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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 16, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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there. clear water is there. by the way, while we're on this make sure to wear green tomorrow. can i urge you to get the fox news app. open up your camera and -- i have three seconds to say goodbye. >> bill: thank you, guys, let's get rolling. biden administration defending its response on the border caring for thousands of children. fox news obtaining exclusive new photos of the temporary outdoor processing center in mission, texas, just over the border. reports of very difficult access for reporters down there. good morning, everybody. back in new york city, bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." i was in texas for a few days. learned a lot, say a lot. talked to a lot of people. we'll talk about that. >> bill: we missed you. welcome home. >> dana: the biden administration is opening more migrant shelters to deal with the surge and republicans are putting pressure on the president to either speak out
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or visit the border himself. >> i know the president will travel this week. this is where he should bring air force one. this is where he should look the people in the eye. this is where he should talk to the border agents. let them know that this is beyond a crisis. >> bill: team fox coverage. mark meredith at the white house, karl rove with analysis. stacy stiegel begins our coverage in alamo, texas. are the groups getting larger? >> good morning. they are. the chief border patrol agent for the sector, which is the rio grande valley that covers some 277 miles of the entire southern border, he says that they have arrested at least 247 migrants over just the last couple of days traveling in two separate groups. so far this year, he says 17 groups of more than 100 at a time have been apprehended. a number he says and the data
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shows is going up. the majority in those groups, families and unaccompanied minors that we've been talking so much about. also in this one sector alone, family unit encounters are up. >> bill: what about other locations where children might be held? >> i can tell you the bed space in this neck of the woods is nil. so the federal government is trying to get creative with additional places to house and detain some of these migrants that are flooding the border. entering the united states illegally. dallas convention center we've now learned that will be converted into a fema and hhs-run holding facility for teen boys. it will be open for at least 90 days. >> i do feel like there will be
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some number of kids here this week. maybe a few dozen, maybe a few hundred. and then i think over time it could be in the thousands plus. >> we're hearing information that that facility alone, the convention center, at least a portion of it, will eventually be able hold an upwards of 3,000 migrants. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel live on the border down there. back in new york with dana. i was struck by what the head of dhs said on "good morning america" today. he said the border is secure. i think we can debate that clearly and you will see that throughout the reporting today. twice he said give us time. meaning that was his message to those thinking about make --. >> dana: he did not say do not come. he said give us a little time. which to me if you are a desperate person, let's go so we can be there and try to make it happen. >> bill: president biden facing pressure to address the
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situation at the border. instead the white house pointing fingers at the trump administration saying they left a dismantled and unworkable system. mark meredith picks up our coverage from the white house. w and unprepared system because of the rule of the last administration. it will take time but we're clear eyed about what the problems are and very focused on putting forward solutions. >> one of those solutions
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having fema sheltering and supporting unaccompanied minors. they're not asking for more money to deal with it. but they have a message for migrants considering crossing. >> now give us the time to rebuild the system that was entirely dismantled in the prior administration and we have, in fact, begun to rebuild that system. >> the white house does want congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. republicans say this is a crisis created by this white house after president biden's decision to reverse so many of the trump-era border policies. >> he can continue to deny it. the only way to solve it is to first admit what he has done. and if he will not reverse action, it will take congressional action to do it. >> so far the white house has not announced any plans for president biden to visit the border. he will be going on the road
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starting today heading to chester, pennsylvania, right outsight philly to talk about the stimulus bill he signed into law last week focusing on what small businesses can do to keep people on the payroll. you can bet a lot of questions will follow him in pennsylvania about what's going on at the border. >> dana: karl rove joins us now. could i show you about the situation yesterday. take a look at this. >> i came down here because i heard of the crisis. it is more than a crisis. this is a human heartbreak. i know the president is going to travel this week. this is where he should bring air force one. this is where he should look the people in the eye. this crisis at the border which was incentivized, president biden and mignons created an environment causing this surge. >> we have a problem and we need to be part of the solution. we need to join forces and send
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a message that we cannot allow what's happening on the border. >> they know when to exploit the southern border and doing it masterfully because president biden rolled back a lot of orders of the previous administration that were working. >> we recognize this is a big problem. the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system and like any other problem, we are going to do everything we can to solve it. >> dana: karl rove, you are there in texas and you are experiencing it firsthand. tell us your thoughts about yesterday. republicans going to the border and the president has a lot on his plate now. he will have to figure out how to deal with it. >> i thought the homeland security secretary was being disingenuous and white house press secretary. the biden administration ended the remain in mexico rule. that said if you are a refugee coming up from central america you can apply for refugee status.
