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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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the stuff on there. >> you shouldn't be able to buy that stuff either. >> harris: okay, we will move on. another day, thank you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." my pleasure to be with you weekdays 11:00 eastern and when it hit straight up noon on the east coast, "outnumbered" now. well, the bombshells just keep coming and both of the scandals engulfing new york governor andrew cuomo. two new reports reveal his aides push to alter the data on nursing home deaths and a new report last july. until the about patience who died in hospitals after being infected at nursing homes. and obscure the true extent of the death toll. "the new york times" noted this. "extraordinary intervention" is what they call it came at the same time cuomo was starting to write a book on his pandemic
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achievements. but a cuomo administration health official responded "while early versions of the report included out of facility deaths, the covid task force was not satisfied that the data have been verified against hospital data so the final report used only data for in-facility deaths which was disclosed in the report. the department of health was comfortable with the final report and believes fully in its conclusion that the primary driver that introduced covid to nursing homes was brought in by staff. "meanwhile, 1 of 3 women accusing cuomo of sexual harassment is speaking out. a former aide charla bennett says she believes the governor was trying to groom her for sex while he was her boss. >> governor cuomo says he's never propositioned anybody, do you believe that he was propositioning you? >> he asked me if age difference mattered.
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he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22. i thought, he's trying to sleep with me. the governor is trying to sleep with me. >> harris: you're watching "outnumbered." here today, emily compagno, laura logan, katie pavlich and in the center seat on our virtual couch today, fox nation host and fox news contributor tyrus. great to see everybody, jackie robinson, kansas city, i love your shirt. that was for tyrus for people who can't see us. tyrus, both of these scandals just sitting on their own would be worthy of our reporting, our coverage, our attention, they are very serious. the first one with the nursing homes, though, is growing, you have deaths there, you have new information today and now the other one is growing and he says he won't quit.
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>> tyrus: yeah, you know, here's the thing, first of all you've just got to take your hat off to the great hero janet dean for the fight and the fact that she would not give up getting justice and getting the truth out and now we are starting to see just how much effort was put into covering up something that should've been open from the beginning. as far as, all women should be heard and respected and you need to have the investigation and the results of the investigation, we need to respect those. so that aside i think we need to focus on that, the importance of that but let's not lose sight of what happened at the nursing homes and what is still happening. so i... i think he should resign just based off, there's more than one accusation on the harassment side and the cover-up is sickening. >> harris: you know, katie, when you look at the latest polling numbers, some of them showing that 55% of people in
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new york say that the governor should not step down but 59% say he should not run again. who do you think democrats in power to make a difference, impeachment, whatever they would do, who do you think they'd listen to? do you think they are listening to all the evidence from the attorney general, the fbi is now investigating. we haven't heard there is yet but i'm certain it's coming. do you think they are listening to these women? who are these powerful democrats listening to? >> katie: i think that some of them are listening to democratic state legislators who are calling on governor cuomo to be more cooperated with their own investigation into this nursing home scandal and those democrats who have been called by andrew cuomo on the phone and bullied for daring to question what happened. but we are just at the beginning of this thing, fox has been covering this for a long time but other media outlets have not. the bottom line is that andrew cuomo and all this was going on last summer, may, june, july, that he was going to get away with this given the media was
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covering him, hollywood was praising him, he was getting praise from the dnc and the biden campaign for his so-called leadership on this issue and now that there's criminal investigation we are not just talking about andrew cuomo's behavior here, we are talking about the behavior of his aides and whether they are also complicit in this cover-up. when it comes to criminal charges i'm looking forward to seeing what these aides do, if they are offered some kind of agreement to be more cooperated with the fbi, for example, and how many allies that governor cuomo is really going to have at the end of the day when it comes to that nursing home scandal. >> harris: you know, emily, from listening to katie i just realized that the women who come forward, two of them were aides to the governor. the people that he reportedly, allegedly asked to change these numbers, the ones that, letitia james, the attorney general unearthed and everything is pointing to a potential cover-up, those were aides, too,
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what was going on around the governor? i think that's a fair question, you've got a lot going on around this one individual. >> emily: that's exactly right, it's obvious at this level, he was using this as a form of directed towards his aides and obviously this erases a lot more questions than answers which hopefully we will be able to derive from fbi investigation in the nursing home investigation into the sexual harassment allegations. it's important to note for viewers, governor cuomo's biggest defense to withholding the nursing home data was that he didn't wanted to be misconstrued and wielded against him by the federal government but that was well before we now know request for that data arrived from federal authorities. i think "the new york times" actually put the best, that this now reflects the length that he went to took control data, brushed aside public health
