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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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to the latest developments, not only using restrictions dramatically in the state of mississippi, even though a number of big retailers have already indicated they are going to require masks in stores in both states just to be safe. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and katie pavlich. at 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ is a full-blown disaster at our southern border courtesy of joe biden. we are learning today that over 100 illegal immigrants infected with covid were released by border patrol and are free to travel across the country. keep in mind, if an american citizen gets covid they have to quarantine and if you are flying into america from a foreign country you have to show a
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negative covid test but those same rules don't apply and there is even more. a new report says the department of homeland security is projecting, there will be 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants crossing the border this year, that breaks all records. nearly a 50% increase from the all-time record and much higher than last year. the report also warning there is not enough resources to handle that surge. everybody can clearly see this is a crisis, unless you work at the white house. >> at what point does it become a crisis? >> well i would say i don't think we meet the bar of what we need to call it, we are approaching this humanely and in a way where we will keep the children safe. >> what'd you learn learn? >> a lot. >> jesse: all right, i say
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they want this to happen, they invited this surge and it's easier to smuggle a child across the border, they bring back chain migration, grant amnesty or asylum to a child in the whole family gets to come up and become american citizens. that's what they want, they vote democrat and there you go. >> greg: did he say "god willing?" , it doesn't inspire confidence when that's the last thing he said. "god willing," you know? is every thing okay? "god willing." 117,000 child migrants unaccompanied by adults. so i asked this last week, what happened to their loving parents since november when trump was accused of raping children from their parents? i am beginning to think we were lied to about that. that there weren't parents, that it was always like this. my wife was gone for a couple
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months. she came home and found out all the plants were dead-end in science because this cause and effect because i didn't water the plants and they all died. what you are seeing on the border is the fastest, clearest, disastrous liberal policy because its cause and effect. you remove friction, a barrier combined with a message that tells of a come. you get 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants so if you want to follow the science, that science is cause and effect. if you eat every day at cinnabon you are going to get fat. why is it a disaster for democrats? it destroys any trust people have in your ability to solve problems, your feel good objectives result in a possible logistical challenge, you can't take care of 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants. democrats have these adolescent child like goals but they have no process because they have no
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parents and the party to solve the problem. >> jesse: juan, if biden doesn't really want this migrant surge, why isn't he doing everything he can to keep the migrants in mexico or in central america? >> juan: i think he is, jesse, i think this is a spike. i believe, i believe most of those policies are still in effect and when you look at the policies of the united states have had, i go across various administration, we've seen these spikes, they come in they go, springtime, all the rest. we just don't have a consistent strategy to deal with high tide, low tide and especially with unaccompanied minors given our amnesty position. but you know, the way we started talking about 100 plus kids who have coronavirus, you know, we have 70,000 americans with coronavirus, right?
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where are we trying to pick on those kids? let's look i think, more constructively and i hope, let's look at what goes on at the u.s.-mexico border. because u.s. and mexico is largest trading partner, mexico is our largest trading partner, people cross the border for commerce, they cross our jobs, tourism and for immigration. it's the busiest border in the world. so they are our neighbors, they are business partners and it's well overdue. it goes back to the '80s, the last time we had some significant immigration reform and set rules for what goes on on the busiest border in the world including handling child migrants as opposed to simply saying, we are going to separate from our parents and beat them up or build a fictional wall. this is all unbelievable so i think for us on this show, if we are influencers, if we are voices i think all of us across
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political lines need to say, tell congress, stopped a finger, stop the blaming come i get busy, let's do something significant for america and have immigration reform that does something about who crosses, when they cross, the dreamers, the influx, let's do it. >> jesse: we already had that, juan, it was called a wall. and no catch and release. tell me about the communications deal, it looks like some of these biden flacks are suffering, they are having a hard time dealing questions even from the mainstream media about this issue, what's going on there? >> dana: it reminds me, do you remember during the obama years, the right and fox news and others would give the obama administration a really hard time because they would never say "radical islamic terrorists," they just refused to say it. and then they just dug in, it was like the more you ask them why won't they say it, they are
