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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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schools a crock. fox 5 reported moments ago that under the deal to physically reopen schools, middle and high school students got the short straw. they are virtual only. in a home room 2 days a week with headphones on while the teacher zooms from a separate location. what a fraud. the teachers union should be ashamed of themselves. this is child of themselves. this is child abuse. shannon bream and fox news @ night take it away. >> shannon: more on that coming up. thank you very much. breaking tonight significant developments, new allegations by an aide of democratic governor andrew cuomo that he groped her. the governor blows off calls for his resignation and talks about raising taxes despite the fact
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that new york will get a blue states bail out with the bill that passed. and cuomo is facing protests outside of his mid town new york office. welcome to fox news @ night. i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with breaking news on governor cuomo. >> these allegations are egregious and very, very sad. the most severe account we have heard so far. the governor tonight reacting to this, calling them gut wrenching. this latest accuser reportedly a current employee of the executive chairman said she was groped inside the governor's mansion late last year. the "times" union said she was
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summoned there to help the governor with his cellphone. they write, they were alone in cuomo's private residence and he closed the door and allegedly reached under her blouse and began to fondle her. governor cuomo is responding to all of these allegations, writing this. i have never done anything like this. the details of this report are gut wrenching. i am confident in the result of the attorney general's report. this is the 6th woman to accuse of the governor of sexual harassment. everything from being kissed on the lips to be propositioned for sex. before the latest details came out tonight, 76 state lawmakers wanted cuomo out. now by our count that number is
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85 and it's expected to continue to grow throughout the night tonight. democrat assembly man ron kim told fox news that female lawmakers are demanding the governor step down in light of these new details. a senator released this statement tonight: nothing on the schedule for the governor tomorrow, but this will be all over the headlines. it will dominate the news here in new york. >> shannon: calling for resignation grow and talk of impeachment as well. breaking tonight the biden administration is caught between
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calls from the progressive left to deband "ice" and the illegal immigrants grossing our southern border. kevin cork has more tonight. >> a key biden administration said in spanish by mistake that the border is not closed instead of saying it is. regardless of what may have been lost in translation every day millions of people are coming to our southern border and this administration is unable or unwilling to put a stop to it. >> surges tend to respond to hope. there was a significant hope for a more humane policy after 4 years of the pent-up demand.
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>> pent-up demand to immigrate to the united states and skip the line ahead of millions who are playing by immigration. rules. rules under the biden administration are evolving. asylum seekers are often released into the interior of the country pending future court dates which could be years down the road. the administration refuses to call what is happening at the border a crisis, the hours spent in detention by migrant minors continues to soar. and biden hasn't applied the pandemic emergency rule to children so the u.s. is still responsible for caring for them until they are placed with a responsor. and a sizable portion of biden administration wants "ice"
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disbanded. >> we need politicians that have guts on this issue. >> thank you, secretary. >> i have guts enough to say this plan doesn't make sense. >> that was then and this is now. much more we expect on that topic in the days and months and weeks ahead. in the meantime tomorrow night 8 p.m. mr. biden will give his first prime time address marking one year since the world health organization declared covid-19 to be a pandemic. he marked the deaths from covid-19 at a solemn service. the death toll in excess of
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520,000. >> shannon: kevin, thank you. white house chief medical advisor dr. fauci struggling to justify the new cdc guidelines advising people who have been vaccinate not to travel. >> you have to make a judgment call. >> shannon: the new guidance not sitting well the travel industry. breaking tonight the house approved one of the largeested stimulus measures in u.s. history. lawmakers voted in favor of president biden's 2 trillion dollars covid-19 relief package. republicans say it's 90%
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non-covid pork and not a single one of them voted for it. chad has details from capitol hill. >> it's the first big initiative of president biden's legislative agenda. the republicans characterize the pricey bill as something else. >> the motion is adopted. >> the first big initiative of president biden's legislative agenda. but republicans characterize the 1. 9-trillion dollars as something else. >> social, social. >> democrats challenged the republican description of the ball. >> if democrats had a pot luck picnic, the republicans would call it socialism. >> democrats call it a necessary response to a national crisis. >> they have hope. now they can pay their rent and mortgage and buy the baby milk. >> it include blue states bail
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outs. and gop critics claim $380 billion dollars for schools is a pay back to big teachers teachers. >> schools should wait a couple of years do get their money but not planned parenthood. get that money there quick. >> the democrats say money in the bill is essential. >> to listen to my friends on the other side of the aisle, where do they live? all of this has been resolved? >> with vaccine in the pipeline and states reopening there is worry so much money could overheat the economy. >> with the federal reserve printing up this amount of money it will result in inflation. >> this may not be the last bill. no republicans voted for the
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bill. only one democrat opposed it. the moderate from maine. expect both sides to note how they voted in next year's mid-terms. congress devoted 6 trillion dollars to the bill an extra year and a half of total government spending. >> shannon: thank you, chad. california governor gavin newsom is facing a recall election in part because he thumbed his nose at his own pandemic restrictions sending his children to in person private schools and attending that indoor maskless party at one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. he is telling constituents they should never expect to go back to normal. >> normal was never good enough.
