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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 10, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> neil: got it, governor jim justice a pleasure having you, thank you. >> neil, always a pleasure. >> neil: same here, and texas governor, we hope to hear from either of both. ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone i'm juan williams along with greg gutfeld, jesse watters, judge jeanine. this is "the five." more royal drama and claims that cancel culture is going global. new reports say meghan markle complain to piers morgan's boss before he stormed up the set and quit. morgan's employer wanted him to apologize on the air after saying he didn't believe a single word that he said in an
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amazing interview with oprah. british regulators are investigating it, but he is not backing down. >> it don't believe anything that comes out of their mouth and the damage he's done to the british monarch monarchy is lying in the hospital. it is an enormous and frankly and sensible. and for expressing and honestly held opinion of meghan markle and that village she came out with. >> they canceled me. i think they will be rather disappointed when i reemerge. >> juan: more liberal commentators like whoopi goldberg saying enough is enough when it comes to cancel culture. watch this one. >> i just heard they were are taking pepe le pew out of "space jam." and i think to myself, couldn't
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you all just have written a couple of lines to say pepe doesn't do that anymore. i don't know why you have to erase everything. i don't get it. i don't understand it. >> juan: jesse, i wanted to start with you because we've done a lot of tv. we have all heard things we don't like, but have you ever walked off the set and said i'm gone? what would our boss jose? have you ever had this experience? >> jesse: i can't walk off the set now because i'm in a band, but i would if you said something really provocative i would. but meghan markle has done something that i didn't think was possible and that is make me feel sorry for piers morgan. if you think about what she has done, she has basically filed a complaint against piers morgan for calling a liar. that would be like hillary clinton filing a complaint against hannity.
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how soft or weak an english man in trouble for criticizing an american. whatever happened to sticks and stones can break my bones but words can't hurt me? where is harry? is he okay with this? he used to fight the taliban but now tv hosts? it is crazy. if you are too woke for would-be you have to dial it back. pepe le pew is a cartoon. he's not sleeping pills and drinks and holding women account against their will. he's a suave frenchman practiced at the art of seduction, basically pursuing a cat with a white stripe on its back who he thinks is a skunk, but is not. and that is so stupid it's funny. i don't think anybody is raiding anybody after pepe le pew. just like sticks of dynamite and their parents drunk after watching yosemite sam. it is insane. the fact that liberals don't want you watching pepe will appeal for 2 minutes but want
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kids the same age to watch an hr documentary on transgender-ism makes no sense at all. >> juan: gregg, piers morgan come i think we all know he is provocateur. now he says he doesn't believe a word that comes out of meghan markle's mouth. she has damaged the monarchy. you know, i just got to wonder this new act he said he would reemerge stronger than ever. >> greg: well, nothing he has said comes close to the horrible commentary that pollutes our news industry. the only difference is when piers is talking, it is commentary. but america, cnn can actually smear you and call it hard news. they can devote an entire segment to demonizing law-abiding citizens and get away with it. so normally walking off is not a good look, but i score one for piers because he walked off and he stayed off, right?
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it is kind of remarkable. i hope he kept walking and went straight to the pub in order a pint of guinness but i'm torn because one hand i don't like royalty. on the other hand, i don't like race obsession. anyone pickles after the media, meghan markle is tromping in a dress going after the media. i am over this story, but it beats war and mass shooting so here is what i have to say and why it is really important. the 11 decided he had enough and he is an example of another interesting person. for every edgy person you lose, you get five, benign mediocrity is like anderson cooper. that means our opinions are governor by twitter. right? a bipartisan of localism policing young people who feel they have to sound and act the same out of fear. because they are afraid they will get canceled. so we are actually frightening
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people out of their own individuality. here is the proof. you have never heard of a single thing from a social justice warrior that was original. it all comes from someone else, all of the woke platitudes are passed along and actually the opposite of creative thinking. so whenever you hear anything, let me just end here. if you are watching "the five" by accident or you hate watch it come i want to ask you if you ae the woke list or for cancel culture, have you ever said anything original? my family is everybody spoken something by woke has been said by somebody else and far better. >> juan: judge jeanine, the thing that got him to walk off had to do with his comments about suicide and mental health. now, these are issues that transcend race, gender, culture.
