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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 18, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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gave you a new title during our, the doctor. good to see you all. up next, america reports. >> sandra: a fox news alert, some of the president biden's own border officials now among those calling him out for the dire situation at our southern border saying it is wrong for him to avoid calling it a crisis. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith and this is "america reports." >> john: hi, again, sandra, i'm john roberts in washington and this is exclusive reporting that you will only see on fox. this is mission texas in the rio grande valley where our teams have been on the ground for days now. we are getting word that the biden administration is denying news outlets access to its jam-packed facilities and write alliance with border patrol agents. border officials reportedly feel like they are under a gag order.
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dhs claims of simply filing procedure. >> sandra: at an eight hour drive north of the border in dallas, teenage boys are now moving into that mess overflow present facility. we reported yesterday nearly 600 unaccompanied children are crossing the border each and every day under this administration. that's about one child every two and a half minutes. >> john: in a moment we will talk with the texas county judge in a region where border crossings have exploded in the past year. >> sandra: kristin fisher talked about this in the briefing room yesterday and she joins us now. >> it's not just fox, journalists from multiple organizations are complaining about this lack of access at the border. you have nbc news reporting that the biden administration's placement on official gag order on border patrol agents and our own correspondence down at the border saying that all of their request to go on right alliance with border patrol agents have been rejected and this is common practice during the trump
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administration. someone asked why this is happening, white house press secretary jen psaki repeatedly punted to the department of homeland security. >> you all came in and promised to be the most truthful and transparent administration and you all oversee the department of homeland security. so if you all wanted to grant access to the press, couldn't you just tell dhs to do it? >> we fully support transparency and i would encourage you to talk to the department of homeland security about any request to have prepress access or what you are looking to accomplish at the border. >> what journalists are trying to accomplish as they want to see what conditions are like for the thousands of unaccompanied migrant children that are inside his government run facilities and so far no media has been allowed inside to see the conditions for themselves or take pictures. these videos are important because it just goes to show you what kinds of conditions and how these children are being treated
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when they are being allowed into the united states. >> sandra: kristin fisher, reporting live from the white house. >> john: at one thing we do know from history is of the white house wanted to get reporters into those complexes, all it would have to do is tell dhs to make it happen. but get to casey stegall who is on the real ground along the border with mexico. what does it look like from where you are? >> john, i want to say that we, too, can attest to how difficult it has been. so far getting editorial information and basic up-to-date facts. sources that we've known for years and years and worked closely with within customs and border protection, u.s. border patrol denying a request for opportunities to shoot video and to do interviews. things that were readily available to us when we were here and quickly approved it during the last surge under the trump administration. there's also another major story down here that's not being widely reported and that is
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however an absolute talk of the town for people who live and work in these border communities. with president biden halting instruction of the border wall, it has left thousands of job sites abandoned. equipment sitting idle and those who sold some of their land to the government or had it taken by eminent domain leading them in limbo. >> the money has been set aside for this, and no matter what the land is still legally theirs. i did sign the contract. >> local leaders say it with the extra smuggling going on along the rio grande river, it is also translated into a higher number of river rescues and the drownings with so many people trying to swim or wade across,
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yes, some even holding infants, small children. border patrol so they can't save everyone. john and sandra? >> sandra: casey, i just want to let you know that a few moments ago in the white house briefing room we were told that jen psaki took a question from one of those reporters on transparency, on this issue of the border. she said the white house remains committed to transparency. so i will let you respond to that camp but first of those basic facts that you are saying as a reporter, you are not getting access to that you once dead when it comes to video interviews, whatever access that may be. based on what we just heard from the white house in your personal experience, what does that tell you as a journalist? >> sandra, it makes it difficult, no doubt. we so obviously find ways to get our information and as we've been saying since it doesn't come from the federal government we are leading to the local leaders like the mayor and the governor of texas.
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at greg abbott has been very vocal about it and we've actually gotten more information and better information about the situation and specific numbers from them as opposed to border patrol or customs and border border protection officials. we don't know why things tightened up, they stopped granting these types of requests and of course there's a lot of speculation about this. the pressure ratchets up a little bit, and maybe we will start to see some of those guidelines loosened and we can get access inside some of the detention facilities, as kristin was saying, so we can see for ourselves. we can also go on some white wrr once i get out here on the front lines to bring your facts. >> john: it while we don't know the motivation for the white house denying access, do note the reason for the trip administration allowing access. the trump administration readily admitted there was a crisis on the border and they wanted to
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show the american people pictures of what was happening there because they said that they needed to take action in order to stop it. that would seem to be the difference there. >> that's right. you know well, obviously. that was at a time with the kids in cages narrative was going on and we had protesters outside of a lot of those immigration holding facility is. one thing that i find interesting in our time down here covering at this go-round, i haven't seen any protesters in the form of immigration rights advocates were people that seem to be picketing outside of these locations like we saw back in 2019. but i went on one of those tours inside the facility, and no cameras allowed and we couldn't take our cell phones, we just had a pen and paper. but they let us through and showed us the pantry is in the shower and restroom facilities and things that have been in the media so that we could see it and reported for ourselves which
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we did. lord knows we've tried and we put in requests to try to do the same thing this go-round, and so far it's not working. hopefully that pressure changes a. >> john: casey stegall with the wealth of perspective for us. casey, thanks so much. >> sandra: thanks to casey for that that. my next guest is a judge, adult border crossings in that sector are up more than 300% compared to this time last year. in unaccompanied child crossings are up 165%. it's a tough number to wrap your mind around. judge curtis evans has to do that and he joins me now. judge, first give us some color on that. as it affecting your community there? >> we have a lot of people here, we are very sparsely populated but these people are worried about his crossings. they don't feel safe and there are branches that work and to
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check water, they are by themselves and they come across a group of ten or 20 or 50 people and it's bothersome. our border patrol is so overwhelmed, our law enforcement is a small community and there's just no help. this has caused us to be in a bind where we are taking away from the protection of our citizens from our sheriff's department to protect the border which the county doesn't have the authority to protect its border. it should be protected by the government. >> sandra: judge, do you get any sense that the biden administration is listening? >> if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. what i see from them is.
