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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 5, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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it. everyone have a great weekend. >> bill: perfect music. it has been a long week. thank you very much for joining us. more "fox & friends." we'll be back monday morning at 6:00 a.m. brian will be with us as well with an exclusive with governor desantis. so long, everybody. >> bill: good morning, there was in fallout for governor cuomo on two fronts. the bombshell report on his administration altering public data on nursing home deaths as a former aide gives a painful account of harassment allegations against him. it is a stacked friday. hope you are doing well as home. >> dana: i'm dana perino and "america's newsroom." if you're in the middle of the crisis and the subject of it and you wake up and every day the headline is worse and the story is growing, you know, he is about one more story away from something major decision making having to happen. >> bill: press conference two days ago was a clear indication
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of what his early strategy is. he will stay and fight it. you got the cuomo story out there. the immigration story getting hotter by the day in all the wrong ways. we'll take you through that. new numbers on jobs that we'll tell you about. the economy in the u.s. is taking off. this is really good news. >> dana: so much to talk about. let's start with this. the "wall street journal" is reporting the governor's advisors pressured state officials to alter data that showed nursing home deaths were higher than previously thought. charlotte bennett, 25 at the time told cbs news that cuomo implied she was old enough to date him. >> he asked me if age difference mattered. he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22. >> how old are you? >> 25. >> what were you thinking as he
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is asking you these questions? >> i thought he is trying to sleep with me. the governor is trying to sleep with me. and i'm deeply uncomfortable and i have to get out of this room as soon as possible. >> dana: more on that in a minute. let's go to alex hogan with the latest on the bombshell report on the nursing home deaths. hi, alex. >> hi. now the governor's apology yesterday simply not enough for charlotte bennett. one of three women accusing the governor of either sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. this is just one of the scandals surrounding the governor. the other, of course, is nursing home deaths and how they were handled during the pandemic. the "wall street journal" is reporting that cuomo's top advisors convinced the state health officials to alter numbers on nursing home deaths. the changes revealed that the
6:03 am
state possessed a fuller accounting of out of facility nursing home deaths as early as summer of 2020. health department resisted calls by state and federal lawmakers, media outlets and others to release the data for another eight months. in january new york's attorney general found the state under report evidence the deaths in long-term care facilities as much as 50%. governor's office is responding to last night's report saying it left out patients who later died in hospitals because the department of health could not verify those numbers. more than 15,000 new yorkers died in long-term care and some of the mourning family members continue to speak out. >> this is absolutely insane. it only makes sense if you place covid positive patients in a vulnerable population such as a nursing home, that this is just a matter of time. >> there are two separate
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investigations, one of course into the nursing home deaths and another currently underway that will investigate the sexual harassment allegations. today is also the day that the new york state legislature could vote to repeal governor andrew cuomo's pandemic emergency powers. bill and dana. >> dana: thank you so much. our next guest lost her mother during the pandemic. joining us now is the co-founder of voices for seniors. vivian, i feel like you knew this was probably the case. now you see it in black and white the story broke by the "wall street journal." your thoughts this morning. >> the first thing we know is that the void was not just in information, but in the truth. so now we're just happy that this is coming out. it helps us to be able to get justice for our seniors. and we knew all along we were being accused of being conspiracy theorists and misinformation spreaders and here we are realizing he is the
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one all along spreading misinformation by him. >> how do you get the justice. the numbers went to 15,000 from 6500. what do you consider justice now? >> the justice comes from the truth which is slowly leaking out. the second comes with reform so that us families who lost someone and been broken after this fire through dry grass can get closure. it comes from me as the leader of voices for seniors with my sister and knowing that all our seniors will be safe going forward. >> dana: i want to ask you. it is important to get justice. when will you know that you have achieved that? >> that's really difficult. i guess justice in our hearts, which are forever broken will never be 100%. it is bittersweet when we get information that we knew all along was -- this is what it was. we knew there was something not correct.
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and i think justice comes when i personally for me knowing that we've made a change so that any senior in this facility right now. seniors dying right now. he says it all along but seniors are dying because they've been isolated from their families. we need to open up the nursing homes and look at what is going on. nursing homes are bad on a good day. we really need to change what's going on in there and know our seniors will be okay. >> bill: they deserve our care. thank you so much for bringing your voice to our program. thank you, vivian. >> dana: we're now hearing directly from the former cuomo aide. bennett saying the governor brought up her history as a sexual assault survivor and made overtures to her. >> he asked if i had trouble enjoying being with someone because of my trauma. the governor asked me if i was
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sensitive to intimacy. he was fine with anyone over 22. i feel like people put the onus on the woman to shut that conversation down and by answering i was somehow engaging in that or enabling it, when in fact i was just terrified. >> people will watch this and say why didn't you get up and leave. >> i didn't feel like i had a choice. >> he is your boss. >> he is everyone's boss. >> governor cuomo said what he said may have been misinterpreted. >> i understood him loud and clear. >> i never knew at the time i was making anyone feel uncomfortable. >> did you watch governor cuomo's apology?
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>> it's not an issue of my feelings. it is not an apology. it's an issue of his actions. the fact is he was sexually harassing me and he has not apologized for that. he can't even use my name. >> dana: governor cuomo said he never meant to hurt anyone or touched anyone. not the standard. asking the public to wait for the conclusion of an investigation by the new york attorney general. more on the legal implications of all this with trey gowdy at the top of the next hour. >> bill: new drone video from the texas border as the governor greg abbott telling homeland security no thanks fora partnership with fema to test and quarantine covid positive migrants. he doesn't want to turn the lone star state for a magnet for more illegals. casey stiegel live in eagle pass, texas. what are we hearing about the covid positive migrants who have come into the country? >> governor abbott has been taking shots at president biden
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for most of the week and yesterday he went on to say that border security is strictly a federal responsibility and he also said that it is their job to test all of these migrants that are being apprehended for covid and if they turn up positive that they are also responsible for quarantining those people. something we know did not happen with at least 104 migrants in brownsville, texas, after city officials began testing on their own when catch and release was reinstated. now as you look live at the international border crossing courtesy of the fox news drone flying with us again this morning, we now know that the white house is planning to send senior members of the president's team here to the southern border to assess the situation and report back. all while daily apprehensions continue to tick up. >> they know they will get released once they come so they come. once they get here no matter what they hear our politicians say. if they say don't come right
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now we'll send you back, as long as one person gets through they call back home and said this is what we did. >> similar to what we saw in 2019 agents on the ground say they're seeing more large groups also traveling together and crossing together illegally. these border patrol images show at least three of those encounters in the last couple of days as the situation down here clearly evolves daily. >> bill: thank you, we'll be in touch throughout the day. we'll bring in the republican senator from west virginia. some people call it a crisis. the administration won't use that word. what do you call it? >> if this isn't a crisis i don't know what is. the department of homeland security is projecting 117,000 unaccompanied minors coming across our border. february was the largest month ever. and we're holding these children with dhs longer than they are supposed to be held. where is the outrage? i certainly feel outrage.
