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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 25, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> a new person in charge of the border. president biden putting the vice president in charge there. critics are already saying not the best choice. we'll explain that. good morning. big day for us here on a thursday because it is our favorite day. bill hemmer. >> dana: press conference day. super bowl and world series for me in one day. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." we're also getting our first look inside one of the migrant facilities housing teenage boys. the biden administration allowing one camera inside the facility. not considered one of the most overcrowded. >> bill: it paints a different picture than the images we saw from a different facility earlier in the week. we'll head to the border for a much closer look at all of this.
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>> dana: as fox news learns the administration is holding more than 16,500 unaccompanied children up by more than 7,000 from last month. >> bill: one point of clarification on access. media should be shut out, essentially. congressman cuellar. yesterday they took in a pool camera. the network nbc that provided the images for the rest of the media. earlier in the week they gave us 44 images and two pieces of video. that was strictly provided by the administration. this is not free and unfettered access. >> dana: it reminded me of in the obama administration there was a day when the wnba came to play basketball with president obama. they wouldn't let the pool cameras in. later that day the government, white house, released a video of president obama shooting baskets and guess what? he never missed one. do you think that actually
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happened in real life? no, you cannot take the government's word for those kinds of things. >> bill: reporters shouting questions to president biden. watch here from yesterday. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i think it's time for our friends in the press to leave, thank you. [reporters shouting questions] >> bill: hours from now reporters get a chance to ask their own question. first formal news conference since taking office. let's start on the north lawn with kristin fisher. >> let's start with that big news about the vice president kamala harris being asked to run point for the administration down at the border. what this does is puts her in charge of the biggest challenge facing the biden administration right now. if she is successful it could help pave the way for a
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presidential run in 2024 or beyond. if she fails on such a politically charged issue it could really hurt her. the vice president moments after the announcement yesterday. >> thank you, mr. president for having the confidence in me. there is no question this is a challenging situation. and while we are clear that people should not come to the border now, we also understand we will enforce the law and that we also because we can chew and walk at the same time let's address the causes. >> president biden described the v.p. as the most qualified person for the job. but republican senator tom cotton says she is the exact opposite. >> almost anyone would be better qualified than kamala harris. she compared immigration and custom enforcement officers to
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the kkk. so no, this won't solve our border crisis. >> leading into it you mentioned the biden administration has confirmed the exact number of unaccompanied migrant children currently in u.s. custody. reporters, myself included, have been trying to get those numbers confirmed by weeks. no coincidence the administration finally did decide to confirm them just hours before the president's first formal news conference. >> bill: kristin, what is the tapping of the vice president mean for her politically in charge of this border issue? >> you know, like i said before, if she does well it goes very well for her future. if she does not on such a politically charged issue it could really hurt her. today all eyes are going to be on president biden as he takes his first formal news conference. when you go this long without holding a formal news conference, the longest of any president in over 100 years there is a ton of ground to cover from things like
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immigration, tighter gun laws, also have whatever happened to his inauguration day calls for unity? and bipartisanship. a lot to cover on substance and in terms of style, how many questions does he take? how long does he go? my biggest question, does president biden actually take a question from my colleague, peter doocy. >> bill: nice to see you at the north lawn today. >> dana: he is hard to miss he is so tall. ted cruz, good to have you, sir. kamala harris's appointment to take over the border, leader mccarthy on the senate side said she is the point person for the border crisis and then senator harris compared ice to the k.k.k., introduced legislation to reduce detention beds and said holding kids over 72 hours was inhumane. does she stand by that? i would ask you, should she be
