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tv   FOX News Live  FOX News  March 13, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> this is a live look at the u.s. southern border where officials are struggling to deal with the growing immigration crisis. several migrant facilities are now overwhelmed amid this recordbreaking surge of unaccompanied minors. welcome, i'm kristin fisher and gillian, i think we're going to blow some minds because so many people think we're the same person. gillian: they confuse us all the time and it might be first time on the set together in my three years. kristin: it is. gillian: it's great to be with you and great to be with everyone at home. i'm gillian turner so we have
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coverage and we'll start with david spunt tracking president biden and his reaction to the border crisis from wilmington, delaware. we've got griff jenkins tracking conditions on the ground from the southern border and we'll turn to griff first, a closer look from mission, texas. hi, griff. >> hey, gillian and kristin. we're down on the border in mission, texas, part of the rio grande sector. what's happening at this moment see this white bus coming through the border wall in the distance about a mile is the rio grande river where we're apprehending record number of migrants. this is the 13th bus i've seen since i've been here today. it's full of migrants that have been processed and we have exclusive photos, i want to show you where that bus just came from. these photos from here show that the processing center, a temporary processing center has
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been set up outdoors, you can see in the photo, the white buses, you can see migrants all over the place, they've had to set up a point of context to process the migrants because the unbelievable number that we're seeing. now, if you go up in the sky now, we can show you in the drone, this area right now, you can see portions of the wall trying to keep the migrants in, but along this road that the bus just came is exactly ground zero for president biden's border crisis. now, congressman henry cuellar came down, with john cornyn yesterday and they saw the border in laredo. on monday, another one led by house minority leader kevin mccarthy and. >> it's going to get worse, it doesn't matter that the biden administration says don't come
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now. when are we going to come. don't come ever, never should have reinstituted much ka and re-- catch and release and the agreements with mexico that was keeping the situation manageable. >> gillian and kristin, we've learned locally the numbers in the last 24 hours, 1,940 am henningses bringing fiscal year 2021 total to 177% increase from fiscal year 2020. now, when we were over in laredo why he had we did speak to another border patrol agent, hector garza, here is what he had to say about all of this. >> now, we've heard a lot of people say that this is not only a border crisis, but a disaster on the border and i tend to agree with that. we are going to be seeing a disaster. a lot of human suffering. >> and we're just now showing you, we saw one bus coming out
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since we've been here and another bus, i'm standing in the way, another bus going in for yet another pickup. i'll tell you, kristin and gillian, i've been here a lot over the years, in 2019 and followed the caravan from honduras, guatemala and through mexico, and the agents tell they've never seen anything like this, that's for sure and another thing they like to point out, don't forget who is in charge of this and that is the cartels. nothing crosses that border without the cartel knowing it. kristin, gillian. gillian: great reporting there, speaking of the cartels, we know aside from trafficking in people, adults and especially children, we're also seeing an increase in drug trafficking across the southern border, is that right? >> that's exactly right because the cartels are in control, which is the large number of people are coming across, particularly the family units, unaccompanied children and that gives space for the cartels to
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move it, cbp putting out a treat for you. in the first five months of fiscal year '21, 43, 300 pounds of cocaine, i saw another tweet that in the last four days they've got some 1300 pounds of meth. it's unbelievable. these guys are overwhelmed and looking for washington to get past the politics to do something to help them get it back under control. whether it's the narcotics, or the human smuggling. gillian and kristin. >> they're waiting for washington to put politics aside, you can tell them straight from us, they're going to be waiting a long time. griff, stand by. we'll check back with you soon. thanks so much. kristin: so the biden administration admits there's this overwhelming number of migrants at the southern border. they call it a challenge, but not a crisis and while the president has talked quite a bit this week about his coronavirus relief package, he's been almost entirely silent on what's happening at
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the border. david spunt is live in wilmington, delaware where the president is spending the weekend. >> hey, kristin, good afternoon. the $1400 payments are going to many people's bank accounts the next 24 to 48 hours. as you mentioned border, the focus is going to be the surge. the democrats and republicans want president biden to possibly visit the border. republicans are calling this a crisis and democrats are calling it a challenge. no matter the wording, there are difficulties and problems at the border as you saw from griff's reporting. both parties agree with that. one of those problems the surge of unaccompanied children, seems with very young, no possessions just desperate to get into the united states. take a look at numbers, total encounters with customs and border protection just in the last month alone. about 100,000 accompanied
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single minors about 9500 family units and 1900 single adults and 71 and a half thousand. and bipartisan went to the border and said the cartels using our chaos in this country to their advantage, listen. >> the cartels, criminal organizations figured out our laws. in some ways they understand our laws better than we do and they play the gaps. they find the gaps, they find the places where they can advance their goals. >> homeland security secretary alexander mayorkas gave an interview, he said it's not out of control. it's challenging both from logistics and from humanitarian perspective. he says the border is not open, it's not an open border policy, it's absolutely untrue, as a matter of fact, there are many members of the community who are criticizing us because we're returning families under
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our public health authorities of the c.d.c. in our effort to ensure the public health of not only our american communities, but also the migrants themselves. many republicans, kristin, even some democrats would disagree with that statement about whether it's an open border policy or closed border policy under the biden administration. as for the president, possibly making a visit down to the border, no plans scheduled yet, but the calls for republicans for president biden to go down have been going on for weeks and many democrats are starting to join in the chorus. kristin: growing calls for the president to go to the border and also to hold his first news conference. >> that. >> joining us is the house assistant g.o.p. whip on the republican side tony gonzalez and as a part of the republican delegation visiting the border with house minority leader kevin mccarthy that starts monday. sir, thanks for taking time to
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join us. you represent the longest stretch of the u.s.-mexico border of any other district. correct me if i'm wrong, sir, i think it's 800 miles latest from you i've seen is you say the border is on fire. so tell us about that. >> absolutely. our southern border is on fire and the biden administration is asleep at the wheel. you know, the people in district 23 in texas, we live it every day. immigration isn't a new topic for us, and you've got to understand, we are very compassionate. we want to help others. right, we believe in the american dream. we believe america is built on immigrants, but we're also a nation of laws and we have to support border patrol and have a secure border. the border security and legal immigration go hand in hand. kristin: so you're going to have this opportunity starting on monday to share all of this, to tour your colleagues, some of the very senior colleagues around the border area there.
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what are you most eager to show them and talk to them about? >> yeah, i'm excited leader kevin mccarthy and a dozen other lawmakers are coming down to our districts, just outside our district in texas to visit and what i want them to see is this, you know, in rio grande valley and del rio sectors, they're getting overrun. there are two flights a day go from our-- go from rio grande valley to el paso, right. they bring in two flights of immigrants over hundreds of immigrants come every day to el paso county. what's happening, it's spreading, and things are going to get worse before they get better. i want this to not be a political football. this has to be about supporting the border patrol agents that are on the ground doing the work every single day. gillian: speaking of the political football. take a listen to house speaker nancy pelosi. she was asked about the crisis at the border just two days ago. take a listen to what she said.
