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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the whole package. thank you. i apologize for some of the audio difficulties. we will be exploring this tomorrow and more details. all the other packages coming down the pike, and who pays for them? someone must. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ andrew cuomo claiming he is a victim of cancel culture. the governor clinging to power, as calls to resign reach a turning point. how congressional democrats are saying should step down. alexandria ocasio-cortez, jerry nadler, joining the large bipartisan course of lawmakers
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demanding the embattled governor resign. earlier, a seventh accuser came forward to claim inappropriate behavior. she said the governor repeatedly put his hands on her body without her permission. despite this mounting pressure and the allegations, cuomo is pushing back against critics. >> gov. cuomo: politicians who don't know a single fact but form a conclusion and opinion are, in my opinion, reckless and dangerous. politicians take positions for all sorts of reasons. , including political expediency, and bowing to pressure. people know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture, and the truth. i'm not going to resign.
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i was not -- >> juan: greg, you just heard the statement. he said people are being reckless. he's also, he's also saying they are playing "cancel culture." does he have a point? >> greg: not at all. cancel culture is when images or words of the past -- or present -- are judged by the progressive left's current standards of acceptable behavior. this is not the case. he's basically saying "i creep out women, how dare they try to cancel me?" i hate when people cry false racism. this is on par with that. he's crying phony cancel culture, but i don't blame him, ma'am! his political culture has as much chance of survival as those elderly patients with the rest homes where he sent covid cases. he is on life support. i hear he has a new system for responding to his new accusers.
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victims with the last name starting with a-l will be calling the office tuesdays through thursdays, and victims with the name starting with n-z will be calling fridays, to deal with the caseload. >> juan: we had a seventh accuser come forward today. how long can he hang on? >> katie: as long as the state legislature doesn't impeach him. he's so far down the "i'm not going to resign" rabbit hole, that he can't go out of it without looking like he changed his mind and validating accusations if he were to resign. that means he did something wrong, but -- this is been saying they may impeach him.
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in terms of his statement about what politicians think, this is the problem with democrats not applying the same standards they had of her political to themselves. he didn't think brett kavanaugh deserved a due process, but all of a sudden when he has seven women with documented cases, and with what we would say, accused with evidence, now he wants that kind of due process for himself. he doesn't really have a lot of ground to stand on. when you have democrats and republicans coming out and telling him he needs to step aside, the pressure grows. if he were to do that at this point, his argument would look bad. >> juan: picking up on what katie was saying, jesse, their people who are saying "let the attorney general investigation go forward in the name of due process, and giving women a full
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hearing." people say that's going to give him more time and drag this thing out. >> jesse: cancel culture, that's our phrase. >> greg: yes! >> jesse: you can't steal our phrase. [laughter] that is cancel-culture-appropriation. he said "i'm not a member of this big political club." really? your father was a governor, and you used to be married to a kennedy. he's one of the trustees. that's like jeb bush saying he is not a member of the political club. come on! i do believe though technically, he is innocent until proven guilty. he can go through whatever process, whether it's the albany police, state investigation, impeachment. i'm not fine with, i'm not fine
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with him being so wounded politically that he's not able to function as a governor. he is not able to fulfill the duties of the governor of new york, and the people who put him there are being left without a leader in a time of a pandemic of economic recovery. i think that's the point where you have to say "we haven't gone through the practice, but i can't serve, so i'm out." it's creepy the way this thing has turned. it started off with the ham-handed flirtation, and kind of stupid pressure, may be inappropriate touching or kissing allegedly, and now, it looks like he's grooming women. he looks like a predator. it looks like he had been doing this for several years, allegedly, and using the power we gave him as voters to explain
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women. that's where it is become dangerous. personally, i never want to be praised the mainstream media. they created this mess of carmel, cuomo, aunts -- we don't need them, because they will take you out. >> juan: you are the lawyer on the panel today, shannon and the period where you come out of this issue of due process versus everybody hanging in limbo through the next few months while the investigation proceeds? >> shannon: i used to be a sex harassment attorney, so i've handled this specifically. we don't want to get rid of due process for anybody. everybody is entitled to constitutional protection. this latest accuser says for her, she did not think it was about; it was about power.
