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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 4, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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and it is a mess in both instances. [laughter] >> harris: that is perfect. and a great place to end. thanks, everybody, great to see you. we are glad everyone is watching "outnumbered" because we love coming to you every day. and here "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, resident biotin and his critics ask where is joe as he has not yet held a single solo news conference since taking office since inauguration. 44 days and counting everyone, hello, sandra smith. >> john: john roberts in washington the president continues to make policy changes behind me. the press secretary jen psaki said not yet and somebody asked earlier this week about a formal news conference from the president. >> sandra: so far, the president, joe biden has only taken questions and limited settings. kristin fisher from the white house, trump held his
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first conference 28 days in an obama 21 days and so no wonder biden raising eyebrows about transparency. good afternoon. >> we are getting daily news briefings from press secretary but asking her questions is different than asking the president himself a few questions. and you know president biden has taken a few questions, he took questions for me on tuesday but shouted questions very different than a formal news conference with the entire white house press corps. if you look back at history, you see president bush held his first press conference 21, sorry 34 days in office. president obama 21 days, president trump 28 days and now we are at day 43 of the biden presidency. president biden did take 20 minutes of questions january 25th, including two questions from my colleague peter doocy as for when the first formal news conference
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will be. here is jen psaki being asked about on monday. >> his first press conference? >> not yet, but we will deftly have one. we will schedule it and you will be the first want to know because you are pivotal perfect. >> as we await word on that, the president with a covid relief bill and focus shift to infrastructure and emigration. we know that president biden is actually meeting this afternoon with a bipartisan group of lawmakers about his infrastructure plan to watch for that, sandra and john. >> sandra: kristin fisher life from the white house to kick things off, thank you, john. >> john: republican lawmakers slamming new york governor cuomo to strip him of emergency powers saying it does not do enough. the governor apologized yesterday for his behavior around women while claiming he has no plans to resign. cuomo also said he never touched anyone inappropriately. "the new york post" responding to that claim with a picture
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showing the governor holding the face of one of his accusers. team coverage will join us in moments but we began with bryan llenas live always in brooklyn, new york, brian what is the latest? >> john, good afternoon governor andrew cuomo asked to reserve judgment until the attorney general office finishes independent investigation. and he also feels there's a lot of attention on what he said about sexual harassment allegations particularly when he said he did not know. >> i didn't know at the time i was making her feel uncomfortable. i never meant to, but that doesn't matter. if a person feels uncomfortable, if a person feels pain. if a person is offended, i feel very badly about that. and i apologize for it. >> so cuomo did not give names but one of the accusers charlotte bennett who will be speaking for the first time tonight on another network said
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cuomo made inappropriate remarks that made her feel highly uncomfortable. she took issue with cuomo apologies and her lawyer writing in part, "the governor said he didn't know he made anyone uncomfortable. my client charlotte bennett reported sexual harassment behavior to his chief of staff and chief counsel." amid all of these, they plan on passing legislation to scale back the pandemic emergency powers and republican say a bogus deal and it will not go nearly far enough, john. >> john: bryan llenas in brooklyn, bryan, thank you so much misandry. >> sandra: fox news contributor and new york columnist come of course all over this with another headline again. miranda, you still come i never touched anyone inappropriately. and the post writes. as we begin a brand-new day and finds himself in the middle of multiple scandals, miranda.
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>> hi, sandra, he's on a road to nowhere but he's obviously has told us that he's going to dig in and really i can't see anybody managing before the next election next year. but the fourth term any are shattered as his presidential ambitions. if there was any remorse today, he seemed to be a little bit teary-eyed at one point although it did not seem very genuine. any remorse was for himself and his shattered ambitions. no remorse, no apologies for the families of those 10,000 people that he sent into nursing homes who were covid positive and leading to the deaths of so many come at 15,000 plus people, elderly people mostly in nursing homes. and he has always denied that charge. that is because of his order.
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and then he covered up and he's under federal investigation for that. his own aide has admitted that they covered up and that they didn't provide information requested by state legislatures because they were hiding it from the feds. and so, you know, i don't see how he can escape from the ability for that. at the moment, the sexual harassment scandal is causing him more grief. and he is certainly getting a lot more criticism for that. people are coming out of the woodwork now. about the deaths of all those people last year, you wonder, where were his critics then? >> sandra: absolutely and questions over the double standard with which treating this scandal, politico, former harassment scandal meatballs were also in lindsey graham and that article saying aloud and need him to go. and they are trying to figure
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out how to handle it. here is my advice, handle them all the same here that way you don't have to worry about it. and now, the biden administration has been asked most recent jen psaki holds almost daily to comment on this, but joe biden himself, we are hearing very little. miranda you heard our lead, 43 days and counting since inauguration day and we have not seen a solo press conference. by joe biden taking questions from reporters. he has now gone far past his predecessors, trump and push in the days that have gone by without doing so. where is he? >> well, look, he's in the basement. he is just following exactly the protocol that he followed during the election campaign. that worked out really well for him. really, he has such a press following him that no one complains too much. but i wonder how long that will
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last. how long that extended honeymoon will last now that there is no donald trump to kick around. and now that there are real problems in the country, particularly at the southern border which is a crisis. he has questions to answer. he's hiding behind jen psaki and other staffers. it is really not good enough. he needs transparency and he is delivering exactly the opposite. but you know my think mike pompeo the former secretary of state made a point yesterday when he said, you know, this absence of biden shows weakness and that america's adversaries around the world will be watching every move. mike pompeo said weakness begets war. and i think that is something we really should take seriously. that joe biden needs to step up and act like a president. he needs to be accountable and transparent, and he needs to expose himself to the full power
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and light of the media. >> sandra: these are not light questions he is dodging. 17 executive actions he's on, an executive order since taking office, major policy changes and decisions. rightly he should be taking questions on that 28 days for trump, 21 for obama when he took his first solo news conference. man 34 days and for bush. so almost 44 days now. we don't make the pressure seems to be building, miranda, thank you. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: john, a place you spend a lot of time, the white house. i'm sure they are feeling the pressure for him to do this. >> john: and i wouldn't be surprised if they call something soon because pressure tends to get reaction on some fronts at least at the white house. you should know too president trump gave the first press conference on the 28th. i was there and he was only one who gave first year of presidency. so lots of other availabilities as well.
