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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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insurance which i think will be a kind of key element for the public. >> neil: all right. sorry to pounce on you like that. thank you very much. john from "the wall street journal." we will see how it goes. in the meantime, here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with jesse watters, greg gutfeld, kennedy, and juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president biden and the democrats calling for stricter gun control after the tragic shooting in colorado that killed ten people, including a police officer. officials identifying the suspects as 21-year-old ahmad al aliwi alissa and charging him with ten counts of first-degree murder. authorities working to determine a motive. the gunman's brother reportedly saying that he suffered from mental health problems. president biden not waiting for the facts before calling for new
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gun laws. >> you're going to ask me to speculate, understandably, ask me to speculate on what happened and why it happened and i'm not going to do that. we don't have all the information. we are still waiting for more information regarding the shooter, his motive, the weapons he used. i don't need to wait another minute let alone an hour to take common sense steps that will save the lives in the future and urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act. we can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again. we can close the loopholes on our background check system. >> dana: the white house saying the president could take executive action on guns. senate democrats taking the same approach as biden, using a previously scheduled hearing scheduled for this morning on gun violence and demand new laws. top leader speaking out afterwards. >> republicans seem adverse to even wanting to talk about the
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academic of gun violence. like the start of the covid epidemic. their strategy is to downplay and hope the problem goes away. speak with a lot of work to be done. innocent people will continue to die until we do. >> for years we have been blocked by republican leaders in the special interests. now we connect, and we will. >> dana: get some reaction from everybody here. jesse, can we start with you on thoughts, reaction to the shooting and then the media call for legislation. >> jesse: first, my heart goes out to the victims' families. colorado abolish the death penalty literally last year. unfortunately this guys going to have to be paid for to be taken care of by the taxpayers for the rest of his life and won't be fried in the chair like he deserves. the media has had a really bad week covering death. first he saw the spa shooter who used a handgun. the media narrative was that he
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was a white supremacist on an anti-asian rampage until the facts came out that he was actually a mentally ill sex addict targeting women more than he was targeting asians. now you have a muslim election trump pater probably a mentally ill guy. the narrative is gun-control. the last three days in chicago, you have 30 people shot, mostly black on black. the media narrative is there. it's nothing. there is no narrative because they blacked it out. you can see how the press exploits these tragic stories, disregards the facts, divides us by race in order to basically control us and get profit. i don't think biden is going to do anything on executive orders on this. the supreme court will knock it down. next republican president will
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knock it down. republicans will come out like a wave you've never seen before if he does something like that. they don't have the votes in the senate to do anything like banning sport weapons. this is what this is. this is an ar-15. it's used for self-defense. it's used for hunting. it's used for target practice in competitions. it's light, easy to handle, compact. you squeeze the trigger once and one round goes off, just like a handgun. squeeze the trigger once and one round goes off. except handguns, those are used, the majority of mass shootings. handguns are used in a majority of gun homicides. the media doesn't talk about that. the media is obsessed with some reason over ar-15s just because they look scary. it shows how illiterate they are. every time this happens they say well, we have to do something even though that something wouldn't have prevented any of this. it's really childish argument. i want to do something else also
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but i want to get it right first and not destroy the constitutional rights of law-abiding americans in the process. >> dana: okay, juan, let's get your take. >> juan: well, just listen to jesse and i think the supreme court has affirmed that everyone has a second amendment right. but localities and states, everybody also has the right to impose reasonable restrictions on gun ownership in this country. there is no contradiction between owning a gun and reasonable rules on who has a gun, and how people obtain a gun. the extremists, it's just so heartbreaking to me that we are still having this conversation. children die in newtown. high schoolers in parkland, college students at virginia tech. we have the same conversations. the extremists in this
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conversation say no to universal background checks. 90% of americans, including gun owners say yes. let's have universal background checks. let's have a waiting period for gun purchases. let's have red flag lost so we know who is mentally ill, who was involved with spousal abuse, who is a convicted felon. let's do things within the parameters of the fact that we are a country that affirms gun ownership as a right. that's all president biden and the democrats are aft cargo asking for. to belittle it, caricature it. it's not about partisan politics pure and going after the american people and you are going after people. all of us are in danger from these kinds of facts, the countries and awash in guns.