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the inappropriate touching, flirting. i thought it was interesting today that when he had this week a phone, press conference, when he was specifically asked "did you view any of these as consensual relationships, did you think they were?" he dodged that question. it's possible that in his mind, he did see some of these relationships. honestly, women are put in those positions sometimes, where like the seventh accuser said, you don't not show up for meeting. you put up with the inappropriate behavior, because were trying to work your way around that, and protect yourself or your own career. from time to time, i think due process is critical. we should never sacrifice that. >> juan: coming up, the media
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: president biden kicking off his victory to her. backlash his big prime time speech. biden celebrating the massive stimulus in the rose garden today. he didn't take any questions from reporters. last night, if you thought the
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guy who preached unity would share credit for the vaccine, think again. >> president biden: a year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials four days to weeks, months. by july 4th, there's a good chance you, your families and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard and have a cookout or barbecue for independence day. if we don't stay vigilant and conditions change, we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track. >> jesse: according to the liberal media, it was the best speech ever. >> he is the guy we need. >> it was moving. the president is very good at articulating -- july 4th.
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>> he was sleeping joe. he is mojo drill. >> i don't even believe that. what did you think of this? i thought it was an adequate speech. >> greg: it wasn't awful, but it wasn't good. i thought it was hilarious that he's telling you how to celebrate on independence day. he's applying government controls on the day that commemorates her government control. what he ended up doing is, he's causing people to have mass celebrations, as a form of american protest. the media has two reflexes: either they want to ruin your kiss your. there is no in between. the people who wanted a coup against trump when he won in 2016, that hysterical -- on morning joe, cnn, they are the same people having joe-gasms,
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acting like he's the best thing since waffles covered in gravy. all you are hearing here is a sigh of relief, that he made it after 50 days prepping for 20 minutes. he made it. >> jesse: i thought it was workman-like. he struggles to communicate, but i don't know if he connected with people. did he connect to warren williams did he connect to warren williams? >> juan: big-time. >> jesse: big time. >> juan: when i hear people say "it's average, all right," that's high praise for democratic somatic [laughter] i think joe biden did pretty well. to my mind, st. patrick's day has come early. there's a lot of critics who are
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green with envy at the job that joe biden is doing. he didn't boast last night, and he had every right. i didn't hear. we as american people have to come together, and if we come together, we can get this done. this is what happens when you have an adult in the room! i think donald trump just wasn't up to that. right now -- >> upset based on the vaccine. >> he is upset based on the vaccines, juan! who got the vaccines? biting at the vaccine before he won the election. where did those come from? >> juan: to my mind, it's how much -- we didn't have much vaccines when he came in to vaccinate people.
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>> jesse: he ordered 100 million. 1 billion a day. >> juan: i don't think we had a way for it before. hats off to joe biden. >> jesse: katie, july 4th, does joe realize we've been going out to restaurants and seeing our families for the last, i don't know, year at least? >> katie: good news, america: king biden will allow you to barbecue in your own backyard. so long as you're vaccinate. i have news: the people in florida have been grilling gator in their backyard gatherings for months on end back. everything has been just fine. the cdc has been saying for a year that people can gather with tasks on it. people are stuffing themselves into airplanes, flowing across the country. people were gathering outdoors last summer, 6 feet apart,
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following compliance. he says we throw off the shackles of the virus to celebrate july 4th, i don't think that went the way he thought it was going to, in terms of the messaging. >> jesse: i would've chosen memorial day. >> katie: people have artie been doing it. this is not new. we are told you can be outside with your friends for a year. this is not a new idea. spirit all right shannon, your thoughts. >> shannon: if you want people to feel excited about getting the vaccine, tens of millions of people are vaccinate. everyone will get one by may 1st, but it's two more months before we can decide if you will go in your backyard. this was the wrong message to send. i don't remember any message from him last night about the border, where we know in at least one area, the covid positive testing of people
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coming across the border is over 9%. if that was the case in a major city like new york, they would be on lock down. i don't think you can say to the american people "we are going to get through this," and ignore what's happening at the border. people who were coming across, there's no power to stop them from traveling further -- and you will make the rest of us behave, follow the rules, one is you get more rules if you can't behave. they are going to be hesitant to comply with all the other rules. >> jesse: there is no way the speechwriters were adding the border to that speech last night. we will see what happens on that front. coming up, more antifa anarchy in portland, oregon. there are reports of a new autonomous zone in minneapolis. that city braces for derek chauvin's trial.