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do you think he crossed the line here? the weatherman was going at him when he walked off. >> judge jeanine: well, you know i'm not so sure the difference of opinion had to do with the issue of mental health. if you look into the history of the two of them, they haven't been getting along for a long time. and of apparently pierce morgan knows meghan markle so shock everyone and he has a right to his opinion. here is what i have to say about that whole thing. look, let me answer your first question directly. mental health and suicide, depression, these are serious issues. if she had those feelings, my first question, did you tell harry? i think harry, this guy can fight wherever he is fighting. i'm sure he can find some help for her. here is the problem i have with meghan markle. i'm not over this story yet. i'm sick and tired of everyone being a victim. i'm the victim, feel sorry for me. i can't take it anymore. it give me a break!
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you want to take down the monarchy? if you want to have an intervention, have an intervention about what they said that you didn't like what they said. i mean, this woman is all about attention. she is interesting suing great britain while she lives in the united states. she has george clooney at her wedding and oprah winfrey who she's never even met before? this is a woman interested in herself, and then she said she was married three days before. apparently she wasn't. the archbishop heard it and hit the ceiling. there is a lot of craziness going on here. but it's all about meghan markle being a victim. the woman is an actor. she is a princess. and my son, i heard he wasn't going to be a prince. of course, he's not going to be a prince. he's not in the line of succession. read up on royalty if you want to be a part of it or if you reject it and slam them, why don't you know what you're talking about. that's all i have to say.
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speak to martha, have double duty for you because i want to hear what you think about the whole dustup, but i also want to hear what you think about pepe look pew and can we agree that he is a skunk the way he goes after women but he's not a. and maybe he learned his lesson or something. >> martha: i think he is a skunk. you are absolutely right about that. and he is a womanizer and i always thought he was hilarious when i watched him growing up. so it's not a good idea to cancel him after all, he is a cartoon that somebody grew. and i agree he will not do anything to anybody's behavior. but with regard to meghan markle and piers morgan, she said she is manipulative and his larger argument, that is how he sees her. he thinks she has been disrespectful, you know, to the queen, philip and the rest of the family. he is allowed to say that.
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it is a talk show. it is a talk show that will be ridiculously boring without it. >> greg: true. >> martha: once gone, it will not be interesting to watch that. and one thing i will point out about meghan markle and the argument he makes, he sees her as manipulative is that, first from a diagram, right? she alienated her whole family except her mother. here he was really like the love of the family, right? everybody loved harry. they backed him up and bailed him out of bad situations time after time after time, right? so they really like terry. then the middle of the diagram intersects with harry's family and her family is meghan markle in the middle appearance of that is the common denominator so now they have alienated harry's entire family together. so i ask you some of the person in that intersection might be the problem, might be manipulative. it might not have anything to do with race. i understand she accused the
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royal family of being racist towards her. they simply said they do not feel that way. they think there were interpretations and regulations that vary in that story. so you don't have to be racist to think that perhaps she was the person that sort of spoiled this happy situation. you know, piers absolutely has a right to say what he is going to say. my guess is they will miss him sorely on the show. >> juan: all right. coming up cnn attacking conservatives for criticizing meghan markle over the royal family fallout. greg has a model on that next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪ cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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♪ ♪ >> greg: here is a surprise. criticize meghan markle, c and then says, you must be racist. >> people here on the right continue to savage meghan markle and her story. something struck a nerve with them. was it a multiracial woman speaking out against an institutional, white royal family? oh, no, it's not about that. then what is it about? what is it about them? >> greg: chris should no, he is black on the inside. >> you know one black on the inside. >> greg: blacks are so grateful to have him. but hey, racism is basically the only thing left that chris is allowed to talk about on cnn.
