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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 9, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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friend. when i've gone to this life, th politics are coming at me, i've always found that peace and tha strength in going with him and knowing. >> you're not afraid of nothing. >>tucker: welcome to tark or carlson tonight. i'll be honest with you. we didn't plan to talk about th british royal family tonight. that interview with oprah is anywhere in the news today. everywhere else is going wall-to-wall with a further national tendrils of no self-respect so they love the royals. the idea of bringing you the details of some dispute within decayed monarchy, looks a littl bit like european history class freight it's not like prince whatever his name is and his angry wife from los angeles are compelling. eno exactly who they are brady' week and a happy she's been a pledge of opportunist.
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so what you eat for, how about nobody. we're going to take a hard pass on the whole thing. then we saw this. >> a few days before the weddin she was upset about something pertaining to the flower girl dresses and it made me cry. and it really hurt my feelings. >> that was the princess, the duchess or whatever she is, where hearing from the control room that she is in fact duchess . here is this royal person, one of the most famous and fond ove people in the world telling oprah that she was incredibly wounded because she got into a petty argument about dresses with her sister-in-law at her wedding three years ago, but sh and her sister-in-law had a tif about close. that's never happened before. she thinks this is important enough to bring up in a television interview. so she's a narcissist, we guess
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that that's not the whole story. what she's really saying is tha despite her enormous wealth and fame, despite the fact that she never has to cook her own dinne or drive her own car as long as she lives, despite the fact tha every time she heads to the gym the journey is treated like the moon landing, despite the fact that she is literally a duchess she is, and this is the headlin commit she's actually an oppressed victim. she may look powerful, but she' powerless. watch her explain this to oprah. >> that's the sad irony of the last four years, i've advocated for so long for women to use their voice, and then i was silent. >> were you silent, or were you silenced? >> the latter. i came to understand that not only was i not been protected,
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but that they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family, but they weren't willing to tell the truth to protect me and my husband. >> i had bodyguards, but i was not protected. i was silenced says the lady doing a tv interview with oprah winfrey. only when i speak only 100 million people here it around the world, but the point remains, i have been silenced. i am a victim. now a rational person might consider this claim absurd, but amazingly commit no one else seems to think it is. oprah doesn't think it's absurd. oprah is worth more than a billion dollars, but she knows the pain because she sees herself as a victim to, she offense also. you not allowed to make fun of this parade you're definitely not allowed to mock the oppressed duchess.
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if you claim otherwise being able to use their total powerlessness to get you fired. it's not just duchess is by the way. the american royal family calling for her to tell them ho incredibly difficult the life is . >> i understand that my message won't be heard by some people. we live in the nation that is deeply divided and i am a black woman speaking at the democrati convention. >> no one is going to hear you. you're just talking in a primetime speaking slot at the democratic national convention. when a when will your voice be heard? when will you get the credit yo are so solely do for all of you remarkable achievements. in america is not quite ready for you yet, and that's our fault, we're a backward country we apologize. one person we should apologize to you more often is hillary clinton. four years ago in a weak moment
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we are now ashamed of, we stole something from hillary clinton, something that was hers, something she owned and we took it. it was the presidency of the united states. that office belong to hillary clinton and we knew it at the time it had a little dry-cleaning tag on the back with her initials, but we stole it anyway. we, the russians, facebook commit the democratic party itself were all guilty here, as hillary has repeatedly explained . >> the russians dumped the john podesta e-mails, i have my complaints about former directive khomeini and the use of my e-mail account was turned into the biggest scandals since lord knows when. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were faked, there's all
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these stories about guys over i macedonia running these fake news sites, i inherit nothing from the democratic party. >> so to give u.s. senate seat because your husband was the president, then they listen to you in rapt attention despite the fact you never uttered single words, by most standards you would be considered of four fairly, accomplished overachiever. how many classmates in high school thought you would get this far? because we didn't hand you the keys to the most powerful country in the world, you believe you've been deeply wronged. you're a victim and you're mad about it. we see this attitude everywhere all of a sudden. the most powerful people claiming to be powerless. she writes for the new york times at the very top of journalism's repulsive foodchain . she as far younger than prominent york times writer she is to be. she's also much less talented. you would think she would be