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normal accepts inequity. >> shannon: trace gallagher is live in l.a. >> when a district attorney is celebrated by a convicted killer it's a bad look. but a man serving 40 years to life posted video of him and his cell mate raising mugs of moon shine to los angeles district attorney. the toast was to his new directive call are in the resentencing of inmates following 15 years of imprisonment. here's the toast. >> white lightning and a little cup. celebrating us going home. boom. >> unclear if he would qualify for early release but the fact he thinks he might is a concern for the california's d.a.'s
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association when calls this policy reckless and dangerous. the association knows that gun crimes are way up. according to the has police department in southeast los angeles the number of shooting victims this year compared to last up 261% compared to 2019, up 1200%. that's part of the reason george is facing a recall effort after less than 3 months in office. the recall needs to gather 600,000 signatures if the next few months to force gasconto run again. in san francisco where crime is exploding there is an effort to recall the far left d.a. whose parents were members of the radical liberal group the weather underground. they were convict in connection with a new york bankry robbery
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in 1981. >> and the los angeles count sheriff a critic on soft on crimes prosecution watched along while his deputies were in a high speed face in several cities. deputies fired teargas in the vehicle and the woman got out but so did a 9-year-old girl. deputies did not know there was a child in the car. the child is going to be just fine. >> shannon: wow. trace gallagher, thank you very much. just one day after walking off the set of good morning britain and quitting his job, piers morgan is facing back lash after saying he didn't believe a word of meghan markle's interview
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with oprah. there is an investigation after they got 41,000 complaints. cancel culture is crossing the pond. there a fieriy debate over freedom of speech. >> this is like between the former colony and the u.k. the government regulators will get involved with an investigation. that seems to be crazy. piers morgan was spouting off in his fashion. >> shannon: greg is a former advisor to, to prime minister boris johnson. here's what cnn said. meghan markle complained concerning the impact morgan's comments could have on others and degrade the seriousness of
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mental health issues. he hasn't been kind to her. what do you make of the fact that she framed it that way? >> that was a smart move. she is playing the game. she is using the world ever cancel culture in her favor. it's going to work. it already worked. piers morgan lost his job hosting the most popular breakfast show in the u.k. he had to personally write to the tv station to complain about it show there is is a background there. this is shocking. you think about this in terms of concept. a princess. if you say anything bad against her, you will lose your job. this is like medieval times.
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i can't believe this is happening. >> shannon: for us it's hard to understand or believe there is a body that would look at you and look at these comments you made with piers morgan who said he already quit. that there are regulators that tell you what can you and can't say on tv. >> absolutely. we have that a lot of the times. a couple of years ago when big brother was a big thing, they would get people writing in complaints about what was happening on that show. you can't say this or that. sometimes it works in a good way in the u.k. the bbc obtain impartial stories on the news and report things well. on the capitol hill riots they put out a very good story.
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but when people don't like something you have said and piers morgan has been complained about many, many times. this was one too many. >> shannon: this is not his first rodeo. something tells me it won't be his last. thank you. >> thanks. >> shannon: piers morgan not the only one facing heat over expressing his opinion. a member of a band is trying to avoid being cancelled himself. our breaking news panel on that next. this is wealth. ♪ ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> shannon: a banjo player is taking time off of his band after taking heat for praising
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a conservative journalist's book about antifa. he said i have come to better understand the pain caused by the book i endorsed. i am taking time away from the band to examine my blind spots. we talk about this with our panel. great to have both of you back. this book andtalks about his efforts to infiltrate antifa and walk among them and expose their goals and how they work. this musician had good things to say about it the book. now he said i grieve for those who dared to suffer because they dared to read by work or talk to me. >> well, this is a book that was
8:23 pm
banned by a number of book stores in portland and elsewhere. i can't one type in human history where the guys who were clamming on the side of banning books were on the right side of history. anyone who compliments that book has to be cancelled at rick of losing their job. i am worried about the open exchange of ideas and debate. >> shannon: you are not the only one. whoopi goldberg is worried about cancelling characters like dr. seuss and now it's the cartoon skunk that in trouble. >> i heard they were taking pepeout of space jam. i think couldn't y'all have just written a couple of lines to say
8:24 pm
he didn't do that anymore. i don't know why you have to erase everything. i don't understand it. >> shannon: what do you think? >> i watched pepe, and i loved it. i am in traum over bambi's mom being shot. if anything is offensive as the dr. seuss organization said we realize some of the material was written at a time where we were not where we are as a nation. it's offensive to some african-american or asian-american children and we want to do the right thing. is there a danger we get ridave lot of things? yes. but it's important that things are recycled and we progress with what watch and read. on the internet, pepe is never
8:25 pm
gone. can you find it online. >> shannon: we talked about piers morgan in the last block. he is not sitting down in this attempt to chance. -- chancel this. he said i said i don't believe meghan markle in her interview and i had more time to reflect on this and i still don't. he also said: i imagine this is the kind of thing you will cover if your book? >> it is. this is near and dear to my heart. i don't have an opinion on what meghan markle did. following the royal family is not my cup of tae. -- tea. for a journalist in britain to comment on this is part of his job and we should embrace it. somebody can get on national tv
8:26 pm
in the united states and make claims but if somebody questions them on television in britain they should be removed from their job. good for piers morgan for taking a stand on this issue. i worry about people who are not on the media like piers morgan. >> shannon: they are worried about speaking out because of the cost to them or their children or their careers. this is a topic we will continue to cover. come back soon. in tonight's real news roundup ron desantis said florida is close to opening up the vaccine for all ages.