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i want your reaction on the other side. >> well, i guess there are doctors whose approach didn't work for them and now they've had to change the subject, but we do not prioritize our values and how we can get, make a difference in the lives of american people to be atuned to the bankruptcy of ideas that the republicans have. >> your thoughts, sir? >> yeah, my constituents, we live on the border, we see it every day. you know, i urge speaker pelosi to come visit. you know, i visited the unaccompanied minor facility in the springs, a couple weeks ago and i was talking directly to these unaccompanied minors. many of them 16, 17 years old. my oldest son is 16 years old. i couldn't imagine him travelling, making a trek from central america to the united states. it is a humanitarian crisis and we all need to get behind it and ensure that one, our border
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is secure, and we focus on legal immigration. gillian: sir, you mentioned the springs facility and you saw it during the trump administration, i believe you're the first member of congress to visit it now during the biden administration. is there a big difference in the conditions inside? we heard about it continually during the final months of president trump with democrats whom erring with -- hammering women with the conditions there in, and haven't heard a peep now. is everybody happy? >> the reason i want to visit early on, to make sure there aren't any issues. we're compassionate people and everybody is taken care of in a humanitarian manner and you know, that facility was functioning at a level, when you have record numbers that are coming through, it dangerous, it's dangerous for all parties involved. we have to stop with the open border rhetoric, we have to
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implement some of the policies that worked under the biden administration and we have to help the border patrol agents do their jobs and that starts by being effective. gillian: sir, thanks for taking time and we'll let you get back to your important work. we wish you the best of luck beginning monday. we'll check back with you soon. >> thank you, gillian. gillian: you bet. kristin: seven women have now come forward accusing new york governor andrew cuomo of sexual misconduct and one rises to the level of misdemeanor sexual assault. the calls for governor cuomo to resign are growing. >> hi, kristin, the calls are louder and louder. now more than 135 new york lawmakers are calling for cuomo's resignation or more impeachment. now, a statement was issued by senate majority leader chuck schumer and senator christine
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gillibrand saying that the chorus saying he should resign. the latest report was recent and alarming and concerns as well as the administration staff. the latest woman to come forward, they've been sharing the story, using touching and sexual innuendo to stoke fear in husband, the textbook of sexual harassment. and the scandal for the nursing home pandemic, cuomo responded yesterday to these new claims saying that he calls this a concept of cancel culture, something the new york lawmakers are responding to on fox today. >> insult to the 15,000 individuals who perished in
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nursing homes because of the executive order and families who are demanding justice. this is absolutely outrageous and the governor should be ashamed of himself to say that instead of actually coming forward and apologizing and taking responsibility and resigning. >> now, the governor has responded to all of this saying something that he has said before, saying he was elected by the people, not politicians, and that he won't give in to their calls for him to step down, saying, again, that he will not resign. kristin. kristin: alex hogan live in new york city, thanks. joining us to discuss the legal fallout of the investigations into the sexual misconduct allegations and the coverup of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes is attorney and law professor, andrew, before we get into the political trouble andrew cuomo is in and the
9:16 am
potentially legal allegations. one charge could be misdemeanor sexual assault. how much legal trouble is governor cuomo in? >> he's in some significant legal trouble and i think that his behavior would make caligula blush. and as radioactive as chernobyl soil. he won't leave. and he has political issues that are important and it's not just the sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations, it's in fact the nursing home issue. that's a really, really big issue because that death occurred because of it. the only thing that can get him out of that mansion, the governor's mansion besides a stick of dynamite is impeachment and that has to happen. kristin: despite the legal issues, the political issues growing for governor cuomo and we're seeing more and more democrats and republicans
9:17 am
calling for his resignation. and chairman jerry nadler put out the statement calling for his resignation, but made the distinction between political and legal. there are some allegations that may end up in criminal charges and the question before is a political question, governor cuomo lost the people of new york. do you think this mush will work? >> i think they have to impeach him because he's not willing to leave and it's not just that political peril, but it's also the legal peril. look, if i'm governor cuomo, i want to leave at this point. right? i know what he's trying to do. kristin: it doesn't sound like he wants to leave. >> well, you know, he should and because he does base base potential criminal charges which are quite frankly, the biggest peril he has. so, you know, he needs to do what's right for the state of
9:18 am
new york. they are in a crisis. he can't leave and when you have aoc coming out and saying it's time for you to go, that should be a pretty clear call the guy has to leave. kristin: a sound bite from governor cuomo yesterday. look what he's blaming all of this controversy on. >> politicians take positions for all sorts of reasons, including political expediency, and bowing to pressure, but people know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture and the truth. >> he's blaming this on cancel culture. what do you think of that? >> the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. remember how we treated president trump and what he said president trump had to do? he was one of his biggest critics. and now he is blaming everyone except himself.
9:19 am
it's not cancel culture. you accept the ramifications of your behavior and your behavior has been horrific. it's time for you to exit stage left. kristin: certainly has been a tough few weeks for governor cuomo, we'll see what happens the next few weeks. thank you so much. >> anytime, thank you. gillian: u.s. border patrol agents are founding the alarm as migrants continue to surge across the border in record numbers. ne say the crush is now threatening to overwhelm their resources. we've got griff jenkins there just shy of the mexican side of the border. he has a live look coming up. hey, griff. >> hey, gillian, you see the wall behind me, look, there's a hole as well. we'll explain why that hole is in the wall and how it's affecting the border patrol agents on the ground on fox news live. and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients.
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9:24 am
some work and about three hours, well over 200, 250 people. it's crazy. >> the wind is whipping out here. we're standing, chris, in about a half a football field distance of a hole in the fence. why is this hole here? >> when they were building here, this is the area where the large trucks were coming through, too wide to fit through the access road so they left it down so they could get the machinery crossed. when they decided they were going to stop construction on the wall they packed up and left and left this hole open, but kind of puts this guys business in the bad spot. >> chris, in the last 24 hours, you've had 1,940 apprehensions just in the last 24 hours. how bad are these numbers? you've been doing this for most of your adult life. how bad is it? put it in your perspective? >> the worst i've seen. unfortunately i think there's more to come. i don't think it's the high point by any stretch. imagination. >> why is this happening?
