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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have to end every show with that footage. i said we can't do that to people. we can't inflict that on them. it's just too much. great to see you. thank you. >> [laughs] >> tucker: sean hannity right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> sean: this is not cool. this is not good. you did that on purpose. you traumatized me last night. now you are keeping it up. now i'm traumatized further. you end the show with, let's see, mr. potato head, no dr. seuss, no popular pew, no jumbo, but that's okay? the kids will be watching earth in the balance next. that will be viewed acceptable. this is dramatic. you can't do this anymore. i've got to pull myself together here. all right, talker. thank you. good show. welcome to "hannity."
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tonight, new york governor on a serious note, andrew cuomo, yep, he is now facing another brand-new meghan markle misconduct allegation. now a sixth woman has come forward accusing him of touching her inappropriately. at this point, andrew cuomo has been totally humiliated and soon he might be out of a job. we have more on this breaking tonight, straight ahead. but first, we are going to go there. what is going on with the president of the united states, joe biden? seriously. what is wrong? what is going on here? we come of the american people, you deserve answers. he barely has any public events. his vice president, kamala harris is taking solo calls with world leaders. that would be the commander-in-chief's job. joe reportedly starts getting ready for bed after a little milky around 7:00 p.m. he is the first president in modern history that has not held
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an official press conference in his first 48 days and during the rare occasion that biden does actually appear in front of the cameras, usually to bypass congress and totally abandon a coequal branch of government, that being the legislative branch, his team quickly shuts down any and all questions and they hurry joe away from the public eye for just turn off the feed completely as we saw last week. take a look at what happened earlier today. [laughter] >> and then if i could just -- >> we are going to move out. let's go. come on. let's go. come on, let's go.
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>> sean: okay, why is his staff continuing to hide president biden? what did they know? you, we have a right to no. and more importantly, what did they know about biden during the campaign? who knew what and when? and something that we of great importance that the american people covered up? the biden campaign utilized, get this, their words, not mine. put your dumb uncle in the basement strategy. that is because the people surrounding joe biden knew that the real joe biden was his campaign's biggest liability. now, of course come at the time, we did report on his very strange basement bunker campaign. we did question why a
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presidential candidate would be in hiding for weeks on end, disappear for days ahead of a debate or some big event or his speech at the democratic national convention. of course, it was virtual. i'm not a doctor. i'm not playing doctor. we have pointed out what are obvious and visible cognitive struggles. we continue to do so after his inauguration. but for some reason, after the inauguration, media mob, they didn't care what i was saying initially during the campaign that he looked weak, frail, and was struggling cognitively. then joe becomes president and the media mob became outraged at yours truly. i responded by playing example, after example, after example of joe struggling mightily and regularly and then gave the media mob to take that was necessary to make their own decisions. then they decided it was best not to fight with me on what was clear as day.
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so, indignation and that has largely subsided because anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, you can clearly tell that joe biden is struggling. and sadly, it is only getting worse. take a look. >> i want to thank the -- the former general. i keep calling him general. the guy who runs that outfit over there. i want to make sure we thank the secretary. representatives shirley jackson lee, al green, sylvia garcia, excuse me. what am i doing here? secretary of health and education. i nominate javier, hobby or bush era. excuse if donald >> sean: it's not shirley.
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it's sheila jackson lee. by the way, what am i doing here? i wake up in the morning i turned to joe. what am i doing here? oh, i lost my place. hang on. they gave me notecards. my name is joe. my wife's name is jill. i live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that is how he appears. we showed you tape in 2012 and 2016 and there is a dramatic and visible decline. that person is supposed to be the commander in chief, the leader of the free world, and he can't even remember the name of his own secretary of defense or where the secretary of defense works? joe, that would be the pentagon. his name is lloyd austin. it's not that hard to remember. this is getting scary, not because i say so. you can disagree with me all you want, but the entire world is watching and yes, they are seen what we have apparently bravely been able to say that others are thinking.
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one headline, australia, "joe biden struggles to name his defense secretary." another. "never before has a leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised. now, if that is what our alleys are reporting, i can only imagine and frankly i'm fearful of what our enemies might think. we have a lot of hostile regimes, a lot of hostile actors like vladimir putin, the president of china, kim jong un, all hostile actors, hostile regimes. and now, you better believe that they are actively watching very closely and no doubt would try to capitalize if they see biden's apparent weaknesses. meanwhile, back here at home, i'm not the only one in america seen this. it shows half the country, half, 50% is now worried that joe biden is not physically or mentally up to the job.
