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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 24, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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doctors and nurses who probably didn't sign up for this. we'll keep an eye on it as well my friends on "the five" in the next hour that will do it for us. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with juan williams, katie pavlich, jesse watters and she played foursquare on a rubik's cube, dana perino. "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: in between fits, vice president harris is set to sit down to talk empowering women and girls appeared wise the incumbent vp interviewing the president customer mike even cnt allow that unless they were brothers. when asked about empowering women and girls bill said when and on what private island?
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i mean, it's this guy, remember? >> i want you to listen to me, i'm going to say this again, i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss monica lewinsky. >> greg: an oldie but a goody. funny i think engages, right kamala? [laughter] >> [laughs] >> where shall i start? >> [laughs] >> greg: oh, man. diabolical laughter is the best medicine. the last time avp laughed that hard was in an orange hunting vest telling his buddy to walk it off. i get it, harvey weinstein is in jail, epstein is dead, and they turned down a zoom call with jeffrey toobin so instead you've
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got a one-on-one with bill clinton, although i'm not sure that means the same thing to him as it does to us. i guess he prefers a two on one but you don't want to tempt fate. besides, kamala is waiting for another old white guy to have a cardiac event. still it's weird, sit down on empowering women and girls is like having woody allen direct a team's choice award. but bill is the expert in empowerment, in which you make your pursuits or empowerment, especially when empowered by a fistful of little blue pills. what does this really tell you? that people really don't like hillary or chelsea. a clear symposium in on women and you don't pick them to host? you pick a guy who's zipper is as open as our southern border? but it is the clinton foundation where for bill, doing good isn't the goal. it's doing well, and doing the help. dana, dana, danna. >> dana: please come to me first, yes. >> greg: i feel like i time
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traveled to 1996 and i am sifting my brain through clinton jokes, but this is kind of a huge blind spot for whoever arranged this, don't you think? >> dana: when we first got the topics this morning from the producers that comes during "america's newsroom" i thought, oh, that makes sense, hillary clinton, doing the thing with women and girls and that makes sense, then, what? oh, okay. that is interesting and you have to understand that back in 1998 when all the women's groups defended bill clinton they continued to pay that price all along so i guess they figure there is no reason to stop. on to marriage, it is not a bad thing to have an event where you are talking about bringing women back to the workplace after all that has happened to women during the pandemic. everybody should be doing that, not a partisan thing, that is a good event but i can see how this would raise some eyebrows but if you're one of the young women at the event then you are probably pretty happy at least somebody is paying attention to you however, if people wanted to
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empower women and girls all they had to do is buy everything will be okay. >> greg: there you go. that's true. the thing is it actually goes to a good cause, which is -- >> dana: me? >> greg: we don't know where the money in the clinton foundation goes! juan, why don't you when i start a foundation so we can get in on this gravy train? >> juan: i think i heard you once tell a joke about, we should all give to charity, your boat is called charity. you know, i think, clinton, monica lewinsky is 20 years old. if it floats your boat to make fun of this 20 years later go for it, he put the target on his own head with his behavior towards women but i would also just ask that everyone remember that clinton's legacy with regard to women can be somewhat complex. i mean, you stop and think about his cabinet, madeleine albright,
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janet rain now, 40% of clinton's cabinet picking up on dana's point about women empowerment, 40% of his first cabinet was female, set records. and clinton also signed the family medical leave act, the women in the military, so women could fly fighter jets, get on warships. you know, don't forget hillary clinton. she was a different kind of first lady. so i think, his behavior with monica lewinsky obscures a lot of things including some real accomplishments in the area that he's going to be talking about, especially after the pandemic, making sure women don't get left behind. >> greg: do you think women are going to get left behind? we don't have symposiums on men getting left behind. people like me. >> katie: you have a book. we are not going to leave you behind, greg, i promise. but if they are worried about bill clinton leaving that with
