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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  March 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ." steve: if you thought pelosi banana republic, hr1 bill could neverhappen, think again, they a neuter fiing plan. -- new plan, it is terrifying, i am steve hilltop. this is home of popular -- we start with a quiz. a headline about president biden from last week. try to fill in the banks, focus on those on screen, joe something, something, to reopen schools, what did joe do?
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just be something big, joe never stops telling us. >> i think it time for schools to reopen safely, this is a national -- get our kids back in the classroom safely and soon add possible. >> it chris -- important to get our kid box to school. steve: it is so important that we can't keep you in suspend. the first blank. sends. what did he send? a president decree? a new executive order, he has already put out 34. he signed one on his birthday. and ensuring that biological men, can compete in girl sports, but wait. the president can't open schools
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with an executive order, that shows you on little you understand. these are no ordinary times and joe biden is no ordinary president, he is a wartime leader, he is fdr, he is fdr but woke. but to be fair not always awake. >> as i always said this a wartime effort. and everything action has been on the table, this a wartime efforts, this a wartime undertaking, not hyperbole. >> we're setting clear directives. we're going to go on the core issue. with the centralized coordinated effort. steve: a wartime effort, not hyperbole. it has to be val centralized, maybe joe is sending education secretary to reopen schools, here he was last week. >> it is a shared goal to reopen schools safely and quickly, i have not met an educated or that
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does not agree that students learn best in school, they want them to learn in schools, it is a matter -- implementing theschools to reop. steve: maybe joe is not, who whr that was. that man, talks influence -- if that is the man, then we're is surchg but don't worry joe sending one person who is get our kids back not classroom, you know who it certain let's reveal it now. jill. he decided to send jill. the schools will open through the power of jill, joe sends
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jill to reopen schools. sure enough. there she was last week, in a school. that was open, she did it. jill reopened the schools or, not reopening schools plural, she was in a school. that was already open. that school for that cynical, scam last week that tells us everything you need to know about biden, democrats, he is too weak and too corrupt to have an actual plan that would actually reopen schools, he just wants to make it look like he has a plan, he is a machine politician, he doeses on believe in anything, and bends to propressure comes from like vice president harris. and for example, another democrat politician, who tells us how important it is for kids to be back and school then does nothing.
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the machine is what matters for these politicians, today democrat machine, is built on the money and activism of government unions, starting the teachers biden, harris and newsom, not our kids who come first but their donors. >> last week gavin newsom announced a plan, a multibillion dollar bribe for teachers, they actually reopened schools, they don't have a plan or they are lying to you. his relief bill will reopen schools, it a lie, 4% of school money in this bill will be spent this year, 21 states had higher revenues last year, and california had such a big sur plus. as that is -- we opening economy biden bill is a lockdown bailout with more subsidies, what a joke it is, a sick joke.
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they can shut private businesses, but can't open public schools? they seized unprecedented emergency power to tell us, when we could leave our homes, see our families go to their funerals, now with ending the nightmare of school closures, for which day which have actual responsibility, it oh, sorry. it is a local matter, school boards, unions, teachers, we're doing our best, we're issuing ig guidance, we're sending jill, what a disgrace, never forget, what these democrats did to our children. >> tell them what you think, follow us on steve hilton. >> coming up, kayleigh mcenany and charlie kirk reacted. but first, author of recall newsom, republican california state legislator kevin kylie will join me now, you have been
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right in the thick of this recall effort. tell us how much of a part the school issue has played in growing behind the rather news. >> i talk to a lot of democrats who are behind the call their kids are not back in school. and school issue is number one case in point. our kids are 50th out of 50. california in getting our kids back to the class room, and california teacher association is governor bigger campaign funder. steve: tell us about the other reasons why you think he is so much in the crosshairs of so many people who would like to join the movement. the other aspectses are
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corruption,. >> well, the two of them seem to be competing over who can be removed from offers first, back when it started, gavin newsom used the arrive av will al of coronaviru launch his promotional. >> california had most severe lockdowns of any state. including dc we're 51 out of 51, and public health outcomes have been middling. they believe they have backfireed and spread of virus, i case for newsom, the cure is not just worse than the disease but made the disease worse, we had about, incompetent of a government performance as you
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could imagine. steve: well, i think you are doing a great service to the service of the states, highlighting this, nationwide it is important, it is so represent. and as they said, what starts in californiaen, ends' going going nationwide. >> thank you, steve. mark: all right, joining me now fox news analyst, former trump white house press secretary. kayleigh mcenany, you were such a great part of this show for a long time, great to have you back. >> good to joining. steve: start with school issue, i want to playing and from jen psaki, it cap -- captureds why people are so enraged.