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if you come across the border you are returned to mexico or to your home country to await the resolution of your refugee claim. what is happening now they've gotten rid of that. so we get somebody from guatemala or nicaragua and come across the border and claim refugee status. we don't return them to mexico to wait. they will be released inside the united states. one of the things dhs is not doing is telling us how many people are being released rather than being returned to mexico or returned to their home country. the evidence is that the vast majority of the people coming across the border single adults are being released and families are being released on their own recognizance inside the united states. we need to get dhs to cough up the number of people being let loose in american society. that's getting -- look, that message is flowing across mexico and into central america. come to the united states and the new administration has
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ended catch and release. reinstituted catch and release. you will no longer be returned to mexico or home country to wait. let loose in america and you can disappear into that society. it is a big issue that is happening. one other point. i know we're focused on the children. it tugs at our heart strings when these single children, minor children unaccompanied children come into the united states. we don't know what happened to their parents. if they are being trafficked for sex and work in some instances and we care about it. let's also remember this. in february just this number was just released a couple of days ago. 72,000 single adults crossed over the board and were apprehended. compare that to a year ago 37,000. that means we've had -- we have almost twice as many as a year ago. if you look at everyone in february of 21. everyone, adults, unaccompanied minors and single adults, families, 100,000. that's almost three times what we had a year ago. that's up from 78,000 in
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january. it is accelerating. we are on the way to -- dhs was right when they admitted it may be the biggest surge to the border in 20 years. dana and i were part of the administration that ended catch and release. difficult to do. president trump succeeded in ending catch and release. the idea you came here and got released on your own recognizance. it has been reinstituted as a policy of this administration. come across the border. make an asylum claim and we'll release you into american society and hope you show up for your court date. >> bill: do you sense public pressure on the white house to make a move and change the stauts. at what point does it reach a tipping point where you have to make changes? >> well, look, they need to listen to the border. the city of brownsville is picking up the tab for covid testing to the people dumped off at the bus station in
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mcallen. the ceo is pleading for covid testing. they go empty to the valley and come north filled with people released into america by this new administration. they have to talk to the hospital districts and the mayors, they need to talk to the ngos, nonprofit groups trying to help with the flood and realize it is a crisis on our border that needs to be dealt with and needs to start with saying if you come into the united states and we apprehend you, you are going back to your own country. >> bill: seems like a long way from that. good analysis. >> dana: while republicans pressure the president to deal with the border surge one congressman is warning of another threat it poses. >> people they caught in the last few days in sector three have been under the terror
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watch list. individuals they have on the watch list for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. we need to wake up. >> dana: he will join us at the top of the next order to discuss how terrorists are taking advantage of loopholes at the southern border. >> bill: if you were watching 6:00 a.m. this morning griff jenkins made an excellent point. the question was posed by brian, do you get the access to border patrol agents like you did during the trump administration? absolutely not. we ask for interviews. they aren't granted. and it appears the window during the trump years was wide open for border patrol to take reporters to the situation and show it to them. not the case now. >> dana: the border patrol will be under so much pressure they'll start leaking. the information will get out. >> bill: i know i'm under the weather. it is not covid. >> dana: could be allergies. >> bill: it's a cold is what it
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is. in these days when you get a little cold, your mind goes crazy. all weekend i'm running to the drugstore to get the thermometer, taking my temperatures every two hours. is this thing working? we're good and cool. i just want to make sure you knew. 13 past. fox news alert. president biden may be raising taxes for the first time in decades. who might be paying? a lot of americans, that's the answer. >> dana: a big break in the disappearance of kristin smart some 25 years ago. investigators are zeroing in on a suspect. >> bill: new fireworks on the view. joy behar said antifa is not a real thing. what have we been seeing in the american west then? >> he is scared of this fictitious idea of antifa. i thing that doesn't even exist.
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>> dana: biden administration is reportedly planning the first major tax hike in three decades. bloomburg news is reporting it would come in the next spending bill following the stimulus bill that just passed. what's on the table and who ends up paying up? fox team coverage. david asman from fox business in a moment. jackie heinrich is live on capitol hill. >> good morning. the spike in deficit spending from the 1.9 trillion covid relief bill triggered 381 billion in cuts annually for the next five years that
6:20 am
lawmakers are trying to maneuver out of. it has to be paid for. the white house is already working on the next big initiative. infrastructure and jobs package also going to need to be paid for. tax hikes are on the table. progressives have long advocated for a wealth tax. treasury secretary janet yellen said a wealth tax is on the table. >> he has proposed that corporations and wealthy individuals should pay more in order to meet the needs of the economy. >> no wealth tax? >> that's something we haven't decided yet and can look at. >> some of the options, bloomburg reports there were discussions raising the corporate tax rate to 28%. pairing back tax preferences. raising the income tax rate for
6:21 am
people making more than $400,000 a year. expanding the estate tax and others and discussions around increasing the federal gas tax that hasn't been touched since 1993. there is lukewarm support for that idea overall. still republicans getting them to sign on to any tax increase is not going to be an easy job. >> they will start punishing success so get less of it. you tax anything you get less of it. that could be very sad fact of what happens when president biden raises taxes. >> democrats are already complaining that republicans are eager to change taxes when it helps the wealthy but not eager to help when it goes to the needy. >> dana: going to be a battle. >> bill: david asman from fox business. a lot of pieces written about this. what do you think on the surface? >> it is very simple, bill. just to put it in the most simple terms possible.
6:22 am
money from the government comes from the private sector. if you stifle growth in the private sector the government will get less money. it is that simple. that means the government debt will grow. president biden is suggesting that we need to raise taxes so that we can get rid of some of the debt that has been built up through the spending plans and we're just in the beginning of the spending plans. but in fact if you stifle growth, which is what the obama-biden administration did with their tax increases in 2011 and 2012 you will have less growth. a slower growth and slower income for the government. when president trump lowered tax rates we had a dramatic increase in revenue because more people were working. more companies were coming back from places like ireland where they had escaped to because they had lower taxes. president biden is suggesting raising corporate tax rates back up to 28%. they're now at 21%.
6:23 am
that would send more corporations packing. the so-called pass-through businesses, that's kind of a fancy economic phrase. that simply means that companies that are not incorporated as corporations where they get their income and report their profits as personal income, most businesses in america are pass-through businesses. president biden is suggesting that they had received some relief from the trump tax cuts, that they lose that relief and will pay more in taxes. then they are also talking about raising taxes on estates, if you pass money on to your children or grandchildren they will be forced to pay more. i don't think we are going to see a wealth tax because it is unconstitutional. that will take years to decide. >> bill: when people hear nobody under $400,000 will be taxed, do you believe that? >> not for a moment nor should anybody else.
6:24 am
like saying the wealth tax would only affect billionaires. most countries who have tried to wealth tax in europe have gotten rid of it because companies went away and ended up with less revenues. a couple of countries have kept it. norway has it. guess how the lowest group to be affected by the wealth tax makes $174,000 a year in norway. so the billionaire wealth tax eventually goes down as do all of these taxes. they say it will hit those earning more than $400,000. eventually it hits people. of course, remember a lot of those small businesses, these are people who are earning more than $400,000 but they are pouring every penny of their profits back into their business. just ask anybody that owns a franchise, mcdonalds or burger king or what else. >> bill: digging these numbers for the states and 360 billion whatever the number will be in the end. 31 states had higher revenue in 2020 than they expected.
