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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 18, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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it is my baby brother's first birthday today. my dad finally got a son and came to our school and gave us suckers to pass out to everyone. we are glad you were born. happy birthday. >> bill: good morning, everybody, transparency border agents calling on the president for not calling it a crisis. the administration under fire for not allowing the media and the reporters were to see it for themselves which is a significant difference for the trump administration. good morning, i am bill hemmer, good morning to you. >> thank you for having me today, i am dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the official speaking exclusively to fox news and they are overwhelmed and don't have the resources to house thousands of children coming into the country. the latest from border patrol shows encounters 20% last month.
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reports of children sleeping on mats and overcrowded facilities. in reporter say the white house is keeping them in the dark of what is going on, watch this. >> since there aren't photos, why not release those? >> and have them invited to the briefing room and talk about the photos? >> if you want to grant access to the press, gooden utility hs? >> again, we grant transparency. >> remain committed to do that. >> the border is upset that they can't show up at the border, they can't do right aligns and can't question what is happening inside. it seems like why? >> i certainly wouldn't characterize it that way. speak with border towns are overwhelmed. so how is the situation on the ground in mexico any different? >> the situation on the ground
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is certainly challenging. >> bill: a lot of pointed questions from media outlets, frankly. if you are watching midday yesterday, i think you could say there was a different tone in that room. >> dana: there is a moment, a crisis, let's call it what it is, where you can feel a shift in the white house briefing room. for example, at the beginning you might get one or two questions on the border. but then you come to yesterday and there was no safe port in the storm no matter who the press secretary called on, they wanted to talk about the border issues, the border crisis, they want to talk about media access to it and why dhs not allowed to grant access to reporters. and the press secretary saying we are all for transparency. but the reporters know when they go to dhs, they are told it is being come from the top the top down. >> bill: a lot what happens in the industry is we feed off of our colleagues. in telling us things at the border but we follow up on it. so you have to think now that
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these media outlets are hearing similar stories from their own colleagues about lack of access from about their repeated request to talk to border patrol and then being denied over and over again. then you go to look at the solutions on a story like this. solutions come i think, were missing yesterday. ahead of dhs before the hearing in the house, and here is what he said when questioned about this repeatedly. >> what the president has committed to and what i am committed to is to ensure that we have a system that works, and immigration system that works and migration is safe, orderly and humane. >> bill: think about what he said they are, dana, safe, orderly, and humane. who can characterize what we are watching out to be in the of those three? >> dana: another thing he said as we have it under control. that is the one where you have actual reporters there. aunt covid is up there in the tp
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three stories and network news but the border is a part of it. i would imagine that the press secretary is going after a briefing like that, she goes to the white house chief of staff or to the president himself and says, listen, we have got to get a handle on this. everything else they want to do. there is a progressive wish list a mile long but it will not work. >> bill: what you quoted from two days ago was spoken on abc, "good morning america" and he said, "it is under control." clearly you can see that it is not ed and no one has an idea when it will. lindsey graham talking about a book immigration report forget about it. until you can implement policies that are work and the effective. >> dana: this is "wall street journal" calling us from always read him, president biden is not throwing away donald trump's immigration policies. he's throwing away the border policy of every president since bill clinton purity talks about going back to the 1990s that has
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dawned on everybody you can't just do prevention and deterrence, right? you have to do prevention through deterrence. that is thrown out the window. now they tried to put the worst back in the barn but he's already bolted to. >> bill: and running free in the field. casey casey stegall, to check in on where we are today on this, casey, good morning there. >> bill, dana, good morning to you. if i may, sitting here listening to you to talk and to hear the white house press secretary peppered with those questions, how interesting it is all the way from washington, d.c., to write down here on the front line. because numbers have been difficult to get tracked down for us here on the ground for you are the daily numbers of the total mike rounds, children that are in u.s. custody. we obviously know this is a fluent situation as we say in texas, this isn't our first
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rodeo, and covering the border or events like this and asking for those numbers daily. but it has been a challenge either because no comment from some of our sources in contact with u.s. customs and border protection and federal law enforcement where we are referred to the website, which has data and information on it. the reason for that unknown, however, local and state leaders are sure eager to talk like governor greg abbott in this texas mayor. >> the shelters that operate in here day in and day out, year in and year out our full purity we are also seeing and being told by border patrol that they are g to be releasing as many as 400 families into the communities perhaps each day. >> in the meantime real quickly the buses filled with boys at the dallas convention center
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site is housed up to 3,000. what other locations reportedly bursting at the seams. we are told federal resources are being examined and they are looking at opening other overflow facilities at federal sites, possibly even some military installation. >> bill: good to have you back on. we will listen to those answers when they come. thank you, casey, casey stegall. >> dana: some 21 apparent tornadoes touched down yesterday and you can see right there the aftermath in alabama. the storms bringing damaging winds, hail and rain. forecasters say georgia, carolinas and virginia at risk so pay attention to local officials. >> bill: it is that time of year, march and april we will see the storms pop up. >> dana: they happen real fast and strong. >> bill: thin john kerry caught with his mask off. have you seen it?
