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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  March 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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event tonight, right? we can't give it enough applauds. everything will be okay. you are in dallas for that event. >> dana: everything will be okay. president and mrs. bush will join us for a book event at the bush center, a place i love. hope you get to tour this place soon. "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: staggering new numbers on the border crisis as the white house now admits its own policies may be driving the migrant surge. i'm harris faulkner. you're in "the faulkner focus" and we're watching the dire situation of child migrants streaming across our southern border into the united states. the biden team is desperate to find places to house them. they are looking at unused school buildings, military bases and a nasa facility. the white house southern border coordinator is not denying that biden's policies play a role in
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the surge and are encouraging smugglers to be bolder than ever. >> we've seen surges before. surges the end to respond to hope and there was a significant hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent up demand. so i don't know whether i would call that a coincidence but i certainly think that the idea that a more humane policy would be in place may have driven people to make that decision. >> harris: well, here is how many are coming. more than 100,000 migrants were encountered at the border in february. that's a 97% jump from the same month of last year. nearly 30,000 unaccompanied children were encountered. some 3,000 of them 12 years old or younger.
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arrests and deportations plunged as president biden tightened the rules how ice agents can operate. there were more than 2300 arrests in february. that's down 66% from the average number over october, november, on december. and only about half the number of deportations if in february compared to the month before. fewer people stopped at the border or elsewhere here illegally. republicans from border states are going after the biden white house over this. >> cartels have operational control of our border. the biden administration knows it and they don't care. >> what are you going to do about this catastrophe? it is a humanitarian crisis. >> stop spending your time cow to youing to the radical left. step up and help us fix it. >> you would have to have the
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most acute case of suspended reality to deny that we have a border crisis. >> harris: ken cuccinelli former acting dhs secretary a key player in president trump's border security tragedy is with me now. thank you for being here. so this is unfolding now before our eyes in a much more rapid pace. and i hear democrats saying this happens all the time. why didn't it happen last year? what really specifically is being driven by biden policy? >> it does not happen all time. that's the ludicrous statement. part of the reason they're trying so desperately to play this down and avoid using the word crisis is that joe biden is personally responsible for this. he is personally responsible for this. he invited them to come illegally. what you just heard jacobson call a more humane policy. what they mean is we won't
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enforce the law. that's what they mean. they have broadcast that across the world and the world is responding, just as they expected it to. and at the same time, they are stopping deportations. so anybody who comes illegally knows they won't be sent home. and they are reenacting catch and release. it is really just a hello, mr. border patrol agent, nice to see you. i'll just move on to chicago, to new york, to virginia, to iowa, whatever. and frankly they are turning their transportation resources not to returning deporting people but to moving them farther into our own country. so this is -- they brought this on themselves and they're facilitating it. >> harris: we've seen bus companies who have seen people responsible for transport saying we need negative covid-19 tests when the people get on buses.
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that's the adults. the situation with the children, that's on our soul. over the last 21 days cbp reportedly encountered 435 unaccompanied children every single day. up from the previous average of about 340. they are staying in facilities for 107 hours on average, longer than the 72 permitted under u.s. law. a week ago, ken, the average time was 77 hours. we're going fash -- far north of that. what is happening? >> you can expect the number to keep going on. we were down around 24 hours when we got our arms around the last crisis in may of 2019. and they are going to wrong way. they are going the other way and it was amazing to watch jen psaki say we don't have the facilities to hold these kids but it is not a crisis all in the same breath. they can't do catch and release
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with children. it's the one group of people, the unaccompanied children, you can't just turn out onto the sidewalk. in your introductory report is under 12 years old. families go to the border. shove their kids across. it would be talked about as child neglect and here our government is the next chain in the human smuggling operation. >> harris: we find out they have these colored brace lets. human smugglers are using a system of colored wrist band to information on the wrist bands used for smuggling organizations. they note whether or not they were paid for coming across. an adult on the southern part of the border had to pay or what affiliation with smuggling groups they might be. this is so dangerous for the
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kids. one last word on that. >> absolutely. chip roy talked about this. you have mexican officials speaking anonymously about how dangerous this is and we're going to see again it is going on, we're just not testing for it, the recycling of children across that border by the cartels. this is a bonanza for the most vicious, evil organizations in the western hemisphere, the mexican drug cartels who do control that border. >> harris: the technology i was just talking about, of course, that's the incentive that mexico says that it is worried about now. just talk to us a little bit about how different the relationship is already with our southern neighbor? former president trump had gotten to a place where if you are seeking asylum you stay there south of our border in mexico. now mexico is saying wow, this is becoming a big business in
