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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the whistle-blower having him on, tell that story. fantastic. exclusive here to fox news, john. having secretary pompeo on this hour. great stuff. >> john: tomorrow is friday, which is a good thing. friday is a big news day here in washington. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i john roberts. "the story" with trace gallagher starts now. >> thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. several stories breaking right now. we're waiting president biden in the east room of the white house on vaccination efforts across the country. we will bring you there live with former trump era testing czar dr. brett giroir standing by to react. and secretary state anthony blinken touches down in alaska ahead of the first face-to-face meeting with chinese counter parts where beijing is expected to press for a reversal of president trump's tough posture. also breaking right now, house republicans take aim at democrat eric swalwell for his ties to a
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chinese spy known as fong-fong. she spent four years trying to infiltrate elected officials. in moments, republican mike turner on the intelligence committee efforts to remove the democrat congressman, but we kick things off with our chief washington correspondent mike emanuel live in d.c. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. the vote in the house could come any time now. kevin mccarthy is pushing to have eric swalwell removed from the house intelligence committee. >> i want all members to ask this one question, should a member that can't get a security clearance in the private sector sit on the house intelligence committee? think about that for a moment. >> the house judiciary chairman fired back saying this could
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happen to any politician. >> we all have hundreds of people in our campaigns, hundreds of people. can we verify any of them? do we know everybody's association? do we know whether someone in the campaign is a spy or a thief or whatever? do we do a police investigation, an fbi investigation of every member of our campaign? it's absurd. >> republicans have been concerned about swalwell's ties to an alleged chinese spy names christine fong. she left the country in 2015 after she built circles in california's politics. mccarthy aides asked about close contact with a foreign national in the last seven years. house intelligence chairman adam schiff expressed his support for swalwell saying --.
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>> democrats should have the voted to set aside the resolution but this is a direct jab at speaker nancy pelosi who put swalwell on the intelligence panel. trace? >> thanks, mike. now to breaking news out of georgia. police are talking about the spa massacres that happened a couple days ago. let's go to georgia and get an update. watch. >> i put out a lot of the information out in the public and especially if -- in our cases where the -- i know it's tough. there's a lot of questions that want to be answered. but again, we just ask that you respect the families that are still mourning. some that may not even know yet.
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so that's a real key part of for our victims that our victims have not beneficially notified. >> have you been able to identify the victims having reached all of the family members? >> as soon as we verify and make the notifications, we're working with the cops in the office of the republic of korea and to make that verification. as soon as we are 100% sure and notifications have been made, we'll release them. >> is that likely today? >> yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> that creates part of the delay, yes. >> [question inaudible] >> any indication the subject visited the spas before? >> right now our early investigation appears that he may have frequented those locations, yes.
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>> both of them? >> yes. >> do you know anything more about the suspect? [inaudible] >> not right now. i can't be able to answer that. >> you believe he has been physically at those -- >> i can say he had frequented both of those locations, yes. >> are you able to say that he targeted the specific individuals that he actually shot and killed? >> i will not say that. again, i would just say that unfortunately they were at that location. i can't say that he specifically targeted those individuals. but, you know, what i will say is that he did frequent as the question keeps coming up, he did frequent those two locations within atlanta. >> is it also -- do the victims not have any family members in the united states or are they all overseas in korea? >> i'm not saying that. we want to make sure that we do our due diligence of that. we may -- some family may reside
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stateside. some even here in the atlanta area. but again, we want to make sure that we do our due diligence to make sure that the identification of the victims have been handled first. >> have you ever been called to the locations before? >> again, i think that was addressed last week. i mean, we've had recent -- we've had some incidents there called there. but that's not why we're here. >> [question inaudible] >> i'm not sure about any mental illness. all we know is that he did purchase the gun the day of the incident. >> thank you. >> there you have the deputy police chief in atlanta, charles hampton, talking about the case of the man, robert long, 21 years old that went to those three atlanta massage parlors
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and opened fire in all three. he killed eight. six of them were asians. a lot of talk about whether this was a hate crime. police say what they believe is that the suspect told them that he was a sex addict and he was trying to eliminate the temptation. you heard the deputy police chief right there tell you that he had frequented these massage parlors a lot. they do not know if he had any kind of contact with these people who he targeted. he was a customer of these massage parlors. he's now in custody facing eight counts of murder. continuing coverage of breaking news. now back to our top story and the effort to remove democrat congressman eric swalwell from the intelligence committee. my next guest sits on that commit, mike turner of ohio. he joins me now. thanks for standing by for the breaking news. i just want to -- in mike emanuel's report, you have to go back and listen to it. i was fascinated by what gerald nadler said.