9:25 am
is it because of president biden's undoing of policies? or something else? >> i think part of the undoing of the policies and anytime that's an election cycle, you're going to have a rush towards the border, depending on what the rhetoric is and what they're hearing on their end. whether or not it's actually true, it's kind of immaterial, what it is that's their perception so they're going to move forward with it. >> chris, is this a crisis? >> i would believe so. i haven't seen it this bad and if this isn't a crisis i hate to see what is. >> much has been made who is behind this, is this cartels entirely? >> i don't know if the cartels are behind if. i know they're definitely profiting off it. anything that comes across that river they get something paid to them, whether it's from the actual smuggler or the cartels running that particular area. so, they're going to profit off it. i don't think they're behind it, they're just there for the highest bidder. >> chris, from where we're standing we've been showing this morning some exclusive photos that were leaked to me
9:26 am
from a source that show a processing, temporary processing center over here by the river where you guys are getting them and you can see in the photos these buses, these white buses which we've been seeing all day long taking them out. it seems like you can't catch them fast enough. explain why that is set up and have you ever had to set up something like this before? >> we've never seen that, i wouldn't call it a processing center, more of a marshalling area. in the past in the same area we're waiting for buses to come bring people, or pick people up from us, two or three agents with say, 100, 200, 300 people and now with this there's somebody down there to get their biographical information make sure they have food, water, medical care if needed. so it's more of a staging area, marshalling area where they need to be. >> address the part of the story that isn't talked about much. the human toll you ran into and
9:27 am
encountered a baby last night? >> yeah, we ran into a bunch of unaccompanied children, an 8-year-old girl unaccompanied and then, some-- one of the guys that came up said that there was another group travelling with them with some young girls, maybe 12, 13, 14 years old that got separated so we went back and found them and then with them was a young lady with a six month old and another young lady with a one-year-old and lost out there. luckily we were able to find them and get where they needed to be. >> chris cabrera, a border patrol here in the rgv sector, we'll continue to follow this story all day long and certainly putting a strain on resources, manpower and spirit of the agents down here on this u.s.-mexico border. kristin. kristin: no question there. griff jenkins, thanks so much. so a new study may be providing fresh ammunition for parents fighting to get their kids back in the classroom.
9:28 am
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>> well, a new explosive report exposes the true extent online learning and kids' mental health. and it's set back kids academically, but we're learning that's not really the worst part. charles watson has the details on the data, hi, charles. >> gillian, this concludes that covid-19 transmission within schools is limited when precautions are in place, it also finds that school reopenings do not necessarily lead to a surge in covid-19 infections and says, closing schools should really be, quote, a last resort. the report which was authored by seven groups, including the conservative leaning american
9:33 am
enterprise institute calls for them to look at closings have on children mentally and inlek intellectually and some inner ch look to lose earnings in their lifetime if learning doesn't increase this year with black and latino students at risk of losing the most and increased chases of children developing mental health issues in the last year since schools have gone virtual. >> unfortunately, that's borne by a lot of students, particularly low income and minority families and rising cases of mental health and rising in suicide, and declining academic progress. today's declining academic progress turns to lost earnings
9:34 am
later in life. >> the report finds it's possible for schools to reopen safely if they follow common virus mitigation efforts, like hand washing, increased cleaning, covid testing and social distancing. earlier this week, president biden said the passage of the american rescue plan should help get more teachers vaccinated and kids back in class. >> we can accelerate massive nationwide effort to reopen our schools safely and meet my goal that i stated at the same too of 100 million shots. opening a majority of k through eight schools. >> and getting the kids back in class is the number one goal of his education secretary cardona. gillian: thank you. kristin: so president biden is continuing to push to reopen the majority of k through 8 schools by the end of his first 100 days, but that decision is
9:35 am
ultimately up to the states and local school districts where some parents are, of course, are growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of in-person learning and our next guest is one of them. jennifer lynton reeseman, a parent and a psychologist from maryland who's with the together again mcps movement. and jennifer mcps stands for montgomery county public schools, correct. >> that's correct, montgomery county public schools. kristin: let's start by getting your assessment of what it's like right now for folks that don't live in montgomery county, are you guys virtual, hybrid, remote? where does your school district stand? >> so, here is maryland we are entirely virtual. our county, montgomery county recently returned a very tiny percentage of students to the schools earlier in march and they're standing to return more students in march. however, it's not until april or even may that the bulk and majority of our students will
9:36 am
even have the opportunity to return to a very sad hybrid learning experience. so it's well over a year that the students in montgomery county have been out of the physical school. my child has never set foot into her fifth grade classroom. >> that's such a shame and you talk getting back april, may, that's practically the end. school year, right? we're almost up against the start of summer break. so what's your feeling on summer school? would you support kids going back to school over the summer? >> together again mcps parents and professionals around the country prioritizing getting students back into the classroom as soon quickly as possible this spring. i think we can agree that school summer is going to be necessary. i deeply fear that our local board of education and states and decision makers have really not priority sized returning kids to the classroom this spring which can and should be done with good mitigation measures. kristin: we know by now that actual of this virtual learning is certainly not the best for
9:37 am
most children, especially young children. but you are a pediatric neuro psychologist, have you got that right? >> you've got that right. kristin: i'd like your perspective on the study that charles just laid out and if you think it's reflective of what you're seeing with children in your community? >> it speaks the truth. i have not as a parent and professional spoken up on this because those of nuss mental health and health care have been too darn busy. we're overwhelmed. there's a mental health crisis coming. there is slide, there is decline, and there is increased acute psychiatric needs. they're showing up in our emergency rooms and yes, i agree with the studies findings and all of the urges to return students to the classrooms because we are it's harming our most vulnerable learners. >> are you treating and seeing children right now? >> yes, i'm seeing patients personally as well as virtually. >> walk me through the range of issues they're having.
9:38 am
>> what's the most common complaint that you hear? >> so, honestly, parents and families are in crisis, especially in areas as we are here in maryland and particularly in montgomery county where children don't have the opportunity to be in schools. it's hardest on our youngest learners and those with disabilities. our kids are not served appropriately. their parents are at their wit's ends. i have to do safely plans on a much higher basis than i normally would know non-covid times and much more even than i did at the beginning of the pandemic. kristin: that's so tough to hear. finally, jennifer, i'd love to get your take on the latest round of guidance from the c.d.c. in terms of what they think is necessary to reopen schools. are you comfortable with it? do you think it's too strict? what's your take? >> i think my take is that we need to do what the c.d.c. is urging schools to do and return to the classroom. much of the c.d.c. guidance actually can be implemented across our schools. i think that one of the things
9:39 am
is particularly are together again and mcps group is concerned about is making sure that states are not overinterpreting the guidance from the c.d.c. and adhere within the c.d.c. guidance to getting kids back into the classroom if we're priority advertising their education. kristin: great points, jennifer. best of luck with your own family and with your patients as well, trying to get them bk bah to in-person learning. >> thank you. gillian: the u.s.s. san diego is back at sea after a coronavirus outbreak. 20 sailors and marines tested positive while the ship was docked in bahrain getting maintenance done. the warship stayed in quarantine. the sailors and marines who were not in quarantine ended up with the first doses of the
9:40 am
vaccine. kristin: we are going to take you live to the space station where a pair of astronauts are performing a space walk. what they're doing out there next. how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. apps are used everywhere... boost® high protein also hasexcept work.ts why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't.
