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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 15, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and next time more honest and that they will tax a week for the tax hikes. >> charles: i'm sorry i can't get you back and come out of time folks. that will do it but i will be back and also you can catch me on the fox business network making money. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody i am jesse watters, dana perino, greg gutfeld and katie pavlich. new york city and this is "the five." >> jesse: it's an unmitigated disaster thanks to joe biden. crossing and surging a record number of unaccompanied children being detained and covid positive migrants being released into the country, but don't worry my democrats have finally come up with a solution to the crisis. just blame donald trump.
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>> this is a humanitarian challenge to all of us, what the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border. they are working to correct that. >> this idea is joe biden's election that prompted more people to show up is by the actual fact. >> joe biden inherited a huge mess on immigration. >> we recognize this is a huge problem and we had a dismantled and unworkable system. like any other problem, we will do everything we can to solve it. >> jesse: conditions are so bad at the border that fema is sent in to help manage the unaccompanied children. one report said a texas facility is 729% capacity. kids have to take turns sleeping on the floor and go days without showering. republicans have had enough. house minority leader kevin mccarthy was on the ground in texas today and demanding biden
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do something about it. >> heartbreak. the sad part about all of this, it didn't have to happen. this crisis is created by the presidential policies of this new administration. there is no other way to claimant that a biden crisis. >> jesse: all right, juan come i don't see how the system was broke. because in 2019, nbc news reported and i have it right here that illegal immigration on the southern border had hit an all-time low under donald trump. so how can you actually with a straight face blame donald trump for this? >> juan: well, i'm not trying to blame anybody. let me just say from the beginning, jesse come i don't know why kevin mccarthy chooses to spend his time playing politics at the border when he can be doing his job at capitol hill and getting
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congress to deal with this issue. i mean, right now there are two bills, two immigration bills that are going to get a vote this week in the house. when dealing with the farm workers. and in both cases, most american support those bills. they support a pathway for the citizenship to dreamers and fully understand why farmers need those workers and jobs. but neither bill is likely, at this point, to get g.o.p. support, especially with mccarthy using the immigration problem to trash biden. i think the reality and this speaks to your question to me, the reality is we saw a surge at the border in '14, '16 under obama. we saw a surge '18, '19 with trump. everybody can argue about trump's policies and in my mind he reacted.
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let's talk about the family separation and talk about building a wall that never got bill. of course, he had with congress. so something happened there okay. there was no real solution. i think now is the time for congress to say let's get something done. >> jesse: "the washington post" said trumps border policies after that surge were practical. they did solve the problem. the statistics don't actually back you up. border crossings on the southern border were at the lowest they have ever been in 50 years prepandemic. greg gutfeld, what do you think are trying to pull here? >> greg: i feel bad because i feel like the migrants were fed a bait and switch from joe biden. joe biden waiting for them to come on over. it's like you unintentionally pulled one of those prints where you get people with outstanding warrants to show up at a place because you told them they want to vote.
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they show up and get arrested. that is what happened. they didn't come here out of the blue. they came because there was a signal to come here from the new administration. and while fema, fema doesn't respond to disputes or controversies or they don't actually calm to address political issues. they come to address emergencies. the dems can pretend this is the ice bucket challenge but holding containers but when you have fema there that goes against that narrative. finally this is hard on the media to shape a story without trump. pre2021, topic aid plus trump is worse than watergate. now topic eight minus trump equals who cares. so you have to wonder what you need to get to the corporate press to care about any suffering at all without trump there. if trump personally flew to the border and beat the kids with a baseball bat, perhaps morning joe and don lemon might perk up.