6:25 am
they were in the black according to the numbers we're getting here. new york state using state and local funds would get about $23 billion. here are some of the money problems that are projected. budget deficit $15 billion. the question, chuck schumer says new york from all the provisions in the bill, new york would get a total of $100 billion. that's what our brain room has dug up this morning. have you heard that number that high, $100 billion? >> he is doing several things. first of all he is trying to brag about his own self-importance as a politician so that he can get reelected. he doesn't want to lose his vaulted position as senate majority leader, which might happen in 2022 if republicans pull off a win or two. but it is important to remember that this came out even if it's just half of that, this is money that was called the covid relief -- came from the covid relief bill. it makes one wonder. of course, a lot of that money,
6:26 am
hundreds of billions of dollars at least of that money of the 1.9 trillion did not go to covid relief. it went to other things like money to bail out badly-run states or money for union pensions. it makes one wonder this infrastructure bill they're talking about that might add up to more than $1.9 trillion, how much of that won't have anything to do with infrastructure. politicians are always lying about what they're spending money on, always. it is important to keep that in mind. what we see or what we've seen in the covid relief bill that has nothing to do with covid relief is going to be repeated in the infrastructure bill, a lot of which has nothing to do with infrastructure. >> bill: you will be digging into these stories for years. >> dana: nearly 25 years since kristin smart disappeared. now california police have a new lead and prime system. a new breakthrough in an ice
6:27 am
cold case. as florida gears up for spring breakers how a city will reward those following the covid protocols. when will president biden take questions from the press corps?
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aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> americans may have to get booster shots to fight covid in future years. top expert warning vaccines will have to be tweaked as the virus mutates over time. >> dana: italy suspending the use of astrazeneca covid-19 after dangerous blood clots. u.s. has not approved this vaccine yet. they say there is no evidence the doses caused the clots. >> bill: mississippi's cover nor opening up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and
6:33 am
older. for these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to you're in texas who have people had the vaccination. >> dana: several people were fully vaccinated and week or two afterwards. they had a lot of confidence being out. it didn't mean people weren't wearing masks. people very respectful if there was a requirement at the ro tell or restaurant in the mask. people were doing that. but there was a sense of you can hug me. i've been fully vaccinated. there seemed to be a little bit more life. >> bill: they are living with greater confidence. >> dana: i think so. every place i went, hiring, hiring. now hiring, help wanted, help wanted. that's good. >> bill: it's tuesday. >> dana: i want to see the board. >> bill: why don't we go back to a week ago and show you where we were on the heat map here. the map fills in. one week ago today, dana, according to cdc we had 93
6:34 am
million administered shots among americans. that's a pretty good number. a week later here as of today, sorry, sorry, sorry. this is not it. march 15th, okay? march 15th. we reset this whole thing. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. here is what i find administered all these shots. we're up over that mark as of today. mentioned mississippi starting today anyone 16 or older will be eligible for the shot. mississippi is right around 10 1/2% of fully vaccinated people who live in the state. how does that compare nationally? about a half point below the national number. also alaska are the first ones to do it some time ago. they have been so impressive. getting out in the rural areas. vaccinated fully at 18%.
6:35 am
you compare that to the fully vaccinated number on the national level they are well above that. it is very impressive for alaska and how they are rolling it out. next hour we look at the comparisons between florida and california. big debate. if florida stays relatively open and right now they are at 11% fully vaccinated as compared to california, that really went into this tough lockdown. now you have 2 million signatures looking for a recall of the governor they're only at 10% now. what's the difference? is it fair to make the comparison between the two? california and florida for the restrictions they took or how they chose to fight covid among their own population. whether or not we can draw conclusions based on. that >> dana: the number of first doses administered. one of the reasons it's so important is because even at that level you will have hospitalizations go down. deaths go down. we're all headed in the right direction. i love the board, thank you,
6:36 am
bill. spring break in florida is a rite of passage for students. one city on the gulf coast came up with a creative way to motivate virginia et -- vacationers to follow the rules. tell us more. >> this is not a tough assignment. let me tell you to pick up on something you were talking with bill about. there are plenty of jobs to be had in clear water beach. hospitality industry is crying out for workers. this time last year they were shut down because of the pandemic. now open for business. maybe not on the same scale as it was back in 2019 but they have safety rules in place and they also have an interesting incentive. i'm get to that in a second. look at the safety rules. first you have to wear a mask indoors. you don't have to wear it on the beach. if you are on the beach, social distance. stay six feet apart if you can. wash your hands whenever you
6:37 am
get the opportunity. no alcohol, no booze, none of that spring break activity here in clear water. the incentive a $25 gift card. roving teams around the area if they see people doing the right thing, they may just be given the $25 gift certificate. i want to bring in angela, the general manager of the sunset pier 60. on the business side of things it has been a tough year. are things getting better? >> they are. it has been very encouraging with the start of spring break to see the families and the people coming back out and taking advantage of all of the beauty that we have to offer. so it is great to have them back out and have the world feel a little more normal again. >> the rebound is on the way. thank you very much. by the way, one last fact for you. the hotel occupancy rate is somewhere between 70% and 80%. not where we were before covid
6:38 am
but getting there. certainly lots of signs of a recovery, guys. i will go grab a cabana, back to you. >> dana: get hazard pay for today. looks like tough work down there. good to see you. >> bill: with the umbrella and the drink. >> dana: new lead in the decades old disappearance of kristin smart. california searched the home of rueben flores, his son paul remains a suspect in the disappearance of a college student 25 years ago. nancy grace joins us now. you've followed it through the years. what should we know about the most recent developments? >> well, detectives are using a method called gpr and that is groundbreaking resonance. what it means is they drag or roll the device over the earth. they don't have to disturb the earth. it admits high frequency waves
6:39 am
like sonar you see on boats. it has been used to detect cables underneath the ground and very reliable. i have overseen the use of this technique along with cadaver dogs. that's what they are doing and searching the residence and the yards, etc., of paul flores's father, rueben. 15 miles away from campus. i want to remind everybody at the time kristin smart left an off campus party to go to her dorm. paul flores, also a student. was seen walking with her. he says they parted ways at her dormitory. for two days no one knew she was missing. a friend reported her and because of a miscommunication the search didn't start until days after that.