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>> well, you're looking live at pictures coming out of denver where a storm system there is expect today bring a lot of snow this weekend. now, that same system is threatening parts of the south with severe weather as well. meteorologist adam klotz has the latest from the extreme weather center. hi, adam. >> yeah, we're tracking big weather taking you from the spring-like severe maybe tornados back to what is going to be a blizzard portions of colorado into wyoming. we have a lot of winter storm watches across colorado and the denver area stretching to up north. the red is a blizzard warning over to wyoming and nebraska where you're going to see a ton of snow the next 48 hours.
9:45 am
beginning before too long. now, here is what we're talking about, when i say a ton of snow, widespread 18 inches of snow and purple colors, pink colors, that could be anywhere as much as three feet total precipitation with this one. so a real snowstorm for areas of the north and central rockies here never the next couple of days. beyond that the front side of this system is something we're paying attention to there. we have the potential for severe weather there in northwestern texas and portions of oklahoma, hail, strong winds and possibly tornados so a lot of big weather to pay attention to, back out to you. >> all right, adam, stand by. kristin. kristin: many members are protecting the capitol and others are staying put. we will have that comp up. ne, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic®
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9:50 am
around the house and senate remains very tight. national guard troops, check fence points, and some national guard officials think they're stretched too thin. 2000 troops will remain through mid may and that's down from the aftermath. the deployment is getting costly, it may cost more than 500 million dollars. the national guard writing, national guard soldiers and airmen in washington need to return home to their families, civilian employers and regular obligation. they've completed their mission and it's time for local law enforcement to take it from her. there was a letter demanding an update on security. senators say they appreciate the efforts to keep people safe, but have questions about the mission and what's going on. they write in a letter, quote, it's entirely unclear to us why the fencing around the complex remains given the absence of
9:51 am
any current specific threat to the capitol and given the ability to rapidly redeploy fencing should that threat posture change. now, multiple democratic lawmakers have also been speaking up with concerns about the fencing. lawmakers though still reviewing what potential permanent security features should be installed and kristin, we saw some protests this morning with people say bring those fences down. kristin: a lot of people in d.c. feel that way. mark meredith, thank you so much. gillian: we're joined by congresswoman elissa slotkin, she is representing michigan and she's appointed to the veterans affairs committee. the person perfect for the topic. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, gillian. you, correct me if i'm wrong, i think the most recent statement that you put out on your state's national guard troops here in d.c. was on the 4th. you said, the mission, as far as you're aware, was slated to end on march 12th and that your
9:52 am
national guard troops would be coming home then. does that still stand, even with the secretary of defense adding this two-month extension on? >> yeah, so, the michigan national guard home yesterday the 12th the bulk of them and tail end through the next couple of days. it's actually a new group of national guardsmen who will stay through, i think, may. a smaller number, but the folks who have served have served, you know, pretty intensely the past few months and deserve to go home. but listen, no one likes looking at the fortress-like security around the capitol. i certainly don't. and i agree with some of my peers that we just need to understand the nature of the threat and then how capitol police are going to wean themselves off of the national guard. they shouldn't be there long-term. gillian: it's my understanding that you and your colleagues both sides of the aisle have received little information on the thinking behind this deployment and then the subsequent extensions.
9:53 am
what's the latest rational they've told you? outsiders perception here there have been no overt threats against the capitol really since inauguration a ? >> i think they had enough credible information about march 4th, that the fbi put out a bulletin, you know the department of homeland security put something out. i think you know, the best explanation i've seen and it's not great, is this review that was ordered by general honore, and we got briefed by him to congress this past weeks and described systemic problems with the capitol police, not having a credible intelligence group, just lack of communication, basic things like not being able to communicate on the 6th. things we do before when we do reviews of failures, so my assumption is the national guard was kept on because we
9:54 am
don't feel complete confidence in the capitol police and what we need to remember is a plan to get to law enforcement protecting this place not uniform military. gillian: it turns out, congresswoman, the chief of the national guard bureau was laying out his perspective behind the scenes. i want to pull up this memo so you can see it. fox news on thursday exclusively obtained this internal government memo, it's from the chief of the national guard laying out the case for why the guard is not well-wind to-- well-equipped. they haven't secured enough volunteers among supporting states and he goes on to say this is in order to meet the u.s. capitol police request of 2280 soldiers. he also says they're not even equipped to carry out the secondary option here, which is to keep a thousand soldiers there. it can't give you a lot of confidence, right? >> well, listen, think about what the guard has done across the country this year, covid, i
9:55 am
mean, both with testing and now with the vaccine, in michigan they've responded to floods, they've gone to kenosha to help with some, you know, internal issues. i mean. gillian: now they're in minneapolis during the former officer derek chauvin, they're all over the country deployed at this point. >> right, so you can imagine the leaders of the national guard are feeling stretched and folks need them at home. so i think he's reflecting, you know, an honest assessment it can't be the guard that carries on this mission into the future we have to have a transition plan and it has to be based on the security situation not on emotion. gillian: right. we now know that the secretary of defense overrode his plea. he decided to keep the troops here for another two-months anyway, now, there's not a lot to do, but hope for the best. thank you so much for taking time for us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. gillian: you bet. >> check out this livestream from outer space where nasa
9:56 am
astronauts hopkins and glover are right now performing a spacewalk outside the international space station. the two set out around 7:30 a.m. this morning eastern time and have been outside of the international space station for about five hours. they've got a few more to go and this is nasa's fifth space walk of the year. we'll be right back after this.
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10:00 am
pictures shot by our own griff jenkins at the u.s. southern border where the immigration surge is mounting by the day. officials are now scrambling to find accommodations for the surge of unaccompanied minors in particular that are streaming across the border with mexico into the united states. it's great to be with everybody at home. kristin, it is i awesome to be co-anchoring with you for the first time. kristin: i know. gillian: we've been wanting to do this for a while. i'm gillian turner, great to be with everybody at home. kristin: and i'm kristin fisher. president biden is facing mounting criticism from republicans over, you know, how he's been handling the border situation. and the administration is encysting that they have a plan -- insisting that they have a plan if, but it's going to take a little plan to implement. we've got david spunt live in wilmington, delaware, where president biden is spending the weekend. hey, david. >> reporter: hey, kristin. you know, there are growing calls for pride.