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i think it is a direct result of the signaling and policies that the president says he will put into place. >> dana: so i think you've been in touch with the administration and been to the white house. what do you think about their willingness to try to take this on? they want to get the covid relief bill through but at the same time there is something happening that they probably don't want to pay as much attention to but it is happening regardless. >> it is happening. you hear the governor of texas, the issue of them coming across the border, covid testing and releasing them to the general public. we're reaching a point where we see a lot of good progress being made on the covid front and now if i was the governor of texas i would be very concerned about that. the thing about it is the outrage we've heard over the last four years was all about the children who are being held for too long and for extended period ever time. that's exactly what is happening. the numbers are even bigger. so the white house certainly has seen a red flag here. >> bill: on covid will you vote yes or not?
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>> i'm voting no, absolutely. >> bill: how come? >> bill, the package is just bloated with a trillion dollars of extraneous items not for the targeted emergency relief that the 10 of us republicans went to the white house to offer. we see the numbers today. the economy is recovering. more people are working. there still is a lot of help to be done and certainly on the health side and on the unemployment side. we were willing and ready to go there. but when we have all these other things in there to the tune of a trillion dollars that's a non-starter for me. >> dana: one of your fellow senators from alaska told this to "politico", i can say i don't want to have anything to do with it. instead i have to look at it from the perspective if it is going to pass are there ways it can be shaped. as the amendments put forward is there anything you would put forward that could pass or are we looking at a foregone conclusion that no republicans will be able to get something changed in this bill? >> i don't think we're
6:13 am
necessarily on the amendment process looking at a foregone conclusions. two things i will try to amend is expand the use of these dollars for broadband deployment in rural america. there is no specific broadband dollars in here. that's a bipartisan issue. the other thing is infrastructure. we get ready to do a big bipartisan infrastructure package. let's use though of these dollars to fill the gap we always have with the gas tax to pay for this. so i think there again another bipartisan issue. i'm not pie in the sky to think everybody is going to make these changes but if we can improve it, i think we should. >> bill: a couple of things. sharp questions here. will any republican vote for the $2 trillion bill in the senate? >> yesterday was a good indication that no republican will vote for it. i think you don't know at the end. >> bill: on which bill or what is the first bill under this
6:14 am
administration where a republican senator will vote with democrats? >> that's the big disappointment here, bill. we have had five bipartisan covid packages. this was the perfect bill to demonstrate to the country that we can and will work together and we have the best intentions to try to solve this pandemic issue. this was where we should have joined together. we are going to have infrastructure. hope springs eternal here. this is an area we've worked together before. hopefully something we can do together again. >> bill: he preached unity inauguration day. >> right. i've been in the oval office twice and he says the same thing. he seems willing to negotiate. >> dana: and his staff is not? >> i think forces pushing him are stronger than that wha* his natural inklin indications are. he wants to deal but doesn't feel like everybody else wants to. >> dana: he is the president. >> exactly. great point. >> bill: thank you, senator.
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15 past. getting a look now at the first full monthly jobs report under the biden administration and what it says about the president's strategy to get the economy up and running. a blow-out number. we'll talk and have debate on what's next. >> dana: pope francis becoming the first pope to visit iraq. what the pontiff is expected to do there. >> bill: amazing pictures. you can't keep a good doctor down. why cancel culture may be having an unintended effect on old dr. seuss coming up.
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>> dana: pope francis making the first papal visit to iraq saying he made the trip because the country and its people have suffered so much. right now he is celebrating mass at a baghdad church. later expected to rally iraqs christian community that has been devastated under the islamic state. i find that remarkable. >> bill: i agree with you. it will be an amazing three-day trip. he has been in a lockdown because of covid for a year. >> dana: the first trip he wanted to go on. >> bill: you think about the persecution of the christians in iraq. they've been decimated. he is coming to give it hope. i think that's what the visit
6:22 am
is all about visiting with the grand ayatollah, the shiite cleric. that name was in the news for years. we haven't mentioned his name is some time. it's coming back. the images of him leaving the airport were stunning along a seven mile route called route irish. all the reporters from all over the world when you went to baghdad, that's the route you took. before that is where our u.s. military took and it was filled with i.e.d.s and snipers. many people lost their lives on that road and wounded on that road. today he took the same road in the message of peace. hats off to francis. this should be a good news trip for the world. fox news alert. job numbers out. unemployment dipping slightly to 6.2%. lowest level since march of 2020. economy added 379,000 jobs. i think the expectation was
6:23 am
like 200 or 250. a good number. steve moore and austan goolsbee. steve. what do we do? you have a $2 trillion package that may be voted on this weekend. >> this is what we need to have happen. we need austan to get on the phone with the president and tell him we don't need the 1.9 trillion spending bill. it is absurd. economy is like a rocket ship now ready to take off. we're just starting to see the very early signs of this recovery that is going to get stronger as more and more americans get vaccinated. something austan and i agree on. the other point i would make is if we could just get -- i'm in florida right now. this state is absolutely booming. you can't even get a construction crew for four months if you want to build a house. the inventory is gone for people who want to buy homes here. the restaurants are full. why can't all america be like that? >> dana: some places have had
6:24 am
cases different than florida. florida is doing well. other places doing better. austan, overall as you look at this economy how would you describe it? >> i'm quite pleased. let's remember that there is still 10 million or so people out of work. we lost 20 million jobs. it is great that we'll add back 300,000 but we have a long way to go. you saw the chair of the fed say that the correctly measured unemployment rate is still pushing double digits and the taking your foot off the gas now before it is clear that we've gotten the covid virus defeated is like oh, my wound stopped bleeding. i'll pull all the stitches out. the reason why you've got 70% of america supporting this package, including the majority of republicans, is because they know that there is still a lot of danger and still a lot of people hurting. >> bill: a lot of ways to look
6:25 am
at this. if you ride it right, austan, it is good news for this administration. if you overshoot we're looking at big problems for an economy that will start getting moving real soon. steve, think about the states that are reopening. employers are going to need workers. but this covid package will pay a lot of americans to do nothing until the first of september. to both of you gentlemen, steve, start, is that good policy? >> so this is an article that casey mulligan university of chicago wrote in the "wall street journal." we predict we'll have real problems getting people back on the job. austan and i agree. the biggest problem right now with the economy is we have to get americans back in the workforce. that means we have to create the jobs but also when the jobs are created we've got to make sure people go back on those jobs. we'll have a lot of people getting as much as $100,000 in an annual basis in unemployment
6:26 am
and other welfare benefits. i think that will be a real problem in terms of getting those people back in the factories, back on the construction jobs and back in the stores and delivery jobs. within about three months we will see help wanted signs all over the country but not enough workers to fill them. >> dana: austan, how would you respond to that? >> steve is a friend of mine but he is at best confused on this point. nobody is getting paid $100,000 of unemployment. this is the same prediction that he made if you remember when the first cares act was passed and he said having unemployment insurance go up at a time of need is going to lead to a massive shortage and there would not be any workers and it was completely false. we added back 10 million workers in exactly that period. >> bill: steve, your name was invoked. 10 seconds. >> look, actually what happened last summer at the end of last
6:27 am
summer austan is right we had the jobs back but couldn't get the workers. you had a similar problem back then. >> that's not what happened. >> ask small businessmen and women. they couldn't find the workers. >> just look at the numbers. look at the numbers. they did go back to work. you said they wouldn't but they did. >> bill: dana and i were thinking you would probably take manchin and sinema for dinner over the weekend. >> you bet. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. >> dana: national guard troops will extend their time in washington, d.c. more unaccompanied children heading for our southern border. former acting cbp commissioner mark morgan on that next. >> the behavior of a neanderthal to be very clear, the behavior of. i think the president, what everybody saw yesterday was a reflection of his frustration
6:28 am
and exasperation, people across the country have sacrificed and many times haven't had the information they needed.
