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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> order from his flavortown kitchen and get a free month of discovery plus. >> thanks for watching. we'll have a great week together. >> bill: good morning. here we go. in week begins now. top members of the biden team heading to the border to try to deal with a surge in the number of migrant children. hope you had an awesome weekend. i'm bill hemmer. a week it is. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." good to be back with you. >> bill: you as well. weekend was how? >> dana: it was good. quiet. now getting ready for next weekend when the clocks change. then spring is really on the way. >> bill: big day
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>> dana: administration telling facilities caring for unaccompanied children. >> bill: there is -- there are numerous angles on this story. we'll talk to the former acting ice director ron vitiello in a moment. we'll begin with kristin fisher to figure out what the strategy is now. good morning. >> the white house is still calling this a challenge but not a crisis. the fact that president biden sent this team of high-level advisors, top administration officials down to the border shows you they know at the very least it is a big and growing problem for this administration. leading this team was the secretary of homeland security mayorkas and susan rice among others. while they were down there according to a statement put out by the white house just yesterday, the white house says they discussed capacity needs given the number of unaccompanied children and families arriving at the border.
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the complex challenges with redoing is immigration center and the white house is blaming a lot on it on coronavirus spacing restriction and the trump administration. republicans on capitol hill say the surge in migrants among those unaccompanied minors is a direct result of the new administration's policies. they're asking for hearings. house minority leader kevin mccarthy asking for a meeting with president biden himself to talk about all this. republican senator ron johnson. >> they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure we don't have a secure border. i'm highly alarmed. we're already at levels on a daily basis over 4,000 people per day crossing the border illegally being apprehended. imagine that, about a caravan a day. >> so given those numbers you heard senator johnson saying a caravan a day. given those numbers, i asked the white house press secretary
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on friday if there were any discussions within the white house about perhaps reversing or rolling back its new policy of allowing all unaccompanied children into the united states. jen psaki said emphatically no, no change in policy. >> bill: kristin fisher leads our coverage this morning. ron vitiello is the former customs enforcement director under president trump. the white house hasn't called it a crisis. what do you think they find there this week? >> they will see what happens when you take all of the tools that prevent this kind of surge at the border with children alone or families coming with children. they'll see the results of the reversal of those policies that were keeping surges like this from happening. the migrant protection protocols allowed people to have due process in immigration court and in their asylum claim. they could wait in mexico to do that. what happened then they didn't call back home and ask all their cousins, aunts, uncles
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and friends to come to the border. now you reversed that. people coming into the united states, spend a brief time with cdp and if they're with a child or a child alone they will be turned over to hhs and released to family members in the u.s. and the families that come with children will be released right at the border. this is completely predictable and to say it is not a crisis but then yet call out the emergency management agency to handle it, it -- those don't jive. >> dana: you were with ice under president trump and border control under president obama. 2013 and 2014 is when we had the surges at that time and how the obama administration dealt with them. want to have you listen to senator tom cotton on "fox & friends" this morning. get your take about how the situation we're dealing with now could have been predicted based on what you saw in the past. watch. >> joe biden the democrats,
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they don't believe in borders. they don't think it's a crisis. they think it is a feature. they turned detention centers into reception centers. >> dana: trying to think back to the time in the obama administration and what we're dealing with now. >> during that time the fix for what was going on in the border large numbers of children and families coming with children in unprecedented numbers, was detention. was getting a family detention center put up, two in texas, to add capacity to that function. then in 2015 reports overturned the use of those detention center with children in them. that's fine. then we went into the trump era and he put together a compact with mexico and the northern triangle to reform how asylum is treated at the border. it was fixed again. this is the third time. the department has only been around since 2003. the third time we fixed catch
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and release. now they rolled it all back and here we are. >> bill: we're averaging 3,000 arrests a day in january. that's a high number. that went to 4500 migrants as of last wednesday per day. your big concern is the workforce down there. they're the ones that are dealing with this. tell us more about that. >> right. yeah, this is a hands-on job. they are in small spaces with these people. the people are in tractor trailers, they get stuck in stash houses and our agents and officers have to deal with them and go face-to-face with them in the processing center before they can move down the line in the system. so these -- they can't skype this work. this has to be done face-to-face. these people have to come and go back and forth to work and go be with their families after. they're at risk because of what the job is. then you add on top of that the pandemic makes it even more frustrating. all because this could have been prevented and it could have been aligned for. they could have had these
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resources in place before they rolled back these policies. it is a big mistake. for them not to call it a crisis is a concern. how do you fix it if you don't think it's a problem? >> dana: i'm sure we'll be in touch soon. >> bill: thank you for your perspective. griff jenkins is live in a migrant camp on the mexican side of the border. we'll speak to him later in the show. >> dana: senate democrats push through president bidens relief bill out any republican support this weekend. gop lawmakers tried to narrow down the bill after criticizing the plan as wasteful spending and now the house has to sign off on the changes before the bill heads to the president's desk. jackie heinrich is live on capitol hill. the biden feels pretty confident? >> i think they do, dana. republicans got a couple of wins with this including whittling down the federal unemployment benefit from $400 to $300 a week after democrats struck a deal with republicans concerned about the size of the
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bill. the size of that package. overall republicans didn't really succeed in getting closer to that 618 billion price tag they were comfortable with package. it still -- it raises the tax credit to $3,000. republicans opposed unrestricted aid to state and local governments which they see as a rewards for states with the strictest lockdown suffering financially and school funding. much of which won't be spent until years from now. long after the country is vaccinated. democrats argued those funds will help the schools reduce class size and make improvements with ventilation, cleaning and ppe. the two sides never saw eye-to-eye on the biggest components. >> partisan bill though i
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regret we didn't get republican votes on the bill. >> a trillion dollars is unspent from the first 4 trillion. they could have had a bipartisan solution. they didn't want one. they'll talk about bipartisanship but acted in a partisan manner. >> senator tom cotton tweeted about it. the boston bomber terrorized a city and will be getting a $1400 stimulus check as part of the relief bill. house sex pekted to pass that bill on tuesday and it will head to the president's desk. >> dana: thank you so much. inmates are among those who will receive stimulus checks under the covid relief bill. people like convicted murderers will get a $1400 direct payment as we saw that tom cotton tweeted about this weekend. they remain behind bars but they will get the money anyway.