10:01 am
en to personally visit the southern border. republicans have been saying it since he took office, now many democrats are joining in that chorus. they want him to go down, see what's going on in person with his own eyes so he can make those determinations right there. republicans are calling this a crisis, they have been, democrats are calling this a challenge. kristin, no matter the wording, both sides agree there are problems on the southern border. one of the problems, a surge of unaccompanied children sometimes very young with no possessions, just desperate to get into the united states. these numbers are from february. these are numbers with customs and border protection encounters. it talks about 100,000 total unaccompanied minors, single minors, about 9500. family units, about 19,000. single adults, 71,598. >> you can't build enough facilities to take care of all
10:02 am
the people that are going to continue to come across the border. you have to do something to stop or to slow down the input or the flow into the country. >> reporter: that was republican senator john cornyn in texas. he went to the border to tour it with, bipartisan, democrat henry cuellar, congressman from texas, who says despite the popular narrative, there were no cages for kids during the trump or biden administration. listen. >> it is a, it's not cages. if anybody says it's cages, they're definitely not cages. and nobody has had cages in the past. >> reporter: homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas out with an interview to univision says in part, quote, the situation is not out of control. it is most certainly challenging from both a logistics perspective if also from a
10:03 am
humanitarian perspective e. after spending a few days at his home in delaware, president biden fresh off his victory signing that covid are relief package into law, he'll go out on the road in georgia and pennsylvania. but no question, the border is something that is going to be top of mind for this administration, more questions are coming to the biden administration as he moves forward almost hitting a hundred days. we're over 50 days now. this is something the administration cannot ignore. kristin? kristin: right about the halfway point of the first 100 days. david spunt,ing thank you very much. for more insight on how president biden's immigration policies are going to affect the country, we're going to turn to montana's governor. thank you for being with us. i know you're not the governor of a state that sits right on the border, but you believe the new administration's immigration policies are already having an impact on your state. how so? >> well, kristin, it's great to be with you, thanks for having
10:04 am
me on. this cavalier and really reckless policy of the biden administration to open the borders is dangerous for our country and is dangerous for montana. when i was down on the southern border in 2019, i spent time talking to those border agents, the ones that are trying to defend the security of this country. and they were very clear, they said, listen, we can do our jobs if we have the right tools. i'm very concerned that with these reckless policies, open border policies of the biden administration, we're taking away the tools that the border agents need to secure our boarder and to protect our communities. kristin: and so what kind of impact are you seeing in your state? >> well, we're a northern border state, but what happens at the southern border really impacts us. and our primary issue is methamphetamines coming across the border. we don't have montana meth, we have mexican meth. and we've seen the impact across
10:05 am
the state. in the last eight years, we've seen a 50% increase in violent crime. we have the second highest number of kids in foster care per capp that in the entire -- per capita in the entire country, and it's mostly meth9-related. it comes across the border, it just devastates the families here. we need to secure our southern border. kristin: we actually have some of the numbers, some of the data in terms of the number of southwest border methamphetamine seizures from 2016-2019. you know, we're now in 2021, are you, are you worried that that graph is just going to keep going up and up? >> we have to secure our border, and i just -- i'll say it again, i just appeal to the biden administration, we need to secure our border. a country with no borders is no country at all. and for montana the issue is methamphetamine coming in that are ripping, devastating our
10:06 am
families and our communities. we see it in violent crime, we see it in kids pushed into foster care. we need to secure the border. kristin: so, governor, the argument from the white house and the biden administration is they say, look, we're doing things differently now because we believe in a humane immigration policy. and they say that they are, despite this surge, not considering reversing their policy of allowing all unaccompanied minors into the united statesment -- united states. they seem pretty dug in. the only thing the biden administration is doing right now is figuring out how to make more space, how to expand some facilities. so what would you like them to do if they're not going to reverse the centerpiece of their immigration policy? >> well, it's essential that we secure the border. we have our border agents down there. i met with them on the border, and they're dedicated, hard working. the biden administration's taking away the tools that they need to do their job.
10:07 am
and the impact for montana here and for many communities across the country not only the immigration, but also the illegal smuggling of drugs across the border. again, it's devastating families, ripping our communities apart. we need to secure the border. and i would just ask to give these border agents the tools they need to do their jobment. kristin: governor, one final question. you were one of the governors who lifted the statewide mask mandate. you know, president biden, he referred to governor greg abbott as -- he didn't say, the white house says he did not call him a neanderthal, he said he was exhibiting neanderthal her like behavior. you would certainly fit into that category, so how do you respond to the presidentsome. >> well, if making data the-based decisions and loving freedom makes me a neanderthal, you can count me in. we, from day one, prioritized vaccines to go to the most
10:08 am
vulnerable. we've lifted all the capacity limits and hours of operations restrictions the prior administration had put op on. we provided lawsuit protection for our small businesses, and we lifted the statewide mandate, and the result is as of today 39 counties in montana have single-digit corona cases, 16 counties now across the state have no cases at all. montana is open for business. our people are safe, and it's -- we're pleased with the progress we're making. kristin: governor, let's keep those trend lines continuing to go down. governor, thank you so much. >> thank you the, kristin. kristin: gillian? gillian: well, the u.s. southern border with mexico is the epicenter of the current immigration crisis. we've got griff jenkins in mission, texas, with the very latest on what border patrol agents are dealing with there this weekend. hey, griff. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon. and, you know, it's not just that the entire border is the epicenter, this specific area,
10:09 am
the rio grande valley is the heaviest traffic. it's ground zero for this escalating border surge. let me show you where we are in mission. you can see the border patrol here as well as the fencing. but all day long we've been watching as we saw in the last hour those buses bringing hundreds by hundreds, busloads of migrants who have crossed the rio grande river and the point of crossing is well in the distance. you see about a mile away over that levee is that river where they've been crossing. and it's just an unbelievable thing. you're hearing the agents talking about it being out of control. i believe we can take you up into the sky with our drone and show you that snake key, windy road that goes up the way of that levee, and then it goes where they've been taking out of crossing the river. that is why you have people, border representatives like tony gonzalez who was in the last hour talking to you guys has this to say about the situation and where things stand on the border.
10:10 am
here is what tony gonzalez said. listen. >> our southern border is on fire, and the biden administration is asleep at the wheel. you know, the people in district 23 in texas, we live it every day. immigration isn't a new topic for us. i want this to not be a political football. this has to be about supporting the border patrol agents that are on the ground doing the work every single day. >> reporter: and we can show you some exclusive photos fox news obtained from a source here right where you've been seeing the drone. this is a temporary outdoor processing center set up because the flow of migrants is so heavy, they have to do it at point of contact where they're bussed, as we saw those buses and you see in the picture, taken to contingent facilities or some even dropped at bus stations, turned loose into the country without being covid tested, by the way. but really at the base of this surge and this crisis is the human toll that it's taken on
10:11 am
central american families and people from elsewhere. we had a border patrol agent on last hour talking to us, here's what he said about that and the children. listen. >> young girls maybe 12, 13, 14 years old, they got separated. so we went back and found them, and then with them was a young lady with a six-month-old and another young lady with a 1-year-old. luckily, we were able to find them. >> reporter: and just lastly, let me show you guys in the last 24 hours just in this rgb sector i've been talking about being the ground zero, you've got an unbelievable 1,942 apprehensions bringing the fiscal year total in the last five months to 121,872, up 177% from this time last year. gillian: wow. and both of those numbers, griff, i believe, record setting. when you look at this and you then talk to border agents about
10:12 am
these numbers, what do they say they're most worried about? >> reporter: such heavy numbers of migrants crossing, that opens the door for the cartels to move narcotics and contraband. and that's why we're seeing an unbelievable amount of narcotics coming across the border. obviously, it just consumes all their time with detaining and processing and transporting migrants, you can't do the other part which is to catch the bad guys moving the drugs and the folks who don't want to be coming into the country. gillian: griff, stand by, we're going to bring you back soon. thanks so much. kristin? kristin: new york senators chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand are now calling for governor andrew cuomo to resign. alex hogan is in new york city where the governor's team has gone into a full-blown crisis
10:13 am
management team, alex. it's almost hard to believe it's taken this long to get to that point. >> reporter: that's true. we're hearing more and more lawmakers speaking out saying because of these sexual harassment claims and, of course, the nursing home scandal, that they want the governor to step down of. the governor, despite all of this criticism, proclaimed yesterday saying he will not resign. >> politicians who don't know a single fact but yet form a conclusion and then opinion are, in my opinion, reckless and dangerous. >> reporter: well, more than 135 new york lawmakers are demanding cuomo's resignation or impeachment. past employees of the administration are speaking out describing the workplace as unprofessional. new york state senator alessandro biaggi says she personally didn't experience harassment but calls it a hostile work environment.