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and a picture of the claimant's are not wearing a mask from boston to washington and the op, karl rove has more on this, you saw this, the person who took the picture saying being an elite hypocrite is hard work. your take. >> first of all in in all fairness wasn't momentary or sustained? we don't know, but this goes to show even if it was momentary, there is always a camera nearby today. so you have to be careful about it. but we've had members of the u.s. senate, members of the u.s. house similar leasing on camera on a flight with their mask off. again, we don't know momentarily or not, doesn't look to me like it is momentarily but intent on reading were looking at notes or something, but in all fairness, let's see if this goes away. i will tell you this, i do know
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one thing for certain he will be wearing that mask every single second he's on his next flight for the next year or two. >> dana: you know, he was reading and i know you wear glasses and have your mask on. it is frustrating because it steams up. but it feels like same st. paddy's day malarkey if i drop my to one year it was momentary. i wear my mask because it saves lives and that's what the science tells us to do. american airlines say "mask or , let's take a listen to what he said. >> you can imagine how much the pressure is from the white house, and others over there on the democratic senators because they are beholden to the far left. joe biden may not be tough enough to stand up to people like alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders, but joe manchin and other democrats
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have been so far appeared and i can't imagine joe manchin would go for the green new deal. >> dana: so for people out there, karl rove, you can explain this to the folks but why is the debate about the filibuster matter? >> it matters because the senate is as washington says the cool of the senate house. if elected for six years, they can take a step back and as a result, the filibuster helps to serve, to require bipartisanship, compromise, negotiation. and if you get rid of the filibusters as many have said in the past, if you get rid of the filibuster, you become like the house where it is possible to take a bill, throw it on the floor and move it through under the rules very quickly with no input from the opposition. as a result, all of these crazy schemes that have been talked about by the far left could come rolling through the senate with no attempt for compromise, no
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need for for cooling the passions of the house. no need to arrive at things sustainable over the long term. instead, ram it through, you know, and then we will end up in a situation the next time took control of the senate flips to the other party and the control of the white house flips, we will go back the other direction. you know, there is a certain continuity and stability coming from having to form compromise and force negotiation. the requirement that you have 60 votes to proceed to vote on measure is at power. >> bill: this is the point, karl, if you get rid of this come american government comes in like the tide. every four years possibly. and if not, you will have massive fluctuations in policy as a result. all of these fluctuations affect 330 million people every time you change it. >> yeah him and a tendency to do
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the extreme thing. because if you can do the extreme thing, do the extreme thing. if you don't need to negotiate, if you don't need to compromise and can do this with 15 votes and the vice president breaking the tide, by god, do we each and every time. i don't think it is healthy for the country. but i think my think senator cotton was absolutely right. the pressure from the left and the pressure from the staff inside of the white house has got to be enormous and the president this week saying we have to reform the filibuster and we can edit or get rid of it i thought was significant. >> bill: power is pontificated to. and when he says "over my dead body" do you believe he says i'm not opening to changing my mind on this? >> i believe him today but the pressure that's being brought to bear on them is enormous. we will see if they stand up to it. i think there are six or seven others in the senate that have doubts about this on the democratic side to. but they were keeping themselves
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out of the line of fire because they see how much pressure is being put on and how much attention put on joe manchin and others who have similar misgivings about this. >> dana: my last comment on this, yesterday the congressional progressive caucus at a big meeting with the white house chief of staff, and they ran through the wish list with him and licked it to the press trying to even put more pressure on them. karl rove, great to see as always. >> bill: thank you, karl. >> dana: progressives have turned on supreme court justice stephen breyer increasing calls for the 82-year-old justice to retire so they can replace him with someone younger while they control the white house and the senate. justice has ignored the push to step down from the bench those far appeared just caught my eye, bill. >> bill: i do believe we had a conversation a few months ago and you predicted what? that jut retire before she passed away
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when they had the opportunity to pass through a supreme court justice. instead, you end up with amy coney barrett who is now on the court. so i think the democrats recognize that they only have, they are concerned about losing the majority in 2022 and they should be. now, more pressure that in his 80s, it should retire and get this done on 50 votes and kamala harris is the tiebreaker. >> bill: very interesting. watching new developments that are scandal, andrew cuomo. we have a whistle-blower speaking exclusively with fox news about an order from cuomo to place covid patients in nursing homes. his name is michael krause, staten island nursing home administrator and left him executives with feeling "petrified." >> many facilities vocalized it. they were petrified, but they were more petrified the
6:15 am
department of health. once it was brought down i never spoke again. >> bill: you can see the whole interview on "america reports" with sandra and john and the reason this is significant, they are taking a chance. the nursing centers to go public on this. we have tried for many, many months and this gentleman has patience, elderly. >> dana: what you knew happen. >> bill: from the hospital back to the facility. >> dana: they care about their residence. that is why you see that at 2:00. >> bill: in the meantime, during covid, i have flown a lot and i'm a delta diva and you are becoming a delta. delta has done a fantastic job. i can't speak for america but i'm sure they have done as well. you are reminded from the second you step on board the plane that you are required to wear a mask according to delta rules. >> dana: but --
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>> bill: there was no forgiveness. you have to have it. >> dana: i flew american and united as well. everybody knows what you are supposed to do and less moments when you are eating and drinking, not reading. >> bill: within the flight attendants would come down the aisle and say, hey, hey you. >> dana: that's never happened to you. you are a rule follower order? >> bill: new details about a man charged with killing at georgia massaro shift ohmic massage parlors. possible motive. >> dana: the cdc predicting covid cases will plummet in the spring. and dr. marty makary criticized with herd immunity he would agree to by april. >> bill: family of a murdered police officer accusing l.a. county d.a. of putting the criminals in front of the victims. with the city council is now doing to push back on his progressive policies as more and more families demand accountability.
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6:23 am
it sparks fear here in the asian-american community in atlanta and across country about a possible hate link to the coronavirus. a number of cities held vigils overnight for the victims. but the police interviewed long overnight and he claims his motivation was sex addiction. >> he sees them as an outlet for him and something he shouldn't be doing. and he has an issue with porn and he was taking out that temptation. >> we learn a little bit more about long. he was active in the church youth ministry for years. some people who know him are struggling to understand what happened. >> he was a christian. he was never outspoken and kept to himself. >> his parents actually helped with his arrest. they recognize the surveillance video of their sound that the police put out. they were able to get
6:24 am
information to the police. they tracked his phone. he was pushed off the highway i-75 150 miles south of atlanta. inside the vehicle was a handgun, 9-millimeter gone that long had purchased that day legally. the gun shop owner is cooperating with the police. back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan in atlanta next to you. back on this program, they have not determined a motive in this case. tensions running high over speculation that race played a role. here they headlined "the washington post" rampage amplifies fears among asian-americans. "the new york times" from asian-americans being attacked and why are hate crimes so rare? so more of this coming up next hour. we will talk with geraldo and leo. here is what i would add to this. we are carefully and slowly based on the information that comes to us. >> dana: following it closely indeed. cdc a positive on the pandemic