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>> jesse: dana, jen psaki has been back on her heels a little bit on this issue. >> greg: that is it! >> jesse: i don't mean discouragement about women but i talk about the soul of your feet. she's got a lot of incoming. here is peter doocy, and you can react. >> does fema arrival active order means the administration is dealing with at the border a disaster? >> i know we get into the fun of labels around here but i would say our focus is on solutions. >> jesse: no labels. >> dana: you know how i feel about no labels. i'm for labels. look for borders and language and descriptions and adjectives and i think all those things were come nouns too, i'm for those. i was thinking this week when the question was first asked to the press secretary, is there a crisis on the border? if she had said there is a
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crisis on the border for nearly 40 years. then you wouldn't be back and forth single day, it's just not fox news, every day somebody will ask is this a crisis? is it a crisis now? so a reporter could say, all right, press secretary jen psaki, we understand that you're not ever going to say this is a crisis. will you concede it is a human catastrophe? because to me, looking at these numbers and just looking at the data as you pointed out, is saying to everyone it is deniable, it is what it is. so they don't have a communications problem but a real fact problem, and award of the decades will go to that very same place that kevin mccarthy in team went today. and called it catastrophe and crisis. and then silent today. >> jesse: they are sleeping on floors, kd. >> greg: [applause]
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can i just say bravo dana for coming out in favor of nouns? >> dana: some adjectives. it's not labeled. [laughter] it's not labeled. >> katie: i'm wondering where the outrages about the administration's continued lack of transparency on this issue and continue to say reporters and cameras cannot go into these facilities, hhs facilities because they are covert restrictions. and covid positive to jump on buses like chicago and north carolina and other places around the country. there is no place for it and the reason they aren't letting reporters and is because this is a disaster, an emergency, it catastrophe a complete crisis. the idea they do not allow reporters and tell the whole story on its own.
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the other thing here, they set up local law enforcement and the border patrol to fail because of this influx. they weren't ready for it. they didn't prepare for it even though completely predictable. the other thing is who is winning? it's not the american people commit is not the children smooshed into jail like cells. if you look at the amount of mass the cartel brought him in february 2021 versus 2020 it is up by 9% pure they are the real winners in this whole thing. >> jesse: the president has not explained how this benefits the american people at all. the accusations piling up against andrew cuomo. nancy pelosi still giving them plenty of cover. the massive double standard coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: democrats double standard on believing women on full display and now and now all of a sudden they care about due process. president biden and nancy pelosi refusing to say the new york governor andrew cuomo should resign after seven women accused him of harassment. >> do you think governor andrew cuomo should resign? >> i think the investigation is underway. >> i say there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. >> but you are not calling for him to resign right now? >> i think we should see the
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results. hopefully, this will be soon. what i'm saying the government should look inside his heart. he loves new york if he can govern effectively. that can be one of the considerations that he has. >> katie: where is kamala harris? the vice president against brett kavanaugh but nowhere to be seen. governor andrew cuomo is being accused. dana, that is the one thing about the current vice president. she was the leading voice of believe in all women when it came to brett kavanaugh in 2018 and in fact she went on television and said the following "for a woman to come forward with the focus, nationally to start off by believing her." the essence of what she is talking about is real even if she forgets the facts. a little different story when it comes to andrew cuomo. >> dana: and tyler reed, do
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you remember that episode during the campaign? and i have been thinking about this because she obtains this historical moment, and then what do you do with it? nothing? i mean, you have the table. you don't just have a seat at the table, you are the table. and you say nothing? i think it was very cowardly, that is the is the adjective i'm working on, greg. for jayla brown and schumer to issue a statement on a friday night. really, it took it that long to do that and then what did president biden do today, where most conservatives are, due process. so what did that do? cut out the legs of chuck schumer and alexandria ocasio-cortez because democrats in new york, we are done with andrew cuomo. president biden has given the left quite a bit of what he wanted in the covert relief bill. at some point, will he stand up to them on this or continue to
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demand due process? i'm for due process but as nancy said may be the governor will come to realize the end of the road is here. >> katie: jesse, that is the question is at the end of the road if it shows polling shows most new yorkers do not think he should resign? >> jesse: it doesn't have to be. he can play it out as long as possible. it doesn't seem like he has a lot of shame. you can tell if desantis was accused of the same thing cuomo would have been accused of, pelosi and joe biden would have called for his resignation i guarantee you that. the me too movement and due process within probably less than three years. how inconsistent are they? i mean if it is bill clinton, brett kavanaugh, trump, cuomo, joe biden himself, they come at it with a totally different angle. so we know you can't believe all women because of raleigh.
