movement has made at all of us who have learned to behave
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properly in the office environment and the old rules about how you treated women, they changed many, many years ago except for governor andrew cuomo. >> sandra: there are now billboards up, we can put them up for you in new york, some calling for his impeachment and some calling for his resignation. you live in the area and this is what we are seeing around here. so the cover of "the new york post" and the daily news, handsy andy. >> i think there should be a process where people make that herd and can defend themselves, >> to hear directly from those women making accusations. what did you think when you
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heard that? >> i think it's more important to hear directly from the governor, he's entitled to a defense, so let's hear it. but we have heard from women which is so notable, all have contemporaneous notes which has proved the case. let him explain it, and put them to the test, but if he can't, if he is merely mouth or hypocritical, if he tries to act like he is playful mentor, he should be out for being dishonest or let alone for treating women this way. >> sandra: is facing a probe by the new york attorney general, and it's a big, big story all around.
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it's 1:00 on the east coast and this story changes by the hour and there are many more democrats at this hour are now calling for him to step down. >> john: and has he said, this defense continues to be that of the playful mentor but it seems as if that defense is wearing a little thin, at least with many people in his own party who definitely think that there needs to be more looked into other than what the governor has just set about that. we'll keep watching it for you, no question about that. the u.s. customs and border protection agency announced its sending more agents to the southern border to address the spike in illegal crossings and unaccompanied migrant children. president biden's homeland security secretary said there is no crisis of the border, while claiming that the trump administration gutted the immigration system. and there were questions about
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this. >> president biden will be briefed later on today, the number of unaccompanied children heading this way from the south into this area will be projected to shatter the all-time record by 45%, and the united states government and federal agencies are 20,000 beds short to hold all these kids. >> we have more than 7,000 unaccompanied kids who come into the united states, and we are trying to treat them humanely and safely. >> i'd thousand crossings a day was a bad day, it was a crisis. now we are dealing with 4,000 a day, four times what you consider a crisis back in 2015 and he is not been truthful with the american people. there certainly a crisis on the board that was manufactured and created by the biden administration because of their
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promises that they made for the people. >> the administration is trying to get to focus on covid vaccines but obviously the story is not one that they can ignore entirely. >> john: it sounds like it's on its way to becoming a crisis. it's about all this and he lives in tech texas. she did so yesterday as well, asked whether or not this was a crisis at the border. the biden administration says it's not but obviously there's a very serious situation there and we look at the latest from the white house on that in just a moment. meanwhile the senate judiciary committee talking to chris wray about the deadly capitol hill riot. to congress, since the attack, which he condemned as domestic
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terrorism. >> the problem of domestic terrorism has been metastasizing across the country for a long time now and it's not going away anytime soon. at the fbi would been sounding the alarm on it for a number of years now, it's a top concern and remain so for the fbi. >> sandra: that hearing is still ongoing. he did say domestic terrorism investigations have doubled in recent years and we will keep an eye on that for you and bring you updates as we come in. >> john: a look at the house floor where senators are debating hr one, which could potentially change the way elections are run by making changes to campaign finance and voting laws, even making washington, d.c., estate. jacqui heinrich is live on capitol hill with more. what are lawmakers saying about this? >> democrats are saying it's not controversial or partisan but it creates baseline standards for voters to get to the ballot box
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which the 2020 election showed were badly needed. but republicans and democrats are trying to change the rules to benefit themselves. the bill would create automatic voter registration across the country and to simplify voting by mail and expand early and absentee voting. democrats say would counteract various voter suppression initiative being taken up by state legislatures. controversial changes include removing oversight, and overseeing redistricting. campaign finance reform is also a sticking point. >> hr one sentence public dollars to fund political campaigns. and forget everything else, i want to make sure i get more taxpayer money to fund my own campaign. >> democrats say the campaign and that would drive the people
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to corporations. there's a lot more to this, 56 amendments being considered and it has a good chance of passing the house but the senate has really tough odds. >> john: is no question it will be a big difference when it gets to the upper chamber. jacqui heinrich, thanks so much. sandra, we will be will be debating this with jason chaffetz and marie hart in our next hour. >> sandra: meanwhile at least 15 people killed after a collision involving an suv and a semi truck full of gravel. it happened earlier today and a whole could build california near the u.s./mexico border. the suv was apparently carrying 27 passengers. the u.s. customs and border protection telling us that the sheriff's office is investigating and we will bring you updates as we get them. >> john: a big announcement made on dr. seuss' birthday. six books by the famous children's author have been canceled following a decision by
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>> sandra: developing now, six dr. seuss books will no longer be published and what we are learning this on the birthday of dr. seuss. carley shimkus joins us now. you've been covering the canceled culture that's out there, what is the controversy? >> this is all over accusations of racial insensitivity. the books portray people in ways