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that is half the country. it's not just sean hannity. we have just been ready to say it earlier than others because i guess others were being polite where they were too afraid to say it. and late night, by the way, television, the trump hating comics, they say they are struggling to find material about biden to talk about. really? that is probably only because of your pure political bias and rage against trump and it is also why your shows are mostly failing. look at this poll today. only 34% of americans are very confident that biden is physically and mentally capable of being president. this would be a crisis incompetence. a typical administration, what they would do is they would send out the commander in chief for a lengthy press conference to prove to the american people into the world that our president is healthy, engaged, energetic, has full mental
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acuity and full mental fitness. but the biden administration is doing the opposite. there were no press conferences scheduled yet. in fact, the biden administration hasn't even scheduled a joint address to congress, which is supposed to happen every single year. watch this. >> has the president chosen a date yet and what is that going to look like as far as being virtual or in person? >> i don't have any updates on that for you. we are looking forward to doing a joint address. we are working through that with congress. our focus now is on the address the president will be delivering on thursday night during his first prime time address. he will talk about covid, what we have been through as a country, and we will focus on the next address once we get through that. >> sean: and we will circle back about that date for you any day now. see what is happening here? they are clearly trying to buy my time. they absolutely know that joe biden is struggling
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cognitively. he is a walking liability. he can barely read from teleprompter or even remember the words endowed by our thing. no, it's not the creator. that is the creator of everything. he loses his focus constantly. clearly struggling with names and numbers in particular. and at times, even days of the week even orders a couple of times, what the -- am i doing here? now, will joe practice all day tomorrow and thursday for his big teleprompter speech on coven on thursday evening? yes. will he plow through it? odds are highly likely he will plow through it. they will put in the time. they will pump him full of, let's see, coffee, energy drinks, whatever he needs, all the caffeine he could want. but that does not explain away everything else. we all see it daily.
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now, i have a theory on how this is all going to play out. uncharacteristically for now, i'm going to keep that to myself. i will share it in due time. in the meantime, one important question must be addressed. who is in charge? who is running the show here? is it kamala harris? susan rice? barack obama? some combination of those people? nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? do they see it? every single democrat needs to be asked do they see joe struggling cognitively? it is a legitimate question. it is a question that democrats and the media mob had no trouble asking about ronald reagan in 1984, the age question. had no problem raising these issues with john mccain when he was running into thousand eight. the age issue. because it is not the guy now fast asleep at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. here with reaction, ohio
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congressman, jim jordan, former white house chief of staff, mike meadows. look, i'm not looking to put either one of you in a tough position here. mark meadows, you were there. you were chief of staff. jim jordan, you where they are for the four years of donald trump. i would argue, and i think i have a very strong case to make, mark, that is the toughest job in the world. anybody that wants it is nuts. who needs it? it is a hard job. you need the stamina, the strength, the mental acuity, alertness, all of these things and donald trump has it. bernie sanders is totally up to his game. i don't think he has lost any, i don't think he has lost 1 mile per our roof from his fastball. do you see what i see? >> well, i do see what you see, sean, when you really look at all of this. president trump barely went 48 hours without holding a press conference, and yet here we have joe biden going 48 days. but the bigger problem with this
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is really the staff around them. you know, we've got a press secretary that is going to circle back, and circle back, and circle up. i don't know that we get any more clarity from her then we do joe biden. what we are seeing is really an intentional and deliberate act by this administration to keep the president of the united states from having to interact with the press and the american people. >> sean: and i think this is it. jim jordan, you have been in the white house often with mark. you have seen the pace of donald trump. i know for a fact that this president was up early in the morning working the phones late into the night. >> yeah, and your viewers are remember that he would do those impromptu. he would take any question, all questions. sometimes he would stay there for 30-40 minutes. that is what the american people deserve. what they also deserve, the great people of this great
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country deserve to know who is in charge, who is making the decisions. the people of this country deserve to know that. instead, we get this double standard. i think about what the press has done. one was president trump, it was kids in holding facilities. now they are putting more police around the capital. even today, we heard about biden's dog biting someone. could you imagine if president trump had a dog at the white house, the press would go crazy. they would say we have to have an investigation. i think the american people deserve to know who is making the decisions. they are also sick and tired of what they see from the mainstream press. >> sean, jim is absolutely right. president trump was more focused at 1:00 a.m. in the morning the end joe biden is in the afternoon at 1:00 p.m. i mean, you start to look at this and you say at what point are we going to start to have
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real communication from the white house? >> all three got calls from him at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. [laughter] >> sean: i will neither confirm nor deny any conversation that i may or may not have had with anyone at any point in time. i am a member of the press. i maintain the right to keep my sources private. but on a serious note, i do worry, we have mike pompeo on this program. they are now pressuring south korea to give $7 billion. i worry about china. i worry about russia. i worry about the hunter biden potential compromise with all these countries. jim. >> yeah, you are right sean. we all wish the best for the president. i wish nothing but the best for joe biden. he is making these difficult decisions about foreign matters and foreign affairs. we are all americans. we want him to be healthy.
