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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> thursday march 4th, president biden draws a redline with red states over there, quote, near the fall thinking on covid-19 restrictions but don't ask them to clarify that or anything else for that matter. >> i'm happy to take questions, whatever you want me to do. jillian: live in washington. todd: first on camera appearance since the scandal broke, governor cuomo apologizes to his accusers but they are not buying it and neither of the families of the nursing home victims. jillian: two films make critical votes last night in the stimulus bill was not one of them. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> didn't see it live. the folks lighting the capital.
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>> our you feeling? todd: i love it. good morning. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first" on -- carley: thursday morning. red states are pushing back after president biden marks mississippi and texas for ending mask mandates. todd: the latest on what the president calls neanderthal thinking. >> reporter: a tough shot across the bow. president biden issued that nationwide mask mandates on day one pushing everyone to where they are citing cdc guidelines but now as more states like mississippi and texas ease their requirements the president is lashing out with knuckle dragging criticism. >> i think it is a big mistake was the last thing we need is
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neanderthal thinking, everything is fine, take off your mass, forget it. it still matters. >> reporter: in mississippi where they lifted their mandate this week, governor kate reeves shot back. >> i feel the same way as i did the day hillary clinton called all of us in middle america deplorable. it struck me as someone who needs to get outside of washington dc and travel to middle america. >> reporter: 15 states do not have a mask mandate. alabama is set to expire tomorrow. texas lifts there is on march 10th, senator john cornyn said leave the lone star state alone. >> president biden has a lot of problems to take care of. i don't think he has a lot to say about preaching to my state about how we handled this covid-19 virus. >> nationwide many major commercial chains like target, cvs, walgreens and kroger still
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require mask wearing. the white house continues to press states to follow health recommendations. president biden might have had more to say about that are the virtual covid-19 meeting with house democrats until this happened was watch as the fetus abruptly cut. >> i'm happy to take question, whatever you want me to do. [b] >> reporter: the president is yet to hold his first press conference. by comparison to his predecessors and took george w. bush 34 days, obama 21, trump 28, now we wait to see how long it takes this president, it has been 33 days so far and we might hear more about what happened to the feed when speaker pelosi holds her weekly press conference today. >> the president of the united states is important enough to book time for questions.
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appreciate it. todd: a live look at capitol hill where overnight the house passed a sweeping bill that would change campaign finance, voting and ethics law aims to create an automatic voter registration across the country and enhance oversight of political lobbying and campaign finance. michael burgess will join us live in the next 10 minutes to weigh in on that. >> the house passing a police reform bill named after george floyd it would ban show colds and let me qualified immunity from on enforcement. of signed into law money from police department across the country would be redirected to fund community-based programs. the measure also advancing to the senate as the house canceled today's vote amid security threats at the capital. todd: new york governor andrew cuomo on the defense after sexual harassment allegations again. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately. i never touched anyone
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inappropriately. >> todd: good morning, ashley. >> andrew cuomo did not realize he made anyone uncomfortable as you just heard. >> i never knew at the time that i was making anyone feel uncomfortable. i never knew at the time i was making anyone feel uncomfortable. >> the democratic defender of two public scandals claim he did not mean to offend anyone either. >> i am sorry for whatever pain i caused anyone. i never intended it and i will be the better for this experience. >> his apology was not enough
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for his first accuser, how can new yorkers trust you to lead our state if you don't know when you've been inappropriate with your own staff. the attorney for cuomo avenue second accuser responding saying my client charlotte bennett reported his sexually harassing behavior immediately to his chief of staff and chief counsel, they made him aware of the complaint and we fully expect the attorney general investigation will demonstrate the cuomo's administration officials failed to act amid serious allegations or to ensure corrective measures were taken, this in violation of their legal requirements. cuomo's aid announces his a larger from the kim jong un 14 task force, the photo you are seeing on your screen where it took place. it is very concerning, the nursing home scandals don't want
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their cost to be overshadowed at a new york nursing home. todd: the only thing governor cuomo is sorry about is that his career is likely over. >> he seemed to be apologizing, he hasn't meant anything wrong and people misconstrued it or touched anyone or accusing someone unbidden. it is brazen, really just about him and his shattered ambition. i don't see any way he will be dislodged between now and the election, any presidential ambitions should have gone down the toilet.
