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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i'm sure they can handle all the problems facing u.s. cities. can't even dance but i hope you condense a little this weekend. have some fun, be with your family. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team to cut off from here. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking news tonight, dispatching a scout team to the southern border to take a firsthand look and take stock of the growing influx of illegal immigrants. the situation and the administration still refuses to categorize as a crisis. and a long night on capitol hill following the senate's record-breaking roll call vote on the $15 minimal wage
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position. and an impasse on unlimited benefits. we are live in the capital tonight as the most drag on, senator bill hagerty trying to take a break to join us live. our friend janice dean here to talk about the latest developments regarding new york governor andrew cuomo's burgeoning scandals, that is plural. problems on the u.s.-mexico border, white house correspondent kevin corke with the very latest tonight. >> the biden administration is scrambling, a drill and search for migrants in the border. each and every day, they are coming here because once they reach the feeling the belief is that they'll be able to say and so far the biden administration isn't doing a lot to disavow that notion. but the problem has become so acute, so bad that the white house has now considered using a u.s. military base to house the children.
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a ton of great danger, confusion with problems that must be solved and important decisions, any measure happening along the southern border is a crisis with children by the thousands making the dangerous trek in search of safe harbor. the rule of law be damned. >> any discussions in the white house about reversing the policy of allowing all unaccompanied children in united states? >> i think this issue allows us taking a step back as human beings and mothers, which i am one, and many in the room. all we are talking about here is ensuring they are treated safely, they are not traffic, they are not sent back on an unsafe journey. >> so bad now, hhs discussed it in assessment for fort lee is a potential use for a temporary influx care facility for unaccompanied children at some point in the future. but it may not be enough in the
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week ending march 1st, border patrol referred an average of 321 miners per day to hhs up from 47 at the beginning of january and the white house said it's dispatching a team to the region to assess the situation, a flaccid response meeting on the issue, writing, to be clear there's never a right time to enter the country illegally and violate the laws of the united states, he wrote. signaling otherwise is reckless and would make the situation worse. even former president trump wade in, "the spiraling's nominee at the border is overwhelming local communities, crowding hospitals, and taking jobs from legal american workers." this as the economy added 379,000 jobs last month, more than doubled what analysts predicted for the jobless rate also dropped, down to 6.2%, the
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lowest level since march 2020. very interesting, the republicans are pointing to those job numbers and suggesting that the latest pork filled stimulus, their words, not mine, frankly isn't necessary, adding the opening of the country would take care of the gaps in the economy. however the white house is still pushing back on that with chief of staff ron klain saying even with more than 300,000 jobs this month, it would take until april of 2023 just to get to back where we were in february of 2020. that was precovid trump economy numbers. shannon? >> shannon: have a great weekend. thank you. >> you too mommy >> you too my friend.>> shannone struggling to they are hoping the lengthy vote would run all day today but proceedings stalled for hours. there are developments.
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chad pergram is joining us live. chad, where do we stand right now? >> in the past couple of moments, the senate is now poised to finally resume voting on the covid villa. majority leader chuck schumer says they will power through, there is a deal of democrats in joe manchin west virginia. democrats will extend extra and employment benefits through early september. drop the additional benefits to the extra $300 a week rather $400. now supporting a plan to offer those benefits for a shorter period. minority whip john thune says g.o.p. members are frustrated. he says there is more pent up demand to offer amendments. shannon? >> shannon: chad, senator joe manchin exercising a lot of muscle. he may be one of the key players in all of washington right now. >> that's right. there should be no question that the most powerful figure in washington is manchin.
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it works for him to go to the mat and get what he once peered this tactic will wear thin with liberal democrats and they'll begin to grumble if progressives don't get what they want, but a moderate does. started after 11:00 this morning, the senate has now established a new record for the longest roll call vote in history. nearly 12 hours. >> shannon: so as aides are still working on the floor tonight, they moved past the $15 minimum wage issue, there are a lot of amendments, what does it mean for the house? >> democrats hoped to limit changes to the bill appear the house and senate have to be in sync. they knew the senate would bounce the bill back to the house next week. senate budget rules force democrats to cut from the bill in your national wade standard, a reduction in weekly unlimited benefits, that will not seal sit wellwith the left.