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so we finally meet the rest the racism accusation saturation point where every activity, belief or opinion can be traced back to racism. me just pointing this out makes me racist. you hearing me say that makes you racist and if you deny it, that is racism too. unless, of course you work for cnn, msnbc and become the accuser for your own bible commentary. over on msnbc joy reid can indulge frederick smearing millions of americans with millions of americans to trade tax cuts to openly say the n-word. could that include coworker nicole wallace? how else does joy get her facts on this stuff? that is only conservative she knows, right? then her smear of tim scott. >> got to love tim scott with the diversity over that round of words, basket full of words. >> greg: that is a stupid
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comment that can be applied to the user. would joy be employed saying vital things if she were white? remember those homophobic slurs she blamed on a hacker? good times. on the specter of slander being called a stupid jerk is the most harmless and being called a is the worst, where does your racist fall? i say closer to the extreme. it can ruin lives and it is lippard [boos] delivered by elites with perks of immunity with no accountability. so as the derek chauvin case with the bloodshed looms remember who excused previous months of violence? they could do it again and why? you deserve it, you are racist. so judge, i will go to you first because you are one of the people that cuomo is talking about. so here is the deal. if everybody is being called racist, right, because it is easy, low bar barrier of entry. you can accuse anybody of racism
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and people run away and are scared. it is healthy as this is damaging to people when you smear them in this manner. you are a judge. is it time to start suing people for mischaracterizing you, people as racist if they have no evidence at all? is that a possibility? >> judge jeanine: yeah, it definitely is a possibility because racism is being used today is a word that emigrate you and makes you less of a person and make people hate you. especially in by the way your monologue, greg was excellent because you do have to look where it is in the spectrum. pedofile is a crime. racism may or may not be a crime. i thought for hate crimes in new york, i fought for hate crimes to be enacted. i went before congress. i went to new york legislation. i create hate crime -- i'm to
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whiteness person. but if he calls me that, that is offensive and can ruin my reputation, depending on what i want to do with my life. so it is either derogatory and i think it is defamatory, and i think they are using it too broadly. here is the thing. your point is excellent and that if you keep saying people are racist, then when something happens, you can say see, i told you so these people are definitely racist. the proof is in the pudding. therefore i have a right to defend myself or do whatever i have to do. it is at the point liability is definitely an issue. >> greg: you know, juan, joy reid mentions tim scott and what i thought was fairly disgusting comment, doesn't she realize that anybody can put that back on her? because the accusation of tokenism is on skin color. so it is a broad accusation that anybody could use.
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>> juan: yeah, look, i think you could flip it around. there is no question. the thing is, there is only one black republican in the u.s. senate and that is tim scott. and getting away from that. >> greg: is not his fault, is that his fault though that he is black? >> juan: no, in fact, he broke a barrier in terms of especially for south carolina. it is an extraordinary thing that he did. anyway, to get back to your larger point, i think the monarchy is an institution where bloodlines are everything, greg. everything. so as americans, we can agree that there is nothing left to burst if it is the british monarchy. so you have to intentionally, it seems to me, look away from the reality to say that race has nothing to do with what is going on here. i just think that is hard to do. i think it is implicit with so newsmaking about the fact that
2:22 pm
prince harry was married to meghan markle. >> greg: i would agree. wait. i would agree. >> juan: race, it is not for us to say that race is a part of the topic. >> greg: juan it is a larger point. the larger point racism is a part of every topic. that is why it is so meaningless. that is my point. >> juan: i don't think it is every topic, but i do think right now around the world as we become a more diverse society here in the united states and even in britain, people are having to deal with this in a way they haven't before. but to get back to senator scott as i say, he is an accomplished man, but he is also a man for as said very clearly that he has been, you know profiled, racially profiled by the police in his life and even bike capitol police so it's hard to pretend that there is no problem. okay, i'm just staking, that is no issue. race is not an issue.
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>> greg: no one said that. no one said that. >> juan: and also, you have to deal with the fact that the republican party right now is involved in taking the step two limit voter turnout. a lot of people feel it is intentionally aimed at them. you have white supremacist involved in the january 6th riot. >> greg: that was six months play down. >> juan: hold on, that is not true but the bigger argument for me is that the g.o.p., the party of lincoln had to look in the mirror on race and decide where it stands. >> greg: the party of confederacy should probably do the same. so martha... where do you stand on this evil, racist culture that we seem to live in? everywhere that we go, we are met with racism. what can we do now?
2:24 pm
what is the solution if we are all racist? >> martha: i go back to chris almost comment. why is it people on the right continue to savage meghan and her story. speaking out against an institutional family? maybe chris cuomo but maybe it wasn't. maybe what it was his they really embraced her when they met her. i think they were happy that harry found someone and they said quite openly he was looking for a wife and he was looking to get married and have a family. she seemed to be embraced and beloved on both sides of the pond but then something happened, right? and over time the feeling seemed to go against her. so the question is she is accused of pulling people that were working for her, that were helping her. so you have to ask yourself, no, maybe it had to do with the fact that the relationship started to fall apart and pay learned she was not the person that they thought she was. maybe you have nothing to do with race.