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we want him to be well here but we also have concerns. i think the country is praying for the president just like they prayed for president trump. i think that's important. but you are right. i wonder what our adversaries might be thinking, what they might be up to. let's hope we get some clarification and answers as soon as possible. >> sean: final words, mark. >> yeah, sean, i can tell you that each and every moment every day, there are critical decisions that presidents have to make. president trump did it day in and day out. if you have a president that is not focused, was not engaged, who is not bringing his advisors together in real time, you have a problem that is waiting to happen that could have just international consequences. >> sean: all right, and you are right. i pray for the president of our country. i do. i want the best for everybody. all right, thank you both. jim jordan, mark meadows. now, let's turn once again to the state of new york where governor andrew cuomo is facing
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today another allegation of misconduct. he claims that he has never touched anyone inappropriately. here is what he said. >> first, i am not aware of any claim. as i said last week, this is very simple. i never touched anyone inappropriately. as i said last week, i never made any inappropriate advances. said last week, no one ever told me at the time that i made them feel uncomfortable. >> sean: really? this is literally a picture from you and one of your 6 accusers right there. look. do you see that? does that look appropriate? of course, the mob, the media, they are trying the best to defend their one-time hero or at least look somewhat the other way.
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where is the i believe her caucus? i have yet to hear democrats say i believe her. there is some level of intellectual honesty. i don't see the same i believe for the 6 women after obsessing about flimsy accusations in 2018. "the new york times" editorial board, for example, they have now remained silent about chris cuomo on this issue. chris cuomo may not be perfect, but he has been the perfect man for our perilous pandemic times. yet, the only problem with that with the exception that cuomo's deadly nursing home policy caused a massive outbreak and a subsequent cover-up is now the subject of a criminal investigation. and just to remind the media, yeah, thousands of innocent people died the most vulnerable population in new york state. it is so bad that his self-congratulatory book on
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covert response leadership has now decided to stop promoting the publication. so no, chris cuomo is not the perfect guy for the job. he got bailed out by donald trump. that is a simple undeniable truth and he failed the people of new york miserably and then tried to cover it up and then congratulated himself for a job well-done. in june, he could have made the pivot when he had the data. rather than making the proper adjustments, they decided to hide all of this information from everybody and then blame everybody but himself and then go back to work on the leadership book. anyone, regardless of their politics or party should be outraged. these are real human lives. joining us with more, media reporter for the bill, fox news contributor along with tammy bruce. the walls seem to be caving in. it is coming from democrats. democrats have two vetoed full
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houses. so this is really the democrats doing this, tammy. now, will they impeach him? will they remove him if he refuses to resign? >> it looks like it's heading into that direction. there has been no sign of a major outreach to support him. that very week, daily news column, it was banning any efforts to support them at this point have fallen flat. because apparently, everyone knew. and people watched this. and they know he is a bully and people don't like him and he is arrogant and smug. now, you can be arrogant and smug and actually get things done and govern well. but even in his statement that you played, his comment was nobody told me at the time that i made them uncomfortable. first of all, how many are out there? that is one thing. but he misses the entire point. that is the issue here. of course they are not going to speak about it because of the
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environment of intimidation and bullying, threats, according to some people. people that don't want to lose their job. they are not going to say something to him. that is his excuse. he now is saying in a very smug way, very different than his second apology where he was trying to be contrite. now it is like well, nobody told me. that is this guy and that is not going to change. and as he continues to do what i believe he is doing about which is lie about what he did, more and more women are going to say, wait a minute. this is unacceptable. and i think that is why now you're hearing him say things like well, nobody said anything, as though now that is their fault or that they are the problem. democrats in albany clearly there has been one message from albany that this man is a problem. i think they are going to take action. they should because, no, i don't