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>> sandra: we are hearing that the administration is admitting that many of these migrants are not being tested as a crossover to the border. i want to call it to her attention. it included two pictures and we will put them up for rb was here. he tweeted out, knowing the insight as these groups continue entering the rio grande valley, and 48 hours agents arrested 369 illegal aliens and that's four separate groups. this year agents have encountered 19 groups of 100 or more people illegally entering the united states. and i show you these pictures, as we come off of that report from casey stegall just a moment ago, he had and other reporters who were getting access under the trump administration are
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blocked access now from entering any of these facilities, getting any walk-throughs and getting privy and, why do they do that? >> we had a rancher who lost his house because one of these guys that was left behind, the z illegal immigrants, he burnt the house down in order to call attention to himself. these folks are coming here to work, they are coming to get a free ride. >> sandra: this is the increase in the big bend sector. single adults of 316%, and we will hear what jen psaki just said in the briefing room. she said the white house is standing by transparency and it seems this is not the case from
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our reporters down there on the border. judge, we appreciate your time this afternoon. we will check back in with you. and you as well. we will have that sound out of the briefing room in just a few moments for our viewers, but this is a story that changes by the hour. >> john: this lack of transparency hearkens back to the days of the obama administration when in 2014 we had a similar issue, but direct appeals to the secretary of homeland security at the time, jeh johnson managed to pry open the door. and they are where the pictures everyone to see. what the situation was. but the more you closed on access, the more you raise suspicions. >> sandra: if they are promising transparency, maybe that will grant the access those reporters are looking for. >> john: and there's also this to report. watch here.
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tornadoes and flooding hitting southern states, knocking out power to thousands of people and forecasters predict a more severe weather coming their way in the next few days. charles watson is live in moundsville alabama to south tuscaloosa. moundsville was hit hard by that storm. charles, what does it look like where you are? >> cleanup efforts are underway here in moundsville but as you can imagine there are plenty of people who are thankful that the storms weren't any worse than what they were. governor kate iv said in part, i've received no reports of fatalities and i pray that remains the case as the assessment gets going. overall we have a lot to be grateful for. yesterday more than a dozen tornadoes touched down across the south, leaving behind a path of destruction and causing power outages for tens of thousands of customers and that is certainly the case. you can see windows were blasted out of cars with roofs partially
10:14 am
missing. they had some terrifying moments yesterday. take a listen. >> the whole house was shaking, my daughter was screaming and going on. i pretty much couldn't do anything then but start praying. >> john, the national weather service has two teams on the ground that are task to track those storms as well as the intensity of those storms. >> john: an early start to tornado season. charles, thanks so much. i remember a few years ago sandra what a big, big tornado ripped through tuscaloosa and a lot of mammoth students were involved in that. that area just keeps getting pounded year after year. >> sandra: and we are bracing for more. we will continue to cover that harsh weather that rolls through. meanwhile, avner cuomo facing investigations but now one of
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his accusers are pushing back. why she said the impeachment probe is a sham. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis will join us live on that. >> i have four young kids myself, i've been living through zoom school and all the challenges related to it. those details are proposed to our legislatures. it's brutal. >> john: a parent calling out california governor newsom for those comments. why critics say it's a case of rules for the end and not for me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow.
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>> sandra: new york governor andrew cuomo now facing three investigations into the claims against him which includes the review of his own office that he is apparently conducting. now one of the accusers is slamming the impeachment investigation into the governor as a sham. nicole malliotakis is standing by with reaction to that. but first to bryan llenas. one reporter is speaking about her interactions with the governor. >> sandra, good afternoon. bloomberg reported that valerie bauman covered to governor cuomo when she was 25 years old and she's right, governor cuomo never touched her inappropriately but he made a unwavering eye contact. she wrote, he did make me uncomfortable as did a lot of men in albany, i felt like he was flirting with me and that's because i think he was. lindsay boylan is vowing not to cooperate with the state assemblies impeachment investigation of the governor. boylan and critics point out that the law firm davis, polk
10:21 am
and wardwell picked the lead of the investigation that has ties to the investigation and the firm was chosen by democratic assembly speaker carl hastie who is notably not demanding cuomo's resignation. his impeachment investigation is not designed to be transparent or to move fast and there's nothing cuomo wants more than time. cuomo's office has hired lawyers for its staff members and is conducting its own review of a grouping allegation from late last year. critics say this is an attempt to intimidate and also interfere with ongoing investigations. >> sandra: bryan llenas on that story. >> john: let's bring in republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis of new york. good to see you today. deborah katz who is charlotte bennett's attorney said this about the appointment of davis polk to be involved in this case. we were alarmed to learn that speaker hastie has hired davis
10:22 am
polk to assist in the investigation given the connection to dennis blaser who spent more than 30 years in the department, this is an unacceptable conflict of interest. he's also the husband of supreme court justice janet fiore who would be involved in any impeachment proceeding against governor cuomo if that ever came to pass. your thoughts on all that? >> i can't believe the governor even appointed judge to fury and there seems to be a conflict of interest here. there are so many law firms in manhattan and new york state, white choose one that has any ties to the cuomo administration? i certainly share that same concern. what the impeachment being slow and not being transparent, that's the way albany functions and it's unfortunate and that nothing in albany unfortunately is designed to be quick or transparent and that is part of the problem. and the reason why it's so dysfunctional.
10:23 am
>> john: as bryan llenas pointed out, we also heard from lindsay boylan who is the first person who brought accusations forward saying in a tweet "not any of us have put our lives on the line for this. i will not and certainly will not." are the alleged victims being marginalized? >> absolutely. i have more faith in the state attorney general who is also the democratic party who put together a more conference of investigation just like she was able to do with the nursing homes and was able to expose the fact that the governor had underreported nursing home deaths by 50% and under reported the positive cases in nursing homes by 40%. that's a kind of investigation we need to come one that will be independent and gets to the bottom line. >> john: there are a number of democrats coming out and calling for governor cuomo to resign but he's also lining up supporters.
10:24 am
let's take a look at this press conference from yesterday, standing shoulder to shoulder with cuomo. >> when people start piling up on you and you are trying to figure out, is this the same country that says that you can make any allegation that you want to make, but due process and hearing is basically what we believe in this country. >> john: he's making a point there, pointing that cane at folks. but is this a due process for the governor? >> there should be an investigation and there should be due process. when i called for the governor to resign it was specifically related to the nursing home scandal and the fact that he underreported this information based on the attorney general's investigation and also that his own chief of staff admitted there was a cover-up.