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there is something different about a former press conference as they are cold. let's see what they do. house democrats passed the george floyd justice and policing act. the wide-ranging bill to reform the police departments across the country, but critics warned it would undermine public safety. jacqui heinrich at capitol hill, hi. >> good afternoon, john, tied to progressive call to defund the police and after the movement a month house democrat was blamed for costing them seats and making moderates nervous. a sticking point, qualified immunity of legal provision showing government officials from civil lawsuits which the bill would take away. the critics say if that happens, constantly sued and second-guessing courts, and mass departures but democrats say it is a crucial reform. >> the officer that killed george floyd was looking at the camera as he killed him, why?
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he felt he could operate in the impunity. so immunity will allow individuals to sue the officer. >> the bill would ban so-called and racial profiling and establish national standards for policing but republicans say the unfunded mandates and the bill with departments would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. kevin mccarthy tweeted "democrats double down defunding the police." last night hundreds of millions of new police departments with the equivalent of 3,000 cups or more taken off the street here there is little chance of this bill passing as it stands now, but there is communication between the two parties where they could come together. republicans with their own police reform legislation at last session, but the democrats filibustered it, john. >> john: jacqui heinrich watching the capitol hill for us, and sandra a big discussion over exactly how to go about doing this, to back the blue but at the same time make sure the communities that they police
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have some involvement as well. this idea, too, putting out mental health experts and not backed by the police. there are a lot of people that say that is a bad idea. >> sandra: the communities are struggling and in minneapolis right away the residents were saying they saw the slow down and the response to the phone calls. it is a problem needs to be addressed. john, a california mom accuses teachers union of racial profiling after she spoke out on getting kids back to the classroom. her story just ahead. >> john: plus biden border crisis, oversight committee calling for a hearing on how it's being handled, in particular if the conditions of migrant children. james comer ways in but first homeland security secretary chad wolf. >> now was not the time to come here there is a time to come but it's just not now. that message is too new ones, they will not get it and you see
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♪ ♪ >> john: nearly 2 million people signed the recall petition against california governor gavin newsom. that is more than roughly 1.5 million needed to trigger a recall election. march 17th the deadline together signatures and until april 29th to verify. organizers have slammed governor newsom's handling of the pandemic. we are getting closer on the front, sandra and this could actually happen. >> sandra: we have been watching this go 1.9 signatures and at least 13 days left in this. we will watch it closely, john. all right, a report showing how the number of child migrants crossing the border overwhelming resources.
10:18 am
meantime federal authorities say two suvs involved in separate pressures in california tuesday entered the u.s. from mexico through a gap in a border barrier. casey stegall in texas with more on that. what are the agents thing about all of this where you are? >> sandra, they tell us frankly they are being hit in all directions. we are not just talking about a number of children that are surging the southern border but frankly arrests are up all across the board. in this particular sector alone, single adult apprehensions have risen 350% according to the cdc data compared to the same time the previous year. now, check this out. just incredible. during our broadcast day yesterday not far from our camera position, we talk to you a little bit about this yesterday, we witnessed a number of apprehensions taking place
10:19 am
right before our eyes by border patrol, including a group of young kids. experts say word on the streets that the american border is open is what is largely driving these numbers. >> smugglers play a big role and they transmit information when they come. they use sound bites with the policy changes. i'm sure the biden administration. >> now when it comes to kids a new exodus report said processing 321 a day and that is compared to 47 a day on average at the beginning of january. and they are moving fast to order at the opening of additional overflow facilities since that report suggest juvenile bed space could be out and fully foal by the end of this month. john. >> sandra: casey stegall out of eagle pass, texas, john.
10:20 am
>> john: sandra of the department of homeland security protecting 100,000 migrant children coming into the united states this year and now, republicans in the houseing of these children, joining me now the ranking member james comer of kentucky. let me ask you first of all, congressman, do you believe there is a crisis on the border? >> there is no question there is a crisis at the border. you have already relayed the statistics we are getting in congress now. when president trump was president, the democrats and oversight committee were very concerned about the crisis on the border, the humanitarian crisis on the border. so we have multiple hearings. now, we have seen the numbers are skyrocketing since biden has become president as far as illegal border crossings, especially among children, unaccompanied children. all 20 have requested an emergency hearing to see exactly what the biden administration will do to mitigate the problem.
10:21 am
>> john: you appeal to the chairwoman for that hearing. where does that stand now? >> we haven't heard nothing back from her. she was very concerned when donald trump was president. i think one of the greatest accomplishments that trump administration had was the efforts to secure the border. now we are seeing all those efforts unraveling and is joe biden's fault. joe biden has signaled to the world that he will not take border security seriously. as a result, we see more caravans. we see more people cross the border illegally. unaccompanied children cross the border, and now we understand the dhs request at the white house that they will need a great expansion of beds and facilities to house not only illegals across the border but tens of thousands of children. speak to you and other 18 house sent a letter to ella hunter my
10:22 am
quercus the biden administration's limiting immigh proposal to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants are signaling to the world the immigration lives could be violated with little or any consequence and you say there is a perfect storm on the border. >> exactly, it is a pandemic in the biden administration campaign for a year on the concern for america to be shut down and insisted the schools remain shut down. just think about this in 47 days joe biden has done more to open the border for illegal immigrants then he has to open the schools for american public school children. it is a crisis intercut the situation to have more human trafficking take place, more drugs cross the border illegally and it is just a problem. and all the border steaks are concerned about i.c.e. agents have contacted us and concerned about it. and so we have a terrible crisis
10:23 am
at the border. >> john: from axios' reported today border patrol with 321 children to hhs at the end of february. that is an increase from 203 per day late january /early february, and the first week of january. take a look at the south last children projected for fiscal year 2021 to be 117,000. congressman, there is no question there is something brewing on the southern border. thank you for joining us today and we will keep an eye on whether you get that hearing, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> john: sandra when you look at the staggering increase from the people coming across the border, it is like someone put up a billboard and said "pass the time, come on." even though we don't see, but come now. >> sandra: and declare a crisis at the border which
10:24 am
clearly a tough situation, john. president biden meanwhile weighing the possibility of child tax credits under the covid bill permanent. why economists are warning that is not the way to go. charles payne the money manager will break that down for us next. >> john: plus a california mother outspoken is now accusing teachers union of racial profiling. her story ahead. >> it is very clear pointed racism. and racial profiling. if this was sent out to someone african-american or latino, they would have a lawsuit on their hands. ♪ ♪
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10:29 am
back into schools and at least two "los angeles times" articles. her name is miriam and she was shocked to receive an email from the united teachers los angeles union asking about the race. the email said you tla working on research project about the race of those who speak out on education issues. janet said "i know that miriam is a uranium name but i will not make assumptions without a legitimate method. can you tell me how you racially self identify to a citation on your identity? >> it is quite frankly scary the way taking education, white and middle eastern against black and brown. it is very clear, pointed racism. they are racial profiling. speak with the uto lake union says it has apologized, who is
10:30 am
originally from afghanistan and says the email with a research project, but we understand this type of email ce taken out of context. john, there's been a lot of discussion here over the closure of schools to hit minority schools and this is another example of patent sensitivities in a situation that was obviously unprecedented pressure on parents and teachers alike, john. >> john: no question it is hitting people hard, jonathan hunt in los angeles, sandra. >> sandra: white house officials telling that president biden wants to explore options to child tax credit increased permanent in this country as part of the build back better agenda. and money on fox business and joins us now. charles, what we understand here is increased the child tax credit for eligible families to $3,000 for each child seven and up.