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>> another alert here. capitol hill security view calling for a quick reaction force to protect lawmakers on the hill. lucas tomlinson has this from the pentagon. what's going on? >> nobody i've spoken to here at the pentagon want to see the national guard mission extended, one of the recommendations made by the retired general nancy pelosi put in charge of the security review. many republicans are outraged. >> i have yet to see a threat briefing of specific threats that requires that big of a presence. but going forward this just is not a permanent role for the national guard. >> the guard troops deserve to be home with their families and not on duty here in washington >> among the recommendations from retired general russell
6:34 am
establishing a full-time quick reaction force manned 24/7. they include using federal law enforcement officers, the d.c. national guard or mobilizing guard unites from across the united states for three to six month propertations and standing a military police battalion who would be on active duty. failing to stop the angry mob on january 6 calling the police understaffed, insufficiently equipped and inadequately trained. it rerms hiring 884 more police officers, 40% increase. last year capital police officers put in 720,000 hours of overtime. the report also blames aging dogs and recommends canines be replaced and bring back the mounted police units on
6:35 am
horseback. go to to read the complete report. >> bill: nice to see you, lucas, in the pentagon. >> dana: the crisis at the southern border. president biden ordering senior aides to the southern border on how to deal with the surge of migrant children and looking bringing fema to the border. let's bring in mark morgan. i have to ask you this. you were here two days ago on wednesday. today is friday. i feel like so much news has happened on the border since then. it continues to grow. am i wrong on that? how do you see it? >> you are right. i've said and this isn't easy for me to say. i underestimated how fast this administration would completely dismantle every tool, authority and effective policy that was in place. we were in a new regime where the united states government is encouraging and now facilitating illegal entry. what you are seeing happen at the border right now they are creating reception centers for people illegally entering the
6:36 am
country to shepherd them into the interior of the united states never to be heard from again. >> dana: the "washington post" headline. texas family detention centers expected to transform into rapid processing hubs. that was something the biden administration says they inherited a broken immigration system and processing is one of them. how can they process when this many people are coming to the border wearing t-shirts demanding to be let in? >> dana, we have to define the definition. what the administration means by processing. under trump administration means those illegally entering our borders we were detaining them, going through a lawful process and if they were claims determined to be invalid we're removing them. regardless if they enter the country illegally now they'll release them as fast as possible into the united states. dana, we know the vast majority of people once released into the united states don't show up for the hearings or if they do and get a court order to remove
6:37 am
they don't comply. that's a fact. this administration knows this but they allow people to illegally enter the united states. >> bill: senior official with ice russell hott is his name. his quote is this. we're expected to be at the highest numbers observed in over 20 years. call for number five, guys. the percent of change from january of 2020 to january of 2021. i mean, a lot of this is triple digit stuff at the top running down 73%, 30%, 64%. there are many characterizing this as an open border. would you? >> bill, it is because let's real quickly. again at the front end they're now -- these facilities are not utilized to detain and remove but to act as reception centers to release these people who have illegally entered as fast as possible. what's important on the back end they removed ice's interior
6:38 am
enforcement ability by 90%. they are letting people illegally enter and stopping ice from lawfully deporting them. we've create aide reception center and sanctuary country and this is done by design. they know what they're doing. >> dana: if you don't get ahold of the border security all the other things they want to do like a temporary worker program, all the visa reform will be harder to do and these people will live in the shadows as they come in illegally. i also want to ask you about this. governor abbott declined the administration's suggestion that the state work with fema to try to do covid testing there at the border. he said no, i don't want to be a magnet for this. good decision? >> the governor is absolutely right. dana, we're asking the wrong question. under president trump we had title 442 that allowed us to remove people to illegally enter on the border to reduce
6:39 am
the spread of covid. reinstate that and apply it across the board instead of allowing these people in to go to covid hot spots and bringing covid into the country. governor is 100% correct. >> bill: mark morgan, thank you. come back next week. the topic won't go away. sir, thank you for that. at one point in the political sense a lot of people look back at the election of 2016 and point to stories like this as why president trump won. he went where immigration was a big problem for a lot of people, policies of the federal government but also illegals coming in taking a lot of jobs that had been theirs for some time. they voted against that. >> dana: the administration think of their situation right now as three buckets. covid bucket, that is a health issue. then you have the economy which they are try to give more stimulus, and then they really want to work on infrastructure
6:40 am
and climate change but they have to work on immigration. they won't have a choice. >> bill: new editorials, two major newspapers today similar headlines. "washington post" here it is. we have biden is the anti-trump and it is working. "new york times" reads president biden is the anti-trump and it's working. both applauding the new administration for restoring calm to the white house after four years of contentious exchanges between president trump and the press. very similar if not close to identical. >> dana: now the government is working again. you the end to get this little herd mentality. the white house communications team getting that word out there. it looks like tom brady and terry bradshaw have more in common than being star quarterbacks. the connection between the two super bowl mvps, you won't believe it. a group of scientists calling for an independent investigations into the origins of covid-19 as the u.s. demands more transparency from china. dr. marc siegel will join us next. >> there are a number of things
6:41 am
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> dana: back now with breaking news from mid town manhattan. it appears a car was crashed into an outdoor dining setup. looks like it happened just outside a starbucks. first responders are on the
6:46 am
scene there. we're being told there are multiple people hurt. those injuries are not life threatening. more on this story as we get it. this outdoor dining all around the city but people need to get where they need to go. >> bill: what the city did if you aren't on the sidewalk you can be on the curb next to the sidewalk where cars park. you have the protection of plywood and that's it. not a ton of traffic on the streets of manhattan because of covid and the shutdown. a car can get moving at a good pace. we're watching that and give you updates. "wall street journal" reports this. world health organization is scrapping an interim report on its recent trip to wuhan. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel is here. we've given them hundreds of millions of dollars and they'll scrap the report.
