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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 19, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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again. >> did you know that on social media, people are referring to the vaccine as the fauci ouchy. >> it was not my idea. [laughs] >> can you prove it was not your idea? >> laura: tough and penetrating questioning. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon. >> shannon: we are going to see if we can follow up on that. thank you very much. breaking tonight: the first diplomatic meeting between the biden administration shannon: we will see if we can follow up on that, thank you very much. breaking tonight the first high-stakes diplomatic meeting between the biden administration and china is not going well according to both sides of the table. the chinese are accusing the white house of making moves that, quote, only show weakness on the part of the united
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states, the secretary of state sitting right across the table many americans have little confidence in our government implying why should they. the biden team reports beijing violated protocol at the summit. the trump administration as maximum pressure campaign was widely reviled by the left and our adversaries overseas but supporters of it say the point was to enforce respect in order to gain results. there will be a debate over how well it works but what we are witnessing tonight was not seen during the trump administration which was accused by domestic political enemies of cozying up to much to tyrants from beijing to moscow. we will see where all this leaves. amid the biden administration's offering posture towards iran
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and pardoning toward sunni allies like saudi arabia we are seeing intense battles in human. the saudi someone iran backed fighters gain control of a strategic region where they can launch more attacks on saudi oilfields. always on a day when president biden committed another gaffe promoting his vice president calling her president is critics noting overseas adversaries are watching the commander-in-chief very closely. we begin with jonathan hunt on the china somewhat unfolding late tonight. good evening. >> reporter: event went downhill fast, this was always going to be difficult meeting given the issues between the united states and china and needed side seemed in the mood to pull any punches from the start. diplomats from china and the us looking directly at each other as secretary of state anthony blinken -- anthony blinken began by listing a series of problems the us wants to address. >> our concerns with actions like china including hong kong, taiwan, cyberattacks on the united states, economic coercion
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toward our allies. e.g. for these actions the written the rules-based order that maintains global stability. >> secretary blinken made clear with the biden administration approach will be. >> the united states relationship with china will be competitive where it should be, collaborative where it can be, adversarial where it must be. >> china's top diplomat said the us should not be lecturing them on human rights regarding the chinese crackdown on protests in hong kong when america is in the midst of its own debate and sometimes violent clashes over racial injustices and the chinese want the us not to judge or try to influence what china considers its own internal affairs. >> china is firmly opposed to us interference in china's internal affairs. we have expressed our staunch opposition to such interference
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and we will take firm action in response. >> after the chinese delegation's opening statement the media was due to leave the room but secretary blinken asked them to stay so he could issue a rebuttal to the chinese statement. he delivered that message that the us isn't perfect but it is trying, then the us media left but the chinese delegation wanted a rebuttal to that rebuttal and asked why the us feared as they put it having the press in the room so secretary blinken a should the cameras back in to hear the message from china which was basically the us needs to stop being so condescending. who would have thought the best drama on tv tonight would be a meeting of diplomats in anchorage, alaska. >> quite prickly, thank you for the recap. there is a tense pushback on doctor anthony fauci of shifting
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guidance for stopping the spread of covid 19 and it comes amid progress of getting people vaccinated. will continue of americans feel the shot will give them their freedom that? kevin cork is looking at the conflicting aims. >> reporter: pre-victory lap as mister biden told the nation his administration's goal of administering 100 million covid 19 shots will now be reached by 60 days but the lack of consistency in messaging about what it means to be vaccinating is prompting questions and fueling a bit of frustration. >> we are going to beat this. we have a long way to go. >> mister biden's state of vaccinations were full of playing progress tempered by calls for caution in the us is averaging 2 million to 3 million
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shots per day health expert say the 100 day goal of 100 million doses was always an attainable benchmark. >> lots of people together, it does mean small groups will be able to get together. >> reporter: previously mister biden seemed to suggest even if you were vaccinated your holiday gatherings should still be small for the foreseeable future. his remarks are confused about where we are and where we are headed with respect to those who are vaccinated consider the cdc. tomorrow it is expected to update its physical distancing guidelines for schools, from 6 feet to 3 feet, that despite the fact it currently recommends against traveling and if you do, prepare to quarantine for up to 10 days. instructions that make no distinction between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. lawmakers on capitol hill are starting to push back, senator and doctor rand paul pressed