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says the changes are outrageous. the new jersey democrat says she's disgusted with her colleague and questions whether she can support this bill. guess what? it's always about the math. if liberals balked, this bill is in trouble. the democrats can only lose four votes in the house. >> shannon: there's a lot more to discuss on this bill and things are still moving tonight dear thank you very much. going to have senator haggerty with us in a minute when he can break away from the senate floor. will go live to him as well. thank you. learning more tonight about the latest nursing home scandal involving new york governor andrew cuomo. we brought you the breaking news here last night, top aides reportedly pressured help to permit workers alter a report obscuring the true number of residents who died from the coronavirus. here is correspondent aisha hosni. >> i have not hidden anything from the people of this state.
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>> nearly a year ago new york governor promised to lead the state to the pandemic with transparency. tonight, he faces a shocking claim he did anything but that. "the wall street journal" reports that the governor's top advisors convinced state health officials to alter their report on nursing home deaths, to only count deaths inside the facilities, not patients who died after taken to the hospital. the governor's office said it did so because it could not verify those out of the facility for "the wall street journal" writes the changes revealed that a state possess a fuller accounting of our facility nursing home deaths as early as a summer of 2020. it wasn't until january of this year, new york's attorney general revealed that the state had underreported nursing home deaths by as much as 50%. 15,000 new yorkers died in nursing homes. their families unsurprised by the latest blow.
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>> it's bittersweet when we see information when you all along that this is what it was. >> details also raising eyebrows about the timeline of events. "the new york times" reports just four days after the release of that altered report, cuomo was publicly commenting about writing his book, preparing to cash in on the pandemic achievements. white house project or a jen psaki pushed a comment. >> we've seen those reports. obviously they are troubling and we support any outside investigation. >> pressure is mounting for cuomo to step down. >> cuomo is not have the self dignity to resign. he must be impeached. >> new details emerged over her sexual harassment claims. former aide charlotte bennett tells cbs the governor propositioned her for sex. >> he implied for me that he was old enough for him and he was
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lonely. >> state democrats are calling for an oversight hearing into that "wall street journal" report. shannon? >> shannon: aisha hosni in new york. thank you. the headlines may be new, but these allegations that governor cuomo wasn't coming clean about the nursing home numbers, they are muscled, make your own sunshine. found a way to do that. janice dean, fox news senior meteorologist and someone directly affected by the governor's actions. welcome back. >> thank you, my friend. >> shannon: so the democratic lawmaker out of new york ron kim, you've been working with him together, you say this is not a partisan issue but they've suffered losses and trying to get answers. he said this in a tweet today. talking about writing a book what we went through. mr. cuomo said four days after the report is released, his first public comments about a possible book, he said that this is criminal grid mph. do you think, janice, will be
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the end result for him at this point? >> we have come this far and we have always known that there has been dishonesty with the governor and his administration. we knew when we were undercounting the numbers, we knew that putting b26 positive patients in the nursing homes was not based on science. but i am optimistic that there is a federal investigation, there is an fbi investigation, hopefully a doj investigation that was started by the trump presidency and hopefully the biden presidency will continue with that. you know, i think people are starting to see that the sunlight is the best disinfectant, and this governor has been nothing but corrupt. i think all of -- a lot of these charges are criminal. >> you have never stopped trying
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to get information on this and get answers on this. the last couple of weeks the sexual harassment claims that have built up against the governor, that's getting much more attention. i think it's interesting that in the middle of this there have been more in the week. reports in "the wall street journal" and "the new york times" last night saying, hey, some of the people of the pressure house department to change the numbers but we also had the leak of the derosa information from that zoom call. do you think there are people on the inside who are now turning on the governor and realizing they don't want to be a part of what happened and it's worse than the public knows? >> i think it might be coming from one of the nine people that left the administration. his top health advisors. nine of them left. that was reported a couple of weeks ago in "the wall street journal." so it may be they are finally seeing the light and deciding that it's time to start talking. i think that we need more of