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marc theesen, former speech writer for george w. bush. i don't know how the democrats defend that, marc. >> because republicans wanted to stop it and they didn't want to do it. they didn't want to take -- unless joe manchin made them take some changes they were not interested in taking any changes from the republicans. the reality is joe biden had an opportunity here to pass a bipartisan filibuster proof bill, 10 republicans came to him and offered him a chance to pass a bill and work together and he swatted them away. democrats pushed through his bill. why? they did it because they saw that covid was a pretext they could use to pass through a giant amount of government spending that wouldn't have been possible at any other time. think about it. the covid cases are declining. economy is revving up. 6.2% unemployment. we have 3 vaccines and reportedly enough vaccine for every american adult by the end of may. that means the pandemic is
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almost over. this was their last chance to use covid as a pretext for spending. only $800 billion of that 1.9 trillion is directly related to covid. they had a chance and they took it. >> bill: senator from louisiana. prisoners don't pay taxes. taxpayers pay for their every need, inmates cannot stimulate the economy. under this bill they receive stimulus checks. this is a perfect example of no*rn targeted, inappropriate and waste of spending. it is ridiculous that this is in the bill. how do you think this wears over time? >> you know, free money is popular except it turns out it is not free. the reality is -- by the way, this is just the beginning. 1.9 trillion, this is covid. they are now talking joe manchin did an interview with axios saying i won't let them get away with doing this. i'm willing to do up to $4 trillion only if we raise taxes
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to pay for it and republicans sign on. the reality is, who is to blame for this? number one joe biden because joe biden said he would unite the country. if the president of the united states cantu night americans around the covid relief bill, bipartisanship is dead. joe manchin appeared on this network after the 10 senate republicans went to the white house and said to bret baier i have made it clear we'll make it work in a by pafrt san way. my friends from the other side will have input and do something we agree on. i won't do it down the lines of a party line votes. that's what they did and joe manchin voted for it. he is not going to save conservatives. >> bill: what was the date on that interview? >> that was i believe february 2. it was right after the senate republicans went to the white house and joe manchin said he had their backs. and he voted for it. now he is saying i'm not going
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to let them do it on climate on infrastructure. yes, he is. he won't save the conservative movement. the two senate seats in georgia we lost are cataclysmic. >> dana: showing that to be the case now. marc thiessen, good to see you. >> bill: thank you, marc. >> dana: senator joe manchin apparently is open to filibuster reform now. the moderate democrat reiterated while he is against getting rid of the rule all together he is willing to consider changes that would make the procedure harder to use. watch. >> if you want to make it more painful, make them stand there and talk, i'm willing to look at any way we can. i am not willing to take away the involvement of the minority. >> dana: a big shift i think. i thought that was talking about cataclysmic. that could change a lot of things. he is getting a lot of pressure from the left. i want to read this. remember harry reid?
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deputy chief of staff to him said there is essentially zero prospect for action if democrats need 60 votes to pass legislation without reconciliation. that's a lot better than the wasteland stairk at them if they leave the filibuster in place. will that win the day? >> bill: i'm not sure on that. there could be a trend toward that. what does biden think about this? he has not held a news conference. up to 45 days since taking office? first president in four decades to get to this point out one. jen psaki saying he will have one before the end of the month. president trump held five by this point in office. once the house passes it, he will talk. theesen's point is taken. five weeks ago today 10 republican senators went to the oval office with an offer on the table. the reason why 10 is so significant is because you have
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50 democrats. put you at 60 votes. if you preach unity on inauguration day january 20th they came hat in hand with a $600 billion opening bid. that was their opening bid. clearly they could have gotten to a trillion with democratic cooperation. two trillion was off the table. if you wanted to grab unity, the republicans they had their hand out back there five weeks ago today and they passed on it. >> dana: my prediction on the press conference. he will sign the bill during the day and prime time news conference that night. >> bill: we'll watch. here in new york the governor andrew cuomo defying calls to resign from leading new york democrats as more women accuse him of sexual harassment. is impeachment on the table? plus americans feeling pain at the pump. inflation can mean higher prices for many other things as well. maria bartiromo on that in a moment. and the interview. meghan and harry break their
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>> dana: new york governor andrew cuomo refusing to resign as nearly 50 lawmakers from both parties say they want to see him gone. cuomo facing new sexual harassment accusations as two more former staffers claim he acted inappropriately with them. bryan llenas is live in brooklyn new york following it. what are you hearing from the governor's office today? >> good morning. we heard governor andrew cuomo yesterday in a telephone news
6:22 am
conference. his tone more defensive, reiterating his stance he will not step down despite mounting pressure and calls from democrats to do so following a weekend in which there were more sexual harassment allegations made against him. >> no, there is no way i resign. let's do the attorney general investigation and get the findings and we'll go from there. but i'm not going to be distracted by this, either. >> the call was held right before new york's top state legislators both democrats announced they had turned against cuomo. new york's senate majority leader andrea stewart. we need to govern without daily distraction for the good of the state, governor cuomo must resign. new york state assembly speaker said we have many challenges to address and time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can make the needs of the people of new york. over the weekend a third former
6:23 am
aide accused cuomo of inappropriate behavior and she says he called her sweetheart, kissed her hand and asked personal questions and whether she had a boyfriend. a fourth aide says cuomo was regularly flirtatious with employees and hugged her inamroep yatly in a hotel room. he called her account false and dismissed her. 37 new york lawmakers are now calling for cuomo's resignation. 10 are calling for his impeachment. now as part of his defense yesterday, cuomo reminded reporters that new york's democratic senators chuck schumer and kir sten gillibrand, and jeffries and jen psaki have all supported cuomo's request to reserve judgment until the a.g. finishes her investigation. interesting to see if any of those stances change today. >> dana: thank you. good to see you.
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>> bill: 23 past the hours. the covid relief package on the final way to passage in the house. inflation fears out there, higher gas prices could be a drag on the markets. host of mornings with maria and sunday morning futures, maria bartiromo. inflation worries are up, unemployment figures are down, gas prices are up, two trillion will be floating out there very soon. are you the financial soothsayer. what does it mean, maria? where is our direction? >> this may very well end up being the most expensive bill ever passed. we will likely see this pass into law, reach the president's desk by tomorrow but of course as we've noted many times, this is pretty much an opportunity to jam through as many wants as the democrats have wanted such as the $350 billion going to
6:25 am
states and local municipalities. it is the biggest expansion of obamacare ever and you have 170 billion for schools, 50 billion for rental homeowner and homeless assistance all having nothing to do with covid. it will pass and it is definitely stoking some inflation fears. this morning we saw some talk around oil. oil prices are going higher, a number of food items have risen substantially recently with all this money being thrown at the economy. things are growing. the economy is getting better. we are expecting to see growth in 2021. cornerstone macro raised their expectations from 7 to 9% economic growth. is the bill going to be too much of a good thing and with inflation fears materializing stamp out any growth that we were seeing? we'll have to wait and see. we are seeing worries about inflation as commodities move highers and interest rates go higher.
