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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 17, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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he needs to get his own party in order down for his agenda before he starts focusing on susan collins. >> looks like he may be the one keeping everyone together. please join us again tomorrow for "your world." "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with juan williams, katie pavlich, jesse watters, and sleepovers in the dollhouse, dana perino. "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: you hope by a certain age people understand incentives. telling someone to come on over no strings attached, incentive. telling them not to because you will be sent back, disincentive. most adults get this. too bad joe come into his ninth decade, hasn't. biden now tell migrants, don't come yet. even after his earlier wrongheaded invitations
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overwhelmed the border. >> here's the deal. we are sending back people -- first of all, the idea that joe biden said come because i heard the other day that they are coming because they know i am a nice guy, well, here's the deal. they are not. i can say quite clearly don't come and we are in the process of getting set up, don't leave your town or city. >> greg: wait, you didn't encourage migrants to come over? then in the very same breath you say don't come yet, because we are not ready? like america is a rock concert in the doors don't open until 9:00? he literally just did what he denied. too bad there's no tape of him saying you shouldn't come -- oh, wait. >> i would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge of the border. all those people seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard, that's who we are. we are a nation who says if you want to flee and you are fleeing
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oppression, you should come. >> in a heartbeat we would take another 2 million. i would also move to increase the total number of immigrants able to come to the united states. >> greg: of course this is easy to say if you pretend they are all fleeing oppression and once you factor other variables, the effect on minorities and the job market and disregard for those who legally came here, the impact on the country and medical crisis, the moral importance of process, you see the idiocy. their feeble defense, pointing to previous surges under trump. >> they are coming in because you promised to make things better. it seems to be getting worse by the day. was it a mistake not to anticipate the surge? >> first of all, there was a surge the last two years in '19 ant '20 as well. >> this might be worse. >> well, it could be. >> greg: in those surges
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weren't egged on by trump. remember? >> we will continue to be a place of refuge, a place where immigrants can come to and where they can feel safe. [all chanting] >> note to the wall! >> we are going to stay a sanctuary city. >> i can't say it any more clearly what it means for washington, d.c., to be a sanctuary city. and we will continue to be a sanctuary city. >> greg: you see, it's the dems who promised a safe haven in order to handicapped trump's immigration plan for the promises were amplified by a sympathetic media. but it was trump's blunt honesty and action that stopped the flow. the dems called his comments on system inhumane, yet they do worse.
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luring criminals and helpless kids over. they created this crisis every single time, and to deny that denies facts. but if the dems stop denying facts they get no more friendly press and that's their incentive against truth. all right, juan, a lot of people are saying it's always been trump's mean, inhumane manner that they are trying to fix yet what we are seeing here is a crisis caused by soft words and inaction. >> juan: you know, i think for trump support is to go after joe biden, i think that's fair game. he's the president and he should be criticized, greg. but i think seriously, comparing what biden said in 2019 on tape as you just played to what he is saying today i think it is like comparing apples and oranges. it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
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in 2019 he is talking about 2 million people coming in an orderly process, saying that the american economy could barely absorb that, we can use the workers, all this is true. what he's talking about now is dealing with a surge, principally dealing with a lot of these unaccompanied minors, largely boys and making sure that we have adequate facilities to care for them. so today, alejandro mayorkas, the homeland security secretary was testifying in congress and he said we are trying to get this together. we don't have it together yet but we are trying because he says the real crisis was when trump was separating children from their families. what we got now, he refused to use the word crisis but i'm willing to. what we got now is a crisis in terms of how we as an american people can sincerely deal with these people who are requesting under american law amnesty and protection, so that's what
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congress needs to deal with, everyone understands it, i've been saying it for weeks, congress, do your job. republicans and democrats stop taking harsh stands. democrats understand, republicans need increased border security, republicans understand that democrats say we need to do something about the dreamers and about the people that are here. let's just get it done. >> greg: we've made some progress. juan said it's a crisis, take what we can get and run! [laughter] >> jesse: i honestly think juan's heart is in the right place. juan does not want to see kids in cages, juan does not want to see children pushed into the hands of cartels. no one wants to see that. so the question is how do you prevent that? and what joe biden has done is encouraged that their policy and through rhetoric. saying don't come now is too little, too late.