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doctor anthony fauci over mask wearing after vaccination. >> you have been vaccinated and parade around in two masks for show. you can't get it again. there is virtually 0% chance you are going to get it and you're telling people that have the vaccine that have immunity you're defining everything we know about immunity by telling them to wear masks to have been vaccinated. >> let me state for the record that masks are not theater, masks are protecting. >> if you have immunity you are wearing a mask to give comfort to others, you're not wearing a mask -- >> i totally disagree with you. >> that exchange came a little over a week after the cdc released additional guidance that said people who are fully immunized can visit other vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or worrying about social distancing, that is the same cdc that recommended vaccinated people should still wear a mask in public settings and gatherings with unvaccinated
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people. if it is unclear to you there are a lot of us who agree. shannon: factor in the who and recommendations they are issuing that are in conflict with the cdc gives people confusion on an issue that is extremely important. thank you for breaking it down. border crisis or border challenge? that is the question for the white house after press secretary jen psaki said this in her daily briefing. >> they would be partners in dealing with a crisis on the border. >> reporter: the challenges on the border. >> that is not likely to change. >> the biden administration also facing criticism for lack of transparency, we told you they have been denying opportunities with border patrol agents and access. a look inside those migrant facilities.
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the development of homeland security struggles with the enormous surge in illegal immigration, secretary alejandra mayorkas is fauci for his department's efforts to care for the record number of unaccompanied minors crossing the us-mexico border. >> we will make the conditions as safe as possible for the children whom we are not expelling. >> dhs says we are on track to see the highest number of migrants attempting to enter the us illegally in the last 20 years. the biden administration will send 4 million doses of the astrazeneca vaccine to canada and mexico, with potential approval for the formula of usage in the us likely still several weeks away. the news came as the president sounded ready to give his number to a promotion in his state of vaccination remarks today. >> president harris and i took a virtual tour of vaccination center in arizona not long ago.
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jillian: let's get reaction to his decision to share the non-us approved astrazeneca vaccine raising a lot of concerns in europe. political correspondent for real pure and the children, host of the next revolution with us tonight. to the point about the astrazeneca vaccine it was temporarily shelved by a number of european countries. according to science mag there's a rift between vaccine safety experts who say the cases of serious clotting and bleeding but figured the paz are alarming and unusual and public health officials concerned the immunization pause on a continent in the grip of a third wave could take a heavy toll. what are we to believe? the european medicine agency set a safe and effective vaccine but they can't necessarily explain what is happening with these blood clotting issues. >> according to them and
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according to the data, we are told to follow the date of the incidents of blood clotting among people who have this vaccine is lower than you expect in the general population. there is absolutely no safety grounds for stopping the distribution of this vaccine. the reason a number of european politicians decided to stop distribution of the vaccine was purely domestic politics all connected with brexit. they are furious with the british, this is a british vaccine developed astrazeneca, they are furious with the british for buying up vaccine so the uk is way ahead of europe and they wanted to hit back, that is what this is about, the decision has been quickly reversed because it wasn't based on any science and since it hasn't been approved here yet, it is widely used in the uk with no problems but many many weeks now. it is -- the biden administration might as well put it to use in neighboring countries. >> that is the plan for now and as that is playing out we saw
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between rand paul who is a medical doctor himself and doctor fauci on capitol hill today arguing about vaccinations if you're fully vaccinated you need to wear a mask, is it just optics and this conversation but if you're telling people they will not get their lives back, their freedom back after they have been fully vaccinated a lot of folks think there becomes a law of diminishing returns where people are not going to rush out to get these vaccines. >> i think that is true and is a real concern. like most americans i'm between rand paul and doctor fauci. i think we need to know this information. doctor fauci at the hearing was talking about the variance, double masking protect against variance. the jury is still out on whether the vaccine -- older americans