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>> number one priority is ensuring schools are open 5 days a week, and they have information they need to put in place the metgation steps, we need money from american rescue plan to get it done, certain communities, our objective is for schools to be open. steve: kaley, almost every part of that is lie, not true to say they need the money from this relief bill to get schools open. florida schools have been open for months. tennessee making a point his school -- i am sorry mississippi. but no one ever calls were out on the falsehoods. >> you are right, she said they need information, we put out school guidelines at the
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administration. i stood at that samed to young, 8 months ago. it will is waive to open school. i pleaded moritativityics. in school -- they are affected 22 million kids depend on school for school lunch, this is devastating, but for biden it is about teacher union, and i will say, one last thing, the doctor sat in my office, said what kind of country sacrifices their children? that is not happening in the trump administration, not what we did. children always came first. steve: the narrative around the different administration it is so false, president trump, you
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remember, he was always calling on schools to be open, he was using his platform, butted by were, they are making out they are doing it when they are joss areiot. >> yes -- when they are not. >> they think we are fools, i remember watching press briefings hearing that goal was for a majority of schools to open one day a week. when you rewinded to trump administration, first, most school are hepat least one ten a week. it isive in for schools to open one day or a few days aweek,y sat in front him, he said reopen the schools, five-day away week learning. that is what we should hear from the podium, many months into a pandemic, when we know narn are gr togrodder picture about relif
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bill they passed. we know the sunday shows were celebrating this. what is your reaction to the both substants of that, and way it is reported. >> it only relief package not bipartisan, it was a liberal wish list. i saw one person tweet today, that if you just gave out this machine to american people it would be 6,000 per person. that would be a much better use than money to arts. 2023 is what some school money is allocated. in a liberal wish list. steve: they just say things are not true. one unifeuer yates, the vital need to get money to states,
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like california will get to money, what possible just case is there, when they have a multibillion dollar surplus, so big it will trigger a state law that requires a state to hand money back to tax payer, now they bet more money from federal government, how can be that just fies? >> yes, and schools, who are given 70 billion prior to this bill passed have not spent it all, there was a need. steve: right. >> a need spent over years not in immediate term, not tied to schools roping, science is not with them, a antiscience. >> right, and also away they keep moving goal post on when we can get back to normal, last point, talk about pandemic. now we're hearing that use the variants, to say, we might have to keep restrictiony going for longer, it seems they enjoy
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power and control they have. >> right. they took a pandemic and used to for control, in are manner state thans collide one i am in right now florida they are safely reopening, we owe it to small businesses children, do not let left seize the pandemic and make it about control, if it were up to them they would always have the chokehold on the small, and schools and american people, american people want freedom, and i guess we are neoner did ns for wants that. steve: right, thank you. >> bring in author of mag doctrine, charlie kirk, pick up with the school. move in a more optimistic direction. range at democrat and their teacher union donors, about a
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they are behaving, you could argue there is a silver lining there, it advance movement for school choice, for putting power and money in parent's hands to have option they want for are for children that seems to be moving forward. >> there needs to be it is cartel that has run education of our children too long, the one point of nuance i would add to your terrific monologue, lawmakers children are being educated, rules class, their kid are fine, private schools have been open for some time. people with resources have formed tutor partnerships. working class, working minority families they don't have asset to jet off to aspen, colorado and be taught by a professor at $800 an hour. so in this pandemic, and the lockdowns and our response, we have seen a pattern of pe i behavior,america's ruling classt
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themselve from pain and suffering, founding father warned this is the beginning of tyranny, they wrote, one of most dangerous thing to happen in the lawmakers don't have to live under the laws they pass, why is there no sense of urgency, because joe biden's grand kids are still getting educated and nancy pelosi's grand kids are still in some form of a school. the working class, dare i say the deplorables they don't have a voice. steve: i can add gavin newsom his kids have been in private school i think since last september, such an important point you make. what do you think that republicans should do in the face of -- switch to relieve bill. in you know that past senate.
