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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 25, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> it thank you so much for having me on this morning. jillian: thank you have. a lot of questions on that today in the press conference. carley: absolutely. jillian: that is 1:15, stay tuned because fox news channel will have coverage of that. carley: that's right. and "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> the u.s. government effort to fix the mess at the border will be led now by kamala harris. >> if you are going to put the vice president in charge, then you are definitely saying you just don't have a pr problem, do you have a crisis. >> andrew cuomo's family members given special access to covid testing. >> according to that report, that would be a violation of new york's constitution. >> in a matter of hours, the suspect accused of killing 10 people will appear in court for the first time. >> we are going to do everything in our powers to make sure the suspect has a thorough trial. >> north korea firing two ballistic missiles into the sea near japan. >> u.s. officials say north korea has between 20 and 60 nuclear warheads and continues
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to grow their stockpile. >> press conference. >>the press conference. >> the question is will the press do its job in asking tough questions particularly concerning the and following up. >> i hit the ground ♪ i hit the ground ♪ steve: hello, and welcome to the big room here we have rachel and will and me. good to are have you here on this thursday, march 25th, 2021. beautiful day in our neighborhood hope it's beautiful where you are. will: good morning to you both. rachel: good morning will and steve. will: good morning we have to say good morning to somebody else on the team our buddy pete hegseth in camp washington chill. will: no, excuse me, that's not chili, that is breakfast
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spaghetti. rachel: is that a thing? pete: i don't know that the spaghetti is for breakfast but it is today. steve: you future on top? pete: it's true, i don't know about that. did you know about that? that's a cincinnati thing. this is called chili five ways. you have a base of spaghetti, you have got beans, chili, onions mountain of economy camp washington chili. people who eat here as known as chili head. we are all chili heads this morning here at cincinnati. it's an institution, been here for 80 years. i have already eaten half a plate. montana our producer, can attest to that it's amazing. we will be here all morning long talking to the folks. rachel: pete will eat anything. and at any time of day. pete: that's the point. if you are a diner correspondent you have to be willing to eat anything at any time as will can attest, it's not a bad gig. we will be doing it. talking to the folks camp
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washington. the camp they call it out here in cincinnati. will: i want to put an assignment to you throughout the morning. would you mind as a son of texas, there are certain opinions i must hold about what chili is or is not. i have always heard about ohio, cincinnati. i have always heard isn't sky line chili an ohio thing? steve: yeah, cincinnati. will: i don't know what that is. pete: skyline chili is both a brand and also a location here in cincinnati. this is camp washington, sort of more an iconic i'm told institution. talk to bill hemmer our resident cincinnati guy he does love skyline. we will have to finish that debate today at some point and maybe ask him about it. rachel: the competition starts. staff steve thank you, pete. pete: thank you, phis. steve: pete will be asking the folks hear what they want the president to say today at his press conference which will be here 1:15 this afternoon. the president made news yesterday he essentially deputized his vice president to be the border boss.
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and what he has tasked her with doing as you look at them inside the state dining room yesterday in the white house yesterday, is she is -- her portfolio is going to be to stop the problem at the southern border. and by the way "the washington post" this morning referred to it as a crisis. so that is some progress. also, she need to establish a partnership with mexico and el salvador and guatemala and honduras and try to fix the root cause of why so many people from there are coming here. luckily, he, joe biden, has put the vice president in charge of this, pause she knows that the border is no laughing matter. watch. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> um, not today. [laughter] but i have before and i'm sure i will again. >> i have asked her, the vp today, pause she is most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with mexico and
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the northern triangle. and the countries that help, that are going to need help in stemming the movement of so many folks stemming the migration to our southern border. rachel: vice president harris has said repeatedly her goal to take these unaccompanied children out of the custody of our border patrol and put them into the custody of hhs, health and human services. and that includes putting them on to -- into civic centers and also on to military bases. there have been documents released showing the initial request to joint base san antonio in lack land, fort bliss and el paso. so this is how they are going to deal with this problem. governor doug ducey from arizona, my home state, says that joe biden couldn't have picked a worse person to put in charge of this problem and is he
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a border state governor and here is why he thinks she is a bad choice. >> vice president kamala harris has been put in charge of border security. she is about the worst possible choice that one could make. at no point in her career has she given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat. if president biden's intent was to show that he is taking this issue seriously, he has really done the exact opposite here. he has completely trivialized this issue by putting someone in charge who flat out just doesn't care. will: joe biden knows kamala harris' experience as attorney general of california. steve: a sanction area state. will: as her qualifications to handle this border crisis. he talked about her enforcing laws when it comes to
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criminality in california. never shown seriously in enforcing border laws. she has compared ice to the k can k. so it will be interesting putting someone in charge of a problem that looks like this now. 16500 unaccompanied children right now in both hhs and border patrol custody. with that kind of outlook on what the border and our enforcers might be with someone who compares ice to kkk, it will be interesting to see how she handles this crisis. steve: sure. keep in mind in 2019, she said when she was running for president, and now she is vice president, she said if i'm elected i will release those kids from cages. actually, the facility that you are looking at right there on wednesday, that is the facility -- that is where they actually took the press yesterday for the sanitized press tour. they did not take the kids to the facility in donna, texas. and ted cruz said yesterday true
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transparency would to be open the donna facility to the press that is at 1556% capacity. the reason he says that a number of senator will be going there tomorrow. the kids at the khanna facility they go to bed hungry. they have only showered one time in seven days. they are forced to sleep on the floor. haven't seen sunlight in days. of the 756 kid there, 108 have code. have -- covid. not only are the conditions terrible it is a super spreader. they're trying to figure out where can we put these kids somewhere in america once they get over covid? rachel: steve, what's interesting the daily mail is reporting foster parent in california are receiving phone calls saying hey, i know you have some foster kids, can you take some more? and so the foster parents all tried to call each other and figure out what's going on and sure enough there is a surge of
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these children -- remember, she said out of cbp and into hhs. remember, our foster care services are already strained because touring covid we have seen an increase in sexual assault, domestic violence, and increase in opioid. we have our own opioid crisis. so our federal government is now turning its attention towards a problem that they created and away from american children who aren't in school, who are in these strained social services. it's actually incredible. steve: rachel, the amazing thing about that daily mail story because i saw it, usually the foster par parents are asked cod you possibly take up to six kids. think about it. can you imagine six brand new kids at your house that you have got take caref? rachel: i can tell you it's hard. steve: you okay you have got about 15 kids. they detail one family who has said, listen, we are having a crisis right now. could you possibly take 26 kids?
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will: really? steve: 26 kids? will: with a situation like this, it might be one you need to take seriously. you wouldn't ignore questions about it. you wouldn't joke about it. that's not the case. watch. >> now we're going to get down to business here and -- ron, who do i turn this over to? >> thank you very much, mr. president. i think it's time for our friends in the press to leave though. thank you, guys. >> mr. president, [inaudible] >> children on the border facility. >> at the border, mr. president? >> mr. president. >> thank you very much. >> press conference tomorrow sir. >> the press conference. [laughter] steve: now, that's funny. what press conference? so the press conference is going to be today at 1:15. you know, the extraordinary thing about this white house, and they haven't had a formal press conference thus far. but what's crazy about it is they announced it nine days ago. which you never do. you usually just wake up in the morning in the white house press
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office says hey we are going to have a press conference today. a lot can happen. keep in mind nine days ago when they scheduled, this he was going to take a victory lap on hey, look, we passed a $2 trillion coronavirus thing. in the nine days sense, suddenly people are going to be asking him about hey, north korea is firing off missiles, hey, what about the back-to-back shootings? hey what about the crisis at our southern border? what's the deal? why did you fall up the stairs three times on air force one a couple of days ago? are you okay? and when are you going to release your medical records which you promised to do two years ago? these are the questions he is now going to face rather than hey, thanks for the check. will: so many important questions, i think it's worth mentioning. rachel you i can't understand what he is saying behind that mask. rachel: isn't everybody tested and vaccinated around him? steve: they are not. will: will he wear that mask in the press conference today when it's so hard to understand him a behind the mask. i wonder whether or not he will wear that mask.
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so many important questions to answer and we will need clear answers. rachel: joe concha says really it's up to the press? can we count on them to ask the right questions? here he is. >> if the president did this, say, four weeks in like his predecessor did president trump instead of waiting five weeks later, nine weeks, in i don't think you would see all the hype around an event, carley, that plays to his worst attributes in terms of being a president, that is speaking extemporaneously outside of a teleprompter taking tough questions. he's going to be like a boxer going into a big match without training or without sparring. >> the question is will the press do its job here, carley, in asking tough questions, particularly concerning the border, and following up? steve: i was talking to our white house correspondent who used to live upstairs at my house, last night. peter doocy will be in attendance. it starts in earnest about 1:15
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this afternoon. the big question is, you know, is it going to be that deal where he has got a list and he is only going to ask the people on the list the questions as it was in the campaign and the transition? stay tuned, we will find out all together today at 1:15 a. will: all right. we will be watching, turn to jeff paul in boulder, colorado, first court appearance for the suspect. >> ahmaud alissa making his first appearance to the world since investigators say he came to this grocery store and shot and killed 10 people. the that will be a big focus how this investigation moves forward today. for this community, their focus continues to be on honoring the lives of the victims.
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>> holding candles, more than 500 people at times stood in silence mourning the loss to their community. earlier in the day, crowds also paid tribute specifically to officer eric talley who was first on seen. police and firefighters lined the road as they watched the procession take his body to a funeral home. we are hearing from the family of ricky olds, the store manager at kings soopers just 25 years old. her uncle robert old says there is a hole in their family that will never truly be filled. >> there's a hole. there is a hole in our family that won't be filled. i mean, we try to fill it with memories. now that's tough. >> the suspect, 21-year-old ahmad alissa will be in court later this morning. authorities reportedly raided his family's home where they lived early tuesday morning.