6:40 am
important. four dogs hit on the flores room at the time. >> dana: nobody has rested and family demanded they continue. new technology and so at this point then where does this go from here? i know that they will be doing additional search. can they find informational these years later? >> yes, they can with this ground penetrating radar. to see it, it looks like somebody using a metal detector. the waves go deep down and can find soil disturbances. if someone has buried a body and moved it. this ground penetrating radar can detect that and objects like a skull. >> dana: amazing. we'll keep on top of that. i know you have a new show on fox nation. we have a clip from that. let's take a look. >> mr. butcher, i know you've been asked in the past but could you tell us about the moment you realized mckenna had
6:41 am
vanished? >> we were about to appear in court and her mother was nowhere to be seen. and it became evident there that she had taken flight. >> nancy, this is now going to be available on fox nation on your show "america's most wanted" overtime. a quick thought what people can expect to see there. >> i'm very, very proud of it. thank you for asking me about it. it's "america's most wanted" after and we profile a woman who stole her daughter away from the daughter's father. last seen in maryland. she was stolen in april of 2019. the oldest man ever on, the most wanted, and a two-time killer and two-time escapee from fulsom is on the way as well. >> bill: 19 minutes before the hour. new developments in the sexual harassment allegations against
6:42 am
governor cuomo. an accuser sits down with investigators for four hours. fireworks on the view over antifa and what or not it exists. >> i said my thing and you said yours. >> you said antifa doesn't exist. >> it's an idea. veteran homeowners: during uncertain times, money in the bank can bring you and your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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>> dana: governor andrew cuomo's acueer detailing an allegation against him. they say the governor created a toxic workplace that objectified and demeaned women. bryan llenas has more. >> on top of all that new york state assembly speaker says the impeachment investigation into governor cuomo will move fast and cover the sexual misconduct allegations as well as the nursing home scandal. while all that is going on there are reports that came out yesterday of cuomo's vaccine czar larry schwartz calling county executives calling local politicians. they sent a letter to chuck schumer and kristin gillibrand urging them to have federal government officials take
6:48 am
immediate action to assume control of the state's vaccination program working directly with local officials to insure an equitable and efficient process. yesterday white house press secretary jen psaki responded to these latest cuomo vaccine allegations. listen. >> we found them concerning about this inappropriate reported behavior. there are a number of checks in the system. we'll continue to work with a range of governors including governor cuomo. >> president biden has not called for cuomo's resignation and dana a new poll finds the majority, 50% of new yorkers, agree that he should not resign. 35% say he should. >> dana: nobody knows what an alternative would be. bryan, thank you. >> if i was surrounded by people carrying weapons, people erecting nooses, screaming hang
6:49 am
mike pence, bludgeoning a police officer to death. ron is not scared of this people but scared of this fictitious idea of antifa. >> it does exist. the anti-defamation league came out counterproductive and dangerous organization. their willingness to use violence. >> joy behar over a discussion yesterday. they are referring to ron johnson, a republican from wisconsin. >> is antifa fact tore fiction? it led to a tense moment on the view. it started by ron johnson who landed in hot water said he didn't feel threatened during the capitol riot but would have been more concerned if black lives matter or antifa were responsible when behar claimed the anti-fascist group doesn't
6:50 am
exist. portland's mayor ted wheeler would disagree. during a january press conference he condemned antifa after the city was rocked by riots new year's eve saying the group caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage by breaking windows, starting fires and spray painting property. antifa also believed to be behind violent protests on inauguration day in portland and seattle that led to about a dozen arrests. behar not the first person to weigh in on antifa's existence. candidate joe biden said this during a presidential debate. >> his own f.b.i. director white supremacist. it is an idea, not an organization. >> andy ngo said he suffered a brain injury that he was attacked by an anti-fascist group. the platform of twitter
6:51 am
suspended accounts with alleged ties to antifa following the inauguration day riots. >> bill: debate continues. thanks. >> it's not just people from mexico or honduras or el salvador. they find people from yemen, iran, turkey. people on the terrorist watch list they are catching. they're rushing it all at once. >> dana: kevin mccarthy warning that terrorists are now crossing the southern border. we'll talk to one of the congressmen at the border yesterday about the new threat. new jersey proposing a new law for minors possessing marijuana. why police disagree with it. this is the lineup next hour. lots of folks. ♪♪♪ alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv,
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>> dana: police officers
6:57 am
slamming a proposed new jersey law stopping them from notifying parents of minors caught with marijuana or alcohol. cops say the restrictions will let kids become repeat offenders and parents won't get the chance to do something about it. billy hoffman chief of police joins me now. tell me a little bit about why you are concerned about this. >> good morning. thanks for having me. our biggest concern, dana, is the fact that the first and second offenses, whether it's alcohol or marijuana under the age of 21 we're not allowed to contact the parents. puts law enforcement in a bad situation. we try to emphasize community policing in our small communities along the jersey shore to give kids a chance to maybe first offenses be handled by their parents. it has taken all that away from us. once you take the discretion away from law enforcement it hurts everybody involved. >> dana: there was this idea there would be a database that you could go in to see if it
6:58 am
was a first or second or third offense but apparently that doesn't even exist. >> correct, the law in its written form now it has to be entered into a database after the first and second offenses with a name, date of birth and address. we're not allowed to contact the parents. there is no database set up right now. so we are basically ham strung now and not able to do anything at this point involving the under age possession or use of the marijuana or alcohol. >> dana: what have you heard from parents about this? >> total opposition to the law. every parent that i spoke to. i spoke to a friend of mine in the gym yesterday and his exact words were i'm a parent and i want to know what my children are doing. we're hearing that everywhere we go. not sure why the lawmakers came up with this law or thought it would be a good idea to add to
6:59 am
the marijuana law. >> dana: phil murphy is willing to change it and having second thoughts. how soon do you think they should and when you deal with kids on the shore, they are getting in trouble or whatever. i would imagine you don't want them to go to jail. that's not your intention. you want them to make some good decisions and involving the parents seems like a good idea. >> yes, correct. getting back to what i said earlier, when i was on the street on the road, you would have an ample opportunity that had never been in trouble before. you could have the parents come down. we took their information and they were warned if we ever dealt with you again this is your one warning. we don't see those children again. we won't be able to do that anymore with this new law. and going further we are worried about the quality of life in our shore towns in the summer. it will be more like a frat party on weekends. we'll be getting inundated with calls about the odor of
7:00 am
marijuana and possession of alcohol and we are basically going to be able to do nothing about it except seize whatever these juveniles have. then we have to determine is it safe enough to let them go? i don't want my officers to let any child leave the scene if we have any indication they were intoxicated on either marijuana or alcohol. >> dana: if i ever got in trouble i would be scared straight if you told me to knock it off. i'll tell you that much. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> people get caught in the last few days in sector three or monument three has been under the terror watch list. individuals that they have on the watch list for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. we need to wake up. >> dana: that's a stark warning from one lawmaker inspecting conditions along the southern border saying terrorists are exploiting the border crisis. congressman john katko joins us in a moment. i'm dana perino.