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expertise and bolster his position as a national leader in the fight against the coronavirus and lets specifically name names for a moment because i think these names will be important as revelations continue and as corruption probes continue that alyssa derosa, the three aides now having revealed that they manipulated and altered of that report, that they literally fudged those numbers publicly, they will be held to a reckoning into account and to katie's point, they may create some sort of deal to save their own hides but this is in fact just the beginning and those are three names to remember alongside the governors. >> harris: lara logan. >> lara: well, to me it's just very disappointing that people had to die before we got to this point because you didn't have to be a doctor or a scientist or a genius to figure out that people with covid should not have been placed in nursing homes if you didn't want to put the people in the nursing homes at increased
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risk. and something else, harris, we just don't talk enough about the devastation that the way covid was handled, what it has done to society, to people in nursing homes, elderly people who have essentially lived in solitary confinement, families all over this country who have been separated, to children whose death rates have gone up from suicide, depression has gone up but they are not the only ones, what's happened to the education of children in this country, how many children now live in poverty who didn't before this pandemic? for me it's just so frustrating because you really can see from the very beginning that cuomo's decisions were politically motivated and you can see the cost and what frustrates me, somebody once said to me, why do we always stand at the gates of auschwitz, oh, my god, it's awful, how did that happen? we build monuments and museums to after the fact but after the
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time when it really counts in policy politically, they are silent. they didn't stand up then so it's better that they are standing up now than never but cuomo isn't the only governor and there were people all across this country who didn't need to die. >> harris: there are republican hearings going on right now on murphy and my home state of new jersey, nursing homes melt down each year, three other governors, that is such a great point, three other governors besides the one we are talking about, governor cuomo in new york, who made similar decisions and those decisions now are being looked at, there is certainly a focus for me. all right, we are going to move on, president biden lashing out at republican governors saying they lifted covid restrictions too quickly, but how will he react now that a democrat has done the very same thing? and there are new signs of the president may see true crisis developing on the border. well it was a true crisis but
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>> emily: fox news alert, biden administration looking in the virginia military base to house unaccompanied migrant children after writers broke that story, the pentagon told fox news that has yet gotten of formal request from the department of health and human services, meanwhile "the washington post" reports the administration is also planning to convert its immigrant family detention centers in south texas into a rapid processing hubs to release migrant parents and children
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into the u.s. within 72 hours as ice warns arrivals with unaccompanied minors and families this year are expected to be the highest in over 20 years and fox news has confirmed president biden has ordered senior members of his team to head to the border and assess how bad things have gotten. but the president is refusing to call the situation a crisis. casey stegall is live at the border in texas. hi, casey. >> hey, emily, good to see you. greg abbott is saying it is strictly the federal government's job to handle border security, adding that it also is our responsibility of the feds to make sure that every migrant is tested for covid and if it is a positive test result that they are supposed to be quarantined, something we know did not happen with at least 104 people in brownsville, texas. after city officials began testing on their own when catch
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and release was essentially reinstated all while daily apprehensions of unaccompanied minors, families, and individuals continue to take up. >> they know that they are going to get released once they, and they come in once i get that no matter what they hear a politician say, if a politician say don't come right now we will send you back, as long as the person gets through they call back home and say this is what we did. >> similar to what we saw in 2019, agents say they are also experiencing more large groups traveling together and crossing together illegally. these border patrol images to show at least three of those encounters in the last couple days as the situation down here clearly evolves by the day. emily? >> emily: thanks so much, casey. lara, i'd like to start with you on this, you have such insight. what is your perspective? >> lara: have been talking every day to people who are down on the border, agents and locals
9:17 am
and also to civilians and what you are seeing happening is only a fraction of the real picture because what is not included in the numbers here are all the people who get away, what they classified as got away, there are others that turn back when people are pushed back over the border, others that are still trying to figure out which category they go in and when you look at those numbers it is exponentially higher. also what people don't understand is that people who are being led into the country are the unaccompanied minors although the numbers change every day, it's either seven or under, 12 or under, age 14 or under, age 17 or under and the u.s. isn't in control over who is calling the shots there, that's mexico saying who they will accept and how many they will accept every day. also when they talk about processing people quickly, border patrol agents detain them as they cross illegally into the u.s., they are detained for a short period of time, as fast as it takes to process them and