6:47 am
how come? >> by the way, bill, $400 million we give them out of a 4.5 billion dollar budget in total for the who. we have a big part of the pie there. what are we getting for it? they're scrapping the interim report. they don't think they're ready with the details. the scientists are saying we don't have any information. we want to know what really happened there. what did you guys learn? 10 countries on the ground. were you talking about wet markets, where is the information about the wuhan institute of virology? who did you interview this? reports coming out of state department that said people went homesick in the fall of 2019 with covid-like symptoms. that bears investigation. where is the information on that? nobody was allowed on the ground initially. not cdc, supposedly not w.h.o.. they were working closely with the chinese government. where is the transparency and what is the united states
6:48 am
getting for its money? >> bill: it took 12 months for w.h.o. the get inside wuhan. a lot of criticism. they say the program wasn't in place for vaccinations. her comment. >> i don't think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic. >> bill: there on inauguration 1.3 million americans were vaccinated. we have 2 million a day now. it's all good news. how do you come down on this doctor? was there a plan in place or not? >> personally i don't like the mudslinging. 500,000 people dead that's thrown out. she said we inherited a mess here. dana knows from being a press secretary in her former life what it is like when a new administration comes in and they bash the previous administration. operation warp speed brought these vaccines to market faster than any time in human history and not forget the u.s. military was involved and hhs
6:49 am
was deeply involved giving directions to all the states. when they left office, we were getting a million doses in people's arms every day. now it's over 2 million. this administration should congratulate the last administration and say we're building on this. >> bill: they're copying 99% of the plan. quickly doctor what do you think about the border story more than 100 migrants in covid coming into the country? what do you make of that? >> i don't like the inconsistency of the president bashing gov abbott and people are leaking into the southern borders and bringing covid in. we need a consistent public health message out there otherwise we breed fear. >> bill: thank you. marc siegel see you soon. thank you for coming in today. >> dana: hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw knew about tom brady before the rest of the world.
6:50 am
he had elbow surgery in march of 83. bradshaw went by tom brady to avoid media inquiries. it wouldn't work today. the newspaper headline. the real tom brady was only five at the time. you didn't believe this story? >> bill: apparently he registered at thomas brady. officially thomas. and he said somebody else signed him in under that name and it wasn't him. terry, kudos to you, you saw the future, right? >> dana: thanks to our friend on that one. >> bill: new details now how top advisors for andrew cuomo reportedly skewed the numbers on covid deaths in nursing homes in new york. also the first trial in the killing of george floyd has minneapolis bracing for trouble. friday covering more as our big friday lineup, dana, rolls on.
6:51 am
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6:56 am
>> bill: federal prosecutors in oregon dismissing dozens of cases connected to the vandalism that plagued that city. more than a third of those arrested have had charges against them dropped and some of them serious felonies. despite officials warning there would be consequences for acts of violence. >> dana: in minneapolis businesses and police are preparing for the trial of derrick chauvin charged with murder in the death of george floyd. jury selection begins monday and the city is bracing for protests and this woman's store was vandalized when protests turned to riots after george floyd's death. tanya, how has it been getting
6:57 am
back in business after all of that over the summer? >> good morning. it has been a really rough nine months to be honest. we were hit with the original incident in may and early june. and we had additional riots in august and as we're starting to recover from some of those we're faced with the upcoming trial. >> dana: tell me about the destruction of your business and what it took to get it back. the expense. >> i think all across the board in the core of downtown minneapolis there was everything from looting and rioting, broken glass, graffiti. it got pretty ugly for a while. the destruction of businesses was pretty massive for many and very targeted looting and rioting across the board. they were going for the valuable items and utmost destruction of the businesses. there was a lot of time and expense for a lot of store
6:58 am
owners and businesses up and down the corridor of downtown to be able to rebuild and come back from that only to be faced with the potential of it happening again. >> dana: what are you being told about that for next week? jury selection starts next week. there will be international media attention there on your city and on this case. what are you being told about preparations? >> well, the city is actually over communicating right now. but they are telling business owners to do things like make sure your insurance is intact and be prepared. i think from a business owner standpoint i think we would prefer for the city to say we have your back. we will protect you at all costs and insure that there isn't a repeat incident again. so i think the business owners, there is a spectrum of how we are all responding. there are those that have made an investment in their business and they put in riot glass or boulders in front of store fronts much like the report of mid town manhattan a few
6:59 am
minutes ago so cars couldn't penetrate their building. there are those that just have the plywood that will be ready to go at a moments' notice. we don't know what the catalyst will be for the looting and rioting. we're faced with two months of this. with jury selection and opening arguments, the trial and then the verdict will be regardless of the outcome will be a big catalyst that we'll all have to deal with for weeks. >> dana: do you anticipate it will mean less foot traffic that could be a customer? >> yes. we're not a direct retail business. we have a lot of clients that are. we have 45 employees in our office every day. right now minneapolis like many other en vier ownments are a ghost town with stay at home orders discouraging businesses from coming into their offices. so we're already faced with a downtown that lacks the vibrancy it normally does.