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♪ ♪ >> katie: nt for key is back in portland. last night, rioters smashed windows, damage to property and
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started fires, and boarded up a federal courthouse. the city of minneapolis distorted george floyd's family $27 million, as it braces for the derek shelton trial. there is a new autonomous zone that has popped up at the george floyd memorial. take a look at what happens to a reporter at the site. >> bad situation, not good. >> need to get out of here. >> i don't care who you are. antifa is back in portland, attacking a federal courthouse. does that count as insurrection? >> juan: it should be condemned as violence, and anyone involved in that kind of act should be arrested and prosecuted, in my opinion. let's not get confused and distracted. the most violent form of
2:27 pm
insurrection, as you described, is what happened at january 6 at the capitol. i don't think the death toll in portland last night, and there was none, is anything to match what we saw at the capital january 6. that, to me, that's the most serious act of civil disobedience in my lifetime, perpetrated by people, the likes of whom also try to kidnap the governor in michigan, and even some white supremacists involved, who were killing people at churches and synagogues around the country. this is to be condemned in portland. i didn't really like seeing what happened there in that area in minneapolis. that's wrong. let's just be clear. let's not get distracted from the most imminent threat to us as americans, which is coming from the far right and the right supremacists. >> jesse: can i respond? this segment that we are talking about, it's not a distraction. we are talking about what happened last night, which is
2:28 pm
part of what went on all summer, billions of dollars in damages, thousands of businesses, many of them minority owned that were destroyed. it's not a distraction to those people. it's not a distraction to me, after what i saw in my neighborhood. the distraction is bringing up january 6, in a segment about this. i have another question. i want to talk about minneapolis paying $27 million. i always wonder who is paying that. so most like 2% of their budget. that is going to the right family. i have always been curious, and no one ever talks about, how do you get to that number? is that huge or small? then, how is it paid? when they are coming up with the logistics, could they figure out how it's being paid? right now, you have a city with an autonomous zone that is pretty much anarchy right now. no one is doing anything about it. we can pay $27 million. maybe that's the right fee.
2:29 pm
i don't know. now, and that gets to my final point, i think they are paying a lot of money, because they are worried that the verdict will not go the way they think it's going to. they are trying to reduce the probability of some really ugly rioting it's going to make the summer look like july 4th. >> katie: as our lawyer on the show today, do you want to take a swing at some of the questions greg has about the process here about $27 million settlement, especially head of the trial? the attorney that has been working for the family, we were classmates. that was back in the day. he has been very successful in these cases. what he said was, because this was pretrial, they weren't into arguments yet. it shows there is a value on spect in black lives. they do look at a lot of things about emotional distress, the loss of this person as an
2:30 pm
earner -- a lot of calculations. they may have some kind of insurance that kicks in for them. people who live in the neighborhood, there for people shop and killed in that area. there's folks saying that they are afraid they're going to be shot and killed doing nothing wrong but simply living their lives. in portland, that's a real situation that happened. they took down the fences, protecting that federal courthouse. you have an incursion there. the mayor said he's going to ask for $2 million, because they needed. after last june, the city voted to defund the police departments to the tune of $16 million. a lot of these cities are seeing what's happening and realizing there are no easy solutions. when you allow things to go like these autonomous zones, for so long, where people know they won't be held in jail, they will be bailed out are not charged,
2:31 pm
there's consequences. >> jesse: when you say the city is paying for >> greg: when you say the city's paying for it, that just means taxpayers. >> that's where the money comes from. >> greg: got it. >> katie: we know we've seen a lot of injuries in the past of federal officers trying to protect that courthouse. fireworks have been used against them, they tried to cement shut the place and burn it down, and now we see minneapolis, this new autonomous zone, where police aren't allowed to go. you see at least one person was killed, and people aren't able to report on it without the threat of violence. that creates more victims, when this anarchy is allowed to prevail, whether it's in portland or minneapolis. >> jesse: these antifa anarchists are a bunch of wannabe pirates here they are only going to get away with what