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not going to say it so i think now we are in this situation. it doesn't matter, you can get 500,000 migrant children, they are not going to say it's a crisis, you saw what jen psaki said, we are not going to meet your bar for that. people have their own eyes and ears and to juan's point, i think about the parents that tell their teenage kids, okay, this is where we drop you off, you are on your own, godspeed. it's not that they are heartless, they are heartbroken and the other thing we haven't talked about is the fact that you cannot get all the things that one wants without border security. it's like maslow's hierarchy of needs. you have to have security and everything else can get you to enlightenment but the base layer is security and part of that is also going to have to be really dealing with the cartels and the coyotes. you saw what happened yesterday with all of those people, 25 people, 27 people crammed into
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one suv to try to get them into america illegally. they got hit by a semi truck, several of them die, others are wandering around the desert, there's children there and they don't have any restraints. that is not caring for the human condition at all. and that is why you have to have border security that will let you do all of the other things like a temporary worker program, visas, dreamers and things like that but until you get the base layer you are not going to be able to get those things done in congress. >> jesse: president trump did that, he threatened the mexican president to classify the cartels as a terrorist organization. a lot of those caravans stopped. biden comes in, mexican army leaves and now we have this. >> katie: and you have the new dhs secretary saying, basically, come right in but maybe wait for a little while. the big scandal and the news of
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the day is the issue of the administration releasing 100 covid-positive cases of people who come over the border who knowingly got on buses to go to different parts of the country. you had one woman in the p's who said, i tested positive, i don't feel anything so i'm going to get on a bus with my kid and go to north carolina. where is dr. fauci to talk about the super spreader event of 100 positive people knowingly and voluntarily moving on to different parts of the country. remember all these cdc graphics they produced, one of the choirs, 67 people and one person in the choir had covid and they spread it to 87% of the people in that room? so if you add up the number of people, the 100 cases we know of that's thousands of people who are going to get this disease as a result of the federal government not doing a better job of making sure these people were quarantined. end of the standards here are insane, every state has
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different standards, new york you have a quarantine for 14 days, maybe it's changed since then, just for getting on a bus. just for traveling, not even with a positive covid test. the white house came on to say that's just a local issue, they are the ones who are about to send every american i'm asked, why they talking more about the idea that they are letting these people in who are covid-positive after we've just gone through this pandemic. >> jesse: you wouldn't do it in an airport so you shouldn't be doing it on foot across the southern border. up next, the liberal media and joe biden going absolutely ballistics after texas governor greg abbott fully open to state up and stitch as mass mandate. ♪ ♪
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it is now time to open texas 100%. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott saying his team will open soon fully. president biden scolding texas and mississippi for a lifting mask restrictions, watch this. >> i think it's a big mistake, the last thing you need is neanderthal thinking in the meantime, it's to make it still matters. >> dana: many in the media are not happy with governor abbott, either. >> governor abbott that's lost his mind. >> this is obviously a political ploy on part of the governor. >> the only reason i can see is because of what happened in texas that someone dropped the ball and they are trying to change the conversation. >> this is part of this prevailing macho mentality that strong and wrong is the way to go.
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>> the texas governor said covid is dead, everybody go ahead and open up. >> dana: this segment could've been the whole show, jesse, let me start with you. one thing that's getting lost is that the governor was tying his decisions to his goal of getting seniors vaccinated on vulnerable populations to a safe place before making this order. >> jesse: some state had to go first, it might as well be texas. the same people complaining about this for the people complaining about georgia when they came out of the gate for a stand-down of their predictions came true. i thought everyone down in georgia was going to drop like flies, it didn't happen. he's following the advice of his medical team in texas. i trust them, that's what governors do. they are going to take the lead on this and other governors can see how this played out. i hate to say it dana, i wasn't
2:18 pm
on "the new york times" web site, every single state had the same exact trend no matter, mask mandate or not, it went a surge in the spring and summer and then down in the fall and then super surge in the winter and then it just falls off a cliff, precipitously no matter what you do. these are some boring numbers. texas had 30,000 cases a day and today they have 5,000 cases. deaths are cut in half, hospitalizations 15,000 to 5,000, texas is doing fantastic. i saw newsom wagging his little finger, where does he come off? texas is beating california in pretty much every single metric and their economy is doing better. the major blisters in texas are the nursing homes and prisons and i'm sure people will still be wearing masks there. if you go to a restaurant, dana, you put your mask on, fake it until you walk to the table and then you rip it off and guzzle wine and have some steak and potatoes and then you put the mask on when you walk to the bathroom and then you leave.