2:25 pm
and you know who said that, thomas her father who married an african-american woman who is megan's father from a biracial doctor. deep in the comment about the color of the baby's skin, maybe it was a stupid question. maybe the person isn't racist who said it? so i think you have to peel back that layer and ask yourself is it a human issue and not a race issue, potentially. >> greg: the larger issue, jesse which i thought i made clear, it not that there is no racism. what i'm saying the constant act of racism when you are being critical of somebody in the media whether somebody who is in royalty and a celebrity, maybe it's not always racism. >> jesse: it is a lazy plant and tree, greg, something i'm a little familiar with myself. i think chris cuomo is smarter than this. we get paid to tee off on people. if barack obama were white them i would still go after obamacare. if beto o'rourke were black, i
2:26 pm
would still make fun of his silly hand gestures. what is happening is chris cuomo probably didn't have a creative angle for the segment that night, so he got lazy and played the race card. it is an analysis that is about skin deep here and right now, they are struggling because they don't have a lot of material now that trump is not there. so the producers are having to put forth step that doesn't really cut it. why do rich, white liberals feel like they need to see race and everything? why do they need to look for it? why when it's not there do they need to insert it? they see it in the cpac stage, they see it in a car, costume, in a song, in a hat, they see it in a princess. they see it everywhere. so why are they doing that? they are doing that, to keep themselves on the top of the democratic party. and they are doing that because this wage their white guilt and they need to go to their buddies
2:27 pm
in the black community, hey, hey, i'm a white guy but i'm not like one of those white guys. those white guys aren't cool. i'm one of the cool white guys. and they get off on that. joy reid saying -- and i will finish here, it is like heads i win and tails you lose if i flip a coin. if the republicans are racist and they have a few blacks, it is a token and still racism. >> greg: very good appeared up next the white house is telling americans to ignore what they are seeing in claims that the borders are not wide open. ♪ ♪
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for people needing protection while we continue to enforce our laws. >> judge jeanine: the white house saying that with a straight face while a total calamity is freaking out at the border. biden's policies making it a free-for-all. border patrol has been shutting down highway checkpoints in order to deal with the surge of migrants. and border encounter surged to more than 100,000 in february, a 28% increase in the month before. the republicans have had enough. watch this. >> i call b.s. on that. they must have legalized marijuana in the white house and they are all smoking it because these people are clueless. >> it is a humanitarian crisis. it will be an economic crisis for our cities alone at the border and eventually a national security crisis because the children today but they could easily be terrorist tomorrow. >> i predict this, by summer you will see as the governor said, probably somewhere around
2:33 pm
1 million people trying to get into this country illegally. >> judge jeanine: all right, greg, i will start with you. i mean, can this woman actually believe what she is saying by saying the border is not open? i mean, i'm going down there next week. it is clear that the border is open. you talk to any sheriff, anyone in customs, and you know for sure the border is open. they can't handle it. so why are they lying about that? >> greg: they are also not lying but refusing to answer questions. there was a point jackie sakae refused to say how many migrants they are aware and you have to go look it up. and if you remember the absurd refrain from reporters to trump asking him how many dead covid patients he would accept over the summer, he was expected to answer absurd, hypothetical questions for. and biden doesn't have to answer
2:34 pm
a real question about a real number that exists. again, the democrats are against a forced process simply because it's a link to evil orange godzilla. this is about a handover from accepted hatred over trump. they would rather indulge that hatred then help children in the media is totally on board. >> judge jeanine: all right, so martha, what is the problem with calling it a crisis? why is that so difficult for them? why won't they release the official numbers? >> martha: i mean, it is ridiculous, semantics is what it is. first of all, we haven't heard from the president at all in the spirit it would be great if the president would come forward and say, look we have a situation we need to deal with and i promise i will be transparent and tell you the truth, even when the truth is hard to say which is what jen psaki said would happen january 20th. we will always be truthful with you. that is not what we are seeing here. the fascinating thing to me when
2:35 pm
i listen to roberta jacobson today at the white house in charge of the border for the administration, the things that she said, she said we are in favor of the orderly, legal process at the border, right? i'm thinking, yeah, okay. that is what was there but now it's not there so now you are taking it back. the other thing she wanted to rewind on, what is the best way to handle this? we need to get in touch with honduras, guatemala and el salvador. another novel great idea to take this back to the future again, which is what we have before this started. so it is just a mess, a mess for them. >> judge jeanine: juan come i will go to you very quickly. we had this all arranged with those countries, guatemala, el salvador and honduras and they took apart everything connected to trump and stop it. and now, they are starting from square one, and it is a mess. >> juan: no, well, let me just
2:36 pm
say, listen, i think congress needs to act. i think congress needs to get involved. >> judge jeanine: they were not going to act. they are not going to act. >> juan: hang on, sweetie pure to be so good action from congress today. we passed the coronavirus bill to a record number. so things can get done by the government. but i think there is a problem at the border. i don't know how to describe it. there is a problem at the border over the last several administrations, judge democrat and republican. biden is trying to deal with it, just as you said, he's trying to deal with it in terms of legal process. he is trying to move away from militaristic approach or cool policy approach and separating a family from children. biden is looking to the court. he is looking to the asylum process. but nobody is coming in. the border is not open!