7:01 am
>> bill: missed you. good trip? >> dana: good trip but glad to be home. >> bill: two thumbs up. >> dana: jasper i give a three toy greeting when i arrived back home. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. republicans touring the border sounding the alarm on national security calling the migrant surge a humanitarian disaster. they encountered more than 9400 children traveling alone in february. nearly double the number we saw in january and the highest since may of 2019. the biden administration taking measures to handle extreme overcrowding using the dallas convention center as a temporary shelter for migrant teenagers, 500 miles from the border. we'll see how that gets set up. you mentioned john katko a moment ago. republican from new york and down ton border. listen to how he characterized the people they're finding and
7:02 am
apprehending now. hold on, stand by. john katko will come on in a moment. republican lawmakers meanwhile were down there on the border. large delegation led by house republican leader kevin mccarthy touring south texas where they were briefed by the border patrol about their demanding mission and the surging of the number of unaccompanied minors showing up at the border. the biden administration defending its efforts to handle the influx. griff jenkins back on the border of el paso, texas. you've been down there 10 days. what's the story today as the sun comes up there? >> well, bill, we're here in el paso. that's exactly where house minority leader kevin mccarthy brought the group of a dozen gop house lawmakers. what they found was the processing center there in el paso, built last year to hold 1040 minors is full capacity yesterday. a small snapshot of the problem that he encountered that he
7:03 am
called a human heartache. here is more of what mccarthy said. it comes as the dhs secretary mayorkas issued a long statement today defending the administration, laying out what they called the facts saying they are on pace to see numbers surging at the border they haven't seen in two decades and he adds this in conclusion, quote. the situation we are currently facing at the southwest border is a difficult one. we're tackling it and keeping our border secure and enforcing our laws and staying true to our values and principles. no mention, by the way, of the word crisis in that statement. it comes as you mentioned, bill, that dallas center opening to hold up to 3,000
7:04 am
teenagers males between the ages of 15 and 17. agents tell me that's a challenge. if they can't prove the identification of the people crossing the border, you could have people well over the age of 17 claiming to be under 17. now why would that happen? because those that are over 17 will be more likely to be detained or sent back. teenagers get to stay. a snapshot of the problem we've got here, bill. >> bill: griff jenkins down there. thank you. >> dana: our next guest was part of the gop delegation touring the border. he said terrorists are exploiting biden's border policies. thank you for joining us. something you said yesterday in addition to the migrants that are crossing, there might be other bad actors and possibly even terrorists. what did you hear from border patrol yesterday? >> it was a stunning revelation to be honest with you. we were at the edge of where new mexico, mexico and texas meet called monument three. sitting on a bluff asking the agents that are on the front
7:05 am
lines. there is a big gap in the fence there because of the stop construction. but when i talked -- one of them was telling us what they were seeing coming across the border. they saw over 100 people come across in the last few days in that one sector. some of them on the list. i said list? he said the terror watch list. i was stunned. they said they see not just people from central and south america but people from yemen and places in the middle east that are terrorism hot beds. this is a serious problem. goes well beyond the unaccompanied minor started because this administration changed the policies and basically put an open door sign on the southwest border. it is a real problem and why we have this surge. for administration or secretary not to acknowledge that this is a crisis is just not realistic. >> bill: dhs secretary "good morning america" said the border is secure. he was emphatic about it. jen psaki said this yesterday.
7:06 am
>> we recognize this is a big problem. the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system and like any other problem, we are going to do everything we can to solve it. >> bill: there it is. dismantled and unworkable. >> how can you say it's unworkable when the previous administration's policies have stopped illegal aliens coming into this country on the scale that we're seeing five fold? it is not a realistic statement. they're doing it because they are floundering to try to find on explanation why they did what they did. there is no answer for it. the bottom line is what they're doing isn't working. we should sit down together and figure out a way to fix it. just unilaterally get rid of all this stuff has caused a huge crisis on the southern border. you have unaccompanied minors coming across in numbers we haven't seen and it will be a 20-year high. it is a crisis and they created it and they should roll it back. >> dana: you mention working together. that's one of the things the
7:07 am
democrats are accusing republicans of today. legislation they want to vote on this week on immigration and say republicans should come to the table. border security is not something that's part of the bills. >> border security is different than immigration. immigration reform you can't have immigration reform until you definitely secure the border. two separate things. you can't have immigration reform and leave the back door open for people to exploit the loopholes. that's what's going on right now. for them to say it, it doesn't ring true. >> bill: thank you for your time and appreciate you coming here today. >> thank you. >> bill: john katko from new york. seven past. "washington post" walking back a bombshell story from early january to admitting in a lengthy correction it misquoted former president trump telling georgia's top elections investigators in a phone call to find the fraud in the state adding she would be a national hero if she did.