2:19 pm
it's a joke. i've done this, you've done this, everybody has done this and i've never seen people complain that government is not forcing them to do something. texans can still wear masks if they want to. >> dana: we interviewed someone to day on "america's newsroom." she said they are going to still wear masks because she thinks that that's the right thing to do for her restaurant. the word "neanderthal," let me tell you, that's some fighting words, greg because that gets people in texas to think "don't mess with us." >> greg: what a surprise, though, it's always about people as democrats, you are deplorable, unsalvageable, neanderthal, probably a white supremacist. they only smear populations. if you listened to jesse just now he brings up governor newsom. we don't bring, we talk about cuomo, we don't talk about
2:20 pm
new yorkers. we focus on the actual individuals, we don't go after biden voters, right? or californians. but here's the issue with people like joe biden and those clones, you can't win against the "wait until it's 100% safe" argument. that's why joe said, hey, maybe everything will be okay by next year this time. we saw this coming, we knew this because leaders and the media have no skin in this game. they have jobs and they have exemptions and kids in private schools and tutors, they can go on forever and it will be just great but i want to talk about texas just quickly. if this were a person, it's a person who leaves the lost group of hikers to go and seek help, it's the person who assumes the risk on behalf of others, the state actually stepped up --
2:21 pm
and the media, the media is that person in every disaster movie that needs to be slapped by the hero. "stop panicking." like gene hackman in the poseidon adventure is texas and the media, the people going "i don't know what to do." >> dana: pull yourself together. juan, there are other states i didn't have a mask mandate, are they going to get the neanderthal label? >> juan: i don't like the label like you don't but i must say in those other states they have not done away, they haven't said "we are open" in that way. to me, look, i think this is a sign of progress that texas things, yeah, we can do this now. it may be premature. i think, you know, to my mind it's a sign of impatience on the governor's part but i think it's a sign of progress in the sense
2:22 pm
that we are, we see declining rates of infection in the country right now, in texas, new covid cases right now are down. i think 70% since inauguration day, since biden took off as if you want to put it that way. so i think a lot of people are optimistic and saying, hey, the spring is coming, the sun is out, the numbers are going down. so we can do it but i think, you know, look, a lot of this is left over from trump, he mishandled the pandemic. his own pollsters say they think that's why he lost the election and i you have people saying, look, biden took the bull by the horns, maybe we can do what we want to do. i think that's a mistake. >> dana: katie, i hope that reopening states so economies can get going and businesses can open is not going to become the political like everything else. >> katie: yeah. well, the media is already making a political as if they
2:23 pm
know better. unless they are going to start covering the fact that the biden administration is allowing b.a.-infected migrants, illegal immigrants to get on buses to spread this disease to other people, they have no business talking about any of this and also why is joe biden still wearing a mask? he's been vaccinated. this virtue signaling that continues on is really getting tiresome and as states start opening only because cases are going down, they are opening because people are demanding that their government be representative of them and stop infringing on their ability to make money and make a living so it's a combination of all those things. >> dana: next up, here's a phrase i never thought i'd say. "dropping acid can student be legal." decriminalizing psychedelic drugs is gaining momentum and greg has a monologue on that. ♪ ♪
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usaa. ♪ ♪ >> greg: california lawmaker may have discovered the only reason to stay in california, scott introducing a bill to decriminalize psychedelic drugs. the bill will focus on their medical benefits regarding ptsd, depression, and other ailments. but these drugs are also known for making people love people more. right, dana? >> dana: make you fall in love with your fellow humans and fellow citizens all over again. >> greg: another satisfied customer. we were raised to believe drugs were evil by the same media that got everything else wrong, too, the same media that let us on politics, nuclear power, they
2:29 pm
also demonized to drug use because it attracts eyeballs. meanwhile, the war on drugs produced more casualties and most real wars, forcing consumers to purchase drugs on the street and that's how people die, diverted to the ill-measured concoctions mixed with truly deadly crap sold on the streets. those mass numbers weren't from prescriptions but street drugs laced with fentanyl. the legality sending users to deadly substances. the media narratives of always gotten the big threats wrong, whether it's terror or the pandemic, they focus on fears that are easily marketable and understood, drugs are evil. but they aren't, the desire to obstruct your right to relief is. how is drug control any different than gun control? it's about your right as an adult to make educated decisions, give us that freedom and fewer people will die from
2:30 pm