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thankful for the remarkable goo luck she's had. just this morning she tweeted, for international women's day, please consider supporting wome enduring online harassment, it' not an exaggeration to say that harassment and sphere campaign i've had to endure over the pas year has destroyed my life. destroyed her life, really? by most people standards, she seems to have a pretty good life , one of the best lives in the country in fact. lots of people are suffering right now, but no one is suffering quite as much as taylor is suffering. people who criticized her opinions on the internet and destroyed her life. let's pause on this international women's day and recognize that. you thought you and talk to her. so what's going on here? a lot of things are happening probably. for rich people, deciding you'r a victim has many levels of appeal. for one thing it gives meaning to your decadent life. there are only one only because
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you get by, so that none of it really means anything. it's empty. victim and solve that problem. when you're a victim, you are inherently significant. martyrdom means you are forever the hero of the story. so you can see where it narcissist and there are enough a lot of those right now. there is another darker effect of this a fact that his changed our country. when powerful people decide tha they are oppressed, the balance of pallor power changes. if you are very rich you might imagine that you owe something to the people below you. the thought about other people. two previous generations of ric people understood this well and they taught their children this. to whom much is given, much is expected.
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that was the deal for centuries. victims receive. that board duchess, i hope she' okay. >> has seen both sides of the power divide, were happy to hav a montagnais to assess what's going on. jd, you are a keen observer of american life and you have to have noticed an awful lot of powerful people commit the most powerful people describe themselves as victims. what do you think is going on and what are the effects? >> i think what's going on is that it's fundamentally about poweredge you said in your monologue, tucker. if your victim, you are owed things instead of bowing things
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in return. i find this just really dial because if you think about the purpose of a ruling class, it's fundamentally to govern the country effectively on the one hand and pass on traditions and character and values on the other hand. you have people that have this incredible privilege, to people in this interview, one from the united states and one from the united kingdom, both of whom have given given an incredibly amount by the society that they live in. are the appreciative about it? do they feel the obligation to build the society they come from ? no, they just feel like destroying it in terms of its values, no sense that they owe something to the country into the people who occupy it, and that's a terrible attitude to have if you're governing a country. >> it has effects because once you decide that you are owed cremate you get to ignore all the people beneath you. has there been a ruling class and a functioning country that
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played less attention to those on the lower rung's? >> i think you could talk to a number of instances where a ruling class felt like it was constantly owed and of course i didn't end up well for the ruling class or the people governed, but the other effect this has is on our country's children. think about how many kids were watching that interview. if you come from privilege or tough circumstances commit thin about the values we want children to have come out resilience, character, hard work , gratitude commit none of that was on display in that interview. unfortunately it's an attitude that is all among the working class that means our kids instead of being taught virtue and character from our leaders are just being taught how to complain all the time. >> i find it so remarkable that no one is allowed to say this. i'm not sure what happened with piers morgan emmett he as very talented on television he's bee on the show a lot brady lost th job after criticizing her and will find out why. there does seem to be an noticeable lack of people sayin
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the obvious which is really you're a pretty i duchess it or you're complaining about an argument you have with your sister-in-law over a dress thre years ago. wake up, why can't anybody say that? >> i think the reason people can't say it is because it woul make the lives of people in power hard to repair if you think about the attitude let's say of modern american corporations, and how they are trying to avoid the fact that they are plundering the country and avoid the fact that there should be a conversation around that by talking about diversity by talking about the way in which the leaders of the companies have been victimized. this is a tactic to distract from the fact that a ruling class has failed the government in the country. so you ask with the effective's the effectors were not having a real conversation about how broken our societies are commit water having a conversation about how a literal royal is oppressed, and that is what happens in a nonfunctioning
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society. >> as they leave the country is you correctly noted. i appreciate you coming on tonight. to give the. for all of this was i duchess o something, but so far only americans have talked about this . what we know about royalty? marc stein grew up around it yo can tell by the accident and that's why we're pleased to hav him on tonight to assess what we're watching. arc stein,. >> i have had dinner at buckingham palace in fact. that is how i am embedded in this unjust political system i am, tucker. >> i would expect nothing less of you. again, speaking as you are now committed to someone in complet ignorance of any of the story, what do you make this oprah interview. >> you know, i disagree with yo