9:18 am
give them a form that says you are released on their own recognizance after taking their fingerprints and metrics paid unless they come from a country like china or a special-interest alien country that has a nexus with terrorism. then they are being held in the u.s. but the ones with family, a family group or there is a child age seven or under, those are the ones that are shipped as fast as possible to health and human services and released into the country and none of these people are tested by border patrol or any of the border agencies or law enforcement, that is not their charter so everyone who's been released has been not tested unless like in brownsville where the city tested people. >> emily: katie, your thoughts? >> katie: the first thing is that they continue to talk, the administration, about opening up these detention facilities all over the country, and my question is, if you can fly unaccompanied minors to virginia why can't you fly them back to their home country, if it's a
9:19 am
similar resource they are using. in terms of the health crisis here, we've had people who have not seen their families for a year, we've had people die from covid, 500,000 people in the united states and its just astonishing to me that the biden administration is no plan when it comes to making sure that we don't have another covid crisis or a fourth wave as dr. fauci would say as a result of the border crisis. you look at the charts the cdc put out, they put out these charts showing there's a choir of 67 people and one person has covid and they in fact almost the majority of the people in that choir. if we have covid-positive people getting on buses going to places like north carolina, illinois, this is not a border state issue so the health crisis here i think is the biggest question in addition to all these other elements that you can talk about for hours and hours on end. >> emily: harris, last hour on your "the faulkner focus" you spoke with senator ron johnson about that and he talked about a
9:20 am
caravan a day equivalent coming across the border. let's watch and then we will get your take. >> we are over 4,000 a day, that is a caravan a day and we are not properly testing people for covid and we are just releasing them, catch and release. it was a humanitarian crisis back in 2014 under president obama, what would you call this? >> harris: it's a great question it. so i want to come in with a little breaking news and then i will get to that, peter doocy and chad pergram are reporting from capitol hill that if this is about to happen it would be the first time that biden and mccarthy have met if it happens. minority leader of the house kevin mccarthy has written to the president of the united states, joe biden asking to have a meeting about border issues. this is heating up and if the president still continues to look at this as something he can... what did he say the other day?
9:21 am
he hopes, god willing, we can handle, you know what? god helps those who help themselves. we had help doing this, we knew what worked and politics got this current president to undo what was working. could we have done better? absolutely, we can always do better. were we not angry about the fact that there were children and family members separated and we needed to go find those kids on the north of 500 at one point under the last administration? of course we were upset about that, we want everybody to be whole but now they are coming across with people who don't even know them without their best interests at hand and the other thing, look at the companies that are impacted by this, we are finally getting people back, greyhound bus company said today, you got to help us out here, we need negative tested covid people you are going to send on our buses, we need those test results before we can mix those people up and not just with americans
9:22 am
waiting in communities, that's huge, what about the bus driver? what about all the people along the way, the americans who now come into contact with someone who, i saw a lot of government-provided masks there, thank god for that. we know that biden wants to send a box to every household, you better start at the border because that's where they're coming in without their masks on and they are coming into texas, arizona, all along that border. >> emily: and being flown across the united states. it >> lara: what people don't really know is that 1400 on the 21st of february, title 42 restrictions expired, that was put in place by the trump administration public health guidelines that had border patrol returning everyone who come into mexico because it's a covid hot spot and the biden administration had yet to say that they renew that or not but right now the numbers you see do not include all the people that are still being returned under title 42 and also the
9:23 am
deportations have still been stayed in a texas court, what will the numbers look like when those end? >> emily: we have to move on, switching gears here, dr. seuss books are not only suddenly unfit to print, they can't even be sold on ebay and that's not all come in new development on the latest victim of cancel culture just ahead. plus, president biden tore into texas' are public and governor for lifting covid restrictions, so will the president be just as harsh with connecticut's democratic governor also using restrictions? stay with us. >> we've got to shift away from these impractical mandates, one-size-fits-all. ♪ ♪ helming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow.
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♪♪ >> we are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because the way we are able to get vaccines, the last thing we need is the neanderthal thinking,
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forget it, it's still masks. >> harris: republican lawmakers still going after joe biden for that particular comment about texas governor greg abbott and mississippi governor tate read lifting the mask mandates and reopening their economy. 48 hours after those choice words from the president, the democratic governor of connecticut and announced he too was lifting restrictions on businesses across the state. meanwhile "the wall street journal" editorial board, every time governor's loosened restrictions cases picked up, democrats a demand lock downs. not that lockdowns or mask mandates, which experience bigger surges that florida did, liberals and other public health friends don't seem to want the pandemic to and ever.