2:32 pm
we let them get away with. we are letting them get away with a lot, much more than a guy in a maga hat. last night, 100-200 hard-core people come in and commit arson, assault and battery, vandalism, destruction of property, only one arrest. that's the problem. you have to do mass arrests. the police chief, d.a., and mayer need to come up with a game plan. the game plan should be you arrest everybody, make them post bail, and many prosecute them. you train their pockets with lions or put them behind bars. if you do that to the crew, they are not coming back. how about this? about the u.s. attorney, who oversees portland, but he gets in gear and starts slapping these guys with a slew of federal charges? that's going to stick, leave a mark. trust me. they don't want a federal felony
2:33 pm
to deal with. that will make them go down fast. >> katie: i'm sure will have more next week on that. rt can't hang on your wall. that and more coming up. ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪ ♪
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2:38 pm
a new craze called nonrefundable tokens, purchase using cryptocurrency. i don't know what those things mean. i need you guys to help me. katie, to me that looks like an exaggerated version of my top nine on instagram at the end of the year. >> katie: that looks like all the sticky notes on my desk, all the things i need to do. stories like this -- things you can't hang on your wall, a lot of that money can go to good things. i don't understand of the crypto world either. i guess this is a whole new market. good for them. >> greg: what if you accidentally deleted? that's got to suck. this could be the future. if it's authentically one thing -- for example, could i
2:39 pm
ebay an eyebrow hair? why can't i? >> shannon: you have great eyebrows, jesse. do you think they would get more money for greg? >> jesse: i would buy greg's eyebrow hair, then put it at the scene of a crime, then get him interrogated and under hot lights. [laughter] the point of art is to press your house guests. you hang on a wall, and when people walk by -- if you have to drag people to your computer and point to $69 million, it's not the same kind of thing. >> shannon: juan, is this just rich people bragging rights? >> juan: to me, it's crazy rich people proving pt barnum's
2:40 pm
axiom. there's a sucker born every minute. after they show, i'm going to spend the weekend doodling on my computer. >> shannon: next, catch up on your favorite shows while you can. netflix may start cracking down on account sharing, could prevent people from letting friends and family use their password. jesse, we are told 33% of netflix users have done this. do you think the crackdowns going to work? >> jesse: i hope so. my dog walker two years ago stole my netflix password. when i go netflix, all of the recommended shows are spanish romance movies. it's not me, trust me. [laughter] >> katie: yeah right. your dog walker. [laughter] >> shannon: katie, may be discovered new finds by sharing your password.
2:41 pm
>> katie: gets a more diverse netflix selection. i'm surprised they haven't done this earlier. i don't blame them. >> shannon: juan, he would never do it, would you? >> juan: my kids have asked. i think it's wrong. [laughter] to me, it's not the number one crime in america. i don't think it's that important. in fact, to the contrary, it might be a marketing point if they were smart, in terms of how they used it. i think they can sell more accounts with it. >> shannon: greg, he threw kids on the bus. who were you going to throw under the bus? >> greg: i wonder how jesse's dog walker got the password. do you let them sit on the couch and watch? is that one dog walking entails?
2:42 pm
i find that disgusting. i love sharing my password. i hate netflix. i build up fake shows and watch them. i watch lots of foreign films without the subtitles. >> shannon: when you take a phone book to the beach and you put on the outside -- you are doing the same thing with netflix. >> greg: that's a fun book, war and peace. it's a new. it is! >> shannon: breaking news. new york senator chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand are calling for governor andrew cuomo's resignation. he says he lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of new york. we will keep an eye on that story. it's developing now. they join the chorus of democratic lawmakers, but the most prominent now to add their names to the list.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: if it's 103, go to the doctor. "fan mail friday," we are answering your questions. "if you had made a different decision during your college days, what might you be doing today instead? in >> katie: the mistakes that i made lead me to want to go into broadcast journalism. i was initially a business major. that didn't work out so well. i didn't do well in those classes. i don't know if it would've changed much. studied a little more my freshman and sophomore year.