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but today will basically be a chance for him to hear the pending charges and have his rights heard, alissa currently faces 10 charges of first degree murder and coming up in two hours during our 8:00 a.m., you can learn on how you can help out the family of the fallen officer, will, steve, rachel? steve: a lot of people would like to do that. jeff, before you go, do we know if he bought that gun legally? >> it's certainly, according to authorities, it seems to point that way. we don't know the exact details of that. what we do know is, i believe it was on march 16th when he purchased the gun. we don't each know if that's the gun that was used in -- reportedly used in accused crime he is accused of. a lot of details to be hard out. we will learn them over the next coming weeks and month as this case progresses. will: thank you so much, jeff. rachel: thank you, jeff. will: over to jillian for more
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headlines. she's upstairs. jillian: that's right. good morning. we have a number of stories we are following. let's go ahead and begin right now with this. a chicago condo building is evacuated as authority reportedly removed two pipe bombs. sources tell our local affiliate officers discovered the devices while investigating a hazmat situation inside a unit where a man died yesterday morning. no word on the cause of death. tenants have been allowed to return. another fox news alert. north korea firing two short range ballistic missiles into the sea near japan. it's the rogue regime's second missile launch this week. they are the first ballistic missile test by north korea in nearly a year and the first under president biden. the military command unit saying this activity highlights the threat that north korea's elicit weapons program poses to its neighbors and the international community. a reporter asked white house press secretary jen psaki about a senate report on hunter biden. here's what she said.
3:17 am
>> there is a report last year from the senate finance and homeland security committee. it claims that the wife of moscow's former mayor associated with the president's son $3.5 million? >> not familiar with that claim. doesn't sound like it's backed up by a lot of evidence. jillian: the estimate report was released in september. senators say the purpose of the payment is unclear. and texas senator ted cruz fires back at a reporter asking him to put on a mask during a press conference. watch this. >> when i'm talking to a tv camera i'm not going to wear a mask. all of us have been immunized. >> it will make us feel better. >> you are welcome to step away if you like. >> senator cruz later tweeting lefty reporters have lost their minds. #common sense. send it back to you. steve: what is common sense again? it's not a lot of it in this town. will: that was fascinating moment that was that reporter essentially attempting to bully cruz to put a mask on in a
3:18 am
situation he said everyone up here has been immunized the tactic was we would all feel better. cruzens response you can walk away if you want. great exchange. steve: jillian, thank you very much. will: facing another scandal as a new report claims governor cuomo put his family at the front of the line for latest controversy. rachel: talking to ron johnson, kayleigh mcenany, tom homan and nancy grace and much more ♪ funky town ♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped.
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♪ rachel: embattled new york governor andrew cuomo is accused of giving his family special access to covid-19 tests at the start of the pandemic when things were really bad. will: ashley strerm has the latest in this new report, good morning. >> good morning, guys. the "times" union first reporting governor cuomo more or less let his family skip the line when it came to testing. that's a violation of new york's constitution which bars state officials from using their position to gain privilege for themselves or others. cnn anchor chris cuomo and his family the governor's mother and at least one of his sisters allegedly got priority code testing. a senior adviser to cuomo called and said the allegations, quote, insincere efforts to rewrite the past. meanwhile state lawmakers voted to repeal immunity protections granted to healthcare facilities. this is just the latest scandal to hit the elm battalioned governor. just yesterday cuomo sparred with reporters over concerns for two staffers still working for
3:24 am
his office who accused the democrat of shower. but when asked to respond to critics who say he can no longer do his job, this is what cuomo had to say. >> it's clearly not true. the reality is the exact opposite. there are always multiple situations to deal with. >> today marks one year since cuomo instructed nursing homes to accept covid-positive residents. back to you guys. steve: thank you for the very latest from the newsroom. lee zeldin said this is another reason why cuomo has got to go. this is very embarrassing for cnn because you have got one of their top anchors, chris cuomo who now it has been revealed jumped the line because his governor brother was able to get him some testing early. apparently "the washington post" spoke to the strategic communications at cnn said we generally do not get involved in the medical decisions of our
3:25 am
employees obviously for hipaa reasons. it's not surprising early days of a once in a century global pandemic when chris was showing symptoms and concerned about possible spread, he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance as any human being would. well, actually he didn't turn to anybody. he turned to his brother, the governor, who gave everybody in his family the easy pass lane to testing, which was impossible for all the rest of us to get. but, if your last name is cuomo, apparently it's easier to get an appointment and in some cases the people actually came to their houses to give them the test. rachel: wow, kind of an interesting story because you think of chris cuomo. we have seen videos of him lifting weights and massive barbells and cutting in line in front of grandma's. it's kind of a bad look. >> steve: embarrassing. rachel: that press little release comment from cnn sound like chris wrote it.
3:26 am
steve: it did. and, you know, keep in mind, it started about a year ago, and even though it was clearly a conflict of interest for chris cuomo to be covering his brother, he did it for months until just recently when suddenly the allegations are such that cnn said, do you know what? chris, you can't talk about your brother anymore and he put out that statement. will. will: that's absolutely right and, of course, this was in the middle of the pandemic cuomo comedy hour on cnn. watch this. >> i called mom, she said i was her favorite. >> i can't believe you are lying to my audience. have you blown the credibility of the entire interview. >> you have always been the meatball of the entire family. >> do you think you are an attractive person now because you are single and ready to mingle. >> some say i shouldn't come on this show because you harass me. >> too much accountability? can't take it. >> is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using on you and disappeared so
3:27 am
that in scale this was the actual swab that was being used? was it or was it this? tell people the truth. come on, let's go. will: speaking of telling the truth that cnn statement said basically anyone would do, this anyone would jump the line and be scared. i think that cnn statement is them being honest. chris jumped the line and he was scared and everyone was. what it reveals is the hypocrisy of going on television every night and acting like you have these principles journalistic or otherwise that you live up to. the truth is you are a hypocrite trying to do the best for yourself. when you come on every night and pretend to care for everyone else you might extend that television broadcast. rachel: i don't think it's true that everybody would do that. will: a lot of people would. rachel: i wouldn't. steve: who has the connections other than if your brother is the governor? look, it was a conflict of interest for chris to be interviewing his brother.
3:28 am
but, back then, you know, everybody was going oh, governor cuomo is so much better than president trump. we love him. he has a brother they are going back and forth. rachel: it was ratings. steve: now as it turns out they got caught and now they have got what they would describe as a lot of splaining to do. so far, answers not very good. rachel: no, it's not. steve: all right, rachel, what is coming up? rachel: president biden decides he won't handle the border crisis instead handing the reinstom homan on why he says ts a horrible choice for the border coming up. will: from our friends at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app. and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet fox betsuper 6 show. download the fox bet super 6 app. now.
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with quick headlines for you. a community mourns a fallen firefighter at a tribute in new york. gerald lloyd sacrificed his life to save others when he ran inside a burning nursing home earlier this week. he became trapped in the flames while trying to get people out of the building. a go fund me for lloyd's two sons has raised more than $238,000 in less than 24 hours.
3:33 am
fencing surrounding the capitol complex is removed. capitol police say there is no known credible threat against congress members or the capitol complex that would warrant the extra layer of security. the fencing was put up after the january 6th riot. virginia becomes the first southern state to repeal the death penalty. democratic governor ralph northam signing the bill into law calling the system, get: fundamentally flawed. the move comes following a tour of the death chamber at the greensville correction center the commonwealth has one of the highest number of executions in the country. and take a look at your screen because a new innovation to keep you protected from covid while you eat. these face masks only cover your nose as you can see. that way have a quick bite or drink. researchers in mexico designed them to have a extra layer of protection and decrease the spread of the virus. important to note the cdc says more coverage not less is the best way to go.