10:31 am
and $3600 for each child six and under and this will be paid monthly increments and big difference reporting here is that unlike the tax credit paid back to families when filed their taxes, this would be paid out in cash, monthly deposits to eligible families. what is the reaction to this? >> remember this whole program began in what they called earned income for child tax credit. the earned income part vanishes. it is refundable. it doesn't matter. in your lead and is the perfect part, sandra the idea once this is in place, it will become entitlement. it will be hard to campaign against this to remove it so $100 billion, $900 billion a year, $1 trillion over ten years. there was a lot of reasons to be anxious about this including it piles on another incentive not to go to work. you start to layer on a
10:32 am
different entitlements that are out there and it becomes tough, very attractive to say, you add up 250, $300 or more and it's really difficult. we understand we did some things in emergency the unwinding has been anxiety for a lot of people. it looks like that's happening and it looks like another new permanent asylum program. >> sandra: reporting on this, republicans have spoken out fiercely against the spirit their concern is a monthly pay out as being described would be a trojan horse for universal, basic income. do you see at the same way? >> i see a lot of it this way. we have democrats also trying to push annual stimulus like this will be the fourth one, but they want this every year no matter what pandemic or no pandemic. there is no doubt, there is a massive push towards that. any chance they get, listen, elections have consequences. and it looks like there will be
10:33 am
one going down that path quickly. >> good point, jodey arrington making a good point saying the need for temporary child care assistance for some families is real. we acknowledge that credit intoh payment that no longer incentivizes work to your point, charles, cass nemec $100 billion with tax credits to become permanent entitlement program is the wrong approach. an agreement with you but real quickly if i could, charles, before we send you up to your show on "the dow" what is happening with extreme volatility and 435-point sell-off and now as of today's losses, the dell, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq have all given up any gains that they made so far this year. >> and it all goes back to jerome powell, sandra. wall street lost in the ability
10:34 am
to tamp down inflation. we saw last week spiking yields. he began speaking at 12:00. the markets were edging higher. everyone was on edge. i'm comparing it to casey at the bat. he's been too cool for school. he won't do things that wall street wants him to do so you can argue this is some sort of temper tantrum or something wrong but jerome powell led us down an hour ago. now you are seeing the consequence of it. >> sandra: wow, charles, we will see you later this afternoon. the network appreciate your take on both of those topics. john, we watch the markets. both of these hours you and i host every day. and we have seen a lot of market rallies this year but now all the gains given up and a lot of uncertainty on what jerome powell will do next. the interest rates will they go up as the economy the economy starts to improve? >> john: we watch with fascination by albatross, you just don't understand what's going on. >> sandra: [laughter]
10:35 am
>> john: no clue. >> sandra: a lot of folks don't know at this moment. >> john: i've seen the albatross stance and it's very interesting, captivating. coming up fallout from president biden's order in the middle east and bipartisan push to limit the commander-in-chief's war power. >> sandra: plus businesses in minneapolis preparing for the possibility of more riots next week, the former police officer accused of killing george floyd. so what happens if there is more violence to calm? ♪lo ♪ introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> sandra: a group of bipartisan lawmakers introducing a bill to strip president biden of war powers. all of this coming a week after he ordered air strikes in syria. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon for us, hi, jennifer.
10:40 am
>> according to the constitution only congress has declared war but that hasn't happened since 1942. its role for decades especially in the wake of 9/11 according to a new bipartisan bill introduced days after the biden administration's first air strikes in the middle east. senator tim kaine of virginia and republican todd young say the old work authorizations for iraq gave the white house a blank check. >> when twitter is making editorial decisions like singh president trump will not be on the platform, but they will let ayatollah tweet he will strike a blow against america, where is the consistency there? american see it and they understand it. >> i'm afraid that was the wrong bite. we should have had a bite from tim kaine there but just to say that he is suggesting that the authorization for the use of military force, he and senator young issued the following statement saying some authorizations need to be
10:41 am
repealed "the 1991 and 1992 ams underpin the war against iraq need to be taken off the books to prevent future misuse. many law makers complain congress given 15 minutes notice before the u.s. dropped bombs in syria, a country with which the u.s. is not in war. >> sandra: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon on. >> john: joey jones the host of fox nation outdoors and fox news contributor, joey it is great to see you and him and then time military action like this, we typically hear about it, call to irani and war powers in congress ultimately has the say whether we use military action. typically you hear that from democrats against a republican president, but this time democrats against the democratic although it is bipartisan. >> no, absolutely not just democrats. the american people looking at this thing 20 years in war and congress to get it made.
10:42 am
the big distinguish between my case my went to iraq and afghanistan with tens of thousands of troops surged that was planned and executed over more than a year. that is a little bit different than what i would call the trump doctrine of certain and immediate retaliation when things happen, which i think president biden was kind of invoking with the latest attack. even though those two things are different beyond time for congress to step in and do its job. if they want the president to have the power and have that certain type of retaliation from immediate retaliation, they should pass something to allow that and not just continue on the executive side to mold and tweak and maneuver these 2002-2001 approvals. we are going after people two or three countries away and specific to a rack, it does not make sense at all. >> john: print three presidents at least come up for code george w. bush barack obama and joe biden, look at these things and say, this is all the
10:43 am
authorization we need to launch whatever tele- tory strike or when it comes to terrorism although that might be hundred 2001 and more than 1991-2002 to say we have full authorization. they are very happy to carry that out this authorization. >> a president and executive branch if you have not noticed sees power every opportunity they have. really any part of our lives. you would expect them to do the same thing with military power, but congress has that responsibility. as much as i would love to blame a specific president or the last four commit is congress that has chosen not to do anything. not to pass laws or hold themselves to a voting record to be held accountable over two or six years to get their job back again. so really, it is easy to say that presidents shouldn't do this, but it is a lot more important to look at congress and say why haven't you done anything and why haven't you made the decision were made
10:44 am
yourself accountable? >> john: maybe they will, you have a great show on fox nation, fox outdoors. i like this episode duck hunting and doing other things with south dakota governor christie no one. who is a better shot, you or her? >> you know south dakota is known as the world mecca for pheasant hunting and kristi noem has been doing it if you decades longer. since a kid so i learned a few things with her and her family but it was a tremendous amount of fun and i encourage everybody to check it out. you will learn quite a bit and more than just on the episodes. >> sandra: you should have a competition to defuse a bomb. joey, it is great to see you as always. >> thank you. >> john: good to see you, sandra, i love this, fox news outdoor show it looks like a lot of fun. >> sandra: i think we should invite ourselves on the show and stand in a river.