8:27 pm
one woman tweeted this and that site she criticized is being run by a federal agency. ken paxton said city and countiy leaders must not be thinking quickly. they tried before and lost and they will lose again. the maker of dove soap dropping the word normal because it makes people feel excluded and banned photo shopping of podles. -- models. strict quarantine measures on
8:28 pm
top of the economic crisis making it tougher now to try to make a living in venezuela. many live like scavengers digging through the trash. the biden administration looking at rules the trump administration put in place it add due process for people accused of sexual assault on college campuses. the left say it's time to get rid of the trump practices. what will that mean? the real people explain next. stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection...
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8:33 pm
>> you hope you have a good college experience and make friends. >> and he dropped his son cory off in the university of tennessee in 2012 he never thought a sexual assault allegation would derail his college career and give him the reputation of a rapist. >> i didn't think that could ever happen. >> cory had an intimate encounter at a party that led him to a school adjudicator said the moment involved bad judgment but not assault. >> within a couple of days, she reversed her decision with no evidence, no explanation. that was a moment when we knew there was more here than what we see. something is going on. >> in 2011 the obama administration wrote a dear colleague letter changing the landscape for how sexual violence claims are investigated
8:34 pm
on college campuses. >> the obama administration weaponized schools. if we find that you have not acted properly in these situations, we are going to remove your federal funding. >> the trump administration made its own sweeping changes to title 9. in 2017 the education secretary said it does a disservice to everyone involved. guilt is not predetermined. the rules bolster protections for the accuse. critics fear the victims are less likely to speak out. president biden charged the education secretary to review those rules. a civil rights attorney handled cases from both sides and believes a return to the obama
8:35 pm
administration era on this issue is not fair. >> it's best if everybody can be heard and the facts and the truth can come out. private interviews do not work when the stakes are so high. >> cory was found not responsible by a state court. his father said if he could speak to biden he will tell the president to sit down with young men who have been accused. >> meet team and talk with them. they are thrown under the bus. their lives are changed forever. >> shannon: where might this biden administration end up? erich a former press secretary for the second of education. igate to have you both on to talk about this. i want to play something from jennifer kline the executive
8:36 pm
director the gender policy council. here's what she said. >> the policy of this administration every student is entitled to a free and fair education. free of sexual violence and people have access to a fair process. >> shannon: you have written on this. she wants a fair process for everyone. what will be the difference if they change the rules? >> well, there are some things that possibly could be tweaked, but we know from everything that biden has said publicly going back to the obama administration, he is absolutely against due process. unless he needs it, right? he was all about it's on us. believe women. as soon as he was accused last
8:37 pm
year during the election, no, no, just listen to women and support them. but investigate what they are saying which was never brought up during the obama administration. that was never mention inside the obama regulations. we have students getting accused like cory. there is nothing they can do. they don't see the evidence against them. they don't the specific allegations against them in a lot of cases. biden has put out the sign he wants to go back to the obama administration guidelines. we can't have that. this is america where we have constitutionally protected due process. it doesn't end just because you step on a college camps. >> shannon: that's something we talk about with andrew cuomo or brett kavanaugh. there is a due process that all of the accused should have the
8:38 pm
right to access. there has been a pointing of fingers to the former education secretary betsy devos. one said this is an important step. the idea to roll back the due process rules for college campuses. the title 9 rule changes under the trump administration are harmful. how do you respond? >> she simply could not be further from the truth. secretary betsy devos took years and got input from members of the public and survivors and accused students and policy experts to create a rule that is fair to all students and is legally binding. this carries the force of law. it's important to remember that the betsy devos title 9 rule with stood every single legal challenge thrown at.