the unscientific decisions of others. well, dana, that was a brave stance you took. >> dana: i have a question. if we can now do drugs illegally in california can we also do indoor dining? is that a risk that is worth taking? out so we are talking about dr. seuss today and things like that and i always wonder, what are we doing right now that in 50, 70, 100 years from now people will look back, wow, they were crazy, how could they possibly have thought that? and it really could be that this is one of those issues that they look back and they are like, wow, why would they have done this, the war on drugs didn't work. the just say no campaign worked for me and i am pretty happy with that. but if there is a relief to be
2:31 pm
had for people who are suffering from drugs like this and they are comfortable with it and make good decisions and maybe it's even under a doctor's supervision if that's needed, so be it. >> greg: something tells me if it was "just say yes" you still would've said no. katie, you probably know more about guns and anybody at fox, you have to spend at least half your time correcting the data whenever you are in a debate, right? they don't know what an ar-15s or whatever, everybody gets the wrong thing backwards, so how can you trust the media over the last 40 years on drug data is what, that's my epiphany. >> katie: yeah, this is an issue that i don't know much about, i think it would be a better if we allowed a well-managed red state to take this on first rather than california because i don't trust that california will do this well or be fair to the experiment. i think if you did it on a very small scale and had an open debate about it, more
2:32 pm
information on the other end of the spectrum about it we could have a conversation about moving forward and may be changing some things rather than sticking to the status quo in the same narrative but you've also seen this on the other side of things or people who are in a lot of pain can't get legal drugs meaning painkillers and they end up committing suicide because they have such a horrible, horrible living situation. so we've overshot on that in terms of not getting people the things that they need and maybe legalization of these things is a little bit of a stretch too far but i am open to being convinced so thank you, greg. >> greg: i will convince you. juan, if i rent a small, private plane for both of us to go to california, will you go to the desert with me and drop acid? [laughter] >> juan: why not? didn't buckley sail off the coast so he could get high? look, i think you are onto something. i'm not sure we agree but i think you are onto something because here in the district of
2:33 pm
columbia it was on the ballot last november and it was also on the ballot in oregon and in both places the voters legalized it. said it's okay. so, you know, i mean, i don't get it. i voted against it, by the way, but this to me as an extension of marijuana legalization. but to me psychedelics are much more serious than smoking pot and, you know, i agree with you guys, everybody said, the war on drugs was a mistake and it put people in jail unnecessarily but to me, when you think about psychedelics i think psychedelics are different not only then marijuana, they are different than cocaine, they are different than heroin and i think psychedelics are not cocaine and heroin in terms of addiction but they are serious drugs that can damage mentally ill people in significant ways. >> greg: jessie, that's why it's important to control the purity and dosage of these substances which is what we do with caffeine and cigarettes.
2:34 pm
>> jesse: true but you never know what you're getting. although i do want to join you with juan. are they going to have government-regulated labs in california to give you the perfect ounce? >> greg: that would be great. >> jesse: i'm not so sure. possibly. listen, you and i disagree on blanket legalization, i'm not into your crazy stuff with the hard-core narcotics like heroin and meth and crack. that's addictive and dangerous and destroys lives. >> greg: there is no evidence. >> jesse: therapeutic properties -- ask an addict, there's one sleeping on the sidewalk right outside my van right now. i'm talking about, i'm talking about people that are suffering from ptsd if you want to try something like mdma under a doctor's supervision, that's fine or if you are just an adult that wants to take acid and go wander around california and enjoy the weather, no one's going to stop you. what i worry about his high school kids. if you are going to dabble in it
2:35 pm
and you are set on it, just don't do it every weekend. a lot of people just can't handle it. >> greg: that's for them to decide, jesse. you could say that about firearms, you can say that about alcohol. and almost anything that is safe can also be dangerous. >> jesse: exactly and i'm just saying kids in high school don't have the wherewithal to determine, am i going to drop six tabs on a saturday and do it again next week and for the rest of the year? are they going to take it once, enjoy it and maybe never do it again? it's a different kind of experience, okay? you know it and i know it? >> greg: yes. but individuals in a free country should have the right to seek their own oblivion whether it's a martini after work or a line of heroin. up next, andrew cuomo speaking out for the first time about harassment allegations and begging, begging for forgiveness. ♪ ♪
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great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. using a musical >> greg: new york governor andrew cuomo speaking out publicly for the ft time in a sexual harassment scandal, also addressing the growing cale step down. take a look. >> i'm not going to resign. i acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. it was unintentional and i truly and deeply apologize for it. i never touched anyone inappropriately. you can go find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people.