10:19 am
that are hurtful and wrong. they include titles like michaela got the pool, "if i ran the zoo" and "to think that i saw it on mulberry street." the announcement was made on dr. seuss' birthday, criticism over his human drawings has intensified in recent years, in particular how he drew black and asian characters in books dating back to 1937. the cat in the hat has also faced accusations of menstrual stereotypes. president biden didn't even mention dr. seuss in his presidential proclamation honoring read across america day yesterday, and that's by former president obama who added a green eggs and ham to children during the 2010 white house easter egg roll. despite criticism, dr. seuss' iconic stories are so loved by millions for teaching acceptance, love and even environmentalism. more than 650 million dr. seuss
10:20 am
books have been sold in 95 countries. and his wife at the time and the illustrations in these books get the kids engaged in books. and, this is a book that teaches so much about acceptance and love. this is definitely strange and also strange that is happening on his birthday. he would be 117 years old. >> sandra: john, let's just say what our favorites are. we can quote hop on pop" has always been a good one. >> john: "cat in the hat" for me, "the lorax," and a lot of
10:21 am
his books i had not read it, and i went back to look at his imagery in "if i ran the zoo." with the big bird, those are clearly racial caricatures in one of those images so, you can see -- it was never appropriate but these days even more so. >> sandra: now i'm picturing her bedside reading, you got a stack of dr. seuss books that you've studied up on last night, right? >> john: right besides my "brief history of time." a group of high school athletes filing a lawsuit against governor newsom challenging his ban on indoor youth sports. at the lawsuit includes challenges because high school and collegiate sports have been allowed to play. this group of students, jonathan, is using an attorney team that had some success and
10:22 am
do you think they'd be able to do it more broadly across the state? >> there's a big hearing this friday that would last, and hopefully they are successful in all the counties. at one point, we hoped that they would win and the governor's lists these arbitrary rules that he has on all sports. >> john: the claim they are making is that it violates the equal protection laws because collegiate sports are allowed to play and doors and professional sports are allowed to play indoors, and yet at the high school in the were levels there are no indoor sports. >> that's correct. so how can you allow professional sports in college sports to play, let alone in professional sports, they are allowed to have audiences there. one other issue to this is,
10:23 am
almost half of all girls sports are indoors. and our daughters will be missing out on a lot of opportunities by not having these indoor sports. and, there's more data than she had and i would suggest that it's safe to play. we were really confused why he hasn't lifted these restrictions in letting our youth play. >> it's something i want to ask you, you've been pushing to get students back into the house. and matt meyer who was out the other other day, and at the same time, it's very hypocritical.
10:24 am
meanwhile the whole time sending your daughter to a private imprisoned preschool. if he can get his daughter into that preschool other parents should be allowed to take their kids for school. and the invasion of privacy. and they blurted out the child's face and did their best to protect their privacy. so many parents are feeling not just there in california but across the country. thank you so much jonathan, we will you again soon.
10:25 am
so when you have sympathy for a guy who said look. i was just taking my child to school, but when you are taking your child to school for in-person learning but at the same time saying it's not safe to go back to public school, that's different. >> sandra: opening yourself up to criticism. when we've been reporting on the mental health problems as a result of the isolation of this pandemic, parents hear that, and that is very tough. so many of these kids need to get back to those activities. >> john: it's coming up next hour we will drill down specifically on that point, on the effects of mental health with the students will be watching for that. >> sandra: i ran a rejecting an author of a new talks with the u.s. what that means for president biden's plan to rejoin the iranian nuclear deal coming up. >> sandra: plus gas prices moving sharply higher and one
10:26 am
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>> sandra: petaluma, california, becoming the first u.s. city to ban new gas stations as part of a push for green energy. brian brumberg is the executive vice president and associate professor for king's college in new york city. welcome to both of you. let me start with you first. is this just a sign that we are seeing a push not only for pop fossil fuels but an effort to get rid of them altogether? >> they announced today that they will only do electric
10:31 am
vehicles by 2030 and in the state of california, they announced 2035. today, petaluma is making a decision because literally there's a gas station on every square mile of the city and they are saying, let's get ready for the future. >> somebody might be making minimum wage, might be living at or below the poverty line. they are expensive. this is the explanation from petaluma. based on this inventory, there are multiple stations located within a five minute drive of every existing residence as well as all areas planned for residential development by the 2025 general plan. >> and this is a government
10:32 am
decision. this is that government that had decided that the people of petaluma don't need any more gas stations. if it's really the case that there are so many gas stations in petaluma, then why did you have to create a law against it? it bans new gas pumps, and you won't have new gas stations within a five minute drive for long because of businesses petaluma will say, what else will they do to us? and you are right. it's the lower income residences of these cities and surrounding cities. by the way, not just doing this in petaluma but throughout sonoma county. imagine how hard it will be to get gas when the whole county has made it impossible? >> those are not accurate facts with the aspect of who it impacts.