10:14 am
>> what i did experience which is a culture of fear, a culture of toxic behavior where the governor and the people who are closest to him in his inner circle not only condescend to those around them, but they berate them, belittle them. >> reporter: seven women accuse governor andrew cuomo of harassment or inappropriate behavior. a seventh accuser has come forward, reporter jessica bateman. she's the latest woman and says andrew cuomo's hands have been on my body, my hands, my arms, the small of anyways often enough late 2014 that i didn't want to go to the holiday party he was holding at the executive mansion. senate minority leader -- majority leader chuck schumer issuing a joint statement with senator gillibrand. we commend the brave actions of the individuals who have come forward with these serious allegations of abuse and misconduct. lindsey boylan was the first
10:15 am
woman to step forward with these accusations against the governor, and in response to that joint statement she says she's thankful for all the support that she's ref received for not only herself, but these other accusers as well. kristin? kristin: you have to wonder if more are going to be coming forward. alex hogan live in new york city, thank you. gillian: let's dig into this. we're joined now by a key figure who will be leading some of the charge here in terms of determining the governor's fate. we're joined by new york state senate minority leader rob orr. senator, thanks so much for joining us right now. you say, in a nutshell, the investigation, both of them are ongoing. the impeachment proceedings are starting, but the clear bottom line in all of this is that he simply, cuomo is simply no longer capable of leading the state. it's a political matter. >> yes. thanks for having me, gillian. and i thinks that is correct,
10:16 am
right? we have two investigations ongoing. thisthis has engulfed the state capitol. there is no way anyone can tell me that the governor is laser focused on reopening our economy and getting people vaccinated, on getting us through the pandemic, or putting together the a state budget. there is no way that is happening. the only thing he is going to be focused on is the two investigations, one from the fbi and doj, the other from the attorney general. we have seven women that have made credible allegations against him. we have 15,000 seniors who have lost their lives in nursing homes. and we know, we know that the governor lied and withheld that information and attempted to cover that up and may have profited, and very likely profited from a book deal based on a false narrative of his leadership. those are all facts.
10:17 am
gillian: yeah. >> so the right thing for the governor to do is resign. he can spare new yorkers this continued scandal and soap opera a, but he has said he won't, and that is why i think it is important for the legislature to move toward impeachment. gillian: i mean, he could resign, but he certainly -- at least as of yesterday, less than 24 hours ago -- is not. he said it five times during that press conference we listened to. here in washington this has become sort of a bipartisan issue. we've had key democrats in the house and senate join their republican colleagues in calling for his resignation. what is, i mean, what is the reaction of folks, of lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, the democrats in new york? >> well, i think you can see the statements have come out cascading from, you know, high level, you know, obviously senator schumers, senator gillibrand, the majority leader in the state senate, all of them have come out and said the senator -- governor should
10:18 am
resign. there are certainly enough votes if it came upped today. at least if you believe that. i don't know what it's going to take. maybe it's going to take a call from the speaker, speaker pelosi, maybe it's going to take a call from the white house -- gillian: that's my next question for you, do you think -- or do you wish that the president and vice president would weigh in here? >> i think that, to your point about being a political, that's what it's going to take. and maybe even then, i don't i t know if this governor will listen to anyone. but i certainly think at some point this is going to be a responsibility from the president or from someone in his orbit at a national level to call the above and say -- the governor and say the right thing for you is to leave. this is becoming a huge distraction certainly for the democrats -- gillian: yeah. >> because they're going to have to -- gillian: well, i mean, to be fair, a distraction is probably something they have been jonessing for because the other flip side of the could be here,
10:19 am
as you well know, sir, is the mounting calls to hold the governor accountable for the 15,000 deaths in nursing homes that we've seen over the course of the pandemic. can't leave that out in this conversation. >> no. no, in fact, that's a big, huge part of this. the sexual harassment allegations are serious, and that investigation has to go forward. but we know 15,000 people died in nursing homes. we know that he attempted to cover that up or withhold that information. and we know and he wrote a book where he made seven figures off of his leadership in the pandemic and, you know, was that based on this false narrative that he put forward. so those are facts. those are undeniable. and i think that in and of itself would warrant, you know, resignation or impeachment. but you have the added seven allegations at this point, maybe more to come of sexual harassment. so, listen, this is a political
10:20 am
distraction any way you slice it. we are not able to do -- he is not able to govern the state of new york with any credibility or public trust at this point. and the best thing for him to be would be to leave. if he doesn't, we need to move forward with removing him. gillian: all right. senate, thanks for taking time out to join us. we wish you the best going forward with all of this for the state. >> thank you. gillian: you bet. kristin? kristin: the surge at the border increasing to levels not seen since before the pandemic. we've got our griff jenkins on the ground with more about what he's hearing from the locals about how this is impacting their daily lives. griff? >> reporter: that's right, kristin. when we come back, you'll hear from a resident who grew up his entire life here and what he thinks about the situation here on the ground on "fox news live." ♪ ♪ mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently.