10:25 am
and they were afraid of investigation. that is why i have called for him to resign and i think others should join me at enough but it's surprising that people from president biden to senator schumer to senator gillibrand have nothing to say about what occurred in our nursing homes over the past year and instead are so focused on just the sexual harassment allegations which i think our terrible allegations. and they are only going to add on to the original reason why the governor should resign in the first place. >> john: there's also the issue of group homes in the initiative, and asking the department of justice to investigate this situation there. nicole malliotakis, good to see you. >> sandra: fox news has an exclusive interview with the nursing home whistle-blower. aisha hosni sits down with the administrator of a new york
10:26 am
nursing home who said he sounded the alarm when they forced him to take an infected patients. >> we can't be doing this, it's not right to the residence. >> vocalized that on these phone conversations. >> i did vocalize it and once it was shot down i never spoke again. >> sandra: that exclusive interview will air next hour right here on "america reports." our viewers will be able to take that in its entirety next hour. >> john: it's a really great look behind the curtain about what was going on at the time. finally someone coming forward to say, we tried to tell them, but they didn't want to listen. coming up, the latest on the investigation into the capital riot. what house minority leader kevin mccarthy is saying about that. >> president biden: plus two teenagers facing charges now following the brutal attack on a man who later died from his injuries.
10:27 am
the latest on that investigation is coming up. >> you see this picture of this guy, he has no family around to speak for him. this is one that i will remember.
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10:32 am
domestic extremism. there has been absolutely no movement since then despite the push of a capitol police officer who took at live in aftermath. house minority leader kevin mccarthy sounded off about policies reported plan b which surfaced today in a report. >> she wants to go to committees that democrats control, instead of making something set up that is bipartisan. much like the 9/11 commission. >> but a senior democratic aide said that this report is not accurate, and they are likely to already being doing oversight and the goal is to have both commission and commission comic congressional oversight just as they did after 9/11. it's not going to go anywhere because even former members of
10:33 am
the 9/11 commission they bipartisanship is the key. that's a partisan filter. you can't even agree on that, >> sandra: he couldn't remember what he was doing at the time but he remembers feeling sick to stomach. he said the nation's capital was stormed by hostile forces and it was really disturbed at that moment. more on that coming up but really interesting to see that. california governor gavin newsom facing fresh criticism after he talked about the tough times he's been having with his kids stuck in zoom school. what is that? they returned to a private school that resumed full-time in person learning back in november. >> i've had it for young kids myself, and put out a detailed
10:34 am
proposal. it's brutal. >> sandra: dana perino, cohost of the five and author of the new best seller, everything will be okay. just made "the new york times" best-selling. and living through zoom school, why even say that? >> remember guys a couple of weeks ago, i think he was in berkeley and sing those kids should not be in school but he was seen dropping his starter off at a private school so that he could go to school. and he said that was an invasion of my privacy. and going to a restaurant, the french laundry is very exclusive and fancy. so you've already been through that. they have enough signatures now to recall the governor and you go on and say, you can say -- i know, i've talked to a lot of
10:35 am
people, zoom school is very hard. in my book aright about imposter syndrome and then, he's like the opposite. the imposter syndrome, he thinks that he is just like everybody else when he's actually not. >> i don't know if he felt like he could sympathize with the parents on an issue, we are all living through zoom in some capacity. to be fair. but "the washington free beacon" says learning has been brutal as kids have been in school since november and parents weigh in on this article. here is one of the parents, it's a real lack of understanding and a lack leadership on his part, it's hard to relate to parents like myself and members of our group who have public kids in school. he's had his kids in private school. he says students are getting less time in instruction and gavin newsom is calling that open. he's trying to pretend that
10:36 am
that's incredible frustration and parents are feeling. the frustration is everywhere but in particular they are, and to add onto it -- and also, some kids are in school across america. kids in wyoming, they've been in school and they take precautions. there are masks and distancing and that we found out it doesn't have to be 6 feet, it could be . the cdc has that it's safe to go back to school. there's billions of dollars out there to help people go back to school. it's a real shame especially for working women because there are many women who have left the workforce so they can be home if their schools are a hybrid situation and somebody has to be there to take care of the kids. it is a lot to fix, and a screw up like that doesn't help. but everything will be okay is the title of your book, and it stops you because we all need some soothing in that moment. we are all living through the pandemic and it's hard to. but to add onto that there are still young people who are trying to climb into their careers and the expense of their lives and to help them do that.
10:37 am
>> yes, so like ambition, talent, desire to move up at the end of the company. this is the one-year anniversary of the two week lock down to slow the spread. i wanted to put all of my mentoring advice in one place so if you are looking, and we will then have serenity and well-being along the way. i say that everything will be okay but you have to work at it. and john, you need to hear that, too. we all need to hear it's going to be over but great life lessons, for young women from a former young woman, and i disagree with that. you are still young woman. >> and jesse watters thinks i put that they are so everyone me. >> i first met dana almost 20 years ago now when we were both a little bit younger than we are but i have two daughters. these are great life lessons and dana, i'm expecting a assigned
10:38 am
pot comic copy. as i pointed out, i got to find a bottle of wine from your dog to come to the do is get assigned copy of your book. >> everyone needs a little bit of help. a young woman here at fox for the title and she said i needed to hear that. and it is true. everything will be okay but you do have to work hard. you were climbing the charts, your amazon best seller, and it has been a group effort i would say. >> thanks for having me. >> we will see you tomorrow morning. >> tonight. we went for the record i will buy the book and then send it to you to sign in. >> fine, deal. >> john: the biden administration meeting with chinese officials but will the biden administration demand china change its ways? former secretary of state mike pompeo would discuss what he hopes to see if anything come out of the meeting. >> sandra: perhaps he will have some life lessons as well. and while the crisis at the
10:39 am
border effective democrats ability to get anything done? congressman byron donalds will give us his take and he joins us live, next. ♪ ♪ feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear.
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> john: at the house taking up two immigration bills today, one of which could provide a pathway to citizenship for so-called dreamers and immigrants with temporary protected status. the second bill would provide that legal status to many
10:44 am
migrant farmworkers but the ongoing crisis threatens to shadow efforts on immigration reform. byron donalds joins us now. you put out a statement earlier today on mondays immigration bills, hr with so-called dreamers and tps bills. your thoughts on it? it's pretty clear you don't like it. >> the bill is disastrous and it's not needed, it's not been needed at any point in time but joe biden has completely blown up the border. what we see now is democrats in one hand trying to hand out amnesty well on the secondhand meeting a disastrous policy which is leading to children being traffic by drug cartels and mules through the southern border. it's outrageous. if this house passes a bill like this knowing they created a crisis on the border it's a disrespect to all legal immigrants and to disrespect to americans, and frankly a disrespect to people fighting human trafficking around the
10:45 am
world. >> the human trafficking issue is something that governor greg abbott of texas was talking about at length yesterday. so you believe for bill like hr six were to pass that would increase the so-called pole of migrants from other countries and others around the world? >> absolutely wet because all you're doing is incentivizing more the same. joe biden has been weak on the southern border. when you have people showing up with t-shirts saying bite and lead us in 90 followed that up and the only thing you are telling the cartels and the mules down in south central america is go find more kids, go find more families and move them to the southern border as quickly as you possibly can. we already know the cartel is making more money trafficking human beings with and they on smuggling drugs.