6:26 am
when you look at interest rates moving higher it is not necessarily the yield on the 10-year note is at 1.6%. that's still relatively low. it is just the pace with which it has moved stoking inflation fears. as we worry about higher interest rates you have to remember we have 28 trillion in debt. more than 5 trillion thrown at this economy in the last year as interest rates go higher, the cost to carry that debt becomes even more expensive. >> dana: and then after this bill they will do the infrastructure bill and go to 3 to 4 trillion. we have our constant battle with china and the economic wins. i want to ask you about this. take a look at this in terms of china's economic surge since last year february 2021. exports up 155% basically. imports 17.3%. are they doing all right? >> china is rising. no doubt about it. the chinese communist party
6:27 am
last week on friday held its five year annual look ahead and the catch phrase that was being talked about by the communists was the east is rising and the west is declining. while we may see the united states growing faster than the chinese economy right now. this is an issue to watch and u.s./china policy will be critical that the biden administration keeps the tough stance that the trump administration had on the chinese communist party because they continue to steal intellectual property, bully neighbors and break promises all across the world. so we'll see if china will be able to overtake the united states in all of the areas that it is looking to do like emerging technologies that the u.s. wants to be number one in like ai and quantum computer, etc. china is doing very well even though you're seeing the united states grow as well, china continues that goal to overtake the u.s. as the leading super power of the world.
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>> bill: thanks, maria. >> dana: great to see you. >> bill: a couple minutes away opening bell. >> dana: a new at-home covid-19 treatment is in develop. why dr. marc siegel says this pill could be the holy grail of the pandemic. many migrants say they're fleeing persecution but is that always the truth? a new report may surprise you. >> this is a national security issue as well. you have trans national criminal organizations, drug cartels, human trafficking. this is just the tip of the iceberg of the vastness at our border. i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre
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6:34 am
at the border now victims of persecution, the legal standard, or telling a story to get in? the standard set by candidate joe biden. >> all those people seeking asylum deserve to be heard. that's who we are. we're a nation that says if you want to flee and the fleeing oppression you should come. >> the report suggests most asylum seekers are not oppressed because of race, religion on politics. interviewed thousands of central americans who returned home. 75% say they went to the united states for a better life. 5% to join family in america. just 6% left because of violence or insecurity. the u.n. also interviewed migrants forced by president trump to wait in mexico for their hearing. again, half wanted a better life. a third to join relatives. 1% cited violence. what's really interesting is why they gave up and returned home. 31% got tired of waiting in
6:35 am
mexico. 31% were denied asylum. so they got due process. 25% missed family back in their home country. 5% ran out of money. only 3% left mexico because of insecurity or violence. >> we lost a lot. that's why we decided to migrant to the united states. >> what we want is to work and that our children have a better future. >> that, however, is not a legal reason. >> is economic opportunity a valid reason for asylum? >> generally an opportunity to make a better living? if that's what you are referring to, that -- my understanding is that that does not a legitimate asylum claim make. >> bill: unlike president trump, president biden is accommodating the surge and embraced their right to see a judge though the hearings could
6:36 am
take four to five years. that's the waiting list right now in immigration court. back to you. >> dana: a broken system. >> bill: let's look at the law. andy mccarthy fox news contributor. good morning. william laid it out interestingly. what does the law read on economic opportunity? >> it's not a basis for making a petition for asylum or to be a refugee to come to the united states. the issue, bill, is it's just common sense if what you are raising is a frivolous legal issue and you have to wait someplace else until your court date arrives, then that's a big disincentive to try to come because you have to have the court date first before you get to get in. if you get to come here and you are going to be released into the country and the hearing -- if you even show up for it won't be for a number of years, obviously you are in the
6:37 am
country which is what you are aiming at. >> bill: here is the tricky question. if you're an asylum seeker and claiming violence and insecurity, how do you prove it? >> well, it has a lot to do with where you come from but bill, violence and insecurity is not a reason for asylum, either. we have a lot of violence in the united states. the issue is persecution. are people being persecuted because of their nationality, because of some group that they belong to, because of their religion? those are the basis for asylum petitions. if you want to come for a different reason, including that are you in a violent country and you have something that you think you can offer america, are you supposed to try to immigrate through the normal procedures. it's not a basis for refugees and asylum petitions. >> bill: this is senator
6:38 am
lindsey graham talking with maria on sunday. watch here. >> the border is breaking down as i speak. immigration in 2022 will be a bigger issue than it was in 2016. the asylum claims will be through the roof. by the summer you will have a million people coming into this country illegally all because the liberals can do it. >> bill: it's a broken system. we all know that, right? and that's been proven time and again. go ahead, andy. >> well, that's true and i think it's also true that biden has even more than obama clamped down on what our enforcement personnel are allowed to do. the more you do that, the more of a magnet that is for illegal immigration. >> bill: dhs head said we're not saying don't come. don't come now. they listen to that message all throughout central america. andy, thank you for running that down. andy mccarthy on a monday morning. >> dana: always good to see you.
6:39 am
the senate passed president biden's stimulus bill from no port from republicans. we'll talk to senator pat toomey and why he voted against the bill. the u.s. ramping up vaccinations as testing is in the process of an at-home treatment for coronavirus. dr. marc siegel is here next to talk about it. well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. so you're a small business, or a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah.
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>> bill: pope francis ending his historic trip to iran with a call to forgive isis. he made the plea in the town of mosul. the holy father saying he was praying for people of all religions who suffered at the hands of terrorists while reminding the faithful forgiveness is a key principle for christians. amazing visit over the weekend. frankly, i think that story got less attention than it deserved. >> dana: also if you didn't have a chance to follow it over the weekend look at some of the images because they tell such a story when he was there in the ruins of a church and they are releasing the dove in front of him. it was. the meeting with the muslim clear t -- cleric.