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>> kennedy: it's interesting that juan is talking about using mental illness, if you are saying the blanket term mental illness will be the metric by which you ban people from owning guns, that only further stigmatizes mental illness. if you have a single mom in a big city who has been treated for mental illness. maybe anxiety or depression who wants to defend herself. maybe she's not going to seek treatment because she doesn't want to be put on some kind of list where she wouldn't be able to own a firearm in order to defend her family. maybe you have someone who is truly deeply mentally ill who now sees that this entire condition has been stigmatized or doesn't go for treatment. this is what we see over and over again with these shootings. his check out the sociopathy, mental illness, isolation, they hate. we are not identifying those things and the -- so people get
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treatment. in places like portland, oregon, you have a city that's been under siege, d.a. who won't prosecute violent criminal so people feel in a city where police are hated and they talk about defunding and police are racists, people feel they have no other choice than to get a firearm to defend themselves because those sort of riots have been spreading out into the suburbs. it becomes very authoritarian. it squashes civil liberty. we never get to the heart of the problem, sociopathy and hate. when you can tackle that i am willing to listen to the rest of it. >> dana: last word, greg. >> greg: in the past year, going back to the beginning of 2020, mass shootings injuring or killing four people or more have risen dramatically.
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the reason why i know this so well is that we covered it. february 15 we did a story on the dramatic spike in gun violence across the country and in cities where there was rioting and looting. no one else covered this spike. within that spike, the overall spike contained these mass shootings, right? you can find the convenient villain. you couldn't tease out the race so nobody wanted to do it. even on the shively summit he said is coming after a historical low in crime. i seem to remember that. why was the crime in total dismissed over the year, whether it was the riots, looting, gun violence that jesse alluded to. why was that dismissed. now the last two weeks it becomes important. you can never let a crisis go to waste, correct? last week that shooting was used
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to fuel or racial antipathy even though we knew that it was mental illness. we knew it was mental illness. here we don't know it's mental illness. there could be a racial component. but you sure as hell better not do that especially if you are in the media. in fact what you're planning as possible islamaphobic stories about the backlash. you're already thinking about the backlash to muslims, not about the current crime. i find that interesting. the media, you could argue and i'm not arguing this but you could argue that the way the media painted the villains last week, not about sexual addiction and mental disturbances but about weight on -- white on asian crime. yesterday white people die. if the media or consistent they would use that narrative but they won't use that narrative. it doesn't fit their narrative.
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i'm not saying it's true but i'm pointing out probably one of the most sinister hypocrisies around. they only care about certain victims and they only care about certain suspects. lastly to kennedy's point the democrats have painted themselves into a corner that they can't get out of. you demonize the police which creates the ferguson effect. the ferguson effect dries up gun sales because people see that there -- drives up gun sales. all you do is drive people towards buying guns. the terms of gun control, you can talk about it all you want. that ship has sailed. gun control died once the democrats sided with the rioters over citizens. >> dana: good a block, everybody. kamala harris taking heat after laughing off a question about traveling to see the border.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: is the disaster at the border funny? kamala harris apparently thinks so. the vice president being ripped for this tone-deaf reaction. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today. [laughs] i have before and i'm sure i will again. >> jesse: i wonder if the vice president thinks this is funny. after blocking the media for weeks, the biden administration was forced released some new video that shows crowded migrant facilities. only after the media shamed them into doing it. >> we have no access to or photos of conditions in the facilities. >> the trump administration that reporters in unsupervised tours. >> the biden administration kept talking about transparency and we are not getting transparency. >> blocking evidence to the news
2:18 pm