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he said you can't keep track of everybody in your campaign saying this christine fong, fong-fong was in the swalwell campaign. he said it's absurd to say that. i'm wondering if there was a russian spy in the trump campaign if he would have the same take? >> clearly shows the duel standard that the democrats apply when it comes to classified information and making allegations against elected officials. in this instant, we happen to know that swalwell's relationship was an intimate relationship. she raised money for him, placed unterns in the office. had more than just a volunteer that was on his campaign. the allegations are that it went to a high enough level that there was an fbi investigation and kevin mccarthy received the briefing. he concluded there's no way he should be on the committee swalwell compromised. what is also interesting what kevin mccarthy said.
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swalwell says he will be sitting across from people that will be held to a different standard, their exposure to others has been than swalwell. they're handing him the most precious secrets and they're held to a different standard. obviously he shouldn't be on the committee. >> about 30 seconds, congressman. you have eric swalwell tweeting this is a new mccarthyism, clearly talking about the house minority leader. your final thoughts on where eric swalwell and this investigation, multiple sentences, fails to include multiple statements of wrong doing. all of the leaders support for qanon. he's one of the big pushers of the russian collusion thing. final thoughts on this. >> swalwell is a total partisan. he uses the intelligence committee to throw a bomb at the trump administration. the reality is, these are basic
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true facts. kevin mccarthy received the presentation from the fbi. nobody is making allegations. they're looking at what occurred, what his actions were and his actions disqualifying him from being on the committee. >> congressman, thanks for the abridged interview. appreciate you rolling with it. any moment, president biden expected to make an announcement on the goal of 100 million shots in the first 100 days. former coronavirus task force member under president trump brett giroir will join us. and henry cuellar's party reluctance of calling the problem at the border a crisis. that's next. >> there's a crisis on the border. >> challenges on the border. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c.
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>> trace: any moment now, president biden expected to speak at the white house. earlier today press secretary jen psaki was pressed about the growing crisis at the u.s. mexico border and the facts on the ground. watch. >> the office of refugee resettlement has not been hosting, as you noted, media tours of unaccompanied children currently due to the covid-19 pandemic but we remain committed to transparency. >> trace: and a dire picture was painting saying no ending in sight as large groups consider entering in the zone and in 48 hours, 869 aliens were arrested consists of family members in
12:16 pm
four groups. still the white house, the party and president biden's own dhs chief reluctant to call this a crisis. >> i don't want to characterize it one day or the other. >> i'm spending time on operational responses to the situation at the border. >> the crisis on the border is -- >> challenges on the border. >> so that's not -- that doesn't reflect any change administration? >> nope. >> the view of things? >> nope. >> trace: joining me now, democratic congressman from texas, henry cuellar that visited the border with john cornyn. you've been a voice of reason on this. you also don't want to call it a crisis. you call it challenging.