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on constitutional monarchy. i think it's one of the least o systems you can live under and one of the advantage, it diminishes the importance of politicians. which i think actually is very helpful in today's experience. i just said i was guiding at buckingham palace, members of the royal family, and my experience are rather less queenly than nancy pelosi or hillary clinton. the fact that hillary and chelsea are even considered a serious position tells you that the urge persists even in republican societies. what we have with harry and. >> i was just going to say this isn't the first time you've won me over by the brilliance of your arguments. that was a smart one, please continue. >> i would also say speaking as a canadian that taking it to th next level, living in a constitutional monarchy where the royal house just flies in,
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for a couple of days now and then to open a hospital, or to address a regimen, is even more agreeable in some ways. and you don't have things like the speaker of the house as in the united states having a government plane to fly her hom every weekend. when william and kate took off from los angeles to return to london, they had business business-class tickets and british airways decided they ha insufficient frequent flyer points to upgrade them to first class, so the one great advantage is that there is always a certain number of people that are resentful of it so they can't carry on like nancy pelosi. by nancy pelosi and hillary clinton in those peak kinds of people can. >> 's so, given that you are at least to some degree a supporte of the system, what do you make of the new princess di chess
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person from los angeles? >> she is gone. monarchy isn't going to get taken out by celebrity. the queen's survivor. she was born a couple of years of the fall of the other great empires. half of them were cousins of hers, but bedding would have been that the royal family in london would have gone the same way, they haven't come at the queen is a survivor, she survived the diana celebrity called, and she will survive more pathetic meghan markle cult . many of them want her stripped of the. that duchess title, a majority of the british people want them stripped of the titles, so she might be miss meghan markle and he will be plain old hairy whales soon enough.
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>> i love it. >> teachers unions has spent th last year telling everybody it' too dangerous to go outside. have they been outside? the same teachers unions are heading to the beach for spring break and they would've gotten away with this but they were caught doing it. the link to teachers unions vacation plans straight ahead.
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>> teachers unions have told us in the past year that it is too dangerous for schools to be open . in the last month they told us it's racist for schools to reopen. there is new evidence to sugges they don't really think it's al that dangerous. all over this story for us tonight. bill? >> good evening to you. we're talking about ucla which is the teachers union in los angeles and they've been flat out refusing to come back to in person schooling. they say it's just too unsafe. last friday, 91 percent of thei members voted that they refused to come back to in person schooling until their demands are met. that leads us to this
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controversial facebook post tha was linked to me the other night , coming from a private you tla members only close facebook page. base is only for you tla teachers only. at teacher post quote, if you'r planning any troops for spring break keep that off social media . it's hard to argue that it's if they say vacation photos and international travel. you probably know they're not saying hey, guys, we've got to practice what we preach, please don't go on any spring break vacation, they're saying if you go on any vacations come up mak sure you don't get caught because we don't want to deal with a bad optics of it. this is really riling up parent who saw this post. she says when she saw this post she was furious. take a listen. >> i was extremely frustrating as a parent. to say, vacations as planned as
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usual for teachers just don't put it up in the public. i see that post and it tells me that communities spread and the safety of the teachers isn't th real concern. >> we reached out to ucla to ge this comment, and they said we have a diverse membership, and they are able to post their views on personal facebook page and in this facebook group, however you tla does not monito nor is was bondable for the content. we do not want to discourage a robust dialogue for members in public square of opinion. they tell us they do not monito the facebook page, if you go to the facebook page and look at the list of moderators and administrators, you guessed it, you tla is one of the administrators. the school district says they are getting close to a deal wit
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you tla. the teachers have been getting vaccinated. right now they're shooting for potential mid april return for the youngest cohorts are students. >> does your local news do stories like that? not many do. our teachers are not doing thei jobs in a lot of places but teachers in china are very busy. congressman jim banks joins us after the break to have the security implications for woke news, that is straight ahead.