10:33 am
and they are getting beaten by china every day. they have already made this decision. we have to get with where these big companies are going, and this -- >> sandra: now they want big companies to drive the narrative. and i don't know if he's making capitalist decisions, but this is smart business. and i do know that. >> john: just to be clear, this is categorically not a business decision. this is the city council thing to businesses, you don't get to make a business decision and you don't get to choose whether to
10:34 am
add a new gas pump were put in an electric charging station. >> and i'm looking right now, the average price of gas has gone up for 29 straight days. it's gone up 75 of the last 81 days. you are already looking it up $0.30 over the past month and this will head americans hard in the pocketbook. gas is way above the national average, and the numbers are up today. up from a month ago come up from one week ago. this is becoming a really good story. not just gas prices but food prices in commodity prices. we will have you both back. >> the lowest 20% of earners in this country spent almost 30% of their budget on fuel for
10:35 am
transportation. if we raise the cost for the sermon. and that's why people are deriving more. not surprisingly it's more demand. >> that's what happened in, that guess who is going pay that? i digress. coming up, by then facing -- following a release of the report of the killing of jamal khashoggi. >> sandra: plus is there a crisis at the border? the segway secretary said no. michael mccaul will join us to discuss that and give us his take on the situation at the
10:36 am
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>> sandra: as we head back to the white house the press secretary has just wrapped a briefing with reporters there. she was able to ask about the situation at our southern border and whether the biden administration to call it a crisis. kristen, you really trust her on that yesterday, what happened in the briefing room today? >> just a few minutes before the press secretary walked out, president biden was going to be briefed this afternoon about the surgeon unaccompanied minors at the borders, specifically that it is on pace to exceed the all-time record by 45% and that the biden administration simply does not have enough beds to house them in. so that was the context of the white house press secretary walking out here and she would not confirm at that meeting was taking place in this of course comes one day after
10:41 am
the new department of homeland security echo terry alejandro mayorkas came out here and said he does not think there's a crisis of the border. he described it as a challenge. based on these new numbers and our own reporting which is that 97% of these beds with the office of refugee resettlement's are currently full right now, i asked the white house secretary at what point does it become a crisis? and here's what she said. >> how what point does it become a crisis? well i would say we don't need to meet your bar of what we call it, we have the secretary of homeland security yesterday conveying that it was a challenge. we provided numbers publicly about how serious that challenges. we of course, because we are approaching this humanely and approaching this in a way where we will keep the children safe. >> so the white house is continuing to say there is a challenge of the border but not a crisis. >> sandra: great reporting at the white house, thank you.
10:42 am
>> john: for more on this let's bring in texas congressman andrew mccall. and we keep some of those security policies in place, and that will exceed by 45% the highest number of unaccompanied children that ever cross the border. and then we will hear alejandro mayorkas say we are not in a crisis, and we live in texas, which is a border state. i shared the homeland security committee and it probably know that better than anybody in congress. i'm just telling you, the green light is on now and we are open for business again. it's the worst message to be sending to the traffickers who are smuggling these kids across the border to see a 45% spike which will take us back to the
10:43 am
obama administration. when he says we are not saying don't come, we are just saying don't come now. this is a terrible message and they know. they are very smart down there, it's a business operation and when you hear that messaging coming out of the white house, we will damage all the good we did in the last four years to stop illegal immigration which would be damaged in months. >> john: yesterday biden had it a meeting with aml oh, during which he asked for his help with a border crisis. it seems to me that there were things in place during the trump administration to do that and this is beginning to look like a self-inflicted wound. >> isn't that interesting? the president of mexico, and the president has by his own policies, i think the worst
10:44 am
renunciation of what we call the mexico policy come coming from central america and you have no fear of persecution and therefore you have to apply for asylum claim in mexico and not the united states. the first day in office president biden has reversed his policy and now we are bringing in these illegals by the droves. i've seen this so many times and we are going to have her bow crisis down there. we have to be ready to manage it. >> john: i want to ask you about jamal khashoggi. the biden administration the other day put the blame on the crown prince of saudi arabia for his death. nicholas kristof who is a liberal wrote in "the new york times," instead of imposing sanctions on mbs, biden appears to let the murderer a walk. please don't do it but we will still work with you if we have two and all of this is a betrayal of my friend jamal khashoggi. at the biden administration wanted to get this report out but at the same time takes no
10:45 am
action against mbs. did they go easy on him? >> i think so. when you have the leaders in countries that gruesomely killed journalists and dissidents who speak out against dictatorships, that sends a very bad message to the united states. i will tell you, what makes this turkey from a foreign policy sent standpoint is the saudis are a partner of ours and the allies to israel, and then i just got briefed by the general of the centcom which was classified and i can't get into a lot of details. and that is incurred like assume
10:46 am
to be a threat to the region. >> john: and then that could have been predicted. chairman mccall, or chairman emeritus mccall, ranking member of the mccall foreign affairs, we will see a lot of you in the days ahead. thanks for coming today. sandra, the fact that he asked andres manuel lopez obrador for help is kind of ironic. >> sandra: early on in this administration, but we are starting to get the idea. and he has finally broken his silence on his brother scandal. what he said to come up next. d, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> sandra: cnn hosts chris cuomo breaking his silence on the multiplying sexual harassment allegations against his brother, new york governor andrew cuomo saying that though he's aware of the claims he cannot cover the story. >> obviously i'm aware of what's going on with my brother and obviously i cannot cover it because he is my brother. now, of course, cnn has to cover
10:51 am
it. they have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. >> sandra: joining us now, a host of "fox & friends" weekend, will cain. >> i don't know if that's the case. what we have here is a textbook case of situational ethics. when it's positive for andrew cuomo cnn can cover him. when it's negative the prime time host who is also his brother suddenly gets a case of ethics and cannot cover him. but the truth is, that doesn't even tell the complete picture. the complete picture would read like this. when it's a lie, cnn can tell it. they told us andrew cuomo was a hero and handling covid perfectly and they were happy to repeat that lie night after night on cnn. now that we know the truth, cnn cannot tell the truth. all of a sudden there ethics are in the way of them, looking their audience in the eye and telling the truth and that's what it all boils down to.