6:25 am
in fewer deaths in the coming weeks. the agency says it could fall to 3200 by april 10th. dr. marty makary, john hopkins school of policy. so i'm sorry, about a month ago that you wrote "wall street journal" op ed and got a bunch of criticism. do you feel a little vindication this morning? >> look, i'm not looking to win an argument. i don't think those people will apologize when they show it is correct. you can only have models that predict things far worse than reality. if you predict and accurate model. but the projection gave people a false sense of security. i think it actually encouraged people to do what they need to do until we get to that point because hope is on the way. i think the numbers are pointing that way. >> dana: so the numbers come at the kay's is dropping, seven day moving average from
6:26 am
january 21 with 250,000 and marched down to 50,000. so you think it has some to do with herd immunity and vaccines. can you explain? >> first of all, herd immunity is significantly slowing. it's not a hard cut off but it's been kicking in. we already have herd immunity for the nation's 23 million health care workers. most of them vaccinated and some others who haven't already have natural immunity from prior infection. we are a week or two away from herd immunity in the nursing homes. cases are down 98%. ten states have had days with zero deaths. what do you call that? i called at herd immunity. we will see herd immunity across the street in april and may. that is part of the difference in vaccination rates. but we are seeing some really good news. i don't think we will extinguish this fire as i wrote in that piece. we will see cases linger about the debate is "who are those
6:27 am
people?" and those are young people with asymptomatic and mild disease. they could linger through may and early june. >> dana: what do you think, is at the next big argument or what is the next big argument? >> there was an article in "the new york times" that conservatives understate the risk. democrats exaggerate the risk. and they did a survey showing democrats believe about 20% of covid patients are hospitalized. not true, about 1%. so what you will see is this argument when they are cases in may, some with the pandemic to keep going it will say that is significant public health risk and it can surge again. but the truth is those are young, asymptomatic cases and they will not search because fewer, susceptible people out there. there was a lot of vaccinated natural immunity. >> dana: you demand people delay their second dose? >> that is right. we can save more lives if people delayed the second dose. u.k. is doing it and get the
6:28 am
second dose and 12 weeks is what i recommend. >> dana: always a pleasure to have you. go find the silver lining. >> bill: i find good news out there in this country. >> dana: a little bit. and obviously some people are still ill and losing loved ones. one of our friends did yesterday. and so we have to be sensitive about all of those things while at the same time recognizing if we do the right thing, the hand washing, social distancing, masking, social distancing, this idea of the president has pointed out july 4th is our northstar. let's go for that together even before that. >> bill: sorry about your friend. i will say in new york, can't be for the other states but new york, people are getting the back don't make vaccines when they want any age. if you have a will, you can find your way over time. >> dana: and you can find them healthy -- you need a whippersnapper that knows how to use technology, older people. >> bill: i would argue the
6:29 am
early stages but people can find the vaccine if they want to get it. that is good news is all i'm saying i'm all right? >> dana: the white house providing details on the proposed tax hike and who it could impact. we talked to larry kudlow what this could mean for you and the biden administration meeting face to face with chinese diplomats but hard-line stance taken by the trump administration. kt mcfarland joins us on that the next hour. here's huge news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. record low mortgage rates have fallen again, while home values just keep climbing. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000 for retirement tomorrow
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6:35 am
questions. first jen psaki on the clarification on the definition first. we don't have that, she said "tax increase on higher earners will apply to families not individual learners." is the definition sliding, larry? >> you know, the definition is sort of sliding, but president biden kind of had the wrong take. i mean, when you change tax rates up or down, you don't just do it for individuals. you always do it for families. you look for a family of four and perhaps than other children. what this means is actually more people are going to be subjected to this tax hike. husband and wife, you know, upper end making more will get hit by this were the wife will get hit hard or perhaps because her income comes on top of her husbands and text at a higher rate. look, the corporate tax increase
6:36 am
and the small business tax increase are going to do great damage to middle income from a blue-collar type families. okay? that is the key point that team biden does not want to acknowledge. that is a killer. small businesses will get slammed, corporations will have to cut back on wages and jobs and investments. and you repeal the trump tax cuts and you repeal all the middle income benefits. >> dana: so going to the covid relief plane from america rescue plan as they call it to get the economy going and raise taxes that will hurt the economy. however, larry, the white house has done a pretty good job of getting the mayors and governors on the covid relief bill on the same page. listen to these two governors, i'm sorry, mayors talking about what they will do with the money. >> we are increasing our funding for the police fire and sanitation worker that provide the public works over the city.
6:37 am
we will pave roads and bridges that need to be fixed with the d.c. politicians promised us too long. they will help us with our money. this is our money coming back to us. >> there is a reason why so many republican mayors support this bill. it is because we are cultured and we see the need and that pain. >> dana: they are out there explaining why they support the bill. how do you think this will turn out though? there is a lot of money here. >> i wish we had spent the $1 trillion of unspent money for prior bills to know what our position was going to really be. i'm glad that the g.o.p. mayors are happy, but there is one other glitch here. that is the issue of tax cuts and tax increases. so the way this bill was crafted and reconciliation, something like $200 billion of federal cash, if you get that money, you are not allowed to cut taxes.
6:38 am
you are not allowed to use that money to cut taxes. now, that is an aggregation of the tenth amendment and federalism, obviously. now they were clarifications in the treasury department that if you don't use that money, you could cut taxes. some of these places have much stronger economies and revenues and running surpluses. the money is fungible. so i don't know how you parceled out to commit this 995 billion come i don't know how they will attack this. all i know is this, if you want to grow the local economy and if you want to grow the local economy you should be cutting taxes, not raising it. we went the first month a senator left democrat in cincinnati, ohio, talking about paving roads and bridges and infrastructure but the second was republican mayor from fresno, california, who said he will gladly take the money. to dana's point, is the sales job a lot easier than republicans think? >> it may be.
6:39 am
okay. it may be, but then again, the paper will come due at some point. the next bill is going to be loaded with tax hikes to pay for infrastructure and then try to pay for the stimulus package. so we have to see how this nets out here there is joy right now for all this money coming in. i don't blame them. all i am saying is they should be allowed to cut taxes at the local level. that was a big mistake in the stimulus package. maybe that will be changed. yeah, listen, everyone loves cash. cash for mayors, cash for governors, cash for the stock markets, cash for investments in the stock, fabulous, let's drop cash everywhere. i'm all for it. let's be happy until the paper comes due. >> dana: that is a great point in the legislation that you can't lower taxes that was lost on a lot of people. we will see you at 4:00. >> bill: thank you, larry, you can't lower taxes and can't use the money to pay for pensions. that is what it says. watch the money, follow the
6:40 am
money like the turkey falling from the helicopters. >> dana: free money, that was a good one. democrats looking to kill the filibuster but one key senator may not play ball. >> that is my filibuster and the way it should be. >> dana: what is the next step as both sides prepare for battle to changes the way the senate does business forever? a convicted killer celebrates a possible early release under l.a. county district george gascon and killed with killing julian and rodney, in prison if convicted and we will hear from julian's mother. she will be up next. >> i feel for that family that's all that. i would hate to see my son's killers toasting to an evil man knowing that they will be out, free and laughing the way they were?