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and you can't ignore all women because of harvey weinstein. for a politician you investigate and you either impeach or you have two die face to voters. it's not that complicated, katie. and to believe the sexual misconduct allegations but don't leave the nursing home cover-up and scandal? think about this, all of the things he's used the sexual scandal, the deception, the lies, the cover-up, the air accounts, the misdirection, to use those exact same things with the nursing home scandal. so that doesn't really seem that far-fetched, does it? but the thing that drove me crazy today with seeing the new defense that they will start using. they will start claiming for cuomo anti-italian discrimination campaign. they will compare him and say he was just flirting with a white woman. and now he's just being destroyed. i cannot wait until they roll
2:19 pm
that out. >> katie: don't call chris cuomo credo, greg. they've got a little bit of accountability with the media over the weekend. take a listen and we will get your reaction. >> i also wondered john homan when andrew cuomo used the phrase cancel culture, i thought oh, really, now you're going to use a fox talking point to defend yourself? and you think the democrats will stick by you? a choice -- poor choice of words. >> katie: i love from erik wemple to and from "the washington post," you are allowing is cool almost to come on and we will play that now and then react. >> i would be remiss if i didn't mention cnn's own huge media story here with chris cuomo who covered andrew cuomo and had all of these wonderful levitz on
2:20 pm
interviews with him. they suspended the rules for chris cuomo for those interviews yet all of a sudden they have been forced again. now that andrew cuomo is in the midst of a historic scandal. that is a mat to make major black eye for cnn. >> katie: greg. >> greg: i don't think cnn saw that coming. i will have to give major credit to erik wemple. you can see on the faces of the other guests, well, that is someone who doesn't care if he gets invited back. that is what that looks like. that is what it looks like when interested to try to get a contributor job. and i just hope he wasn't wearing pants because he likely would have wet them. >> jesse: you're not going to make a bed head? >> greg: his hair was amazing. >> katie: juan, the
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tucker carlson show went erik wemple ten face on it, he looks shocked but everybody on the panel looks like that. >> juan: i'm all for telling the truth. and you know, i think getting back to the cuomo situation here, i don't think there is conflict between due process and presumption of innocence. i think that you've got to let it play out. the bigger issue for me is can he effectively govern the state of new york? can he do his job? the poll that you mention, katie, which you mention 50% of new yorkers think he should not resign. it also indicates 48% of those voters say he can do his job, 34% say no he can't do his job. to my mind when you look at the elected officials in new york and washington. among the democrats, they don't think he can do his job here that is a pretty clear message coming from his democratic, fellow elected officials.
2:22 pm
the legislature in new york have already stripped him of his power to deal with the covert crisis. he's up for reelection next year. that same poll says a third of the voters said they would not vote for him to run again. so all of that is draining his power. he is really becoming a weakling. >> katie: that might -- i don't know about a week one but we'll see. the radical ca blaming conservative media over outrage of stop crime policies. a mothers whose son was killed is responding to that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪
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>> juan: l.a.'s district attorney causing a lot of controversy for policies his critics say or pro-criminal. gascon out lashing as a recall effort and here i quote "in los angeles we see a backlash field by conservative media, law enforcement union and other tough on crime types." the families of the victims disagree like this mother whose son was brutally murdered in 2018, throw him off of a cliff. >> it's not in any way being encouraged by the media, being encouraged by law enforcement like he said or tough on crime groups. seriously, this is a mother speaking here. i am a victim mother and i am fighting for my son. i am fighting for what is right so he cannot put blame on anyone. it is sickening to hear what he has to say. >> juan: greg, let me begin with you. so gascon is making the case it
2:28 pm
is the far right that opposed to the reforms that he has in mind. you know, i know you have some libertarian instincts oic senator rand paul, i see the network, they are all against no-knock warrants, choke holds. is he right to say this is coming from the police unions on the far right? >> greg: are they all for throwing people off of cliffs? he mentioned the phrase tough on crime types. those are actually victims families. they tend to be tough on crime because they experience -- gascon is mad that the media's giving voice to those victims. he gave what is the essentially a shut out to fox news because the rest of corporate media are not actually following the story. we are the only ones paying attention and giving voice to that woman who lost her son. in real life, can be criminal. if you know you are making a product that hurts people and do