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need that formation but more than ever before you are seeing older americans, my parents, my dad planning his eightieth birthday next weekend. he wants the freedom that he has been so constrained over the last year that has been lacking in their lives. they can't make choices who they are going to have in their homes, whether they want to go to the grocery store, whether they are going to celebrate christmas so that should be giving them the choice. this is about after a year of lockdowns, i really think like common sense that vaccine should be allowing older americans to finally make these choices for themselves. if they can be in the backyard with other people who are vaccinated, let freedom ring to make these decisions. >> happy birthday to your dad and hope he gets to celebrate after a tough year. in the meantime while all of this caution and rulemaking and
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advice is coming out charlie kirk tweets john kerry on a plane no mass, nancy pelosi at her salon no mass, joe biden at the lincoln memorial ms, gavin newsom in french lottery nomads, like facilitating biden's window mask, almost as if democrats only want to follow the science when it suits them. people will follow your leadership if they believe you're making the sacrifices and complying along with them and continue to see these examples of leaders who don't. >> these points have been made at each of these scandalous breaches of the rules they tell us to follow and the point is made that it is hypocrisy, worse than hypocrisy, deeper than hypocrisy because what it really shows is they themselves don't believe what they are telling us to do. if gavin newsom should take a local example to me in
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california, if you really thought what he was telling everyone else to do, don't go out, don't be with other people in large groups, make sure you wear a mask, if you don't do that you are putting lives at risk, if he really believed that he wouldn't be going out and doing that. he doesn't want to kill people but what it shows is they don't really believe it, they know it is all bs but they are telling us to do it anyway, that is what is infuriating about this. one that i will end with, the most infuriating think about the whole thing is they say people who have been vaccinated can meet indoors with no masks, with other people at low risk, their words. nearly everyone is at low risk and has been for the last year because we know it primarily affects older people with underlying conditions. it undermines all the instructions we have had for the past year.
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shannon: we are told to follow the science, we have more of that at our fingertips every day and it is up to us to make responsible decisions and read the material and know what the facts and the data say is out there. thank you both. breaking tonight three women's rights groups going public with their message for governor andrew cuomo. a flyover of the state capital telling a banner that read new yorkers say cuomo has got to go. morning green is live with the latest on sexual harassment allegations against the governor. good evening. >> reporter: we will show you more of that little flyover but while his political career is hanging by the proverbial for governor andrew cuomo employed some diplomacy amid accusations that surfaced. the skies were unfriendly for cuomo today as a banner flown over the state capital building in albany said new yorkers say
12:17 am
cuomo has got to go. despite calls to step down as the scandal grows. >> every day new york democrats in the legislature allow him to remain in power makes guilty and complicit too. >> i'm in new york baseball fan. >> reporter: he chose to have a press conference to announce plans to reopen the new york baseball stadiums. he took no reporter questions and instead showed up in a mask touting the mets and the yankees. >> the mets game or turn it around, the yankees when you are at a yankees game. we support both. >> reporter: the baseball camouflage for the embattled governor and the other woman has come forward making accusations. valerie bauman worked as a reporter covering politics in 2007. she says it was a period marked by rampant sexism. in a statement on twitter recalled when she was in her
12:18 am
mid-20s, a creepy encounter during a press conference. she said he made unwavering i contact and afterwards made a beeline to her, she said he took my hand, entered my personal space and looked into my eyes. soon after that i started to get an unusual access from the attorney general, felt like he was flirting with me and i think that is because he was. she said was embarrassing and uncomfortable. bowman did admit that cuomo never made any inappropriate touching of her and also that he made no moves that she needed to report to her boss. shannon: thank you very much. debate over the house best equality act is underway in the senate. critics are calling it a frontal assault on religious liberty. freshman congressman lauren bogert joins us to wait in next. " and it's definitely not "close enough or nothing."
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>> i don't want cited i don't want democrats to call me congresswoman. i went on to accomplish the man is a general new full term and they can, congressman. >> colorado representative lauren bogert getting attention for her strong views on the equality act, plenty of pushback as well. congressman or woman joins us now. good to be with us tonight. >> it is too easy to trigger these liberals, something was saying man is a gender-neutral term designated in the united states of america but i'm starting to enjoy this in dc because it is so easy.