7:08 am
the newspaper saying a newly revealed audio recording of the call shows the former president never used those words. fox news contributor ari fleischer. good morning to you. based on the reporting here, the "wall street journal" got an audio copy of the call which seems to have forced the hand of the "washington post". however, the story appears it was reported starting on or about the 23 of december on abc news and other stations. what do you make of this now, ari, today? >> there are two things going on. this is another devastating blow to the press when it comes to accuracy. it is just another sign of how when the press relied on anonymous anti-trump sources and just gave them license to say whatever they want and put into print the press is its own worst enemy. now more egg on their face. at the same time, bill, i have to point out there was another phone call that the president
7:09 am
made one week later. the one in question was a december phone call to an investigator in georgia. a week later the president called the secretary of state in georgia. and did say some things that the president should not have said including find some 11,000 votes. so it is not fully exculpatory for the president in the broader picture but a blowup of the press narrative for the first phone call he made to an investigator. >> dana: indeed very frustrating as a press secretary, ari, when the direction finally runs and it does not get as much attention as the original story. that's just something they will have to deal with. joe biden, no news conferences yet. we have numbers. bill clinton liked to talk out there. six of them. president trump five. our former boss three. the thing is, do you think a little bit of this concern about him not giving a press
7:10 am
conference in overwrought? the biden administration is looking at their goal thinking we're hitting all of our goals and benchmarks. they'll withstand the pressure about a press conference while they continue to do that. >> they are also creating more pressure. whenever he does hold his press news conference they're raising it to higher than normal expectations. i spoke to a republican member of congress who had a meeting with president biden 10 days ago, 10 members of congress. he said biden was perfectly conversant. didn't talk with notes. he can handle himself. my question at the white house staff is why are you doing this? why are you hiding the man if he can be fine, if he is fast on his feet? i think they are building expectations to the point where biden will never jump over them and hold a news conference is good for the white house, good for policy making, forces people to settle disputes, and finally arrive at decisions on key issues. >> dana: i think that's the
7:11 am
issue. >> it's a disservice everywhere. >> dana: not so much they are worried about him. maybe they are and his performance. i think it's they don't have answers to so many questions it would be very obvious from the border to iran to on and on. that would be my take. >> the other thing is biden won't even take questions in a casual setting. george bush as you remember regularly had the press pool in and take three, four, five questions at a time three or four days aweek. biden won't do that. he is lucky to answer a question walking away. >> bill: i don't sense any pressure to act on the border or a press conference. the white house knows that. >> yeah. when these things happen to republicans the press goes into feeding frenzy. the pressure is immense. there are stake-outs everywhere. the only question people want to talk about. put republicans on the
7:12 am
defensive. here it is touch and go. yes, the press talks about it and touch on it but let it go and go on to another issue. it is so much easier being a democrat than a republican dealing with the press. >> dana: you are still glad you're you, right? >> i still love being press secretary, dana. >> dana: great to see you. >> thank you. >> dana: two states with nearly identical number of covid cases. did california really have to shut down to get the same results florida did staying open? dr. siegel weighs in coming up. california governor gavin newsom blaming anti-vacers as he stares down a recall election. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer is coming up next. >> we're looking forward to a spirited campaign. yesterday they fired the first shot across the head. we're ready for it.
7:13 am
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so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ >> dana: the pandemic is changing how we work in many ways. some changes could become permanent. according to a new survey 80% of manhattan workers will not return to their offices full-time when businesses reopen. just 22% of the biggest companies will require workers to show up and 66% will come up with a mix of home and office work. if you are a young person, i wrote this book everything will be okay and i said that if you have an option of going back to the office, you should take it. because you want to be in the mix. you want to be the one who is there available. now if you aren't going to be able to do that you have to find a way to keep building your network to be the person
7:19 am
that can be resilient and clutch in a crisis. i am shocked that nobody wants to come back to work. i love coming to work. >> bill: i do, too. remote work will be a fact going forward. what i find -- my office up on the 20th floor of this building faces north. i look into another building across from me. it is probably 45 stories tall. in 12 months i have not seen a human being move in any of the windows across the street from where we work. if you are saying 4 out of 5 aren't coming back to the office what happens to all these buildings in new york city? what's the effect on the economy? how does the city change? this is a substantial call for change. >> dana: people aren't commuting. they don't want to commute. a lot of companies are finding for some of the functions people working from home that it is working just fine and productivity is okay. i don't know if that will be true over time. you have to dress for success
7:20 am
even on zoom. >> bill: that's another thing in the book, right? >> dana: even if you're on zoom. don't care what you wear down below. >> bill: president biden taking credit for americans -- with nearly $2 trillion stimulus package passed and signed the president hits to road to try to sell it to the american people. peter doocy live in pennsylvania where the president heads this afternoon. >> the mid-term elections will be here before we know it. the biden white house is trying to sell this 1.9 trillion stimulus better than the obama white house more than a decade ago before big losses in the house. >> the president recognizes from his own experience is that when it is a package of this size, people don't always know how they benefit and what it means for them. >> the rnc is buying air time
7:21 am
around here to counter program what the rnc chair saying if biden takes his victory lap to the states we'll actively be holding him and his democratic counterparts accountable for misleading the american people and assuring people know the real cost and waste of this package. the vice president is on the road as well. she was out in nevada teasing even more stimulus ahead and listen to how she answered a question whether or not it could mean more new taxes. >> we haven't really figured out what the next phase will be. we'll make those decisions. this just happened last week and we want to get on the road and make sure people know what it is. >> early this afternoon we expect to see the president at a small business in this part of pennsylvania that is about a 20-minute drive away from his main residence in delaware. >> bill: we'll watch it later today. peter doocy in pennsylvania. >> dana: cities and states
7:22 am
across the country could be swimming in cash thanks to the nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill enough to pay their deficits several times over. what's the plan for all that money? the mayor of fresno, california, joins us next. ♪♪♪ ♪ go on, take the money and run ♪ ♪ go on, take the money and run ♪ lexus sales event. get 0% apr financing on the 2021 is 300. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance get 0% apr financing on the 2021 is 300. so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed
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7:28 am
for a delay in the chauvin trial. they go to >> bill: state and local governments may be able to afford projects they put on the back burner for years as they get their share of $350 billion. "new york times" with the headline here stimulus bill transforms options for state and local governments and boy do they ever. the mayor of fresno, california is jerry dyer. good morning to you. you are a republican. you are going to take the money? tell us why. >> well, fresno it's $177 million for much-needed here in our city to help us balance our budget over the next two fiscal years. we've seen a sharp decline in revenue ever since the pandemic. shore up many public safety
7:29 am
needs. crime has skyrocketed since last march when the pandemic hit. it will allow us to address our homeless needs. the homeless population in fresno has nearly doubled over the last 18 months or so. and it is also going to help us to assist small businesses in our community. many of our restaurants, probably 30 to 35% have had to close their doors as a result of the pandemic and they will never open again. and it is also going to allow us to assist some folks with rental assistance and utilities. avoid evictions. to be able to shore up some of the money to landlords as well. >> bill: a lot of interesting aspects for community as well. you mentioned it call for number two. you will get $177 million. your deficit is only $25 million. that is almost eight times your
7:30 am
deficit. that's a waterfall of cash. >> well, when you look at it for the single year you're right. $25 million but we aren't going to just utilize the money to shore up our budget shortfall. we will pass that money through in a number of other areas that i mentioned. the homeless -- number of homeless people on our streets today, we have people camping in tents on our freeways, in our residential areas. they need assistance. we need to provide housing and services for them. it is not just about shoring up our budget, although that's important. it is also about making sure we address many of the needs that plague our community. >> bill: there was a tweet yesterday, the senator from florida saying the democrats' wasteful covid spending in unneeded bail-outs to state and local governments. governors, mayors, and state legislators must project
7:31 am
taxpayer money and reject federal funding in excess of their covid-19 expenses. what would you say to your republican colleague on that? >> i would say this. depending where you are at and depending what you see will determine whether or not you support this particular bill. there is a reason why so many republican mayors across the country support this bill. it is because we're closer to the people. we see the need. we see the pain that's out there in our communities. i didn't support this bill to take on the republican party. i supported this bill to be a voice for the people. i spent 40 years in law enforcement being the voice for victims. the least i can do as mayor be a voice for those people out of work, facing evictions and standing in food lines. whether you're republican or democrat we need to support the people and not the party. >> bill: i appreciate that. one last point here. can you just throw money at a
7:32 am
problem and expect to get different results? >> no, but the money helps. you have to have good strategies in place. you have to be fiscally prudent. i'm a fiscal conservative. i don't agree with increased taxes. but i do believe that we have to do those things that will support our communities locally. that's where all of the tax dollars are generated for the most part is the local economy. it is important we stimulate it and important we take care of our people and important that we have balanced budgets at the local level. we can't operate like the federal government with a deficit. we have to balance our budgets locally. the stimulus will help us do that. >> bill: thank you for coming on and sharing your feelings on this. we will stay in touch with you and see how this money is spent over the next two years. you've got a lot to do with $177 million. very interested in your ideas and we'll see how effective it is or is not in the long run.