3:34 am
something about them. i can't imagine seeing people wearing them, steve, but, i don't know, we will see what the research shows. steve: the cdc says you need more, but, nonetheless, that happy couple out in the park just made our highlight reel. jillian: they seem to be enjoying themselves. steve: indeed. we will see what happens to those. you never know. jillian: you never know. steve: meanwhile, the vice president, kamala harris is taking on the lead as joe biden's border boss essentially just days after laughing in the face of a reporter who pressed her on when is she going go look. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> um, not today. [laughter] steve: well now that's now her boss. joe biden passing the buck, what can we expect to happen at the border? let's talk to retired acting ice director and fox news contributor tom homan. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we know she was the
3:35 am
attorney general from the sanctuary state of california, but what else do we know about how she regards our southern border? >> well, when president biden says she is the most qualified, i mean, seriously? i mean, you know, what color is the sky in his world? because you can't get a worse pick. she supports sanctuary cities. wrote legislation to reward those who illegally enter the united states. she vilified the men and women of the border. saying they were mistreating. she wants to abolish ice. she compared immigration officers to the kkk during a senate hearing. and you want to put her in charge of immigration enforcement on the border? i couldn't think of a worse choice. steve: because in 2019 she supported decriminalizing crossing the border illegally. it's a federal violation of statute and, yet, she was saying you know what? that shouldn't probably be against the law. >> the most qualified person to
3:36 am
fix this issue how about the chief of the united states border patrol who is a great guy. he ebb spent his whole career on the border. he could fix it. if you give him the power to change the policies that need to be changed and let him do his job? that's the guy. not some politician. but, you know, one of the first things they say kamala is going to do troofl mexico and central america to talk to them folks. why don't you sit down and talk to the command of the border patrol and their opinion. they have been through this before they know how to fix this. the same way president trump fixed it. all got to too one thing if joe biden said today i'm going to reestablish remain in mexico program effective immediately, border crossings would go down 75% in the 24 hour period. steve: that's a good point. when you look at entrepreneurship, it was about a year ago, he put mike pence in charge of the coronavirus response. essentially, joe biden is admitting okay, this is a crisis so i'm going to put my number 2 in charge of this, but there is
3:37 am
political peril for her because if it does not work out well, this could actually damage her presidential ambitions. >> it is not going to work out well. i will tell you that right now. and joe biden should -- you know, look, he has already said he wants to have agreements with these countries. there were agreements are honduras, el salvador and guatemala and mexico they destroyed them in two weeks. if they would have stuck to the trump playbook joe biden would have had the most successful border security. they tore down everything trump. this is what they got today. again, not my accident, not by incompetence, but by design. this is what open borders looks like and joe biden win an election sold out to the progressive left to get an open border. he knew exactly what he was doing when he made these promises. steve: before did you go i wanted to ask you about yesterday the white house took a pool reporter on a tour of a facility, i think, in can a raz zoe springs which is it's one of the child facilities, one of the
3:38 am
child detention facilities. and it's run by the dhs. it's not run by the border patrol which has been described as more jail-like. which has been referred to as kids in cages. and ted cruz said, you know, real rather take them to the tieona facility because it's at 65% capacity kids go it slope hungry, they sleep on the floor. they haven't seen sun late in seven days and it's full of covid. why did the white house and that's the place i'm talking about right there in donna, texas. those are the leaked photos from congressman cuellar. why didn't the white house take reporters to that place rather than, you know, the place that they essentially are putting on their brochures because it's run perfectly? >> because they are not transparent. they are hiding the truth from the american people. for the same reason they won't admit there is a crisis. i mean thank god for congressman
3:39 am
henry cuellar who grew up on that border leaking them photos. because he told the truth. the secretary two days later said we are going to show some film and pictures. we are not ready yet. concentrating operations henry cuellar leanings photos and 24 hours later showing their pictures showing the facility doctored up and taken care of. they are hiding the truth american people. the mere fact they won't admit a crisis 5,000 crossings a day show you they have no problem at all hiding the truth from the american people and what's going on down there. steve: there are 16,000 kids in federal custody this morning. all right. tom, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. always a pleasure, out next we will head out to ohio where pete hegseth is having breakfast with friend. we will hear what the locals are talking about as he mr. coffee. do not are tempt that man with the microphone. ♪ come on over
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3:45 am
at camp washington chili in cincinnati which is famous for chili. pete: very famous for chili. i'm told you can have it for breakfast. many people do, i did. it was fantastic. camp washington chili with all the chili heads open 24/6, closed on sunday. otherwise open here in the state of ohio in cincinnati. come on out if you want to the camp which is what they call it as well. i'm here with it's tom. >> yes. >> and zane. and we are just chatting with them about what's going on in cincinnati and around the country. tom, how are you doing this morning. >> doing well. pete: excellent. zane, you protocol your arm but you're going to be back on the baseball field soon. how can you break your arm? >> by a bike crash. pete: a bike crash, guys. not video games. out biking went over the handle bars get it off in a week and happy about that. tom, let's get to politics a little bit. joe biden is going to have his first press conference today. >> yes. pete: how do you make of how he has done so far and what do you
3:46 am
expect at the press conference. >> i'm not real happy at all. i want the border to be secure. i don't like the idea he hasn't been around for two months. i mean, we can just go on. pete: do you expect he will be asked tough questions by the press pool? >> absolutely not. pete: why not? >> i don't even know if he could answer them right now at this point in his life. pete: with kamala harris being put in charge of the border, does that inspire confidence? what's your reaction to her effectively being the border caesar for the administration? >> personally, i do not think she will be effective. i wish they would just secure the border and change the laws instead of just allowing people just to come across when we are a country of raws. you can't pick and choose your laws. have you got to sit and say this is the law this is how it is, regardless of what it is, what the issue is. pete: makes sense, tom. zane, get well, right? all right. good to see you. we will move over to anthony as well. anthony and i have been chatting all morning long. how are you?
3:47 am
do you mind if i sit right here. >> no, go ahead. pete: cool. anthony, it is his 60th birthday today. how does it feel to be 60? >> mixed emotions, actually. i'm still trying to deal with it here. [laughter] pete: i don't know. this it is just mixed emotions. i'm blessed to be able to see another year, wake up this morning, but as far as the 60-year-old man i don't feel it. i guess i don't look it. pete: he doesn't look it at all. we don't have that much time as i warned you anthony. we have been chatting. your take right now on the state of the country on joe biden so far about 60 days in? >> it's very confusing. it's way too many things that are just up in the air. and it's just too many question marks. gun control, the border, the
3:48 am
stimulus package. just way too many question marks. if someone would have asked me 30 years ago that we would be facing some of the problems we are facing today, i would have bet you any amount of money there is no way and i'm not a gambling man as well as the pandemic that's going on. just way too many questions. pete: hopefully we get some of those questions answered today at the press conference we will see. >> hopefully. pete: 60 years young and he doesn't look one minute of it. back to you in new york. steve: pete, you have got to buy him breakfast and lead everybody there in happy birthday to anthony on his 60th birthday. will: absolutely. pete: we shall do that. will: happy birthday to anthony and i want zane to get well. i will have to tell you, pete, i take a little bit of solace in the fact that there are still kid out there going over the front of their handle bars? pete: right? that's exactly how i felt. will: not at home playing video games. check in with you throughout the
3:49 am
morning. one of the nation's largest tea party's union 'cdc distancing guidelines. what happened to following the science and getting kids back in school? our next guest has been fighting to open schools in their home state of virginia. ♪ heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes into the esophagus. prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release formula that helps it pass through the tough stomach acid. it then works to turn down acid production, blocking heartburn at the source. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection. prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:53 am
will: real estate advised social distancing guidelines for schools. one of america's largest teacher's unions pushing back. in a letter to the cdc, the american federation of the teacher's president wrote quote we are not convinced that the evidence supports changing physical disappearing requirements at this time. our next guest has been fighting to open schools in her home state of virginia, fowrpd of open fairfax county public schools and mom of three christie hudson is here to react. good morning, christie. so the cdc has said it's no longer necessary for children to be spaced 6 feet apart. 3 feet will be safe enough. now, the teacher's europe at least the american federation of teachers says we don't believe that science. what's your reaction? >> it feels like there is no amount of science, vaccinations or even extra stimulus funds that will be enough for this association to support returning to school. the goal post for what is considered a safe return just
3:54 am
keeps moving. will: you are right, christie, we could put up the bullet points the goal posts have shifted over and over. they shifted physical distancing requirements, vaccination requirements. vent labor relation, school infrastructure. every step of the way it's some impossible level of hurdles that must be crossed in order to get our kids back in school. so what's the inevitable conclusion in your mind when the europes put up more and more hurdles? >> i don't know. and that's kind of the million-dollar question. what is the end game here? are we never going back to school? i mean, we just keep punts the e ball. and at some point this association would recognize that the harm that we're doing to children by keeping them out of school is far worse than the threat of any virus. and we have to science now that tells us that. will: exactly we have heard more and more. you are the mother of three. not only do you run this organization but you are the mother of three.
3:55 am
so we tallied some of that cost. we have seen the other side of that ledger to some extent as early as last week or this week we saw the rise of obesity in this country and i'm sure children are a part of that statistical rise. what are you seeing in children not being able to get back to school, the cost on that side of the ledger? >> it's heart-breaking. i hear stories every single day. we have teens that, you know, are self-harming. we have a rise in eating disorders. we have depressed kids. we have lonely children. it's just heart-breaking to watch. i mean, these children have been out of school here in my town for more than a year. and it's just pointless. i mean, we need to get them back in the classroom. that's where they are best served and that's where they need to be. will: there is a pretty simple lesson in all of this kid need to be around kids. my seventh grader has made that very clear after year of remote learning, which by the way, in
3:56 am
our circumstance is good remote learning. not everyone's is. but that doesn't matter because kids need to be around kid. the costs are racking up. all right, christie, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. will: all right. that the leaders chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell are sparring over the democrat-backed election reform bill. we will bring you the heated confrontation next. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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are ♪ ♪ steve the president essentially deputized his vice president to be the border boss. >> she is about the worst possible choice. >> she an open borders advocate and wants to abolish ice and compared the immigration officers to the kkk and you want to put her in charge? >> clash of the democrats voting overhaul bill. >> shame, shame, shame. >> turning the fec to a partisan prosecutor that's something you should be ashamed about. >> not a single republican will support it. they view this as an assault on states' rights. >> the boulder mass shooting suspect will make first court appearance. >> today will be a chance for him to hear the pending charges and have his rights heard. >> a stunning new report claims new york governor andrew cuomo ordered officials to give his family priority for code testing. >> if these allegations are true, it's just another hit
4:01 am
against the governor's office. >> good afternoon. >> would you mind putting the mask on for us? >> yeah, when i'm talking to the tv camera i'm not going to wear a mask and all of us have been immunized. >> it would make us feel better. >> you are welcome to step away if you would like. ♪ ♪ >> a beautiful shot of tampa, florida, on this thursday morning edition of "fox & friends." good morning. will cain, steve doocy, rachel campos, duffy. glad to have you with us this morning. we are also glad to go directly not to tampa, florida, but to cincinnati, ohio. it's camp washington chili where our friend pete hegseth, we think, is having chili for breakfast. we're having chili for breakfast which you can have for breakfast here in cincinnati. i'm here with my fellow chili heads in fact, we are camp washington in chili -- in chili? in cincinnati. come out and have breakfast with us. we are talking politics.