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goes back to the house. looks like any problem there would be on the left. with some progressives maybe abjecting to -- objects to some compromises made, what does that mean for g.o.p., this two trillion dollar money out of washington. >> you accurately point out, why does california need the money, despite lockdown, tech boom and migration to the. zoom and skype class made california more solvent amazing plea l.a., means that inflation is al but assured, the people who are renting not owning, the people who cannot touch their assets,
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they will be hurt. what do republicans do, school choice is a winning issue, educational vouchers, mobility of your children, empowering parents, if there is one thing to take away from the virus, you should have same freedom that gavin newsom and nancy pelosi and joe biden have when can ams to education ofhe their childre, that is a winning issue. i don't understand why some republicans in congress don't make the issue. talk about it repeatedly, campaign on it, i think it is a winning issue all way through, educational choice and mobility. steve: i agree with you. let's keep up pressure for that, you talk about the latino vote, black vote all up in the elections, i think. of the way that president trump talked about reopening the
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economy, fighting for small business, not big corporations, this whole populous agenda, that has to be future, charlie thank you so much. >> leaving it there. back to what we started. only consolation about nancy pelosi corrupt election hr1 bill, it was never likely to become law it would need 60 votes to pass. now, they found a new way, this is a really big deal. we'll explain it to you ahead, don't go away. hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? buickenvision2021. oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking.
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>> breaking today senator joe mansion was pressed on whether he would vote for a filibuster loophole to get a bill pass. >> do you believe any idea of a carve out where this -- you could pass election related bills, just like do you with budget reconciliation with 50 votes rather than 60, would you be willing to go a reconciliation route for election only bill.
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>> i am not willing to go to reconciliation until we athlete at --least get to bipartisan. steve: after that party line. this is their new plan. to permanently rig election rules in their favor it was laid out in a cnn opinion piece. with universal mail in voting, hr1 is opposite of democracy it must be stopped, joining me now lisa boothe. and from rob smith's problematic podcast it is rob smith. lisa, i was pretty confident that hr1 is something they say they want. but they can't make it happen.
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now they have come up with a new idea of doing it as it was recon reconciliation with 50 votes. >> they have this point written down, it was one that i was plan on making on your show, we think so much alike, this is important. so far we had senators stand in opposition. to end the filibuster, but today. manchin talking about maybe not ending the filibuster but changing the rules, it would be a talking filibuster, bill will be filibustered for as long as senator or minority of willing to stand on the senate floor, then open the door for bill passed along partnership lines, you look at hr1 it is disguised. and media going along with it,
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saying it a voting rights bill, but it is a power grab from the left. what is concerning, it would codify a lot of concerns and reasons why so many people --distrust 2020 elections, allow for 10 days for ballots to be counted. we would not know the election on election night, people will have concerns, they will suddenly be able to find enough ballots to win an election, leading to a further erosion of trust. steve: like -- we have struggled to find a word for it, jerry mander didding to -- jerry mandery, is physical district, it is rigging rules in their favor, now they are prying to push it through with this
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process invention. rob, could you speak to the point that lisa made about you know all about voting rights, and really to counter the republicans' racism when they talk about election integrity and try to pass bills like stopping black people from voting. >> it is a use of language to push their agenda. something about hr1 caught my eye, there was a amendment, would have allowed people that are incarcerated under a fell felonyconviction to vote that f. he said, every human being deserves to be able to vote their best interests, anything less is inhumane and a form of slavery indeed the new jim crow, they are trying to couch the
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power grab in language of civil rights and race and racism. that is what they are doing, it is odd, to all republican congressmen and women who are watching this, people in charge, stop with culture war stuff, and make sure you find a way to battle this, they have already moved on to their next fight. steve: soy smart this point. lisa, the republicans have to wake up. this is a really threat. to their ability to win elections in future. >> yes, when democrats want from this legislation to have one party rule. this is the basis of today's democratic party, what do they value above all else? it is keeping it and expanding it we've seen this time and time