6:45 am
>> bill: iraqi security forces kept that visit safe. they were trained by the american military. that was a remarkable moment i thought watching francis go there. bravo all around. >> dana: u.s. hits a new record in daily vaccinations. researchers are developing an at-home covid-19 treatment with promising results in early trials. a five-day course designed to work similar to tam flu that you may have taken before. we have the vaccines. i don't feel like we've had enough therapeutics. what is this promising one? >> that's actually very correct, dana. we don't have anything yet we can use right at the beginning. you get a diagnosis, you don't want a severe case, what do i take? interestingly enough this pill is actually something that you can take on the first day. in trials phase 2 trials it is showing it gets rid of the virus completely to where you can't see any evidence of the
6:46 am
virus. so it cuts down dramatically on the severity of cases. what is left to try it in thousands and thousands of people. if that works then we'll have something we really need. what's really important is that it's safe so far. i've called it the holy grail of therapeutics. of all the drugs testing it's first one we're seeing that may really work very early. for people that get it despite being vaccinated or people who haven't been vaccinated or people who can't be vaccinated. >> dana: is it prescription then? i know at-home treatment but still have to have it prescribed by a doctor? >> like tam flu. it has to be prescribed like tam flu a lot. if patients i thought had covid i would give them this. >> dana: we have been waiting quite a while for the cdc to release guidelines for what
6:47 am
people who have been fully vaccinated can do. the "washington post" saying it's unacceptable. the delays illustrate a lack of communication that public health officials have chosen caution over celebration. if it doesn't change americans could be dissuaded from being vaccinated and our country might never achieve the goal of herd immunity. >> completely agree with that point. that's very well stated. 90 million people in the united states have gotten at least a dose. over 5 million people over the weekend alone. over the age of 65 it is closing in on 60%. highest risk group that causes 80% of the deaths. hospitalizations are dropping dramatically, only 40,000 in the united states. >> dana: i want everyone to see the numbers are quite remarkable. it doesn't mean that everyone is in the clear and you shouldn't be safe and do all the right things but these numbers are really going down. look at this in terms of new cases down. new deaths down, current
6:48 am
hospitalizations way down. >> so first of all the first time we've seen the deaths drop. a lagging indicator. here is what i really want to message today. public health is not just the virus. it is also the damage that happens when we overreact to the virus and hunker down and don't have a job and lose a job and get depressed and turn to alcohol and drugs and don't go to see our doctor for a cancer screening. all of that plays in here. so if we're seeing huge impacts of the vaccination which i believe we are, that plus national immunity for people who have gotten over covid now the vaccine is really kicking in especially at high-risk groups it is time we take that into account and start to open up. you see that in some of the states. as you said, though, doesn't mean you stop wearing your mask. it means, though, that we may be able to open up places that we didn't open before and maybe your vaccine will get you into some places. if your vaccine is an incentive more and more people will take it. >> dana: let's hope.
6:49 am
that's a hopeful note, dr. marc siegel. appreciate it. >> bill: good optimism. border security front and center again in america. meet an arizona sheriff who says the biden administration policies are leaving our border open to smugglers. >> you see the smuggling coming through our deserts. it is wide open right now and with the chaos going on at the border based on these administrative decisions. >> bill: griff jenkins is live in mexico and we'll talk to him in a moment. prince harry and the duchess meghan jaw dropping interview. what has the palace said today. check out the lineup coming up next hour. here we go as we roll on. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget.
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>> bill: happy hour somewhere. whiskey is about to get cheaper today. the tariffs are ditched. american whiskey industry was hit heart by the trade policy putting losses at more than $300 million. at this point the tariffs are lifting for four months. hopes the suspension could become permanent. >> dana: are you a whiskey drinking? >> i'm not. >> dana: i'm not but i admire the culture that goes along with it. >> bill: i get it. from ohio and kentucky such an allegiance to it. dark stuff is fought good for me. >> dana: i can admire it from afar. a u.k. situation, prince harry and duchess meghan are speaking out against the royal family in a bombshell interview. the duchess saying she even considered suicide at one point. >> i knew that if i didn't say
6:56 am
it, that i would do it. and i just didn't -- i just didn't want to be alive anymore. that was a very clear and real and frightening -- >> i was trapped and didn't know i was trapped like the rest of my family are. my father and my brother, they are trapped. they don't get to leave. i have great compassion for that. >> dana: let's bring in good morning britain reporter. curious what the palace has said so far and what the reaction is to prince harry saying his family members are trapped? >> well, on the palace front we have had nothing so far. it isn't unexpected. i think the palace might have been prepared for some major revelations. i don't think anybody was expecting bombshell after bombshell after bombshell and if they will respond they want to take their time to do so. it will be one-sided in a way. you aren't going to have a
6:57 am
reciprocal interview getting their side of the story. you might get a statement i imagine later today. still clips coming out from cbs. this may be a statement in reference to some of the specific and devastating claims or we might get nothing. we might get royal correspondents briefed and their side of the story like that. nothing from them so far. >> bill: a few of the headlines. meghan accuses palace of racism. i felt suicidal. meghan, kate made me cry. that got a lot of attention. i don't know what people are talking about over there. the cry of racism. how is that going over? >> you know, it hasn't aired yet. that is tonight in the u.k. people will sit down and properly watch it tonight. we've seen it on social media. i feel like in the u.s. there is a lot more people on team
6:58 am
meghan. here a bit more split if you take sides. of course there are a lot of people worried about those allegations, politicians calling for investigations. but at the same time, you know, there is already creeping in this kind of questioning of the couple and their character. people saying they are being disloyal and unpatriotic, they should perhaps give up their titles. i think the racism thing is the most devastating, the most damaging thing to come out of that interview and the one thing that i feel might prompt buckingham palace to break their mantra, never complain or explain and perhaps feel they need to counter that. it's damaging indeed. >> dana: i know that buckingham palace is reluctant to get involved. even after the diana situation, years later you hear the palace realizes they probably should have said something sooner and been more forthcoming with
6:59 am
empathy because it looked like they were callous. do they learn from things like that? >> you're right. i think we kind of have a bit more of an idea what the palace think about diana now many years later. at the time as you say they didn't say anything and it was very damaging to them. but i think it is difficult for them to break that mantra, like i said, never complain or explain unless they have something constructive to say. it will be difficult to know what they can say about this to make people feel better about it. meghan felt suicidal and unsupported. the last thing they want to do is look like they are questioning that and questioning whether or not she was feeling suicidal or if she needs to prove that. that won't go down well. >> bill: what surprised you. you follow it more closely than we do. i wonder if oprah had more of an obligation to draw harry out on this charge of racism. that's a significant global headline and she asked him but
7:00 am
there was nothing in terms of being forthcoming about where it comes from. >> right. she has said since -- oprah said that harry asked her to pass on the fact it was neither the queen nor the duke of edinburgh. that leaves a lot of people and some people are saying that perhaps it's narrowed down now to prince charles, prince william or their wives. she didn't press him on that. clear they had decided it was a piece of information they weren't going to surrender and the problem that a lot of people have with the interview in the first place. they were giving it to a friend, a trusted friend and so of course although she said nothing is off the table of course they would have control over the interview and be able to decide what they revealed and what they didn't. i imagine they had a say in the final edit. if she asked a question perhaps they were able to say we don't want it included. >> dana: wonderful to have you
7:01 am
on. >> bill: thank you. i hope archie is a prince someday. maybe he wants to be a prince, right? >> dana: he can do whatever he wants. thank you very much. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: fox news alert now. thousands of migrants streaming across the southern border are overwhelming u.s. immigration agents and the crisis has been getting worse by the day as a growing number of unaccompanied children from families from central america head for the united states. welcome back to a brangd new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: we'll try to get to a lot of angles. camps on the mexican side of the borders where migrants waiting to enter the u.s. are emptied that forced asylum seekers to wait in mexico. governor abbott is focusing on drug smuggling and human trafficking and raising alarms about the resumption of catch and release policies under president biden allowing migrants with covid to enter the country. 108 cases thus far.