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them, they are like bill, i'm good, don't need you to bring me anywhere, we are good on that. but it's true that democrats did make this bed in the 1990s and the lewinsky thing is the tame version of bill clinton. when brodrick is tweeting, look, when do i get to come to a symposiums talk about bill clinton's behavior? but this is the reason i wrote my second book which is called "assault and flattery: the truth about the war on women." and let's not forget, in 2012, the dnc was putting ted kennedy, who left a woman to drown and suffocate to death in his car as a women's rights champion. when democrats say they are about empowering women they are really only about empowering women who are useful to them politically and i guess the era of #metoo is over and the clintons are back in business after taking a hiatus for four years. oh, somebody's coming back in
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again come interesting. >> greg: jesse, you must feel bad right now. you don't have a book, you don't have a foundation. >> dana: close. >> greg: you don't have a boat or a bug. i actually asked if i could get a second bug to put on the other side of the screen. >> jesse: wow, i feel really inadequate. that's the first time that has ever happened. greg, that was a good monologue but you were due. do you have had some questionable ones of past few weeks but i have to give credit where credit is due. this is really about kamala harris being used. this is about rehabbing bill, rehabbing the foundation and the initiative. they took a big hit with the pay for play, the epstein deal. the underboss of the clinton family told everybody that yes, bill clinton did fly down on epstein's jet to island. that has been said and no one is
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talking about it. you also have chelsea there, who is basically the most titillating speaker of her generation, so i'm on the edge of my seat for that. but katie is right, it's not just an intern in the oval. seven women have credibly accused bill clinton of groping, exposing, sexual assault, rape. this is serious stuff into juan's point, they have done a lot of good things for women but that does not absolve them of all the bad things they have done to women and that is what this is about and it's not right. as someone who cherishes women more than anybody, i am on the side of women. >> greg: yes, you are. >> jesse: and i will fight for them. >> greg: more than anybody, jesse. more than anybody. all right, that was a gratuitous segment just to make fun of bill clinton and i loved every minute of it. up next, we just got a brand-new
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♪ ♪ >> dana: fox news alert, we are getting brand-new video from inside a child migrant facility in texas. the administration finally allowing a single camera after blocking the media for weeks. white house officials touring the facility earlier. there are currently 766 miners inside and as of right now, 108 children in the facility have tested positive for covid and they are being kept in negative air pressure dormitories. they say no child has been released unless they have two negative tests and that comes as president biden passed off one of the toughest challenges of his presidency yet to his number two, putting vice president
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kamala harris in charge of the border crisis. i had a feeling there would be some sort of announcement in regards to a policy change or personnel addition. i was thinking something like a general jim mattis perhaps to come in and try to coordinate, get it all going, but kamala harris is going to be in charge. >> jesse: kamala harris is no jim mattis. this is great from the president, here, kamala, you take it. it's kind of like what trump did with pens and the coronavirus except trump had to be chief and had to take charge, i don't think joe biden has that problem. he's happy to sit back and let kamala take all the heat from this. that is not going to happen. joe will take eat and pay a big price but with kamala on the line, she is going to get crushed. she doesn't speak the language of the border, she doesn't understand the policy. it's not in her wheelhouse, she's going to have a lot of
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trouble explaining why the border is in fact not open. that is the big left-wing talking point. the border is not open. riddle me this, then, if 100% of teenagers are allowed in, that's not my number, that's their policy, how is that not open? or if a family unit is allowed in, 80% of family units are being allowed income of that is the dhs number from biden. axios reported that, not my number. you cross the border, you are in. and not only are u.n., they are going to buy you a hotel room, put you on the bus, put you on an airplane and send you out all over the united states of america. so they bring u.n. and then they transport you all over the country. how is that not an open border? that just tells everybody in the western hemisphere, everybody in the world, go to mexico, grabbed a teen, pay a cartel member and walk across. good luck defending that,
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kamala harris. >> dana: what you think might be different when kamala harris takes over? >> juan: i think first of all, let me just say she's taking on the same role that vice president biden and the obama administration played for president obama, which is handling border security. so when you ask the question, what will change, remember she is a former prosecutor. today in the announcement she said very clearly she is going to enforce the law at the border in addition to trying to impose some order in terms of the process. jesse talks about open borders, those people are going to our agents, r20000 people on the border to make sure it's not open and turning themselves over and then they become a part of the asylum process and that is what is being overwhelmed and that is why we have a problem but it's an orderly process they are trying to find right now.