7:00 am
this is just an added effect. >> dana: we'll stay in touch with you. we hope it is smooth sailing and we know you are prepared and thank you for being on the show today. >> thank you very much. >> dana: humanitarian crisis at the southern border raising alarms at the white house as migrant children quickly fill up shelters. president biden ordering senior members of his team to the border to find out how to safeguard unaccompanied minors. new video showing the highly populated border region along the rio grande and the international bridge between mexico and eagle pass. a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" and i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm still bill hemmer and it is still friday. >> dana: interesting that the president recognizes it. they won't call it a crisis but he knows it is bad enough he has to tell everybody that he is sending officials down there to try to -- >> bill: more than 4500 my grants taken in custody one day.
7:01 am
concern the numbers could go much higher with warmer weather. peter doocy and what they're saying now. >> now the feds are trying to find beds for all these unaccompanied children who are coming across the border. >> we recognize with the number coming in and the limited facilities we have and the -- our desire to abide by covid protocols that it's a policy process that is imperative and priority for this administration. >> "washington post" is reporting some detention facilities will be turned into ellis aisle processing centers to quickly place families caught at the border elsewhere in the states. the numbers are eye-popping. 321 children caught a day according to axios up from 47 at the beginning of january. >> when president biden rescinded the emergency order
7:02 am
on the southwest border it stopped resources and construction on the border. as a result of that one area where the fence is not complete we get five to six groups a day. it opened up the border. >> president biden in his most recent comment about this says he doesn't think there is a crisis at the border. he thinks the federal government can handle it god willing. we'll see if that assessment changes once his senior staffers get back from the border and brief him again. >> bill: more reaction coming up. dana a senior team going down to the border. an issue needs attention. how to get it under control before it gets more out of hand. >> dana: the other night on the five where the president said god willing greg gutfeld said that's not assuring. god willing? we need a policy if place. we'll talk about it. there is also this. >> let's honor all the women
7:03 am
who have suffered this pain and endured this humiliation. let's honor the women who have had the courage to come forward and tell their story, even though it was personally hard and difficult. and let's actually change things. >> dana: governor cuomo in 2019 signing a law to create workplace harassment protections saying sexual harassment would not be tolerated. fast forward to this week. the governor swamped in scandal with three women accusing him of sexual harassment. one accuser speaking out. allegations raising the questions on whether cuomo violated new york state's own rules of misconduct. >> the governor asked me if i was sensitive to intimacy. >> in his office? >> yes. >> during the workday. >> dana: trey gowdy fox news
7:04 am
contributor. this is from the new york state harassment training video that everybody who works here has to watch. >> physical acts of a sexual nature including but not limited to touching, pinching, patting, grabbing, kissing, hugging, brushing against another employee's body or poking another employee's body. >> dana: correct me if i'm wrong. what the young woman is describing in her interview last night is by my estimate that's harassment even if it doesn't include touching. >> no question, dana. i'm not sure you need a training video to tell you not to ask women in the office place about their sexual history. not to try to kiss a fellow employee. i don't think you need a training video to tell you not to do that. what i find amazing, dana, is this time 12 months ago, this time last year, cuomo was being
7:05 am
discussed as a replacement for joe biden. and then he was being discussed for vice president and then even recently he was being discussed as the attorney general for the united states. the sexual harassment is bad enough but that is separate and apart from a lethal nursing home policy. i want to be real curious. i saw "the new york times" out this morning with the story. they are about eight months behind. we'll see if the media plays catch-up on this story. >> bill: more on the interview with the 25-year-old accuser. >> he also asked you about if you had ever been with an older man. >> yes. he asked me if age difference mattered. he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22. >> how old are you? >> 25. >> bill: "new york times" fourth, fifth paragraph today.
7:06 am
just as mr. cuomo was starting to write a book on his pandemic achievement and goes on from there. you have a book, you have the emmy. based on his press conference two days ago i sense no sense of resignation on his part. if you start an impeachment process it is probably not wrapped up until right against the election of 2022. if he decides to run again. when you factor in all that, trey, what do you think his fate is? what is his future? >> i think the american people are going to have to decide what is our standard for propriety and impro pry tee. the same standard for republicans and democrats. keep in mind the virginia governor decided to ride out his controversy. the virginia lieutenant governor decided to ride out his controversy. you have a lethal nursing home policy and three allegations of harassment or sexual impropriety in the workplace. if that's not enough for the voters of new york to rise up and say we can do better, we can do better than that, it
7:07 am
should not be up to the criminal justice system. some of this is creepy behavior but may not rise to the level of crime. that's not the standard for staying in office. narrowly avoiding indictment is not the standard for staying in office. >> dana: joy behar and how she thinks it should be handled. >> they should use the republican model. ignore everything like they did with kavanaugh. the republican playbook is let's hope that this goes away and let's not really go into it. >> dana: final word on that angle. >> well, how about the democrat playbook? how do you believe someone before they've even uttered a word? i want one playbook for both republicans and democrats. due process depending on the nature of the offense. one standard. there shouldn't be a republican or democrat model.
7:08 am
this young woman, i watched the video. very credible. corroboration, she is subjected herself to examination and cross examination. we need one standard in this country that applies to both republicans and democrats. >> bill: looks like he will stay and fight. trey gowdy. thank you for your time and thanks for being here. new evidence the economy is bouncing back. jobs number came out 90 minutes ago. we added 379,000 jobs in february. as the covid recovery picks up steam. unemployment 6.2%. well below the peak of 14.7 last april. wall street heading higher as investors bet on a rebound driven by stimulus spending and widespread vaccinations. larry kudlow the anchor of kudlow and fox business 4:00 monday through friday on fox business. the hot take on the jobs report tells you what, larry? >> the economy is a lot stronger than washington or the
7:09 am
current administration wants to admit because they want their stimulus bill, which is not a good bill. by the way, you are right on the numbers. one other number private sector jobs jumped 465,000. and you will see even stronger numbers ahead as the vaccines take hold. we have 83 million vaccines thanks to president trump's operation warp speed. you will probably have herd immunity by the spring or early summer and you see all these neanderthal governors completely opening up their economies, god bless them including my governor, a democrat in connecticut. i want to give a tip of the hat to him. he is completely opening up 100% of capacity. whatever washington thinks its doing the people in the grassroots are opening the economy spelling jobs and economic growth and the decline of covid. >> dana: interesting what you just said about the governor of connecticut because i feel like
7:10 am
president biden definitely had a reaction to the decision that governor abbott made and he called it neanderthal thinking. you have to wonder, larry, would he do the same to governor lamont from connecticut? >> that's a great question, dana. i probably doubt it. but you know me. i don't care which political party. if you do something good, i give a hat tip every time. and mr. lamont, governor lamont who i have known many years made a lot of good moves processing vaccines, moving towards openings and restaurants and businesses and i guess yesterday his press conference he said you can go to 100% of capacity for almost everything in the state of connecticut. he is a democrat but i don't care he is doing the right thing. >> bill: dana and i are getting out of manhattan. if connecticut is open we want to go there.