7:02 am
>> dana: the white house is not going to call it a crisis. let's say they have made it clear they won't be bullied into calling it a crisis. if you have the department of homeland security secretary traveling there on a weekend to assess the situation, they know they have a problem. that's my perspective. >> bill: when do we find out from them as to what their fact-based mission is? >> dana: we'll see. i imagine that it will be after the covid bill is signed. >> bill: that could be. >> dana: that's what i think. >> bill: for more on this marc dannels joins us for the conditions on the border in arizona. griff jenkins is in mexico across the border from brownsville, texas what is happening inside a migrant camp there. griff, good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right. we're just outside the camp that closed and dhs white house team came across the border from him. a look, though, we have a drone shot that will take now this
7:03 am
river t rio grande river is the u.s. mexico border. brownsville texas and rio grande valley on that side. this camp was open for two years put in place when the trump-era policy remain in mexico kept asylum seekers on this side of the border waiting for their claims to play out. guess what? in the last 24 hours it has closed. most all of the inhabitants inside this camp were allowed to cross into the u.s. and many of them released at that bus station we saw in brownsville. all you are looking at now is the debris and trash within this camp that accrued over two years. the ngo organization doctors without borders calling it inhumane conditions for anyone to live in. many of them families, a lot of children. a very difficult place to spend upwards of two years. we talked to some of the migrants that were still out
7:04 am
here that haven't been allowed to cross. one of them is a gentleman named mario with his family here from honduras and been here eight months trying to cross. he believes the new administration, the biden administration will be more favorable to his cause. take a listen to what he said. >> the president, united states, biden, help the people. it is necessary, you know, we don't have nothing here. >> as we continue to look at this drone shot of this camp, understand the process, bill. most of the migrants who were in this camp have crossed into brownsville. under the catch and release protocols of this new administration, we have brand-new numbers out of the city of brownsville who is responsible for the covid testing of these migrants. that's what's new about this crisis.
7:05 am
it is in a pandemic, not like one in 2014 or 2019. new numbers you can see here on the screen 185, that's up from 108 the last update we had last week. it has been 1,553 migrants tested in brownsville since january. we will have to wait and find out if that number continues to grow. one thing is for sure, most of the migrants who were in this camp behind me have either crossed or some of them have moved to the interior. what mexican officials are a little concerned about is whether or not the green light that has been perceived by many of the migrants to come now despite the administration telling them not to that they will come from honduras, guatemala and el salvador. there are a few migrant shelters throughout the center and we'll go deeper into mexico a little later and see what's happening at those spots. >> dana: griff, i wanted to ask
7:06 am
a question. you said something in your report that i think is really important. you said that representatives from doctors without borders have described it as a humanitarian crisis. i want to make sure i have that right. get a little more on that. >> they've described the conditions when this camp was open as inhumane conditions. they didn't say a crisis from what i've read of what they said. but here is the thing because we have had this semantic debate and i've covered this issue since i covered two caravans and traveled from honduras through guatemala to mexico a little west of me and they went to eagle pass. before that to tijuana. under the obama administration we know jay johnson said if you think over a thousand a day is a crisis. going by his metric we have seen in the last seven days according to democratic congressman 10,000
7:07 am
apprehensions in just the rio grande sector. i talked to an official early this morning. they told me they are holding 2600 in capacity in their detention centers and only have capacity under covid for 700. he told me in a text message we can't catch and release them fast enough. >> dana: griff, thank you. appreciate the report. president biden sent a delegation to investigate conditions along the border. homeland security secretary mayorkas and white house domestic policy advisor susan rice during immigration facilities gathering information to brief the president. former acting ice director giving his take on the crisis last hour on "america's newsroom." >> it is completely predictable. to say it isn't a crisis and called out the federal emergency management to help. they don't jive. >> dana: mark dannels has questions for the white house.
7:08 am
president biden left the border wide open. >> good morning, dana. i agree with your previous reporter there. they've made chaos and crisis out of our border. this administration owns that based on the policies, the revision of policies that they've done. undeclaring the border an emergency. the message that it is okay to come to the united states right now. catch and release is what is kicking us hard. cartels are opening up the borders, smuggling and we're seeing that in our county. just since the political rhetoric picked up in my county we have had 12 people go to the hospital for injuries based on fleeing from us. two dead, one shoot-out with a smuggler. this is where this political has no business in our business. >> bill: can you explain to our audience when you halt the construction of the border wall, what is the effect on trying to police illegal immigration at the border?
7:09 am
>> well, i was down there yesterday from the former leader from the department of homeland security and we worked well with dhs leadership on the previous administration. what happened. it sends a message to the cartels, they are the only ones smiling on the southwest border i can assure you on that. there are six foot trenches down there. steel, construction. like a ghost town. construction site shut down that the executive order did. we get five or six groups a day in that particular area i'm talking about where it is wide open right now. wide open. that's where they put the infrastruck ture for roads that are walking paths for the cartels. >> dana: where do you see it going? what you are describing is that there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it right now. you can't process them. griff jenkins just told us they had 2600 people, migrants, in a facility during covid that is supposed to only house 700.