9:29 am
>> tyrus: i think it's ironic that we want to open our borders but not our houses, it's crazy to me. but here's another little tidbit from president biden, he made the comment about neanderthal thinking while there was a science report that just came out last week that show that neanderthals here and think the same way as to homo sapiens did. he came up short, we are now finding neanderthals are just like us so there you go, doesn't have as much sting if you actually do some reading and check out the research on neanderthals. the point is we continue to hear every time someone's governor or of public and make some kind of statement about opening up, we just assume that we are all drones and we are going to fall in line, florida has, they looked lifted restriction's on masks and stuff, restaurants and citizens still wore masks, still practiced social distancing, still did the things even though they had the opportunity to not,
9:30 am
they still chose to sow the american people can make decisions for themselves. we are not all children. >> harris: katie? >> katie: harris, this is a problem with politicizing everything, if you're going to call red state governors neanderthals are going to have to call the governor of connecticut the same thing. now we know they are just as smart as we are, thanks to tyrus for that scientific study. but this comes down to the progress we are seeing with vaccinations, with the infection rate going down, people wanting to be able to move on with their lives in a safe and individual responsibility type of way and to the left doesn't want to let go of this because the left believes inherently in principles and big government and government control and government telling you what you can and cannot do with your life, where you can work so that just as a reflection of their overall ideology that has been implemented during the pandemic. >> harris: you know, emily, i do want to mention this,
9:31 am
lieutenant governor dan patrick of texas was on right after this decision was made and he said, you know, traveling around the state of texas he saw some seniors even without their masks and saw a lot of people with them when the man mass mandate was going, he said people were already making those choices. this whole thing and governor abbott's whole thing was to open up the economy and let these businesses drive the safety of these messages about masks which is basically what tyrus is saying, too. >> emily: that's exactly what is still happening in texas and connecticut where businesses like target and starbucks maintain their mask policy and of course the federal and one as well by president biden. i think digging deeper into that lockdown lobby and the issue is that democrats are wielding this eternal public health crisis because it's enabling them to expand the welfare stage, never mind that it's totally unsustainable politically and economically and i just keep coming back to the fact that the purpose of a lockdown was to
9:32 am
flatten the curve, preserve the efficacy of the medical system and as you outlined in the intro, time and time again, the second there was an uptick in cases all of a sudden there were demands for a lockdown, never mind that we were seeing different results in florida, for example, versus new york and california that had mask wearing a lockdown so it's not even effective in that way, either. >> harris: lara? >> lara: 99% recovery rate for this disease worldwide. show me one other disease which has that level of recovery rate where you have to wear masks or you have you close yourself inside your houses, close your schools and where you introduce a truly, truly evil controlling principle which now becomes, you are no longer responsible for your own safety, your decisions now affect the whole of humanity. and look at how useful that is
9:33 am
as a political principle. what else can you do? how else can you restrict people when their responsibility now is to make sure that everyone else is completely and utterly protected? >> harris: tyrus, i'm going to give you one last word on this. >> tyrus: you know, i just feel like we need to really just to respect the adults in the room which is the american people and we all can work together to get through pandemics, racism, diversity, we always seem to figure out ourselves. whoever is talking whatever a podium whether it's a donkey or an elephant, you know, it just doesn't really matter. it's about the american people and we always show resolve and end up doing the right thing. whether they take them off or add them on, americans are still going to be free and do what we've got to do. >> harris: we are going to follow the science, it's there for us to follow. >> tyrus: there's always going to be sharks in the water. >> harris: there is no such thing as zero risk, that's for sure. by the way, my parents in
9:34 am
college and i turned out of the way it. >> tyrus: neanderthals raised us the same. >> harris: we are moving on, democrats are less outspoken in their calls to believe all women but they seem a little bit quieter now that sexual harassment allegations are being made against new york governor andrew cuomo. vice president kamala harris remaining silent on the controversy despite her past #metoo support. is this double standard? >> should governor cuomo step down? ne♪ ♪ interest rates have dropped to record lows. one call can save you $3,000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income,
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>> so he goes "you were raped
9:39 am