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open more facilities and make sure they have enough people. that is why fema is down there. again, this is all in terms of trying to solve a problem and that is what you see in addition she is going to try to spend time with people in guatemala, in el salvador, mexico. we have already sent people down there, high-ranking officials but harris now says she is going to go as well to try to look at the root cause of why we're having this influx at the moment. meanwhile, i think on the other side, i think i am becoming an old engine here because i say the same thing every day. i don't understand why congress, republicans and democrats don't say we are going to fix the asylum system, make sure that border security is something we can all agree on, let's get something done and let's stop playing policy. >> dana: in this role, she would have to do, i would assume, some more public
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speaking. for example, when mike pence was passed by president trump to help coordinate on the covid response, he came to the break room every day and he was doing that. i don't know if she will do that, but at some point when they have to answer the question of what did you know during the transition when border patrol officials were telling you this very thing was going to happen? >> greg: i would advise her, definitely a lot more laughing because i think that is really going to work at the border. she doesn't really need to go on a fact-finding mission. the mexican president is telling people why they are coming to the border, because the biden administration waives them forward. i love how the press is supposed to be grateful for these photos like they are getting free samples from costco and it's like oh, we have one camera, as if it is a problem photo. get all the journalists to stand in line, everybody stand in line and get your picture with the migrant. it is just completely -- it is so opposite of what trump did and trump got so much grief for
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just letting them see this. should we be officially worried about joke with mike every day the media demanded we question the mental fitness or overall fitness of trump and yet joe has more lids than a pickle factory. he's not around it may be that is the strategy? joe, people don't seem to mind his lousy leadership because they can't focus their ire on this guy, unlike trump, who did a lot of things but he was out there all the times of the press could focus on him but joe sucks but you don't see him so it's okay! >> dana: during the campaign he didn't do a lot, hiding biden but then he won. he hasn't done a lot here, he will have his first solo press conference tomorrow but his approval rating keeps going up and they got the legislation passed that they wanted to get past. the one thing that is nipping at their heels big time as this
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border issue and that would, i imagine, the front and center at the press conference tomorrow. >> katie: definitely but to respond to what juan said, senator lindsey graham and republicans have introduced legislation in the past and i think they're going to do it again to deal with the asylum issue and democrats refused to even negotiate or talk about it even though that is the problem here. kamala harris is asked about the border issue, whether she would visit two days ago and she laughed out loud on the tarmac and said, not today! i think it is a sign they're having a real problem with getting all of this done. if you don't have any -- diplomacy is great, but she is going to have to do diplomacy not just in places like honduras, el salvador but also with mexican cartels making $14 million a day through their smuggling operation, so if you don't have policies backing up and hard talk and consequences
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for not living up to your diplomatic mission or agreement, this problem will continue. the administration has created a number of magnets they refused to turn off and put away. they could talk all they want to but until they change the policies there's no way this is going to stop. one more thing following up on greg, they are not showing us any photos from the facilities that are completely overrun and at maximum capacity. they are showing us photos and video from the secondary abilities where they are already transferred to, so what you need to call this is a government propaganda. at the white house, they say we are dedicated to showing you what is going on inside these facilities, working out the details. they are not working on any of that. >> dana: it's a good point about those photos and where they are coming from. the political blame game in full swing, democrats pointing the finger at republicans over mass
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because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: welcome back, everybody. democrats and the media predictably playing politics and are using mass shootings to smear and blame republicans as they push for more gun control. >> they are the ones who are ducking that responsibility and become complicit in all of these shootings. >> countries around the world look at us and say what is wrong with the united states of america? >> when congress doesn't do anything, mass shooting after mass shooting, these mines that are becoming unhinged, imply that it is okay. >> i feel like a hostage to the
2:28 pm
selfish people who insist on owning these types of weapons. that is not freedom in this country. you are not a patriot because you think you have a right to own these types of weapons. >> jesse: these are the facts, you have a mentally ill muslim-american living at home with his parents, no job, never went to college, outbursts at school. obviously very unstable, savaging republicans on social media. on the fbi radar and somehow republicans in washington, d.c., are to blame? what about his parents? no one saw this coming? >> katie: yeah and apparently his classmates in high school also thought he was violent and he had a misdemeanor for assault, so that doesn't prevent you from buying a firearm but the push for gun control comes from this idea that congress should just do something for the
2:29 pm
sake of doing it and therefore it will solve the problem and we know that's not true. joe biden this week claimed the 1994, 2004 ban on sporting rifles reduced mass shootings. according to the department of justice, that's actually not true. if you look at the statistics from the fbi, this shows there are more people killed with knives and hands and feet every year than people are killed with what they call assault rifles. if we want to talk about actually "doing something" that will prevent this from happening again it's not more gun control. for sonny of "the view" to say that people who own these firearms are selfish and not patriotic, tens of millions of people own modern sporting rifles and they don't go out and use them to hurt people. and who is she to say who can and cannot make decisions for themselves? it's interesting that people who are privileged think that their