12:17 pm
but the numbers are higher today in 2019 when everybody in the democratic party called it a crisis. why the resistance to calling it is what it is? >> there's no resistance from me. i'm looking at the numbers that we're seeing. this last february, we'd -- we had about 100,000 people. the pie points under president trump, 144,000 people that came in that particular month. march, april, may and june, most of the peak months, if we have large numbers in march, then we'll have at least in my opinion a humanitarian crisis at the border itself. not a national crisis but at least for our communities, i would call that a humanitarian crisis. >> trace: it's interesting. the administration appears to be sending mixed messages. you have president biden saying on national television that they should not come.
12:18 pm
then you have the press secretary, jen psaki saying they shouldn't come. if you're young and you show up, we're going to let you in. the cartels know this. the smugglers know this. they're marketing the biden strategy to these countries. >> without a doubt. the message from the president has to be very direct and concise. do not come here illegally. if they do, they need to return people and have them processed in their countries. you have to show that image. the other message that is being heard is really the friends and neighbors saying guess what, pedro, i was able to come across. you need to come over right now. the third message like you said, the cartels are aggressively marketing the messages and what has happened is, they make money. if you had 100,000 people that passed in february and the average amount is about $6,000
12:19 pm
per person, that is $600 million for one month. that is a lot of money. >> trace: why not just reinstate the trump policies that appeared to be working? >> well, you know, i support the title 42. it's a 1944 law. we need to do that. in fact, i've told the administration, look, you're adults that make up about 72,000 or the 100,000 that passed, they're being returned back within hours. you need to promote that and show that. they don't want to do that. they need to do that. 72,000 people out of the 100,000 are being returned quickly. the other thing is, we need to add people asking for asylum in their country and not come over. >> trace: thank you for your time. we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you so much. >> trace: also with us today, molly hemingway, the senior editor at the federalist and a fox news contributor. great to see you. i find it rather striking when you have a democratic
12:20 pm
congressman that agrees. the cartels and the smugglers are marketing, actively marketing the biden plan to people in honduras and el salvador and guatemala and mexico and coming because of that. your thoughts. >> that is the reality of the situation. people try to make everything political here. joe biden and many of his supporters have actively worked to create this type of situation in part because they want to be seen as moral betters of the trump administration. when you incentivize people to come to the country by saying that you reject the policies and procedures and regulations of the previous administration, if people make it, they will be released. that incentivizes bad things, including human trafficking that you just talked about and that also enables a lot of drug trafficking, which is harmful to a large percentage of people and it is not a good situation. >> trace: jen psaki was saying
12:21 pm
they're trying to be transparent. byron york said "is there something missing of press coverage of the thousands of unaccompanied children that illegally crossed in and now in the custody of the biden administration? yes, there's something missing. pictures." very little outrage about no pictures inside these detention centers. you know, cnn saying oh, these are jail-like facilities. what happened to the cry of kids in cages? >> well, this is another thing the biden administration is doing. our reporter, john davidson at the federalist has a piece today explaining an actual order went out to border patrol saying don't allow the ride alongs featuring reporters covering the border situation. don't share photos and don't share data. a verbal order done so there wouldn't be a paper trail. it is very big effort to suppress information from the american public and restrict
12:22 pm
freedom of the press. how much more should people care about the suppression of information that is an important issue for americans, whether it's national security, drugs, he man trafficking or what else the border crisis entails. >> trace: molly, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> trace: trump era testing czar dr. brett giroir is standing by. moments ago, anthony blinken touching down in alaska for a high stakes meeting with chinese counter parts. will beijing ask for a reversal of the actions taken against communist china by breaking trump. breaking details on that next.