and abused and assaulted." >> why do you think he was fixated on you as a survivor of sexual assault? >> i think it's really strategic. i think abusers look for vulnerabilities. >> katie: that was charlotte bennett accusing andrew cuomo of sexual harassment. so far three women have come forward to accuse cuomo of inappropriate behavior but many democrats especially on the national level are sitting at the scandal so far. political reports "cuomo's own party is largely staying out of the controversy is democrats say they are waiting for the new york attorney general to complete her investigation into this action. senators see little reason to away in on a scandal if it
9:40 am
touches one of their own." >> katie: i wrote a book many years from now all about the double standards democrats have when it comes to how they treat women, what they are willing to put up politically while they accuse republicans of being anti-women and misogynistic. when it comes to governor cuomo's scandal and in general i think that sexual assault or sexual harassment accusations should not necessarily be adjudicated in the public square, these situations are always very individual and very nuanced when it comes to both sides of the story. i think women like the young woman who spoke out to be able to tell their story and she's very strong and her statement was compelling but we've seen democrats come around to the idea that due process is important and waiting for the results of investigations where all sides you to tell their stories are important and that doesn't mean i'm defending andrew cuomo by any means but we've seen over and over again
9:41 am
that these cases do have details that may be these judgments came on later so maybe when it comes to these allegations, waiting for all the facts before making the decision is a good idea but it doesn't mean is democrats aren't hypocrites for how they treat republicans, brett kavanaugh the most famous face in the past when it comes to these types of situations. >> tyrus: i couldn't agree more with what katie just said, it's so important that we respect the process of the investigations and not be quick to pass judgments but at the same time that's kind of across the board for everything. if we just stick with the facts and let the investigations, we seen with president trump, the russian scandal, we had an investigation and the results proved otherwise and you're still going to have people that are going to make up their own mind because politically it is not beneficial for them to respect facts and reports as they go so again, this is not a fortunate situation but the investigation will be compelling and will give us the answer that
9:42 am
we need. >> emily: the argument here is that's exactly the opposite of what these top democrats have done in the past, they jumped the gun and have been very publicly vocal about it and here all of a sudden are reserving judgment in that way. your thoughts? >> harris: you know, you've heard the same, facts don't have feelings, facts also don't have politics, they stand for what they are and i like so much of what katie said because it doesn't mean that you don't listen to all women. i think democrats set the standards for themselves too high with a bar they could not live with, can't get over no matter what they do, "believe all women" pay what they are wanting everybody to do is suspend all facts and there are many reasons why you don't want to do that, you don't want to hurt potential victims, something was going on with his governor because you've got aids telling different stories and it's all bad, leading to an fbi investigation so you want to get the facts so maybe what democrats need to do is come back to earth with everybody
9:43 am
else. you want to listen to all women and help the facts come forward, listen to them and if you can support them to the point where they can bring forth facts you can look into, boy, we've really gone forward and let's see if democrats can help that process, if people can help that process. b2 lara, do you see that happening? >> lara: i really don't because based on people's behavior to date, this isn't like it is some epiphany for the democrats if they realize, my goodness, we should let the courts handle this kind of thing, it's just convenience. i don't want to be cynical here but come on, brett kavanaugh was tortured, his family was tortured, people all over the world no brett kavanaugh today as a rapist and none of that was true. it's wishful thinking is democrats suddenly have had some kind of epiphany and have found the principles instead of politics. >> emily: moving on now,
9:44 am
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>> marijuana during a white house briefing at this hour is the surge of illegal border crossings continues under brand-new report on the possibility of the biden administration considering a military base in virginia to house and overflow of unaccompanied minors. a live update at the top of the hour. plus, controversies involving andrew cuomo exploding, did he have his aides alter a state health department report on covid nursing home deaths to sell more books in the pandemic. as texas reopens, other states following suit. when the life returned to normal for you? join john and me as "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> harris: universal orlando joining the crowd, they cancel crowd, pulling some dr. seuss books from its gift shop. and it's considering further changes to the resort after
9:49 am
suess enterprises announced it was stopped publishing some titles because of racist and insensitive imagery. the books in question have been featured at universal since landing. and ebay has now reportedly delisted those books, the six that they polled. but users can still sell hitler's biography, the communist manifesto and louis farrakhan's book. "the party of freedom fries would like you to know that cancel culture is a very serious problem." tyrus? >> tyrus: i'm holding my favorite dr. seuss book of all time. horton hatches an egg, i love this book. so i will always support. i think it's just... i look at this, you mentioned