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♪♪ >> reporter: if you really want the inside look at what's happening on the ground, you've got to get the perspective of those who have grown up here their entire life. junior, his family has had
10:25 am
property here down along the border your entire life. they've owned it for centuries, and you've had it from a child you've been here all the way to a grown adult. my first question, junior, is have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, sir. no, sir. it's, my first 18 years of my life maybe five or six different times that i saw three or four people, a family. and it's only been since the obama administration that i started seeing groups of 30, 40, 50 people coming in three, four, five different times within the span of an hour. and then it kind of slowed down to nothing when trump took over. and then they picked up again this past january. it just picked up again, and just the other day 110 people in the span of two hours. so, yes, it's picking up again. >> reporter: junior, you took me out down on the land where your family has owned for
10:26 am
centuries earlier this week, and in the span of four hours we saw four different groups. just for how viewers to orient them a little bit, brian, i'm going to have you turn and point towards the levee there. you can see where exactly is it and how close to the border is that property? >> okay. it's -- that direction, like, a mile, two miles away. and our property is actually, like, we come like 5-600 meters away from the river. but they're not crossing on those 500 meters away from us. they're not crossing -- it's so close that you can actually smell the water on a good windy day, smell the water, but they're coming in to invade -- or they're setting foot on american soil like 2 miles past our land. and it's gotten so bad that the trail is really hard. and outside on top of the road, there's life jackets. or the last time i was there i saw life jackets.
10:27 am
so it's well worn trail. it's not going to stop anytime soon. >> reporter: junior, does it frustrate you that the new administration does not call this a crisis? >> yes, sir, it does, it does. because it's -- they're following a playbook. they're following a playbook. the way i look at it is clinton used the word, obama refused to say isis, he used the word isil. and now biden is refusing to say crisis. it is a crisis. i told my next door neighbor, i said, you know what? i wonder if he'd call it a crisis if we shipped all these people on buses to delaware. ship them there. and then ask him in six months or six weeks, you still don't call it a crisis? >> reporter: do you think president biden should come here and see what's happening right here in the rgvsome. >> yes, i think so, but he's not
10:28 am
going to come here because then he'll really have to admit that it is a crisis. he's following the playbook. he cannot afford to say it's a crisis because then he'll give credence to trump all along, and he can't afford to say that. he can't. >> reporter: how do they solve this? how do we stop this? >> he has to swallow his pride and just say, you know what? it was working when trump was here. because when trump was here, they just stopped cold turkey. no more people. i was over there. i go there to think about my parents. i'm an orphan. my parents are gone. but i go there because i was raised there. i'm not scared on that property. i was raised there. and i can't, i can go there, but i see them now. i see them, and they're coming in. so if biden wants to come here and see that, he'd have no choice but to call it a crisis. but he can't say that because then he'll be saying you was right, trump.
10:29 am
>> reporter: junior, i want to talk -- the important part of this story is the human toll on these central american families from honduras, guatemala, el salvador and elsewhere. talk to me about it. you've seen it firsthand. >> yes, sir. i've given them water. when you see a father with a four-month-old baby riding on his chest, a four-month-old baby, that's, that's sad. i mean, first you have to -- you know, it's bad enough you have to be born. and then to cross a river, i won't even swim the river. >> reporter: yeah. >> that's too dangerous. you can see the current. all my life i've seen people get drowned there. >> reporter: all right. junior, thank you for taking the time. that is the perspective that you can only get on the ground here. gillian? gillian: griff, thanks so much for that. we'll bring you back a little later in the show. stand by. now we're going to look at some more live pictures right there near griff from the border. our fox flight team is covering all angles of this immigration
10:30 am
surge as officials now plead for the u.s. government here in washington to help them stem the tide. next up our political panel will break down the crisis at the border and react to the biden administration's handling of it. that's next. ♪ ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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kristin: check out this live stream fromr space where nasa astronauts michael hopkins and victor glover are now performing a space walk outside the international space station. the two set out this morning and have been outside the space station for about five, five and a half hours. the whole space walk is expected to last about seven hours, so they've got a few more to go. you're looking at a camera that's actually on one of the astronauts' hell melt. that -- helmet. that's what's giving us these beautiful live images. first we saw those incredible images from mars, and now we're
10:35 am
getting this. so i'm loving all these images, pictures and videos that we're getting in such high quality from outer space these cays. thank you, nasa. gillian, over to you. jillian: prince harry and meghan markle's popularity is on the wane. ryan chilcote is live from london with the latest. hey, ryan. >> reporter: >> reporter: hey, gillian. i wonder if they watched the interview in space. seems like everybody else did. look, yeah, interesting development. a poll out has, shows that the number of brits for the first time ever that are, if you will, detractors of prince harry now exceeds the number of supporters. in other words, more brits now disapprove of prince harry than approve of him. and that's the first time that that's ever happened. it's really extraordinary. if you look at his popularity, it's been falling gradually over the last three, four years, but three or four years ago where it
10:36 am
started, you know, it was at about 70%. he could do no wrong. so this is a pretty dramatic reversal of fortune. meghan markle, well, brits had an even more negative view of her, just one in three actually say they have a positive view of the duchess of sussex as she's still referred to here in the u.k. prince charles' popularity i'd add, well, that also took a hit after the interview i on the other side, if you will. just 49% said they have a positive view of the heir to the throne which is not great though he wasn't wildly popular before the oprah rah interview either. one other interesting thing i think we should point out is at least so far since meghan and harry's interview, the other royals haven't really been that affected. and i think that's interesting. you look at, for example, prince william's approval rating, well, it stands at 76%, down just 4 points from to before the interview. the queen, she still maintains a
10:37 am
rock solid rock star popularity of 80% of the british public. so people still behind the head of state. gillian? gillian: which i think, personally, is a pretty good thing. the monarch, as you know, ryan, has dedicated her entire life to service to the british people -- >> reporter: yes. gillian: as have william and kate. we wish them all the best. thanks so much, ryan. chris: now back to our -- kristin: now back to our top story, the biden administration continuing to call the situation at the border a challenge but not a crisis even as the surgery in migrants hits near record level, and we're going to dig into this right after the break. ♪ ♪ with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar drink, play, and win big in the powered by protein challenge! ♪ and a little bit of chicken fried ♪ ♪ cold beer on a friday night ♪
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♪ ♪kris reports of trouble in paradise for jlo and a-rod nearly broke the internet fried. christina coleman is live from los angeles with what the couple
10:42 am
is saying. >> reporter: hey, yeah, jennifer lopez's bigtime celebrity who recently performed during the inauguration and then you have alex rodriguez, bigtime former baseball player who has been by her side. rumors that they broke up yesterday really rocked the entertainment world, but guess what? they apparently are still together. according to tmz, the couple says, quote, all the reports are inaccurate, and we are working through some things. tmz also says those things have nothing to do with a third party. that's interesting to note because there's been rumors of a-rod cheating on jlo. the news of them breaking up comes in the wake of a-rod being linked to madison lacroy. a january reunion episode of "southern charm" shed lights on accusations that she was having an affair with the former baseball star. she says they have talked on the phone but never met if up and never had any kind of anything and that he is just an acquaintance and insisted they
10:43 am