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think he would resign. you've got to have a number of people have noted this, some sense of shame and when he doesn't even have shame about 15,000 dead innocence, he is not going to have shame about abusing individuals who work for him. >> sean: that is a powerful statement. joe. >> wow. tammy is right. serial narcissists don't have shame. even the longest serving new york lawmakers, richard godfrey, he had served since 1970. even he now is saying that chris cuomo should resign. so, "the new york daily news." this is a perfect man for perilous times? no perfect man decides to cover-up nursing home depths to the tune of 15,000 in new york. that is more than 175 countries. no perfect man does something like that because he is negotiating a book deal for an
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$800,000 advance. suddenly that advance goes away. that is where motive comes in here. and again, you either believe 6 women who worked for chris cuomo in terms of recent allegations are lying or he was telling the truth. because these are not allegations from 35 years ago from some high school party that no one can cooperate. and again, the governor deserves due process, the same due process he did not afford it cavanagh. but at the same time, the nursing home depths is the bigger story here and that is what the media focus should be on. the nursing homes in the end are what is want to take this governor down. >> sean: all right, tammy, thank you. he continues to push his america last agenda. it is a crisis.
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the white house, now working overtime to spin that it is not a crisis. he will bring us a live update from the border tonight. lindsey graham response to what needs to be done. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: another day with another surge of migrants on our southern border. as we are now learning tonight, the biden administration is holding a record number of illegal migrant children at facilities. this comes as the number of migrant children detained at the border has now tripled into coshort weeks. here to explain more. he is on the ground and live. >> hey, sean. that's right.
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i am at the mcallen port of entry. it is ground zero for biden's border crisis. it is also where texas governor landed a helicopter to get a bird's-eye view. border agents tell me they are up 166% compared to apprehension numbers last year. already 108,000 apprehension in just a few months. why is that, sean? well, they clearly see a welcome sign from this administration. take a listen. >> do you think that president biden will help you? >> that is my, you know, the president, it's necessary, you know. >> here is the thing to watch.
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they are very concerned that the february numbers, which is expected to reach around 100,000 will point to a 2019 conference. only it comes four months earlier this time. sean. >> sean: are they saying to you that they believe that joe biden is inviting them in? >> absolutely. and some of the shelters in the migrant camp organizers told me, and one of them use the term fake news. these migrants are getting a big news message because they are being told that -- they have repeatedly said don't come now. this isn't your time. you won't be let in. but the numbers show that clearly once people are coming across and getting apprehended and released as fast as agents can do it. certainly here in the real grano
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center. they have a record 3,250 in custody of which 1,360 have been health longer than 72 hours, which is the amount that is permitted. the border patrol takes children into custody. they are having to hold them longer because they have no place to put these children. sean. >> sean: all right, chris, thank you. strained resources, pack shelters. the administration just outright refuses to admit that there is a crisis of their own doing. this is the biden administration in their own words. take a look. >> is there a crisis at the border? >> look, i don't think we need to put labels. we have already conveyed that it is challenging. >> do you believe that right now
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there is a crisis of the border? >> i think the answer is no. >> sean: no? really? do you want to stand by that statement? it is being created by biden's own policies. he reversed trump's remain impacts mexico policy. it allows them to stay in mexico while their case is being processed. he reinstated the policy of catch and release. the trump policies eliminated fraud and help to keep our nation safe and secure. biden also halted all border wall construction, firing workers in the meantime. even by the way in places where it was nearly completed, they stopped. and biden's promising mass amnesty, open borders, and that we will become the united sanctuary state of america come all in the middle of a pandemic where 17 million americans are
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already out of work and pink slips going out because of joe biden's energy policies and stopping border wall construction. we are also learning that reportedly a quarter, get this, 25% of illegal immigrants, this was in "the washington times" today, recently dropped off at one texas town 25% tested positive for covid-19. now, where is the transparency, joe? why are you refusing still to allow the media into show kids being stuffed into the cargo shipping containers? supposedly you tell us with butterflies on the wall. wireless kids in there? one of the conditions like? where is the action to address what is an obviously increasing public health threat? the biden white house is still trying to blame donald trump. why not? here, circle back with her statement last week. >> for president trump?