6:41 am
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6:45 am
>> dana: horrific scene in upstate new york. 53-year-old man dies after two teenagers deliberately set him on fire appear those miners are now in custody and senior correspondent laura english following this from rochester, new york, good evening, laura. >> good evening, dana calling
6:46 am
this a brutal and vicious crime. we are standing at the front entrance of the victim's apartment and the place a friday he walked across the street. the police say he walked there, got a soda, then came home. within a matter of minutes, he was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire while sitting in his chair allegedly at the hands of two boys, 14 and 16 years old. it is a crime so jarring that even investigators are shaken. >> i have seen a lot of a few cases stick out, you know, seen the pictures of this guy and knowing he had no family around to speak for him. i can't -- this is one that i will remember. speak with the place a 53-year-old steven ayman hauser was adopted and have no family,
6:47 am
was a widower and is girlfriend recently died, he was vulnerable and declining in health when he was set on fire with third-degree burns over 70% of his body. the two teenagers arrested and charged with arson and assault but those charges second-degree murder after he died tuesday. both teens pled guilty in a court hearing. court records reportedly rebuilt the 16-year-old allegedly claim he was trying to ignite the liquid on the floor around him and said it was the 14-year-old that used a lighter to set him on fire, and the older boy to be held on no veil, no release and out birch and shouted "i didn't kill him!" and they are juveniles. the teens knew the victim but were not related as the police sift through the case many are asking about a motive. >> i don't think anybody is prepared to say why this
6:48 am
happened. >> and the two code teens will appear in their virtual hearing monday. prosecutors plan to send this to the grand jury. >> dana: thank you, laura, for the update. >> it seems like the criminals are getting the upper hand. >> leading violent criminals out on the street. >> we had a meeting in december. it was very coldhearted. he didn't seem like was here, even though he said "i care." you are giving everything to criminals and everything they need to be free of these crimes, but you are taking everything away from the victims. >> everybody needs to wake up and get this person out of here. >> i truly do not believe he is a district attorney. he acts more like a public defender in my eyes. >> everybody is not feeling safe. >> a lot of reaction, strong
6:49 am
reaction from family of the victims, l.a. county d.a. george gascon sweeping criminal justice reforms. the change is coming with three men accused of murdering julian andrade could receive parole 20, 30 years instead of facing life in prison without parole. her his mother, it will be three three years in may. what about the comments nobody has my way back? is that how you feel and l.a.? >> that is exactly how i feel. and i feel like we have a district attorney right now that is for the criminals and has forgotten his true job as a district attorney which is to protect and serve the victims and the community. that is not happening here in l.a. county. >> bill: desiree come i want to play a sound bite from him here this is how he explains the decisions he is making. let's roll this year. >> a serious reform based on
6:50 am
data and science that will enhance the safety for our community while reducing racial disparities in the misuse of incarceration. our efforts to transform the stated approach that creates more crime, more victims and inequities are just beginning. >> bill: so that was him on camera recently. i want to show you the changes made, dropping the death penalty in 17 cases, declining the prosecution of minor adults in resulted in criminals serving 8,000 years in prison. you heard his rationale and how do you respond to that, desiree? >> you know he mention victims. but what we had before. who is the victims that he's talking about? is he talking about the criminals? because he really feels these criminals are victims. the fact here is that we are the
6:51 am
victims. we, families that have lost loved ones, we are the victims. so again, his statements make no sense. there is no research to back up anything that he says. he celebrated 100 days in office as if it was a celebration. this has been a pure disaster. >> julian was brutally beaten to death, your own son. and i just wonder if the killers get off easy, how can you live with that? >> i don't know what i would do. honestly, em dreading something like that to happen. and this is why i'm coming forward and speaking my son's story. as hard as it is to keep speaking about it and keep reliving come i have to do this because they have to know this is what's going on. this is reality. my son was brutally tortured to death. his face was mangled.
6:52 am
the only way that i was able to identify him was by a tattoo on his hand. i don't get how having, doing torture, i mean brutally torturing someone is okay? it isn't, it isn't at all okay. this is why i'm fighting. so i don't know what i would do if they were to get off easy. this is not right. and i don't even want to fathom that thought right now. >> bill: they went after him repeatedly until the deed was done. desiree, thank you for your time. >> three times, he asked. >> bill: thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much, bill for helping me. >> bill: julian was killed and had a child on the way. >> dana: the families and friends, she is a strong mother coming out. and one of the few, right? so i think there is strength in numbers when you have victims families willing to come out and talk about it. you might get the attention of somebody like gascon.
6:53 am
did president biden break the law when he stopped construction on the border law? how can that play into immigration reform? we will talk about it and with to pop around the corner, march madness tournament could be historic for sports betting. it is part of the jam packed lineup on "america's newsroom." >> bill: get your popcorn ready. popcorn in the morning, what do you think? >> dana: get your bracket ready. i was going to say ballot. ♪ ♪
6:54 am
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here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. ♪ ♪ >> dana: after two years of waiting, march madness is finally upon us. and this year's ncaa basketball tournament could be the most bet on sporting event ever. the story from lucas oil stadium, hey, grady.
6:59 am
>> hey, dana, the pandemic has change the way the tournament is run and also change the way people bet on it. not as many people expected to fill out brackets this year because not as many people expected to go to the office. but the tournament is still expected to hit records in terms of sports betting. here is wife. let me show you this map that gives you an idea. last time we had march madness to come along years ago a handful of states allowed sports betting. but since then more than a few have legalized it. and sports books physically or on apps like draft king, fox bet, vandal and others. and people are expecting to bet in huge quantities this year, up to $1.5 billion expected to be legally wagered this year, dana. i have my brackets here and yet to fill it out. i'm taking my time with it but i'm i've got illinois going to the finals because of our camera died.
7:00 am
>> bill: because he went for chicago. >> dana: they may have changed up by then. grady, thank you. >> bill: i want to say one thing about this the raiders they think they lost $800 million. >> dana: that is a lot. >> bill: all of the teams moving to indiana, seven straight days without a negative test, coaches, staff, and if you have a positive test, it is over. so they put four teams on standby to take the place of somebody drops out. speed. >> dana: oh, wow! >> bill: that is how much is on the line tonight. >> dana: a fox news alert on a show down in the senate, the fight over the filibuster turning into an all-out brawl. progressive democrats to advance their agenda by abolishing minority right to warn them that the future of the upper chamber is at stake. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" come on dana perino. >> bill: bill hemmer after feeling better throughout the week. >> dana: i can tell.