10:52 am
>> sandra: they also told us he was worthy of an an emmy, and they covered it. here's a flashback between some of the antics that we saw between these two brothers during the pandemic. >> i called mom and she said i was her favorite. i can't believe you are lying to my audience, you've blown the credibility of my entire interview. some say i shouldn't come on the show because you have arrest me. is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using western mark was at this or was it this? tell people the truth. come on, let's go. >> sandra: i will have you react to that but there was also the other side of that where chris cuomo, the tv anchor would join the governor andrew cuomo during some of those life briefings during some of the
10:53 am
darkest days of the pandemic. and that all brings it back. >> i think it's important to understand the concept of projection. i have found that those of the others of racist behavior often harbor in their past some of the most racist experiences. those that invoke science like a religion are the ones that increasingly are embracing nonscientific policies. your prime time anchors, your brain's his anger jake tapper's. they are very big on the disinformation or misinformation but they are the ones that told the public that for example, jacob blake was unarmed over and over, which led to riots on our street. they told everyone that the origins of covid was a conspiracy that could not be repeated on air. they told everyone that nick sandmann provoked a confrontation on the national mall, but they have
10:54 am
been the ones that have been yelling about disinformation and misinformation while committing that very sin. we watch cnn and there ethics shift from moment to moment and story to story, they are doing what many people in the society are doing. they are projecting, mike upon others their own sin. >> sandra: with always appreciate when you can join us, thanks for being here. johnny points out a lot of big points and you go back to that video of those days, they joined each other and covered each other, chris cuomo had him on his show but now he says he won't touch any of these allegations or probes. >> john: i think it would have been more appropriate had he recuse himself from the beginning on all of this as opposed to doing it now. but that is a matter for them to decide. just ahead, a new report showing teenagers demand for mental health care skyrocketing last year and that the pandemic. we will have details on not coming up. >> sandra: and more on the cuomo sexual harassment claims, some democratic lawmakers are
10:55 am
weighing in but other leaders in the party, in particular, women who are remaining is silent on this. and at check out this lineup coming up in a brand-new hour. stay tuned for all that. ♪ ♪ it's our nature.™ try the body wash, too. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need it's our nature.™ with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar
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11:00 am
saying how to us or to other members of congress. senator marco rubio wants answers about big tech hostility writing "amazon has openly signaled to conservative americans of their views are not welcome on its platform. the book written by conservative scholar ryan anderson argues doctors are to quick to give children struggling with their gender is puberty blockers and surgery. the book was pulled the same day he wrote an op-ed against the equality act which passed last week from the u.s. house. >> it doesn't matter how charitable it is, it comes to a politically incorrect conclusion and that is what the activists on the left don't like about the book. >> not all transgender activists agree with amazon pulling the book, the doctor said it was not hateful and pulling it goes against free speech.
11:01 am
>> the book is well-written and thought-provoking but it rehashes arguments that have been named for the last 50 years. >> amazon controls 56% of hard to book sales on 80% of all the e-commerce books and you can't get it on amazon now but you can get it through the publisher which is encounter books. >> john: dan springer, thanks as always. a fox news alert now, amazon refusing to call the situation at our southern border a "crisis. that despite a number of migrant children set to make their journey to the united states. >> sandra: great to be with you, i'm sandra smith. the white house is making those comments as fox news gets this new drawing footage of migrant facilities in texas that the biden team reopened. this is the same controversial facility that some democrats disapproved of under the trump administration.
11:02 am
members of the new biden team defending its use of the facility saying they wanted to be prepared for all those kids crossing the border. >> john: special report anchor bret baier is standing by to talk more about this. >> sandra: but we begin with casey stegall at the facility just about 3 miles from the mexican border. >> sandra and john, this is a very remote area, only one dusty road in and out to the facility. it's on some 66 acres and it's growing. this is compliments of the fox news flight team drone. you can see it's a mix of trailers and what appear to be a tent that is erected. officials say this has the capability of housing up to 700 children between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.
11:03 am
>> at the very least it's premature. what the administration needs to do is address the current system, specifically expediting the reunification process in a safe way for children. >> the white house says these are overflow facilities because covid is limiting their bed space at more permanent buildings but also to handle a spike in border apprehension because the data tells a story. specifically with unaccompanied minors up 18% in january from the month before, more than 5700, and then it jumped to an average of about 2200 or so per week in the month of february, according to customs and border protection who also said that additional resources not just equipment and supplies but also staffing was being surged to the southern border to keep up with the influx and to assist other border patrol agents. john and sandra?
11:04 am
>> john: casey stegall for us. let's bring in "special report" anchor bret baier. when we look at the axios report which we assume is accurate saying there's going to be a 45% increase in unaccompanied children crossing the border in the next few weeks and that the biden administration will need 20,000 beds it doesn't have, that's really nothing short of shocking. >> it's a massive story and really the first real crisis for this administration despite the fact that the department of homeland security secretary says it's not a crisis. axios is reporting, the rapid influx is becoming the first new crisis. and this is something that, you know, there is a lot of focus on reuniting families but the real story a lot of times has been these smugglers that are smuggling kids up for payment or
11:05 am
otherwise to the border and then leaving them there. so there's not a family there to reunite you with. this is something because of the call to say we are going to eventually open up these borders which has increased the numbers dramatically. the secretary of homeland security is saying, we want you to come but don't come now. it's tough to translate that as they are making the trek across mexico. >> john: i spent some time on the customs and border protection website to find out how such rhetoric is affecting the numbers. increases in unaccompanied children from january through january, wl 122%, el paso, and 73%. look at this, increases in single adult encounters, big bend sector was 278% increase.