10:46 am
>> john: of maria salazar has come out with the potential bill which would put in place of renewable status for illegal immigrants and it would protect to the and enhance and expand visas for cultural workers and of course put in mandatory letter e-verify. but you aren't a fan of that? >> no. and as much as i respect congresswoman salazar, we got the wrong idea. have 21st secure our border and deal with our border. we should be fixing those things and make sure those are completed and permanence. once that solidified them we can talk about the people in the country illegally. >> john: let's talk about the issue of transparency, the white house under increased pressure from the press to open up these facilities to the media. let's take a look at what happened yesterday in the briefing. >> if you wanted to grant access to the press couldn't you just
10:47 am
tell dhs to do it? >> again, we fully support transparency. >> we are hearing from the border protection than that they are frustrated, they can't show us what's actually happening, and it certainly seems like there is an element of secrecy here. why? >> i certainly wouldn't characterize it that way. >> john: she said today that she is committed to transparency and she also apparently used the word crisis for the first time. but does it look like transparency? >> it doesn't. we are trying to get rid of marianne miller meeks who is duly elected by the governor of iowa, and that's why nancy pelosi keeps the barricades up and they don't want people here in the body talking to members of congress about what they are doing. this is a serious matter because people are coming across the border who have tested positive for covid and it's the policy of the biden administration to
10:48 am
release them into the united states. that's why they don't believe in transparency. >> john: we will be watching closely as these immigration bills make it through congress. thanks so much. sandra, we heard it there from the press secretary using the word crisis for the first time. i don't know if it was inadvertent or not. >> sandra: crisis on the border was the exact quote. in our own peter doocy has flagged this because of all the talk about not calling it a crisis of the border. she was talking about vaccine doses and requests for them and dealing with, then she said it, the crisis on the border. so to your point, whether she meant to or not, it was said, john. i'm sure there will be followed up to that. >> john: freudian slips can sometimes be telling. a >> sandra: to teenagers in upstate new york have been charged with setting this man on fire. an update on the investigation, just ahead. and plus this. >> many facilities vocalized it,
10:49 am
they were petrified. there were more petrified of the department of health. >> john: it you got to see this, a new york nursing home administrator speaking about fox news about the cuomo nursing home scandal. more of that interview coming up next. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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10:53 am
>> sandra: police in upstate new york say to teenagers are facing murder charges after they set this man on fire in his own home. he later died from his injuries. senior correspondent laura ingalls is live in rochester, new york, on this for us. >> prosecutors are calling this a vicious and brutal crime. we are outside the public safety building where this case is going to be handled. to get to the story, police say that 53-year-old steven amenhauser was doused with flammable liquid by two teenage boys just 14 and 16 years old after he returned from the corner store. amenhauser was covered in second and third degree burns over 70% of his body. two teens were of arrested and charged with arson and assault but those charges were upgraded to second-degree murder after amenhauser died on tuesday. the older boy told police he attempted to start the fire on
10:54 am
the floor of the apartment but both of those teenagers pled guilty. he was a widower and his longtime girlfriend recently died. he was in declining health when he was attacked. >> he originally was adopted and fortunately there was no family in his life at the time of his death. so the reason i'm telling you about him is because there's nobody else to speak for him. >> the two teenagers will appear in the next virtual court appearance on monday. prosecutors handing over the case to the grand jury. >> sandra: laura, thank you. >> john: a bite's border crisis is getting worse but the day and his administration is under fire for a lack of transparency and facilities there. we'll have an update for you on that. >> sandra: and we have exclusive reporting coming up from the new york nursing home scandal. brand-new comments from a
10:55 am
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plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> john: and buckle up because we are jam-packed with fox news exclusives as "america reports" rolls into its second hour. i john roberts, hello sandra. >> sandra: good to be with you this thursday, in a fox news exclusive interview we will hear for the first time from someone who was inside of a nursing home when the state force them to take in patience carrying covid. this decision, he said he knew immediately was dead wrong. >> what i heard, the hospital
11:00 am
administrators first get on the conference calls and and there is no other choice but to send them back to the nursing home. i know that's ridiculous, many other administrators felt the same way because we are vulnerable. to be one hear from that nursing home administrator about his warning that went nowhere and he said a lot of other nursing home workers were too terrified to speak up. >> sandra: janice dean is here with her reaction after her tragedy affected her family personally. >> john: we also have the velvets in the cover-up investigation into governor cuomo. and, before we get to that, john, thought heartbreaking scene at the white house just today has finally called a
11:01 am
crisis after weeks of the situation worsening at our southern border. >> john: jen psaki rib corrected herself to say, and where else is the biden team refusing to say about the emergency on the southern border? >> sandra: kristin fisher took it right to the source asking the white house whites failing to live up to its promise of transparency. we will hear from her and just a moment. >> john: but first to anchorage up, alaska, where the new secretary of state. in a moment, and it's that's a lot to get to. china will pay for its human rights abuses. critics say he's been sending
11:02 am
mixed messages. take a listen to some of what he has said in recent years. >> we are trying to contain china, are not trying to slow down chinese growth. the growth in china is overwhelmingly in our interest. >> president biden: we both counter an aggressive course of action to push back on china's attack on human rights and intellectual properties and global governors. >> what about the uighurs? speak to it we must speak up for human rights, it's who we are. my comment to him was, and i know him well and he knows me well and it was a two hour conversation. there are different norms of each country and the leaders are expected to follow. >> john: secretary state mike pompeo, mr. secretary good of
11:03 am
you to join us today. the biden administration has been throwing out trunk policy left, right and center with one exception. and that is china. we seen at least on the surface trying to maintain the hard-line policies at president trump and you were pursuing against china. does that give you some reason for optimism here? >> john and sandra, thanks for having me on. there is hope for optimism. they took good actions against them senior leaders, with respect to hong kong the day before yesterday. now these meetings are in anchorage, we should have those conversations but no one should mistake conversations for actions. and this is what we did it come up when violating basic norms for trade, and we and they are stealing our secrets we kick them out of the consulate in houston, when they were conducting espionage there.