12:24 am
shannon: i get the feeling you are to those who love or do not love your positions, they are getting front row seats to your opinion and that is what you're here to do. i want to play something from one of your democratic counterparts about the quality's, he says there are important protections and rights that need to be balanced. >> we were careful in the equality act to ensure the religious exemptions which currently exist remain undisturbed. we have two interests protected here, the right to religious expression and deeply held commitment to ending discrimination. the equality act achieves both. shannon: cases protections are there for those who need protection from discrimination, lgbt q interests and people of the. 's favorite agree there needs to be no discrimination against those people but does this bill balance the two sides in a way
12:25 am
that you think is workable? >> we have a great document in the united states of america, the constitution of the fourteenth amendment says we are all equal under the law, democrats continuously want to create a pressure bonds in different classes of people and elevate people above one another and create division while doing so. if we go back to the constitution it's really simple, we are all equal under the law and it is really protecting religious freedoms, then why didn't we include the hyde amendment, why are we using tax dollars to fund abortions, why are we forcing doctors to perform abortions who don't want to. that statement is garbage like most of the stuff that comes from that side of the island the house of representatives, but government stop for a second and say maybe we aren't smarter than the american people and just kind of pulled back on the reins a little bit and let americans live their lives we can get rid of this divisive behavior and these ridiculous laws they are
12:26 am
trying to pass that replace mom and dad with bureaucrats. the equality act is not equal for anyone. you've seen it, you've read it, you debated it, we've discussed this and it puts little girls at risk allowing confused men to go into women's restrooms. i don't want little girls watching their back seeing of the man is trying to catch a peek at them, they fundamentally include girls sports in america. girls have to be worried about being outplayed by a boy and losing a potential scholarship or what about the man, in a fighting ring, this equality act is anything but equality. >> the two sides with very specific interests, we will hash that conversation out. want to ask you about congresswoman miller meeks who has been seated in iowa, she was certified by the state, sworn into the house. is no appeal to the house
12:27 am
administrative committee to review those votes, it was a 6 margin, she came to the house committee to unseat a sitting member of congress who had a certified election, your thoughts on that? >> reporter: i believe democrats hate women, this is a war on women. they are trying to steal an election from marion at miller meeks, they unseated a female representative in the gop. this full on attack on women and mainly conservative women. there were more women elected to the gop than ever before and it is because we have been watching democrats, we've been watching how they message, watching their policy, how they communicate and so many of us stepped up to win our election in 2020 because we are saying the democrat party
12:28 am
and their women who they have elected do not represent me, they do not represent my country, the country i know and love that wilson's want send my children out. i am so happy and proud to be the first woman in the first mom to represent colorado's third district but that's not why i was elected. republicans don't play gender identity politics the democrats certainly do and they can't stand when strong women win their seats and challenge their narrative, they do anything they can to try to destroy and even remove us by stealing an election from people like marion and miller makes. >> a democratic challenger who won that seat is also a woman. it now sits with this committee in the house. we will track it. congressman, thank you for joining us. michigan's attorney general says there's no need to investigate governor gretchen witmer's nursing home policies. as whistleblower comes forward and talks was slamming governor cuomo for his policies, what that whistleblower says, we will tell you next. you stay awake for them.
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>> shannon: michigan attorney general dana nessel refusing to investigate governor gretchen whitmer's nursing home shannon: michigan attorney general is refusing to investigate governor gretchen witmer's pandemic nursing home policies calling the request for review by state gop lawmakers a potential political attack. let's talk about the decision with charlie the food is very involved in these investigations and where we are going, good to have you with us. >> it is late but thanks for having me. shannon: we will send you a case of red bull when this is over, thank you for staying up. there's been a lot of comparison, this attorney general in michigan has been going and sisters nothing to be done looking to witmer's actions, the democratic ag in new york did this, the democratic governor cuomo found some disturbing things, you talked to the new york ag's office. what did you find? >> our ag claims she spoke to
12:34 am
the new york ag about what happened in new york. either she didn't talk to her or it's not true which the ag will neither confirm nor deny but everything she says happen in new york was absolutely false, incorrect, she claims the new york investigation came from whistleblower, that's not true. the investigation came from cuomo himself when he was looking for an out into these deaths in the nursing home so it started by looking into the nursing home to somehow my attorney general think there's criminal charges that came with the teacher james's investigation. there hasn't been one charge and also i don't know who she was talking to but if you're going to predicate your denial of an investigation that people do deserve you want to get your facts straight and stop making up mumbo-jumbo.