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>> governor cuomo's emergency powers were stripped in the wake of the other scandal, the nursing home cover-up. carley: lighting up the sky and honorable follow los angeles police officer who died days after being injured in the line of duty, the tenure lapd veteran was struck by a vehicle while controlling traffic. lapd says the crash was an accident and the other driver is cooperating with investigators, he leaves behind a wife. the ceo of texas's power grid is fired after last month's massive winter storm that led to millions without heat or power. bill magnus will work with state leaders and regulators on potential reforms as the power company faces an investigation by the house oversight committee over those outages. todd: first lady jill biden went
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to school in pennsylvania and checking on the kids buddies, she told students not to forget troubled times in our lives. >> 10 years from now we don't want to forget what we learned about ourselves and i think if we have a record of that i encourage all of you to do something, anything to remember this time. todd: the first lady was joined by gail cardona and the head of various teachers unions. carley: president biden is not mincing words overall back mask mandate. >> it is a big mistake. the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking, everything is fine, take off your mask, forget it. it still matters. todd: is that comment fair? michael burgess sets the story straight next. todd: a few tips for the rest of us. moms will watch this in horror
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but here is the deal, get them to sleep, go watch sports, so what if they spit up a little, they will survive. more on that when we come back. ♪♪
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>> this is called before the people bill and in doing so we combat special-interest money and politics and amplify the voice of the american people. >> just hours ago house democrats approved the controversial for the people voting rights act. >> the bill now heads to the senate without a single republican. texas congressman michael burgess explains why he and all
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of his colleagues voted no. one democrats which side and voted no. this is a democrat dream. hr one passed last night in the house and moving to the senate, automatic voter registration restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated people, expand early voting. explain your thoughts on this bill and what it means for the nation if it does pass in the senate. >> this is been historically regulated by the states and handled by the states, this is a major shift. as far as campaign-finance where taxpayers funds congressional campaigns, who wants to spent taxpayer dollars on all the negative ads the crowd our tv scenes during election time? shannon: now republicans support but white house press secretary jen psaki said president biden would support abolishing the filibuster to push this through. do you think this will become law? >> that is the worry. override the senate prominent aryan. there are ways that can happen
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and that is why it's get back to the fundamentals, elections have consequences and right now this is on the nightstand. it could happen. todd: michael burgess's eyes on joe manchin and kissed and senate. you and your fellow republicans want briefing from the dhs chief who claims there is no border crisis. look at the numbers. in january alone the number approaching 80,000 southwest border apprehensions, this is the number that shocks me, dhs projecting 117,000 unaccompanied minors will cross this year, that is a huge jump from fiscal year 2020. in your estimation is this a crisis or challenge? >> by j johnson's definition this is a crisis. he identified 1000 crossings a day would be a crisis and we are well beyond that point. i've been down there are times when the numbers of spiked and
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it is tough, tough on the men and women we ask to be our first line, customs and border protection, even our health officials tasked with taking care of unaccompanied minors who cross the border, this becomes a management problem of epic proportions and it didn't start in the last administration, the last exposure was in 2014 when the unaccompanied minor crisis reached crisis proportions and our systems were overwhelmed and that led to the difficulties we see today. i tried to get a bill passed last week, the massive stimulus coronavirus bill. let's do testing data. someone comes in we should test
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them. citizens on this side should know if they need to worry this individual coming in has brought the coronavirus with them and that was turned down. wouldn't let it on the rules committee but we have to address that. it is could go. carley: we hear about texas, the governor just reopened, everything open to 100% capacity. let's listen to what president biden had to say about your governor. >> i think it is a big mistake. i hope everyone has realized by now these masks make a difference in the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking that everything is fine, take off your mask, forget it. it still matters. todd: you were just talking about the illegal immigrants that president biden is allowing into the country with kim jong un for and yet he is accusing governor abbott of neanderthal thinking.
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>> i'm sure governor abbott has been called worse. the amusing aspect is governor abbott, this has been a difficult situation for them. i'm not a big believer in mandates. i wear a mask, i think it is a good idea. i think it protects me and those around me but what are you going to do if someone doesn't wear a mask, arrest them? put them in jail where the risk is much higher? the mask mandate should be an educational activity where people are at risk or in settings where they can socially distance of course a mask is a good idea nothing the governor said would prohibit someone from wearing a mask. i have my n95 mask i where to the grocery store and in places where i cannot socially distance, i will wear it on the aircraft because the airlines tell me i should but the
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governor is exactly correct, let's return this decision back to people and here's the other thing. thank god for the vaccines, the president would not accept the time when he was originally given of 18 months, he did it in 10 months and this is not one, not two but three highly effective vaccines, who a year ago when we first heard of this would have thought we would actually have those tools in hand today but thank god we do. todd: interesting view from doctor michael burgess, also a congressman. carley: 19 after the hour, no white house interference, fox news expensive update on the probe into hunter biden's tax affairs. life report coming up. todd: people get the wrong dosage of the covid-19 vaccine, how? that story next.