7:11 am
>> i got a spot for you. i have a lovely country house for both of you. >> bill: if you think today's jobs report is good enough, to know at this pace it would take until april 2023 to get back to where we were in february 2020. if you pass covid relief, it looks like it is probably on track to do that, larry. do you believe that's too great a risk or if you write it right can you make it work for the economy in a successful way? >> look, all the spending programs, it is kind of a democrat liberal wish list. that stuff is worth one or two months. that's all you are going to get. it is much more important to bring people back to work so you have permanent jobs. not just government income sprinkling from the sky. now i think with respect to your point we won't get back to full employment for a couple of years, i don't think so.
7:12 am
i think barring huge taxes and regulatory increases, which will be an issue before the year is over. if you leave it alone and it is a free enterprise economy and you reopen the economy and everybody gets vaccinated which is where we're headed you will get big job gains. you will go back to a million jobs a month new jobs a month or more as we move into the spring. this is the jobs that we lost in the last spike in late 2020. so i'm much more optimistic. unemployment can fall substantially in the next 6 to 12 months if we don't interfere with incentives and regulation. i am quite optimistic on that. but, but, but it hinges on good policies. i'm worried about that. i have a lot of misgivings about what i'm hearing from the biden administration on economic policies. >> bill: fridays with larry. i think maybe we coin this. thank you, larry. nice to see you. we'll see you at 4:00 on fox
7:13 am
business. new podcast, larry is my guest and talk about the trump years, economy, how do invest, find it on itunes, spotify and fox news radio available right now. >> dana: cancel culture is coming to e-bay announcing it's barring six dr. seuss books after they were selling for hundreds of dollars on the platform following dr. seuss enterprises saying it will stop publishing them. gerri willis from fox business. you can still buy paper back copies of hitler east book but not the dr. seuss books? >> e-bay is canceling dr. seuss barring the resale of six of his books from the popular child author. some folks hoping to cash in on this move. one person getting $2,000 for five of those books. some are asking if not dr.
7:14 am
seuss, why should e-bay allow the sales of publications like these? hitler's autobiography. the thesis there is a jewish conspiracy to gain jewish leadership and aim of exterminateing the jews. the book by former kkk grand wizard david duke is available on there. the unibombers book. the journals of erik harris, the mass murderers who killed 13 people at columbine high school in 1999. he have ten diaries of joseph goebel's, that is available on e-bay. dr. seuss fans may be getting the last laugh. dr. seuss books are one of the top selling books.
7:15 am
dr. seuss's company said it would stop the publication of these books. they picked them out after talking for months with academics and others. a lot of people are asking why, why, why? back to you. >> dana: thank you so much, gerri willis. >> bill: governor cuomo firing two fronts. bombshell report on the nursing home scandals claiming advisors authored the death count and a senate panel has concerns. senator tom cotton is on that panel. he had questions and we'll get answers. >> seems to me your judgments about matters of war and peace are almost always wrong. it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at their lowest now's the time to refinance and turn your home equity into money for your family.
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7:21 am
>> in 2019, in response to a story about syria, you wrote that the republican party has debased itself at the altar of trump and now is the party of ethnic cleansing. >> dana: senator tom cotton pressing a former aide to biden in a tough confirmation hearing. he is the top pentagon policy job. his record on foreign policy casts a shadow over his nomination. what is your major concern about this nomination? >> the undersecretary of defense for policy is one of the most important jobs in the government. one of the most important jobs in the department of defense. the person that leads thousands of people to set national
7:22 am
security policy for our nation. colin has been wrong about every major issue in recent times. one of the most vocal defenders of the iran nuclear dealer and very weak on israel. as that clip pointed out he has a long record of volatile outbursts of unbalanced rants against people who merely disagree with him. that's not the kind of temperament we need in such a critical job in the department of defense. >> bill: i want to play a clip of his response to some of those accusations and here is what he said. >> there were a number of positions that president trump took that i strongly opposed. i think the language that i used in opposing those was sometimes disrespectful and for that i apologize. i understand that the position of the undersecretary of defense for policy is not a political job. it is a policy job. >> bill: i've seen some of his
7:23 am
tweets. they're strong but he just said i apologize. is that acceptable? >> look, i think it's appropriate to apologize. he didn't need to apologize to me or other senators. this is not about mean tweets. this is about temperament. he said in that answer also yesterday, bill, that he got kind of swept up in the moment, in the heat of the moment. most of these social media posts were happening in the middle of the night when he was sitting at home reading the news. if that's his reaction under such conditions, just sitting at home reading the news, what will he be like in the pentagon when iran hijacks another american boat or china shoots down an american aircraft? i don't think his temperament is suited to be an official in the top of defense. >> dana: when you think about the policy direction of the defense department maybe the top two issues that are you keeping an eye on. >> one thing that troubled me very much yesterday and troubled a lot of our senators
7:24 am
as well is his refusal to commit to the modernization of our nuclear forces. we are far down the path of investing in a new missile system that will help deter russia and china. that's vital to our national security and he repeatedly refused even under pointed questions from me to commit to fully funding that program. that's the only option we have. there are no other options. second, again, he is one of the most vocal supporters of iran nuclear deal and he was stridently and harshly viciously critical of anyone who questioned the many flaws of that deal. chuck schumer voted against it as well. those are two examples of where his judgments have been wrong and the way he expresses those judgments reflect a temperament not suited for this job. >> bill: democrats have the votes. can you derail this nomination? >> we'll see about that. we had a similar situation with neera tanden. we established a precedent there. i will just say the job that he
7:25 am
is up for is much more important than a job tanden was nominated to and more important that job be held by someone level headed and even tempered. >> dana: senator cotton. great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bill: texas governor greg abbott blasting the biden administration after 100 illegals test positive for covid and allowed to enter the u.s. chris wallace and that and more coming up. >> it was another football game. we work every sunday like it is the super bowl. in the nfl they're the best athletes and treat every sunday like it's a super bowl. >> bill: sarah thomas, the first woman to officiate a super bowl as we celebrate women's history month. we chatted with her after the big game. cool american, right? here is another cool american. buy it tuesday. you can pre-order now.