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>> this tells you everything. in march of last year the unite states leadership and of china both declared national emergencies. in the u.s. tony fauci warned congress that reopening busines could create outbreaks that the government couldn't control prior to going outside was just too risky.
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meanwhile, in china where the coronavirus originated at top advisers to chinese government declared the country experiencing and different more profound threat too. the problem he said was at national masculinity crisis chinese boys have been spoiled by housewives and female teachers. and they were becoming as a result delicate, timid and effeminate. they were becoming people that might listen to people like ton fauci, left unchecked, the feminization would inevitably endanger the survivor and development of the chinese nation. in january, china's government acted on this recommendation fo the education administration releasing and notice the proposal to prevent the feminization of male all the lessons. it is to cultivate masculinity. china won't explain the reasoning behind this plan, but there are some clues. last year we learned that china has quickly developed the world
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's largest naval force. in 2015, china had 255 battle for ships now they have more than 360. many of their ships are more capable than anything in the american naval fleet. how do we respond to this? the white house yesterday, joe biden addressed it effectively what the american response? here's what joe biden said. >> some of it is relatively straightforward work where we are making good progress designing body armor that fits women properly, tailoring comba uniforms for women, creating maternity flight suits, updatin requirements for hairstyles. in some of it is going to take you know, and intensity of purpose and initiative to reall change the culture and the habits that cause women to leav the military.
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>> so we've got new hairstyles and new maternity flight suits, pregnant women are going to fight our wars. it's a mockery of the u.s. military. china's military becomes more masculine as it's assembles the world's largest navy navy. our military needs to become more feminine, whatever feminin means anymore because men and women no longer exist. the bottom line is it's out of control. this is a mockery of the u.s. military and its core mission which is winning wars. one of the few people that's been paying attention is someon who served in the u.s. military and a congressman, he recently wrote letter asking why the nav had included the book racist filth by abraham x can it it's 2021 reading list rate that teaches executive with the chinese propaganda ministry teaches that america is fundamentally immoral. the congressman joins us tonigh great thank you so much for coming on very talkative book like this wind up on enable
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reading list? >> i have no idea. we're in the middle of a 60 day standdown. something the entire military i doing to root out what they're calling extremism in their ranks . right now where in the middle o that, so you'll have to forgive me for being astonished that that top admiral in the united states navy would put a book on his recommended reading list that every sailor in the united states navy that says that america is racist that capitalism is racist rate written by an author that said because she adopted a couple of african-american children. this is astonishing to me because of the time when we're supposed to be rooting out extremism in the ranks, that's what the united states navy is pushing for the sailors to reach . that's why i wrote a letter to the admiral, i wrote it to them a couple of weeks ago to bring his attention to just how terrible of a concept this book
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is that divides us, that weaken our military, and that ultimately distracts us at a time where we need to be focuse on the threat that we face in the great power competition wit china as you said who has a bigger navy than we do. it is deeply troubling to me, but i don't have a good answer why this book would be included on the reading list that usuall includes interesting books abou the geopolitical issues that america faces instead there's a book that tells all of our sailors, some who are very youn just out of high school that there racist and that america i racist. >> if you want us to destroy th u.s. military would beutel people serving in it that the country is not worth fighting for. is there any way to get this admiral, and other flag officer up onto capitol hill and ask them why you are betraying your country and trying to destroy our armed forces? >> has come of the admiral, the top admiral in the united state navy will testify before the
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armed services committee. it will be the first i asked him . i've had lunch with him. i can't for the life of me understand why he would defend having this book on his reading list. it was the most diverse experience of my life. i have never met anyone who reads the right hand and take the oath of office put on the uniform they didn't believe tha america was great. they push a book and tell them to pick a book, that tells them rot america is brought to the court in america is racist and institutions in our country is racist is beyond belief to me. >> they should have to answer for it and pay for it i would say. i appreciate your bravery, than you. >> thank you. >> one of the many contradictions at the center of our new brand biological isn't real. but at the very same time, the
5:37 pm
government is awarding increasingly large numbers of jobs and brands and promotions on the basis of biological sex. these two ideas are on a collision course. what about women? our told there being elevated and then there being told they don't exist. we will talk to an actual feminist, one of the few left coming up. i've got some terrific news for veteran homeowners from newday usa. interest rates have dropped to record lows.