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carley: back with extreme weather, west virginia's governor declaring a state of emergency after heavy rain causes devastating flooding. neil: boat floating the river and crashing into a bridge. carley: janice dean has the latest forecast was a lot of water. >> janice: things are drying out across the southeast to the mid-atlantic and we have warmer than average temperatures across the sinful us, 40s on the gulf coast, 34 in chicago, that is pretty good. for 5:00 am in early march. showers and thunderstorms are gone across the southeast, we are seeing active weather over
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the southwestern parts of california, the system moving inland, along the coast things are going to remain active as we get into the weekend and we will see mountain snow along with heavy coastal rain. keep an eye on that, fairly quiet and i will take it. that is your forecast precipitation as we get into the weekend and next week so the snow on the mountain range and along the coast and even parts of colorado and the southwest, so that lower elevation rain, there is your forecast and look at those mild temperatures 71 in kansas city, 38 in chicago, yesterday close to 50, 46 in minneapolis, they will take it. that's not bad. one more. that is my book. my apology. account down to spring. didn't mean to do that although you can purchase is anywhere. >> if you weren't so honest i wouldn't believe you but we know
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you are telling the truth. >> janice: i have a countdown to spring. how is the book doing? >> janice: it is doing really well. todd: highlight of the year so far. >> it is a wonderful book full of positive stories, thank you so much. make your own sunshine, you see it behind you. todd: mississippi bill, the governor is expected society, the ban would apply to teams at big schools and universities, republicans state senator angela sponsored the rights and part, quote, if we do not move to protect female sports from biological mail to have an unfair physiological advantage we will eventually no longer have female sports. >> thousands of california receive a smaller amount of the coronavirus vaccine due to an
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issue with syringes. that's not good. officials say a third of the dose got stuck at the bottom of the plastic container but listen to what dr. janette nesheiwat had to say. >> there might be an issue where you get underdoes overdose but continue with your dosing regimen, you were still going to likely get protection. >> the syringes were used at the oakland coliseum site. officials say even with the lesser dose it still fell within the medical guidelines. a okay on that front thankfully. 26 after the hour, two sisters whose mother died in a new york nursing home, want governor cuomo held accountable. todd: the biggest frustrations in their quest for justice next.
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anything in my public career that i'm ashamed of future wasn't elected by politicians. i was elected by the people of the state of new york, i'm not going to re-sign. i work for the people of the state of new york. >> governor andrew cuomo refusing to resign law facing two major scandals. our next guest lost their mother in new york nursing home and they say cuomo needs to be held accountable for his actions. good morning to you both. tell us about your mom, she was 72 years old and living in a manhattan nursing home. >> my mother lived in upper manhattan, she passed away on april 6th, 2020. jillian: review able to see her at all during that time? >> we were denied entry but i was able to sneak in and see her one last time, she died 6 hours
2:31 am
later on the bed. jillian: what is your message to governor cuomo? you wanted to be whole accountable for that order, that required nursing homes to take covid-19 patients. >> this is absolutely insane. only makes sense if you put covid-19 patients in a vulnerable population like a nursing home that this is just a matter of time. >> what do you think of his response? blaming other people, passing the buck? >> that was the easy way out. he was unable to face the scrutiny and allowing this to happen so that is what he is going to do. that is what he is going to do.
2:32 am
todd: one of your sources of frustration is governor cuomo gave nursing homes in the unity so even if they neglect their patients, the folks staying in the nursing homes they are not going to be held accountable for that. >> this immunity bill drafted by hospital lobbyists is placed into the budget at the last minute so now families have no recourse to be able to get justice for their loved ones that died in nursing homes. nursing homes have no incentive. if they are going to be immune from liability, they don't have to provide ppe, they don't have to provide care. what else do families have you we blame cuomo. he also said if i did anything wrong blame me, we blame you for our mothers death and for 15,000 other seniors death.