7:26 am
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7:31 am
>> dana: top stories. pharmaceutical company owner facing a class action lawsuit trying to corner the market on an h.i.v. drug. >> bill: texas power companies last month resulted in $16 billion overcharge for countless customers in the state. >> dana: investigators looking into communications between lawmakers and protestors who stormed the capitol building to determine if members of congress played a role in the riots. download the fox news app. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> bill: texas governor greg abbott rejecting an offer from the white house to help with
7:32 am
covid testing i migrants. the governor said this. instead of doing their job the biden administration suggested it did not have the sufficient resources and remarkably asked texas to assist them in aiding their illegal immigration program. texas refused. we will not aid a program that makes our country a magnet for illegal immigration. want to bring in chris wallace. host of "fox news sunday". no shortage over the weekend. good morning on this friday. how big of a problem is this do you think for the biden team? >> well, think the general immigration policy a quite a serious problem. you had the president reverse the trump policy and say that unaccompanied minors could come into the country and stay. they wouldn't be turned around as they were under the trump policy and sent back south from the border. and that has resulted in a real spike and we saw some numbers, axios had that they were projecting something like
7:33 am
117,000 unaccompanied minors during this fiscal year. big spike over last year. and you are also now seeing it with families. you know, i think it's a tricky issue for governor abbott. on the one hand i understand his concern that he doesn't want to do anything to contribute to this policy and create a magnet. on the other hand we also got a report this week that 100 people who had tested positive for covid were released into texas. and so on the one hand you don't want to contribute to the problem, on the other hand you don't want to ignore the problem and not test people who may be coming into your state and infecting them. >> dana: mark morgan was with the trump administration customs and border patrol and what he said about the situation as he sees it right now. >> i underestimated how fast this administration was going to completely dismantle every tool, authority and effective policy that was in place. we're in a new regime.
7:34 am
the united states government is encouraging, incentivizing and illegal activity. >> dana: i want to get your take. i feel with presidency you can intend to focus on one particular thing or two or three priorities. if there is a problem with immigration at the border, it does start to rise up to the level of priority. >> absolutely. one might even use the word that the biden administration seems uncomfortable using, crisis. you are exactly right. whatever your plans are they run into reality. i'm sure the biden administration that biden didn't sit there and say let's spur an increase, an invasion, an influx of people across the border. but that's the effect his policy has had whether he wanted to or not. that's the way people trying to come into this country illegally are reading it.
7:35 am
particularly unaccompanied minors, if you come across the border you won't be sent home. you will be able to stay there and now you see the biden administration talking about having to increase the number of reception facilities because they are being so overwhelmed. so this may not have been what the president wanted at the top of his agenda but it is quickly getting if not at the top near the top and we're being told that at some time in the next week or so top administration officials will go down there and inspect the border. they have a problem on their hands, no question about it. >> bill: reuters are saying the government is looking at a virginia military base to house the illegal migrant children. they are thinking about it in virginia. you talk about the 108 who tested positive. they went off to parts outside of texas. we'll see if greg abbott changes his mind to work with fema. you have a critical interview with joe manchin. a lot of people call him the king of washington now. tell us about it.
7:36 am
>> well, you know, it is so interesting. i don't know whether he purposely set out to do this or not but he has done it. in a 50/50 senate one could say any democrat would be the difference between having the majority, including the tiebreaking vote of kamala harris or not. but somehow joe manchin has set himself up where he is the king maker. he is the swing vote. like you have an anthony kennedy on the supreme court. if he says something goes through something goes through. if he says i'm not going to vote for it it's dead. we'll see whether or not covid relief has passed the senate by that point or not and what other issues he will decide to be the king maker or breaker. we'll also talk to governor hutchinson of arkansas. there are several governors of southern states who are either lifting mask restrictions or opening up states 100% capacity for gyms and bars and
7:37 am
restaurants. we'll be talking to governor hutchinson about that. our power player of the week. i don't know if you guys are enthusiasts but -- he has become a huge -- that has become a hot ticket item during the peloton lockdowns. are you peloton users. >> dana: i'm so jealous you got this interview. i'll definitely be watching on sunday. >> let me just say that's as close as i'm getting to a peloton doing the interview with him. >> dana: see you sunday. a 47-year-old mother of three becoming the first woman to referee at the super bowl. molly lines is live in boston. >> women are making their mark on pro-football. one trailblazer marked a new milestone last month. >> it was a very special moment at the end of it. some of my mentors told me to
7:38 am
just stand there and take it all in with confetti. i did. >> this year sarah thomas became the first woman to referee a super bowl. in 2015 she was hired at the is nfl's first time ever female official. >> i didn't know there weren't any females when i started high school officiating. >> a former nfl official noticed her talent and dedication. >> he called me and i said i have an official i would like you to take a look at. i said what's his name? he said his name is sarah. >> jerry austin hired her in 2006 and she soon back the first woman to officiate a major college football game. thomas has always been an athlete. born into a sports loving mississippi family. happy to play with the boys in her youth ultimately earning a basket scholarship to the university of mobile.
7:39 am
this 47-year-old mother of three tackles a full family life. >> letting her see she can be a girl and doesn't have to ask can girls do that like i have so many times is very meaningful. >> you opened a door. many young women want to walk through it. >> walk through that door and know there is a chair at the table for them to pull up to and their voice can be heard. >> thomas forged a path and we get word from the nfl that maya chaka has been added to the 2021 season, making her the second woman and first black woman to be added to the nfl on-field officials. >> dana: thank you so much. bill, in mentoring there is a saying if you want to be her, you have to see her. so when sarah thomas is talking about her daughter saying she doesn't have to wonder can a girl do that it's because she
7:40 am
has seen her mom does it. >> bill: sounds like it is in the book. we had sarah on our show after the super bowl and we asked her about the brady toss with the lombardi trophy over water from the boat. she said i didn't see it. >> dana: she is a busy mom of three. >> bill: she was at soccer the night before. i'm thinking, if she is involved in the nfl that deeply. >> dana: she probably looked at it afterwards. >> bill: sarah, congratulations. e-bay banning the sale of six books by dr. seuss but hitler's book is okay. how the administration twisted the numbers on covid nursing home deaths. >> we are accused of being conspiracy theorists and misinformation spreaders and here we are realizing he is the one spreading misinformation. rae so you only pay for what you need?
7:41 am
just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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>> bill: bombshell report showing top aides for governor cuomo in new york forced the state health department to alter the way it counted deaths of nursing home deaths. it excluded the seniors who died at the hospital.