4:02 am
i was talking to joan. this was the five way. she says that maybe some of the secret inyeed cents are chocolate and cinnamon? maybe, i can't confirm that. it's a secret recipe at camp washington and cincinnati chili. will, sam here just wanted to ask you a question. he wanted to know when the university of campus is going to get a viable basketball team. will: that's really nice, sam. good morning to you, too, sam. [laughter] pete: will says good morning to you, too. they know your affinity for texas and don't feel bad they're out of the tournament. rachel: pete, can you get the chili with eggs on them? steve: sure. pete: can you get chili with eggs on it? >> yes. pete: yes. you can get anything with chili and eggs, that's called a seven way, she says. i didn't see it on the menu. there must be a secret menu. will: chili, chocolate,
4:03 am
spaghetti and cinnamon together sounds like a good night before that morning. that's what it sounds like to me. rachel: hangover. steve: any time -- figure out what hear the president say at his press conference at 1:00 in the afternoon. our top story, the border. as the biden administration finally lets a camera inside, what they're referring to a aspirational facility holding kids in texas. david spunt joins us "fox news live" washington as we learn how many unaccompanied minors are currently in custody. david, it's a jaw-dropping number of kids but we finally got to see inside one of the facilities but, of course, they only put us inside their best facility. >> yeah, we did. and media organizations from all across the spectrum are asking to see more facilities. those numbers continue to grow of those unaccompanied children, even families coming across the border. yesterday, president biden put in charge his haven't, vp kamala
4:04 am
harris to take control of what's going on at the border. i want to show you these new numbers though, steve, you mentioned. we are talking 16,513 unaccompanied children in the custody of health and human services. and border protection. also, within the lastier, weigh last last year297 covid cases. 319 of those unaccompanied children tested positive for covid-19 and they remain in medical isolation. none though, this is the good news, none required hospitalization for covid-19. for the first time, as steve mentioned, an independent news organization was allowed in one of these processing facilities to show the american public what they look like. white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about this yesterday about the facility photographed in can a his zoe springs, texas. she says the goal is to open up more to media when possible, listen.
4:05 am
>> what about access to facilities that there is a problem recommendation we are providing access there and this is the first step in the process. these facilities, of course, can't become forums for media access all day long. >> and, of course, we have been talking about at 1:15 today that's the big press conference. president biden first press conference since becoming commander-in-chief and you can get the border will come up multiple times especially these facilities, back to you. steve: thank you very much for the live report from dc. will: pretty stunning, couple days ago we had representative henry cuellar on the program. talking about the congressional that got to see these facilities. what kind of facilities would a congressional delegation get access to? you would think just the best of them. steve: now. will: now it is honest if not brazen admission you are only seeing the best of these facilities. they have named them. these are our aspirational facilities i just heard from david spunt is.
4:06 am
steve: that one you are looking at right there, that is the one in donna, texas, a couple years ago as to where they keep the kids in the cages. can you actually see the chain linked fence in the background as well as part of in some of the live -- rather the vaped videotaped images. this is the fancy one. will: aspirational. steve: the chamber of commerce version look at how we are doing things. do you know what's interesting about this? they talk a little bit about how we have talked about how this is coming at a bad time because not only is there a gigantic surge, but it's during a coronavirus pandemic. something like there have been close to 3,000 confirmed cases with the children so far. 3,000 that we know of. keep in mind, they have not in the past checked everybody. rachel: right. steve: coming in. currently they have 320 isolated, which suggests that in
4:07 am
addition to all the other problems, this is a super spreader event. they are just trying to get these kids, you know, back to normal so they can release them into the country. rachel: well, that's right. i think a sign that the biden administration is finally admitting they have a crisis on their hands, is that joe biden, president biden has now put vice president harris in charge of all of this and saying she is going to speak for him. take a look. >> i said when we became a team and got elected that the vice president is going to be the last person in the room. she didn't realize that means she gets every assignment. i think the best thing to do is put someone who that when he or she speaks they don't have to wonder about is that where the president is? when she speaks, she speaks for me. she doesn't have to check with me. she knows what she is doing. rachel: i hardly know what he said with that mask.
4:08 am
but here is at least what kamala harris has said in the past about the border and the crisis are with the children. here's a little flashback. >> i would not make it a crime punishable by jail. it should be a civil enforcement issue but not a criminal enforcement issue. >> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion are that ice is being used to en40s laws? and do you see any parallels -- are you aware that there is a perception. >> i see no. >> are you aware that there is a perception. >> put ice in the same category as the kkk. rachel: wow. same category as the kkk. that is why tom homan says that harris is the worst choice to lead border security. here he was earlier on "fox & friends." >> when president biden says she is the most qualified. i mean, seriously? what color is the sky in his world?
4:09 am
you couldn't get a worst pick. she supported sanctuary cities. she wrote legislation to reward those who illegally entered the united states. she vilified the men and women of the border patrol during the last surge mistreating immigrants. she is an open borders advocate. shea wants to abolish ice. >> she compared immigration officers to the kkk during a senate hearing. and you want to put her in charge of immigration enforcement on the border? i couldn't think of a worse choice. will: it truly is stunning. you have to judge someone based on past actions and past promises and past words. kamala harris' past words and actions when it comes to immigration suggests that she is for open borders and sees immigration enforcement as a i don't know. what i don't know whether a your conclusion is if you are comparing it to the kkk. steve: there is no enforcement. rachel: there is none. in fact she says right now that her goal is to move these unaccompanied minors who have come here illegally from custody of the border patrol into the custody of hhs, which means they are going to by the way put them
4:10 am
into several military bases, joint base san antonio in lack land, fort bliss in el paso all say they received requests to put them into dormitories on the basis. if we have room to house are people why not house homeless veterans and give them services they need. in addition we know there are foster care people in california, people are taking care of foster children in california who have been receiving phone calls from the federal government saying can you receive more children? can you take care of more children and they -- this was a story in the daily mail, steve, we have been talking about this earlier, that basically the government is saying -- that they are going to bring these children from the border and put them into an already overstrained social services foster care program. steve: they are asking every day americans who are foster parents, can you take 26 kids? because we are kind ever jammed up here? it is such a disaster on the southern border, first of all,
4:11 am
progress today "the washington post" did, i read in the news story talking about that press conference tonight referred to it as a crisis on our southern border in print. i will to take a picture of it myself. a democratic congressman from down in texas whose district touches the border, a fellow by the name of filimon villa has asked the white house to reconsider their decision to allow every unaccompanied child into the united states. do you know they are turning some people around. but the policy is if you are a kid, we are going to let you. in but, because of covid and the overcrowding, this congress person is saying, do you know what? let's just tap the brakes until after the coronavirus pandemic whenever that is going to be. rachel: i have friends that live on the border who say they wish biden would have been representative henry cuellar in charge of this border problem because he knows what's going on. so do doug ducey and all kinds of border, you know, people who live on the border and leaving those community they are
4:12 am
concerned about what's happening and they don't trust kamala harris to do it. will: kamala harris is in charge. take some solace and hope in that fact. steve: she is the border boss. will: go jillian who is upstairs with more headlines for us this morning. jillian: that's right. overnight unlawful assembly declared in los angeles as a mass protest rages? front of police. officers were attempting to clear homeless encampment from a, pa. new video shows the heavy police presence backing off as protesters march toward them. those already inside the park in tents will be allowed to remain overnight. nike and h and m are among several brands facing furious backlash in china. both companies have expressed fears of alleged forced labor to produce cotton in the country's western region. the previous statements are causing a firestorm on chinese social media as several celebrities have cut ties with the companies. nike and h and m say they do not
4:13 am
force cotton from the area. let's go to the area now. strong storms tonight into tomorrow into the deep south. some areas will experience numerous thunderstorms but the biggest threats could come from potential tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and hail. a flash flood watch will be in effect in several counties, another round of showers and thunderstorms are also in the weekend forecast. and the oscars creating quite the hollywood headache. the ceremonies no zoom policy is reportedly facing backlash from nominees who live outside the u.s. they're raids major concerns about pandemic restrictions like travel and quarantine protocol after the awards show barred people from participating remotely. nominees are encouraged to attend the awards show on april 25th. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: here is the thing about the oscars jillian, will, and rachel, is people would watch it to see if the movie that they went out to the theater in the last year actually got the award. who went to a theater this year?
4:14 am
will: can you think what has lost more cultural relevance than the oscars the past couple of years. i don't even know what movies would be nominated. jillian: i don't pretend to be a movie person. movies were released differently like on different platforms, correct? will: right. amazon prime. rachel: the netflix awards show might go over better, right? steve: all right. no zoom though. thank you, jillian. all right, about 7:14 in new york city. meanwhile, in the aftermath of the colorado shooting, the biden-harris white house is calling for gun controls even considering executive action which would be temporary. our next guest warns they are under valuing the second amendment. hear from them, next. ♪
4:15 am
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at so jeff, you need all those screens streaming over your xfinity xfi... for your meeting?