2:33 am
shannon: his approval rating has plummeted at 38% whereas last year that number was at 71%. how do you feel about him being finally held accountable for this? >> i'm so pleased because we cannot allow this to happen ever again. when we talk about the nursing homes, he never mentioned -- why even put patients in nursing homes when we have the jacob javits center and the comfort ship, it is all about the money. todd: so true there were other places to put these people but before the investigations were opened up he was out there writing a book and getting an emmy award so that must have
2:34 am
been so appalling to see as you bury your mother because of one of his policies. >> that is a slap in the face for all the families absolutely. todd: appreciate you coming on and getting exposure on this whole thing. the pictures of her that we showed on-screen, two beautiful daughters as well. todd: never gets easier to hear those words was a horrible tragedy in bolivia, students drop 50 feet after a balcony railing breaks. that is just horrible. 7 students were killed, 3 others critically hurt, parents demanding an investigation. todd: the effort to recall governor gavin newsom closing in on 2 million signatures. the group is collecting more
2:35 am
than the required amount to trigger a special election. the state has until the end of april to verify those signatures. todd: new york times facing backlash over an ad seeking an opinion editor with a, quote, spine of steel. a quick turnover of three opinion editor's of the publication, newsweek's deputy opinion editor tweeting, quote, in 6 months the new york times lost 3 opinion editor's with spines of steel, open-minded appetite for risk and exacting standards because their colleagues couldn't handle the single one of these attributes and their bosses were amoral cowards. take a look at this. is determined dad helping his daughter drink or formula. jillian: doctors said his daughter is underweight and needs to put on some extra pounds. todd: this health pack on the
2:36 am
pounds in college, probably not the way he wanted but he put one online, changes to make. the viral video going viral with 10 million, you do what you can't get your kids to eat obviously, you want to be safe and -- todd: as long as it is safe and he wasn't just shoving food down the baby's wrote. now he has gone viral because of this. the time is 36 after the hour. ferguson activists want a piece of the action, the millions they are demanding from the lack lives matter movement. todd: is this supposed to happen? is that what it is supposed to look like? probably not. the latest space x rocket exploding minutes after nailing the landing. how to play with success.
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carley: della the super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000. all you need to do is projects with six outcomes in the super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertaining sports, free to play, download the fox super 6 apps now. ♪♪
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carley: activists in ferguson, missouri, demanding money from black lives matter after learning they raked in big bucks last year. todd: cheryl casone here's to explain. >> reporter: two activists demanding $20 million after it was revealed the organization black lives matter brought in $19 million, michael brown whose son was killed in 2014 and the founder of the international black freedom alliance say that shooting and others were the
2:41 am
catalysts for the national movements but never been compensated for their efforts and continue to do that work in their community. it was regionally revealed blm took in $90 million in total revenue last year but not clear where the money was spent. todd: what is going on with facebook? >> reporter: they lifted the ban on political ads. at the time facebook said it wanted to spread the flow of misinformation. the ban was partially lifted after the senate runoff. google lifted their political ad ban just last week. todd: space x is intriguing, we love when it works, a lot of times it doesn't sometimes this. >> reporter: you can't win them all. space x starship rocket launched, everything seemed well, lost, landed, then, well, it up. it hit an altitude of 10
2:42 am
kilometers. there was a fire at the base. it had some success this morning with their new satellite so we will leave it on a positive note. carley: space x isn't hurting for success. they are doing great things. >> reporter: the video is crazy, it takes off, flies around, lands and it looks great and then we are not so good. carley: lots of money goes up in flames. thank you so much. todd: that was pretty good. 42 after the hour. teachers who are not comfortable going back to class won't have to drying backlash from parents next.
2:43 am
carley: what is coming up on "fox and friends"? steve: it is thursday and coming up on our big telecast texas governor greg abbott on his decision to fully reopen texas. you don't have to wear a mask. all those businesses are open, just personal responsibility. that prompted the president of the united states to say it was a big mistake and reflect neanderthal thinking. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on accusations of israeli war crimes and the impact it could have, and in center square, kayleigh mcenany and to the right, josh howley, congressman michael waltz. a busy 3 hours kicks off 16 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news.
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todd: sources say the under biden probe is active without interference. >> reporter: the federal investigation under hunter biden's tax affairs is ongoing without interference from the white house. those involved in the investigation out of the us attorney's office, treating it seriously. as president biden promised, federal prosecutors have not heard from the white house, the
2:48 am
attorney general judge merrick garland. garland said he has not discussed the probe with president biden adding the president made clear, the work of the justice department. he was under federal investigation for his tax affairs. sources said hunter biden was a target of the grand jury investigation which was predicated in part by suspicious activity regarding foreign transaction. those involved funds from china in other foreign nations. a full review of the matter would demonstrate that he, quote, handled his affairs legally and appropriately. his attorney did not respond to fox news's request for comment. the biden administration to resign from their post by the end of february with the exception of david wright, us attorney for delaware with oversight of the probe.
2:49 am
the final confirmation vote is expected to take place in the senate at sometime next week. carley: thank you. todd: public school teachers say one in 5 students are not advancing to the next grade. the majority of north carolina public school students didn't pass end of your exams in 2020. the founder of the wade county school group, joined us earlier to explain why. >> they need to work things out in a classroom that could have been done safely starting in the fall. and that let our children. >> students attending public schools across the state.