2:29 pm
nothing you are liable unless you are a politician. in which your policies can get people killed but it doesn't matter. it is incredible that he can still actually govern. >> juan: all right, dana, the proposals like limiting or held without bail, trying juveniles as adults, when you look at the numbers especially in californians, these are popular with the voters periods before it could be. and i think that part of the reason why victims suffer in silence. you have some bit domes rights organization but often they are doing it with so much grief that it takes a long time to get organized. something like mothers against driving, that took a long time and a big effect over time. victims rights is something -- it doesn't matter to me if republican or democrat, you should be for that. this is not just happening in los angeles. this is happening as jesse
2:30 pm
pointed out in philadelphia. we know it's happening in chicago, arlington, virginia, milwaukee. they are losing career prosecutors left and right because they cannot fathom prosecuting this way. there is discretion. it doesn't mean they are not things to be dealt with but when it comes to people actually committing crimes or could be violent when they are out on no cash bail, that is when people like us have to step up. >> juan: so katie, obviously president trump was all for criminal justice reform. how do you see it as different? >> katie: what gaskin is doing in california is not criminal justice reform. this far left ideology that takes the side of violent criminals who they know are violent and allowing them to go out in the streets and victimize more people. so being conservative or right-wing means being for victims rights, so be it. but for him to accuse those who
2:31 pm
have lost children and brutally murdered or women beaten by their ex-husband's or killed in some instances and accuse their families have been political actors is pretty disgraceful but on point with his behavior when it comes to the respect, which is none that he has for victims and their families. >> juan: jesse, it's 30 years since rodney king, 25 and since o.j. and tension between police and especially blacks in l.a. don't you think gascon's right to try to do something here? >> jesse: no, because it is something is hurting black americans in l.a. county. a lot of blacks and hispanic-americans are driving this force recalling him. you can be a person who wants to help save the souls of felons. but that is not your job as a d.a. the job of the ada is to protect the community. in this quest for him to help
2:32 pm
people redeem themselves and rehabilitate themselves, he is actually hurting the minority community more just so he can make himself feel better about his intentions. that is wrong. >> jesse: okay. ahead to come a new cancel culture controversy. cbs investigating a heated on error debate after sharon osbourne defended pierce morgan. next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪
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2:37 pm
next bachelorette instead of apologizing to rachel after racially insensitive behavior. if you don't watch the show, congratulations but white, trying to marry the black male star making pretty lame racist. meanwhile an inner circle of called "the talk shutting down to investigate a conversation when cohost sharon osbourne defended piers morgan over meghan markle. >> i feel even like i'm about to be put in the electric chair because i have a friend who many people think is a racist so that makes me a racist tell me when you have heard him say racist things, educate me. >> i don't want anybody here to watch this as if we are attacking you for being racist. >> greg: osborne's cohost said
2:38 pm
she was giving validation to something, morgan has uttered is racist. what was said that was racist? dumb question. it doesn't matter. in a moral panic evidence becomes unnecessary. all one needs is the accusation to burn the witch. just to know the discussion was on error so why did investigate it when you can watch it? that is also part of the moral panic. we must do something now or we will be next in the barrel. it makes me wonder just by doing this monologue in which i appear to defend osborne must i'm be investigated to give a validation of a validation of a person accused of racist and if anyone agrees with me do they have a validation of my validation of sharon's validation of being accused? viewer come if you agree with me then you are validating me. and i didn't even drive here. remember, it's not about being racist. it is the power one gets making the accusation. the power is zero-sum.
2:39 pm
one can only move forward if another is canceled. remember the red scare? this is the race scare. it rewards as it punishes it if you don't think you are next, then you aren't paying attention. i have to run, have to, don't take my seat. dana, we will have to apologize for something so get your apology letter ready and i've come across the best one i've heard, scott adams has created an apology letter that we can all use. and i want you to find it serendipitous. >> i'm a deeply flawed human, a pile of organic crap. i must learn to listen and do better. i'm committed to do the hard work of examining all of my flaws as described by my critics. i will force myself to be unhappy until my brain is free of all bias.