are both innocent. still the, jlo was reportedly embarrassed by the rumors. jlo and a-rod have been together for roughly four years. they postponed their wedding twice during the covid lockdowns before calling it off for now. and, again, tmz is reporting that the power couple is still together. right now a-rod is in miami, and jlo is in the dominican republic shooting a movie. of. kristin: the plot thickens. christina coleman, thanks so much. [laughter] gillian: now for something completely different, let's take you to the border live in texas. we've got, we're covering on the ground all weekend long where the migrant crisis is hitting very close to home. coming up next, our political panel is going to break down what president biden has done so far and what he's planning to do next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. ♪♪ kristin: back to our top story this hour, the biden administration is calling the situation at the border a challenge but not a crisis each as the surge in migrants hits near record levels. we're going to dig into this with our political panel, susana martinez and former dhs consultant mustafa tamiz. susana, i'll start with you, you were the governor of new mexico
10:48 am
during the last big surge in 209. new mexico, of course, a board state. concern a border state. how does this surge compare to that? >> one of the differences is that in new mexico particularly i had placed the national guard on the border to make sure to assist customs and border patrol to make sure that they were on the line and cut our national guard in the background making sure the vehicles and horses and four-wheelers, etc., were being maintenanced and, therefore, we had many border patrol agents on the line making sure to secure the border. right now is they've removed border patrol, they actually removed the border patrol from checkpoints and other locations so they can concentrate on simply processing these illegal immigrants that are coming from all over the world. it's very important for everyone to understand it's not just from mexico, it's from all over the world with. they may be coming through mexico, and what's happened now
10:49 am
is national guard has been removed from the border and has really created a big crisis. and it is growing constantly and does not have the national support of the president to make sure that we control this and that we follow our laws as they're written by congress. we are a nation of laws, and our national security is being challenged. and it's not being protected as it should be. we don't know who's coming, where they're coming from or what their intentions are when they arrive. kristin: mustafa, you're a democratic strategist, do you think it's time to come out and say, yes, this this is a crisisr do you not think the label matters? >> i think the governor's right. people are coming from all around. and the stories that we've seen is not that different from what we saw in 2016, what we saw in 2019. we're prosecutor better prepared for it, but more work with has to be done no matter the administration. but to make this into a crisis,
10:50 am
that's not what it is right now. so i think -- kristin: you do not think that this is a crisis right now, these una accompanied minors crossing into the country at near record levels and having not enough facilities to house them in the middle of a pandemic, still not a crisis? >> i think we keep calling it a record nurple when the numbers are -- number when the numbers are not that different from 2016 and 2019. i think that's a concern -- kristin: sorry to interrupt, but even back in 2014, then-vice president biden called what was happening a tragedy with unaccompanied minors. so i guess my question is, you know, do you believe that is biden administration is doing and saying enough to convey what's actually happening on the ground down there. >> >> yeah. i think they're doing, i think they continue to do more, and i think they're saying all the right things. they're managing the process. look, we make this into this crisis when in reality the numbers have not changed all
10:51 am
that much from the trump administration to the biden administration. kristin: okay. >> but just because it's a new administration, somehow there should be a widespread panic in a country of 340 million people when we have republican governors in texas and other places that should be doing more as well. kristin: i want to make sure we have time to get to our other top oric. -- topic. new york governor andrew cuomo is facing a really tough fight right now and, governor, i'd like to know if you think it is time for new york's governor to resign. >> yes, it is. i said that several weeks ago, that it is time for him to resign. he cannot be an effective governor when he has such huge issues that are in his pathway. for example, investigations. and, first of all, i applaud the women. i very much applaud the women who have come forward and talked about their experience. i was a prosecutor for 25 years, and it's tough to do that especially when you're doing it against a man who is very
10:52 am
powerful and is a bully, and you know that there's going to be all kinds of national attention and that there's going to be an investigation that's going to be conducted. so i applaud the women for doing that knowing all of those things. with that, along with the 15,000 vulnerable elderly people that died, how do you actually govern with all of that hovering over you? kristin: yeah. there's a on the ton of scandal. mustafa, what do you think, is it time for governor cuomo to step down? >> look, all of the democrats, most democratic senators, the democratic delegation, statehouse and state senate members, the investigations are all being led by democrats. that's really the distinction between the democratic and republican parties. we clean our mess. if the governor has to resign, if it was a republican governor, i don't think we would have had -- [audio difficulty] stand up just like what governor martinez just said. kristin: thank you both so much
10:53 am
for your time and your perspective. it'll certainly be an interesting few weeks at the boarder and down in -- and in new york state. gillian: next up on tap, a very special filmmakers who's going to tell us why it is that american women only is seem to thrive during crises. that's next. ♪ ♪♪ so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪
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♪♪ gillian: fox news is celebrating women's history month all month long in march, we're honoring the work and sacrifices women across the nation have made to bring america together during this pandemic. joining us now to discuss is national women's history a alliance secretary martha whelock. thanks so much for taking time for us today, martha. we know that women have made tremendous sacrifices throughout the last year whether it's juggling their careers and businesses with family, managing their family's health. tell us about sort of how this has come about, how so much of the burden for taking care of society has fallen to women during the pandemic. >> well, when women are under crisis or the country's under crisis, women have to take on a a lot more hats than they always wear. for example, she's the mother, the caretaker, the nurse, she's also taking care of elderly people. she's the breadwinner sometimes,
10:58 am
she's the, as i said, the nurse, the banker. she keeps the books, she's unbelievable, many, many hats that she has to wear. and i think that women have all, always been in that role of not just the homemaker, but of a person who comes to recognize that she has the resilience and the patience and the determination and the emotion to do this kind of multitasking. yeah. gillian: i think that's the key. so the flip side of all of this is that women have also borne a tremendous amount of the consequences and burdens wrought by the consequences. 5.1 million women have lost their jobs during the pandemic. new york magazine reports that it's set us back about 40 years. they say american womenned had made it to half the work force with negligence d negligible
10:59 am
upheaval. that kind of miracle is hard to sustain. maybe we can pull this on screen. and we didn't sustain it. the pandemic landed us back at our lowest work force level since 1988. martha, what do you say to that. >> >> well, this happens quite often because women have some of the lower paying jobs, so they're the first to go very often. the other thing is that this has happened historically with rosie the riveter after world war ii when the men came back from fighting the war. she was asked to go back to the home and not maintain her status or her job position. gillian: yeah. >> and it's just terrible because part of the reason is that women have had to take on the home versus their career -- gillian: right. well, martha, thanks so much for joining us. we've got to leave it there. all of our viewers should check out the national women's history alliance online, a wonderful, fabulous organization. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us and
11:00 am
celebrate women's history, all that women have done in history. gillian: that does it for us here in washington. thanks so much for joining us for these two hours. we had such a great time. kristin, i think we're going to get to do this again next saturday. kristin: we'll see you guys next saturday. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ arthel: a bird's eye view from the border where a steady surge of migrants are making their way to the u.s., this as customs and border protection report nearly 30,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border last month putting more strain on resources that are already overwhelmed. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hi, arthel. hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. welcome. you know, those staggering numbers reflecting a growing crisis at the southern border. putting them in perspective, the figure for the single month of february is nearly as high as the total of the entire year for 2020.


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