10:45 am
i will be the next episode. >> john: i want to listen. >> sandra: awesome come i will take you out. the show heads to the river. president biden calling out red state governors the decision to lift masked mandates as "neanderthal thinking." what the critics are saying about those comments by joe biden and how the white house is now defending it. ♪ ♪ to use your va streamline refi benefit you earned with your service one call to newday usa can save you $3,000 a year. that's me. with no income verification and no appraisal va streamline refi from newday usa alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah!
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♪ ♪ >> john: this new pizza topping likened a little too loopy for you. phones pizza a restaurant in iowa going viral for adding pizza, froot loops with sweet cream cheese with mozzarella cheese and then sprinkled with froot loops. twitter has exploded over it and not everyone is on board, one user calling it an affront to everything italian. while others admitted, they might be curious enough to try it. one of those people being sandra. >> sandra: one question, why? of all the toppings. and then it might actually be tasty for some people, the sweet and salty come i mean, people
10:50 am
like pineapple and ham. >> john: you ask why, why not? >> sandra: i cannot say that makes me hungry. interesting, right president biden taking aim at the governors of texas and mississippi after they lifted the covert restrictions. >> i hope everybody has realized by now these masks make a difference. the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking. take off your mask, forget it. it still matters. >> sandra: for national review online contributing editor and fox news contributor, it really struck me this morning when i heard the governor of mississippi respond to those comments really speaking for people who would be offended by that, listen. >> today i feel the same way as i did the day that hillary clinton called all of us in middle america deplorable spirit we are simply doing the thing to give our people the power back to do what they think is best for themselves and their family. >> sandra: why would he choose
10:51 am
to use that word or that phrase, deroy? >> i think he basically stepped on the message. i'm not a doctor but you can make an medical reason for wearing the masts. but he uses neanderthal as the governor said, it is like hillary clinton: deplorables pier and in selling neanderthals short, i met neanderthal, what have you. and people in the right will pick this up and use it as a bad stomach badge of honor. it really politicized is the whole mask issue rather than discussed as a matter of science, a political matter. people will embrace that work on the right. people might say come i will take my mask off. so i don't think he's helped politically, not helped medically and rather than unify the country and bring us together, more division, more controversy. >> sandra: clearly, the white house got word many were offended by those comments.
10:52 am
a reporter brought it up in the white house briefing for a few moments ago and here is how jen psaki answer the question. speak with the behavior of the neanderthal, just to be clear, the behavior of. look, the president what everybody saw yesterday was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which i think many american people have. >> sandra: so there seems to be a distinction she was making that he wasn't calling them neanderthals but engaging behavior of neanderthals, but does it make a difference? >> okay so we are not actually neanderthals but we behave like neanderthals. yes, that is comforting. that digs the hole beeper. what she should have said was the president was joking but he is serious about the message, let's wear masks and that will keep us healthy. you can debate it but debate on terms of medicine or science. but just repeating that term and trying to justify it just creates one more opportunity to
10:53 am
be divided. this is not lowering the temperature which is the entire reason joe biden ran for president. it can unnecessarily. >> sandra: all right, deroy murdock glad to have you back, great to see you, thank you. >> great to see you. >> sandra: john, governor abbott reacted and said not the type of thing the president should be saying. people in texas should continue to wear masks and him lifting that mandate, somehow sending the message you know longer need to wear mask or banning masks but that is simply not the case. >> he is putting the decision in the hands of texans and into the hands of texas business owners. if you own a business and you want to have people wearing masks in your business, that is their prerogative but he will not dictate it. we try to tell her 9-year-old's, you can agree to disagree but no name calling. >> sandra: good advice. >> john: president biden has yet to hold a solo news
10:54 am
conference and stream media giving him a free pass, joe concha will weigh in on that. >> sandra: president biden criticizing states like texas and mississippi after they lifted those covid restrictions. pete hegseth will join us with more on that and why the president is using that term neanderthal thinking. check out this lineup coming up in a brand-new hour. ♪ ♪ homeowner and need cash, here's big news. introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no leap, no leap! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> john: minneapolis business owners and bracing for rights ahead of the derek chauvin murder trial set to begin next week. after george floyd's death last week rioters an estimate of $500 million in damages to businesses and cities. matt finn live in minneapolis, and many businesses are still in the process of debating whether or not they will rebuild.
10:59 am
>> john, this bank behind us, wells fargo lit on fire last summer. now, finally just been demolished. some of the minneapolis business owners we talked to say they just reopened their stores in the past couple of weeks. now they are bracing again for potential another wave of mayhem and violence. if people decided they don't like the verdict in the upcoming murder trial. >> you are not doing any good by burning stuff down. the emigrants are trying to make a living. >> yes, definitely hoping for peace this time. but we do have to protect ourselves. >> a lot of the minorities are business owners too. and a lot of us started from scratch. >> if you were to go to downtown minneapolis where this riot will become a massive fencing and razor wire, state, local and federal agencies and the fbi preparing for this trial, john. >> john: let's hope we don't go through that all over again.
11:00 am
matt finn in minneapolis, thank you. a fox news alert now, as the questions matter for president biden's lack of press conferences. he's been in office more than six weeks and so far no official news conference. good afternoon welcome to the second hour of "america reports." sandra. >> sandra: that point we start keeping track, how the presidency is differing from others, sandra smith. welcome, everyone, it does have a timeline yet when the president will hold the first press conference. and as you can see, the predecessor is well on their way to holding one by now. president bush from obama, trump held the first news conferences by now. >> john: joining us the hill and media columnist joe concha, you just released a new column out "the hill" why is joe biden dodging the public and the press? do you think he is dodging here or trying to get their ducks in a row? >> will welcome everybody before
11:01 am
him in modern era got there ducks in a row in terms of meeting the press. what this tells us, the white house press secretary can't get us a general timeline when this press conference, st. patrick's day, april, august, what are we talking about? if you look at the predecessors they get it. why can't joe biden and what that tells me, john, this team as poor as those handling the president had zero confidence that this president can handle questions outside of either a handful of reporters, which we have seen four or five questions and the questions are generally the guys name is peter doocy. and then from there we don't hear from him in any capacity when he speaking at events. look come if he were to answer questions right now, i would be curious how he answers the question, for example migrant facilities that were just opened last month. you dubbed them as kids in cages, meanwhile people searching across the border.