2:30 pm
feelings dictate the way that other people who aren't so privileged defend themselves in a number of places around the country, and so congress has always done this push and it's not necessarily about changing or preventing new things from happening in the future. >> jesse: i will give you a chance to respond to what katie said. >> juan: i have a lot of respect for katie on this issue and she is a gun owner so i listen but i must say i have a difference in the sense that my sense is that democrats are just immensely frustrated on this issue and the immense frustration, its part, people talk about your second amendment rights but what about your right to feel safe when you go to the grocery store or when you send your child to school or college and you're walking down the street? it seems like people are willing to say we are going to forget about that because we don't want anybody to infringe on our second amendment rights but
2:31 pm
again, to my mind, there is no contradiction between saying you can have a gun but we can also have reasonable restrictions on those guns and for someone like richard blumenthal, the senator we just saw, the guy from connecticut, sandy hook is real, 20 children died and it's even more obscene than that because the parents report, they get phone calls from these conspiracy theories, these qanon types, this was a false flag operation, never happened, those kids are alive, you just want to take our guns and they attack on social media. to me, it is time for all of us and that is why i have such respect for katie, i can talk to her but i just think it's time for her and for me to get together and say here are some reasonable ideas, 90% of americans say it lets have background checks, awaiting period before you go buy a gun. >> katie: can i just say, real
2:32 pm
quick, you talk about feelings, those millions of people around the country who feel safe or going to the grocery store, conceal and carrying. this is an issue of policies that actually prevent crime, not preventing people from feeling safe. >> juan: but if i go to the grocery store without the gun, why should i feel more at risk? >> greg: may be those feelings are based on faulty facts and data. you just, what you did is what you see, it becomes an over arcing theme when you are talking about guns and just about anything when it comes to democrats is you extrapolate from one bad thing to the whole group, okay? so you had the attack in atlanta, the press wrongly blamed it on racism because that's the national stained that you can apply anywhere, so you
2:33 pm
took a horrible event and you spread it out, extrapolate it to the population but since that couldn't be done with colorado, they had to do gun owners instead because gun ownership is a symbol or totem for millions and millions of people. so again, you extrapolate from a horrible person, it's the culpability of the suspect in either case, the individual. instead, it's about the group. lastly, i want to talk about this complicit argument and why it is so absurd, because it only creates further accomplices. when blumenthal says republicans are complicit in the shooting, he becomes complicit if a republican gets attacked. the complicity argument has to go both ways. so if you're going to go and say these people are partially responsible for the deaths of other people, he just put a target on their back, you are
2:34 pm
complicit, so just stop with the complicit argument unless you want it to go both ways. >> jesse: dana perino? >> dana: i'm trying to think of how i can go both ways. reasonable people could say what laws could be changed that would have actually prevented this and we are still finding out a lot more information but apparently the family was concerned about him and it wasn't something he was just going to grow out of but who could they reach out to, what could they have done, what that would have meant to other families question make those tough issues probably could've solved some of the when you think about what could have happened in the future >> jesse: all right, head on "the five," changes during the pandemic could be permanent. why workers are ready to get back to the office just yet. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: welcome back to "the five." the pandemic brought about huge changes to how we work, obviously. now we are learning that some of them could be here to stay. experts say working from home two days a week could become the new normal. but what if you are sick of of s constant zoom calls? citigroup has banned internal video calls on fridays in an attempt to stop staffers from running themselves ragged while they work from home. so katie, let me begin with you. the survey found that three quarters of workers may be able to stay home or in the future. you agree that work from home is going to be a big part of america's future? >> katie: absolutely. i love the banning of the zoom
2:40 pm
calls on friday, i think that is a very good practice. it depends on what kind of work are you are. if you thrive in a social environment this is not the good thing for you but the pandemic has proven a lot of people can be just as productive or more productive from home and they may have a better work-life balance because they are not commuting hours and hours a day away from their families, this is certainly something families are seeing if they can raise some money on rent, give people some more time back while also being efficient. we will see if this works long long term. maybe they will discover people need to be in the office to be creative and those kinds of things. >> juan: they say the workers in the study are just as productive, what do you? >> dana: i'm fascinated in societal change after pandemic. there is always something big and at this point, working from home is starting to become living at work. for some people it might work out and some people are saying,
2:41 pm
right now it seems to be the case but this is fraught with some payroll and what if you have a situation where some people want to be back in the office and some people don't? in the office, that is where ideas are created, hey, that idea you had, i want to follow up on that. are you available to do this extra assignment? yes, raise your hand. if you are at home and not a part of that then management is going to have to figure out a way to make sure not only that people are included but they can continue to grow within an organization. i have some concerns but i also understand people not wanting to be on the train for hours of their week and if we can get kids back in school so that moms can go back to work, that would also be a very good thing. >> juan: some people can't stay at home. i'm thinking about a policeman, deliveryman, restaurant workers, the people at the grocery store and part of this may be that now if others get to stay at home more, they get more flex time.