2:41 pm
men, women, it is my usual and customary way of greeting. >> juan: jesse, he's not resigning. because this buy him time and by the time the investigation concludes it's all old news? >> jesse: yeah, he's trying to write it out by the listen to what he just said, this is my usual, customary way of reading. this is what politicians do, they live in a world where you work a room, go in there, backslash, handshake, hug, kiss and people come up to them and do the same thing to them, their fans, they say i love you, governor, you're the best. so you get this familiarity with this closeness and this warmth by the way you and interact. but slimeballs like cuomo, al franken or even joe biden who has been accused of the same thing take advantage of access to these types of people. fans or colleagues. so it can very quickly go from
2:42 pm
consensual arm around to that arm is going lower, lower, lower, lower until the woman is saying, what are you doing? and it's so shocking for the woman because she generally usually admires this politician and she can't believe that they've just gone from a normal, friendly interaction to this guy putting his hands in places that i can't believe it's happening so i would suggest that women, and i've gotten in trouble for saying this before, slap the man in the face and you do it immediately because if you wait too long then the politician feels like he can keep doing this. and it doesn't matter if it comes out a year or three years later, do it immediately when he's fresh. >> juan: wow. okay, katie, the governor said he didn't know he was making people uncomfortable, can you buy that in 2021? >> katie: i don't know, i can't get inside of his head. i'd rather have him apologize for shoving people's elderly parents and grandparents into nursing homes and having them
2:43 pm
die and have them not care about any of that and cover up the numbers and of course not cooperate with the federal investigation or any time of type of local investigation or turning over information to democrat and republican lawmakers in new york. i wish he'd apologize for that kind of behavior. in addition to apologizing for making a number of people uncomfortable. >> juan: dana, do you think this is a maturation of #metoo , due process and apology? >> dana: i think he is trying to buy time, trying to write it out. joe biden had a similar thing, but i didn't know, i didn't realize." but the other thing that gets to me, he kept saying in this press conference, "i didn't touch anyone." come is that the new standard of exercising power over subordinates in the workplace? someone alert the hr departments because that's certainly not how
2:44 pm
the sexual harassment training those that we all go through, that he put in place as governor. >> juan: greg, we see some democrats, at least one calling for him to get out, do you think if he was a republican governor, republicans would be calling for him to resign? >> greg: probably, i don't know, that's a tough question. my problem is why this? and not that, to katie's point. cuomo could have kissed a thousand nuns on the lips every day for a month and it's still not as bad as the rest home massacre. to me i felt the apology was pathetic, it was groveling, it was painful because he's so serious and it devastated for these accusations of three women saying that they made him uncomfortable, but it's not about the rest homes. it's like... it's like you're guilty of armed robbery but they are charging
2:45 pm
you with double parking, it makes no sense to me and i just can't get past that. when i'm watching, that apology should have been for that's whaw is this possible? is this 2021, that it's far worse to do that than to do this? i don't know. i am at a loss, juan. >> juan: okay. up next here on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ be five welcome back. first up, men who are horrified by their zoom call appearances are now buying make up in droves and sales of male cosmetics are booming, jesse, do you have any tips for people as a professional male makeup artist? [laughter] >> jesse: men who wear makeup are so narcissistic, i think what you want to do is just be comfortable with your flaws and own it and that's what makes a man a man.