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right now, parents in central america and mexico know that if they send their kids to the united states, they get to stay. they know that. so they are sending their kids into the hands of smugglers, the smugglers are getting paid, the cartels reap the profits, and these kids are traffic like pawns into the united states and then used for god knows what, potentially chain migration and also used as a distraction for border control, to send in drugs when the border control people aren't looking. that's not in dispute, we know that, those of the facts on the ground and that is the situation and joe biden has not done anything since inauguration to reduce the flow of illegal immigration. saying you're just going to pay off corrupt central american politicians doesn't work, it never has. and then also saying we need to get congress involved, that has never worked and we know that's not going to happen.
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he needs to take administrative action and he needs to do things like expel children, have them show up unaccompanied and show up in neighboring companies and provide for asylum like the rest of the world dead. that is what donald trump had organized and joe biden tore that up and now we are seeing the results of this. democrats in congress on the border are fuming because joe biden is going to get them tossed out of congress. they are not consulting with these people, they think it's a crisis, mayors can't absorb this, and citizens of the world don't want covid infected people coming in and undercutting wages. joe has a lot of work to do and so far he hasn't done anything. >> greg: i was listening to jen psaki today and she said you know what this is, it's a complicated circumstance. i always like when democrats discover nuance. it's always when they are in
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power. >> katie: at least they are using words now to describe. i don't think this is fun, i don't think this is a horrific situation. it's a tough one to deal with, we asked for press access, some of these facilities to see what's going on and you haven't done anything to get us that access. we also can't go on right alongs and border patrol, agents can't tell us about what's going on but governor greg abbott said today, local authorities are going to be overwhelmed and the federal government's job is to enforce the law and they are not doing that and you also have child sex trafficking and preventing it in the stories they told about what's happening are absolutely horrific and hard to listen to but that's the reality here. i keep hearing from the white house that this is a humane process, that they are
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the ones who are being humane. so inhumane that they will not allow reported then, they won't release photos or let border patrol agents talk to journalists about what's happening and now we are seeing an increase in sex trafficking and abuse of women as well and yet they are still unable to call it what it is or implement policies to reverse this trend. it's just going to get worse. >> greg: dana, you've approximately 2 minutes to solve this problem. >> dana: the idea that congress is going to get together and solve this in a meaningful time, but today we talked to a mayor from texas, they are at capacity for the facility that they have in that district to take care of children at that time and there are 565 children crossing every day. obviously, there is a huge crisis. plus nbc news reported that families are sending children unaccompanied specifically in response to the biden policy that children can't be returned to mexico or anywhere else, so i
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thought that last night, that is a strong message. that is not what they are going to hear. a big car about saying don't come, yet. what do you think that -- for people who are saying they're desperate, what do you think they hear when they hear that? did i solve it? >> greg: kind of. i didn't know you were ending there, though peer but it was a good ending. >> dana: it's a wrap. >> greg: i know. coming up, democrats and joe biden planning a power grab that could pave the way for their radical agenda. ♪ ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign?
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>> katie: democrats are positioning themselves for clearing the decks for their radical agenda peer president biden coming out in support of the liberal push to weaken the filibuster in the senate. biden changing his stance after a massive pushback from the left wing of his party. >> i don't think you have to eliminate the filibuster, you have to do what it used to be when i first got to the senate and that is on a filibuster you have to stand up and command the floor. >> you are for bringing back the talking filibuster? >> i am, that is what it is supposed to be. >> just put a hold on? >> i am, yeah, it's almost to the point where democracy is having a hard time functioning. >> katie: republicans warning democrats there playing with fire. mitch mcconnell saying any potential rule change would lead
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to a "gorged earth senate." mitch mcconnell oftentimes warns democrats they're going to regret changing the rules. and then he is always right when republicans get back in power and use the rules that democrats change to their advantage. do they risk doing that here? >> juan: yeah, i think that's exactly why my prediction, katie, the filibuster stays because i think there are all kinds of options for republicans and especially large options of republicans take the senate back, whether it's '22, '24, whatever. but no matter where you stand on the filibuster, i think all of us have to answer this question, do you really think that the united states congress is working for you and me and the american people? and i think the overwhelming answer is no, and i think the filibuster is part of that
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problem. nothing gets done, nothing can get done. it's just too big, 60 vote majority to solve our problems and deal with what congress intended to do, help us help the american people be a better country. i think mitch mcconnell talks about, if the democrats take away the filibuster is going to be a 100 car pileup, nothing is going to move on this highway. senator mcconnell, we have got a train wreck right now. a train wreck in which nothing gets done. zero. we don't deal with any major issue in congress at all. to me, this is stunning and for the first, for most of the history, people would may be one filibuster a year and it would simply slow down legislation, it didn't stop anything. but since 2010 and obama, my gosh, it's been 80 filibuster is a year and it stops everything from being done. it's not right, katie.