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one call can save you $3,000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised, and without spending one dollar out of pocket to get it done. it is the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered.
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>> worried deeply about the state of women in the world. they don't work enough, she said. >> today the global crises we now face has made abundantly clear that both the contributions of women, and the challenges facing women. simply put, our world does not yet work for women as it should. >> that is one part of the administration, fretting over the state of women. here's the other parts of the biden administration, deciding that the word women doesn't actually mean anything. we notice because their brushin something called the equality act with that would make gender totally subjective. house of the equality act have led in the inclusion of men and women in sports. there are all kinds of other effects of this very easy to see . u.s. government gives us huge amounts of money, jobs, grants, contracts, promotions on the of
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biological. how can they do that it biological itself isn't real. it doesn't make sense? how will this clash of two opposing ideas resolve itself? kandinsky has taught a lot abou this. one of the rear people to raise a voice against this. she joins us. i really appreciate you coming on. >> these do seems like two opposing ideas. how do they resolve. >> they are to opposing ideas. one thing i will say as i'm quite confident the vice president of the united states knows what the word women means. >> i hope so. >> so, you're absolutely right, the women's humans rights campaign is a global organization of women that promotes the declaration on women. we can be found at women's this is a document that's been
5:45 pm
signed over by 15,000 people al over the world committed to entraining women rights in the law and contrast to entraining so-called gender identity into law which both the equality act would do if enacted by congress and, which president biden's executive order signed on january 20th also seeks to do i addition to the executive order that president biden signed yesterday which seeks to erase women and girls into law as a category. >> this has so many implication that we have. i note that you and i have talked about sports a number of times, but there are all kinds of federal contracts for women only companies. what would keep me from saying i'm now a road paver, and i wan a contract to pave part of 55 i california and i'm now a woman and how do you say i'm not? seriously. >> nothing would stop you from doing that very absolutely nothing that would stop you fro
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doing that under the proposals that have been put forth by the united states congress and by the current administration. there is nothing that would sto you from doing that. there was nothing stopping the man that was housed in a women' prison in the state of washington and reportedly a female prisoner per he was simply housed in the women's prison on the basis of his so-called gender identity. this is happening all over the united states for it it's happening all over the world. there are practical consequence and you're absolutely right to say there are consequences that we have not thought through. one example we could talk about could be crime statistics. the fbi compiled crime statistics, it compiles all these crime statistics from local police departments all over the country. there are some 17 or 18,000 police departments that report crime statistics to the fbi, an they do so being divided by. currently, as of now, the fbi
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maintains crime statistics base on weather the crime was commuted by a male person or a female person, and the data shows client quite conclusively the overwhelming majority of crimes, especially violent and serious are committed by males. if under president biden's recent executive order, the fbi is required to obliterate that distinction and redefine it to include gender identity, all of that data as just going to be utterly meaningless. and another consequence we migh talk about could be public health research. for example, the cdc studies public health that studies diseases, it studies immunizations, it that will impacts of jobs on if we destro the concept, how is the cdc going to do its work? how will we have any public health research that is grounde in material reality great what we're seeing as the complete obliteration of biological.