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>> trace: breaking right now, we expect to hear from president biden on vaccine process. reports say he will up his goal of 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days. while we're waiting, let's grow to dr. brett giroir who led testing for president trump. dr. giroir, the president has just taken the podium. let's listen. >> i announced in early
12:27 pm
december, 100 million shots in the first 100 days of our office. 100 million shots in 100 days. it was considered ambitious, some suggested it was audacious. experts said that -- the plan was definitely aggressive. distribution would have to be seamless for us to be successful. one headline put it "it won't be easy". but it wasn't. when i took office, when we took office, there was a lot that had to be done. needed more vaccines, more vaccinators, more places for people to get vaccinated. we needed a whole government approach. so i directed our coordinator of the covid-19 response to put us on a war footing. i meant that in a literal sense. to get us on track to truly beat
12:28 pm
this virus. i'm proud to announce that tomorrow 58 days in our administration, we will have met my goal of administering 100 million shots to our fellow americans. that's weeks ahead of schedule. even with the setbacks that we faced during the winter storms. another big step. on path to putting checks in pockets and shots in people's arms. question crossed the 50 million doses just three weeks ago, i told you that every time we hit the 50 million mark, i'd update you on our progress. so here's where we are today. eight weeks ago only 8% of seniors, those most vulnerable to covid-19 had received the vaccination. today 65% of people age 65 or
12:29 pm
older have received at least one shot. 36% are fully vaccinated. that is key. this population represents 80% of the well over 500,000 covid-19 deaths that have occurred in america. we have nearly doubled the amount of vaccine doses that we distributed to states, tribes and territories each week. we have gone from one million shots a day that i promised in december before we were sworn in to an average of 2 and 1 1/2 million shots a day outpacing the rest of the world significantly. here's how we accomplished this. given to the power given to a president under the defense production act, we expect dieted materials like equipment, machinery and supplies. we worked with vaccine
12:30 pm
manufacturers to speed up the delivery of millions more doses and brokered a historic manufacturing partnership between competing companies. we put patriotism in public health first. these steps put us on track to have enough vaccine, vaccine supply for every adult american by the end of may. months, months earlier than anyone expected. we stood up or supplied more than 600 community vaccination sites that are administering hundreds of thousands of shots per day. we launched the federal pharmacy program, which has allowed millions of americans to get a shot at one of -- excuse me. one of 14,000 local pharmacies in this country. the same way that they get their flu shot. for folks that aren't near a pharmacy or mass vaccination center, we supplied more than
12:31 pm
500 mobile clinics like pop-up sites or vans meeting people where they are, meeting people where they are. we developed nearly -- we deployed nearly 6,000 federal personnel including fema, active duty military and department of health and human services to support vaccinations and serve as vaccinators putting the needles in people's arms. we're supplying vaccines to community health centers, treating those that have been the hardest hit. the hardest hit and suffered the most. especially black, latino, native american and rural communities. this is really important. because we believe that speed and efficiency must be matched with fairness and equity. now, president harris and i took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in arizona not long ago.
12:32 pm
one of the nurses on that tour. he said each shot is like administering a dose of hope. that's how she phrased it. behind these 100 million shots are millions of lives changed from people we see that dose of hope. grandparents can hug their grandchildren again. front line workers who is work on their jobs without the same fear they used to have. teachers with the confidence to head back into the classroom. these milestones are significant accomplishments but we have much more to do, much more to do. the american rescue plan will help us do it. in addition, the cash payments provided to you and your
12:33 pm
families also provides the funds to add vaccinators to supply more community vaccinations, support more community vaccination centers and increase testing. it will help us accelerate nationwide efforts to reopen our schools safely. as i told the nation last week, i've directed all states, tribes and territories to make all adults eligible to be vaccinated no later than may 1. i'm glad to see several states are already taking that step to make more and more americans eligible. even before may 1. tomorrow we'll hit 100 million doses for our administration. as i said, that's just the floor. we will not stop until we beat this pandemic. next week i will announce our next goal to put shots in arms. this is a time for optimism.