8:39 pm
it the return to the obama administration dear colleague letter would be a step back. the total miscarriage of justice that happened to cory is not unique. they tracked countless incidents where colleges and universities try to trample on the rights of student. while secretary betsy devos and trump deserve tremendous credit for protecting all students. due process is not their invention. it's sacred to the american legal system. >> shannon: what is the bottom line impact on the accused male or female if these rules roll back? >> well, i have talked to parents and accused students for almost a decade now. it's traumatizing. they talk about the trauma that accusers assuming they are telling the truth.
8:40 pm
accused students they go through all kinds of trauma. they are depressed and anxious and have to see psychiatrists and get on all kinds of medication. i have seen suicides. we are having a mental health crisis and removing due process from college kids is not only dangerous to the accused students but the fact that lack of due process means that people are going to question the outcome of these, hurts accusers as well. they are less likely to be believed. >> shannon: yes. there should be protections for both who are brave enough to come forward and those to stand accused so both are treated fairly and protect it. thank you both for stopping in.
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>> shannon: as we mark women's history month we look at the lives of women of faith and how their beliefs fueled their achievements. the president of the march for life and worked in global health policy. she's done it all and join "us weekly" live. great to have you. >> so good to be here. thank you very much. >> shannon: i love that one of our producers pulled talking about women of faith and how they have stepped up. the piece says they are similar in their style. that piece is about women of faith stepping up during the
8:46 pm
pandemic. we can make a difference for others. >> amen. i am excited we are going to talk about your book. i read it over the weekend. i literally could not put it down. this is a perfect gift for women of faith. >> shannon: thank you very much for reading it. it's called women of the bible speak. one was put into a position where she was called upon to save the entire nation of the jewish people and asked to approach the king who was her husband. she knew she could be killed. decided, have all of the people fast. when this is done i will go to the king even though it is against the law. if i perish, i perish. such a great story of courage. very inspireing to me. >> to me too.
8:47 pm
i love queen ester. her husband had a bad temper. she prayed and fasted but spoke truth with great courage. in the pro-life world that's something we have to do. speak truth on when life begins. you get beat up for doing it but you have to speak the crith. -- truth. the king answered the prayer and the jewish people were saved. >> shannon: this country is very split. half of americans call them pro-choice and half pro-life. it's a topic that is very difficult. for to youob the pro-life side and speak takes step of faith. ester knew she could lose her
8:48 pm
life. seeing all of the twists and turns. she was an orphan and ended up as the queen of persia where god had her for that moment of time. a good example he can use any of us for his good. >> absolutely. one of my favorite lines if you were created for such a time as this. with everything going on our culture and coming through this pandemic, so much political division, i think so many women of faith and just women who are looking for hope will a hear from characters in the old and new testament and gain clarity and strength and hope and wisdom to deal with their difficult scenarios like she did. >> shannon: these are problems
8:49 pm
that were centuries ago women still dealing with things they are dealing with today. betrayal and heart break. i hope people will see through all of that. there is help and hope on the way. thanks for stopping. >> i loved your book. go out and buy it. it's such a good one. >> shannon: thank you. you can go to fox and order it there. how george floyd's autopsy results could play a pivotal role in the former police officer's murder trial next. tic? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it
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>> ♪ ♪ >> shannon: jury selection continues in the trial of former police officers derek chauvin they are focussed on the causes of floyd's death and how that will impact the jury's verdict. >> 5 jurors have been seated in the trial of derek chauvin. one woman of color, one black male and one white male. the supreme court refused to
8:54 pm
hear charges. the defense will argue that poor health and drug use child george floyd. the defense attorney tried to get the case dismissed. the autopsy said floyd died while being detained. derek chauvin said the level of fentanyl intoxication, this could be acceptable to call an overdose. each day of jury selection the defense attorney brought up drug use and said it's central to his case. >> we know for a fact there were drugs in the squad car that
8:55 pm
contained the drugs in it mr. floyd's dna. >> he said the overdose argument doesn't stand up. one reason is seen in the tape. george floyd resists. fentanyl overdoses go limp. >> if he died from fentanyl, he would have been going down with cardiac activity. he would not have been struggling and yelling. >> the third degree murder charge will be addressed in the morning and then more jury selection. >> shannon: thank you. good news before we say good night. a middle school princeal in indiana found a solution to discipline a student who refused to take off his hat because he didn't like his bad haircut.
8:56 pm
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