2:50 am
>> ben watson has this advice. they are edging to get back onto the field. >> we can't control these people but we can control the things we can control. lamenting the fact they can't play. >> yesterday, students and fathers, fighting to resume indoor sports in the state. raw chicken, moldy bread and metal shavings is what michigan national guard troops say they were served and got sick from in our nation's capital. todd: two of them join us with the changes they want now. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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>> raw chicken moldy bread metal shavings that's what michigan national guard troops say they were served and if michigan lawmakers say they're pure yags and bill and jack join me now. congressman, how does this happen? >> bad leadership. bad contract, clearly, and certainly a contractor that is not doing its job. so i don't blame national guard leadership. i really do, though, blame
2:55 am
anyone at that company who is delivering these meals who thought this would be acceptable especially after there was complaints and they tried to fix it. and to have it happen again is just completely unacceptable. >> here's the statement from the gnarl guard sense january 6th, there have been no national guard members hospitalized because of elens from food approximately 50 treated for gastrointestinal complaints and major guard monitoring quality and safety of meals provided to its personnel. congressman, you are a veteran, i am not but i don't think you need to be a rn have to feel how i'm feeling. why does it always seem that those who give the most to our country, i.e. are troops our soldiers, our veterans worst the country treats you. >> i would respectfully disagree that country as a whole because we love the men and women who serve i tell you whey felt that love for decades when people thank me for my service and people congressman said people need to be held accountable and
2:56 am
that goes from guard leadership down through the contractor. get out from behind your desk, and get out to the contractor and see what's going on and hold them accountable it is not that tough. these guardsmen are being held accountable for completion of their mission should go both ways. >> agreed great point fair assessment and layperson i think individuals like yourself serve sod beautifully and admirably for our country deserve best of the best an shouldn't deal with metal which you gave an excellence response there is an investigation underway to find whoever whatever is responsible for this? >> we've -- i know congressman and i know we have some letters made call to the headquarters to make sure investigation is ongoing and we're looking for results right now. again this is not that tough. >> congressman i guess what frustrates me is not only human along the way -- had to seen off on this. this can't happen just out of the blue randomly somebody had
2:57 am
to sign off on this. how is that person even allowed anywhere near food to begin with? >> that's the question we need to ask this contractor. they're ones that signed off on a it after the first set of complaints, they did change some of their processes writing ts, teams on box those kinds of things and to have that happen again, means that after a review where they supposedly fixed it, they still allowed it to happen. so you know my solution to this is let's give the troops a per diem allow them to have an mre and purchase their own food off the duty time, but once they're home then that investigation needs to happen. so we've got the short-term where we've got it take care of them make sure they have decent food when they go home on the 12th after that then we need to have this investigation. >> that per diem would be a targeted stimulus because it would help not only the troops
2:58 am
get fed but also help those in d.c. that have had their businesses shut down. i'm gong to ask one final question to you alluded to it, is it time to bring all of our troops home away from the capitol and back to their homes specifically in your case, michigan representative to you first. >> yeah. i think so we've been asking for threat assessments and security briefings, those have been refused by the speaker so far. we need to know why they have been here. but again, they're here. so let's make sure that we're taking care of them but it is time to come home nip. >> congressman same question to you. >> they need to get home with their families back to their jobs because these people are all volunteers we need to sending signal to all men and women who are in the guard who might consider joining the guard that their services valued and they're not being screwed with. >> gentlemen keep on top of this i know you will this is ridiculous this shouldn't happen to any country much less the united states of america. these brave men and women give so much away from their families
2:59 am
leak you said. this can't happen. representatives. >> joe montana tells fox news if he had any advice for tom brady after anding 7th super bowl it would be this, play as long as you can because once it is over, it is over. and if you try to give back to is it after you retire especially at a late, later age it is hard to get that motivation back again. so as long as you can keep it going, and people want you to place, keep playing. >> montana call brady's career great for football. look -- >> i have stats for you. >> what's the average -- >> average years that nfl quarterback plays how many years as tom brady -- >> 31 -- 21 years. when did joe montana retire? >> 1939.
3:00 am
how old was he? >> 39 years old. tom brady -- 43. ting they're on the same page when it comes to playing as long as people will have you. >> take over the tom quiz show right here. >> that's right i'm coming for you tom. fox and friends starts right now. >> according to joe biden only a neanderthal -- >> i feel the same way as i did as the day that hillary clinton called all of us in military deplorables. >> deeply apologize -- nutrition, and the key is to really shattered ambition. >> 108 migrants so far have tested positive for covid while there's a big outcry, national guard troops have become success from the food they're being given. >> provided for badly undercooked raw moldy even


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