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these types of people to rise up. without them, we won't get the answers. >> shannon: something from new york state, andrea any further people coming forward, it would be time to resign. so disappointed with 2021, on the heels of #metoo. i know that's a secondary claim, and issue to what you are personally dealing with. but i understand how much forgiveness and how much of a past the governors are going to get on any issues. >> that's a good point and i brought up the al capone, going back to al capone. he got him on tax evasion, a lesser charge than he probably should've gone down for. maybe this is the democratic lawmaker's way of saying we have to get him on something, not
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sure. listen, this guy has been power-hungry for years and experienced sexual harassment, it's not about the, sex it's about the power. i'm not surprised is the way he treats people especially young women in his administration. >> shannon: we always say we believe in due process, it's the only fair way to handle this. we will watch at these investigations play out. in the meantime, if people need cheering up, your new book is great. thanks so much, friends. >> i love you. >> shannon: our next guest says the covid relief bill should not be up for debate at this point. he is going to fight this in the back to the committees that never actually studied the numbers or put together a proposal. senator bill hagerty of tennessee has stepped off the senate floor joins us live. senator, what do you think your
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odds are about getting this back into committee? >> i don't want to say it's great to be back with you and i think the odds increasing differently as we saw chuck schumer lose complete control. bernie sanders raised an amendment and put this in the ditch. we should put this in the committees were a blog so they can work on bipartisan before we spend a single new dollar. make certain this package is oriented toward pandemic relief. going through the bill, a senator johnson for the reading of the bill, now the american public knows what this really is. it's not a pandemic relief bill. this is a no-holds-barred pork barrel spending bill. there's more pork in this than the tennessee barbecue joints combined. >> shannon: tweeting this, saying direct checks, unemployment insurance for state and local governments, funding
8:16 pm
for testing and the vaccine. all of these are in the american rescue plan. we will pass the bold covid response that people need. people hear that and say, yes, we need help and we need help for the vaccine. we need schools to open. why do you think this package is not the right way to get this done? >> it's a massive package, one of the large packages that's ever come through this congress. for them not to debate it, for them not to want us to read the bill tells a lot, shannon. there is more in this and things identified by chuck schumer. less than 10% of this actually addresses the pandemic. basically a democrat wish list which they jam through a parliamentary trick passing through a normal committee process. that's why put the motion in place to move it back to committee, get our arms back around to bring control to the situation. >> shannon: you mentioned bipartisanship several times.
8:17 pm
press secretary asked about prioritizing, having some kind of bipartisanship. here's what she said. >> we can deliver relief to the american people. >> shannon: we've seen major things past on the hill with not a single republican vote via the affordable care act comes to mind. it is not going to happen this time around? >> i can't imagine any of my republican colleagues joining the democrats to vote for this. i think they'll join me to vote against it. you saw bipartisanship today with the amended on the minimum wage paid 80 democrats came over and sided with republicans. again, the only bipartisanship we are seeing so far is on our side. >> shannon: we know you need to get back to work. is this another all-nighter, what's the timeline? >> we got a lot of amendments in place and you saw leader mcconnell go through the math on this. we go through the same number of amendments does it last time we
8:18 pm
had these processes, it could take over $400. certainly have to use the benchmark of this latest amendment where they kept open more than four hours one amendment. a long night, maybe through the entire weekend. but we are going to stand here and fight. >> shannon: hopefully you have some snickers over there. senator, thank you for stepping up to talk to us. thank you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> shannon: "wall street journal" warning that america's expecting a perpetual speed 26 crisis as many on the left don't want the fear to end ever. our panel next. ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger. only at applebee's. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs in a safe place and your child safer.