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and we have to stop doing that. this is an emergency. this is an absolute emergency. it has consequences as a feminist, as you know, i care really about the rights, privacy , and safety of women and girls. i also understand that the obliteration as consequences that are extremely far-reaching our society has not considered that we need to have a national conversation we need to have a serious national conversation about what we're doing before w push through laws that redefine the word to include the nebulous , ill ill-defined under stood made up why that is gende identity. >> bless you for what you're saying because it's true i don' know why it's falling to you to do this, but i'm glad it has. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> humor above all requires the
5:49 pm
truth, so of course most real comedy has been banned for the last year. one of the few places that you can still find a website is called the babylon be. the 80 hour work week. local analyst has finally escap the shackles of the patriarch tiki to find freedom and work. this is true happiness as she sat through her fourth meeting of the day discussing first-quarter sales figures. my ancestors thought so i could answer to 12 middle managers in the thankless job before going home to an empty apartment and drinking wine. i've reached the pinnacle of womanhood. the job is awful and pointless and sometimes she is sexually harassed, but at least she doesn't have to live a boring life.
5:50 pm
that is not feminist she said a she dreamed about being barefoo in a. now if you excuse me i have to redo the cover sheet before my boss threatens to fire me again and quote. it's funny because it is completely real. the most important thing women can do with their lives is shar is work for a soulless public company maximizing shareholder value. give us everything, they promis and you will be free. it's weird how much modern feminism has begun to sound lik propaganda. talk about oppressing women. the cultural vandals destroying the country are not stopping with dr. seuss or a cartoon skunk. disney is doing something unthinkable, last week it was unthinkable, this week it's real . we'll tell you what that as next .
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>> tucker: a streaming service called disney plus has not eliminated some of the best movies ever made from a children's movie selection. things like "dumbo" and "peter pan." "the crows pay homage to racism." what did peter pan do wrong? "the film portrays native people in a stereotypical manner." as if that was the job of "peter pan." it is a cartoon. "the aristocrats" is violence against east asian peoples. spectator usa, a columnist there. he joins us. make you so much for coming on. so, when did cartoons become responsible for anthropologically correct portrayals of everything they portray?
5:57 pm
like, this is a new requirement as far as i'm aware. >> [laughs] well, certainly in the last decade it has become that way. in each of these instances, you can look at a lot of these characters. even at the time they were invented, you could always make the argument that they were social commentary at the time. you could always make the argument that they are educational if you have a problem if you think there is a stereotype. but that is not the point, obviously. it is more of this cachet of canceled critters that seem to be amped up, especially in the last couple weeks. mr. potato head, dr. seuss. all of this, of course is infuriating. it outrages us. but also, it's also a huge distraction. what are we not talking about? it's the fact that i don't know, the president of the united states couldn't answer a question. no one knows he is running the country. so, the biggest states in the country are still locked down,
5:58 pm
people being held prisoner other governors. instead, we are talking about disney. and pepe le pew was canceled. as you may recall, the cartoon skunk with a sort of aggressively -- looks like a skunk for -- meanwhile, the governor of new york today had a six accuser come forward and accused him of misconduct. he is a bad role model to children but the governor of new york can remain in office and we should not speak about him. it is pretty and critical stuff. >> tucker: will there be anything left that we all like to watch as a country, do you think? >> i mean, have you seen the stuff the left produces? there is not much we are watching. they destroy everything and they don't want to --
5:59 pm
>> tucker: i'm sorry to interrupt you, but i want to put this up on the screen and get your view. this was recorded by chief over at cnn. here he is during a live tv show. look, i'm not a judge or anything, but is that appropriate? should he be doing that? >> while, it's very brave in the post jeffrey toobin world, a journalist on a work video call without pants on. i don't know if he is going to be, i don't know if maybe he was lurking on chris cuomo's instagram and saw his erotic jim selfies. frankly, i don't want to see it. i don't think that is very appropriate at all. >> tucker: my producer just
6:00 pm
said in my ear, we are going to have to end every show with that footage. i said we can't do that to people. we can't inflict that on them. it's just too much. great to see you. thank you. >> [laughs] >> tucker: sean hannity right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> sean: this is not cool. this is not good. you did that on purpose. you traumatized me last night. now you are keeping it up. now i'm traumatized further. you end the show with, let's see, mr. potato head, no dr. seuss, no popular pew, no jumbo, but that's okay? the kids will be watching earth in the balance next. that will be viewed acceptable. this is dramatic. you can't do this anymore. i've got to pull myself together here. all right, talker. thank you. good show. welc


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