12:34 pm
it's not a time for relaxation. i need all americans, i need all of you to do your part. wash your hands. stay socially distanced. keep masking up as recommended by the cdc. get vaccinated when it's your turn. now is not the time to let down our guard. it increased the number of cases in several states. scientists made clear that things may get worse as new variants of this virus spread. getting vaccinated is the best thing we can do to fight back against these variants. millions of people are vaccinated, we need millions more to be vaccinated. again, i need you to get vaccinated when it is your turn and you're able to do that. i need your help. i need you to help. not just the country but your
12:35 pm
family, your friends, your neighbors. get them vaccinated as well. if we keep our guard up, stick together and stick with the science, we can look forward to a fourth of july that feels more normal. small groups able to gather for cookouts and back yards. where we began to declare our independence on independence day from the virus. but together. together we're going to come through this stronger with renewed faith in each other and our government that fulfills its most important function, protecting the american people. let me be clear again. wearing this mask in the meantime, making sure you wash your hands, making sure you socially distanced, listen to the cdc. we have to reach the point where we have herd immunity, meaning we have a vast majority of the american people have been
12:36 pm
vaccinated before we can stop wearing these. so please, please, don't let it happen what you see happening in europe, that you see on television. keep the faith. keep wearing a mask. keep washing your hands. keep socially distanced. we're going to beat this. way ahead of schedule. we have a long way to go. i wanted to bring you up to date. thank you. god bless america, may god protect our troops. thanks so much. >> mr. president, vladimir putin wants to open talks. would you agree to that? >> trace: there you have president biden giving an update on the vaccination process saying we'll hit 100 million vaccines on day 58. he had promised coming in 100 million after 100 days. there's more than a month early as promised. former assistant hhs secretary dr. brett giroir that led
12:37 pm
testing efforts for president trump. admiral, thanks for joining us and standing with us during the president's speech there. i want to know what you think of his framing saying he's getting this goal, which is notable and great nor the country. the more vaccines the better. but saying that he had to overcome this disaster to get this whole thing going. what do you think about how the president has framed that? >> so it continues to amaze me how the president can stand up and completely rewrite history and go fast and loose with the science and the data. that's exactly what he did today again. look, we had already given a pace of one million per day by the time the inauguration hit. january 20th, we did 1.5 million. if you just look at the trump roll-out plan, he should get 150 to 200 million doses within the first 100 days. the fact that he's rewriting history and taking credit for this continues to amaze me. great data for the country. this is a fabulous day.
12:38 pm
i support that. but this is following the operation warped speed plan. >> trace: and there would be no vaccine to distribute if it wasn't for operation warp speed. so the president -- go ahead, sir. >> the elderly. that program was started by the trump administration. the first thing we did was go into nursing homes. we got cvs and walgreen's to sign up for 99% of nursing homes. the pharmacy program, we had already enrolled 40,000 pharmacies to be vaccinators and vaccination sites. i'm glad he's using 9,000 of them. that was done under our administration. this is a great american story but it's not a biden story. it's a trump story that laid the foundation that biden's team is doing a good job carrying the baton over the finish line as they should. >> trace: we're low on time. wanted your take on president biden investing $10 billion in screening and testing to get schools reopen. is that necessary in your assessment? >> i was very concerned about
12:39 pm
that yet. number 1, the most important fact and even the cdc agrees, you do not need widespread screening in order to open schools. by depositing this $10 billion, he implies that we need it. that's not true. it's not supported by the science. secondly, by my calculation, the states probably have about $25 billion for testing that they have left unspent. so where this $10 billion is going, i'm not sure. i'm very concerned about what was said yesterday. it gives the false impression kids need to be in school today and they can be in school today. >> dr. brett giroir, good to see you. thank you. >> great being with you. >> trace: let's bring in our panel, marc thiessen, bill mcgurn. thank you both. marc, you listened. i want your thoughts on what dr. giroir said about the way president biden framed the whole idea of we wouldn't be where we
12:40 pm
are if we didn't just pick the ball up from the disaster we inherited and took off running. >> look, the reality is this is a bipartisan achievement, right? there would be no vaccines if it wasn't for operation warp speed. they produced a vaccine in about nine months, which is the fastest in human history. the previous record was four years. so that's a huge, huge public achievement. they got the distribution plan in place. biden deserves credit for executing it. my concern is not who gets the credit because they both deserve credit. my concern is that biden talking down the good news. every american out there that is seeing this vaccine roll-out, we're at 2.5 million a day, when can we get our lives back, get back to normal? the answer should be simple. when you get vaccinated, give it a month for immunity to kick in
12:41 pm
and live your life. instead what we're hearing is, we can have a small barbecue in four months, by the fourth of july. give me a break, this is not -- he's talking about wanting to encourage people to get the vaccine. nobody -- all the skeptics won't want the vaccine if they can't get their life back. we should be celebrating the vaccines. after the first shot, pfizer and moderna are more than 92% effective. just with the first dose. so you have immunity after four weeks. go out and live your life. see your grandchildren. hug your family members you haven't seen. schedule the wedding you've been planning. instead, no medium and large size gatherings and adhere to cdc regulations and not to travel. ridiculous. >> trace: duly noted. let's get bill in here. are they slow-walking this recovery thing? we're low on time. >> yeah, i agree with brother thiessen there.