11:06 am
del rio 349% increase and the rio grande valley sector 165%. that's an enormous increase over where we were a year ago and these numbers are from january and february which was before covid hit. >> john: it's huge and it's a signal that essentially the signal was sent out and migrants are taking it that this is their time to act and to move before something changes. i think president biden and what he has set about this has opened a door and has created an issue. they don't want to call it a crisis but it has become one. the secretary of homeland security's of the big was the trump administration allowing the border officers union to have a say. now in unions and other places,
11:07 am
and companies, the administration is supporting the union. but when it comes to the border patrol officers union they don't want them to have a say. it's going to become a big issue prior to 2022. >> john: and it's not just them warning about a potential crisis, here's what gonzalez said about it earlier. >> i can assure you it won't be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border and it will be catastrophic for my region and my district. in the middle of a pandemic, and an area where we have lost over 3,000 people in my small congressional district, i think we need to have a better plan in place. >> john: so there you have two democratic members of congress who are saying this will be a big problem, and then the department of homeland security secretary saying, it's a
11:08 am
challenge. it seems like there is a huge disconnect there. >> while there is. any of those lawmakers from border states will be increasingly vocal about the situation that they are seeing and what they are facing. what do you call it a crisis or not. but you look at kyrsten sinema or mark kelly in arizona and they will have some tough choices coming up as far as how they deal with biden administration policy on the border. arizona is obviously one of those border states and i think that there could be a wake-up call ahead of any immigration and legislation on capitol hill. if they go down the nonbipartisan effort it's going to be a tough road. >> john: no question about that. i also thought it was particularly interesting that the president yesterday asked musk psycho's president for help in averting the crisis where all those majors were already in place. it seems like somewhere we took a step backwards in all of this.
11:09 am
we will see you at 6:00 tonight. the statistics that we put up and projections for what will happen in the future, there is a crisis that's brewing on the border that could be bigger than almost anything that we seen before. i remember being on the border in 2015, it could be worse coming up now. >> sandra: it's amazing these live drone images that we are getting as we continue to watch how the biden administration will handle this. at more on that coming up. meanwhile a third woman has coming forward accusing governor cuomo of making unwanted advances. she told "the new york times" that he grabbed her face and asked if he could because her moments after they met at a wedding in 2019. she did not work for the governor. this of course is coming after two former aides have accused cuomo of harassment. as the state's attorney general
11:10 am
has the go-ahead now to investigate him, the governor has not directly responded to the latest accusations. his spokesperson has pointed "the new york times" to a previous statement in which the governor said that he was start, sorry if his jokes, as he called them, were misinterpreted. joining us now is white house communications director alyssa fara. i know that you have been speaking on this over the past couple of days as the story develops. this is lindsay boylan, one of the first of two former aides to come forward and making these accusations of sexual misconduct against the governor. she responded to the third allegation, again not someone who worked for the governor but has clearly come forward. this does not make me feel validated she said it in a tweet, it makes me feel sick. i feel nauseous inking about anna's experience. i'm sending her love and light. and that is anna ruch.
11:11 am
>> thank you for giving attention to the story. this wrench is at the heart. the first two accusers are very credible women who bravely told their stories and this third one being accompanied by a photo, i think that packs an even heavier punch. as a woman who -- many of us have been victims of unwanted advances and to see that look on her face, if a picture is worth a thousand words come up my heart goes out to her. but what i would say is this. this is the one thing i caution. while it may feel like the walls are closing in, he's also one of the most single politically connected individuals in all of the state of new york so we should not assume his fate yet. what i'm hoping to see is victims come forward and cases are heard and they are able to speak out and have those voices amplified. but also that the media will look at the secondary scandal of the nursing homes which was so
11:12 am
tragic. >> sandra: that can't be left behind and of course there is an investigation into that. ari fleischer joined us responding to a question about lindsey graham, the senator had proposed hearing from the women themselves on the story so everybody gets a shot at a fair case here. ari fleischer joins us and he said it's time we hear from the governor himself. >> i think it's more important that we hear directly from the governor. we have heard from the women and it was so notable that they all had contemporaneous notes that prove the case which is really important, let him explain it. politically if he can survive this because explanation is accepted and overwhelmingly frenetic state, then put him to the test. more democrats are on board, and this is kathleen rice.
11:13 am
she put this statement out, the time has come and the governor must resign. >> very powerful. her voice coming out represents that there is growing democrats support for his resignation but i agree with his point which is he's entitled to due process. and in his words, explain himself because a written statement has fallen short. heat they have made light of very serious accusations and his women are extremely credible. and explaining for both of these scandals, what exactly is going on? >> he's got a lot on his plate.