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comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: as the u.s. covid vaccination rate ramps up, the
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rolling average surpasses 2 million doses per day. americans looking to a post pandemic return to normalcy. dr. marc siegel taking a look at forces appeared to set on tapping the brakes. good evening, doctor. >> hi, shannon. with new covid case is dropping consistently below 70,000 and daily hospitalizations dropping below 45,000, and according to the cdc, more than 82 million doses of the vaccine now having been in them is steered reaching more than 60% of americans, it would appear that we are finally at least heading towards the end of the pandemic. and yet according to "the wall street journal" editorial board, "liberals and the public health friends don't seem to want the pandemic to end ever." democrats seem pleased they can use the pandemic to expand the welfare state. it's not just the liberals. one potential pandemic extender is masked and how long people should wear them fit well openers abbott and read in texas
8:24 pm
and mississippi lifted their mask mandates, not all republican governors agree that the time is now. >> we are not there yet but goodness knows we are getting closer. even when we lift the mask order, i will continue to wear my mask when i'm around others and strongly urge my fellow citizens to use common sense and urge the same thing. >> the cdc releasing guidelines to allow small groups of vaccinated individuals to congregate mask list. dr. fauci is not ready to take off his mask. >> because you are vaccinated, you can feel perfectly well and the issue is now can you then transmit it to others. until we prove that that's not the case, we are recommending that when people are vaccinated and are in the presence of unvaccinated people to put a mask on to prevent them from infecting others. >> the question is do extremely effective covid
8:25 pm
especially in areas of little viral spread. animal studies report this and inhuman some data from clinical trials and more and more data from the real world is showing that they do. in israel, scientists found a dramatic 92% drop in infections in contact with immunized people after the second shot. for many who have been vaccinated, these exciting results mean at least some freedom from restrictions while others, the pandemic mentality continues no matter what the results show. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. and the senate vote on this covid relief bill deep into the night, the prospect of a perpetual pandemic looms over americans as 2 million of us are getting vaccinated every day. author of the upcoming book "never let a crisis go to weight: the truth of disaster liberalism" jason chaffetz, are on capitol hill correspondent
8:26 pm
chad pergram sticking around too. i want to put up again a little bit about what dr. siegel was talking about, liberals and their public health friends don't want the pandemic to end ever. jason, sounds like something you get back in your group. >> it's called disaster liberalism. they can take a crisis whether it is legitimate or bogus, they can leverage it to do things in past things they'd never be able to do otherwise. what government figures out is in a crisis, their power is unlimited and because it's unlimited, the number of crises are unlimited. it's not just something legitimate like covid they use "crises" to leverage that, do things, spin it up and do other things that they would never, ever be able to get away with in any other setting. "the wall street journal" is exactly right, the same premise
8:27 pm
as my book. >> the $2 trillion package they are working on now that chad is keeping tabs on him, there a lot of arguments to get passed. bernie sanders, going to play a little bit of a speech what it's time to vote yes. >> you've got young people who want to go to school, want to socialize, want to date, want to date, what to do what young people do. they can no longer do that. >> shannon: steve, young people able to date is part of the argument for wanting all of us to get our lives back to normal! >> that so infuriating because they are saying that this bill, amongst other things, is vital so we can get kids back to school. we heard earlier from the senator about how only 9% of the whole thing is forced between a six relief. for schools, only 4% of the money allocated to schools is even planned to be spent this
8:28 pm
year. it is a complete lie. it's all just political spending, it's a lie for them to say that this is some kind of emergency bill that would get the schools open and exactly as you pointed out, the to americao and make these stupid countdown. it's all about increasing the power of the bureaucracy and the politicians who love the powers and they love the control, they love the sound of their own voice, they love being the center of attention, they want to keep it going forever. this bill taking this further in the right direction because it will further increase the size and influence of big government. >> shannon: watching these dominoes falling to say that we would open up, tonight it was west virginia at midnight who reopens everything all the way. other people are taking the
8:29 pm
piecemeal approach, so many have got a lot and chad to talk about this earlier and we'll bring him in. senator ron johnson is a republican, he insisted they read the entire bill and people freaked out about it but here's what he tweeted out pretty sad after listening to the entire 11 hours of the reading of this bill, it's clear that this is not a covid relief bill. amazing how much spending is 42022 through 2028. he says that it's just a democratic wish list. the parties are going to debate that, they remain in action and now you have some idea of how long this may take. >> senate mitch mcconnell, voted on every amendment in this so-called voter-rama, it would take up to 400 hours. there was a lot of complaints from democrats here about ron johnson saying he took up all this time making the clerks read the bill out loud. until 2:06 this morning.