12:42 pm
seems to be joe biden is being very small here about the whole structure. there's a pretense that they inherited. like nothing was going on. as marc alludes to, what was happening is one of the greatest public health histories in american history. and i think actually president biden would be in a better shape and certainly be a better place to make good on his promise of healing if he could just give donald trump and the administration and the people that worked for credit for this extraordinary achievement. no, marc says they have achievements of their own. they should be lauded. it's very small. >> trace: bill, marc, apologies for the short time. thank you both. >> take care. >> trace: meantime, breaking news on china's demands ahead of the first face-to-face summit with the united states. that is next.
12:43 pm
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>> china uniquely has an ability militarily, diplomatically, economically to undermine the international rules-based system that the united states has devoted so much effort to building and advances the interests and values of our people. we're going to make clear to our counter parts in china the deep concern objections that we have to some of the things they're doing and to see if they will address those concerns. >> trace: there you have secretary state anthony blinken previewing the message he will delivered to chinese counter parts hours from now. the secretary state touching down in alaska moments ago ahead of the first face-to-face meeting between the two countries under this administration. we learned beijing will press for a rollback of the hard line
12:48 pm
taken by president trump. rich edson joins us live with more. good afternoon, rich. >> good afternoon, trace. in less than 1 1/2 hours, secretary of state anthony blinken and jake sullivan will meet with the chinese government counterparts in anchorage, alaska. the secretary state just returned from a trip to east asia where he meet with leaders in japan and south korea. the secretary says the united states is focused on addressing china's assault on democracy in hong kong and taiwan, human rights abuses in tibet and aggressive claims in the south china sea. the u.s. wants china to enforce sanctions against north korea and the campaign to to compel kim jong-un to surrender his weapons. >> virtually all of north korea's economic relationships, its trade, are with or go through china. so it has tremendous influence. >> china's government has their
12:49 pm
own demands. largely a rollback of the sanctions, tariffs and restrictions the u.s. had under the trump administration. china's foreign ministry says no one shall expect china to make any compromise or trade-offs. china is determined and resolute in safe-guarding its core interests. the white house says president biden is eager to see the results of these meetings and that's when he will decide what the next steps of this will be. the white house says that right now this is not the part of a series of meetings between senior u.s. and chinese officials. trace? >> trace: thank you. michael pillsbury from the hudson institute. thanks for joining us. there's a worry among conservatives that the biden
12:50 pm
administration is so eager to strike a deal with china and something like climate change that they're willing to forego a lot of bad behavior. a fair concern? >> yes, it is a fair concern. a lot of people, not just john kerry, but aoc and others believe the climate change is coming so fast and be the end of the world in ten years. so how can any possible deals with china on human rights, tibet, hong kong, trade issues, how can that compare to the end of the world due to climate change. the chinese are aware of this. a lot of their recent writing, they think that they can get leverage on president biden through the option, through dangling, you might say, we can really cut back on being the world's biggest polluter but we have to have some concessions from you and leave us alone on hong kong, taiwan and all of these other issues. that seems to be what will
12:51 pm
happen tonight and tomorrow in alaska. >> trace: so anthony blinken goes to as will ka. why with they meeting in alaska? >> well, each side claims the other asked for this meeting. each side wanted to have it capitol, either beijing or washington. somehow alaska is still american territory. we can claim a victory. but beijing is closer than washington. but this is the bickering going on. it's not good news about cooperation with china. shows there's very few concessions in the brief chase of the chinese delegation. they may be coming mainly to lecture mr. blinken and mr. sullivan. that's what they did with the trump transition team that i was part of. they gave these two-hour long lectures not to interfere in chinese internal affairs.