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their country to smuggle especially with those wrist bands. they can tell who has paid and who hasn't. >> it's a full intelligence network and the cartels enacted new business procedures because that's how they view it. when joe biden was sworn in because they could get away with it. they knew it because joe biden told them that. publicly. you can look all the way back for months and months. this has been coming and in fact they were gearing up before he was sworn in. mexico's president said this is unsustainable as reuters reported. this is not doing anything positive for our neighbors to the south. president trump got through sort of tough negotiating but got to some very strong partnerships, strong cooperation, the best we've ever had with the northern triangle countries of guatemala, honduras and el salvador and mexico. you describe the role mexico
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played very accurately. it was critical. when migrants knew if they came up here illegally they would have to stay in mexico, it dampened their interest to coming up. it was the trump effect. we're now seeing the biden effect. what an invitation to a whole bunch of illegals will do is flood a border and that's what is happening and it will continue to get worse. this is early in the season, harris. normally the peak of illegal immigration comes much later in the year. >> harris: when it starts to really get warm. we do know that. it must be frustrating for those of you who worked so hard on this to watch it being unraveled and some are saying they are coming because of the policies, they feel like they will have a better chance now. ken, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> good to be with you.
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>> harris: governor cuomo is not the only one in trouble for covid-19 deaths among nursing home residents. questions over whether michigan governor whitmer could face criminal charges. one local prosecutor says if we find there has been willful neglect of office. if we find there has been reckless endangerment of a person's life by bringing them in, then we would move forward with the charges against the governor. nobody is above the law in this state. garrett tenney reporting on this. garrett. >> that county prosecutor is asking the public for help with his investigation. at this point he hasn't discovered any evidence to support charges against governor whitmer. he says hipaa laws have been forbidding his office from getting patient information related to covid cases and deaths in nursing homes. he is asking folks who lost loved ones to get that info and to submit it for his case. whitmer fired back at the allegations saying our top
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priority from the start has been protecting seniors and our most vulnerables. our policies tracked cdc guidance on nursing home and testing on nursing home residents and staff to save lives. his comments are political attacks not based in fact or reality. state republican lawmakers are also calling for an investigation into her policies on nursing homes and whether data was properly recorded and reported. the state's former health director who abruptly resigned in january without explanation with a $150,000 separation agreement questioned the accuracy of michigan's data late last year saying he couldn't entirely trust the state's death toll. just this week the mackinac center legal foundation filed a lawsuit against the michigan department of health after the department refused to release data related to covid deaths at nursing homes in the state. important to note that at this point the states attorney
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general has recused to launch her own investigation due to lack of evidence. as the other lawsuits and investigations unfold that could change. harris. >> harris: garrett tenney, thank you very much. president biden will read a prime time address off a teleprompter tonight. and of course that would mean that it's not a formal news conference. we have gone 50 days and counting as many are asking now what is he waiting for? plus very disturbing new details reported from governor cuomo's sixth accuser. yes, sixth. her claims raising the scandal to a whole new very serious level. tammy bruce is on deck. limu emug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening!
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>> harris: looking out in the age of digital learning a warning that what we're about to tell you not suitable for young children who may be near the television. new details on the sixth woman now with claims against new york governor andrew cuomo. the albany times union reports cuomo aggressively groped an aide under her blouse after she was summoned to his office in the executive mansion. she was reportedly told he needed help with his cell phone. the paper citing a person with knowledge of the woman's claims but cuomo responded in a statement that he has never done anything like this. those are his words. calls the report gut wrenching. meanwhile at least 107 new york lawmakers are calling for cuomo to resign or be impeached. one democratic assembly member making this appeal. >> i am standing with many of my colleagues asking the governor to resign. i think with six women coming forward at this point to say
8:18 am
that there is nothing there, that this is a witch hunt i think has gone a bit too far to say that cleanly. >> harris: gone a bit too far. i want to bring in tammy bruce, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. we've got her here. your top line thoughts as this is building. >> thank you, harris. this is fascinating because this last accuser in fact as he continues to go on and says he never did anything like this, that's what provoked her story from coming forward. they were watching his first press conference when he denied all of this and she began to cry. a supervisor or another staff member approached her asking her what was wrong and she told her story about what happened. he put his hands under her blouse, was aggressive, groped her. much younger than him according to reports. we don't know what that means.