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given a chance to do this and see how she does? >> i have to say my reaction to that appointment is wow, joe biden really doesn't like kamala harris. this border crisis is the biggest political mess joe biden has. it threatens to derail the entire administration. what does he do? looks to his vice president and says you take it. it is your problem now. listen, unfortunately she is noting to be able to solve this crisis. why? they created this crisis and they did it because of their political partisan commitments that they can't back away from. why are we having this crisis at the border? when joe biden got elected the first thing he did was stop construction of the border wall, reinstituted catch and release. the failed policy. now when we detain illegal immigrants we let them go, give them a court date sometime in the future and many never show up. and he ended the remain in mexico policy, this incredibly
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successful foreign policy accomplishment where the trump administration negotiated with mexico that illegal immigrants from central america would remain in mexico while their asylum proceedings were moving forward. they all produced real success. but because the democrats campaign on saying ice is evil. securing the border is wrong. the democrats support open borders. kamala harris doesn't have anything to do other than go down there and let everybody go. that's the only option that is consistent with the political promises she has made. i'll tell you representing the state of texas we're seeing illegal immigrants being released in harlingen, texas. they're testing positive for covid-19 at a seven times higher rate than the u.s. population. it is a humanitarian, public health and security crisis. >> bill: you are going there tomorrow with senator cornyn. when do you think kamala harris
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goes or president biden? >> i have no idea. they asked kamala a few days ago if she was going and she laughed at that question. tonight i'm headed to the border and bringing 18 senators. i'm bringing 18 senators to go down to the border. we are going to the facilities and meeting with border patrol and the border patrol union who i know very well. we'll inspect those facilities and see them directly. i'll tell you, we invited fox news to embed with us and abc news to embed with us. the biden administration has said hell no, they will not allow reporters anywhere near. they are blocking what 18 senators show up, the biden administration is saying no reporter can show up because -- this is their argument and it is laughable. they say that reporters -- there is too big a risk of covid. if there is a cameraman, suddenly it is a covid crisis. never mind the donna facility
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that they won't allow reporters into. the donna facility's capacity is 250 people. it currently has nearly 4,000 people in it. that's 1,500% in excess of its capacity. there is a reason they don't want reporters in there. it is not covid. the reason they don't want reporters in there is because they don't want the american people to realize the absolute train wreck of a policy the biden administration has implemented. >> bill: you can let them know. we've been working for a year non-stop. >> dana: the other thing happening a big deal yesterday. hr1, the bill that the democrats passed in the house basically completely change voting rietsz in america, there was a hearing on it yesterday. what do you think is the most important thing for americans to know about that bill? >> i think this is the most single most dangerous bill being considered by congress right now. it is the corrupt politicians act. it designed to entrench corrupt
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politicians in office, keep democrats in power for 100 years. it has the federal government take over all elections. it repeals virtually all of the common sense state integrity laws for election integrity. for example, 29 states have voter i.d. laws including texas. the corrupt politicians act repeals every one of them says it's illegal to require identification to vote. the corrupt politician act also mandates universal mail-in voting everywhere for no reason whatsoever and mandates ballot harvesting. 31 states have made illegal. paid political operatives that go to a nursing home and collect hundreds of ballots. it is the single most likely circumstance for voter fraud thaws those paid operatives can go to vulnerable seniors in nursing homes who may not be in a condition to make choices. if the seniors vote in a way they don't like they can throw their ballot away. democrats are trying to expand those opportunities for fraud
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and i'll tell you more fundamentally than that. it automatically registers anyone who interacts with the government. who gets a welfare check, unemployment check, driver's license, goes to a public university. the democrats know it will result in millions of illegal immigrants being registered to vote and that is their objective is to get millions of illegal immigrants to vote and also strikes down all the state laws limiting felons and criminals from voting. this law mandates that when anyone leaves prison they can immediately vote. the democrats have decided what america needs the more murderers, rapists and child molesters voting and millions of illegal immigrants and criminals voting is going to benefit democrats and keep them in power. this is a very dangerous piece of legislation. >> bill: quickly i want to play a clip from you yesterday on the hill. you came out to talk to reporters and this exchange went the following way.