11:04 am
and that's what we need to do to secure freedom. china does present the greatest existential threat to our country and we need and administration, we think people that will demand and administration. >> sandra: could you share with us anecdotally, and what we have taken so far? >> certainly with respect to china, and in the middle east things are a bit different. in the arab states they are deeply concerned. i saw an interview that robert malley gave where he talked about appeasing the iranians.
11:05 am
we talked about a set of actions that will destroy, and they are very worried about the policies they are about to adopt. speak one of the white house is talking tough but it hasn't been always that way. joe biden has been all over the map with china. we remember this quote. >> china is going to eat our lunch. come on man. >> john: that wasn't that long ago, only in 2019. we were talking about chinese intellectual property theft, and recently their military buildup and their intentions toward asia have really come to the fore. what are their concerns and what do you think their intentions are? >> they made it pretty clear, i think you have it right. these commercial issues are real and to continue, we have a responsibility to get after them but the security issues that are at the center to the threat of
11:06 am
the united states, we took them on in the cyber world with respect to huawei and telecommuting occasions and now the united states must be able to exert whatever resources necessary to make sure we are prepared for whatever the chinese military does whether that's on the south china sea or the activities that they are conducting in space with satellites or whether it's their cyber campaigns. ongoing cyber threats to the united states of america. >> sandra: mr. secretary, we want to ask you about jared kushner who appears to be given credit to the biden administration saying it is making china apart priority and its own foreign policy and rightly so. he writes one of mr. trump's greatest legacies will be changing the view of china's behavior but it would be a mistake not to build on the progress in the middle east. obviously that's a message but overall, is jared kushner giving this administration credit in your view? >> that's a pretty optimistic view. i hope it turns out to be right.
11:07 am
the evidence today suggests otherwise and i think it's true they've me china real priority. unfortunately i think they've made climate change a priority even over that and i'm afraid they will trade an awful lot of america's security for a false chinese problem, i can promise change. for the lease they been all over the lot, they talked about building on the abraham accords which would be the right thing to do for people across the region. brought a historic set of changes to peace and stability in the region but at the same time they talk about going and doing deals with the palestinian authority who has refused to even have a conversation. i hope they don't go back and give away all the leverage in that they on the iranian regime, those would be big mistakes in israel and europe as well. >> john: why wouldn't you build on the iranian accords? on this savage a subject of the beijing olympics, the biden administration has not said
11:08 am
whether they should be boycotted or move somewhere else, what are your thoughts? and that's limited with any credibility. >> we know the history and those of us who have worked with our friends in israel and worked on anti-semitism, we talked about never allowing what happened in the 1930s to happen again. the world wouldn't approve of that. what was happening in the 1930s is happening in western china today. they are eerie similarities between the two and, the germans were able to get great credibility to that regime. we ought not to permit that to happen. we make sure the hosts for these games deserve this regime, but they certainly do not. >> if you could mr. secretary, standby. from another hot spot russia, and he is reporting from there. we will get back to secretary
11:09 am
pompeo in just a moment but first to rich. >> russian president let me put in is inviting the bite into a discussion live on the internet for anyone to see. the white house has just responded to this invitation, basically white house press secretary jen psaki says they will get back to us on this and if they engage, the administration does come with russian leaders and the russian government at all levels. vladimir putin is also snapping back at the american president. president biden was asked this week whether he believed putin was a killer. and biden says he does. in his response let me put and said i remember my childhood when we argued in the courtyard with one another we said, it takes one to no one. and that's not a coincidence, not just a children's saying or joke. the russian government has recalled its ambassador from
11:10 am
washington which is typical diplomatic move to show displeasure with the government. the official says there are no plans right now to recall the u.s. ambassador to russia. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: rich, thank you. let's bring back rick pompeo. can you give your response to that exchange by putin with the current president? >> it all seemed a bit childish to me. they should put america first, we tried to stop them from building a pipeline that was going to put europe beholden to russian energy. and the previous administration, they had allowed the russians to take crimea. we were strong and tough and understood those actions again. i want to come back to the central motion. if you put america first and back of your language with real deeds and not just rhetoric and
11:11 am
name-calling and you are seemingly far more likely to be successful. >> john: mr. secretary, you could argue the prudence of the emerging president calling to russian president a killer but are the facts in dispute here russian mark >> well he worked for the kgb for an awfully long time and we seen what he did, the intelligence committee made it clear that this was a russian operation that intended to kill him and i think those facts speak for themselves. >> sandra: mr. secretary, if you could standby we want to move on to the situation at the border. casey stegall is live in mission, texas. we will get mr. pompeo's reaction is just a moment but first, to you casey on what you are seeing here. >> i can tell you to the hhs website, it along with the umbrella agency runs the o rr or office of refugee resettlement and said that it operates some
11:12 am
100 shelters in 17 different states across the country. the one up in dallas that we have been telling about this week that has been converted, part of the conventions that are converted into a 3,000 bed capacity space is involved with fema. we are told that you can expect even more of those to likely pop up in other places down the road while local charity groups add humanitarian rights advocates are now stepping up and providing services from covid testing to a hot meal to listening to their horror stories. >> they come with their young children because they are so afraid they will not be able to protect their children, that their child is going to be pulled away by one of the gangs. >> now the dhs secretary said migrant adult and family units are being sent back to mexico and only kids are being kept here in custody.