media is not leveling with the american people. >> jesse: i think kamala harris, her hysterical laughing fit, it's a coping mechanism. she does it a lot. it's a defense mechanism. she is uncomfortable with the question or the reality of what she's being confronted by so in order to soothe herself and cope, she just erupts in this ridiculously timed inappropriate laughter and it is striking how odd it is. >> kennedy: if you cut a montage of her laughing and appropriately. it would be so torturous. when i see that reaction goes to show that she has a real glitch. two, she's a very unserious person about an incredibly serious crisis. you've got a situation where the children who are coming up from places like guatemala, honduras and el salvador, they are not being accounted for. the ones who are unaccompanied,
2:19 pm
who knows who is taking them on their journey, how many of them don't make it and then when they get their looks as though she hasn't read her briefing book. when she responds today, she seems surprised that someone is asking that question. she should no, considering what's actually going on down there. >> jesse: greg gutfeld, your thoughts. >> greg: i feel bad for the democrats because they were grooming kamala to take over pair looks more difficult than the initial challenge. like they drove the car off the lot and it started giggling uncontrollably. there are no refunds. i hate to play that cliched game. imagine if it were a republican. but if you were ted cruz our mike pence chuckling at kids in cages, a, there would be violent protests. v those protests would be encouraged by the press, c there would be impeachment proceedingf
2:20 pm
weeping democrats dressed like extras in the handmaid's tale. >> jesse: dana, to greg's point, where are the democrats demanding transparency. traveling to these facilities. kicking the door down and showing that this is intolerable that they care and this needs to be fixed asap. you don't see any of that. kind of makes you think it was all politics the last four years. >> dana: there are a couple democrats. henry cuellar, the congressman from the area. he released a video yesterday. you don't see anybody getting behind him to support him on that side. in fact, i think on "america's newsroom" tomorrow, we are going to have a mayor they are going to want to see. he's a democrat and he's had it with the administration. also senator mark kelly of arizona, he's been very quiet. you don't see them do a lot of media.
2:21 pm
he has to run again in 2022. his team put out word that his office had presented a strongly worded letter to the biden administration. you can imagine that her laughing like that about this issue will show up in campaign ads and about 13 hours i would imagine. >> jesse: juan, what you think? do you see that in a campaign ad in the next term? >> juan: no limits on what you can do. you can do whatever you want. away from the character, the woman was on a tarmac in florida. she clearly was not on the border. that's what she said, obviously not going today. she was not laughing, chuckling at anything to do with conditions at the border. there is no question in my mind. i don't think there should be any question in anyone's mind that the biden administration takes this situation seriously. think about it. they are running advertising and central american countries to say do not come.
2:22 pm
the cartels are lying to you. they said, a top administration official to the central american countries to work with them to try to repair some of the past damage and to help them stop the flow of people out of these very threatening situations in their home countries. and then at the border you see increased numbers of not only people from homeland security but now from fema, emergency management, and just today worried that the biden administration has opened another facility. the pictures that we are showing here, they look pretty orderly, kids are being checked, they are getting educational instruction. this is what biden is after, a more humane process. >> jesse: so you are okay with that? coming into this country. >> juan: keeping with american values. here's what else i'm after. i have after congress. i am after congress doing their
2:23 pm
job. congress really realizing. the asylum system. congress understanding that they can pass legislation about border security that deals with the dreamers. >> jesse: you don't need legislation. a >> juan: you do. if that was orderly. >> jesse: all teenagers, you can't come here. families come you can't come here. >> juan: you have congress playing politics. >> kennedy: you've got the majority, what are you talking about. the facility that they opened in texas. that holds 500 children. 565. >> juan: kennedy, they are opening additional facilities as we speak. just to be clear, trump had the house and the senate and the white house ended zero. he damaged the situation and made it more damaging now for biden. >> jesse: trump's fault, got
2:24 pm
it. pay for flights to fly them in here, buy them hotel rooms, open up more facilities. every teenager, every family from the western -- i'm not joking. like the vp. >> juan: jesse, all you're doing is trying to belittle people who are serious about a very serious issue. >> kennedy: unlike the vice president. >> jesse: it's not very serious when you're laughing about it. if you thought the stimulus bill was a lot of dough, wait till you hear how much money joe is ready to throw down next. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man.