2:42 pm
does that work? does that seem equitable to you? >> greg: i don't know, i thought people wanted police to work at home. that was over the summer. hey, look, i think this could really bring families together, which is a bad thing if you hate your family, but i actually think we are learning a really important lesson right now that maybe we didn't really need all this infrastructure. did we just learned that we really don't need the cities as much as we thought we did? the cities are nothing more than just this massive concentration of offices and all the other ancillary businesses that indulge the people who work there so you have to create stuff like broadway. nobody really likes theater but they created -- >> dana: wrong. >> katie: i love theater. >> greg: no, no, i want to offend as many people as possible. cities are dying, people move to the cities because it's safer, now it's not.
2:43 pm
people are going to be -- working remotely? that is alaska. i am in alaska. >> juan: one other thing that comes with working from home is you need great computers, great broadband access to their going to have to make sure the whole country has broadband. >> jesse: put that in the stimulus bill. that's just another trillion. i'm worked out. listen, i think america agrees we want to work from home on monday, and on friday, then we go to work tuesday, wednesday, thursday. can we lock that income america? it lowers traffic, it lowers emissions. it lowers real estate prices in the city and enhances them in the countryside and you get to spend more time with your family, and that is a good thing. tuesday, wednesday, thursday
2:44 pm
face-to-face. you don't have to see trevor's face monday through friday. also, it kind of balance is the gossip situation. you can get your gossip tuesday, wednesday, thursday but you are not inundated with the gossip, like greg gutfeld coming into my office every day and telling me about dana perino's book sales. enough, i have to prep. >> greg: you never prep! >> dana: in your office, why do you still have your christmas decoration on the door of your office? >> jesse: i do? oh, man. [laughter] >> dana: it's been driving me crazy. >> jesse: johnny! sorry. >> juan: all right, all right. we got to go. next segment coming up, "the fastest" up next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. ♪ ♪ >> katie: welcome back. it's time for "the fastest."
2:49 pm
first up, we've got to warn you, this one's a little bit gross. a comedian on twitter claims he found shrimp tails in his box of cinnamon toast crunch cereal. general mills has an accumulation of cinnamon sugar and any cross-contamination with seafood is impossible but the guys refusing to back down in the company wants him to send them the evidence. i thought the story was a hoax, this guy just pretended there were shrimp tails in his cereal but he is saying the company is gaslighting him and he is standing by his story. >> greg: this is the biggest story in this guy's life. it is amazing. he has been catapulted to start up because he found something gross in his cereal. what kind of adult male eats two bowls of cinnamon toast crunch? >> katie: i don't know, i don't know.
2:50 pm
>> dana: [laughs] >> katie: jesse, you know. have you ever found shrimp tails in your cinnamon toast crunch or of these just cinnamon bits since you are an expert on the cereal? >> jesse: i don't know but i haven't been hooked on a scandal like this since the laptop from hell. i thought he was pulling a hoax because he's a comedian married to an actress but then he called general mills' bluff and says he is sending the shrimp things to a lab for testing and i am checking my phone all afternoon to see if the lab results came back. i can't wait. it's like agenda reveal for cereal. >> greg: i know that feeling. >> katie: i'm trying to think of how this could've happened and maybe may be there was someone at the factory it was eating lunch and happen to throw a couple of their shrimp cocktail pieces into the cereal boxes, i don't know. >> dana: i texted greg and said this story is almost too gross to talk about.