9:50 am
hitler, the 1930s was the last time we had book burnings. we are having them again but they are not bringing the books out in a fire, they are doing it online. we are seeing the cancellation, you may giggle, it's just dr. seuss but it's a starting point. they want to get rid of shakespeare and what's next? mark twain? where does it stop, and it's really unfortunate and i just feel like, when i think a bit much of this is ridiculous but again... b1 can i get wrong with you for a second? we are both people of color, tyrus, you don't have to be to understand that this is really nonsensical. but if you erase all the things that challenge others to come to the table and talk to us about a shared journey will we not talk about it anymore? >> tyrus: that's a great point, when you look at our history with the founding fathers and stuff and you
9:51 am
realize, yes, the same people that fought to free slaves were okay with slavery, the mistakes of our past don't come back because we acknowledge it and talk about it and understand it, this error looked at things this way and this is how far we've come. when you take away the evidence of change, you can't change anymore. >> harris: amen. >> tyrus: we get it. i'm wearing a shirt that says "there was segregation." the negro leagues, there's a reason that happened. do we have it now? no. we can talk about it and grow from it. >> harris: lara? >> lara: for me, "oh, the places you will go" is such a beautiful book from dr. seuss that teaches us so much about personal responsibility and moral courage. i don't like green eggs and ham, i don't like them sam i am, i
9:52 am
don't like them on a boat, i don't like them on a goat. these are spectacular moments and literal literature history. it's not just about dr. seuss, obviously. what happens when there are no more bookstores, what happens when there are no more physical libraries. as we get pushed further and further into this digital age, with smart houses and smart cities and smart this and that, everything that makes machines smarter and us dumber. more ignorant about our own history, more ignorant about issues of race. if you go back in history, napoleon bonaparte was not a nice person, there are many great figures throughout history who are not mother teresa and if you target them, what are we left with? i couldn't agree with tyrus and you more on this one. >> harris: i just wonder who gets to make all these decisions for us. can we bring them -- yeah, it's
9:53 am
right. we have to move on. again, i have to mention -- >> emily: library, dr. seuss. look at you. oh, how sweet. we have to have a readathon. >> harris: we can do that by zoom on fox nation. there you go and lara has proven -- >> tyrus: yes, ma'am. >> harris: the first ladies of football are no more. the nfl team is trading its cheerleaders for a coed dance team. that could be fun, i guess. why? ♪ ♪ so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser-drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. tylenol rapid release gels. not everybody wants the same thing. thethat's why i go withast for liberty mutualef. — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently.
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9:58 am
the organization will reportedly replace the squad with the coed dance ensemble and they are calling it part of a larger rebranding process. in full disclosure for viewers, i was an nfl cheerleader and icn as extinguishing opportunities for women rather than creating them. they're also saying that the emphasis is going to be part of a larger rebranding process with emphasis on choreography which timmy indicates they never watched nfl cheerleaders dance. katie, your thoughts. >> i don't know much about being a cheerleader. i know that i was a volleyball player and a basketball player but i was always a little bit jealous of the cheerleaders. in terms of the overall attitude in sports, the way the nfl has changed, it seems like the political correctness seems to be killing a lot of joy when it comes to the game including the cheerleaders. i would defer to you, emily, on the expertise of how this should move forward.
9:59 am
>> emily: tyrus, your thoughts. you played football from the other side of the field. >> tyrus: i agree with you. if they are bringing in male to your leaders and they are taking jobs. that's unfair. you should give them a raise. use the term dancing athletes and hire more cheerleaders. do things like that. not necessarily say okay, we're going to change it. seems like they are sidestepping the issue. decent pay and opportunity to grow. >> emily: in that culture, so many opportunities. philanthropic leg, during the world, uso tours. there is so much community involvement, connection and elevation of women in the nfl. thank you all for participating. i'm grateful to all of you.
10:00 am
thinking over watching. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. big development in the biden border crisis. the administration is now reportedly looking at a military base in virginia to house unaccompanied migrant children. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith. john, quickly changing situation at the southern border. >> john: getting worse by the day. high, sandra. i am john roberts in washington. border crossings have search of the president says there is no crisis of the border. mike morgan, former acting commissioner of customs and border protection says biden is dismantling every tool it was in the toolbox to deal with it. >> we are in a new regime where the united states government is incentivizing illegal entry. what you're saying at the border is they are creating reception centers for peopl


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