2:37 pm
>> judge jeanine: okay, did you just say the border is not open? jesse come i will let you answer. >> juan: the border is not open. >> judge jeanine: people aren't walking across? >> juan: these are children. the people who -- >> greg: juan -- >> jesse: juan is having a hard time defending it because it's indefensible. we knew joe biden would be a puppet of the radical left but a puppet for the drug cartel. take the politics out of it. the cartel will send the migrants one day and they shoot the drugs across the other side. the internal is up 300000%. they also put wrist bands on the migrants so that tells you how much debt they owe and whether family is and when the migrants come into the united states they owed the cartels a favor and they drive the car this way, do it or their families back home
2:38 pm
in their throat is slashed. biden abolished ice. ice arrests are down 50% last month, now he's also abolished the ice alert. so if there is ice guy they put out a rapist at large and we don't know it because biden killed the alert. it is dangerous, it is scary and it's nonpartisan. >> judge jeanine: next up a convicted so cold killer is bragging how he can't get out of prison thanks to l.a.'s radical district attorney george bastogne.
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voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> martha: l.a.'s controversial district attorney
2:43 pm
getting support from a convicted killer. this prisoner bragging about the new rules could set him free. >> monday night right here in the facility, right here in this facility, white lightning, boom! celebrating us going home on george gascon. >> martha: thank you, george gascon. judge jeanine a mother slamming that same as her son's killer was granted parole. >> to have to sit there and go through it me and my family did to. i should not have to fight this hard for the justice given to my son. it should not be like this. the judge does not care. >> martha: so heartbreaking. i spoke to one of them too appear they feel like justice was done but now it's being undone. >> judge jeanine: what is happening in california and what we are going to see happen around the country with these
2:44 pm
new, progressive das as they call themselves. these are individuals who are not about crime and punishment and deterrence. they are about forgiveness. this guy in particular where the d.a. has roles to play at a parole hearing. the mother went to the parole hearing. the d.a. was nowhere to be found. they said here is the bible. she didn't even know she was supposed to speak. and her son was stabbed and beaten together by 14-20 people. he was a young teenage boy. aunt is a murderer got 11 to 25 years. he celebrating because george gascon is not going to any of these parole board hearings. and on his own, looking to set back reviews sentence ends that he thinks are too harsh. last i heard, the judge come out when i do a sentence, it's not up to the d.a. to decide if it'o harsh. this guy has gotten tremendous pushback within his own office. we are staying on the story this
2:45 pm
weekend. >> martha: juan come he wants to let people out and live their lives because young when caught. in these cases, heinous crimes. you know, he wants to end up being tough on crime. what is the outcome to that? and the communities of the people who are victimized? >> juan: nobody wants murderers let loose. i can tell you that, no matter which community you are going. but i will say america has the largest number of incarcerated people in the world. and we have a lot of people incarcerated for nonviolent crimes. that is why criminal justice reform passed pretty easily with president trump support. it was bipartisan. i think there is potential for more progress there. a lot of people are interested in criminal justice. before not shooting somebody in the face point-blank. greg, los angeles, california, what do they look like under these laws?
2:46 pm
we have seen the deterioration of so many cities there. >> greg: it is reaching escape from l.a. point. every time the left gains power, it is a pattern. they destroy something because they don't actually feel the consequences of the things they destroy. so they dissolve processes that are known to work in favor of on tested future with pain and suffering of others. also, maybe what is the guy's name? george gascon? maybe he wants to break a record. >> martha: george. >> greg: maybe he wants to break a record. they have 300 killings in the first time they passed in 300 years so maybe he wants to get in the record books. >> martha: jesse? >> jesse: george gascon sounds like a villain in a disney movie. can we get 2 for 1 when we recall george gascon and gavin newsom? i would not be surprised taking money from the books from these cartel defense attorneys, probably funneled into his campaign or perhaps his pockets.