12:52 pm
it won't be productive if they report that back to joe biden? >> mr. blinken and mr. sullivan will get lectured by the chinese. what is the top of the to-do list for them to achieve? >> they want a specific acknowledgement from china has engaged in misconduct and wrong doing, across the board. whole series of broken promises. not to single out any single broken promise, trace. but clinton was told there would be talks with the dalai lama. they made promises about hong kong. they have a treaty that they have broken with the british. this is a long list. they promised to have progress with the camps and western china. the wiegers are getting treated more severely the past couple months. the american side is looking for any gestures of progress from the chinese side on these old
12:53 pm
issues. not showing up at the arms control talks last year. joe biden cares a lot about arms control when he was a senator. the chinese have stiffed him. this is a long list of what the americans are looking for. they may get nothing. may come home empty-handed. >> trace: it's a fascinating conversation. thanks, michael, for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: next, a nursing home administrator speaking to our investigative team about governor cuomo's controversial mandate to take in covid-19 positive patients. >> we weren't allowed, we were told, please don't send us your sick patients. >> they were saying don't bother sending us your people. squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it...
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>> trace: a staten island
12:58 pm
nursing home administrator said he was petrified by andrew cuomo's order that allowed positive covid patients to be placed in long-term care facilities rather than hospitals. aishah hasnie is live in new york with this fox exclusive. good afternoon. >> hey, trace. yeah, for the first time during this pandemic, we went inside a nursing home to see what was going on behind closed doors. michael krause is the administrator of silver lake specialized care center in staten island, new york. he said he first heard about that order on a covid conference call with other administrators, hospital leaders and state officials. listen. >> i said that is ridiculous. we can't be doing this. >> you vocalized that? >> i did. >> now he says other nursing home administrators also rang the alarm. at the time he feared his facility didn't have enough ppe
12:59 pm
so he followed his gut and locked down readmitting his own residence. in the end, silver lake had 37 presumed deaths. the numbers are not the lowest in the state but far from the highest. governor cuomo amended that nursing home order now hospitalized residents must test negative before being readmitted. governor wrote mow said the order was not the driving cost of deaths in nursing homes. we reached out to the governor's office to get a response on this and so far we have not heard back yet. trace? >> i'm very curious. very quickly, they ran this up the flagpole, they sounded the alarm. the state shot them down. was there any other map or course of recourse for them? >> so he says, krause says, there were multiple times that state inspectors did visit the nursing homes to make sure that they were following the rules and regulations and so far they
1:00 pm
have not found anything wrong yet. so no, there hasn't been anything that he's been hit with yet. >> trace: aishah hasnie live in new york. thanks. that's "the story" of march 18, 2021. the story continues. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" right now. good day. >> president biden just moments ago announcing that the country will hit 100 million vaccinations by tomorrow. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." kristin fisher is at the white house with more on how this vaccination push is proceeding. kristin? >> hey, charles. remember, president biden set a goal of administering 100 million shots by the end of the first 100 days in office. some said it was too ambitious. others said it was not ambitious now. but president biden said that they will hit that milestone weeks


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