2:51 pm
also his last name is carp, and there is a seafood connection, some trying to make the connection, but if you are the director of the company had general mills you probably shouldn't question the customer. just say, let us send you a refund or something. because now they have a whole issue and everyone thinks there is a shrimp tails in the cinnamon crunch. >> jesse: great point. >> katie: do you think this is real? i'm still not convinced this is a real thing. >> juan: i don't know, it's his credibility on the line. i hope jesse lets me know what the factory or the lab has to say. i will say this to you, katie. i don't think we should allow shrimp and mourning cereal to become like pineapple and pizza. some things just don't belong together and they should never be mixed. >> katie: especially if they are shrimp tails, which you can eat. really gross. okay, "one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: oh, time for "one more thing," blah, blah, blah, katie. >> katie: okay today is national chocolate covered raisin day. it is the most famous brands of chocolate covered raisins, raisin its first introduced in 1987 by the chocolate company in philadelphia which means they've been around for 94 years. in my opinion, 94 years far too long. they are disgusting. a poll with "the five" to see who likes them and who doesn't because i think they are disgusting, greg, you go first.
2:57 pm
>> greg: the best way to eat raisins is covered in chocolate. >> katie: dana. >> dana: i would eat these, but they are not my first go to. >> katie: juan. >> juan: i like them, but i don't buy them very often. >> katie: and jesse. >> jesse: i would go with chocolate covered shrimp cinnamon toast crunch. >> katie: i knew you were going to say that. happy national chocolate covered raisins day but i think they are a strange texture and i'm not a fan. >> greg: there you go. make him at greg's made the news and i talk about the brookfield zoo in illinois. the answer, we found it is gutfeld here they named it gutfeld. we had everyone right and so it is now gutfeld come up course, they deny and say his name is cascal. but we know what is gutfeld.
2:58 pm
okay. >> katie: jesse. >> jesse: that was great but this isn't so great, you know the little bug on the screen that keeps promoting gutfeld with the exclamation? apparently these things are breeding and they multiply to. we don't know if that is physically possible for these things to breed, but they have. many gutfeld everywhere. kind of an oxymoron. there you go come america. >> dana: five boxes of bugs. >> greg: do you remember the trouble -- >> jesse: gutfeld. >> greg: do you remember the trouble? >> dana: , no. >> greg: "one more thing." >> dana: do you want proof that new york is getting back to business? check out these little fellas that found their way to the east river just off of brooklyn. these are dolphins. they spent most of their day swimming around, oh, wow what do we find around here?
2:59 pm
cinnamon toast crunch and shrimp right here in brooklyn? that is what they are looking for. and also because i have not been on tv enough today, will be on "special report" with bret baier. it greg, have you been invited? >> greg: yes come a few times actually, dana. >> dana: jesse? >> jesse: i have been invited but there was no follow-up period of think it was a fake invitation. >> greg: all right, i will get to juan, "one more thing." >> juan: all right, time for a little bit of dancing here on the "the five." take a look. >> greg: oh, man. >> juan: that cockatoo lives in a veterinarian clinic in brooklyn. the veterinarian caitlin can be heard in the background with the beatbox percussion for the bird whose name is simon. by the way, the 30-year-old cockatoo came to the veterinary clinic because he was plucking
3:00 pm
out his feathers. the veteran parent decided to help them out and improve emotional help with playtime and of course that led to the dancing and the video has gone viral and he's big bird now. >> jesse: it's a bird, a plane come a beatbox and beautiful story. >> greg: i think we will have to leave it there. that is it for us. "special report" is up next, hey, bret. >> bret: i want to say for the record we have invited you all on the panel. i have troubles with the boxes. thanks. good evening, i am bret baier. top advisors are taking a hard look at the crisis on the southern border tonight, noting the vice president in charge of fixing the problem and this comes one day before his formal first news conference since the inauguration. white house correspondent piece peter doocy starts us off tonight. >> good evening


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