11:02 am
what is your solution, sir, specific answer or covert relief. you have a $2 trillion bill with overwhelming majority of it doesn't come to health care. how do you justify that? i would be curious to see how the president answers those questions. i have a family we will not see that happen anytime soon because i don't think there is the confidence there that he can do it. >> john: the trump administration he had one solo news conference's first year but 20 joint appearances with foreign leaders and others that same year so a total of 21 for 2017. but president trump was always criticized, joe, for doing press availabilities and sometimes three or four and a day and some in a helicopter. he gets a chance to dodge a question if he wants or the noise of the helicopter to say i don't hear you. but joe biden is doing essentially the same thing, yet, not receiving the same amount of criticism or scrutiny that president trump did.
11:03 am
>> it is interesting the chopper gag goal. but at least he was taking questions. he took more questions, john in four years than previous four predecessors did in their eight or four year tenure. that is clear. you might not like the answers or agree with them, but he was extremely accessible. but then we talk about the joint session of congress. that doesn't involve, john -- when is that, right? that usually happens a few days, a few weeks after the president takes office if we go back to look at the predecessors again. that is not scheduled at this point. i know that is nancy pelosi's purview. but still, president biden said january 14th where he said as president-elect he would address congress next month as in february. when white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about that, no promise was made that would happen even though the president's own words said they would appear that is the bottom line here, 34 executive
11:04 am
orders, 16 proclamations and all of these actions that the president is taking without having to be held accountable for them. i would think that a guy, john the joint session 48 million people watch president trump in 2017 with that situation the biggest audience that you will got. the guy that got 81 million votes the most in history joe biden with the wind at his back would take advantage and address the country during a time a crisis in terms of covid to come of the economy come out rising china but instead we have an absolute absentee president six and a half weeks in. >> john: and covering three presidencies come i know sometimes the white house with public pressure does react so maybe sometime soon we will see a press conference. may be your call will help tip the balance, good: by the way, we will see. >> thank you, you have a good one. >> john: sandra, it's been a while since former prime time eastern press conferences where the president gets up and talks
11:05 am
for an hour or more. and upwards of 15, maybe even 20 questions. >> sandra: to your point, this is happening with the economy. now you have a lot of market reaction because there is a lot of uncertainty out there. all of this activity at the southern border. and he is implementing big policy changes. that is why it's reasonable to say it is time to answer questions. >> john: no shortage of things to ask about, that is for sure. >> sandra: absolutely $2 trillion covid bill already democrats are planning the next big ticket items. hillary vaughn live on capitol hill with more spending, fair to say, hillary? >> sandra, something that the white house hopes the democrats and republicans can get behind. the point of bipartisan meeting happening right now at the white house, but president biden said infrastructure is a top priority but it comes with conditions. the job he wants to benefit from
11:06 am
the amount of spending package should be union. >> he believes we have to rebuild the roads and bridges and improve communities and great jobs for americans. >> president biden said $2 trillion will create jobs by giving infrastructure a makeover, building more roads and bridges, energy grids and giving everyone access to the internet. a lot of the plan tied to a promise that these changes will help deliver on aggressive and ambitious plans to cut down on carbon emissions, but republicans are concerned that the infrastructure plan is more about being clean and spirit a source with this meeting at the white house tells me republicans will tell president biden price tag is a big issue if he wants republicans to support it. how it is paid for and how big it is does matter. they also want to make sure if a transportation bill and the good news is for democrats, it could be the things that were kicked
11:07 am
out of the covert relief bill for being controversial like the subway and speaker pelosi stated and chuck schumer states may be less controversial in an infrastructure package, sandra. >> sandra: . >> sandra: interesting stuff, hillary vaughn, former economic advisor steve moore. and obama economic council chair, welcome both of you. i think i will start with you first, steve. will you take with this tax credit becoming permanent? can the country afford that? >> well, when you are looking at deficit already this year with the latest forecast is almost $4 trillion. that is $4 trillion. when i first came to washington 35 years ago the entire budget was $1 trillion. now, with the infrastructure bill that you were talking about, sandra, by many estimates that would potentially be another trillion dollars of debt on the backs of the economy. look, at some point the country will go bankrupt. we cannot continue to spend and
11:08 am
borrow at this pace. i think it is very reckless and start time to pay the government bills. >> sandra: and i'm sure austan this was not addressed under the trump administration either but austan this reaction from thomas paine last hour. i asked about the child tax credit and what he thinks. here is his answer. >> you start to layer on the different entitlements out there and it becomes attractive to say, well, you end up this 250 -- it's very difficult. unwinding has been real anxiety for a lot of people. it looks like that is happening. it looks like we will have another new permanent asylum program. >> sandra: isn't that the problem with becoming permanent that it's almost impossible to take it away? >> well come i think it is a good idea of the child tax cred. you have probably seen this week, the fertility rate of people having children in the united states is the lowest it's
11:09 am
ever been in the history of the country. that is because the economic squeeze on parents is really quite awful. to add on top of that the pandemic come i don't think it is a bad idea. i appreciate you putting the words in my mouth that would have been there about steve moore. where was this argument -- >> sandra: does it give the biden administration and the excuse and democrats complained about it undertone so what are they doing about that, what are they doing about the deficit? >> they are going to cut it quite substantially from what they are inheriting. >> sandra: you hear this, right? >> we are spending more and we will grow back the economy and the deficit will come down. the reason why we got the $4 trillion is because of the mismanaged pandemic and the ute recession. cutting taxes $2 trillion for big corporations. >> sandra: okay. >> the height of that certainly doesn't help.