11:13 am
like this one nt tijuana and everything is essentially a domino effect. you know that leaders there and parts of mexico and some of these border communities say they are now having growing concerns about issues of safety and sanitation with those camps as the situation continues to escalate. john and sandra. >> sandra: casey stegall in mission, texas. mr. secretary, the situation at the border changes constantly. because of the surge of migrants that are coming over that southern border, what do we do about this? knowing that this is an administration that's been reluctant to label the crisis. >> this is devastating and heartbreaking at a spot for national security as well. we put in place a set of policies, a set of understandings with the mexican
11:14 am
government, the governments of el salvador and honduras and guatemala, and you pull the pin on that, you create an incentive for these people that live in very difficult economic conditions. you put that incentive in place, they will come. you see the outfall and you see the fact that we can't manage this process, you heard them talk about the horrors of the people who were traveling across these places and what happens to these kids on the transit from central america up and through mexico. this is a humanitarian crisis on top of the sovereignty challenge across the united states. it's a great policy it remains in mexico which is something i worked on with the mexican foreign minister, and to pull the pin and have a lease to that with no plan for how to stop these folks with coming across the border and avoid this humanitarian and national security crisis, i simply can't understand it. >> john: at mr. secretary, the drumbeat that we here daily at
11:15 am
the white house and the department of homeland security and other agencies throughout the administration is that they were left with the dismantled immigration system and they were is basically starting from scratch. when it came to dealing with the search. how do you respond to that? >> i responded to math. look at the numbers. we had this functional and working, it was a diplomatic success, a success from a security perspective. we had this under control and people knew if you had -- we were going to find a way. we were going to remain in mexico and that work was functional and good for america. the tragedy that is befalling these people that are now stuck in horrific conditions in mexico and on our side of the border, it didn't have to be. is the one they said they had something that was dysfunctional you have to look at where we are today and ask yourself if america was better off under the trump administration policy and
11:16 am
if the people who try to make this transit were better off under our policies and i think the answer is yes. >> sandra: we had multiple serifs on this program, the mayors of the border town talking about they don't have the resources to deal with it. it's a major struggle with some of these american communities and i north into dallas where you have this facility where they are taking in these teenage boys, migrant boys. i don't know when that hits capacity, or what the situation will be with that as we look at other facilities that might have to take in some of these migrant children as the search continues. but i want point to have we so far, that it can't be fixed? >> we found ourselves in roughly this place when we came into office in the 2017 and we fixed it. it takes determination, it takes effort. we had courts try to stop us from doing it as well but we lay down a set of policies that delivered really good outcome and delivered border security.
11:17 am
a part of that involved building a wall to make sure we had a lawful immigration system and a set of rules that worked. it worked for the united states and it worked for people who wanted to come to the united states as well. >> john: mr. secretary, the message of joe biden and his white house now has been somewhat muddled if not outright contradictory. back at the very first presidential nominating debate during the primaries, he encouraged people who were seeking asylum to come to the united states. then we heard, don't come now. but we aren't saying don't come. biden most recently said don't come but we are working on new ways for you to come. when those messages get out there to the northern countries that were desperate and these cartels and coyotes who are willing to do just about anything to get the money from these people to take them across the border, what kind of signal is not sending to the rest of the world? >> two things to think about. first, if the message isn't --
11:18 am
if you try to transit to the united states and you will not be permitted income that's not the singular message than people think that's a green light to come and transit. second these people are pretty sophisticated. they are not paying as much attention to what the united states president set or ambassador to mexico, they are whatsapping or texting their friends saying i made it, i got in. and now i'm going to be a lawful u.s. citizen. come and bring your friends and family. there is the end american message and then both of those messages need to be that it doesn't make sense for you to make this transit. it's too dangerous, too risky and too expensive and if the entity won't be able to come to the united states unless you are doing so by a lawful method. >> sandra: you look at what's happening here, the fact that we are in the middle of the pandemic, and i couldn't help but notice on your twitter account today you took on the school situation.
11:19 am
science shows us it is safe to reopen schools but why isn't the biden administration listening to the science? why did you feel compelled to weigh in on that? >> this matter is an awful lot. it's impacting -- i have a sister and a and brother-in-law who are both teachers and have nephews and nieces and i have lots of friends whose kids are doing great. i have read of what has been written. it's safe to open the schools back up and the kids are safe and the teachers are safe. the administrators i safe. you can be done. open the windows, get some distancing and get these kids back in the classroom. all the benefits that come from the physical presence in the classroom with the teacher, that's where america needs to go. i know these young people deserve to be back in this administration and they should lead every state governor and every school district's get the kids back in the classroom. >> john: it clearly is an
11:20 am
important message to get out there but some people might see a foreign policy expert broadening his message to include schools combined with speeches in iowa and one in new hampshire as being indicative of a person who might be broadening their political horizons. >> it's indicative of someone who cares deeply about america and about the young people all across the country. when i was a congressman i worked on these school issues an awful lot and i still care deeply about them. >> sandra: i ask because i hear the that often and people wonder if there's a 2024 run in the future? >> i'm very focused. i'm going to campaign for some candidates next week and help take back the house of representatives, a place that i love. >> sandra: we appreciate you joining us, thank you so much. great to see you. next, biden's white house promise to be the most transparent in history, but that's not the case when it comes to the border crisis. we will have more on that coming
11:21 am
up. >> john: and i had to come at our exclusive reporting on the cuomo nursing home scandal. you will hear from the whistle-blower who says his concerns about what would happen if you put covid patients back into nursing homes was shot down. ♪ ♪ imbing. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000 for retirement tomorrow and for peace of mind today. refiplus. it's huge news. it's only for veterans. and it's only from newday usa.
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11:25 am
>> john: the white house getting press over a lack of transparency when it comes to crisis of the border. in our own kristin fisher as at the forefront of that and she joins us now from the north lawn of the white house. >> the biden campaign promise to bring truth and transparency back to the white house but now that he's in the middle of his first real challenge or crisis or whatever you want to call it, it's become increasingly difficult for journalist across the board to gain access to what's happening down at the border and it's not just fox.
11:26 am
and journalists from multiple organizations including fox say that the request to go on right along so that agents have been rejected. >> is the white house or dhs instructing border agents to refuse right along requests from reporters? >> i think we've seen the watching of the number of reports you all do, a number of border patrol officials who are quoted in them and appear in them and certainly from the white house we support that, it's courtney did through the department of homeland security and the logistics of assets. >> the white house secretary is punting all questions about what's happening at the border to the department of homeland security even though technically the white house has final say about whether or not the press and cameras will be allowed inside to see the kinds of conditions that these children are kept in.
11:27 am
and there are 13,000 of migrant children currently in u.s. custody. >> john: we mentioned during the break, jen psaki mentioned for the first time the crisis on the border. someone followed up and said crisis on the border, and with that she immediately said challenges at the border. she was added that that didn't reflect in the administration's view of things to which she responded, nope. so it looks like they are still resisting the crisis of the border. >> it's a game of semantics. you have the department of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas repeatedly press on capitol hill but he declined to say it was a crisis. we will see if the white house or any other administration officials decide to changed their stance on that. sp1 kristin fisher left the white house. >> sandra: the white house also supporting two democrat backed immigration bills in the house and each includes a path to citizenship for some who came here illegally. chad pergram on that.