7:01 am
>> bill: the madness of the tournament is extraordinary. >> dana: are you going to bet? >> bill: i would bet a dollar. you? >> dana: i love to see with the mascots are and who will win. >> bill: sometimes it works actually. president biden throwing behind the democrats to weaken the filibuster. his previous posture as a guardian of the rules of the senate. remember six terms of the senate, sworn in win 29 years old come is it going town clerk? >> dana: it's a joe manchin senator from west virginia, he has so far sticking to his guns. take a listen to this. >> it is what i see coming down here and we can go off the rails and say get rid of the filibuster, get rid of bipartisanship and let's go for the majority rules. i will guarantee you that old saying what goes around comes around. that will happen here quickly than not. >> dana: senator mcconnell, and basically he's warning them,
7:02 am
if you try this, you will have a 100 car pile up because we have ways to do it too. they never listen to mcconnell before on judges. >> bill: i think you are exactly right about that. we are watching in arizona, but the reason is they have been begrudging and their lack of crossover for the democratic push on this. in not said much but did say this, azcentral in arizona, retaining the filibuster and not meant to impede the things that we want to get done. careful language here now. it's meant to protect what the senate was designed to be. a place for senators to come together, find compromise and get things done for our country. watch cinema to see. >> dana: i would love to interview her one day. she is very quiet. >> bill: chad pergram is watching this on "the hill" in washington, good morning, chad. >> good morning, bill, the
7:03 am
majority hates the filibuster because the minority can block things minority embraces the filibuster because it gives them a say. this is why republicans argue democrats will ramp showed the g.o.p. if they end the filibuster, it will be a power grab. >> if democrats succeed they will ramp through the most dangerous, radical agenda of this country has ever seen. if they end the filibuster, we e will see amnesty for every illegal alien. we will see two new states district of columbia and puerto rico. >> democrats say they are not afraid of mitch mcconnell. mcconnell warned of democrats and make the filibuster he will mandate both on everything and that slows the senate to a crawl. >> now we are at a standstill. we can't go forward. >> the senate intends an access bill and a immigration bill from the house will likely die because they face a filibuster. this is a strategy by democrats to gain support to end the
7:04 am
filibuster after the bills with her on. democrats with filibuster procedures the last eight years because i had the vote. so when might democrats killed the filibuster if and when they have the votes. that will. >> bill: thank you, chad. nice to see you. ♪ ♪ >> do you agree we have a crisis on the southern border? yes or no? >> thomas, we have a very serious challenge and i don't think the difficulty of that challenge can be overstated. we also have a plan to address it. we are executing on our plan, and we will succeed to. >> dana: secretary of homeland security consistent he's got the border search under control. still refusing to call it a crisis. thousands of unaccompanied children are held in crowded shelters after crossing the southern border. more than 9,000 apprehended in february. a sharp jump from january and
7:05 am
the highest level since may 2019. jason chaffetz a fox news contributor and humanitarian situation for the children is the most important issue on the table. you are triaging it. but i do have to ask you, in a game of operation when you have to pick that bone up without touching the sides, it is like the administration says this isn't a crisis. there is a buzz and they are not allowed to say crisis. it is pretty obvious that this is a catastrophe. >> that is a pretty good analogy because it's almost comical if it wasn't so serious that they won't call it a crisis. it is something of their own doing. and i think that is the heart of the resistance as to why they want to do this. about they simultaneously say, "oh, a problem at the highest magnitude therefore we have to pass this legislation." that is a classic out of the playbook of what the democrats do. i think behind the scenes the
7:06 am
democrats smarting for the fact that 2009-2010, the president's seat i happen to be on the subcommittee and judiciary and they didn't do a single thing. they didn't have a hearing other than bringing in stephen colbert, literally, that's all they did. now that they have the house and the senate and the presidency come i think they made a lot of promises to certain communities that they would try to do this. but they have exacerbated this problem. it is a human trafficking problem. it is a national security problem. and it is a health problem. they are hiding it from the public pier they will not allow texas state health officials too into these facilities, let alone the media are members of congress. there was something nefarious going on, and it needs to be exposed. it's been with the pressure of getting access will only increase, we know that. and we also know there is a multitude of media outlets up and down the border. at some point, they have to crack on that. >> you would hope so, bill, but why is that they are giving so much resistance to this?
7:07 am
it is kind of scary to me when literally, you have literally thousands of children supposedly cared for by government officials, but nobody is allowed to go in there and see that. why is that? i think that pressure should be there daily. when you do go in as i have in the past to go look at these facilities, you are pretty, it is pretty stunning how they operate what is going on. and i also think that people will recognize, this is not just mexico or central america problem. when i last went to e lloyd retention center, there was people more than 140 countries there peer of world has figured out, this is how you sneak intoe united states of america and do so fairly easy. >> dana: great point but let me ask you about another story we are following, john kerry, caught on a plane yesterday with his mask off he says momentarily. this is a tweet from somebody who was on the plane.
7:08 am
being an elite hypocrite is hard work. here is what senator tom cotton said about it last night about it all. >> i guess we can say it's better than john kerry decided to fly commercial or jet around gulfstream's all around the world like supposedly to solve the climate crisis, shannon. but he should set a good example if impose rules on the american people to follow those rules as well. >> dana: a fish in the barrel, jason. >> yeah, look, senator cotton is absolutely right there. what is sad though, you hear the stories about these families with little kids that are three years old getting kicked off lights. i flew across country and i happen to have grandkids now, try to keep a mask on a 3-year-old flying from salt lake to atlanta and then onto charleston? that is a tough thing to do. they kick people off planes for that. but they won't do that for senator kerry. in his hypocrisy is what drives
7:09 am
people nuts because -- >> dana: i would love to see you with granddaddy. it looks good on you. thank you for being with us. >> it is hard. >> dana: thanks for being with the spirits bill and come back soon. the investigators trying to put together the pieces after a series of deadly shootings in three different atlanta area massage parlors tuesday night. eight people dead to come in custody and the mode may be linked to sex addiction. democrats quick to draw to try to tie the crime to former president's rhetoric about covid. meanwhile president biden with the recent search against asianviolence against asian-americans. >> whatever -- very concerned because i was speaking about brutality against americans the last couple of months.