8:30 pm
this whole thing with joe manchin trying to get some thing worked out on unemployment insurance, that took almost 12 hours. they set a record tonight for the longest roll call vote in senate history, beat it by almost two hours, in fact. we don't know after this motion to adjourn which is going to fail, mitch mcconnell moves to adjourn until 10:00 but we don't know whether they would vote all night, the universe of amendments that probably go through the day on saturday. john thune, republican whip, he said that a lot of senators on his side of the aisle are even more emboldened now because they thought that they finish overnight, they could bleed out to saturday or sunday. going to be changes in this bill. liberal democrats in the house of rep incentives are not going to like these changes. when they bounce this to the house, are you going to have an insurrection among these democrats who've already seen
8:31 pm
liberal democrats tweet and say we don't like what we are hearing here and why did joe manchin, a moderate democrat, get those things but we aren't getting the things we want. there are more liberals in the house of representatives than there are moderate democrats right now. >> shannon: what we hear from the progressives are get rid of the filibuster, using reconciliation for all sorts of things, may be immigration. your thoughts of the democrats blowing up the process to get what they want to and what it costs with voters here at >> you have people like kyrsten sinemae manchin going with the president and not going to bypass the tradition of the senate paying attention to not only the byrd rule but to the tight parameters a budget reconciliation. all other bills have to get to that threshold. i think there are a lot of
8:32 pm
people who are relieved that manchin, sinema, and others are not going to go down that radical path of having a simple majority. >> shannon: they weren't the only democrat to vote no. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: spring break gets underway in florida this weekend. some local officials warning it is not going to be all fun and games. we'll explain next. (engines roaring) whoo-hoo! cal, you came in hot!
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8:37 pm
put a statement on its front page omitting a lost a court battle to the duchess of sussex. meghan markle and her husband prince harry sailed the "male" " the royal couple claiming a copyright breach and invasion of privacy. and arizona state dean associate making the bold claim that grading equality of work is a form of racism in which a firm and april the dean encouraging teachers instead use a labor-based grading system where students are graded based on effort. spring break is underway in these unsigned state. officials in florida are trying to rein in students to avoid a new coronavirus outbreak. shunning showing us how and fromfort lau. >> spring break 2021 in south florida is on, washington universities are letting loose.
8:38 pm
>> especially on the streets and stuff, people get wasted. it's pretty wild. >> shannon: last year's spring break effectively killed with beaches closed in the public. the sand, surf, sunshine are wide open and that's a big concern for city leaders who suggest wild and crazy kids go to vegas instead, fearing that the pandemic will fuel up demands the party and spread covid. >> if you're coming here to let loose, if you think anything goes is what we want, you are very mistaken. we have lots of rules. >> last year the cdc's post ring break parler's analysis found that there was deafly some spread which made its way all the way to the hometowns across their the country. how much? difficult to know. florida's $90 billion a year tourism economy feeds on florida's lack of snow and spring break a major boost to hotels and restaurants which all lost a ton of money last year when the crowds disappeared.
8:39 pm
but some spring breaker pluralists might be surprised at tighter rules. in south beach, mask rule, midnight curfew, cops patrolling, the open containers, and arrest and site painters citations will bemade. >> we can be responsible for now and then a couple of months we can party it up. >> in fort lauderdale, it's more lax. there is no curfew. phil keating, fox news. >> shannon: she refused to wear a mask in the starbucks, the bristow refused to reserve her, now there's a lawsuit. we will explain the twists and turns in tonight's night court next. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important,
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8:44 pm
her local starbucks. posted about it on social media. soon after that, a friend of the bone restart who denied g a gofr the three step. giles is making headlines again, suing over the online fund-raiser claiming that the guy who set up using an image without her case. tonight's legal eagle, agent law professor andrew salzman. and ryan cable working with technology despite the challenges. we are glad you are both with us tonight. >> i need a starbucks. >> shannon: let's start. andrew, this is exhibit a. this is the woman who refused to wear the mask and the gofundme was set up to help the barista who told her no. says, i didn't have permission to use my photo, calling me "a karen," using my name and profiting money. i had been attacked for
8:45 pm
upholding my rights under the ada and hipaa privacy rights. they say that they don't have my image to raise over $100,000. >> but they do! you are the one karen who posted that! i'm reminded of joe biden when he said, come on, man. this is the ultimate in chutzpa, the kid who kills both of his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan. it's a cash grab, it's disgusting and you are the one who posted it, karen. >> shannon: takes me to exhibit b. matt cohen, refused service, set up the gofundme page. i think this is a baseless lawsuit profiting off a good deed and raising the fund-raiser for the barista in june of last