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>> juan: the $2 trillion stimulus bill just beginning for joe biden new agenda. the president preparing his next big spending plan. the price take this time, checking in at $3 trillion. "the new york times" says and i'm quoting "infrastructure plan seeks to address climate and equality as well as roads." it will also include potentially universal pre-k and free community college. republicans in congress arguing the president is spending too much money. a new analysis from the associated press likely will not help biden's case. the outlet saying that the presidents pandemic relief will cost and i'm quoting "$43,000 per second." dana, i would like to begin with you. as the g.o.p. run the risk of encountering the same problem they had with the covid relief stimulus plan that just past,
2:30 pm
opposing a popular bill even with republicans because it creates jobs while allowing for infrastructure building, train stations, new roads, airports. it seems like something a lot of people are going to support. >> dana: let me take that exact scenario but from a different direction. i do think republicans are quite vulnerable on the spending issue. if conservatives and republicans want to get back to fiscal conservative roots, let's have it. i think it could be welcome. what you're talking about is how the democrat spin would happen on covid release. what i think is about to happen with this bill is what happened before witches president biden says i am going to do this in a bipartisan way. and then they pretend that they are going to do it in a bipartisan way and then they ignore any republican suggestions and they decide that they are going to run it through on reconciliation with 51 votes just like they did with covid relief for that's what
2:31 pm
senator cardin told mayor pete, sorry, secretary pete if i can. now he is at transportation. this idea that they are going to try to get republican votes is not true. i don't think they're worried about it. possibly because they think it will be so popular for now i guess we'll have to see. the last thing that i would say is alexandria ocasio-cortez has quoted saying this new bill looks very much like the green new deal that she initially put out. i've got -- i got my eyes dilated at 12:30. i still can't see. even i can tell it's a bigger win for the republicans in the long run than the democrats. maybe the politics on this one won't turn out the way you are suggesting. >> juan: all right, greg, republicans have a lot of blue-collar voters. they don't seem to care much about the idea of new taxes on the rich. people earning more than $400,000 a year. biden says that would be it.
2:32 pm
what do you think? >> greg: first off, eyes dilated, dana? do you think we are going to buy back. we know what you were doing. >> dana: what was i taking? >> kennedy: what were you taking. >> greg: that's the problem, i am worried at this point. >> dana: i honestly cannot see. it's been very upsetting. >> greg: it's okay. i have a simple question that could undermine this whole process. the size of the debt isn't really important because you are throwing 3 trillion on top of 28 or 27 trillion. why do you need a tax hike? it's not going to ever pay down the debt and it's not you close to competing with the actual spending. you're spending trillions. tax increases aren't going to touch it. if you want free college, just print the damn money and send them money to all the people who want free college because you don't need the taxes.
2:33 pm
taxes aren't going to do it. we know that. what's the reason for the taxation? it is merely punitive. let's raise taxes on successful people because we are in power. chances are that successful people are likely going to be republicans. so that's the way to do it. in sum, america was sold a big lie that joe biden was a middle-of-the-road -- cohesive shuffling vessel. i said this before. he is like a really, really old relative taking advantage of by it dirt ball cousin who drives him to the strip mall atm to take out 400 bucks every day because he doesn't know any better. that's what the progs are doing to biden. they are taking his money.
2:34 pm
our money. >> juan: that's why he's so popular. >> greg: because he gives away money. thank you. thank you, juan. >> juan: kennedy, something like free community college, more apprenticeships, more training programs. i think a lot of people think it's a good thing for people who've been struggling in this economy. >> kennedy: i went to college for free. you know how? i got an academic scholarship and that's how people should go to college for free. administrators and colleges are never taxed with accountability. when i read about this bill, i thought i had fallen and hit my head and that bernie sanders was elected president. it is so incredibly far left and economy draining. what you are doing to children in the future, they don't need community college. they are going to live in total austerity wearing potato sacks begging for nickels.