7:10 am
and i think -- >> bill: let's bring in our geraldo rivera oh and leo terrell. here is what we think we know, yesterday on this program they said no conclusions. they say it was one thing. i mentioned sex addiction but every mainstream media is drawing a conclusion, it was a race crime. and geraldo, what do you think about that early conclusion on behalf of many? >> there is no doubt, bill, my friends who are asian-americans believe that this is a hate crime. one of the 3800 incidents against asian-americans in pacific islanders, they truly feel that they are embattled and they think six of the eight were asian women cannot be dismissed. at the very least, this is an act of domestic terrorism. i think in that regard, dylan riffed five years ago in charleston, south carolina. i believe that this person
7:11 am
should be charged with a hate crime, but even if he is not, he is richly deserving under georgia law because it is domestic terrorism, bill of the death penalty. >> bill: leo, geraldo said he should be charged with a hate crime. with all do respect -- i didn't think any of us inside the police from asking the questions and listening to his answers. correct? >> you are absolutely right, bill. this is the democratic playbook and geraldo is expanding on it. the democrat politicians have not a single fact to justify a hate crime argument. they were not in the detective room. there was not a single shred of evidence coming from this. this not talked about hating someone based on race. he is a sex addict. that does not stop the democrat. that does not stop the penance and the democrats playing this race card that does not exist,
7:12 am
trying to throw president trump under the bus and not a single fact of evidence. show me a single piece of evidence! as a lawyer, look for evidence. there is not. it is all allegations. the democrats are dividing the country. >> how about the fact it was an attack on these women, leo? >> don't do that. you are a lawyer, give me a piece of evidence. show the evidence. >> >> at "the washington post" may tweet that said, merrick garland the newly confirmed attorney general spoke about the shootings and asian-americans today, whether it was racially motivated to come he understood the larger context and concern of the asian pacific american community about increasing attacks and violence. i think maybe we can find some agreement they are, right,
7:13 am
geraldo? >> i am absolutely in agreement with that, dana. i truly believe that beginning with this plague that has beset us, we have watched a hate crime against this community grow. i spoke with president trump twice about this last year, telling him how uncomfortable. he was calling at the china virus in the wuhan pirates. >> no, that had nothing to do with this. >> and the president of the united states and our conversations on my radio program. >> do you see what is happening, dana? >> dana: go ahead. >> dana, do you hear what they are doing? every issue in this country is race. they cancel people based on race. what we are doing right now is fueling the race issue when there is not a piece of evidence. i will say come in either one of these countries, show me this evidence of race. >> let me ask you this --
7:14 am
>> show me the evidence, you show me the evidence first. >> he said that his motive was sex addiction. he knows hate crimes gets an additional year with georgia law. >> he talked to the detectives. he never said he was motivated by race. we went with covid delays in all in all this stuff, we talked to cleveland, sarasota, l.a. peer that may both be true that hate crimes against asian-americans are higher. the number suggest that. it may also be true that this was a a sex addiction. >> dana: and a hate crime against women. >> bill: that may be true. let's wait to see what the police investigation tells us. here are the headlines come okay, "washington post" amplifies fears among asian-americans. that may be true. "new york times," georgia killings deep in fear of rising anti-asian in the u.s. hunting asian-americans. i don't know if these relate, to
7:15 am
what happen in georgia, leo, but this is how -- >> they are completing. >> bill: quickly. >> they are completing the issue. they could both be true. they could be a rise in hate crime and this could be a sex addict case. but let's not jump to conclusion. that's all i'm asking and wait for the facts. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen, geraldo, leo. >> dana: thank you. democratic congressman eric swalwell in hot water with his relationship with chinese spy but could he faced consequences with his removal from the intelligence committee? plus, watch. >> let me be clear, there is no room in our classrooms for things like critical race theory, teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayers money. [applause] >> dana: efforts to mandate ethnic studies that call
7:16 am
anti-american and racially divisiveness. and we take a look at a california initiative and controversial lesson that children should be taught. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. because life isn't about what tomorrow brings. it's what you do with it. ask a financial professional about pacific life
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7:22 am
>> bill: rather dramatic i would say. >> dana: i can do much better but i restrain come i always restrain. california is expected to approve studies curriculum today and if governor newsom signs left-wing it would be a requirement for high school graduation. and "the wall street journal" points out the rejects merit and everywhere it looks. fox nation host, and fox news contributor, he has some thoughts on this. let me hear them from you, tyrus. >> why is everything always got to be a radical change? i'm all for adding new curriculum as we advance, as we are able to sell a better picture of historic event spirited away should be an
7:23 am
elective. it should be a choice. any time you shop something down someone's throat or make something mandatory because you are woke or its new you have nothing but bad things happen. and now on top of everything else, required to take a class on basically an ethic opinion of. >> dana: and actually come here is something from the course outline, tyrus. one of the main studies as translating historical lessons and critical race theory into direct action for justice. "the wall street journal" editorial said the curriculum said "when we encounter dominant narratives we must ask what's behind that narrative? californians would do well to talk about this curriculum. the left-wing power grab and not in the interest of ordinary californians of any incident." this is of interest not because of kooky california, right but a slow march across the country but this, tyrus. >> not just that, by the way,
7:24 am
phenomenal reading, top-notch, well done. >> dana: thank you. >> i will break down and take all the big words out of this for just a second. they are making the classic liberal mistake and trying to give you new information and then answering the question for you. we are going to interpret and show you how we turn into social justice. that is what the kids are supposed to do. they interpret the lesson. you give them the information and hopefully, hopefully, the kids get critical thinking and make their own decisions based off the information you gave them. you don't teach them a class and at the end you tell them test answers were and what they learned here that is for them to figure out. >> dana: when you were a teacher, tyrus, is that one of the most rewarding things to watch kids think it through and come to their own decisions? >> i call it the day that you see independent thinking in the classroom, when something that if you are dealing with, let's say one of your kids struggling in math in the beginning, and
7:25 am
then you know, three months later something completely off subject, and if you divide that -- no subtracted, they got it. and i get to see that and i homeschool my daughter and i get to see that sometimes when you do the counting. last night we just figured out if you take number 14 minus 14, daddy, i only have 14 fingers. no, but you start with minus 14, 13-12-10, it's ten, yes! that is the beauty of teaching. >> dana: i saw the video and i saw a signed book for your daughter, and it was really wonderful to watch you in that video talking to your daughter, how to say advice and problems. and the next time she reads it through, she got it, which of course, is very rewarding. that is why we need more teachers, parents, and friends like you, tyrus. do you want to say goodbye to bill? >> bill, what it is, bill. "america's newsroom," all we do
7:26 am
is win. >> dana: we win, thanks, tyrus. take care. >> bill: republican say president biden violating federal law when he pulled billions away from before building a southern border wall and rick scott, we talk about that with he and his colleagues and what they are trying to get done on this next. >> we have sent him a letter demanding that he use it. i have every expectation that he will ignore us.