8:19 am
the governor is in his early 60s. it mirrors another accusation, one of the earlier accusations on a similar pretext that she was called to assist him with his phone. she went in and was -- tried to help him and that's when she was sexually harassed. we look at physical attacks effectively. the first accuser said he kissed her against her will as a surprise. and it is a remarkable thing to see unfolding especially with the democrats, local democrats saying this -- you have to resign. national democrats seem to be another story at this point. >> harris: that's what i want to get to now. thank you for getting us there. vice president kamala harris is ignoring questions on governor cuomo while new york senator kristin gillibrand, who was the first to call for senator al franken's resignation in 2017 says she isn't ready to do that for cuomo. watch. >> to do what this will do in
8:20 am
terms of intergenerational impact. lifting half of america's children out of poverty is a big deal. thank you. >> any comment on governor cuomo? >> when a person should resign or not resign really isn't a conversation we should be having. >> harris: by the way, haven't heard anything from senator elizabeth warren, either. one of the most vocal opponents of justice brett kavanaugh. what is the conversation we should be having yet? the list of victims is getting longer by the day. >> the conversation is how long have these women been a fraud? they send a message whether it was through harris's attack on kavanaugh as you noted, the franken episode with gillibrand. they signaled their moral standing, that their ethical standard bearers and did it by attacking these men, insisting
8:21 am
on resignations. well, we don't want women attacked at work or women sexually harassed. of course we all agree on that and yet when it comes down to really mattering when it is someone in their own party, they can't do it because it has all been a facade. it has been politics and a thing to use against people politically. in the case of kavanaugh people agreed it was entirely false. in this case you have contemporaneous dynamics with women who work with this man, the same party, no political animus against him and would probably support his policies making these claims. and they can't step up to the plate. so americans have watched a fraud unfold with people who pretend to be better than them or that we're going to protect you when in fact when the chips are down, they choke, they refuse to do it, and they think there will be no repercussions. no wonder cuomo thinks he will
8:22 am
be protected, because he has been for decades. >> harris: fascinating point that you made how all these women are those who would follow his policies. the democrats don't have a partisan divide to walk across or walk the line on here. very fascinating. tammy bruce, thank you very much for being with me today. president biden will take a victory lap tonight we expect after congress passed his massive covid relief bill without a single republican vote. but didn't he promise a new era of bipartisanship? plus this. >> is there something medically wrong here? we the people have a right to know. i have had enough of people telling me hannity, you need to be a little more compassionate to joe. i actually do have compassion, it is painful to watch. >> harris: president biden and his team facing rounds and rounds of questions on when he will take questions from reporters in a formal news conference.
8:23 am
reinforcing what critics are calling his hiding biden strategy. jason chaffetz, former congressman, joins "the faulkner focus".
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money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> harris: president biden delivering his first prime time address tonight marking one year since the pandemic was declared. tomorrow he plans to sign the nearly $2 trillion spending bill into law. one of his campaign themes was working across the aisle. wondering how all these things go together. his first legislative victory came without one single republican vote. even a cnn headline reads negotiator in chief. biden notches his first win but a bipartisan governing loss. funding very little for covid relief but being a solid foundation for a more radical leftist agenda. watch. >> they used the pandemic as an excuse once again to push their
8:28 am
agenda. and that's what's wrong in this bill and why you had no republicans support it. >> not a covid relief bill. it is a bay area bail-out. less than 9% of almost $2 trillion goes to covid. >> we tried with president biden. he said look, i will meet you halfway. if he was meeting us halfway he is a damn poor judge of distance. >> harris: jason chaffetz, former utah congressman and alter of the book they never let a crisis go to waste. congratulations on the upcoming book. good to see you. what you promise on the campaign trail and then when you start to govern in a party that is pulling you so far left you are almost tipping over, is that what the president is experiencing right now instead of reality or something else? >> well, the white house spokesperson said it is the most progressive bill they've passed. they bowed to the far left side of the party.