7:10 am
>> well, where it's going is a huge crisis. it is already knocking on that door. no doubt about it. what we're seeing. talking to my federal partners and local law enforcement and health department. when it comes to public safety, national security, when it comes to the health pandemic, we're in trouble. we are seriously in trouble. it is all started under the word politics. when this administration failed to engage with my governor, attorney general, our emergency coordinator and other border states and beyond, that's when it started. so we're trying to pick up the pieces right now. it's an unfunded mandate by the federal government to local communities. these people being released on the catch and release on the mpp program are wards of the federal government but there is no funding attached to it. i'm worried about public safety and global pandemic. >> bill: one more point. when you talk about when they were building the wall there is construction all over the place including the roads that you
7:11 am
just mentioned a moment ago. but now those roads are wide open for the smugglers and roads are better than they were before. we've essentially handed them an asset to do their dirty work. >> bill, we took away -- they blasted mountains away the put the roads. they blasted roads to build the wall. the infrastructure has already in place to build the wall. halted that, the wall is not there but infrastructure is. great walking paths, they really are. >> dana: wow. you have to wonder if the administration officials saw any of that. >> bill: come back later in the week. we'll keep on eye on it and thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> the premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic. and it's -- we've always done
7:12 am
the exact opposite. the system is based on due process. and the credibility of the allegation. anybody has the ability to make an allegation. that's great. but it's in the credibility of the allegations. >> bill: the new york governor andrew cuomo refusing to resign after two more women come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior and 50 state lawmakers call on him to leave office. want to bring in fox news contributor opinion editor charlie hurt. former tennessee congressman harold ford junior. welcome back. the rules in albany say the assembly needs a majority vote and 150 member body. i don't know if they're close to that, charlie. then it would go to the senate where you need 2/3 majority. as of today governor cuomo is going nowhere, charlie. >> yeah, he really does appear that way and it's great to hear him talk about the need for due process because he is exactly
7:13 am
right. there should be due process here. i wish that he had spoken out about that i don't know, in other cases where there were impeachments in play. but certainly it's a precarious situation for new yorkers in general democrats in particular. any time you have a guy like this as badly wounded politically as he is right now, that's where you start seeing some really questionable deals being made and decisions being made that can, you know, when he is desperate, if he is desperate and has to make deals with people that are outside of the mainstream in new york, it can lead to all kinds of problems. it is a very precarious situation that i think new yorkers find themselves. >> dana: i have a question. it is increasing in terms of the number of people that are calling for governor cuomo to resign in the state. republicans and democrats now up to 50 state lawmakers asking that. i wonder at some point does the
7:14 am
white house realize that this is more of a distraction than they need? it will cloud their ability to to get stuff done and make a call that says you ought to think about moving on? >> thanks for having me on. that could very well be the case. i don't know if the politics is there yet. if it is we have not heard that. charlie's point around the due process i think is clear and should be followed. there are a number of investigations and some who have expressed equal if not more concern about the allegation regarding the nursing home matter. but i think that all of us are right. you have to investigate this as it comes out. the governor's narrative about all of these things are countered with material facts and he will have to face what bill laid out earlier. bill with the state senate they include the state appellate court judges in that vote as well. it has to be 2/3. new york has an interesting way they do this. it is probably safe to say governor cuomo who seems to be
7:15 am
a vote counter realizes he is not there yet. he may not reach there but i do think, dana, to your point there is larger political conversation that takes place. perhaps that changes things. >> bill: "new york post" cover call for number three. is andrew cuomo too weakened to stop the left from destroying new york? charlie, in a political sense. you have the money now, right? the house will sign off on it tomorrow. new york will get $50 billion or something like that. astronomical figure from this new bill. >> yeah. that's exactly my point. that's where you wind up with a very dangerous situation where you have somebody who is very desperate and who feels somewhat like his hands are tied behind his back and he is willing to make decisions that he wouldn't make otherwise. because of the situation he has gotten himself into. the larger issue, the thing that concerns me most about this is what damnation this all is of the media surrounding
7:16 am
andrew cuomo. hasn't been a year since the press was talking about the cuomo sexuals out there in love with this guy making decisions who led to literally thousands of people dying in nursing homes. and he gets an emmy and he gets all of this incredibly positive praise. and then literally not a year later now we're talking about the guy might get impeached on real grounds of real transgressions. there is something really wrong here that is larger than just andrew cuomo. >> bill: gentlemen, thank you. we owe you one next time, harold. thank you for coming on. you always thank us. >> dana: thank you. >> amen. >> bill: what do you think? >> dana: i wanted to say one thing i thought was interesting. we'll move on and i'll save that one for later. the biden administration says there is no crisis at the
7:17 am
border. health and human services is looking at fort lee military base in virginia as a place to house unaccompanied migrant children. david spunt is live at fort lee. how likely is it that this will happen? >> dana and bill, good morning. no final decisions have been made by this administration. but they're considering it. no other military base is being considered i'm told right now by administration officials. we're about 30 minutes south of suburban richmond. a lot of people talking about this subject. as of last week according to the department of health and human services there are about 7700 unaccompanied kids in the care of the department of hhs right now. kids are staying in the department's care for around 42 days. the biden administration working to shorten that time period. that's where a place like fort lee behind me may come in. the more facilities. the faster to move minors in and out or guardian or back to their home country. when the kids are found at the border they have to be
7:18 am
transferred to health and human services within three days. friday white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about fort lee specifically. >> we have to look for facilities and places where we can safely and humanely have these unaccompanied minors. >> but the pentagon went a step further and said fort lee is under consider aation. several officials were hear for a site survey. we don't know the final answer to that. no other military bases are under consideration at least right now. this is not final but could be likely. >> dana: david, thank you so much. more on this later in the hour when general jack keane joins us. we'll ask him should the u.s. being using a current military installation to house migrant kids. >> bill: 18 past now. covid relief bill on track for passage in the house this week. republican senator pat toomey has a long list of issues with this bill.
7:19 am
he is our guest coming up next live. >> it's not a partisan bill. it is a bill to help america. i hope the house will pass it quickly. tomorrow holds the course of your financial future. which is why it's good to know exactly how you'll get there. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life to protect their tomorrows. because protecting those you care about with life insurance and retirement solutions is a winning game plan. ask a financial professional about pacific life.