4:18 am
uhh yes. and your lucky jersey? oh, yeah. lauren, a cooler? it's hot. it's march. and jay, what's with all your screens? just checking in with my team... of colleagues. so you're all streaming on every device in the house, what?!! that was a foul. it's march... ...and you're definitely not watching basketball. no, no. i'm definitely not watching basketball. right... ( horn blaring )
4:19 am
will: the man accused of killing 10 people inside a colorado grocery store will make his first court appearance today. jeff paul in boulder with the community honoring those who lost their lives. can jeff? >> the suspect's court appearance is a really a formality and signals this investigation is moving forward. and while all that happens later this morning, this community is still very much mourning the loss of the 10 people who were shot and killed. one of them being specifically honored yesterday officer eric talley who was honored by hundreds of people who lined up to pay tribute to the father of seven. police officers, firefighters, and just regular everyday people lined the route as a procession moved his body to a funeral home. later in the evening more than 500 people showed up to remember all of the victims during a candlelight vigil. this was a very emotional night for the group that gathered as they thought about victims like
4:20 am
25-year-old ricky olds whose uncle is understandably struggling with the loss. >> life was cut short unfortunately by the events the other day. she didn't get to experience marriage. shea didn't get to -- she was 25 years old. >> now, the suspect, 21-year-old ahmad alissa will be in court later this morning. he basically will get a chance to hear the charges that he is facing and hear his rights. he is facing 10 charges of first degree murder and one charge of attempted murder. will? will: all right, jeff. thank you for that update this morning. in the wake of the shooting president biden and vice president harris are calling for more gun control. >> i don't need to wait another minute, let alone an hour to take common sense steps that will save the lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act. >> the point here is congress needs to act. and, on the house side, they
4:21 am
did. there are two bills the president is prepared to sign, so we need the senate to act. here to react attorney and gun rights activist colion noir. colion, always good to have you. thanks for being on the program this morning. we see the list of items, somewhat repetitive in the wake of these tragedies. the democrats will push for expanded background checks, banning assault rifles, assault weapons. quote unquote high capacity magazines. potentially a gun registry. what do you expect them to target as new laws? >> i definitely expect them to go after the universal background checks because for them that's low hanging fruit. they have been pushing this notion that 90% of americans disagree with the universal background check without telling distinction the background check we have and universal background checks. on top of that, i expect them to go after ar-15s and semi-automatic rifles as well largely because they have been engaging in this fear campaign presenting the ar-15 as killing
4:22 am
machine that the only utility and purpose that it has is to kill a bunch of people in mass shootings as we just saw in boulder, colorado, which is absolutely not true. so, from that perspective, like you said, it's very repetitive and they do this consistently. and at this point, considering the times that we live in now, i think it's fair to say that everyone honestly should be very cognizant about what's going on because now we have access to information we didn't have 10, 20, 30 years ago. so the information now is out there. so i implore the people who are watching this, understand, like the consequences there are consequences that come with voting for these people and we need to hold them accountable to the things that they do and things that they say. pete: colion, it's a campaign of campaign of fear built upon ignorance. not understanding the fundamental differences and lack of differences weapon like the ar compare to other semi-automatic weapons. as long as people are ignorant of the lack of differences they will be able to push that campaign of fear.
4:23 am
however, on the other side colion, 2020 saw record gun purchases for first time gun owners. that only increased in january of 2021. the point is there are more americans out there owning guns today than at any point how is this a political victory or how can they push forward a democratic political agenda if more and more people are becoming gun owners? >> that's just it. they can't. because if there is one thing that their agenda can't usurp it's reality. i think there are a lot of people out there that believe we are so advanced that we don't need these tools anymore. that's not the case and we learned that readily in 2020, when people realized oh, man, when it comes down to it, the only person responsible for my safety, is me. so i need to go out there and get the best tools possible to defend not only me but the family and the people i love. that's what we realized in 2020. but, on the other side of it as far as the gun control lobby and politicians anti-gun, they think they can continue to push this agenda because they forget we live in the day and age of the internet and that they can --
4:24 am
will: i was going to say, colion they dual it through nondemocratic means. it doesn't rely on the voter's accountability. very quickly, colion, everyone wants to see these tragedies end. the democrats' response would be to go after these guns. what would be your suggestion how we can stem the rise of mass shooting. >> empower the people. at the end of the day, empower the people. it's only reality. a cop can't be there at the same time to a degree that you are there whenever a situation like this happens. we should teach people responsible gun ownership and the ability to carry a firearm with them as often as possible so if something like this does happen we can do something about it immediately and not have to wait for someone else. will: i would suggest there is evidence to back up your point right there. these don't often happen or they largely happen in gun-free zones. that's where a lot of these types of crimes take place. colion noir, thank you so much for being on with us this morning. >> thanks so much for having me. will: one year to the day since governor cuomo ordered new york nursing homes to take in
4:25 am
covid-19 patients. in that time thousands have died from the vice inside the homes. including janice dean's in-laws. she joins to us reflect on the past year next. ♪ germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. (deborah vo) i was hesitant to get the hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (vo) discover the exclusive, new miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids with over 70 years of experience. (deborah) when i finally had miracle-ear and i could hear for the first time, i started crying. i could hear everything. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one will see them, but you'll notice the difference. call today to start your 30-day risk-free trial at your local miracle-ear. out here, you're more than just a landowner.
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4:29 am
steve: today, march 25th marks one year since andrew cuomo's directive that said nursing homes could not deny admission to somebody with covid oh man 15,000 people have died with covid who were nursing homes. a look back at the year. ainsley: janice dean losing her father-in-law and mother-in-law to covid-19 while in care facilities. >> older pandemic, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. >> of thousand covid patients were put into the nursing home because of the governor's mandate. >> do you take responsibility for that role in the death. >> playing politics. >> my family's story is not based on politics as some might have you believe. >> for all the pain and all the tears, our way worked. >> my family needs an apology.
4:30 am
i don't want it and i did not want to be a covid or fan but i am and there is thousands of us? to see him joking the cuomo comedy hour on cnn. >> was it this or was it this tell the truth. >> him writing a book in the middle of the pandemic and him getting an emmy for his leadership. >> congratulations, andrew, on your much deserved founder's award. steve: the attorney general alexa james issued a report. >> her findings report show new york under counted nursing home deaths by as much as 50%. >> who cares, 23, 3 8 tied in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. >> the last words my mom said to me was donna, i'm scared. >> there absolutely has to be a full investigation. >> why not start the impeachment process. >> fbi investigates whether his top aides gave false data on the state's nursing homes to the department of justice. >> this is about decent human beings coming together, taking on the most powerful politician
4:31 am
in the state of new york. together, we will get it the truth. steve: janice dean joins us now to her reaction to incredibly fast and difficult year. janice, good morning to you. you know, the department of justice is looking into the governor's plan to send people back into the nursing homes because, among other things, we know now from his secretary, secretary to the governor, melissa der rosa on a zoom call with democrats she admitted we doctored the numbers so that the trump administration and the doj wouldn't come after us. well now the doj is looking into what they did to make sure it wasn't against the law. janice: right. and we have a federal investigation and an fbi investigation here in new york and all i want is those investigations to be on the side of justice, to get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the governor and his administration.
4:32 am
it's all i have wanted from the very beginning is just answers to three questions. the march 25th order, what are the origins, where did it come from? why did he put covid-positive patients in the nursing homes and did not use the federal facilities that were provided, the comfortship, the javits center. and why did he cover it up for months? steve: those are three great questions. do you know what? we would like to have the transparency and we would like to know the answers. and you have been asking for transparency and answers for months because of your awful story. you know, you did not set out to become an advocate for this issue but, given the fact that both of your in-laws died, you are an accidental activist. and now you are, you know, a lot of people feel that you are their voice because they lost somebody and nobody is fighting city hall or in this case the
4:33 am
state mansion. janice: right. and i will continue to try to be a voice for them. you are right. i mean, i'm the meteorologist for "fox & friends." that's been my job for many years now with fox news. i have never been a political person. no one knows who i voted for. but i felt it was important because i wasn't seeing the coverage on television of this order that is now a year old to put covid-positive patients into nursing homes. i thought it was important to raise my voice, to tell my family's story on behalf of those who have no voice. steve: you know, janice, the thing about it is a lot of the things you have been asking we have discovered were true. so, you know, you are helping us all get to the bottom of there.
4:34 am
janice: have a voice and i feel that i am on the side of the age olds and they do give me strength every day to get those answers. i don't know how long can i continue to do this because it is really tough. it's tough on me and it's tough on my family. steve: i know. i know there are people who would love to have you and you are absolutely right. we don't know about your politics. but there are people who feel that you would be great in public service pause you have done a public service in advancing the quest for justice in this particular case. speaking of justice, on this one year anniversary, it is ironic that it has been revealed that apparently governor cuomo pulled strings to give his family preferential treatment including chris cuomo, his famous brother on tv, his sister, his mother, they all got covid tests when none of us could get them. but they all jumped the line and got preferential treatment. what sort of preferential
4:35 am
treatment did your family get? >> none. and they weren't allowed to test them in the nursing homes when they were putting covid positive patients back into nursing homes that basically spread the virus like wildfire. so i think it's just disgusting. and i think the impeachment process should continue. i think albany lawmakers need to do that for our families, get it done. they are stalling. they are stonewalling right now. he doesn't deserve to be our leader anymore. steve: well, you know, it's interesting you should say that in the stonewalling because there are all these investigations up in albany, the state capitol here. there is an impeachment inquiry and they are trying to get things started and this is by democrats. and even though, you know, he he is being surrounded by critics and people saying look, you blew it on this and you didn't do that right and then there are other issues as well. he is steadfast. he has said he is not budging.
4:36 am
>> i'm not surprised. it's part of his personality. he is a bully. he likes to threaten people. i'm not surprised that there is, you know, a me too movement against him because he really does think he's the most powerful guy in the room. but i think justice needs to be done here and we have voices on both sides of the aisle. and what if he was a republican? do you think we would still be looking into this governor and wouldn't there probably be an impeachment already? just think about that for a moment. what if this was a ron desantis giving preferential treatment to his family getting covid tests for his brother on television? just think about that? and what if i was a meteorologist on a different network? what kind of coverage why be getting? what kind of treatment would i get from the press? just think about that for a moment. steve: you are absolutely right when you think about that. janice, you know you have been an advocate for these 15,000
4:37 am
people who died through this scandal at the nursing homes. and while we have heard the stories of your two in-laws, there are about 15,000 others we don't know their story and that is a tragedy. >> it is. and we have to remember each and every one of them. every victim deserves their right to tell their story. unfortunately, over 15,000 of them are not here to tell theirs. steve: but you are giving them voice and you are trying to get to the bottom of it and you are just looking for justice. that's what you have said from the get-go and have you done a good job on that. janice, thank you very much for joining us on this one-year anniversary. >> thank you, my friend. steve: you bet. thank you. mickey and dee would have celebrated their 60th anniversary in february. we'll be right back.