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again. it is court packs and ending filibuster, everything democrats do, their mo is about power, about the denying american's freedom and consolidating power at the top with federal government, that is what this bill does, by nationalizing elections. stripping states of their power, and putting that power was not even federal government but one party. this bill was passed in the house, on a party line basis, if it passes in senate it would be party line basis, this is democrat dictating rules of election for offer on a party line vote,t should be universally rejected and shame on the media, mainstream media for trying to couch this size a voting rights bill it denies americans rights to puts power in one party. steve: right. that was such a good summary. we will stay on this it is
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important. we'll see you later in the show. rob, you are staying with us. there are important topic, unraveling before our eyes biden administration's immigration policy, coming up, when texas and mississippi relax, coronavirus restrictions. it was neanderthal. but guess who else relaxed restrictions this week? and guess where? we'll tell you after t t t t t
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steve: welcome back, remember how evil donald trump was a monster who separated kids from family at border, because of the inhuman system break policy, the one that since -- that is inhume inhumane is the one that sends message to the world that the border is open. last month biden started puts kids in cages, but they are biden's cages, the february number, of children separated at border was highest ever,
12:38 am
according to the same report from axios, a customs and border potential told white house by may there would be 13,000 kids separated at the border, that is higher than evil president trump. while the crisis at border gets worse every day, andous house whitehouse privately told it wit worse, biden administration refused to knowledge it exists, it is not a crisis it a challenge. now and this is my favorite part. in a week where governors who relax coronavirus restriction in the states, described as having neanderthal thinking, guess what biden did, he relaxed coronavirus restrictions for hie borders, reopening them.
12:39 am
did fauci sign off on that? we should be told, charlie and rob are back with us, such a mess. >> people talk about immigration issue, the cruelest thing about this right now is sending a message to people that ared on the other side of the border to go across do a dangerous journey, that is so dangerous, that so brutal, for so many people to say that we're welcoming you in. which is what the policies tell people, you saw the group of people at border that had a biden let us in t-shirt on, that is insane. we have all of this stuff going on. and then you have left not wanting to talk about it, i tell you how they use language it not a crises to them, this is a challenge, i don't know why we go, but we have to do something with this border. we really do.
12:40 am
it is crazy. steve: charlie, the president trump was doing something at border, he did a number of things on many levels. physical border, and the reforming immigration system and the implementation it was work offing, numbers were down. but now, in this act of pet -- we saw that suv crashing through one of the bits of the wall that was not reinforced. old parts of the wall. an example, but the border wall aspect. biden was for that, democrats were for, that hillary clinton was for that before president trump. it is all driven by politics and pandering rather than a desire for a sensible immigration policy. >> i hate to be cynical.
12:41 am
the democrats basely want an open border, they look at it as a political win, they could use it as political football in future, future voters, whatever it might be, that is their motivation, that is not in the best interest of the american people, i was in new mexico the last couple days, highest crime rates in country, with young people that are addicted to opioid, a porous south owner border with guns and weapons and drugs, coming across with no one stops that means only more americans will get hurt, we have closed schools and open borders, is that what jobe i don't know n campaigned it on? >> it was disguised and camouflaged through the entire campaign, joe biden is so out of step from what he promised
12:42 am
people, a unifier, we'll have border security, that is not the case. it is suggestion you become and go as a please, not good for future of america. steve: right. the direct opposite of everything that say they want. >> i want to say, charlie, you introduced me to rob smith, you both together on the screen, a lovely moment. >> thank you. >> thanks. steve: all right, coming up, no one wants to a repeat of texas power disaster, what is the solution? it is not solar, winds or gas. the answer after the break.