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>> katie: dana, president biden says that democracy is having a hard time functioning, but it isn't just reading senate of a minority position against democracy, considering those people are also elected by the voters? >> dana: you also hear some people say it's unconstitutional. that's not the case, it is allowed under the constitution. just be eighth point, they have been used a lot. what has been used most recently? the democrats. one thing they used recently was covid relief. and then nothing got done, they got something done under reconciliation, so there's that. i think the democrats' plan right now is to pass so many bills in the house and send them over to the sun and then complain that mitch mcconnell won't allow anything to go through while trying to pressure senator manchin and senator sinema to get them to change their minds. to juan's point, is there a problem when the majority with
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such a narrow margin says nothing can get done? okay, maybe you should try to persuade 60 senators. that is actually something that would be worthwhile. what could get 60 votes in the senate? why don't we try a little bit more on the persuasion side of things rather than trying to end minority rights in the senate? >> katie: greg, i would argue the filibuster helps with not pushing through bad legislation. the whole point is to make sure that something is good and thoroughly debated and representative of everybody and it is supposed to slow things down so things that get through actually decent. >> greg: exactly. it's like an imodium tablet. what you're talking about, what dana said, why don't you stop trying to create this monster bills that satisfy the most woke
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members of your party and actually create something people want and be persuasive? look, when the dems are in power, they don't like the filibuster. when they are out of power, they are pro-filibuster, so it's a position one holds and reverses based on where they are in terms of power. if this position were in the kama sutra it would be called reverse hypocrite. i hope i didn't make you blush, dana, with that joke. >> dana: very funny! >> greg: i'm going to repeat what ari said today, which is a great point, abolish it but make it go into effect in the next congress so the people voting for it may or may not get a benefit out of it and see where that goes. my belief is it probably won't go anywhere. or take it to the supreme court. they're not doing much. they can probably handle this.
2:22 pm
this vote shouldn't be by people with skin in the game is what i'm saying. >> katie: i want to know from you whether you think joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will actually hold the line and vote against eliminating the filibuster? >> jesse: i don't have a lot of trust in joe manchin but i think he will hold the line. i think he will hold the line. you guys have said it all, i don't have much to add. i think juan is right, i can't believe i'm saying that but the filibuster is not going anywhere. they're saying democracy is having a hard time functioning, no. democrats are having a hard time functioning with checks and balances. the whole reason you have the senate is to put a cap on mob rule in the house. it's a deliberative body that is trying to forge consensus and if you get rid of that you're going to have the republicans control all three branches, you get gun
2:23 pm
legislation, abortion legislation, you get immigration restrictions and democrats come in the next congress, tax cuts. the next and the democrats come and they spend the whole time trashing that and then republicans come back and they trashed that. it's just unstable. and if you are a senator, if you really want to be a congressman, the whole reason you got elected to the senate is because you don't have to be in congress. that is the selling point. >> dana: true. we will play by your rules if you want to, that's just fine. >> katie: up next, are democrats going easy on andrew cuomo? a serious double standard after what president biden just said. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> juan: president biden speaking out about the growing sexual harassment scandal surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo. unlike some top democrats, the president isn't quite ready to call for cuomo to step aside. >> if the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, i think he will probably end up being prosecuted too. a woman should be presumed to be telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and victimized by her coming forward, number one. but there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true. >> juan: and critics are piling on vice president kamala harris were not yet speaking out about the cuomo accusations. this is all happening while a new report says cuomo's inner circle was looking to damage the credibility of accuser lindsay boylan and link her to trump
2:29 pm
supporters. the report also said cuomo helped write a letter to retaliate against her. jesse, let me begin with you. biden, is he landing in a good place here? obviously, these are serious accusations. biden saying there should be a serious investigation and if found to be responsible, cuomo should resign. as of the right stance? >> jesse: that's my stance but stephanopoulos let him off easy. probably why he always asks george to do these sit downs with him because george doesn't do follow-up questions. the follow-up question when joe biden says all women should be assumed to be telling the truth and there should be an investigation to determine whether it's true or not, i would have said okay, mr. president, you were accused of sexual assault by tara reade, should americans assume that she was telling the truth? and then the president says oh, well, that was investigated. i would say mr. president, it