11:14 am
he had a briefing explain himself and it didn't go well. he tried to explain how he handled the nursing home situation and the pandemic, remember, people died. that didn't go well, final thought? >> things are not going well when you are hiring harvey weinstein's defense attorney. the walls are closing in on governor cuomo and he still got some connected allies which might come to his defense. >> john: a real tragedy in california, at least 15 people killed in a collision between suv and a semi truck that happened near the u.s. and mexico border. william la jeunesse is watching this live. this is a ford expedition which is supposed to his seat maximum of eight passengers but it was jammed. >> yeah, john.
11:15 am
27 passengers. i think it was an excursion which is the maximum of nine but you are on the right track. two reasons why this is an dangerous area, one between there is a high-speed, rural roads and high speeds with cars and tractor-trailers hauling vegetables and group comic fruit. this one was hauling gravel. 10 miles away from the border, suggesting it could be farmworkers or smugglers, picking up migrants across the board of the night before possibly with a stash house, heading for interstate eight. last week alone 22 cases of human smuggling and 99 arrests including 24 migrants were stuffed in the tractor-trailer. here you can see the truck collided with the sport excursion. the truck may have run a stop sign, and prickly it was
11:16 am
carrying nine, but it was jam-packed with 27 suggesting a mix of adults and children. >> we believe there was 27 passengers in this suv that struck a semi truck full of gravel. 14 were dead on the scene. three of them were flown out from the scene, seven patience transported to the regional medical center were unfortunately one of them has died since arrival. >> so this is within the imperial valley so there was a need for labor. border officials so they were not in hot pursuit at the time. this area has not a contention of high-speed crashes and deadly high-speed chases if you will on interstate eight. last month, el centro saw single adult upper engines up 100% and uac up 36%. often these load vehicles are driven by u.s. citizens. but the semi driver have only had minor injuries. >> john: unbelievable the way they had those people packed in there.
11:17 am
>> sandra: at the far left pushing hard for another item on their democratic wishlist. our norquist takes on the wealth tax and the impact of that, next. >> john: and i headed, six dr. seuss books will no longer be published as canceled culture comes for a bowl of author. ♪ ♪ water? urgh! (rocket ship) hey! hey! heads up. thank you! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at
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11:21 am
>> sandra: senator elizabeth warren going after the ultrarich, now pushing for a wealth tax on american households making $50 million or more. grover norquist is the presidents of americans for tax reform. grover, bernie more than $50 million, doesn't seem like anyone will have any sympathy for that.
11:22 am
but that is the ultrarich? you make the case however that they are coming for you next. >> how do they reduce the income tax? top rate of 7%, and you had to make $11 million to pay the 7%. they started saying we are going to tax the rich people and half of american households are paying the personal income tax. that tax they put into pay for the spanish-american war, 3% tax on your phone bill and very few people had the phones back then. now almost everyone has a phone. that tax lasted a hundred years and brought in from a few to every american. in just a generation. so the alternative minimum tax is only going to hit 155 people and grew to threaten 35 million before the republicans brought
11:23 am
it back. the triple down taxation is the way the left moves taxes into the united states. >> so his elizabeth warren in her own words all my wealth tax. >> we needed to produce more revenue and create more opportunity in america. a o2 sent wealth tax would just help level the playing field a little bit and create the kind of revenue that would let us build back better as joe biden says and would let us make the investments. >> sandra: and so she's making the case this is needed to level the playing field and come up to what you say what? >> the left in 1965 believed that they could cure poverty. that's what the $15 trillion spent. after 15 years of failure they decided to not try to say that they can help poor people because the government hasn't
11:24 am
been able to do that and the failure is too obvious. and that's easy to do. and that is in order to have less inequality. the sessions are a great way to create less inequality as people stocks fall and what she's saying is, wouldn't it be great -- she talked about producing that money. she's taking it, she didn't produce it. she is confused about her role in this. >> sandra: the wording is really important. and that's what the plan is, the white house was asked about this and jen psaki was asked about this in a press briefing about the wealth tax. here's where the white house stands on it. >> the president strongly believes that the ultra wealthy corporations need to start paying their fair share and the economy and tax system needs to reward work and not wealth.
11:25 am
that's why he proposed making sure the very richest americans pay the rate on income wealth that a worker pays. >> sandra: and there goes line we heard, those wealthy big corporations need to start paying their fair share. so this is a glimpse of what's coming. >> that's the rhetoric. you are not hurting corporations when you increase the corporate tax, you are hurting workers and they get lower wages. it's a way of hiding the taxes penalty. >> sandra: all really important points, grover norquist, thanks for being here. john, you know how it goes in politics, the way they wear these things, it's not always easy to see what the big picture claim is and to grover's point is start talking about taxing the ultra-wealthy, while the not trickles down and everybody pays
11:26 am
higher taxes. >> sandra: and the corporate taxes a particularly interesting issue. we've seen where the corporate tax was cut and now if there's a commensurate loss then that would be a good indication of how that works. spring training is in full swing, but when the real games to get going, will there be fans in the seats? dr. siegel talks to the pros about what can be done. >> sandra: and school closures taking a toll on kids as mental health. next up we will be speaking to a doctor who has been sounding the alarm on that for months. ♪ ♪ look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool.