12:35 am
that is what is going on in the state of michigan. shannon: there have been other investigations that are high-priority, the attorney general in michigan has handled, the detroit news had a piece a couple months back saying of snyder merits charges, does witmer, does former governor expired can be prosecuted for decisions that contributed to the flint what a crisis then gretchen witmer is vulnerable to similar charges for her nursing home policies during the covid 19 pandemic. this raises an interesting question. >> it does. somebody should be charged in flint, the attorney general bombed that case, she takes it and we come back with the jaywalking -- rick snyder. what we are asking here is not necessarily witmer but the public the matter which side of
12:36 am
the aisle you are on, you're entitled to it and you should be asking for a thorough look into the depths of our institutionalized elderly. we are not getting it. i am suing the state of michigan to get the data and as far as i know, only assistant attorney general's in the state of michigan working on a nursing home case is against me to get the public information, the attorney is trying to deny me the information that belongs to us. i'm nonpartisan. i just want to know what happened and can we avoid this in the future. it's real simple math. >> those are questions families and loved ones deserve answers to whether it is for the michigan new yorker wherever the state is. this is what governor witmer said, she said we have released an incredible amount of data, followed the fed requirements every step of the way. that's why when you look at michigan compared to other states are nursing home deaths are less than most.
12:37 am
>>, i just being me? garbage. because the rest of the states are giving numbers for not only nursing homes but foster care, and other congregant facilities. they are cherry picking and saying just the nursing homes but in 75% of all of these homes in michigan we don't keep one stat. we don't keep one death stat until july. now we have a new stat called final record search, won't tell us how will those people, when they died or where they lived. it seems to reasonable thinking i'm inking we should have that. why can't we have it? i'm not buying it myself, no way, give me the data all the way to the supreme court, all the way. shannon: you have dug in and an incredible reporting on a number of things, you said you are not partisan, you want to get
12:38 am
answers, that is what we want to do. so please keep us updated and let us know how the lawsuits goes and what you find. >> thanks for having me. >> red bull is on the way. tonight, cancel culture targeting the incoming editor for teen vogue for comments she made during her college years, 27-year-old has resigned after fury over old tweets some said racist and homophobic. in washington dc pushing the covid vaccine but after that don't expect much change. people still have to wear masks and socially distance and limit their activities after being fully vaccinated. elizabeth warren claiming the legislative filibuster is racist and wants to illuminate it the critics say warren supported the use of the filibuster against two minority gop nominees. doctor ben carson and doctor ajit pai.
12:39 am
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>> shannon: a federal appeals court has ruled the religious and free-speech right shannon: breaking tonight a federal appeals court has will the religious and free-speech rights of high school football coach in washington state were not violated when the school district told him he can no longer kneel in prayer at the 50 yard line after games. we discussed this with best-selling author, radio host, and the brand-new book fish out of water is out now. good to see you. >> thank you for having me.
12:44 am
i am psyched to talk about the stuff coming up. shannon: i figure because we are good friends you're doing it to troll me a little bit so i will let it go. >> thank you. shannon: coach kennedy, this is been going on for years, this is what they said. in 2019 is up in court reporting, refused to hear kennedy's appeal from the ninth circuit, four conservative justices, alito, thomas, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh said they might have to revisit this in the future. legal team says that is where they are taking this. what do you think the odds are? >> i think they have to take it and they have to set a precedent at the highest court that we have been treating the establishment clause like it says we need to have a secular public square.