2:47 pm
no one in their right mind is a d.a. to make decisions like he does. is it wrong i want a taste of that prison moonshine, martha? >> martha: how do you get alcohol imprison? it is water, sugar and tomato. >> jesse: they don't call it white lightning and high school but i want to taste of that moonshine. i just don't want to do the time. >> martha: you don't want to hang out with those guys necessarily. thank you very much. >> greg: white lightning. >> martha: white lightning. grab a sanitizer which is white lightning because america is full of german phobos. ♪ ♪ german phobos. if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. that's oven roasted turkey. piled high with crisp veggies.
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>> jesse: break out the hand sanitizer and keep your distance because we are all apparently turning into germaphobes. 42% of americans abscess over germs because of the pandemic. the average person washes their hands nine times a day. all right, judge, do you think nine times a day, that is about your deal? >> judge jeanine: [laughter] it was just trying to figure out if it is. i think at least seven or eight times. here is the problem.
2:52 pm
my hands, every time you wash them they are dry, the cuticles are dry and you never put cream on your hand nine times. by the end of the day i will hide them and wear gloves, whatever. >> jesse: martha, you have to give a hand motion to judge jeanine. >> martha: you know what is interesting? when is the last time you had a friend or family member with a bad cold? nobody has colds anymore? it might be because everybody is washing their hands. >> jesse: you don't see them anymore. you are right. that is true. we are all becoming clean. juan, were you a germaphobes before this or have you always been a germaphobes? >> juan: i tried to wash my hands and i have doubts about that survey. hey, did the soap company people pay for that survey? but you know what, if it is the new normal, good hygiene, i'm all for it.
2:53 pm
>> jesse: i like how you are thinking, williams come about the soap paying for the poll. greg gutfeld, you were a germaphobes and now you are more crazy but what is it like going through your process. >> greg: i thought germaphobe was someone who hated german so i started the wrong story. i would do an impression of jesse watters, once again, greg gutfeld, who is the person so far ahead of his time on this topic? donald trump. think about it, the guy most alarmed about germs and china turned out 100% correct on both of them. not to mention, trade, the middle east, border and enforcement, one thing in common, donald trump right on each one and the media wrong on each one. waters rolled 10:00 p.m. you have to be a little cocky. >> jesse: i will do you tomorrow, be careful.
2:54 pm
"special report" is up next.
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♪ ♪ >> juan: time for some fun, time for "one more thing," greg f. >> greg: it's official, april 5th is the premier of gutfeld, just one word like madonna or cher or titanic -- we got the same crew plus the new crew, joe mackey and a whole bunch of other people, they are going to be there. unfortunately there will be no -- none of the trinity college white lightning and lacrosse because he made it clear to me he's not doing my show because he's really, really busy. there you go, he's the only person. >> jesse: you know what i love
2:59 pm
about greg's branding, he put it in! his name. it's like jeb, remember that? >> jeanine: jeb needed the exclamation point. >> juan: let's move along so we can get as many as possible. what i'm going to show you, these are going to thrill you or freak you out, take a look at photos from the past come to life. what you're looking at is new technology from the genealogy website my heritage, they use a feature called deep nostalgia to animate photos. use a abe lincoln, albert einstein, frederick douglass, they say people can imagine their family and see what their family members would've been like in reality. these are creepy but it's definitely something new. >> jesse: i have a correction to make, it's not often that i
3:00 pm
do this but i'm a big man so i'm going to stand up for something i did wrong. yesterday i said this about penguins -- roll it. i'm not impressed, it's just the birds that can't fly. you can't eat them, you can hunt them, they just waddle around and swim. it doesn't do it for me. i've heard your complaints people, penguin lovers out there and i apologize for disparaging penguins, i had no idea how much they were loved. >> juan: we are going to have to say apologies because bret baier is up next with "special report." >> bret: i want to hear more apologies on the correction, thanks. good evening, i'm bret baier, breaking tonight covering several major stories -- the house has passed the massive coronavirus stimulus package. president biden says he will sign it friday, the president is also spending money on additional vaccine, we'll tell you about that. he's


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