7:27 am
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7:32 am
crisis as a growing number of unaccompanied children enter the country every day. accusing the white house of blocking reporters access to the border to see what is going on firsthand. peter doocy north one of the white house to take this one down again today, peter, good morning. >> good morning and the feds are not sharing photos they took during a visit to some of these migrant facilities. they just want people to take their word for it that this is how conditions are. >> it is crowded appeared and remember we are dealing with a pandemic so remember we are dealing with restrictions on physical distancing and the like. but the mattresses come with the blankets, are actually selectivy chosen so that they are safest r the children. >> the feds have gone from blaming the need to reopen and so that shelters, like the ones are full and they need more.
7:33 am
>> you have to watch what politicians do, not what they say. and sometimes when people act like they don't care, it's not an act. this is all smoke and mirrors by president biden. he doesn't want people to see what is going on. and he's not going to change his practices. he or the people making decisions will even open borders. >> we know last month 100,000 migrants encountered by authorities at the southern border. "the washington post" reporting almost 20,000 family units were among them. and that 60% of those family units are awaiting their hearing here in the united states. >> bill: extraordinary numbers by the day. peter doocy from the north lawn, thank you, peter. >> dana: republican senators say president biden broke the law when he halted on the wall. writing in a letter to the government accountability office wrote "the president's action contributed to this unfortunate
7:34 am
yet entirely avoidable scenario." in blatant violation of the federal law and the congress constitutional power. here to talk about it one of the lawmakers rick scott. make your case for why you think this is something you might be able to win in court. >> good morning, by the way i will go to they were border with governor ducey to see what's happening down there. with the biden administration but they are doing is absolutely violating the law. if congress appropriates the money, which happened, you cannot not spend the money. you have to spend that money. when he shut down construction and he shut down anything to do with border security, he violated the law. about tomorrow come i will find out exactly what is happening down there. look, you heard the numbers, 100,000 people detained last month and almost 10,000 kids. they are opening up unaccompanied minor facilities and shut down ice facilities which makes no sense. the president needs to go down
7:35 am
there. this is clearly a crisis. he needs to look up the crisis he created and secure the border. americans want a secure border. we do not want open borders. that is not what president biden ran on. he didn't run on open borders when he ran. this clearly is something he lied to us about. >> bill: he let a few clues around the debate allowing people to come in if they believed they had been oppressed. that was the language that he used. speaking of money however, there is a very interesting thing developing with all the mayors across the country and governors, they are going to get a ton of cash. you will are on record calling it wasteful. however, republican governor desantis has a different take on this and reject the money. do i have that position correct? >> absolutely right. first off, we owe $30 trillion in debt. we have already given to states and local's $500 billion. so my view is the me any money
7:36 am
in excess to cover covert expense, send it back. for all american citizens since. don't waste the money so i best mayors and governors to act fiscally responsible to send the money to the federal government and not add that to this country. >> dana: it doesn't make sense of florida were to send the money back, it will benefit illinois, california, new york or new jersey. i don't think that would make sense for floridians to be given more money to the blue states that are already getting a big windfall in this bill. does he have a point there? >> as my mom told me two wrongs don't make a right. we know what is wrong to waste taxpayer money. don't waste the money. every governor, every mayor needs to stay focused. they need the money for covid expense which i would be surprised as we gave them $500 billion. send the money back make sure we don't continue to grow debt. let's look one out of every $7 of federal revenue now goes to interest on the federal debt. interest rates are going up,
7:37 am
inflation is picking up. we have a financial crisis. we have a crisis on the border. we have a financial crisis. we have to start acting fiscally responsible. we pay down debt. >> bill: we had a mayor on this week from cincinnati. we had a senate right mayor from fresno, california, and both say they want the money and think it is they are a spirit has any mayor or any governor or any american city or state accepted your offer to send the money back? >> american citizens are fed up with waste. they are going to be, i believe american citizens all across the country will rise up and say $30 trillion of debt? this has got to stop! this will cause a fiscal calamity down the road. let's stop wasting money. it will happen at all across the state. >> bill: you remember in 2009-2010, that story where it went bankrupt and became a representative for all the money
7:38 am
that was being spent. it was under the obama administration wastefully. what is your projection for how states and governors and county commissioners are able to manage hundreds of millions of dollars that go into every county and every city across america? >> i can imagine people could spend this sort of money responsibly. first off, we are all in this together. it is not like them i will just take care of myself. we are part of a federal government that has $30 trillion worth of debt. we don't want to waste any money. we know there is a lot of waste. now, i will keep bringing up the waste of that bill. i went to the floor of the senate and the democrats, don't be paying checks to inmates. what are you thinking? we pay for everything for inmates. why are we sending them a $1400 stimulus check? first the democrats want to do that. i will show the waste of this money and talk about the facts we have a financial crisis in this country right now. >> dana: thank you, for
7:39 am
joining us and let us know how that border trip goes. >> seo. >> dana: that was interesting about the money but also this other clip from secretary mallorca's. remember joe biden, george stephanopoulos in an interview have you done enough to tell people the migrants not to come? he said he thinks he's done enough but you can argue but watch this. >> well, so let me draw a distinction between families if i may and children who come without an adult. some of these children are as young as seven, 8-year-old girls. and so we do not expelled him back into the desert. speed to so we can come of this is a desperation, right, families making decisions to send their children across. if you hear the united states, we will make sure they are taken care of and we should take care of children and they should be able to take care of children and their own homes. very mixed messages coming.