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we don't take our advice or counsel from former president trump on immigration policy, which was not only inhumane mama but ineffective. >> sean: you bill to the cages. you built those, not donald trump. here with reaction, south carolina senator, lindsey graham. if the numbers are now as high as they are in march, what are those numbers going to be like in may, and you just got back. >> well, you know, i was on your show three or four weeks ago saying that there is a disaster in the making. while, the worst is yet to come. why are so many unaccompanied minors coming to our country now? when trump was president, the miners will be sent back either to mexico or their home country. when i say the worst is yet to come, by the spring, late spring come early summer, you are going to have families coming in caravans because the word is out in central america they are changing the policy that trump
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put in place, that if you get to the border, you turn yourself in, you are going to stay in america and not mexico. until they reverse that policy, and until they go back to their remain in mexico policy, the worst is yet to come. >> sean: i'm just a little talk show host. what do i know, lindsey, i'm not that smart. but i would think that people out during a pandemic, people being laid off, and what, 15 million people are going to get amnesty. i don't know, where i went to school, i was taught supply and demand crisscross and dictate, in this case, wages. what is this going to do for wages for american workers? >> well, number one, it's going to suppress wages. when illegal immigrants come to the country, they work for cash under the table. she said that the trump policies
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were ineffective. so, let me ask for this. she's not going to answer. how do you account for the surge in illegal crossing on your watch? word is out that the trump policies are being replaced by the biden administration that if you get 1 foot in america, you are never going to leave. people will be coming by the hundreds of thousands by the summer. it is a humanitarian crisis. it's going to be an economic crosses, crisis and eventually is going to be a national security crisis. this is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. al qaeda and isis would love nothing more than to hit us again on the 20th anniversary to show that they are still alive and well and this border and security is a great way for terrorists to come into our country just to blend in with this group. >> sean: let me tell you how
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to that is a chilling scenario, sir. what you just described. i do believe it is your right and these new numbers are now astronomical. these are numbers we've never seen before and i still want to get inside the cargo ship. remember, biden and obama built the kids in cages. they built them. we are putting kids in cargo containers and we are told we can't videotape it and we are told that there are butterflies on the walls so don't worry about it? do you buy that? >> well, that's right. horrible conditions, concentration camp-like conditions. you remember kamala harris protested outside of homestead. that place is now open. where is she? all i can say is that there is a lot of danger coming from this wave of illegal immigration and the numbers are going to double
6:38 pm
by the summer if we don't go back to trump policies. it's embarrassing and as painful as it would be for the biden administration, they need to understand that what prompted on the border worked. >> sean: how do you like this? because i know you said it last week. herschel walker for senate from georgia. how do you like that? i like the ring of that. what you think? [laughter] no football analogies. all right. appreciate it. coming up, another biden nominee over a very vicious and nasty comments he made about republicans. he will react. he is next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: developing tonight,
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another biden nominee is under fire for her history of a vicious social media posting. she is biden's nominee for the general. three nights of racism, xenophobia, and other outrageous lies. and by the way, was forced to apologize during a senate hearing say that she regretted her past harsh rhetoric, another conversion. and it gets worse. the new dcc chief technology officer, that is the democratic national campaign committee called on her twitter followers to burn every cop precinct to the ground. wow. it's starting to feel the unity yet? here with reaction, dan bongino. i am not a big believer in the
6:44 pm
nomination conversion. i don't know about you. i am trying to be a good christian. i'm not. i've got to get better. that is the whole point of being a christian. but i know that we can all be better. i know i should forgive but i don't really believe her, dan. maybe that's not good on my part. do you believe her? because i don't. >> no. of course not. they have a vested interest in running a series of lies. how long did that work out? i think that broke. i am pretty sure that whole spy game happened even though wikipedia still calls it a conspiracy theory. what is it with the democrats by the way? what is it with this hatred for the cops? not all of them. i don't want to stereotype them. but why is it that this defund the cops is almost exclusively
6:45 pm
far left activism? what is it on the left? i commented on my show a little while ago, i think last week, a story where some liberal pollster was talking about what went right and wrong for trump. he said the one issue that did the most damage to the democrats, hispanic and black community, what do you think it was? defund the police. that is because liberals treat minority voters like idiots. it is the bigotry of low expectations. they are the real racists. black and hispanic voters have the exact same concerns we do for the kids and community. they are no different than we are. that may be news for them.