8:29 am
they did not try for unity. they did not try for bipartisanship. what they got in a bail-out in 90% of the bill has nothing to do with covid relief. it is wrong and it is going to -- it is just disgusting. >> harris: jason, do you think it is him or them? we don't hear from him. we don't really know yet how much. we'll hear a little announcement tonight and a statement but we don't get to ask questions. who is running the country on this issue, or any of them? >> i think joe biden is demonstrating he is a very weak president. i don't think he can answer his own questions. i worry about his cognitive ability to do what donald trump did, which was go out before the media almost every day and just take the questions as they come. there is no state of the union that is out there or that i'm aware of that has been given a specific date. he doesn't take questions. we don't get questions.
8:30 am
and so you have nancy pelosi and chuck schumer running the show. the puppeteers within the white house and no idea who they are or what they're doing. >> harris: i want to lean in more on this. this is more than the optics. 50 days in office. that's more than a century old tradition that we've had. nobody has gone this long in over 100 years and still no normal news conference from president biden. just a promise from his press team of later this month. sean hannity on why the president's aides may be putting it off. >> what is going on with the president of the united states of america, joe biden? is there something medically wrong here? this is supposed to be our commander-in-chief. it is the hardest job on earth. either he is up to the task of this big job or he is not. it matters big time for the entire world. >> harris: we have seen the
8:31 am
president's aides aggressively shoo away reporters. he was at a hardware store in d.c. the president seemed unable to recall the name of his defense secretary also last week. jason, is it fair to talk about these things? we're not doctors. >> we aren't doctors but i think the evidence is there to justify the questions. watching tonight when he gives this address i think we'll will be sitting on pins and needles wondering if he will have a moment and get through reading a statement? i have to tell you, i sat in the white house. i was invited over when i was a member of congress and sat right next to joe biden. they wanted to talk about syria policy. he waxed on for an hour and a half. now you just wonder can he get through 12 sentences in a cohesive way to actually be able to make sense? the difference between a few years ago and the joe biden of
8:32 am
today, everybody is seeing it and he needs to address it. >> harris: jason chaffetz, good to see you. thank you very much. it is no laughing matter. the white house brushing off questions on why it's okay for migrant children to be packed into border facilities. but getting our own children back into schools is a no-go in some places mostly. the power panel slides in. >> children all in tight quarters. a classroom setting. >> not quite.
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♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> have the border patrol unions and the hhs unions been easier to work with than the teachers unions? >> i think that's a little bit of mixing different circumstances. i would say that -- >> bill: it's children all in
8:37 am
tight quarters. classroom. >> not quite. many school districts are reopening, right? that's a different circumstance than what we're seeing at the border. they are working to implement cdc guidelines but they are different circumstances. >> harris: white house press secretary jen psaki caught chuckling to peter doocy's questions about why schools aren't entirely open while child migrant facilities are packed? they don't have enough space for them all. he was comparing union teachers refusing to go back to school classrooms and border agents have to deal with throngs of migrant children after four researchers said the cdc misrepresented their findings and with certain present tautions students and teachers can safely go back to classrooms right now. power panel matt schlapp chairman of the american conservative union. zach friend the former spokesperson for obama's 2008
8:38 am
campaign. i don't know how jen psaki can't be ready for that kind of question. >> if the covid virus is so serious that we have to socially distanced and keep schools closed or is it not? here in northern virginia three of my five kids are going to a school that's open each and every day and they've had next to no health problems at all. when the biden administration says that schools are opening they talk about schools being open one day a week, two days a week, every other week. this is unacceptable and it is unscientific. how can the christian school that my kids go to be open every day with no health consequences but the public schools that surround it continue to be closed? this is an outrageous situation in america. because you can't afford private tuition doesn't mean you should be subjected to school closures that harm the kids and parents.
8:39 am
>> harris: those are great questions, zach. >> i don't know that i would ever say this but i agree with matt on these points. reality is these schools need to reopen. it is clear that a number of the schools that have reopened have not had the number of cases. it is true that a number of public schools have larger students per classrooms and outdated ventilation but at the end day from a mental health perspective and learning perspective and overall economic productivity perspective these schools have to get open as soon as possible. the communities who have had success in doing it have reaped positive benefits across the board. >> harris: you are so transparent oftentimes zach and especially on this issue. i would just be curious to know what you think of the disconnect between the science that the cdc is there to getting our kids back in school every day of the week versus what the biden administration has been saying, particularly the president.