7:40 am
>> bill: we talked about people in central america watching to see how friends neighbors do it. if they get there, they come on along the same way. the example is pretty clear right now. >> dana: you can see it. >> bill: i don't know how you turn the tide on this, great? >> dana: i am a little speechless. >> bill: u.s. and china face-to-face for the first time since president biden took office. how is this going to do? will washington bend to beijing's demands? kt parke mcfarlane coming up live, next. >> i hope we rollout unwelcome matt if relief from sanctions and the other policies put in place over the last four years. ♪ ♪
7:41 am
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act now for this limited time offer. ♪ ♪ >> bill: president biden strategy with the first big test on both sides meeting in anchorage, alaska. antony blinken talking ahead of that meeting a hard line against china's increasingly rest of policies. take a listen. >> china is using aggression to
7:46 am
systematically erode our economy in hong kong, undercut in taiwan, and into bed, and south china sea to violate. >> no shortage of issues, deputy national security advisor, kt, nice to see you. i will read you live ap story posed. the biden administration yet to signal it is ready or willing to back down on the hard-line stances taken under president donald trump. do you agree? at this point? >> well, we will wait and see. that would be terrific news if they decided to have their actions match their words appear they are talking tough and they should be talking tough. president trump laid the table for them. even the congress secretary of the biden administration site the trade war was very effective. so let's see what they do. but china will show up making domains. will the biden administration site thank you very much but no thank you? will they make demands back of
7:47 am
their own and really, it's not words that count but deeds with the chinese. >> bill: the tariffs have not been removed, right, billions of dollars imposed over the trump years and also press for cooperation on north korea. i mean, we have been talking about this for 30 years. >> yes, and the difference now is this time around i think is what the chinese are going to do. when we began with the trump administration, we sat down with the same officials and they put down their redlines, nonnegotiable demands and talked about taiwan. what the chinese are going to say today is what the chinese president said two weeks ago "we have redlined and the red lines are hong kong, the red line is taiwan command the red line is the uighurs. we don't want you talking about that, messing around, these are internal affairs, get out." the question will be to the biden administration say okay or talked up and do nothing or, do they decide to respond to the
7:48 am
chinese claims of taiwan and ona positive action to help those areas? >> bill: how do you believe the president g showing the current date of the country and the government and the people knowing they have emerged on covid a lot faster than many of us have. and he's looking at at this global competition between washington and beijing, framed out. >> xi jinping, the chinese president has never been shy about talking about his ambitions. they plan to replace the united states as the global power by initially censure. economically, technologically and militarily and diplomatic every way but the pandemic and now with the election of president biden, they speeded up their timeline and think they can get there in ten years. that is why they are so aggressive right now. that is why they are pushing and why it is extremely important president biden and his people match they are very aggressive and tough words, they match them
7:49 am
with some deeds. >> bill: in a word, do both sides fight for negotiations, yes or no, kt? >> i don't think anything happens with these negotiations. >> bill: wow, katie mcfarlane, nice to see you. we will see what comes out of anchorage, thanks, kt, nice to see you. >> dana: a missing u.k. woman more than a week ago is underway. no new questions about some of the reported details of her disappearance and one of the people on the search will join us next. but first, a preview of what is coming up on "the faulkner focus," hi, harris. >> when will americans finally get to see what is actually going on inside the migrant facilities on the southern border? joe concha weighs in on the crisis as it rages on. and john kerry is being labeled a hypocrite again! this time, it is about more than just climate change. "the faulkner focus," the top of the hour.
7:50 am
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>> new details of a mysterious disappearance of the british women missing for more than a week now good lesson on her boyfriend she had. st. john virgin islands. airfare is now calling for an urgent search of the boat as investigators try to figure out what happen. jeff jones is helping with that search purities and the location where she has turned up last and joined us now. what have you found? you have been looking for a few days. give us your best clue. >> so far we have not found any definitive answers as far as the search goes. she is obviously still missing. i'm currently standing in the location where she was allegedly last cnet. we've conducted six of the first six days. we've conducted multiple scuba dives, shoreline searches via small craft. we've incorporated the use of some high processing technology, the drones or the mosaic. we are doing volumetric mapping. with the help of professional
7:56 am
drone pilot andrew peter and supplies and resources trying to continue to further our research and be on our normal capabilities would be. >> harris: the boat behind you is the boat she was on? >> that is correct. can you see it clearly? >> yes, again. that is the one she supposedly allegedly has fallen from or was last cnet. and recognized missing at about 2:00 a.m. on that early morning morning. >> bill: here's the quote from a police commissioner where you are. "there may have been a noise before she disappeared. but we will not confirm nor deny this. there are always noises in his plays and it could be from any one of the vessels nearby in the harbor. the noise was not reported at that time and then allegedly heard by a passerby.
7:57 am
can you shed some light on what's behind that? >> yep. to be in agreement with what the commission is saying is 100% right. we are heavily -- destination. majorie barrette likelihood comes from tourism. it's pretty common for music, loud noises, parties, et cetera right here where we are standing. we are surrounded by village, hotel. it's hard to say, you know, especially considering the fact that it wasn't reported immediately with the initial investigation. >> is your experience -- do you think it's likely that she just fell overboard? given all the searches on the high tech that you are using, that it would be impossible for it she didn't make it for her not to be found? >> i wouldn't say it would be impossible. it would be highly unlikely that she went overboard that she
7:58 am
wasn't able to make it back on the board or the shore which is less than 200 feet from the boat. >> bill: we've been during the story for a few days. we hope that the ending turns out to be positive for you and all over the friends and family looking for her. i did not realize that she was an expert scuba diver. did you know that? >> bill: i don't know that. my understanding -- i did not know her personally. i'm trying to do the best we can to take care of our own. i didn't know her personally appeared my understanding is that she does have scuba diving experience. obviously on a boat, she has done some tricks and boat deliveries from grenada and back. in my experience if you are a first mate on the boat, you're pretty strong swimmer in these oceans. >> bill: thank you. we will be in touch. >> bill: not set for any interviews. >> bill: they are not search the boat. apparently. >> bill: what's happening?
7:59 am
you told me something in the break. he wants to watch any sport. to get a load of what he was watching last night. >> my nieces in the state tournament now. 7:00, i want to watch the game. i didn't realize it but this particular game, you can actually fast-forward to. i go all the way to the an end it's really close the entire game who they're supposed to win this time. they've got a good squad. notre dame academy. i get to the very end. they missed a free throw. time expires. this season is over. i went to bed and i was bummed out and i reached out to my family earlier today and i told me they won. they blew them out. i was watching the wrong game on youtube from january. >> that's how you could fast-forward. did it not occur to you? >> bill: i thought i have the time wrong. >> i typically look at mascots to see who's going to win.
8:00 am
pandas. i don't know if you want to be the parent. >> i think you're right about that. they've got a good squad. in the spirit of march madness, roll-on, march on. >> get the girl some bamboo. ♪ ♪ >> harris: democrats are now pushing two immigration bills which critics call amnesty as the crisis at our southern border rages on. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus." lawmakers are said to consider one bill giving a pass to citizenship for more than 2 million dreamers. another would allow more than 1 million undocumented farmworkers to apply for legal status. as the biden administration deals with a surge of migrants that border agents say is getting worse by the day, g.o.p. congress and matt gaetz is going after the timing of these immigration bills. he is saying he will be voting


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