2:40 pm
i am committed to a self improvement with lots of hard work make me barely acceptable to proper thinking people. i dedicate my entire life to the mission of pleasing my critics. i plan to issue public statements of apology for being me until the end of my days, which i think we all agree should come sooner rather than later. >> greg: if i think everybody has that in their back pocket, we will all be fine, dane appearance before the thing is chris harrison from the "bachelorette" did that. he basically said all of that and he said it with more feeling, authenticity and trying to bring it across but it did not work for him. i have a friend who watches the "bachelorette." i asked him about this. he sent me eight paragraphs of how he feels about it. and he's not happy. and it supposed to be mindless viewing but now it's no longer a fact. and probably won't do as well. >> greg: katie i want to play
2:41 pm
you another clip from the "the talk" talking about piers morgan. >> people feel he is racist. i wish we had them today so we could actually go deeper into this conversation so people could see why people feel that he is racist and sexist. there is a lot. but we don't have those people here. >> greg: there is a lot a lot, but i don't really need to bring them. when i'm accusing someone of racism, i can say we have the receipt. this is the new mccarthyism, katie, you don't need the receipts. >> katie: it is called "the talk" but if sharon osbourne wants to talk about it, she's not allowed to and they canceled the show for a few days. there are receipts they are not bringing to the conversation like knowing they will have this conversation. you can go back a few steps to see where the conversation came from on "the talk," piers morgan criticizing meghan markle and
2:42 pm
the cohost sagging they feel he is racist but the thing he was criticizing was meghan markle who also didn't have evidence. she claims someone in the royal family said something about her son's skin color but wouldn't say who it was. so all of this as no evidence and no receipts. it is all accusations. it boils down to this awful situation where we are no longer able to judge anybody by their character or maybe they are flaws but they can get over it. we have to boil it down to like someone based on their race or dislike them based on their race. that is a really gross place to be. >> greg: juan brings up a great point about the whole racism controversy began with just one story from meghan markle, in which she actually smeared not just royalty but actual in-laws. she said entire in-laws are all races but she won't say which one over a story that she wouldn't even discuss with him. she wouldn't even talk about
2:43 pm
whether it was racist or not. what kind of person would smear their in-laws, well, they asked us bad question so i will tell oprah to millions of people. that is kind of rotten. >> juan: i think not acknowledging race requires people to look away. >> greg: you would do that on oprah and not your mother-in-law? speed to hang on, greg. harry -- i'm trying my best. harry wouldn't say who said this but harry backed up his life. with regard to these tv shows, to my mind, this is not about cancel culture in any way and it seriously not a serious discussion about race. this is about capital. it is about capitalism because you know what, they want to stop damage to the brand of their show. and they want to protect against the advertisers bleeding away because the shows have become
2:44 pm
toxic. it is a free market. it is capitalism, in a network and any show can decide who they want to host the show and the content of their show as they try to make it big success in the capital market place. in any case, i don't think we should be looking at the bachelor or any of the shows as somehow to determine what is right and wrong. in terms of the larger discussion of race, boy, sure didn't start there, greg. >> greg: jesse, if the shows are toxic, what is making it toxic? i would argue that it is the race panel, the red scare for 2021. >> jesse: i agree. if this is about capitalism as juan said to commit is a terrible job. if you are a cbs news executive you let the ladies talk about on a show called "the talk." even i would tune in to watch the women talk about how they
2:45 pm
feel about sharon osbourne and piers morgan. that would actually get a rating and make people tune in. maybe we learn something about it. i did find it ironic as you show the photo of ozzy osbourne off of that on the alamo and saying about satan he is not canceled but his wife is defending one of her friends. on the bachelor situation, dana brought up the fact that you wae "the view" but to watch a woman fight over a guy or vice versa. or a checkout counter and you pick up those trashy romance novels, you open it up and it's a political manifesto. no, i want to see fabiano sweep women off of his feet and women pull each other's hair to get into his arms. we don't want a racial controversy so i'm not watching the bachelor because i get enough controversy at my day