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>> dana: nearly passing the $1. trillion stimulus bill and heading to the house for a final vote as early as tomorrow. republicans complain it is full of wasteful spending. our next guest says it's exploiting the final stretch of a public health crisis to enact a longstanding liberal wish list for years into the future. you can bet he voted against. pat toomey is on finance and budget committees. feeling the responses of the
7:25 am
republicans not winning if georgia senate runoffs. >> america is paying a big price. you look at the litany of outrageous items in this bill. indefensible. almost $2 trillion on to have of $4 trillion. of the $4 trillion done last year probably a trillion has not been spent yet. the democrats -- this is about rewarding their constituents. they voted on saturday to make sure that the $1400 stimulus payments go to convicted criminals serving time in prison. they voted to make sure the payments go to people illegal immigrants who are here illegally. there are reparations for minority farmers that don't have to demonstrate any financial stress or any adverse effect from covid but they will get 120% of whatever indebtedness they have paid for by the taxpayer.
7:26 am
not if are you a white farmer. it is outrageous and unconstitutional. the list goes on and on. >> bill: i was watching your twitter feed over the weekend. you put out a top 10, left wing radical moves. i can't remember the phrasing right now. you can correct me. but here is your tweet. another absurd tee, $4 billion to give 120% loan forgiveness. to only ethnic minority and immigrant farmers and ranchers. no proof of income or loss incurred is needed to qualify. just skin color or when you came to the country, end tweet. all right. you wrote it, explain it >> you just did. that's what it says in the bill and i offered an amendment to strike that because i think sending people large sums of money based on the color of their skin is outrageous and unconstitutional. but every democrat voted against my amendment so it is still in the bill.
7:27 am
>> bill: what does it say about where the democratic party is if you get across the border party line vote democrats to republicans? where is that party position now? >> look, it is very clear to me the radical left is driving this. remember, let's step back a second. a few weeks ago 10 republican senators marched down to the white house and offered president biden on a silver platter a bill that would have been well over $600 billion. that was their starting point for negotiations. of course, as you know, 10 is a hugely significant number because together with the 50 democrats those 10 would have constituted the 60 votes needed to pass something on a bipartisan basis. president biden could have had probably would have ended up over a trillion dollars but some republican input and you wouldn't have had these outrageous radical left provisions. president biden never even
7:28 am
pursued that. instead insisting that the aocs and bernie sanders of the party had to get their way. >> dana: a lot in here, senator. thank you. we didn't even talk about the basically welfare reform in this bill. we have plenty of time to talk about it. the bill looks like it will pass. thanks, senator. >> bill: breaking news on trial of a former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin for the death of george floyd. a judge delayed the trial just moments ago. president biden rolls back trump policies on immigration a surge of migrants heading to the border. talk to karl rove about that and where it's headed in a moment. >> whether you call it a crisis or a challenge at the border. i know the biden administration wants to argue about that. whatever you want to call it, they own it. customizes your car insurance
7:29 am
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>> dana: look at headlines this hour. detectives in london have released surveillance video of a missing woman captured 30 minutes after she left her friend's apartment. she was last seen around 9:00 p.m. last wednesday. >> bill: organizers say they have 1.95 million signatures in their effort to recall governor gavin newsom. they only need 1 1/2 million to get on the ballot but wanted extra. >> dana: cdc delayed their release last week. we'll see what it has to say. download the awesome fox news app. scan the qr code on the screen or go to >> bill: a judge in minneapolis postponing the trial of former minneapolis police derek chauvin facing second degree murder and manslaughter charges in the death of george floyd
7:35 am
that led to protests across the country over the summer. what happened, matt? >> jury selection was supposed to be happening right now. instead we're now on an hour by hour stand by. the state says it will file an appeal which could push this entire trial back at minimum 30 days. it is all over this lingering third degree murder charge against former officer derek chauvin. the judge previously dismissed the third degree charge against the police officer. he is charged with second degree murder and manslaughter. over the weekend here an appellate court ordered that the judge was in error dismissing the third degree murder charge. the judge wants to proceed with jury selection saying the jury would be able to handle the third degree murder charge added later in the trial. it happens all the time in murder trials. so far the judge hasn't reinstated the third degree murder charge saying he lost
7:36 am
jurisdiction over it when the charge went to the appeals court. the last minute issue is causing both sides to scramble. the prosecution, state is asking for the delay arguing in part that introducing this jury to a trial and the charges and then adding that third degree murder charge later on could be a problematic appeal. >> started jury selection. and then later they're told something very specific i think it does affect the jury selection process and so it is in our -- our position is it is very much involved, the trial itself. >> so there really was a lot of anticipation and preparation for this trial here in minneapolis and now the morning of the jury selection is supposed to be begin we're waiting and the delay could be up to 30 days. >> bill: matt finn with the breaking news in minneapolis. thank you.
7:37 am
>> the border is breaking down as i speak. i just got back from the border. they are changing every policy of trump that worked. so we're going to be dealing with this as a nation out of control immigration. asylum claims will go through the roof and by the summer you will have a million people coming into this country illegally all because the liberals can do it. >> dana: senator lindsey graham criticizing president biden's immigration policy. administration is feeling pressure from both sides of the aisle as a surge of migrant children and families threatens to overwhelm border patrol agents and facilities. let's bring in karl rove. great to see you. your take on things now. you are closer to the situation there in texas. >> first of all it's absolutely -- there is a surge. fiscal year 2020 there were 458,000 op rehentions on the southwest border. in the first four months of fiscal year 2021, 296,000. now in july there were 40,000
7:38 am
apprehensions in july compared to 33,000 the previous year. accelerated in august and september. look at this. 45,000 apprehensions in fyi20. 72 this last october. 43 in october of 2019, 72,000 last november. same pattern for december. same pattern in january. i would not be surprised if in february the numbers will come out this week for the february apprehensions if that number doesn't rise to well over 80,000. now, you mentioned families and children. that's not really where the problem is. if you look at it, the families there are 36% fewer families being apprehended this year versus last year. the unaccompanied minors are up a bunch. up 64%. up to 20,000 in 2021. the big issue is single adults.
7:39 am
182% increase thus far this fiscal year. 86,000 total in fy20. 244,000 in fy21. huge increase in adults. remember, they're being held differently now. we used to -- we aren't talking about this. but they were -- if you were a single adult and you wanted to file an asylum claim you were either return to the country of origin and wait there for your claim to be adjudicated or returned across the border to mexico and had to wait there. now they are being released into the united states. and you may have read three days ago the bus station in brownsville texas, dhs, the department of homeland security drops them off at the greyhound bus station. the city of brownsville needs to pick up the tab for testing them for covid. 6% of them are covid and they get on the buses. the ceo of greyhound said we won't allow anybody onto our
7:40 am
buses in brownsville unless the government has told us they're covid-free. it is a matter of health for our patients, -- for other customers and for our drivers. we have a problem. once you send these people into the system they get on the bus if brownsville or mcall en or laredo or harlin again and del rio, soon they're in chicago, new york, oklahoma city, or denver or houston or dallas. and it is going to be hard to collect those people back to have them adjudicated. i think senator graham is absolutely right. i would not be surprised to see in this fiscal year a million apprehensions on the border. last year they were returned to mexico now distributed all across the country. >> dana: thank you for opening our eyes on all that this morning. thank you. in touch. >> bill: the biden administration still claiming there is no crisis at the border. they might use a military base to house unaccompanied minors.