8:40 am
not really following that signs. >> i think one of the real challenges here is that there is -- this is a good thing there is local control both at the state and local school districts here and why you have seen the unequal application. if there were a more standard federal policy on this which is not something i think people would necessarily want but that might help provide clarity. >> harris: it doesn't sound like we'll get one. you two are both coming back matt and zach. thank you very much. the crisis at the border becoming a humanitarian disaster as border agents face an overwhelming surge of migrants trying to enter our nation. resources to support them are dwindling fast. we lean in on this issue.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
>> part of the reason they're trying to play this down and to avoid using the word crisis is that joe biden is personally responsible for this. he is personally responsible for this. he invited them to come illegally. what an invitation to a whole bunch of illegals will do is flood the border. that is what's happening and it will continue to get worse. >> harris: putting it square on the shoulders of president
8:45 am
biden. that's moments ago. in focus former deputy homeland security ken cuccinelli. he said border patrol agents are facing overwhelming numbers in the rio grand valley. griff jenkins is live in mcallen texas at the epicenter and along the wall where -- i don't have to understand it, there is a hole in it. we can see it. >> that's exactly right. cuccinelli is right. they're flooding in the rio grande valley. more than 1880 apprehensions in the last 24 hours. let me take you to the drone kam and show you the hole in the wall you see was to be completed very shortly after the administration took over. now because of president biden's executive order stopping the wall construction it won't be completed. half a mile from where this
8:46 am
drone is is the rio grande river where the illegal crossers come. they come up the valley and over the berm here you are looking at. the owner that i talked to yesterday says almost every single night the migrants come down this embankment right into this open air restaurant and he finds them sleeping every morning using the restroom, things like that. he said two months ago one woman came across and they had to call the medics because she gave birthright here where i'm standing. let me show you footage from yesterday. i spent four hours exactly where we are where we had four groups of illegal crossers, 200 total. the largest group at 75. there were unaccompanied minors, there were pregnant women. mostly family units we saw. we were out with a border patrol agent and chris cabrera. this is what he said. >> the cartels, nothing crosses
8:47 am
that river without the blessing of the cartels. the cartel tells these people when and where to cross and how many are crossing. everything is done a certain way to maximize the efficiency on their side. >> let's go to the numbers we got yesterday. stunning. 100,441 encounters ton southwest border in the month of february. up 28% from january. 97% increase from this time last year. for context in 2019 there were just over 66,000 in the month of february and of course we all know the crisis that year as officials worried we could be months ahead of a 2019 crisis right now as we stand also along with those unaccompanied minors it is worth pointing out in the ground zero area in the last 10 days they are averaging 250 unaccompanied children every single day. >> harris: those numbers are
8:48 am
eye-popping and heartbreaking. one year ago today the world health organization declared covid-19 a global pandemic. just the beginning of what became a crisis for our healthcare system. turning hospitals to war zones and front line workers into heroes. david lee miller has a look back live from new york city. david lee. >> it has been a year like no other for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers at the height of the epidemic here in new york's central park there was an emergency field hospital set up. it was needed in the city because there were simply too many patients at not enough hospital beds. new yorkers who thought they had seen it all could hardly believe their eyes. directly across the street from overwhelmed mt. sinai hospital a tent hospital sprung up almost overnight. >> we've done this in war zones, earthquakes, hurricanes. this is a very improbable
8:49 am
location. >> last march just over 1,000 people hospitalized with the virus in the u.s. two months later it spiked to nearly 55,000 fearing the hospital system would collapse convention centers and stadiums were turned to hospitals. some sites would never on en. authorities in florida deployed three emergency field hospitals after seeing the infection rate go up 50% zbloo. we're 18,000 available beds statewide. >> hospital ships were deployed in california and new york. no hospital was anymore than new york's elm hurst. refrigerator trucks to store bodies were parked outside. by april in dallas it wasn't only a shortage of beds but ppe that had authorities worried. >> i'm not going to tell you we have an excess supply because
8:50 am
we don't. >> tucson, arizona doctors feared being faced with an ethical dell imma. in july hospital capacity hit 89%. >> we will get to a point where we need to start looking at those rules who not to put into the icu and such. >> california that saw a surge by year's end long ships were made more difficult by those ignoring the threat of the virus. >> it is frustrating when you are in it for a 12-hour day and then you go home or you see people out not adhering to some of the guidelines or maybe it hasn't impacted them personally so they don't believe that it is real or as bad. >> when the pandemic was at its worst a nightly ritual involved to thank healthcare workers. all the applause and cheering paled in comparison to the real reward. moments like this.