4:38 am
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♪ ♪ rachel: let's head back out to the buckeye state where pete hegseth is talking to diners live over breakfast with friends at camp washington chili in cincinnati, ohio. pete, i'm assuming you have already had breakfast. steve: three times. pete: of course, already had breakfast multiple times. this is the seven-way, steve. this is the one with the eggs on top and jalapenos.
4:43 am
steve: oh, jalapeños box that up for me. pete: in your next recipe for sure next book. i will say since i any now why bill hemmer is such a nice guy. seems like everyone in cincinnati is a nice guy. >> love bill hemmer. pete: joan ghims loves bill hemmer in cincinnati sharing mountain dews and having a great conversation. joan, you are retired and watching what's happening in our politics. joe biden is having his first press conference what do you hope to hear? what do you expect questions will be and expectations? >> what i hope to hear i probably won't hear. i expect he will have his script ready and he will read it. and i would expect that a question may come from the press related to the border. my expectation, i hope i'm wrong, is that he will say my vice president, pause, is here and i defer to her to answer any questions about the border. and then she will say what she chooses to say. i don't believe that he will --
4:44 am
i don't think he could ad-lib that answer. pete: when you watch the first two months of the biden presidency what's your take and where we are as a country as well. >> as a country, i'm very concerned it. scares the liver out of me. i look back, again, i'm retired, can you estimate my age. i went to catholic school every day, every day for 12 years we prayed every morning and one of the prayers was always that communism not come to our country. we had and what concerns me is now is this age some of those same people that prayed with me for 12 years voted for communism to come to our country. it stuns me. it stuns me that there isn't more awareness of looking beyond perhaps a thousand dollar payment or whatever it is or beyond you get this and this. there is an end to that road. that end is scary to me.
4:45 am
pete: so well said. joan, thank you so much. >> thank you. pete: appreciate it. pop over to sam over here. sam, good morning how are you doing? >> no hard feelings, will. pete: he made the crack about texas. he does love you, will. father of two four daughters. >> four daughters. pete: small business owner. what do you expect to hear from the president in the press conference. >> a bunch of softball questions unless peter doocy is asking them, right? i would like to hear his thoughts on the covid relief bill less than 10% of the money went to covid relief. i have four daughters who is going to pay for that $5,700 and everyone gets a $1,400 check? that concerns me. what's the future my daughter is going to have? pete: two months into the biden presidency when you look at that what weighs most heavily on your mind? that we are spending a lot of money borders aren't secure and world leaders don't respect us. pete: pretty well said right. >> there i need steve doocy to pay for this because i don't have any money. only 10 bucks.
4:46 am
will: i'm not buying anything for sam this morning and steve will pick up the tab. pete: have to be steve. steve: pete, i will give u. the money when i see you next time just pay for that guy's breakfast and you have got -- you did pay for anthony who turned 60 today, right? pete: i didn't, but i will. pete: i have got to. steve: okay, i will give you the money. >> i will pay him back. >> $10 tip. pete: $10 tip. you are on the hook. rachel: steal phrase from the woman you just interviewed scared the liver out of me. we kind of liked that. pete: scared the liver out of me. i was scared with what she might say she went with liver. i felt a lot better about that. [laughter] steve: somebody is calling in the background. they just want to know if i mention fox news do i get 20 bucks from pete hegseth? will: serve flooding the doors right now. pete: it's true. rachel: so good seeing you,
4:47 am
pete. pete. will: pete there live from cincinnati. go to jillian now with headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. begin with this story. a jeffrey epstein accuser is slamming vice president harris over her decision to appear with former president bill clinton on an event over women empowerment. wow she is asking clinton how to empower women? wrong person. what she should be asking him is what clinton was doing on epstein island and private jets 27 times? clinton has previously denied flying on the convicted sex offender's private plane. tenants of a luxury new york city apartment are sued for throwing massive parties. filed a lawsuit saying the tenants turned their apartment into a maskless nightclub, charging people 100 bucks to get. in the sheriff's department busted two party including one just last week where they found 120 people drinking and smoking weed without face masks. the landlord wants $10,000 for damages and an end to the
4:48 am
parties. a minnesota man faces up to a decade behind bars for allegedly stealing more than $1,200 worth of girl scout cook froms from a loading dock. officers stopped 43-year-old joe whitaker when they noticed more than 20 cases of girl scout cooks were in his car. is he charged with burglary and theft. they're off. the tokyo olympics torch relay is underway. around 10,000 runners are expected to take part in the 121 day journey across japan. it will end at the july 23rd opening ceremony. the first runner was a key player on the country's world cup winning soccer team in 2011. japan postponed the games last year due to the pandemic. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. will: here is what america wants to know, jillian. we want to know the girl scout cookie thief did he primarily steal samoas, tagalongs thin mints? jillian: i would love to know. i don't know. rachel: almost as bad as stealing covid tests from
4:49 am
grandmas which cuomo did. stealing girl scout cookies. will: what's his favorite girl scout cookie. you can email us at -- have you got to help me. jillian: friends at will: i hear you yelling me at my ear i promise to remember the email address. rachel: write it down. will: probably remember the colorado baker supreme court case for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple. being sued again after standing firm in his beliefs. he joins us next. steve: meanwhile from our friends at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app. today for a chance to win 10,000 bucks and buy everybody in the diner breakfast. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 super six quiz show. topics range from the weather to bit coin things. who knows. all free to play download the fox bet super 6 app. right now. we bet you would like 10,000 bucks. ♪
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rachel: colorado maker who won a supreme court case after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple is being targeted again. this time over his refusal to bake a cake in honor of a
4:54 am
customer's gender transition. the new case wrapped up yesterday masterpiece cake shop owner jack phillips joins us now for a "fox & friends" exclusive along with kristin wagner, general counsel for alliance defending freedom. welcome to you both. i'm going to start with you, jack. you say the supreme court has said that you have the right to refuse to do a cake that defies your religious beliefs. why do they keep going after you? why do these activists keep coming in and asking you to do this. >> this case actually started the day that the supreme court announced that it was going to hear our case. it was a busy crazy day at the shop as you can imagine and an attorney here in denver called us up and requested that we would create a custom cake it was pink on the inside and blue on the outside to celebrate a gender transition to change from a man to a woman. rachel: your family has been through so much including death threats. i know you love to make these cakes. you are clearly an artist. you do a beautiful job. but, why do you keep doing this? you know that they are coming
4:55 am
after you every day? >> it has been very hard on -- especially on my wife and daughter and for me to watch as the attorneys and all these things have happened, the death threats and all this and have to stand by sometimes and see the affect that it's had on my family and our business and but, luckily adf who has been able to join in and help with this situation. rachel: yeah, kristin, what do you think are his chances in this case as we established he is a creative artist and there are certain rights that he has having that title. >> well, all americans should have the right to be able to express messages that are consistent with their convictions. and we are seeing a disturbing trend where the law is being used as essentially an arm of cancel culture. jack was targeted by this activist attorney. he was not only asked to do a cake celebrating a gender transition but even a cake
4:56 am
celebrating satan smoking a marijuana joint. this attorney asked that as well and then testified that it was a test in order to test jack and to correct jack's thinking. and so, again, the first amendment protects jack as well as all creative professionals. and we are looking forward to an ultimate victory in this case that protects jack. rachel: well, you are a hero to a lot of people on your side of the issue here, on religious freedom and expression but, boy, usc through a lot. a lot of people really admire your perseverance in this thank you jack and chris stone for kristen for joiningus this morn. rachel: the final hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
later today and we are talking to folks as we always do. they know where you are from and that you keep it real and it is fun, bill hammer is a nice guy. everyone here is really nice. >> did you hear me, pete? >> i can't hear him, right there. >> it is not full.
5:00 am
>> did you take a drink of this? >> it wasn't him i am worried about. >> the chili balls with the pasta. >> those are dishes that they serve. >> going to get on an airplane shortly, too much liquid to carry. may be, we've never done shots in an entire diner. you have more power than i do. pete hegseth making it real. thank you very much. will: let's bring in kayleigh mcenany, fox news analyst.
5:01 am
>> reporter: great to join you. will: talking to a diner in cincinnati about what to expect from the first press conference with joe biden at 1:00 eastern, 62 days into his presidency, and said what i hope i don't see his joe biden playing point guard as he had that off to various members of his cabinet to answer those questions. is that a tactic we could see employed today? >> what he will do is avoid the tough questions. he's prepared to ignore whatever is asked of him. any person at the podium familiar with what is pivoted and the job of the press corps asking specific questions and what do they do when donald trump would answer a question? would interject and it became more of a debate. they should have the same
5:02 am
treatment for joe biden, i have not shockingly asked jen psaki ask this, 13%, why the contradiction, past among many others. >> they will ask about north korea firing off the missiles and the gun violence and why he fell up the stairs three times the other day and why he has not released his medical records even though he promised to do so two years ago. the number one topic, deputize the vice president. kamala harris is the border, going to be in charge of the partnership between mexico, guatemala's, el salvador, have to stop the flow of people into the country because it is overwhelming.
5:03 am
luckily she takes this very seriously. remember this from a couple years ago? >> do you intend to visit the border? >> not today but i have before and i am sure i will again. >> she is most qualified to do it, with mexico and the northern triangle and countries that need help in stemming the movement of so many folks stemming migration to the southern border. will: is she the most qualified person to do it? >> absolutely not. i heard tom wilson point out how bad she has been on the border, her track record. not only that, joe biden needs
5:04 am
to be asked, abdication of responsibility. basically decided what was happening, toss it to kamala. if she on information gathering mission where president biden will call the shots or is she completely taking over a situation that during the trump administration, inhumane treatment. what they are letting reporters into an aspirational facility created under donald trump -- >> bring up the aspirational facility, what is on the other side. >> at the facility it is aspirational where you want to move these children. what about access to the facilities?