2:50 pm
>> katie: one? >> juan: i think this is great, this is a conversation among men wearing makeup about men wearing makeup. i think that's pretty crazy, i think all the men here were makeup. >> katie: greg? >> greg: not just on the face, either. i have it all over my body. i bet you everybody will agree with me, people are way better looking now than when i was younger and i think it's because of youtube instructions have made everybody hotter. people know how to do stuff, when i was a kid i had to live with my pimples and my funky hair about now you just go on youtube and you get all the answers. if you are a five you go to a ten. that's all i got. >> katie: dana, the funny thing about working in television as you see all kinds of men getting makeup, the president of the united states
2:51 pm
and the cia director, the defense secretary, all these manly men. >> jesse: don't tell our enemies are the defense secretary wears makeup. >> katie: vladimir putin also wears makeup. >> dana: i think most men i know don't like wearing makeup but they know that they need to. i see this as a great business opportunity for you, jesse. a line of jesse watters makeup at sephora. >> jesse: greg is the one that enjoys putting his own makeup on, that's a direct quote. >> katie: zoom has done a lot. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ after my dvt blood clot... i was uncertain... was another around the corner? or could things take a different turn?
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>> greg: time for "one more thing." unlike many people on this show, i actually admit when i'm wrong, that gives me a lot of credibility for what i might, which is pretty much all the time. roll the tape. take a look at this period of german shepherd -- he's been bullied by a doberman. i thought that was a german shepherd. here is a -- what is this thing? a cocker spaniel? here's a labrador looking at himself in the mirror. >> dana: we need to get jesse a 365 dog book. it's been >> jesse: i obviously have no idea what i'm talking about. katie pavlich sent me, every dog, a book of over 150 breeds. i learned a lot about rookies, his life span -- which was unsettling. there is stuff about child child come by a chinese dog that migrated from antarctica. it tells you everything.
2:57 pm
get this book. a lot of books come i'm reading a lot. >> greg: is there a talk in china? >> jesse: there is 449 more breeds in here, i will send you a copy, too. >> dana: in the b is for boxer, in case it's alphabetical. it's this boxer, it reminded me last weekend i was so tired, i was yawning so hard at the landers house for dinner, this was me at the table. i mean, he just doesn't want to go to bed. i'm trying so hard to stay awake, it's very difficult when it sneaks up on you. [laughs] that is a boxer. a >> greg: thank you for having dinner at the landers
2:58 pm
stash wasn't that delightful? right. my podcast is with doug braude, he's got a new book out, it's all about aerosmith and how they made rock 'n' roll. it's a great book, i enjoyed it, let's do this. celebrity sightings! i was jogging down -- where was i? i was in central park jogging, who did i run into but my dear friend alec baldwin, and he was getting an outdoor massage. he was completely relaxed, and also naked. he's a very, very hairy man, i will have you know. look at how happy he is getting that little massage in his little harry coates. that is it for me. >> jesse: he deserves that, he had another child, time to unwind. that's right, he's making america great again. juan, go ahead.
2:59 pm
before president biden, joe biden, president trump, melania trump, and no real roya. to take a look, dolly parton getting her covid shot. >> vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. i'm thinking of you, please don't hesitate. >> juan: at 75-year-old sang the song, she changed the words of jolene to vaccine. mike queen of country music waited until the vaccine was more widely available. she didn't want anyone to think she was jumping the line before now. she thought, you know what? she didn't want to create confusion. it would've been all right with me if she went first. she donate $11 million to help with the development of the coronavirus vaccine. >> i think a lot of men on the fence about getting the shot after they saw dolly come i think they will get it, now. >> katie: got to love dolly. it's a national anthem day.
3:00 pm
we are celebrating our great national anthem, "the star-spangled banner." it was written by francis scott key many, many years ago but was adopted as the national anthem during the congressional revolution in 1931. a happy national anthem day. >> jesse: don't kneel for it, you've got two stands. up next is "special report with bret baier." >> bret: excited for that book with all those dogs. >> greg: if you send me a book,n any subject, just make sure it has pictures. >> bret: breaking tonight, three big stories. andrew cuomo refusing to resign despite the growing uproar over sexual harassment allegations from three women and the continuing controversy of his handling of nursing homes in his state. president biden facing major problems on the southern border of the u.s. as illegal immi


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