2:35 pm
>> juan: jesse, do you think anyone is running in fear? do you see corporate america running in fear? >> jesse: they are running in fear of the local police on twitter. i wish my eyes were dilated like dana's because i can't stop staring at mini gutfled. so distracting, right under juan's tie. biden is popular because democrats did the polling. >> juan: get out of here. >> jesse: i know where to go, juan. the other thing on the substance, too many zeroes. let me be quick. trump spent 6 trillion. biden saying i can't get outspent by a republican. i signed up to trillion dollar
2:36 pm
deal and now i want 4 trillion. that is $12 trillion in a little over a year. even floyd mayweather thinks let's pump the brakes on the spending. come on. >> juan: all right, thanks, jesse. coming up, the stunning impact of pandemic lockdowns in america. greg has got a monologue next on "the five."
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2:41 pm
to what? i feel like i gained 20 pounds a year and then i spend the next you're losing it. aside from having no control group, it makes some sense creative shut everyone down, exercise space becomes limited. your companion becomes a flat screen. if you don't have an exercise and diet system in place, you're going to get fat. it's not good. covid trigger the shutdown that makes sure it's one common risk factor only grew, obesity. covid is a pro at self-preservation. too bad we couldn't talk about obesity early on. the elephant in the room of risk but at "teen vogue" editor would try to cancel it. avoidance for the sake of feeling skills. excess fat makes it hard to take deep breaths which for covid, and illness that appears lung function puts you in a deep hole and it -- chronic inflammation. the world.
2:42 pm
death rates are ten times higher than other nations. it's amazing. it seems like something the press should have led with early on. they love to raise awareness about all sorts of stuff including fat acceptance. with this they just couldn't say it at least out loud because journalists have feelings especially when they catch themselves in the mirror. i was going to ask everybody if they gained or lost weight but i'm not sure i should. jesse, it's obvious you have put on the pounds. >> jesse: [laughs] >> greg: i don't know how you could squeeze yourself into that suit. anyway, no control group. do you buy this study? >> jesse: i think you're right. i think we mentioned that last week that obesity is right behind age in terms of risk factor for the deadliness of covid. we have a big opportunity in america to make america get outside and exercise again. instead we just shut everybody
2:43 pm
down in the small apartment or home where covid transmits at the highest level. we shut down parks, arrested gym owners, shutdown beaches and even gavin newsom has prohibited volleyball tournaments. beach volleyball tournaments in california where they have 1,00. noncontact sports. you can't play beach volleyball in california. people don't get it. i don't get it. it was an easy solution. >> greg: it seems like we missed the boat doing people outside. in l.a. they close skateboard parks. they filled up with sand. a >> juan: we had a lock down we still lost more than 500,000 people. how many people? i don't get it. to my mind the greatest generation, people in world war ii went to fight wars in europe and asia. all we are talking about here is eat a salad, take a walk. you know what i'm saying?
2:44 pm
stop watching access hollywood. do a push-up. why do we have to make a big deal out of it? >> greg: kennedy, i think the thing is, people kind of need to have a backup plan for eating and exercising in times of crisis. you never think about it. but that actually would be a good idea. >> kennedy: you not happen for a lot of people their circadian rhythms were thrown off because now all of a sudden people are sleeping much later in the day and have so many stress hormones imparting their system, so much cortisol that even if you do have an eating plan and exercise plan, you're still at risk for gaining weight. when they shut the gyms and pools, i couldn't believe it. i'm going okay, people who are healthy want to go to the gyms and get healthier. chlorine kills bugs. probably should shutdown the pools and then go home and order a bunch of chipotle.