2:46 pm
job. [laughter] >> greg: i didn't know they had trashy romance novels. >> katie: how does jesse know? >> greg: back in just a minute. ♪ ♪ start with all the non-sports dads. narrow it to the ones whose kids who can catch almost everything. especially a cold. meaning, you. you're the one we made mywalgreens for. join and get 30 minute pickup at
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♪ ♪ >> dana: a lot of mega time for the fastest. and this entire time, i missed it. it wasn't your friday. this is what happened. >> time now for "one more thing." >> i've got to pee i've got to pppeeeeeee! >> how did you know i was on the air? >> dana: greg i was little worried. do we need to make it a half-hour show? >> greg: when you get to be my age, life is divided into two parts come up waiting to have to
2:51 pm
pee but i can run for president because i got it out of the way and that makes me golden. >> dana: very, very good. they have it down here as greg's major blooper. it could have been if it was the other way around. >> jesse: you and i know this, yes, yes, dana, finally the audience got to see what everybody on the show is subjected to during commercial break with greg which is extreme consciousness about his bodily functions, his temperature. >> dana: you will have that in your book. >> jesse: you are right. and very on for greg. now i've got it stuck in my head all week. i've got to pee. >> dana: katie, did you know -- what did you think was happening? >> katie: well, what i thought was happening well, first of all the segment before greg said he
2:52 pm
was in a band and it was a good thing he left the band or he would be dead. and then i was thinking, well i'm a is saying he either has to pee or he is hungry and what he's eating for dinner. greg has a new show coming out monday through friday at 11:00 p.m. i'm pretty sure he did this on purpose to get attention for his new show. >> greg: i wish, i wish. >> dana: juan i am surprised, the song could have been what am i going to eat tonight? i've had that song in my head to. >> juan: you know, as you guys said, we all know this to be greg. i will give him points for honest cable commentary. that was pretty good. of think he was on top of it. but it's like everybody else, hey, let's do "one more thing." i didn't know if it was greg doing a stick -- i didn't know. i wanted to be respectful. >> dana: we have to get back in the studio. "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
>> katie: fact-checked. >> greg: yeah, fact-checked. ♪ ♪ freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪
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2:58 pm
starting to get desperate. watch. >> check this guy out getting a free ride out. look at this dude. >> jesse: i mean come i don't actually have proof he's trying to save money on high gas prices because of joe biden's disastrous apologies. but i will assume that's what he's doing. all right, juan you agree, right? >> juan: yeah, absolutely. how about a touch of classical music with covid-19 vaccination shot? take a look. ♪ ♪ that yo-yo by the famous cello, he simply took a seat after getting his own shot and began playing a concert. as he was playing, the bird share community college in in massachusetts were getting vaccinated.
2:59 pm
he wanted to give something back. by the way, has been posting recordings during the pandemic. we can add yo-yo dolly parton is bringing music to covid vaccinations. >> jesse: katie, take it away. >> katie: okay, take a look at this massive, giant pig. he weighs 280 pounds and lives in a neat house and the u.k. after falsely sold as a micro pig. this actually happen to a friend of mine. they bought one of those miniature pigs and it grew up to be a real, huge sized pig. he is now 280 pounds and he doesn't like cold weather so we lives in the home with the owners of the sanctuary. his name is francisco, and he likes to lay by the fire. lounge on the sofa and while the owner say he has free range over the house, he likes to scratch and eat furniture. so if you are biding a mini pig, make sure it is a real mini pig,
3:00 pm
potbelly pig and not a big pig. >> jesse: that is like when you marry your husband and he puts on 300 pounds, not a good look. all right, it is a thing. "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: that is a great way to end the show. okay, you don't have to pee. good evening, i'm bret baier. the word crisis to describe what's happening at the southern port number. biden administration with federal to be overwhelmed with the surge in immigration. it is fueled by a huge increase of unaccompanied children, peter doocy at the white house with the latest from the administration. we began with correspondent casey stegall live in mcallen, texas, tonight, good evening, casey. >> good evening the


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