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steve: welcome back, everyone trying to use texas power disaster for their own purpose,. it fault of crazy free market texas republican, scream the the left. -- how about facts. a real solution. in last decade, around 90 giga watts of cold power fire have been shut down, replaced by wind and solar and natural gas. wind and solar are less reliable. they can be disrupted by weather or bottlenecks. wind lobby said that freezing weather affected all power sources and texas should have weatherized them. wind performed at 12% of
12:49 am
capacity during the texas blackout, worst, gas was 38%. and cold coal 39%, nuclear 76%. our idiot politicians are making us rely more on electricity by pushing electric cars and banning gas hook ups to new homes and shutting down most reliable sources of electric pow, coal because of carbon emissions and dmeuk lar because nuclear, notclear, cuomo orderer planting to shut down this april, what we saw in texas, will be the norm everywhere unless we change course, more green blackouts, more disruption and death, as a result of climate zealotry. nuclear, i was once against
12:50 am
nuclear power because of heavy government subsidies involved in dealing with nuclear waste, they have been solved, a new generation of nuclear power could provide fantastic opportunities for american inmo investigation and jobs, and they are carbon free. here to discuss it president of environmental proes from micheal shellenberger. i have been wanting to talk to you about this. i was really skeptical of nuclear power. make the argument as to why we should embrace it even if we have been skeptical in the past. on the grounds of the government subsidy involved. >> sure. i was also against nuclear power or my life. -- for all my life, i was afraid of nuclear, i got it confused with nuclear weapons, i changed
12:51 am
my mind when there was growing resistance from communities and conservation groups again large industrial wind and solar facilities that were resulting in deaths of endangered species, we saw last week the federal government gave permission to wind farm in california to kill california condors there are only 331 left in the wild, there are effort to block transmission lines in alaska where whooping cranes can be killed, my friend said take a second look at nuclear, 450 time more land. and the conserve that has to matter to you and i had to understand what is deal with the accidents, how to we solve the e -- waste issues, they are all
12:52 am
softable. nuclear is only form of energy production that pays for its own waste storage. a small amount. and that does -- that is reliable and does not create air or water pollution. we have about 20% of our electricity from this technology, we have to help people get over the fears. steve: you think it is -- just last quick question. people talk about this next generation nuclear what does that look like. >> we've have been developing alternative reactors for over 50 year, 75 actually. and we do know how to recycle the used fuel rods from nuclear power plants, my view and i disagree with some pro-nuclear people, my view used fuel is best kept where it at, at the
12:53 am
site of nuclear power plants, we see people developing news technology to use that used fuel as fuel. this is incredible from an environmental point of view. hard to imagine any other technology, no air or waters pollution of any significant, uses a find amount of land and the most reliable way to make electricity, you can store so much you know, fuel and unused fuel on the site. >> interesting. i think we should really, take a closer look, i know you have been arguing for, that we appreciate you coming on tonight. michael thank you. >> thank you for having me, steve. steve: all right, coming up lisa boothe, just moved to florida, she is loving it, she is back to tell us why after the break. ancestry...gave us context. this...whole world ...of people ...adventurous people... and survivors. it was interesting to think about their lives...
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welcome back everyone. any comparison you hear about the pandemic, lockdown, virus, whatever he looked at, florida looks good whether it's about school going back or better health outcomes, it's no wonder that everyone is flocking to florida including lisa booth. here she is to tell us what it's like. >> i moved here because i value freedom. i got sick and tired of aryans like me are build was aon
12:59 am
governor cuomo dictating to how we can live. i packed up and moved to freedom loving florida. what the governor has done in florida iida is not only a great service to floridians but to the nation in the world as a whole because he has demonstrated that freedom and common sense working we don't need the heavy hand of the government to keep us safe. that's so imperative at a time where freedom is leading were becoming increasingly less free as a society and a nation. >> and it's not just things on the virus on lockdown. what he's doing on big tech is fascinating. >> absolutely. what the governor did this entire time was just followed the data and exercise common sense and what he did at the very beginning was prioritize the vulnerable, prioritize the seniors while allowing the rest of the state to get back
1:00 am
to normal business and live their lives. quite frankly this is something we have been talking about at the beginning of coated. you were outlining that and i was questioning the data when a lot of people weren't. >> i know, and he's doing it. congress could sign the $1.9 trillion relief bill this week. despite some compromises, it still includes plenty of political work pork. we're live in washington. jillian: new york governor andrew cuomo refusing to resign as two more women accuse him of sexual misconduct. we're live as nearly 50 state lawmakers say it's time to go. and the interview everywithin's been waiting for, thrown under the bus, prince harry and meghan markle dish on the royal family and the bombshell remarks about their son, archie glee we


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