11:28 am
>> good afternoon sandra. steny hoyer says the house will approve a comprehensive immigration bill but it's doubtful the bill will pass right now. what will likely pass today is the dream act which offers a path for many dreamers to become u.s. citizens. mitch mcconnell criticized democrats for addressing dreamers but not the border. >> they are taking up an amnesty plan that would create us pathway to citizenship for immigrants working in certain industries. >> it's a compromise between farmers and farm workers, and it's something that we hope will pass bipartisan support. >> democrats accuse republicans of using the border crisis as an
11:29 am
excuse to vote no on the dream act. sandra? >> sandra: chad pergram on that for us. >> john: it all could have been prevented. minutes away our exclusive reporting on new york governor andrew cuomo's nursing home scandal. her own aishah hasnie sits down with colleagues who felt they could not. ♪ ♪
11:30 am
out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment.
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♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: now to our exclusive reporting on new york governor andrew cuomo and his deadly nursing home scandal, we are hearing a new site for his decision to force a nursing home to accept patients infected with coronavirus. >> john: for the first time a nursing home administrator is on camera. >> sandra: aishah hasnie spoke
11:34 am
with that administrator. >> my position from the get-go was we can't do it. >> michael gross is the administrator of silver lake specialized care center in staten island, new york. for the first time he and his team are telling us what really happened behind closed doors when governor andrew cuomo issue that controversial march 25th order. it required all nursing homes to take in covid patients released from overwhelmed hospitals. he said he first heard about it on a covid conference call with other administrators. hospital leaders and state officials. >> i said that's ridiculous. everyone heard about the situation in washington state and that was enough for me to understand i can't put these people at risk. we can't be doing this. it's not right to the residence. >> and you vocalize that on these phone conversations? >> i did vocalize it and once it
11:35 am
was shot down i never spoke again. there are more important people than me who thought it was a good idea. >> who was it down by? >> i couldn't tell you. it was on a conference call, i don't know. >> he says many other administrators and rang the alarm and then just four days into the new order the nation's largest association representing long-term and postacute care that atomic providers pushed out the stark warning. this action by a state will put the many frail and older adults who reside in nursing homes at risk. the group even offered recommendations to reduce that risk. >> we think that the governors in every state follow that advice with the exception of new york. >> at the time come across and feared his facility didn't have enough ppe. he said his vendors told him they had to prioritize hospitals
11:36 am
so he followed his gut and locked down. >> we would take back our own patients, because that's only fair. but to take on new cases i felt was unfair. so we shut down the entire operation. we had no admissions for about ten weeks. maybe longer, i don't remember. and i mean, that was my way of following the governor's order. >> but refusing to taken patients from hospitals because consequences. >> many facilities were threatened by hospitals to take covid patients. >> threatened in what way? >> i never saw the exact emails but they were threatening that they would be reported for. i think in our case, we weren't allowed -- we were told, please don't send us your sick
11:37 am
patients. there were multiple hospitals that were threatening. >> they were saying don't bother sending us your patients? while. >> in the end, silver lake confirmed to covid deaths and 37 presumed to covid deaths. the numbers are not the lowest in the state but far from the highest. >> so you following your gut, do you think that made a difference? >> join my population i think we would have had a lot more loss of life. >> there has to be a better regard for the elderly population and the population of residents in nursing homes that are sick, they are vulnerable. and i think they should have been given a much higher priority. >> in may of 2020, governor cuomo amended his nursing home order and now hospitalized residents must be tested negative before being readmitted to the nursing home.
11:38 am
but what's the advantage already done? did the march 25th directive put these facilities in an unreasonable position? >> they were petrified but there were more petrified of the department of health. >> the new york attorney general found insufficient ppe and testing at nursing homes put residence at increased risk of harm. 15,000 people died in nursing homes and at long-term care facilities and governor cuomo repeatedly insists his order was not the driving cost. >> do you think that's fair? do you believe that? >> not entirely. i really feel that when the hospital kept on pushing us to take these residents, i think that was a very big mistake. >> are many thanks to michael krause for speaking on camera about this. aisha hosni did that interview. she joins us live, we learned a lot there. what did andrew cuomo know about the warnings? >> that's a great question. obviously you heard of michael krause in that piece basically
11:39 am
say, look. there were state officials and these covid conference calls when i spoke up so we have to assume that there were state officials that heard his warnings and his ringing the alarm. we did reach out to the governor's office to find out if he was aware of this but we haven't heard back yet. the department of health did response to our request for comment and he did say that there march 25th guidance was not a directive to accept covid-19 patients. essentially what they are saying is the agency found that it was reasonable for nursing homes to understand, don't take these patients if you are not adequately prepared. that last part, that was part of the federal guidance come down from the cdc. it was not included in the states order, let march 25th order. so obviously some people out there would say nursing homes did not take it that way.
11:40 am
>> john: and yet, cuomo insists he followed cdc guidance. the big picture question here is, did cuomo's order lead to an increase in nursing home deaths from covid, where do we stand on that question? >> i'm glad you asked that because i feel like that question has really gotten lost as we sort of have gone on this path that is winding and all sorts of directions, all these controversies arrive around the governor. the answer is we don't know and we don't know that anyone is really looking in to that important serious question. we know that the department of justice began to look into it back in august but they were actually just looking into whether they should launch an investigation into that question or not. we are not aware that they ever did but we know that yesterday several lawmakers here in new york including congresswoman elise stefanik, she did call out for the doj to go ahead and launch an investigation into
11:41 am
that question. she wants the doj to find out if this order violates the civil rights of those residents that were living in these group homes. >> john: a great reporting. >> sandra: thank you for bringing that to us. it was one year ago today the big headline in new york was the alarming new high-end covid deaths, 14 total across the state. one month would pass before that number, we all remember that moment it reached a thousand. >> john: it seems so long ago now. once a virus got inside nursing homes it was too late. for months we've been hearing from victims heart broken families and it was worth remembering that with every one of those stories there was a life that the whistle-blowers morning might have saved. >> they gave me 15 minutes to say goodbye and i couldn't do anything. i had to go in ppe and watch my father tumbled to his death. i had to walk out those doors knowing i couldn't save my father.