12:45 am
that is completely wrong. it is antithetical to the founders vision, not something they wanted in the constitutions of the establishment clause is simply the idea that our government cannot force people to become methodists or jewish or buddhist, that is what the establishment clause is. the idea of being able to live out your faith is protected and this is a classic case of someone living out his faith and it becomes a judgment call. it is silly to me when someone says you can't do that. people do all kinds of things you might not agree with. the idea that the school would say you can't do that, you mustn't do that is absurd. most americans would think that the greatest thing, what an amazing thing it would be to have a guy like that is the coach of these kids who need strong role models, living out their lives saying i want to be a good person, a person who prays, most americans think that
12:46 am
is great for teenagers so to me it rises to the level of absurdity and is an enforced secularism. shannon: we will continue to see as it winds its way through in time for the supreme court to on it. it is something in so many people's lives. you and i got to know each other years ago because a big fan of your book which to this day i think is one of the best books ever written and it really moved me and i am not a writer like you but you inspired me -- >> under the makeup i am blushing. >> i think it is a fantastic book, very inspiring so i have written a book and you were kind enough to check out my book and -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. it is not a small thing to write a book, congratulations, terrific and i was recently reading the chapter on jesus and
12:47 am
the women which is so countercultural it is amazing but go ahead. shannon: i was going to say people have to think our times were so different, women and a lot of places were not permitted to study or to be with a religious teacher, jesus broke the norms back then. that is why i wanted to include these stories. a quote from the book, he didn't shy away from sinners or women with no status, he walked into their stories and into their lives in a way not only offered them hope centuries ago but also provides encouragement and inspiration for us today. he went to people accused of adultery, the samaritan woman at the well, he didn't shy away from men and women who were on the fringes or outcasts of society, the message to me is he is there waiting for all of us, we don't have to clean up our act and then go to him. i wanted to include these people in the book because we are all flawed. >> it is amazing to me how
12:48 am
progressive, to use that word, jesus was in the christian faith is. we forget in those days a man, a rabbi would never talk to a woman like that so this is a big deal that he did that and is basically saying this is how we need to do this. we need to stop this kind of way that we behave. we've got to love everyone but we forget what a big deal it was. i think about when women were the ones to find that he had risen from the dead. if somebody wanted to make up the gospels improve jesus rose from the dead the last thing you would do is choose women because they were looked down on and not taken seriously from a court point of view. their testimony in court was not what a man's was. there were many cases in the gospels of jesus behaving in ways that look normal to us but
12:49 am
were scandalous and earth shattering in the time. >> i love that and thank you for being on tonight. great to see you. >> congratulations again, well done. shannon: go to efforts underway in the house to remove eric swallow from the intel committee after the revelation of his relationship with a suspected chinese spy. we have an update next. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms, and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. now i'm feeling connected. empowered. latuda is not for everyone.
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, the fbi asking for the public's shannon: the fbi is asking for e help, releasing new videos of suspect involved in the most egregious assault on federal officers during the storming of the capital january 6th. the fbi has arrested 300 people accused of taking part in the riot, 65 charged with assaulting law enforcement officers. breaking tonight the house of representatives voting down resolution by kevin mccarthy removing california democratic congressman eric swallow well from the intel committee. his past ties to suspected chinese spy. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel tells us where things stand tonight.
12:54 am
>> the american people deserve to know their government is not vulnerable. kevin mccarthy pushing to remove democrat congressman eric's wallwell from the intelligence committee, should a member who can't get security clearance in the private sector sits on the house intelligence committee? >> swallwell said meet the new mccarthyism, to deflect gop leaders support for qanon. they are concerned with his ties when alleged chinese spy who raised money for uswallwell and placed interns in his office before leaving the country in 2015 was mccarthy points to this question which asks about close contact with a foreign national in the last 7 years. the house judiciary chairman says it could happen to any politician. >> do we know everybody's association?
12:55 am
do we know of someone in the campaign as a spy or a thief or whatever? >> reporter: adam schiff expressed his support for uswallwell writing i have confidence in congressman swallwell's fitness to serve as an exemplary member of the intelligence committee with all the trust that entails. i will pose this transparently political effort. >> it is not about politics. it is about members know what intel committee gets to review. he doesn't rise to that occasion. and unfortunately he should not serve there. >> reporter: democrats are expected to offer a resolution seeking to remove freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor green from office. green responded there's nothing more threatening to democrats and strong republican women. house speaker nancy pelosi put swallwell on the intelligence panel even after questions were raised about fong so this is a direct challenge to her
12:56 am
authority. shannon: mike emanuel for us on capitol hill, thank you very much. that is it for us this thursday night in washington. hope you will tune in tomorrow night before you start your weekend, that is it from washington. i am shannon bream. . my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™ janssen can help you explore cost support options. you can't plan for your period's...
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>> the they would be partners you with a crisis on the border? >> challenges on the border. benjamin: it is friday march 19th, jen psaki finally calling a crisis. this is report slam president biden taking a page out of trump's book, and stemming the flow. we are live in washington. jillian: the us marks a major vaccine milestone, live report on cdc guidelines that could get more kids back to class.


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