2:30 pm
was not investigated at all. are you calling for an investigation into the sexual assault charge against you and he says no, the media looked into this and i would say, the media is not the entity that investigates this, mr. president. in fact, when the media try to look into your senate files at the university of delaware you shut them down. that is how you conduct an interview fairly of the president but he would never agree to do an interview with me because i would make that argument collapse. >> juan: wow, a prosecutor. katie, what do you think? is there some praise for nonsweeping this thing under the rug? they're the ones going after cuomo right now. >> katie: i definitely give the legislators in new york at her for going after him but i would hope they also go after him for the nursing home scandal but on the issue of the sexual harassment, the vice president now, kamala harris, can't come out
2:31 pm
and talk about this and comment because that would open up a whole can of worms when it came to tara reade, who she said that she believes during the primary against joe biden and until it became politically convenient for her to turn around and ignore that because she was going to be chosen as vice president, she can't really put herself in a place now where she is condemning andrew quam about working for a guy who she openly said she believes his accuser. she has put herself in a box but generally democrats have put themselves in the position where they don't want to play by their own rules on due process because they drew such a hard line against brett kavanaugh, so they have given themselves really no place to go when they say you must believe all women. they have changed back to we must take accusations seriously but we are not necessarily going to believe all women, so they have done this to themselves. >> juan: what do you make of the polls that show most new yorkers don't think he
2:32 pm
should resign? 50%? in his approval rating remains high. >> dana: most people believe in due process, the majority opinion and it's a good one, and it also by xander, sometime. every day he has more time he digs in his heels a little bit deeper. they will try to take a while and then i think you will find out he is deciding not to take another turn but what is the alternative? what would be next, what would be different? i also think if the shoe were on the other foot, let's just say there are republicans as president in the first woman vice president was a republican woman and i have been with the republican governor, do you think for one second, other women's groups would give her a pass? they would say wait, you obtained this position, what do you expect to do with it?
2:33 pm
why aren't you out there trying to make sure women are protected in the workplace? i wonder if kamala harris is may be being told not to do it or stand down or if she is not saying anything at all because of the double standard. it will be interesting to find out one day. >> juan: predictions, please. if this investigation we are all talking about wraps up august, september, is he an office in october? >> greg: i don't know, i'm terrible at predictions, i can predict that peer but i will say this, truly the reverse hypocriy popular position. if you are a republican, dems say no due process. the thing about republicans as we say due process for everyone, including cuomo, who would not probably afford me the same benefit if i were up on the chopping block, so i think the
2:34 pm
lesson from kamala is if you want to be a creepy harasser, be a democrat. why do you think harvey weinstein embraced all those left-wing causes all the way up to the end when he said he was going to try to -- you don't want to put me in prison because i really want to fight for abortion rights or whatever it was because he knew that that afforded him protection, it doesn't afford him protection once they realize they can find someone more left-wing than him to take his job which is what they're going to do. >> juan: you did make a prediction. >> greg: i did! >> juan: all right, coming up, an ivy league university universities during a major controversy with plans to hold separate graduation ceremonies based on race and income level. that is next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: liberal ivy league columbia university is catching heat for plans to hold six separate graduation ceremonies based on race, ethnicity, and income level. the university is defending itself saying "reports today in previous tweets misrepresent our multicultural graduation celebration, which exists in addition to, not instead of, university-wide commencement and individual school class days." gobbledygook. i'm getting a separate but equal vibe over at columbia, am i wrong about that? >> greg: i don't know, i don't feel strongly either way about this because it was in addition
2:40 pm
to the graduation, however i am just always kind of curious about what the incentive is for this, why would you want to be separate, and why you think it helps you because if you think that this is preferable to other options, you're going to have difficulty in the workplace because you are not going to be able to choose by race, who knows, maybe in five years you will! but you won't be able to choose who you have meetings with or, i don't know, whatever, at work. but may be, who knows, we have seen a lot of stuff spread from the campuses to the workplace. are we going to have separated offices now? also if this is something that you prefer, is it a clue about your own competence, social relations, if this is something that you need. i don't know, i would never think about this so that is why i'm kind of indifferent because i don't really know what the incentive is.