2:48 pm
that was a boring answer. >> shannon, i know you were in a biker gang. >> i did start as an accounting major, and my mom was like "you don't strike me as the accounting type." i majored in business, went to law school, then had my midlife crisis at 30 and got into journalism. college turned out okay. >> greg: what about you, juan? is there another decision would've taken you somewhere else. >> juan: i would be a screenwriter or novelist. instead, i went into print journalism. if i had more trust in my own confidence at that age, i would have done the novelist/screenwriter thing. >> jesse: telling stories, juan. >> greg: all right, jesse, what direction? >> jesse: i was accepted into every ivy league university,
2:49 pm
even brown, and i'm wondering -- i went to trinity instead. if i hadn't gone to trinity come adjusted on the ivy league route, what would i have done? what i wound up on cnn, perhaps? nbc news? cbs news? you never know, greg. >> greg: he would be a weatherman at a local affiliate. that would be great for you, because he would be awesome. >> jesse: i would be a good weatherman. >> greg: i would be dead. i would've stayed in my band. i was the lead singer. it was wrapped death metal, rap, '87. i would have drug habits color. i would be dead by '97. our band name was death. >> jesse:
2:50 pm
-- >> greg: what with the opposite of you be like? what would your exact opposite be, shannon? >> shannon: they would be grumpy. they would not talk very much. they would see the worst in the world. i think that's the opposite. >> greg: you basically describe me. jesse -- >> shannon: who we are. >> greg: what's your athletic? >> jesse: short, not athletic, and poor. [laughter] >> greg: that's pathetic. >> jesse: i can't believe myself sometimes. [laughter] >> greg: juan, what would your opposite be like? >> juan: jesse watters, right? [laughter] may be the amazing hulk. how about that? >> greg: katie? >> katie: a good cook, and also what i call a d3, which is
2:51 pm
a woke white woman. >> greg: after listening to shannon, my opposite is shannon, right? >> shannon: right! [laughter] >> jesse: we have to host opposites show and never invite jesse. "one more thing" up excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ there's strength in every family story. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for "one more thing." ♪ ♪ you're on the air. greg!
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before jesse, why don't you kick us off? >> jesse: that was so funny. i will take greg's slot until he has to come back from the bathroom. i want everybody to watch fox news this weekend, i need you to start tonight with fox nation, they have a special docuseries called the age of brush. it is narrated by vp mike pence, four-part docuseries, examines limbaugh's impact on america. on saturday, 5:00 o'clock eastern, we have an all new show, called the big saturday show. it it's a cast of rotating panelists each weekend, and it also airs on sunday, they call that the big sunday show. see what they did there? this week's guest is joey jones, aishah hasnie, and charlie hurt's. if you like "the five," you will love the big show on saturdays and sundays. if you like my show, it's at
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8:00 p.m., extremely powerful waters words. it's going to blow you away, i promise. >> juan: thanks, jesse. greg, are you ready for us? >> greg: sorry, i got unplugged. it tomorrow night the last greg gutfeld show for the weekend. i got rob long, cat guitars, because we are going nightly this will be the last show. going to be awesome. and now, it's time for -- news. every time you do something that's bad and you are alone, you get that sense that someone is actually watching you. these critters, they never avert their eyes from your evil deeds. to look at these fellas. if they know what you are up to. they know what you're doing. it's very frightening, actually. it scares me, i have to say. i keep looking at it. you should be like that watching the got fouled to show, the last
2:58 pm
saturday show ever. we are going out on top, we are going out on top! you can't beat me. >> jesse: maybe you could use that cat's litter box if you have to so badly. it >> greg: how you know? >> jesse: you study on the air. >> greg: i did? before shannon bream, you are up. >> shannon: the joys of life television. what do these things have in common, a, a murderer, and a queen? if you guessed, they are all in my new book, the women of the bible. 60 women in their lessons for today, they are all kinds of characters. if they are not sanitized, the bible is very open about these women. some were faithful, others were called to step up in moments of danger and have great courage. you can preorder now at thank you to everyone who's done
2:59 pm
that, i just where they've gone into us second printing. thank you for everyone who supported it. i pray it will be super encouraging. if they deal a lot of problems we still we deal with today. >> jesse: greg could use some wisdom. all right all right all right, you two. it's friday, it's friday. anyway, who is the greatest basketball player of all time? take a look at my choice as a free throw. yes! that's mckenzie pendergrass, a seventh grader from vance charter school in henderson north carolina. at the young athlete was diagnosed with cancer in her spine in 2010, but as you can see, it hasn't stopped her. she's practiced every day. as you can also see, she made it on the court this week, and scored her first career point in the final minutes of the game.
3:00 pm
that's a true champion. congratulations, mckenzie. katie, you are up. >> katie: good for her! i love basketball. this is a cute video of a golden retriever named otis who rescued a bunch of bunnies, good for otis. ♪ ♪ spewing good evening, i bret baier good breaking tonight, new accusations of sexual harassment, the same refusal from new york democratic governor andrew cuomo to step down. minutes ago, both senators from new york, including the senate majority leader, are now calling for governor cuomo to resign. we begin tonight with correspondent bryan llenas in brooklyn. >> good evening, bret. it just now, new york senators kristen gillibrand and chuck schumer are calling on governor andrew cuomo to resign, reversing course due to the multiple creditable sexual harassment and


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