2:45 pm
>> greg: dana, you have honestly lost a lot of weight during the pandemic despite the enormous amount of edibles you've been ingesting. >> dana: even though i can't seem to find my edibles. will edibles fix this? i need help. a couple things. you remember when they started putting crime tape around the soccer fields. but the cdc was saying that it's okay to be outside exercise. even without a mask it was okay. get some fresh air we weren't following the science. the thing we haven't mentioned is the drinking. a lot of the studies showing that a huge amount of increasing drinking, especially wine. it converts to sugar. sugar. >> greg: i know. exactly. i look at it every day, sadly. so does my wife. up next, crazy video of a dad bringing his tolerant of the elephant of closure of the zoo. we'll tell you why he did it
2:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> kennedy: people do some pretty dumb things for a cool photo but this might take the cake. >> oh. >> [bleep] >> do something! >> kennedy: oh, my garden. that father arrested on child endangerment charges after carrying his toddler into the elephant habitat for selfie. he dropped his 2-year-old while being chased by a giant animal. thankfully he was able to get her out of the way safely. but now he's in jail and being held on $100,000 bail with no plans to release him anytime soon. what did you think when you saw this video. >> jesse: the first thing that
2:51 pm
crossed my mind. great 88. you have a bunch of signs, fences. an idiot will identify themselves by going inside and confronting the animal. a phone is a great way for idiots to interact with other idiots, spread their idiocy, enhance their idiocy by taking pictures like this. i am astounded. remember when michael jackson dangled his baby out of the second-floor window? this is right up there with that. >> kennedy: that's exactly what he was thinking. his baby, blanket, dangling that poor child. i know. too soon. do you know, why do people put themselves at risk for these things? is social media really that much of an opiate? >> dana: i think jesse nailed it. when you listen to the video towards the end, as he's picking up his daughter from the ground, somebody yells "do something!"
2:52 pm
somebody do something. the elephant is to be respected. that's why he's there behind a fence. ugh. do something. >> kennedy: people are really geniuses. clearly he put his daughter at risk. that is the most egregious part. if you were in there by himself, do you wish he would've been a nominee for the darwin award? >> greg: i'm going to take a different tack. i think the daughter had it coming. she had been egging him all day about going to the zoo and he didn't want to go. this is crazy. he should be in prison. the fence doesn't even look like it could hold the elephant. look at that fence. also, the guys filming this. he must've gotten a lot of money for this tape. nobody ever put the phone down to help this guy. he's an idiot. anyway. i blame white supremacy.
2:53 pm
>> kennedy: juan, isn't it true that you wrestled a pair of tigers to save your own children? >> juan: i would gladly do that. this guy is lucky to be in jail, kennedy. i think his wife, the mother of that little girl, really would take him apart. this is stupidity and action. that's what we see with the selfies. that elephant is a big, dangerous animal. it's no cuddly toy. >> kennedy: squash your head like a grape. 1 foot and good night, sally. i am worried his wife is taking the video. someone's holding the camera. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> happy national puppy day, we have a little cameo here, say hello to all your fans, and instagram page, so go check it out there and happy puppy day to everybody out there and we love our puppies. >> one? >> okay, this one more thing begins with a song, it's a puzzle and it's in the song, take a listen. ♪ ♪ if you guess that someone is getting married, you've got it. take a look, sabrina lee and james doyle, star producer at the five, she works with me over the weekend, after a walk at the
2:59 pm
pavilion in central park, drops down on one knee, popped the question and sabrina said yes, congratulations to sabrina and to james, another spring celebration for the family. >> i had with my friends when they opened up the pubs in england, check them out right here. haven't been able to go to the pub for so long and now it's like they're open. gets in there, just had to eat. national puppy day, never seen anything like this, so hungry. here he comes. talk about the covid 15. >> that's beautiful. another crazy animal, this is the portland zoo, semi aquatic mammals on this one was torquing as this was happening in
3:00 pm
south beach, want to get in on that, justin hawkins took this video. >> a five or bret baier, wouldn't even talk to us. >> bret: working honors, that's a new one. thanks, guys. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, ten people are dead after shooting monday and a bolder supermarket. suspect is in custody but why? >> it is becoming clear what a chaotic and terrifying scene it was that unfolded here yesterday, witnesses say the


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