8:46 pm
year. exhibit b? >> before he breaks out the ice maki macchiato, there is term in other states called false light invasion of privacy and what that means is you cannot take a comment made by somebody else here on social media and publicly disclose it. there is a public exposure here because it's posted all over the internet, and the second element we would prove here is that the public exposure was offensive to the average person. i would argue here that miss giles has been buried, or reputation has been buried. she had her photography website hacked into. people calling her at all hours in the night harassing her. i think that the implication, really it's about what is implied through the posting. it's implied that she is a bully
8:47 pm
and she is mean and possibly there is a racial over chore because the barista is hispanic. she has been harassed, or website shut down, and who knows if she's going to get any of the business now. >> shannon: that takes us to exhibit c, andrew. her attorney for the yoga instructor who wouldn't wear the mask says there was an invasion of privacy aspect here as well, it's defamatory and money raised by him and we know at one point she asked for a cut of what he raised. your response? >> [laughs] come on! basically she's complaining about is she did something that was embarrassing to her and she posted all over the internet and people didn't like it. guess what? if you don't like that, don't engage in that kind of aberrant behavior! she's saying "everyone is calling me karen," guess what, that's the way you acted! if you don't like the way you are being perceived, you shouldn't act that way!
8:48 pm
this starbucks person did exactly what they were supposed to do pursuant to california law and pursuant to what starbucks required her to do. so to now blame this person or at least blame the person who is raising this money for her, it's frivolous, ridiculous, it's stupid. >> shannon: we will follow it and let people know what happened. folks at home, you are the jury. thank you both for fighting over the technology constraints and joining us. thanks, guys. >> any time. >> shannon: taking time to pause and reflect in this very anxious time, best-selling author spiritual advice if you are feeling overwhelmed. he is live next. so, subaru ans are doing it again, donating an additional 100 million meals to help those in need. love.
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and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> shannon: most americans are around the one-year mark when life as a new or changed drastically. a year of loss and isolation for many of us and new studies showing us how hard it's been on children and teenagers. one of the most encouraging voices i found through all of this is the best selling author and pastor maxwell kato who is going to bring in your children's book called "where'd the giggles go." welcome back, pastor. always good to see you. >> i think a lot of us are wondering where our giggle went
8:53 pm
over the last few months. >> shannon: probably feeling a lot of emotions he doesn't know how to articulate. goes about finding hope in other people. a conversation i think a lot of families would have with kids right now as the stats show us they are really struggling in many ways. >> psychiatrists are telling us to prepare for an onslaught of mental health issues that we are going to face, maybe unlike anything we've seen since world war ii. listing numbers as far as 5.5 million adults. i think all of us need to be preparing ourselves to help one another to cope what we are going through and what we've been through. not really being too facetious, i think all of us are looking for our giggle, or joy.
8:54 pm
we've had the wind knocked out of us, it's just been a brutal 16, 14, 15, 16 months. we need to really encourage one and build each other up, especially help our kids. >> shannon: kids and adults alike. abc 13 in toledo says there's no doubt the pandemic operates how churches operate, that might not be a bad thing. i'm hearing people watching mass from home, services from home and it says that if actually reconnect with their faith and make church more acceptable to them. >> i think that's true. the church was created for a season like this. the first 200 years for the history of the church, there was no church available. churches are about people, not about structures. i'm so proud of so many churches
8:55 pm
all over the world that are doing their very best to feed the physical hunger in their cities and meet the spiritual needs of their communities. there are some extra ordinary things happening and one of the highlights, i think, is people are connecting with their faith through online communities. we hope we are seeing at the end of this come out of my pay grade to say, but i do believe that we are discovering ways to reconnect with one another that are going to ensure long into the future. >> shannon: we literally only have seconds left but i want to thank you to take a look at my new book, "woman of the bible speaks," out same day as your book and i thank you for your encouragement as well. >> it is a great book, it is a great book! my goodness. everybody should read this book. but especially the chapter on
8:56 pm
esther. i love the chapter on esther. for such a time as this. facing a global challenge, as soon >> shannon: great to see you. that's it for us in washington. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, no leap, no leap! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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9:01 pm
president biden's


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