2:41 pm
>> jesse: i want separated offices. i want my office far away from greg's office. as far as possible. >> greg: great. >> jesse: juan, speak to that point. at some point there had to be a composition that began the ceremony deal, either people from the school had to say, i'd like to graduate separately with my type of person or the university had to put it out there themselves initially, maybe people would like to have segregated -- where did this come from? >> juan: i think any student would love to get into columbia but i can't salute this separate graduation stuff, jesse. i think where it comes from, yes, i think you would say yes if i said, if you are a student who need support services and we are going to give it to students who are black, fine, but even
2:42 pm
saturday night, music, i don't have a problem with that but the goal is graduation. graduation is where we all come together. that's the finish line, that means you have the credential as a columbia grad and i think we all need to stand together on that stage. i will say, columbia, from what i saw in the staff, about 7% black, 13% latino, closer to 17% asian. this is common in the ivy league's. brown, harvard, princeton, but for a school that's in harlem, maybe they could do a little bit better. but i don't like the separation, i really don't. >> jesse: dana, he makes an excellent point where he says commencement, that is the finish line. that's the one day where the whole class is supposed to be
2:43 pm
unified and then to divide it and get all these other options takes away from it a little bit. >> dana: what i love about commencement in my own and also being able to attend someone like my niece's, it was like the collective achievement and the other thing that happens in a place like columbia and other universities, not just ivy league's but your alumni association, how you work together throughout the years is actually also a collective achievement in one of the reasons you want to go to those schools, that you start making connections and networking. >> jesse: katie, they also have a low income ceremony, graduation for people. they are slicing this thing all which way, i don't get it. >> katie: is a weird thing going on where we are all supposed to be diverse while at the same time embracing segregation based on race and income levels are not really sure how those two things can be reconciled, but i think what's going on as they are trying to
2:44 pm
separate people to make sure the ceremonies are shorter so they can read fewer names and everybody can go home early. they are too long. >> jesse: good point. >> katie: a bunch of people. maybe that's what they are doing they are trying to be woke about it. >> jesse: i like the old school way pair the people that are segregated are the ones that didn't have enough credits to walk during the ceremony. those of the ones that go separate. i wasn't one of them! "the fastest" coming up next. ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back, time for "the fastest." happy st. patrick's day, looks a little different but that's not going to stop the celebrations. chicago has got its green river as always and check out what the white house did to its fountain, a little green fountain there appeared grad, how are you going to celebrate? >> greg: as you know, that was
2:49 pm
a mean-spirited jab at me but i will let it slide. i have irish blood in me so i am celebrating anyway i choose but if you have no irish blood in you you cannot take part because that is cultural appropriation and therefore racist! i am wearing green pants, by the way, but you notice the irish don't care if you culturally appropriate? they don't care. >> dana: they are like come on, come all. >> greg: just don't throw up on my shoes. >> jesse: i don't know what i'm doing tonight. i'm making lamb and potatoes, i guess that is an irish dish. mutton and potatoes, that's about it and i am wearing this green tie said that it is as irish as it gets. i don't think greg is actually irish. >> greg: i am! >> dana: remember the 23andme? >> greg: my grandmother is from court. my other side is jewish but my mom's side, county court!
2:50 pm
>> jesse: but you are not jewish. >> greg: do you know what jewish is? >> dana: it's st. patrick's day! [laughter] >> juan: i don't want to interrupt these two, that was fascinating. i've seen that chicago river go green, i have eaten corn beef and cabbage, but my favorite is the st. patrick's day parade, and the one in new york can get a little much, but you know, my son, my first child was born march 14th and i remember that i went to the parade on march 17th when he was born and you know, it just feels like a small town, loving celebration, you know. just great. >> dana: even in san antonio this weekend they were dying the river green, katie? >> katie: yes, the reason the irish don't mind if their culture is appropriated today is because they are like, people finally like us after all those years of hating us, they like us finally. but st. patrick's day for me, i like to remember my grandparents
2:51 pm
because they would play irish music and irish pubs and my grandmother actually ordered a custom button box and she went to ireland and picked it up and played an irish pubs oliver all over ireland so i like to think of them today. >> dana: what do you know? you're going to want to watch tomorrow because this is going to get you out of some of those zoom calls. we will tell you all about that tomorrow. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪♪ ♪ this could be ♪ hi. you just moved in, right? i would love to tell you about all the great savings you can get for bundling your renter's and car insurance with progressive.