5:05 am
why was this one chosen? >> we are providing access. >> this shows they are finding -- finally admitting there is a problem. what i think about when i hear this is all this attention in the federal government, the vice president focused on the border, that says there's a lot of stuff they are not talking about, not focusing on this is the american people who are economically and otherwise in the pandemic, the border crisis they created. >> there is a lot going on but they are turning attention to the border and i got a picture at the press podium, bringing forward your most important message, putting the finest gloss you can on your
5:06 am
administration but what is happening in the west wing, this is a cover-up, no other way to put it. they are not letting the cameras in because they are covering up the fact the children are shoved together. the same administration that said we cannot go back to school, because they are doing worse than that. this is a cover-up and we will find out a lot down the road. there is a 5 alarm fire going on. will: let's move to governor andrew cuomo. you are involved in the media. cnn host chris cuomo managed to jump to the front of the line
5:07 am
back in the spring almost a year ago together covid test, difficult for any american to get a covid test and because his brother was the governor of new york, chris cuomo and several members of the cuomo family were capable of jumping the line to get a covid test. the head of strategic communication responding this way. you generally do not get involved in the medical decisions of our employees but it is not surprising the earliest days of once a century global pandemic, he was concerned about possible spread he turned to anyone he could for advice, assistance as any human being would. every step of the way we see conflicts of interest whether it is the cuomo brothers interview each other or when it comes to access to a covid test. >> i will never forget being in the white house, every single day we had that cuomo press conference, donald trump would come on with his press
5:08 am
conference and we were constantly compared to governor cuomo who was the wonder boy, the goldstar person, the person leading the way on the pandemic, constantly compared to him as a benchmark but now we know what was going on behind the scenes. not only this, preferential vaccine and on testing his vaccine czar, this is incredible and when you compare that to donald trump where when the vaccines came he said no. my west wing most people are not getting it. i didn't get access to a vaccine before the american public, donald trump waited to take it because he prioritized the american people. with chris cuomo being preferential to his family and his brother, andrew cuomo i should say. will: cnn, conflict of interest for chris cuomo to be covering his brother and a lot of tory fashion but to your point cnn was pushing the story cuomo has
5:09 am
been doing a good job, that led to the cuomo comedy hour we have been watching over the last year. >> i called mom, she said she was my favorite, you've blown the credibility -- the meatball of the family. >> do you think you are an attractive person and ready to mingle. >> some say i shouldn't come on this show because you harass me. >> can't take it. >> is it true this is the swab the nurse was using on you and disappeared, this is the actual swab that was being used. tell people the truth. will: that was not a conflict of interest but in the month or two we have heard from chris cuomo
5:10 am
and cnn, it would be inappropriate for chris cuomo to be covering his brother the governor who is facing these embarrassing scandals. >> basically when it is going well for governor cuomo it seemed to be going well for him. he is permitted on his brother's program but the moment it turned south, and he's in a nursing home scandal or vaccine scandal, no coverage of governor cuomo on the part of chris cuomo. it is a way to basically let chris cuomo off the hook that i read he had his lowest ratings in the year. no one wanted to watch the cuomo comedy hour and no one wants to watch cuomo in the evening prime time network. >> joe biden, for unity on numerous occasions.
5:11 am
that would be what defines unity. remember the promise joe biden made to work with all-americans. >> i beat the socialists. that is how i got elected. that is how i got the nomination. do i look like a socialist? look at my career, my whole career. i am not a socialist. >> unity also is trying to reflect what the majority of the american people, democrat, republican, independent, think i'm going to be a president for all americans. no red or blue. in contact with members of both sides of the aisle and advancing shared goals. will: senator lindsey graham and senator mitch mcconnell are saying they've not been invited to the white house. >> not surprised. before i was with the trump white house i was with the trump campaign and we would tell
5:12 am
reporters this guy is a marionette puppet for the radical left. he's not a moderate. how can you say that? look at his record all the time, a moderate, united, that is what we were told and we knew this was not true. now we know it was never true, the way he handled the covid relief, not inviting mcconnell to the white house, he was never interested in unity, he was interested in the green new deal, the quality act, hr one, steamrolling the radical left agenda far more aggressive than president barack obama. steve: the press conference will be at 1:15. you know how that works although it works differently during the trump administration than it is now. i don't hear as many critical questions although i do know one guy who asks as many questions
5:13 am
as he can but do you think things are turning? over the last couple weeks i noticed more mainstream reporters once in a wild get in a good question. >> peter doocy and kristen fisher led the way in questioning this administration and the other chomping at the bit to ask tough questions. i am noticing a little bit of shift and got to wonder how much preparation joe biden is putting in. donald trump would go through his remarks and a permanent marker he would cross through, edit and make changes and have a minute or two to coach him and say he has questions, but he knew his policies, he was leader of the administration but with joe biden i am not certain that is the case so i wonder what preparation, a lot more than a minute or two use putting in. we will see how he does because it is not his ideal format, the back-and-forth and jostling at a press briefing.
5:14 am
>> i can barely understand what he is saying with the mask on. we talked about how he hasn't met with the republican side. sometimes i wonder it is not that he doesn't want to work together or pretend he isn't working together, maybe they don't want to show how badly he is declining. i can't understand him and there seems to be such little access and they know we have those questions. what else could be the reason? >> that is a great question. a scripted presidency, soundbite presidency, with nancy pelosi, even when friend or foe the cameras were always in, he was always taking questions but this is a scripted presidency. they put him in the very short moments of his speeches are a few minutes most of the time, no long address, why the joint address to congress, this is your opportunity to go forward with a positive optimistic agenda, lay out your point. he's not doing it.
5:15 am
can he do it is the question we are all asking and today will be a test for donald -- for president biden. >> a big test for him in the media as well. will: thank you for the preview. let's check in with jillian who has additional headlines. >> in chicago, authorities remove two pipe bombs. sources tell our local affiliate officers discover the device investigator has met situation, no word on the cause of death. let's go to extreme weather, storms expected tonight into tomorrow in the deep south, some areas will experience numerous thunderstorms but the biggest threat could come from potential tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and hail. a flash flood watch will be in effect for several counties. another round of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast.
5:16 am
senator tom cotton will introduce legislation that would ban critical race from military. he is lanes why on fox news. >> armed forces should not be endorsing or recommending a requiring training any of this left-wing nonsense that suggests any race is inferior or racist. jillian: he said the military should know they are fighting for a great nation and not be taught that america is fundamentally racist. washington football team name could be here today. the team's president jason writes telling espn, quote, there are folks that have formed to washington football teams. the name isn't set in stone just yet. they are taking suggestions for a new name and logo through april 5th. so far they receive 15,000 submissions from every continent except antarctica.
5:17 am
a permanent change won't take effect until next year. what do you think? will: are they in washington? aren't they in maryland? aren't they the maryland football team? steve: and unpopular opinion. if you're going to walk away from the redskins, leave that nickname behind there is something old-school appealing about the narrow generic washington football team rather than picking some random benign mascot. rachel: or mascot that will be politically correct in another couple years. steve: we like the fact that washington football, we have a program on the weekend called the big saturday show. the big sunday show. rachel: which my husband will be on this weekend. will: thanks. coming up, spring break turns
5:18 am
deadly as police find the body of a pennsylvania woman in a hotel room. nancy grace joins us with an update on the case. germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your $75 credit when you post your first job
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, when you post your first job jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one.
5:22 am
move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. jillian: miami beach spring recasts taking a deadly turn. christine angle heart from pennsylvania was found dead in her hotel room last week, two men facing charges accused of raping and dragging her before taking off with her credit card. with more on this is host of america's most wanted overtime, nancy grace. thank you so much for joining us. tell us the latest on what is happening and if you believe this victim will get justice in the end.
5:23 am
>> very concerned whether christine angle heart will ever get justice. this young woman studying nursing, working at a pizza shop in her spare time, 1200 miles just to have fun in spring break miami, she ends of half naked, dead on a bed in a hotel room. this is what we know. i am not basing this on word-of-mouth. there is video surveillance of what i am telling you. this young lady goes to spring break, meets up in a restaurant with two young men, dorian taylor, age 24, they are not in school, they are not taking a break from classes. they are old enough to know better. by their own words, singing like a bird, the younger of the two, meet her as a restaurant. as they walk along the ocean they give her green deal. she immediately began to get groggy. video shows her barely able to
5:24 am
stand up when the two take her to the hotel in south beach. holding her up as she gets on the elevator. what happens inside? we are not sure. they both had sex with her, she was passed out and taylor forced himself on her. that is rape. when you cannot consent to a sex act it is rape. rape is sex without consent. they steal from her, her cell phone, her credit card, her money and leave her there. best case scenario they say she was alive when they left. how do i know that? then they continue the party as she lies either dead or dying. they use her credit card liquor store and other places, on surveillance video. they were just in court and bond was denied.
5:25 am
rachel: it is awful and a reminder you too young people especially young women, she was all alone. my heart breaks for her and it is a cautionary tale. >> can i tell you one more legal point? it all depends on what this green deal was. do you think she decided to take that? it doesn't matter if the pill caused the death. this is a felony murder which means she died in commission of a felony even if it is a burglary. rachel: thanks for bringing us the latest on the case. a new episode of america's most wanted overtime is available now on fox nation. and exclusive access to whether original content and your favorite personalities on any device. a community is paying tribute to
5:26 am
a heroic police officer and father of 7, eric tally, after the deadly grocery store shooting in colorado. a special announcement on how you can help.