7:33 am
sir, thank you. jerry dyer the mayor of fresno, california. thank you. >> dana: all schools will eventually reopen one way or another. will there be enough teachers in the classrooms when it happens? why educating our kids could face a new challenge. florida and california taking very different approaches to the pandemic but experiencing almost the same results. why is that? ♪♪♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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>> bill: reality check now. fight against covid. california was the first state to shut down entirely about a year ago while florida basically overtime stayed open. the end results their case rates stayed the same. "the new york times" reporting life in the sunshine state looks like a return to normal. dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor. good morning. here is the unemployment rate in california, 9.0%. florida is 4.8. here is what axios writes. "l. a. times," california versus florida, who handled it better? florida's pandemic response
7:39 am
gets a second look from the national media. so that's why we bring you in today. compare the two. what do you think? is there something to it? >> it is a great comparison to make. both have good weather, a lot of outdoor opportunities. california, this made me really suspicious, back in november closed outdoor dining at a time when restaurants had put a lot of money into their outdoor footprint and almost no spread. i knew it was the politics of fear. lockdowns are problematic. they have tremendous mental, physical and economic costs. the benefit hasn't been proven once the virus is already spreading through the community. that's when masking and distancing and less gatherings work. but if the virus is in your household already locking down sufficient indicates the situation doesn't prevent spread. florida under governor desantis has been wide open. case numbers are about the same. hospitalizations, by the way,
7:40 am
have gone down 22% and deaths 37% over the past two weeks in florida. how could it be happening at a time when the b-1 17 and united kingdom variant is over 50% of the cases in florida? how could it be happening? one, we have a lot of natural immunity of people who have already gotten covid and gotten over it. we aren't talking about that enough. two, the elderly population is getting vaccinated big time in florida. over 60% already had at least one dose. combination of vaccination and natural immunity is driving down cases and outdoors. >> dana: have you listen to governor desantis was on saturday night talking about his approach. >> we viewed this as a virus that was particularly dangerous for elderly people but not as dangerous for younger people. we banned hospitals from sending infected patients into nursing homes. we also did things like prioritize our seniors for vaccinations. but we had kids in school.
7:41 am
we also saved the economy from collapse. our employment rate right now is 4.9%. >> dana: lessons learned perhaps, dr. siegel? >> listen, this is what i'm calling settled science. he is right about the schools. he was visionary with the schools. schools show less spread among kids than if kids are out in the community. governor desantis intervened at nursing homes with more protective equipment and more communication between families and loved ones who were in nursing homes. all of that was visionary. i still think masking, distancing play a role here. i'm a little nervous about spring break occurring. i don't think that we can just, you know, put our guard down completely at this point. there is still a lot of -- opening businesses is clearly the way to go if done scientifically. >> bill: what is the view of the variants getting so much
7:42 am
media attention now. when you consider how much concern should there be versus maybe the fear of what could be there? >> i think it's the politics of fear. the word variant scarce people. the word mutation scares people. do we need to pay attention to it? yes. listen, bill. florida again is a real world laboratory. they've got a lot of the u.k. strain and yet the case numbers are going down and hospitalizations going down. deaths are going down. texas has removed the mask mandate. case numbers are still going down. we have to watch the variants very carefully. if we keep the number of virus down we'll have less variants. the vaccines that we have cover pretty much every variant that's out there right now and if need be we can always retool the vaccine quickly if a variant emerges we weren't expecting. we can get control of the situation. we're heading in the right direction. i do not predict a third wave the way that europe is experiencing right now. we have had too much immunity
7:43 am
here. >> dana: do you think europe is overreacting on the astrazeneca vaccine or making the right decision? >> caution is the word. fda has been cautious about that vaccine. do you how many people get blood clot from covid-19? what are the risks of the vaccine versus the risks of the virus. the risks of the virus are enormous. it is right to be taking a close look at this. they are overreacting shutting it down, yes >> bill: one last point on florida and california. an expert is making the case florida and california neither was right or wrong. is that the epidemiologist focus only on infection and death rate. that was a mistake. do you agree with that? >> i agree with that. the thing we focus on as public health people is
7:44 am
hospitalization rate. are they getting in the way of our ability to take care of other patients? that's why i think florida is ultimately right. if you get to the point where you overwhelming your hospitals the way we did in new york in march you need a temporary halt to everything to decrease the number of hospitalizations. that's the key figure. by the way, guys, my new model. i want you to see what i'm carrying around with me these days. >> dana: did you make that yourself? >> no, somebody sent it to me. spike protein is accurate. i have to tell you. >> dana: very nice. looks like a little covid bobblehead. i called him governor. >> bill: is he running for office? >> dana: he is like the governor of the medical contributors. >> bill: new york on friday of this week are going to 50% capacity indoors. hooray a year later. >> dana: look at this. senator mitch mcconnell spoke a few moments ago in the senate
7:45 am
talking about the filibuster. let's listen. >> everything that democrat senate did to presidents bush and trump, everything that republican senators did to president obama would be child's play compared to the disaster that democrats would create for their own priorities if -- if they break the senate. >> dana: in our experience mitch mcconnell doesn't make statements without a strategy or reason. he must think the democrats really are planning to blow up the filibuster. that's what i would imagine. >> bill: that would be significant. >> dana: he is warning them against it. maybe they will listen this time. >> bill: do you think behind closed doors it isn't just a warning shot, it is more significant than that. >> dana: i would imagine so. >> bill: all right. hang on, right? in the meantime a search underway in the virgin island for a british woman last seen
7:46 am
on her boyfriend's yacht more than a week ago. it is sparking a lot of questions. her best friend joins us in a moment on that. harris faulkner with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". >> harris: biden's border disaster when it comes to migrant children is exploding at this point. sarah sanders was the white house press secretary when the trump administration was facing the same issue, just lower numbers. i will talk with her. if things about this are different this time around compared with then. why that is? if the cuomo sexual harassment scandal isn't creepy nuf, it is now. that new detail and more. "the faulkner focus" at the top of the hour.