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-oh, i was just -- -oh, tammy. i found your retainer in the dryer.
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2:56 pm
guest. have you thought about this -- shut up! >> is that how i sound? >> anyway, i decided to save you time and i did a video -- we did a video of what you're going to see on the show. roll it. >> coming up on the all new got felled, stories you won't see anywhere else, like our three-point series on septic tank replacement. thinking of installing one for all your waste disposal needs? we are the show you want to trust. plus exciting one-on-one interviews with celebrities, bruce willis, not the actor bruce willis but they have some real estate agent from boca raton and you'll love our groundbreaking new segment with your favorite tv personality. q-tip safety with crisp, very finding rings in your ears with andrew cuomo and learning to cope with mirrors. if that's not enough, we've got a debra messing impersonator. >> [screaming] >> a charming one-on-one with michael douglas. we will even animate a aging
2:57 pm
blowfish. and we will discuss why this was ever allowed to happen. >> you are well-liked among the ladies. some people are calling them [indiscernible], they are obsessed with you. >> at the end of each week we will pick one lucky winner to ride the wheel of death. it's all coming soon on the all new "gutfeld." >> yes! all right, dana, that's exciting. >> i love it. i can't wait to see some of the segments. >> septic. >> actually didn't really know that that ring thing was true. is that real? >> it is, it's real. >> last week greg you taunted me a little bit asking if i would make "the new york times" best seller list, happy to say just landed, number three on the advice, how to list. that book at number two, the boy -- it's not on the list for 67 weeks. i'm not sure who you're going to deal with that one. i have an event this saturday in
2:58 pm
jacksonville, you can still get tickets. this information here. march 20th on saturday, 4:00 p.m. brian kilmeade will come down there and automate that for me. thanks for buddy for the help and support. >> i'll tell you, you're actually number one on that list but they wouldn't give it to you, hence they pulled that 66 week thing in. they did the same thing to me. i'm telling you, it's all a scam! >> i don't want to buy it yet. >> juan. >> take a deep breath of her buddy, we are all stressed out by the pandemic. now take a look as a 6-year-old gets his 4-year-old brother to stop having a tantrum by coaching him on how to take a deep breath. >> breathe. [indiscernible]. >> that's older brother noah giving good advice to his younger brother corey.
2:59 pm
their mom ashley in california said the little one was upset because his video game wasn't working. this video has gone viral. i've got to tell you in a nation full of people trying to calm down, very popular. >> cute. that's a good brother! very cute. here's a feel-good story about a former gang member named will working with the des moines police officer mike moody to keep local kids out of trouble and away from crime. they did this by recreating bon jovi's living on a prayer. take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ take my hand ♪ ♪ will make it i swear ♪ ♪ living on a prayer ♪♪ >> so he was abused as a child and turned to gang life to make them feel safe but in his adult life he's devoted himself to preventing youth from going down the same dangerous path and he works with the des moines police officer mike moody to keep kids
3:00 pm
out of gangs and he is a democrat, but has developed relationships with the iowa governor, i'm a republican kim reynolds, so good for them, great work together, guys, keep kids out of trouble. >> jesse, you've got eight seconds, five seconds, four seconds, three seconds. >> waters world, saturday night. [laughter] >> nicely done! that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret, are you going to sing "livin' on a prayer" for us? >> bret: i don't think so but i did like that promo for the show and i too taken aback by the nipple ring news. good evening, welcome to washington. major stories died, the irs is giving you more time to pay your taxes in a surprise move, about 30 more days, and the senate is considering changing the filibuster rules to make it easier to raise your taxes, something democrats want to get into the next bill. mike emanuel will have that story in just a moment, but we begin t


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