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11:31 am
allowed back into the stadiums. the nfl and the ncaa may have some answers for that after making it through the football season. dr. marc siegel is there. i know you are a big sports fan as well and you'd like to see this happen so can fans safely return to watch these games? >> that's a question, sandra. we'll fans in the stands during the upcoming baseball season spread covid into the community? the answer can be found by examining the just concluded nfl and ncaa football seasons. a new study from the georgia institute of technology reveals that, and social distancing and mask wearing that was no significant community spread which resulted. no spread. >> it was no surprise because before conducting the study i
11:32 am
would think that mask mandates in large stadiums would have contributed to an increase in the number of cases. then that showed anita that was not the case. >> i spoke to the atlanta falcons star linebacker who described the excitement of playing before a packed house with the roar of the crowd created what he called it "the's" versus the big letdown of an empty stadium crowd. >> i think the energy that you would expect to get isn't there and it kind of going forward for the next couple days. >> sandra, as we approached the baseball and soccer seasons, it's good to remember that looting in person for your team carries a mental and physical benefit as does by the way the team itself, their spirit is affected by seeing you there. >> sandra: i cannot agree
11:33 am
more. chicago cubs fan, nothing like going to the ballpark. and it can make people really healthy. wrigley field, go. it's actually still there. >> sandra: go cubs. all right, thanks dr. siegel. john, who is your team? >> john: my team, while it was the nationals, now it depends on what city i live in, i'm fickle that way. i was thinking, sipping a beer has a great effect on your mental health as well. speaking of mental health, after months of warning from parents, schools and doctors, keeping schools closed was taking a toll on children and we are now seeing actual numbers. dr. jean knebel joins us now, professor of emergency medicine and director of covid response
11:34 am
at the university of california san francisco. we have this new report from fair health that we are going to break down in terms of some numbers. first of all, this would appear to back up what everyone has thought so far, kids staying out of class, being cooped up at home, remote learning and not being able to visit friends is taking a toll on its mental health. >> that's right, and that's exactly what we were seeing here in california. it's a 66% increase in the number of suicidal adolescents that we saw in between march and october of last year. a 75% increase in number of kids coming in who needed emergency hospitalizations and more than a doubling of adolescents who required hospitalizations for new eating disorders. >> john: let's break down some of these numbers. not to add to what you just said this was a study that was done by fair health and they looked at medical claims. medical health claims as a percentage of all claims doubled
11:35 am
over the previous year including a 334% increase in the intentional self harm and from august 19 through august 2020. overdoses increased 120% from april through april, generalized anxiety disorder increased 94% from april to april and san francisco we recently reported has cited high brings of suicide among its students. so what does this suggest, we need to be better at identifying and treating this or do we just need to get kids back to school? >> we need to get kids back to school. it's no surprise that adolescents are suffering, they been isolated an entire year coming coming up on the one year anniversary about a week from now. kids have been shut away in their bedrooms doing zoom
11:36 am
school, it's not natural. it's harming their health and it's time to put an end to this. you now know that schools can be open safely and it's a health risk for them to continue to be isolated at home. >> john: a question that i have is, if you get kids back to school, the young mind is very pliable. particularly before you enter adolescence but even if we got kids back to school tomorrow but there be a lingering effects from this year of isolation that they have experienced? >> yes. schools record about 25% of child abuse referrals and mental health referrals so we will see a big increase as kids go back to school, hopefully that will be one day soon. in terms of lasting damage i'm most worried about our adolescents, kids who were juniors or seniors this past year who were coming and of
11:37 am
their k-12 education. this closure could determinative for them. these kids may not graduate from high school and they may have lasting lifelong implications from this. we've done a lot of harm and it's time to start making amends for that. we won the tale these closures will be coming for some time to come. sandra? >> sandra: from there to here, from here to there. it seems council culture is everywhere. and now dr. seuss is books have gotten the boot due to language and now there are calls to get congress involved. ♪ ♪
11:38 am
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♪ ♪
11:42 am
>> sandra: now cancel culture coming for dr. seuss. dined on his birthday no less. a month after the discussion, dr. seuss enterprises has announced it will not continue publishing six of the books involved, and they say because it is of a racist and insensitive imagery. i'm sorry, i was caught up in telling you, you should watch ratatouille. >> with my new grandson we probably well. what is happening here? why six dr. seuss books and why are they offensive? >> if you look at the pictures of it, they have 1930s caricatures of asians and african natives, and particularly there is a book called "if i ran the zoo." you can clearly see racial caricatures in their which clearly could be offensive and are offensive. but there are a lot of offensive images and stories from the
11:43 am
past, and what are you going to do, do you ban all these books or burn them all? do you get rid of all previous culture or are you strong enough to absorb the good and the bad and what previous literature has. i think the latter is true. i have no particular tier is for susan enterprises, they made $33 million last year. and it's the second richest company for dead celebrities, the first being michael jackson's company. they are making money hand over foot. dr. seuss who is actually called a theater guys will come most people know that, but he and his wife didn't have any children so the money keeps getting ported back in. >> sandra: i think we've all
11:44 am
got not come dr. seuss' second wife said he never enjoyed being around children and never wanted children which is hard to imagine. "the wall street journal" did a really interesting piece on cancel culture, specifically on dr. seuss. the desire to wipe away dr. seuss' book from elementary schools stems from the same harmful world because abraham lincoln's name should be removed from public schools because some of his views fall short by today's standards or because amount rushmore is a mining into racism. the world is filled with people who nevertheless did remarkable things. she dodged really getting specific on it. >> on read across america day which, you are right, has not existed forever, elevate and celebrate a love of reading. and today is at the chance to celebrate debra's authors whose work and lived experiences reflected the diversity of our
11:45 am
country and that certainly what they attempted to do or hoped to do this here. >> sandra: so take what you well from that, john roberts is with us as well. this has gotten political. because jim jordan has now stepped in and he saying there is a dangerous trend happening with cancel culture and country. he's now calling on congress to examine the cancel culture which he says a sweeping america. >> everything is political these days whether it's woke culture or cancel culture. the idea of leaving dr. seuss out of read america day because they decided, dr. seuss enterprises, and it probably wasn't even appropriate with the time. you could make that argument but it seems to be a little extreme. you could leave out certain aspects of dr. seuss' life and his history of publishing because he has some illustrations out there that are not for children.