11:42 am
>> unfortunately unthought of people aren't looking at this march 25th order that is behind us, i look at it every single day. i blow it up and i look at it every single day to remind myself why i'm here fighting for the truth for my father. and everyone else in the thousands that perished. >> they've been playing political football with our seniors and i'm grateful that the truth is coming out. >> it's truly heartbreaking. i've tried to keep it together emotionally, just for the well-being of myself and my family and also for my mother, to stay strong. we had this coming from him almost a year later, it's unheard of. you wouldn't have seen that, like this still happened. and the fact that he's still lying and covering his trail is insane. >> we had a four covid deaths in one week and three of them got it in a nursing home.
11:43 am
so this is not a game to be blaming on people. there are thousands, there are about 100,000 new yorkers will, you take 15,000, five or six or seven people for family and that's a lot of people in our state that will be devastated by this. we couldn't bury our families, we couldn't have funerals and we could mourn. some people lost both parents. >> at least sympathizing, try to have some passion, see how we feel. think before you speak especially if you are in a political position. some people think we don't care if they die, but we do care. and we do blame you. from the very beginning there were things that you did fail and could have handled a lot better. >> it's very disturbing how he goes on to conferences on the
11:44 am
news and addresses myself and 15 other families. it's so disheartening to say, while they are old, they are in a nursing home, they are going to die. no governor cuomo. that was my father's home unfortunately and my father very hard to get healthy and i was his protector, is go to person. i had him in a good situation, he was not in a dying situation. he states on the news that this virus is like ground zero. >> my sister annabel was calling my daughter is saying, i'm scared i'm going to die. lo and behold, they were sharing the same bathroom in that house. think about that one? how are you confining people, it's not rocket science. they had plagues back in the old roman empire and they had plagues in the middle ages, it's common sense. they are not following common sense and they are still not following common sense. and i'm pit stop about it. >> john: let's bring in janice
11:45 am
dean, both of her parents died from covid in a new york knicks and home. she is leading the charge. you are the administrator, michael krause, a warning was out and it was ignored. >> yes, i'm proud of michael and we need more whistle-blowers. i've talked to nursing home owners and people who work in the nursing home and they are afraid to talk. they tell me they felt like they had no choice but to accept covid positive patients in nursing homes and they had no ppe. that my father-in-law's nursing home, they were wearing garbage bags. garbage bags. there were bodies piling up and storage facilities, storage trucks. and this governor has been nerve to go on television and say, who cares? they died. whether they died in a nursing home or hospital, who cares? you just saw so many beautiful families that want answers.
11:46 am
i want a bipartisan investigation to find out what were the origins of the march 25th order? why did you put over 9,000 covid positive patients in a nursing home and live for months did you cover it up? >> sandra: janice, it's hard not to have such an emotional reaction to your story and to theirs. daniel mussina, her father died alone and she told her story right here. it's hard not to be moved by every single story. the rv knee brothers, the struggle to see their father before he passed. everybody has a story and your story has been so powerful. for so much distraction, i know you've mentioned your level of frustration, now with all the sexual misconduct allegations against the governor that we are not talking about this. the seriousness, and the responsibility that this governor needs to bear as a result of it. >> i thought about this a lot.
11:47 am
i don't care what ultimately brings them down, the personality is of somebody not only with the nursing homes but with the young staffer now. he's a bully and he wants to make people demeaned and feel small. but i don't want people to forget about the 15,000 loved ones that we lost and we still don't have answers to. do not forget them. don't forget the nursing homes, don't forget to loved ones. i know all of those families, they have brought us together in this time of grief and the angels are on our side. he might have his name and the democrats but we have the angels on our side. >> john: i'm sure that michael krause for regrets not bringing the matter up again. he said he brought it up and it was shot down that he never brought it up again, but when you hear about the pressure that
11:48 am
was brought to these nursing homes, the trickle-down effect of this order was far and wide. >> i think they want to distract with the me to the situation. no young woman should ever be put in a position like that but i think they are going down that road with the nursing homes and the corruption and the criminality. what's underneath the floor board? i believe there is a money trail and it is criminal. >> sandra: it all needs to be looked into, it's all extremely serious in nature and deserves equal treatment. i know the fbi is taking. we hope you get answers for your family. >> john: as always, love to you and your family. we will be right back.
11:49 am
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>> fans are ready for the start of march madness. >> rules for the tournament are different after the pandemic. can't wait for the action to get underway. >> hey, john. i know everybody is excited here. it's a different feel to it this
11:53 am
year with all 68 teams in indianapolis. you're not going to see as many of these filled out for the experts. not as many people are going to the office so there's not the peer pressure from co-workers to vent via filling out a bracket. there's other ways to bet. i'll show you the numbers. here's the numbers from play usa. they expect online betting to be up as much as 200% compared to two years ago. betting in sports books is supposed to be up 80%. part of the reasons fans are expected to bet $1.5 billion this march madness is because there's so many games to bet on. more than that, a ton of states have legalized sports betting since the last time around. there's easier ways to bet on draft kings, fan duel, fox bets. a lot of people have downloaded the apps during the pandemic.
11:54 am
they're used to using them and a lot of hype surrounding the tournament, john. we've waited so long for this. >> i got a text saying our 10-year-old son loves march madness. he wants to fill out his own brackets. i expect to do that when i get home. >> makes it fun, right, grady? >> it does. go ahead. >> yeah, even if you're not familiar with basketball, you can follow the seeds and make educated guests. lsu plays tomorrow at 1:45. >> and shaquille o'neal is picking the tigers to go all the way. john, what is your pick? >> i might as well throw darts at a board. i went to college in canada where we had a few teams.
11:55 am
i missed the ncaa experience. my older son had it going to university of colorado. my daughter went to the college of charleston, whose football team still undefeated. other than that, i'm lost here. sorry. >> okay. all right. do the bracket can your son. >> good luck with that. >> grady, thanks. up next, we'll recap a busy news day. john, it's been a couple hours. >> it has been. >> it's been a week. >> "america reports" will return. we'll be right back. here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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12:00 pm
the whistle-blower having him on, tell that story. fantastic. exclusive here to fox news, john. having secretary pompeo on this hour. great stuff. >> john: tomorrow is friday, which is a good thing. friday is a big news day here in washington. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i john roberts. "the story" with trace gallagher starts now. >> thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. several stories breaking right now. we're waiting president biden in the east room of the white house on vaccination efforts across the country. we will bring you there live with former trump era testing czar dr. brett giroir standing by to react. and secretary state anthony blinken touches down in alaska ahead of the first face-to-face meeting with chinese counter parts where beijing is expected to press for a reversal of president trump's tough posture. also breaking right now, house republicans take aim at democrat eric swalwell for


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