8:51 am
a 77-year-old patient discharged after battling covid for 15 weeks at a jacksonville, florida hospital. [applause] to date more than 3500 u.s. healthcare workers have died from the virus according to one study. the largest group of fatalities was among nurses. back to you harris. >> harris: all right. thank you very much and we have this breaking news. it is also in the former epicenter of covid-19 as we know it. different subject matter. new york city mayor bill deblasio today has now commented on the growing sexual harassment and assault accusations against governor cuomo. here is the mayor. >> it's deeply troubling the specific allegation the governor called an employee of his, someone who he had power over, called them to a private place and then sexually assaulted her is absolutely
8:52 am
unacceptable. it is disgusting to me. and he can no longer serve as governor. >> harris: i want to point out a couple of things. the first time mayor deblasio has said the governor should resign coming after the new details from reports on cuomo's sixth accuser. the mayor has previously said that if the claims against the governor had proved to be true then he should resign. so pointing that out now. but now a different take. he is calling for cuomo to step down immediately. this just happened. we'll bring you more news as we get it. twitter is again slammed for its latest push to censor another conservative. newt gingrich. this time could be the most
8:53 am
glaring example of the platform's double standard.
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>> harris: former house speaker and fox news contributor newt gingrich is really angry at twitter. they suspended his account over the tweets about the border crisis. he said this. public forums to serve the public good, they must be open and unbiased. i hope twitter will stop this biased censorship and return to the spirit and ideals of free speech which allows us to prosper in the first place. he has written an op-ed and if you get a chance read it. the criticism comes as louis farrakhan's twitter account remains active today although he continues to spread false claims about covid vaccine. twitter is not labeling that tweaked at all. back now matt should. this is beyond double standard. it is unfathomable that you
8:58 am
wouldn't fix the vaccine tweet from louis farrakhan knowing that the black community has suffered and people have suffered from this coronavirus. how has that happened that they focus on one and not the other, matt? >> this goes to the fact if you say something in the vaccine you get flagged or taken down but somehow dr. fauci can tell us after he gets the vaccine, somehow it is not safe to completely reenter society. it is not just twitter, harris but it's going on all the time. i literally got a notification as i'm sitting here youtube has warned the acu chair to take down the speech of former president donald trump at cpac and given us a warning because they said this is a scam. this is insane. this just happened. what they are doing is using their corporate power in a way to help the candidates on the democratic side they like and to silence any voices that support the republican candidates on the
8:59 am
right. they are no longer a corporate entity. they seem to be full on political entity. this simply has to stop. how can a former president can't speak? barack obama is able to speak, bill clinton is able to speak and donald trump should be able to speak. >> harris: zach this situation that is forming on you too will fold that into the conversation. newt gingrich says but for free speech, these platforms would not have the people coming to them that they do because they would not have anything to put up on the platform. >> look, harris i agree there needs to be consistency. the issue is there is no transparency how this process plays out. all we know is what twitter releases publicly. they suspended tens of thousands of account this year and deleted millions of tweets. we know the outline of process. we don't understand what that review processes, even when they testified on capitol hill. i think it will continue to be these questions without any
9:00 am
sense of transparency. >> zach, matt, zach breaking news this hour they have taken down president trump's speech youtube from cpac but i want to learn what happens next. good to see you both, thank you. thank you for watching "and let's get going on "outnumbered" president biden has not taken reporters question as he prepares to hold back prime time speech 88:00 p.m. eastern. and grappling with multiple crises, biden has hit day 50 of his presidency without holding one solo news conference. the first president and a sentry not to have taken questions from reporters at the stage of his term. a number of press outlets are taking notice, biden is raising serious accountability issues and questions. you will recall biden faced critis


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