11:10 am
>> sandra: steve i know you want to react and i want to get the bloomberg headline. the pandemic on the country come in 15 u.s. states, shares of workers have hit an all-time low as of last year. we just got a new jobless claims number, and dominic 740,000 americans filed for unemployment. so you look at that dow jones, a huge sell-off and lots of them, lots of uncertainty so steep make sense of what is happening here. we are seeing a lot of policy changes by the white house as well. what is happening economically at this moment, steve? >> wealth, have to respond to what austan said. look, austan we did the big tax cut 2019 and may be the best economy in american history with lowest poverty rate, lowest unemployment rates who i will apologize for that. the biden administration wants to borrow for it will help the economy i would be for it except most of the things i think are negative. in fact, austan, casey mulligan
11:11 am
and i estimate this will lose six or 7 million jobs because we are paying so many people not to work. with that being said, sandra, i actually think this economy is ready for a blastoff. i was in the shuttle airport yesterday, sandra, packed with people. people are getting out and businesses getting opened again. i will say it one more time on your show, sandra, the stimulus, the economy is the back scene and getting the states open. we have to get the blue states open. >> sandra: that is a great point. the amount of people, the amount of savings during covid, austan, $2.9 trillion in not out buying new clothes are spending money at restaurants or entertainment or travel. $1.5 trillion in the u.s. alone hopefully that can help with the economic recovery. real quick, final thought, austan. >> indeed, that is absolutely right if we can get control of the virus and don't have
11:12 am
permanent damage which is what this relief bill to try to prevent, i agree with you we can be back in a situation where we are off to the races. >> sandra: steve we will end on agreement. we all need a little bit more. okay, thanks to both of you. appreciate it. >> john: sandra fox news alert out of washington, d.c. we are learning the capitol police plan to request that the national guard stay here in the nation's capital for at least another couple of months. they were staying today because this used to be inauguration day before they changed it to january 20th. there was some intelligence that extremist groups might try to launch some sort of attack on the capital today. so far all quiet in washington, d.c. we are not even hearing the typical fire engines and ambulances and the police cars we normally do midday
11:13 am
washington. so it is a lovely, sunny day, the sun shining on the capital there. in the national guard does continue to patrol around the capital area. it looks like they are going to, sandra, another couple of months now. which will raise more questions as to exactly what is this threat that they are responding to and costing taxpayers so much money? >> sandra: absolutely entered see those images, built, something we are not used to and john, somebody who spends as much time there as well. a beautiful, sunny day in washington, however. >> lovely day, mid 50s and of course a story of the national guard for michigan than other places getting horrible food. what that is doing as well. >> sandra: crispy chicken for the soldiers come unfortunate. deplorables, john? >> john: move over deplorable us because here comes the neanderthals and they are from texas. new fallout after president biden suggests the left knows better than the rest.
11:14 am
>> sandra: he knows best, next on the notion that is up to the government, not the american people. the best way to keep themselves safe. >> removing state mandates does not end personal responsibility. texas should continue following medical advice on preventing covid just as they do on other medical issues. ♪ ♪ refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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11:18 am
go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. speak to the governor of texas going after president biden for calling "neanderthal thinking." rollback of covert restrictions allow people to decide how to protect themselves. listen here. >> first, obviously not the type of thing a president should be
11:19 am
saying. second, he said it on the worst day he could have because the same day he said that in texas, the biden administration was releasing illegal immigrants into the communities. that is neanderthal throw type of approach to deal with the covid situation. >> john: again, be careful if you live in a glass house without throwing stones. we can cohost pete come as we start this off, pete hegseth, let's wind the clock back to what joe biden did say about this. >> the last thing, the last thing we need is "neanderthal thinking" and in the meantime, take off your masks and forget it. it still matters. >> apart from mispronouncing it, according to jen psaki, the president was not calling people of texas neanderthals. he said neanderthal behavior. >> i don't know how to pronounce it neanderthal but neither here or there may be that makes me
11:20 am
neanderthal. this is another conservative merit badge. the deplorables, smelly walmart people, then chomps for trump, but now it neanderthal. of course, it is not something you are offended by anymore because this is how you are use to it, and prefer choice and personal responsibility over mandates. that is a real thing. freedom is messy. choice is messy. allowing people to make decisions for themselves will make responsible decisions and some will not. easy to dictate for washington, d.c., but as schools being closed and businesses being crushed. good for the governor of texas. forget about joe biden is often searching for words, search for the wrong one here but rebilling of exactly how they feel about more free states like texas. >> john: a first he should wish he is as handsome as you are but some people did take offense gnomic offense to it
11:21 am
including a mississippi. >> today, i feel the same way as i did the day that hillary clinton called all of us in middle america deplorables when president biden said we were neanderthals. it struck me as someone who needs to get outside of washington, d.c., and actually traveled to mid-america. >> you know calling trump supporter's a basket of deplorables was the undoing of hillary clinton in the fall 2016 campaign. could this be a similar moment for joe biden? >> there isn't much left for the biden administration from the folks he would consider neanderthals. but the governor what he said was spot on. i took heat for suggesting when i travel the country, talk to average people and they talk about smart things like the first amendment, the second amendment, tenth, faith and freedom and they are the real elites. when you know and meet people with aspiration to their lives, you come to respect them greatly come even if they live differently than you do.
11:22 am
if you stay in the ivory tower, manhattan, the white house and you don't actually listen to the challenges of people in middle america, then you come to resent them and characterize them as deplorables or neanderthals. and they get used too bit. i will live my life with my values based on faith, freedom, family and we know washington, d.c., does not represent me. >> john: you talk about ivory towers, the towers the media has a certain perspective on this as well. watch this montage. >> the governor has proven he can't keep the lights on in texas. was this just the most texas thing he could do by saying no masks no problem? >> the only reason i can see is because of what happened in texas. someone dropped the ball, and they are trying to change the conversation. that is it become a distraction. >> texas governor said covid be big, go ahead and open up, you get covid, you get some covid,
11:23 am
you get some covid. >> that is not what he said. he said we will not tell you what to do, you do what is appropriate. >> that is not what he said at all. in the next breath, we recommend that you wear them, especially if vulnerable. of course, it is your choice and some businesses will and some will not. a complete mix characterization. they know no bounds. 15 days to slow the spread in places like texas and others doing it well over a year. they know what the risks are. they are trusting citizens enough to let them make the choice. john, i know that is hard for elite and left us to understand that. trust someone to make risk calculations but they badge of honor rightfully so but will fortify the left totally off base view of freedom lovers. that is why we have such a split in the political conversation today. they don't take the time to understand why people love freedom so much. they don't want to submit to mandates all day long. >> john: there is a recent
11:24 am
jason holding flyover states, good places to go visit. pete hegseth, great to see you. >> thank you, john. >> sandra: all right, breaking news on the dr. seuss saga. ebay has just announced that it is going to try to stop the sale of those books on its own site that were canceled this week by the company that owns the titles of those books because of offensive language and imagery. what is happening here, initially it was reported by "the wall street journal" and others that now the "washington examiner" obtained a statement from ebay saying it has a strict policy hate discrimination platform, inclusive impairment in the global community of buyers and sellers. what they noticed was there were folks that saw the news and they started to list their dr. seuss books specifically selling for thousands of dollars and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars.