11:46 am
and again, we had one of them hanging on one of our walls. not that it doesn't bring down that direction but it's a little racy. as an interesting aspect. so don't cancel the whole thing. set some things aside, sure. but don't cancel him. >> barack obama in 2015 saying "pretty much all the stuff you need to know isn't dr. seuss. is barack obama racist for quoting dr. seuss? i don't think so. >> there are so many kids right now falling behind in their reading because of this pandemic and they are not -- the company could be spreading that message. educate our children and encourage literacy. interesting stuff. >> if it's good enough for barack obama, it's good enough for me and the rest of america, i think. it certainly prompts interesting discussion, no question about that.
11:47 am
>> john: coming up next, democrats trying to push through a sweeping election builder they are calling reform which is prompting some interesting discussion as well. the public and say it's nothing but a power grab and our panel weighs in. ♪ ♪ plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, we were told about 25 minutes ago that the governor of texas would be issuing a big announcement. he has told his state that he is ending the statewide mask mandate and also just announcing that all businesses in his state of any type can open 100% ending the mask mandate and telling them it's time to open texas 100%. greg abbott continues to give an update there in his state and we will be listening to that and will be giving you any news as we get it. >> john: i wonder if that means people can go back to the ball game as well and watch the rangers play? democrats pushing legislation through that could drastically change the way elections are run. republicans say it's nothing but a power grab. let's bring our panel, jason chaffetz and marie harper. same-day voter registration, election security measures which
11:52 am
could include a paper ballots and paper campaigns requiring taxes to disclose donors and the president and vice president to disclose ten years of tax returns, statehood for washington, d.c., among other things. is this a power grab? >> no. it's a way to try to make it easier for all americans who can legally vote, to vote. which should be at the goal of any democracy. there are so many pieces of this that are about good governance, and if you talk about ending gerrymandering and making congressional districts actually competitive so they represent people equally, there are so many pieces of this that would make our elections more fair, more free and i would argue safer. a lot of these things at the state level have already been put into place. we talk about mail-in voting or automatic voter registration but this makes it a little more uniform across the country which
11:53 am
is a pretty good thing so people know how to do this in every state. and it's not so piecemeal where every state is so incredibly different. this would be a great deal for congress to pass. >> but at the same time it would dilute or restrict states abilities, and you have to get absentee ballots in on time, et cetera. >> i 100% disagree with the analysis. i like her and i respect her, but before the people act has absolutely nothing to do with being for the people. public financing, pulling money out of people's wallets and giving it to candidates at a six: one ratio for small donors so they come in television ads is not for the people. it should be done at the local level.
11:54 am
and then the turn for somebody else is not for the people. this is chock-full of an attempt by the democrats to try to federalize and control and win elections. >> john: it's likely to pass the house next week and will likely have a more difficult time. do we want to talk about social media prohibitions on terrorists and legislation that the republicans are going to introduce donald trump and endorse kim scott? we talked about that but sort of the topic that everybody is talking about is this dr. seuss thing. marie, where'd you you come down on that? >> i hadn't given it a lot of thought until i was listening to your previous statement. i think there's a fine line between making it clear that certain images have no place in our current society and also allowing historical work to be out there. the words cancel culture mean very different things to very many different people and i
11:55 am
think it's an interesting debate. i've never been a big dr. seuss fan but i'm not opposed to people taking away certain images from public circulation that are offensive today. >> john: jason, where do you come down? >> i haven't gotten past the association of mr. potato head, and now they are trying to take out dr. seuss? come on, john. these are the icons i grew up with and i don't want to have them turned down. >> john: marie harf and jason chaffetz, always good to see you. >> sandra: everyone can always use a vacation, me included, but would you be willing to take one in orbit? i will ask you, john. ♪ ♪
11:56 am
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>> sandra: are you looking for an out of this world get-away? plans are in place for the first
12:00 pm
space hotel to be build as soon as 2027. inside bars, restaurants, a movie theater. no word on how much for a room. john, you signing up? >> john: ever since star trek debuted, i always wanted to be captain kirk. sign me up. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. live in new york. developing right now on "the story," the battle over the next election in 2022 has begun. there's big moves underway right now on capitol hill all the way to the supreme court. it could shape the outcome of the 2022 elections. these are happening largely behind the scenes. and that is why you really need to know about these potential changes. democrats accuse republicans of voter suppression. republicans say democrats are destroying the integrity of the vote with laws th


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