5:27 am
5:28 am
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5:30 am
steve: a colorado community comes together to mourn the loss of 10 people killed at the grocery store in boulder. jeff paul is live ahead of the suspected shooter's first court appearance later today. >> reporter: we are a few hours from suspect ahmad alyssa making his first appearance since police took him away after they
5:31 am
say he came to the grocery store behind me and shot and killed ten people. he will appear before a judge and hear the charges that have been filed against him, 10 charges of first-degree murder and one for attempted murder, a first crucial step and a formality in the judicial process, a big focus of the day for the investigation for the boulder community. they continues to spend their time honoring the victims. a very emotional night as hundreds got together to honor the 10 people who were killed, they held candles and more than 500 people at times stood in silence as they mourned the loss to their community and the store manager, just 25 years old. her uncle is understandably struggling with his loss. ♪♪ >> there is a hole in our family.
5:32 am
it won't be filled. we try to fill it with memories. it is tough. >> reporter: earlier in the day crowds paid tribute to officer eric tally, the first on the scene. police and firefighters lined the road as they watched the process and take his body to a funeral home. he leaves behind 7 kids, the youngest just being 7 years old. steve: officer tally, the guy who ran toward danger to save the lives of so many other leaves behind his wife and 7 kids aged 7 to 20. ceo of the tunnels for towers foundation joins us now. this guy did what your organization started after your
5:33 am
brother stephen who on 9112001 -- ran towards trouble, that is what officer tally did. in boulder. >> he is a hero, they put their life on the line every day and in this case gave his life while saving others. let me tell you, imagine what this family is feeling right now. their father was taken from them in a moments notice, 7 kids, she was a stay-at-home mom taking care of her family, religious, spiritual family and their father was ripped away from them and we as americans and you have been so generous over the years at the tunnels for towers foundation, our mission to help these families.
5:34 am
some died in the line of duty. we want to make sure the tally family knows, everybody to join us on this call by easter so that they have something they don't have to worry about. one less thing to worry about is their mortgage. join us, tunnels for say good night on christmas night, make sure that was paid off in 10 days and same thing. >> so many people want to help and that is a way to do it. something about officer tally, he had a job that paid 100,$000 a year but felt a calling to
5:35 am
wear the uniform and the badge, gave up that high paid it job to become an officer. that says so much about his mom and his character and where his soul was. i was reading his boss, the police chief was stunned when you told him what you were going to do. >> i talked to police chief harold and she was overwhelmed with emotion. you could see in the press conference how much -- really, the pain you could see on her face and everyone around her. she knows this is going to be a tremendous burden lifted on this family. leo was a stay-at-home mom. we have to take care of this family. i say all the time when police officers or first responders or
5:36 am
goldstar family members give their kids a kiss goodbye and don't come home, we got to be there for them afterward. it is our obligation, it is our duty as americans, these families, that we will take care of them. i spoke to jd taylor who lost her husband a couple years ago, 7 kids, she is in utah and it is something and she knows the burden that was lifted of not having a mortgage, keep the kids in music class or do something along those lines, different sports or whatever it may be. it is important to come together and there are a couple of great people who will do something for us who helped us with mortgages, the ceo of jeff tauzin said he
5:37 am
would match everything through his financial company out of colorado in boulder. people are good. let's take care of this family. steve: the goal is to pay off their mortgage by easter and this guy was a hero. >> 400,$000 was we have our work cut out for us, 400,$000, let's get this covered. steve: tunnels for, go to "fox and friends" to donate. thank you for helping this family. god bless indeed. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. president biden tapping vice president harris to handle the situation at the border a 16,000 migrant kids are held in federal custody. senator ron johnson will join us with why he says the crisis is only going to get worse.
5:38 am
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steve: the white house limits border access to one camera republican senators are making their own border visit tomorrow. will: senator ron johnson will be on that trip and joins us now. thank you for being here. you will invite the media with you to see the conditions on the texas border. do you expect to accomplish that goal? >> i guess the administration will block it because they don't want the public to see what we will be able to see, the disaster at the border. this didn't have to happen. it was predicted. during my chairmanship with homeland security committee, we held 30 hearings, we heard all
5:43 am
this before and how these surges are used by sex traffickers and drug traffickers, we know the inhumanity this is going to be sparking, and the administration is blind to it. >> seasoned journalists have been on our show and said access for the media is better in mexico than in the united states, it is embarrassing. i want you to explain why a us senator can't demand to see what is going on at facilities paid for by the taxpayers in a situation that we know, as you said was caused by this administration. >> customs and border protection, the executive office agency, they control it, we don't. a group of 19 of us will highlight this and coming on shows like this can make the
5:44 am
public aware of this. donald trump was able to largely fix the problem with families and unaccompanied children exploiting asylum laws and we brought that to a end. with virtually no help from democrats. i got help from democrat senator kirsten cinema who worked on operations safe return, the return to mexico policy but now that vice president harris will be put in charge of this, she's the worst choice. she was on my committee and did nothing to help stop the flow. she attended hearings and asked of noxious questions to ice and cvp accusing them of inhumanity, had no interest whatsoever in working with the administration to secure the border and stop the flow. steve: when she was running for president she said if i'm elected president of the united states i will release the kids
5:45 am
from cages. one of the places the so-called kids with cages is the place you will visit tomorrow in texas so it will be interesting to see. apparently is a super spreader event because when you look at the numbers the government has actually released, they are always spinning the numbers, close to 3000 kids and covid in federal custody but they don't test everybody so that is probably the tip of the iceberg. >> what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg and in 2014 when president obama labeled that a humanitarian crisis his secretary of dhs set 1000 people apprehended today was a bad day. i heard of a day where 6000 people were apprehended and this happens day after day, overwhelming our personnel and our facility is what this administration is going to do is
5:46 am
going to release, back to catch and release, apprehend, process, disperse, 600,000 people per day. a caravan a day. rachel: senators and members of commerce go to the border it brings attention the administration doesn't want us to do about. thank you for doing that trip this week. >> thank you for highlighting this. this is a disaster, not just a challenge, it is a disaster and it is going to get worse. will: we look forward to hearing from you at the border. let's go to janice who is tracking extreme weather. >> janice: good morning. i want to make sure everyone is on alert. across the deep south and gulf coast, mississippi and tennessee river valley we have potential for severe weather outbreak including tornadoes. here i've are active storm
5:47 am
reports in texas and louisiana as the area of low pressure gets attacked together. another round of severe storms like we had last week affecting the same areas. the past 24 hours one severe thunderstorm warning in effect but this will light up the radar in the afternoon and evening hours even into the overnight. another day of potentially high risk for violent tornadoes that could cause considerable damage so the severe threat will be ongoing in areas of mississippi and alabama to tennessee and call this the midsouth, tennessee river valley and the worst of the weather in the afternoon hours, daytime heating and things become unstable. we have an extreme risk for tornadoes. this will be a damaging afternoon into the evening. know what to do if there's a lot of morning. have a way to get these warnings
5:48 am
in the overnight hours, when things are asleep and people can't get those warnings. i want to make sure everyone is taking care of their families, neighbors, flash flooding will be a risk but the tornado risk is going to be very high especially this afternoon and this evening. take care of yourselves and your family members and the community around you. listen to your local weather officials as well. back to you. rachel: great seeing you this morning. we are checking in with pete hegseth having breakfast with friends. will: you are working a drive-through window? look at that. steve: we will go inside the joint coming up. let's check in. bill hammer has a drive-through window. >> why go to a chili parlor for breakfast?
5:49 am
>> that is in cincinnati. you don't eat chili for breakfast. we might be carnivores. we don't eat chili for breakfast. >> it is chilly tonight. steve: nevermind. >> we have a great two hours coming up. david and i will have questions from the press conference coming to you at the end of the program. the border, kamala harris will be in charge, ted cruz on that. new guidance from the classroom. guess who is not on board? the union again. karl rove at a press conference, larry cut though with the latest tax-and-spend proposal. dana is here. hammer is here. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do.
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>> pete hegseth, having breakfast with friends in cincinnati, ohio. pete. >> bill summer -- bill hammer said we can't have chili for breakfast. it is a fair opinion. a lot of chili being eaten for breakfast at camp washington. wonderful people having a great morning. we are he with gary, jerry and terry. i am not making it. jerry and gary have been
5:54 am
married, both retired. when you look at the first 60 days, first two month of the joe biden president, press conference coming up what are you hoping to hear and what is the take away so far? >> i hope he with the people know what is going on at answers questions from reporters rather than reading off a list and reading the teleprompter prepared answers or something. i hope he answers questions. that is what i am hoping. he has a binder. >> when you look at where we are the country right now what are you feeling? >> very disappointed where we stand as a country. i feel like we are no longer becoming a democracy. both parties are not getting
5:55 am
input, huge decisions, spending all this money. i also concerned about the country. i feel like we are becoming more of a dictatorship. >> you cornered me, if people knew what was in this bill. >> we are the only republicans in a big family of 30 people. they have no clue what is being spent, no idea, i am nervous here, about the spending. >> reporter: $1.9 trillion. >> what is coming up, the infrastructure bill, building bridges, we are not building bridges. >> reporter: someone needs to articulate.
5:56 am
>> to advertise, 30 seconds. they don't watch fox news. they don't know. >> reporter: if you have one question for joe biden what would it be. >> what are you going to do about the border? it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: we will see if that gets question answered. gary, jerry and terry on "fox and friends" on the other side. for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. this isn't just freight. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise.
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>> a new person in charge of the border. president biden putting the vice president in charge there. critics are already saying not the best choice. we'll explain that. good morning. big day for us here on a thursday because it is our favorite day. bill hemmer. >> dana: press conference day. super bowl and world series for me in one day. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." we're also getting our first look inside one of the migrant facilities housing teenage boys. the biden administration allowing one camera inside the facility. not considered one of the most overcrowded. >> bill: it paints a different picture than the images we saw from a different facility earlier in the week. we'll head to the


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