11:25 am
one user said, my sale just got pulled down and more and more notice that. ebay was put in to put a new statement they were stopping the sale of those books on the site, pete. >> wow, cancel culture knows no bounds. of course, the free market will work that way and especially for them not being able to have them is absurd and overreaching. bazooka joe was one of my favorite philosophers. he once said, keep an open mind, keep an open mind but don't let your brain fall out. that is what is happening here. and children's book to reinforce color brightness of equality and that is not what dr. seuss ultimately cared about, especially a lot of these books. that is not good enough for today's wokeness. then we will tell you you can't have these books which is precisely why people go get them. they are very weak. they are very weak in the face of the mob. they give in on things that are
11:26 am
wrong and this is another case of that, guys. >> john: i once had to get three stitches when i banged my head coming after bazooka joe that i dropped behind the ice cream freezer. you know, i'm on amazon right now and while ebay has banned the sale of these books, $495.04 delivery, march 12th-march 17. not everyone has canceled yet. >> sandra: the title, to be clear and to think that i saw it on mulberry street, on beyond zebra, and the cats quiz are. those are the books and furthermore on the ebay statement says they are sweeping the marketplace to remove these items. >> the people, guys banning folks are really what people like to talk about, the right side of history. conversations are often difficult to have as we talked on the last segment freedom --
11:27 am
freedom is messy and more speech and let the winter come out as a result of the marketplace of ideas. when you cancel books, you stop conversations were trying to pair the conversations are still had. we tried to move past and out the racial lysing and that is the crazy reason why. >> sandra: i don't know if you have seen them memes and where we are with cancel culture today. it was the image of very kind of graphic imagery of record labels and offensive language and words. i looked in many of those, you can very much still buy those on the ebay market, but knocked dr. seuss books -- but not dr. seuss books. >> thank you. >> john: all i can say is good lessons for but bazooka joe, thanks, pete. >> thank you. >> john: coming up next alarming new report about biden's border crisis and the numbers that show the administration is absolutely
11:28 am
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♪ ♪ >> john: a record number of child migrants heading to the southern border. new document show the biden administration cannot keep up with the flow. across the street on the white house lawn, blake. >> these are internal documents axios come internal documents hhs and department of health and human services shows a major spike at the southern border as it relates to migrants who are children. according to the axios report the number has jumped up sevenfold, roughly seven fold since the beginning of the year an average of 321 children per day. here the white house press secretary jen psaki when asked earlier this afternoon if the biden administration is looking into potentially opening up a new facility. >> i don't have anything to preview for you with considerations at this point in
11:33 am
time but obviously we recognize that was the numbers coming in and the limited facilities that we have and our desire to abide by covid protocols. it is a policy process that is a priority the administration. >> john yoo remember at the white house we heard from dh secretary alejandro mayorkas and the situation at the border "a challenge" but the white house yet to describe what is happening at the border as a crisis. john. >> john: so they may not be able to avoid that if the numbers keep going up the way they are. blake burman, sandra. >> sandra: john for sexual harassment scandal surrounding governor andrew cuomo of new york in the spotlight is turning to new york senator kirsten gillibrand. remember the first democratic senator to recall al franken to step down when facing accusations of sexual misconduct years ago. but so far taking a different approach when it comes to cuomo.
11:34 am
he ran for the new york governor back in 2018. i appreciate your time this afternoon, sir, the double standard they peep putting out when it comes to jell-o brand. she has said offensive behavior is serious and deeply concerned. and that three women have come forward have shown tremendous courage. she has said the claims against cuomo are completely unacceptable and calls for a full investigation, but stopped short of demanding his resignation. so why would she stop there? >> i don't know, do you? at the end of the day, we do know this isn't the activity of ten or 12 years ago. this is the sitting governor of the state of new york who has ignored their own sexual harassment clause. the own requirements and systemically allowed systemic abuse. in fact, we know this. went over the course of the last decade he and his administration
11:35 am
have threatened, terrorized and oppressed women, reporters, legal opponents and donors. there is not much more you need to know peer of the governor ought to resign. >> sandra: okay. "the new york post" is still hammering away. here was the cover this morning on the double standards in the picture "i never touched anyone inappropriately." there you see his hand on the face of anna ruch, one of the accuser spirit cuomo yesterday and highly anticipated news conference. the first time we we heard him speak on these accusations. the first time he spoke publicly since february 19th, he said he was sorry, listen. >> i acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. and it was unintentional and i truly am deeply apologizing for it.
11:36 am
i feel awful about it and frankly, i am embarrassed by it. >> sandra: you know, we watch that live and you can make what you will love it, but he appeared to get choked up at on. did he appear remorseful to you? >> if he were remorseful, this would not have been a statement tucked away in a covid long press conference. the issue here is the governor has consistently ignored their very own wall. keep in mind the sexual harassment law if they put into practice, the executive order requires the accused, not use their power to influence the investigation. simply saying you are innocent and moving on is the right approach. they didn't even acknowledge the need for their own investigation. they continued to punish the women that spoke up. this has been going on for
11:37 am
decades. >> sandra: though we had "the new york post" on earlier and on the road to nowhere. we will see what the political future holds for him. we don't expect to hear from him today but possibly tomorrow, we will see. mark, thank you. >> john: sandra coming up next with texans open for business. we will get direction from a business owner who ended up behind bars last year after she wrote walk down orders. we also wonder what she has to say about the president's neanderthal comments. >> sandra: plus dramatic and new twist over the bachelor. have you been watching this one? the hocus-pocus after stepping aside from comments he made. he said he is sorry, but is it enough? >> i am an imperfect man. i made a mistake, and i own that. ♪ ♪ and save you $3000 a year.