7:47 am
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>> dana: investigators in the u.s. virgin islands searching for a british woman missing information a week now. she has last seen on her boyfriend's yacht. when he woke up at 2:00 a.m. she wasn't there. the island police department tweeted th. on march 10 divers and other citizens formed a dive search party to try to locate 41-year-old woman who was reported missing march 8th. unfortunately this effort proved unsuccessful. andrew is her best friend.
7:53 am
what do you want us to know about the search as it stands right now? >> good morning. as i said thank you for having me today. we would like to know my best friend went missing from a yacht in st. john on monday, march . she is my best friend and have been friends for years. we're looking for information to help find her. she was reported missing on monday by her boyfriend and operator of the boat. according to reports that she may have fallen from the boat. i find it incredibly difficult to say she fell from a boat moored 100 feet away from shore in shallow water while the boat was anchored. we are looking for a full thorough investigation and for the search to continue. >> bill: andrew, condolences in
7:54 am
the meantime. hopefully we get this settled. how long did she know this gentleman? >> the end of 2019. she went with two friends on a yacht across the atlantic and she met the man at some point during the next year while she was locked down because of covid. approximately five or six months. >> dana: i want you to listen to nancy grace on "fox & friends" yesterday talking about this case. have a listen here. >> they have dinner at 10:00 p.m. go back to the vessel. he says they watch a movie, fall asleep. at 2:00 a.m. he wakes up and she is gone. it took until almost noon for him to contact the u.s. coast guard there in san juan. i'm curious why it took 10 hours to alert anyone. >> dana: his lawyer has said
7:55 am
this. he will not be sitting for any interviews. his only hope is that she is found alive and well. his thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. he will continue to search for her. he is devastated that she is missing. any reaction to that? >> we understand that currently the boat has not even been searched by the police. so eight days in they could have found anything on the boat. we aren't sure what is going on there. so we would like to understand if the boat had been searched. we would also appeal to ryan to provide any support to the police in any possible way to give as many details as possible about what happened that night and to aid the investigation. >> bill: what do you make of the fact the cell phones were on board the vessel, the dinghy was there as well and tied up?
7:56 am
>> so we hear that they were left on the boat and only handed in yesterday. we are seeking confirmation from the police. we have been speaking and been in touch with the governor in the virgin islands and people in the u.k. efforts have increased in the last few days. treat it with the utmost immediacy and serverty to help find our friend. >> bill: good luck, andrew. in the meantime back at home now almost 40% of teachers in the state of colorado say they think of quitting by the end of this academic year. a new survey. why such a high number there? >> in a word, stress. the author of this rand corporation study says one big red flag is many are leaving
7:57 am
for lower-paying jobs. is money a factor but not the top reason. teachers taking early retirement or making career changes is a problem in 40 states according to federal numbers. this started before the pandemic. covid has made it worse. teachers cite a significant increase in workload and hours over the last year. lack of sleep and technology problems. some have their own childcare issues. others now need to care for a sick loved one. they say they want to be back in the classrooms but it is not that simple. >> we know that academic discourse is one of the strongest ways for students to increase their knowledge and understanding of material and you can't do that with those covid regulations. i tried having a small group discussion the other day and it was chaos. kids could not hear anybody. fix feet apart, masks on. >> another thing they feel they're being treated like the villains in the back to school
7:58 am
and in-person learning debate. a lot of frustration there, bill. >> bill: thank you very much. six feet and three feet a few days ago. it is not six feet, it is three feet. you and i are staying six feet. >> dana: i'll scoot over. i do think this is a problem that the parents and teachers have been pitted against each other. or the union and the teachers and the parents and everyone is frustrated. i understand there are a lot of teachers who are upset and frustrated. when are you a teacher one of the things you love to do is scan a classroom and see dana, she might need a little more help on this. you can gently go around to the desk and quietly help. fractions were my big problem. you can't do that on zoom. everybody is on display. nobody can get individual attention. people are stressed out. >> bill: this whole debate about six feet and three feet. we've been going over this for 12 months trying to figure out what the regulations should or
7:59 am
should not be. the cdc changed guidelines repeatedly. you could probably understand that how we go through a pandemic together. but we must admit that we're all going through this for the first time and you have to accept that when you are wrong or things change or the facts on the ground change, you should be big enough to say look, we have different information now. the whole six feet, three feet thing. if they knew it six months ago they should have told us especially as it pertains to kids in a classroom. three feet makes all the difference in the world when you try to get 25 kids in the same room. it is a big deal. >> dana: as you mentioned, new york goes to 50% indoor dining capacity. where do you want to go first? >> i just go down to the italian joint down the street. >> dana: what's your go-to? when they walk in do they say get the -- >> it's a great little place on
8:00 am
9th street. they have been shut down. they opened again. shut down again and today they're still standing, believe it or not. >> dana: i'm sure they're glad you are the main customer. everybody knows bill's name. "the faulkner focus" starts now. >> bill: see you later. >> harris: president biden is under fire as house republicans are going after him over his spiraling disaster at our southern border. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus". mccarthy and other republican members after touring a facility in texas yesterday are accusing president biden of slow walking a response to what is now, quote, beyond a crisis. mccarthy called it human heartbreak and demanded the president take action now. >> this is where he should bring air force one. this is where he should look


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