7:41 am
is that the right answer? reaction from general jack keane next. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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>> biden administration refusing to call the situation at the border a crisis, u.s./mexico, migrants coming into the country. want to bring in retired four star general jack keane. they look at a military base in virginia fort lee to possibly house these unaccompanied children. general, is that a good idea? >> well, given the fact that our civilian detention centers in the united states are being overwhelmed by unaccompanied children, i definitely think it is a good idea. here is why. one, we have a long history of doing this frankly and doing it quite well. you know, when we do it during disaster relief as well. military bases have space, they may have some unoccupied barracks and built-in security. we've done it going back to the 70s with the vietnamese, over
7:47 am
100,000. the cubeance and haitians in the 80s and 90s in the late 90s kosovo refugees. and then president obama open them up to deal with the same issues today, president trump used two military bases initially in his presidency also to deal with unaccompanied children. the trump administration sent the adults back. >> bill: it is a question of time based on that answer, right? >> yeah. but the other problem is hhs runs these facilities even on the military base. and the problem hhs faces when they want to open up a detention center in one of the states they have to get it licensed. sometimes that can take weeks or months to get that kind of approval. a military base which is part of the federal government, there is no licensing requirement. when you have a surge that's
7:48 am
taking place. let's call a spade a spade here. it is a crisis which is taking place much as we do when we have a natural disaster, you have to move quickly to deal with that crisis. the federal installation allows you to be able to move quickly and do it properly. they have the experience also in assisting. >> bill: remarkable things the national guard in the capitol. when you need an answer you call the military. last comment. >> i don't think you need us for everything but certainly when we have threats overseas or certainly when something is happening threatening the united states directly, yeah. the military is a great source and they are proud to do it and they don't need a parade or a pat on the back. they love serving their country and taking care of the american people and protecting them. >> bill: well said. nice to see you. jack keen today. thanks. >> dana: critics are firing back after harry and meghan accuse the royal family of trying to silence them.
7:49 am
>> she burned the bridges with her family and now colluding with harry to burn all his bridges with his family. i live a mile from kensington palace and you can almost feel the simmering rage. >> dana: martha maccallum joins us with reaction next. the cdc set to release new guidelines for people after they get vaccinated. harris faulkner. >> harris: that is supposed to happen in the next hour, the cdc is going to announce guidelines. people want to know if i'm fully vaccinated do i need to wear a mask? what comes next? we'll bring you that live when it happens. people want to know. this is affecting millions of people now. minneapolis on edge as a judge has now delayed jury selection in the george floyd murder trial. i'll talk with two business owners who were hit so hard during the rioting and the
7:50 am
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refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. >> they didn't want him to be a prince or princess not knowing the gender, which would be different from protocol. and that he wasn't going to receive security. what? >> your son and prince harry's son was not going to receive security? >> that's right. >> bill: she says the palace made the decision to not give her son archie a title. i want to make it clear martha was watching the crown before the crown was cool. we've been thinking all morning long -- >> i wanted to watch it with
7:56 am
you last night. i'm glad we have you this morning. >> we were watching it together by text message. they burned a lot of bridges last night. obviously there were some huge shockers in there. i had to stop and rewind when she said she felt if she didn't tell harry that she was afraid of taking her on life she might do it. that's a tragic and serious situation. i was shocked. he has had issues with mental health. it reminded me, princess diana did the same thing when she was pregnant. said she threw herself down a staircase when she was expecting william. this is obviously a very desperate acts or thoughts in her case. but there was a lot else here about racism.
7:57 am
they basically said that the palace was racist. i think by process of elimination it is clear they are talking about either prince charles or prince william or kate because they are the people who they kept not mentioning in that conversation. then harry says he hopes that time will heal all things. i thought you have now thrown everybody but the queen under the bus and accused them of being racist, inhumane and being trapped robots who aren't smart enough to understand they're trapped. i think the bridge will be pretty difficult to rebuild here. >> dana: what do you think the palace will do and say? they're -- the charges cut deep. >> they are very strong. i imagine it will take some time for them to respond, as you say. they typically do not respond and that has been their way for a long time. when you think about the queen. she puts her duty first and she said when she was 21 years old
7:58 am
my whole life will be in service of this country. for them it's not about them. we saw a lot of it is about me and their feelings and being okay and not being okay and that's fine but that's not the m.o. of the firm as it is known. it is about something bigger than that. it is about the country, history, service and putting that before yourself. so i think that it will take them awhile to formulate a response. i imagine they were up late at the buckingham palace shop last night thinking about what to do. >> bill: it airs in prime time tonight. i thought watching piers morgan, his hair is on fire. sound bite number five because of this comment. watch the exchange. >> and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he is born. that was relayed to me from harry. those were conversations that family had with him.
7:59 am
>> that if you were to be brown, that would be a problem, are you saying that? >> if that's the assumption you are making that feels like a pretty safe one. >> bill: when harry joined the conversation she asked him about that, too. i thought oprah had an obligation to draw more of harry out on that. that is an incendiary comment. just to put it out there without further clarification, our royal watchers agree as well you just are leaving some blanks to be filled in that may not necessarily be necessary on behalf of the family or where this goes or how it is cleared up. that's a charge. i wonder how that plays tonight. >> it was obvious they mapped that out. the two of them said the same thing. they would not discuss who said it but they wanted it to be made clear it was said and by process of elimination as i said they left a lot of people off that plate and a few people squarely on it.
8:00 am
>> dana: i felt like we were watching a family have a fight and a very famous family but i thought it was very upsetting as well. we'll look up for your op-ed. here is harris faulkner. >> harris: i'm never missing. fox news alert. cdc with new guidelines for what is considered safe for people who are fully vaccinated against covid-19. very important information as more and more americans are getting the shot. cdc director will make that announcement at a press briefing scheduled to begin moments from now. there has been some conflicting information. it is important to get it all in one spot. we'll take you there live when it happens. republicans even some democrats calling on president biden to contain the growing crisis at our southern border with mexico. i'm harris


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