6:46 pm
>> sean: democratics who don't ensure law and order, they have hurt communities in this country and it is time for republicans to go into these communities and fix those problems and then they will get elected in bigger numbers. that is my view. >> yeah. rudy giuliani cleaned up new york, shawn. he won reelection by what, was it 12 points? 15 points? >> sean: yeah. all right, by the way, i am still giddy. we are so thankful. >> you are the man. you are a good man, brother. >> sean: we are very happy for you and happy you are back stronger than ever. watch out. he is full on dan bongino. we are going to the octagon. all right. coming up, buckingham palace broke its silence over meghan
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and harry's controversial interview with oprah and what happened with piers morgan. i am going to stick up for remember the biden family. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the queen is responding tonight following explosive allegations. intentions are beginning to boil over. piers morgan stomped off the set during a segment of the royal fallout. take a look at this. >> i think we all need to take a step back. i understand that you don't like meghan. you have made it so clear on a number of times on this program. i understand that you thought the personal relationship, she
6:52 pm
cut you off. she is entitled to cut you off if she wants to. has she said anything about you since she cut you off? i don't think she has but you continue to track her. >> i'm done with this. sorry. >> i'm being -- >> sorry, can't do it. >> sean: shortly after, according to reports, he announced that he was leaving the morning program. here with reaction, leo, i don't know what to think. i wish he would have stayed on the show, frankly. i thought he was a very entertaining host and successful. >> yeah, he reminds me of my old days. >> sean: [laughs] wait a minute. >> let's focus on this. here's the situation. he said the exact same thing that i said. let me be as clear as possible.
6:53 pm
meghan markle and oprah winfrey are taking a page out of the al sharpton playbook. they indicted the entire royal family. not the queen, it's not prince philip. it could be someone else. they are doing this to make money and they have basically thrown the entire royal family, the entire country of england under the bus. i think it is embarrassing. i agree with morgan 100%. >> sean: they live in a neighborhood where homes are like $15 million. if you claim you want privacy and security, the last thing you should be doing is an interview with oprah winfrey worldwide. because guess what. you're no longer going to have privacy and probably could come i hope it doesn't impact your security. >> 100%. look, these people are the most
6:54 pm
pampered and rich and lucky people on the planet. there are so few people in that elite category. and yet, they spent two hours posing as victims in the middle of a pandemic when so many people in this country have lost their jobs and are grieving loved ones. there is so much more to worry about than their petty vengeance against members of their own family. and i just don't know who profited from that to our, as pierce morgan calls it, trash athan against the royal family. even though they did say nice things about the queen, she is the head of the monarchy. she is the head of the royal family. her 99-year-old husband and love of her life is in the hospital. he has been there for three
6:55 pm
weeks. the callousness of these people pretending to be compassionate is insane. you can't say anything negative about them because you are then somehow a racist, somehow uncompassionate. or you are going to cause megan to have a miscarriage is the other lovely thing. >> sean: it is repugnant and sad. there is no doubt about it. but if you are going to say it, say it. there are other people now under suspicion. i've got to run, leo. >> it's all about -- >> sean: thank you. coming up, i will be sticking up next to a member of the biden family. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the bidens have two dogs, one is major, one is champ and apparently they have been exiled from the white house after one of them apparently bit a white house guard. now, i would just like to say i
7:00 pm
am in full support of the dogs. now, some idiot in the media mob said is it time to execute the dash no, you get them training. then maybe if they have to, you muzzle them, you don't euthanize them! laura ingraham weighs in. i love dogs. i'm standing -- they are members of the family, you don't kill the dog. >> laura: didn't you have snowball or something? wasn't that a little -- >> sean: snowball. >> laura: a little tiny -- i was pictured you with a leash. >> sean: i had my bernese mountain dog, stuffy and gracie and i had marley, the white left -- >> laura: we don't need to go through the whole canine esco >> sean: i love dogs. they're members of your family. i'm standing up for the dogs and the family. >> laura: about his picture -- everyone, this is a long time ago. i was still in radio. hannity has this little fluff ball dog. it was a teeny little dog and i kept imagining him with a pearl-encrusted leash with, you know, the