7:46 am
a top advisor to the governor insisting the following. this did not change the conclusion of the report which was and is that the march 25 order was not a driver of nursing home infections or fatalities. former "new york times" reporter and author of the new book the power couple. good morning. you've been watching this from your perch. what do you make so far? >> it is very strange. first of all it was obvious last year that a lot of people had died in hospitals who had been moved there from nursing homes. i'm not sure why the cuomo administration fought about it then. it is also obvious we don't know how many people died as a result of infections that they might have gotten from other people who had been shipped back to these nursing homes, it wasn't a good idea. other states like florida didn't do it. what seems to have happened is the governor panicked in march, thought the hospitals would be overrun because of bad advice he was getting, and said we have to ship these people out
7:47 am
to make way for this huge surge and when the surge fell short of the expectations, i don't know if you remember he was talking about 140,000 beds, 40,000 ventilators, he didn't change the policy. people kept getting sent back from hospitals to nursing homes and again we don't know how many deaths that might have caused but it clearly wasn't a good idea. >> bill: he was saying the workers at the nursing homes were the ones who brought the covid in and not the patients who left the hospital. >> i think that's true also but that does not absolve him. of course, you know, the cover-up. there is always that line the cover-up is worse than the crime. in this case that's especially true. if he had come out and said we did this because i thought it was the right move. i may have made a mistake, here is what the real numbers are, this would have gone away. instead the guy had a book he wanted to promote. he was really high on his own supply for a lot of last year,
7:48 am
and now it's all coming back to haunt him. >> bill: two things. "new york times" you just mentioned this here the fifth paragraph in the story today. the historic intervention was the earliest act yet known in what critics called trying to -- you have a poll out there when people are asked is it illegal 24% say yes, is it unethical but not illegal 51%. what's his fate? right now looks like he will fight to hang on. >> i don't make a living guessing about what is going to happen to politicians. so i won't guess. i will say i do think this is a case where it's all piling up for him and if "the new york times" is against you, you know, and you are a liberal in
7:49 am
new york state you may have some problems. >> bill: thank you for your time today, alex. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: in the category of you can't make this up hitler's mein kampf is for sale on e-bay but six dr. seuss books were pulled from the online site. what gives? harris faulkner has a preview of what's coming up. >> harris: from one great show, yours, thank you. we're live at the border as the white house is now sending a team to see just how bad the migrant crisis is really getting. plus rnc chair ronna mcdaniel will join me remembering how the media and democrats treated justice brett kavanaugh and how they're handling dr. cuomo's duo scandals? is it the same way? "the faulkner focus" top of the hour.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
>> dana: it's true, e-bay announcing will remove dr. seuss books but you can still buy hitler's mein kampf on the site. i don't know where you're live from this morning. what do you think of this sth >> i'm live from new york. this is so absurd. just when you think life can't get any weirder, here we are discussing dr. seuss and hitler in the same sentence and it makes sense. we've lost it as a nation. we've completely lost it. if they can come after dr. seuss nothing is sacred. >> dana: what did you think the other night when jimmie kimmel in his monologue one of the things he said to everybody this is -- if you keep doing this and keep having this sort of cancel culture, p.c. over the topness you are going to elect more people like president trump? >> well, he is absolutely right because president trump
7:56 am
represents common sense. hopefully people with common sense will rise up. there is a book i used to read to my kids called if you give a mouse a cookie. if you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk. you give him a glass of milk and that's how it is now. we're living in a bizarre children's book. if you give a liberal an inch they are canceling dr. seuss over racist imagery saying he depicted a chinese person eating with chopsticks? lord knows that hasn't happened since this morning. it is insane. it has to stop. it doesn't end here. that's the thing with censorship, it never ends. there is a group called learning for justice. they are saying that racism spans all of dr. seuss. you will be happy to know the sneethces has racist overtones. >> dana: how is this overall
7:57 am
affected comedians and the work they do? >> it is horrible. i see a lot of my friends doing self-censorship. there are certain topics you don't want to touch because you don't want to risk the offense. you don't want to risk getting taken off of youtube. you don't want to risk the angry letters. once people start self-censoring we're done. you can't do that. no censorship. freedom of speech. >> dana: in your mind i love comedy club. how do we keep the art from dying? >> people have to support the artists that are still taking the chances. there is no world where you won't get offended. i'm sorry if your feelings are hurt. suck it up, butter cup. everybody is up for ridicule. if you are a hypocrite, moron,
7:58 am
you will get made fun of. we have to get back to that. support the people who are still telling those jokes. >> dana: so while we have dr. seuss has dominated and the week before we had mr. potato head. people might say why are you covering the dr. seuss story so much? it is not just about the story but the overall movement and why you have people like bill maher, jimmie kimmel, and others saying you have to stand up for the people who are trying to make points. let me give you a final word. >> if you can't defend something as pure and good as dr. seuss, we're done as a nation. there is no end. dr. seuss is pure, 100% goodness and to not defend that, there would be a great symmetry if this was the straw that broke the camel's back and stopped all of this. there is a certain horton hears
7:59 am
the who that starts a movement. >> dana: you know your dr. seuss. >> i love dr. seuss. >> dana: that's a good point. every friday my mom, barb, myself all take "the new york times" news quiz. today for the first time andrew cuomo was the subject of the first question. multiple choice. i think we have it on the board. this is "the new york times," saying which scandal is he in trouble for aside from the sexual harassment? they talked about canceling overnight subway service, closing the state's border with canada. failing to plow the city of buffalo. that would be anowing if he did that. making too many appearances on his brother's show, or undercounting nursing home deaths in the pandemic. to me if "the new york times" news quiz is leading with this topic and the correct answer is undercounting nursing home
8:00 am
deaths this story has penetrated, a big one and on the radar. >> bill: what alex berenson said. if you are a democrat in new york and the crosshairs of the "new york times" you have issues. >> dana: you are collecting enemies. >> bill: have an awesome weekend. >> dana: we'll see harris faulkner next on the "the faulkner focus". >> harris: yet more bombshell claims against new york governor andrew cuomo in both the nursing home and sexual harassment scandals. i'm harris faulkner and you're in "the faulkner focus". governor cuomo's office is being accused of altering a state health report in july and it was to downplay the total number of covid-19 patients killed in nursing homes. according to both the "wall street journal" and "the new york times" governor cuomo's aides pushed health officials to edit that report and leave out patients who died at hospitals after they


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