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ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪♪ ♪ this could be ♪ hi. you just moved in, right? i would love to tell you about all the great savings you can get for bundling your renter's and car insurance with progressive. -oh, i was just -- -oh, tammy. i found your retainer in the dryer. >> sandra: the host of "the bachelor" says he's sorry
11:42 am
after booted from the show over controversial comments he made, but not everyone is buying his apology. christina has the latest on this. what did he have to say for himself and the brand-new interview this morning? >> hey, sandra, he deftly apologize. this was the first interview tipping aside from "the bachelor" franchise. he got intense backlash last month for a bachelor contestant after photo surfaced and old south plantations in 2018. the same contestant also heavily criticized for liking social media post in the past that shows confederate flag. here is chris harrison apologizing today on "good morning america." >> a lot of people and i'm wondering, why would you depend? >> i am an imperfect man. i made a mistake and i own that. i stand against all forms of racism. and i am deeply sorry. >> sandra: harrison also says
11:43 am
he's working with a race educator and strategist, however after his interview aired on gma, michael straight hand told his cohost, he's not sure if harrison's response was actually sincere. >> bit felt like got nothing more than a surface response on any of this. only time will tell if there is any meaning behind his words. >> sandra: harrison said he does plan to return to his duties, but it is unclear when that will happen, sandra. >> sandra: live from los angeles, thank you. john, you saw the anchor respond in real time not buying the apology. i don't know, interesting. >> john: clearly the segment was edited and what chris harrison and what he said was edited as well. what he was saying sounded produced scripted. he kept looking like this like he was reading some lines that had been written. >> sandra: sounds like you are
11:44 am
not buying it. >> john: it didn't look that sincere to me. >> sandra: interesting, he is out of his position. he says he will be back. we will see. >> john: all right we will see what happens. a popular program. texans governor greg abbott defending his decision to lift statewide mask mandate and let businesses open 100% pure in here with reaction shelley luther, a texas for defying covert restrictions, shelley what do you think about what biden said, president biden said yesterday about this idea of opening "neanderthal thinking"? >> honestly come it is hard to take the advice of someone that can barely remember his name and reading a teleprompter, so i'm too concerned with it. >> sandra: what you think about governor abbott's announcement? >> i think it is too little, too late. it is a political move for him. everything is political.
11:45 am
it's not like he actually cares about anybody. there is a horrible bill hb three going through the legislature which gives dictator king -like powers. and all of it is a distraction from horrible management of the power grid to. >> sandra: so you think it is too little, too late. there are a lot of people that think it's too much too soon and one being the coach of san antonio spurs. it puts a lot of businesses in a tough spot to do a good job of keeping everybody safe. of course they want to open up but getting rid of masts seems ignorant to me. as far as the players go, we listen to the nba, not governor abbott. one thing that is interesting about what governor abbott said, he's taking away the mask mandate. he is not saying don't wear mask. mask. so solon alamo do, what do you plan to do in terms of social distancing, mass query and that sort thing? >> well, who we always want to think of customer safety and
11:46 am
already my patience are 6 feet apart but i make it optional to wear a mask. people automatically social distance inside of there but here is the problem, if a business wants to have people where masts, then do it. people can choose whether or not they want to patron that business. it should be up to the business owners. what put businesses in a bind when governor abbott shut businesses down and some will not have the opportunity to reopen -- >> let's rewind the clock to last spring, all businesses had to shut down and you defied it and ended up in jail but the same time, the county officials putting you in jail and governor abbott reaching out and say wait a minute tell us what you are doing in order to stay open? so you were actually trying to help the governor there and local officials trying to silence you by putting you away in jail. in order to reopen the salon when you were in the whose gal?
11:47 am
>> everything with governor abbott is a political move. he had on the official contact me but it was a flight to basically get me to shut up. and the government shut my business down and they put me in jail and then it's spent $1 million against me when i run for state senate. what is this man trying to hide? >> john: how is business, by the way? did you recover from the shut down last year? >> we have a great business right now. we have a lot more clients because they basically appreciate that we think they are adults and should be able to make decisions for themselves. we lost some of the clients that prefer to not come into the salon. but i respect their decision to do that. it's up to them. >> john: shelley luther, it is good to talk to you and we will watch to see what happens between now and next wednesday when those mandates come off. appreciate your time today. >> thank you so much. >> john: sandra. >> sandra: good stuff, next could china be listening in on
11:48 am
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> john: with millions of americans working from home,
11:52 am
zoom a central part of our lives. the same goes for the white house. zoom is a central part of the white house, not ours. now big questions over whether china could be listening into the white house zoom conferences. david has the details for us but david could this be true? >> jonathan an interesting question but not only white house use zoom but the president often caught zoom with lawmakers to mother embers of the administration because after all in the middle of a pandemic. that is the way to use it. zoom has become so popular. many people concerned about the most powerful person on the road using this platform. indiana jim thanks white house chief of staff wrote in a letter expressing his concerns. he told fox news in a statement to cybersecurity risk comes from within zoom itself so we cannot be sure zoom for government is a secure platform just because at a meeting is not officially classified does not mean chinese communist party would not give an arm and a leg to listen in.
11:53 am
the the fbi currently looking fa former zoom employee likely based in china accused of infiltrating zoom meetings in the united states. this is his wanted poster. he would no longer works at zoom according to the company. zoom sent a statement "we serve the u.s. government and all communications on the platform reside exclusively with u.s. data centers managed solely by u.s.-based persons." i spoke to the senior biden administration with the following about the white house and use is not what we would use to zoom each other but zoom for government. there is nothing classified discussed via zoom according to the white house official. also zoom for government is also used on capitol hill. the trump administration initiated a contract with zoom and use the platform as well. john the trump team picked up
11:54 am
zoom usage about a year ago when this pandemic kicked off, john. >> john: david wasn't the white house supposed to do away with zoom? >> there were talks about the white house doing away but the biden say they are looking at different vendors may make changes but now safe and secure because they are not having secure conversations. those conversations take place in the situation room and nonsecure front lines, john. >> john: for a lot of us it is opening up an entirely new world, david spunt, thank you. >> sandra: john, cancel culture is coming for everything from corporations to kids books. and now, it could be the end of the road for an icon americans have been driving for decades. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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11:58 am
>> sandra: cancel culture could be coming for jeep. the company's ceo says he's open
11:59 am
to dropping the cherokee name from the line-up. susan li has more. >> yeah, not confirmed yet. the cherokee brand has been around for 50 years. the cherokee and the grand cherokee. this is peugeot now called solantis. if there's a problem with this, we'll solve it. but the head of cherokee nation did write to jeep saying would you please stop using our name on the side of your s.u.v.s. it doesn't honor us by having the name plastered on the side of a car. the cherokees make up the bulk of the sales. if there's a name change, there would be a production impact. >> sandra: they're coming out with a three-seater, too. >> you know. >> sandra: yeah. it's long anticipated. fascinating story.
12:00 pm
cancel everything. i don't know. it's offensive. making it clear it is to him. >> yeah. >> sandra: good to see you. we're out of time. 10 seconds. that does it for us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. we'll see you on the real friday tomorrow. "the story" starts now. >> martha: great to see you guys today. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum live in new york. here's a story happening right now. here we go. congress is now taking up the latest piece of the second largest government spending stimulus package in history. this part of it is $1.9 trillion on top of the $4 trillion. we have never been in this territory before, folks, this as new research shows that we did better during the better than thought. and americans save


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