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>> could you please put your mask on? >> when i'm talking to the tv camera i'm not wearing a max. we've all been immunized. you are welcome to step away if you like. the whole point of a vaccine, cdc guidance is what we're following. >> bill: what happened after that we did not see on camera? >> that particular cameraman went and left and he decided he didn't want to be at the press conference. he is welcome to make that choice. at some point it is a little silly. i've got to say if you turn on the tv on any given day and watch, say, the white house press conference with jen psaki. she hasn't worn a mask and you didn't see reporters throwing a fit and running screaming out of the room. it is particularly absurd when every senator standing there has been vaccinated. at some point it becomes a
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theater. i'm not someone who says never wear a mask. use common sense precautions. people have gotten pretty crazy about this stuff. >> bill: thank you for your time. we went through a lot. we'll see how the trip goes. >> dana: the cdc saying even if you have been vaccinated you could be a carrier and you could pass it on. >> bill: his whole point about the border not being able to take a reporter. it has been a long time since it worked this way. >> dana: what henry cuellar show. the senators and everyone has phones. you can't tell a senator you can't take a picture or video. i imagine they'll have to provide that. >> the white house firing back after senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said he hasn't spoken to president biden since he was sworn in since january 20th. the press secretary saying that's not true. they talk regularly. here is the back and forth on that. >> i haven't been invited to
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the white house so far. i don't believe i've spoken with him since he was sworn in. we had a couple of conversations before then. >> he has a long friendship with leader mcconnell and has spoken with him. he speaks with him regularly. we're not going to read out all those calls. i expect that will continue. >> bill: that's the back and forth. based on my research they spoke on the 1st of february and haven't spoken since then. i don't know if that's -- >> dana: they take meticulous records and no reason to lie about it. you are the president. >> bill: could be a killer question today at the press conference? could be a hemmer killer question today? you won't find out for another hour and 15 minutes. >> dana: at the end of the program we'll tell you our curveball questions for the president. bill has some good ones. another bombshell report on governor andrew cuomo. the headline reads top health officials told to prioritize
6:15 am
covid testing for cuomo's relatives. it says it included his mother, brother and sister. and the new claims come one year after cuomo issued a directive forcing nursing homes to admit covid positive patients. what a year it has been. bryan lan yas with the latest. >> governor cuomo arranged for his family members and others to get voefd 19 tests at the start of the pandemic when average new yorkers were struggling to obtain these tests themselves. that according to two independent reports from the times union of albany and the "washington post". now, these v.i.p. tests began in march of 2020 and were conducted by top state health department officials who traveled to these people's homes. the tests were rushed at times by state troopers to a state laboratory in albany and often prioritized. the "washington post" reports at times employees in the state
6:16 am
health laboratory were kept past shifts late into the night to process results of those close to cuomo. two people said. the specimens were shrouded in secrecy marked by initials or numbers and results provided to the family members. a cuomo advisor responded we should avoid insincere efforts to rewrite the past noting home tests were provided to various members of the public in hard-hit communities. the governor's brother anchor chris cuomo reportedly received the v.i.p. test and he interviewed the governor several times including a segment where they joked about covid-19 tests and cnn is defending chris writing, when chris was showing symptoms and concerned about possible spread, he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance. any human being would. while the governor reportedly took steps to prioritize his family the state's nursing homes were left without tests to protect the most vulnerable.
6:17 am
today marks one year since cuomo issued the controversial march 25th directive that required nursing homes to admit covid-19 hospital patients while prohibiting these facilities from testing them beforehand. dana, more than 15,000 people have died in new york's long-term care facilities from covid. that's the most in the nation. dana. >> dana: thank you for your reporting. we appreciate it. >> bill: 17 past. fox news alert. suspect in the colorado shooting is due in court next hour. we do not know the motive. we have not been told the motive. will we find out then? >> dana: big tech back in the spotlight with questions about their role in the border crisis. >> bill: biden administration making a strong push to reopen the schools. the union is not budging. so what are we to make of the latest guidelines that put kids closer together? we'll talk to the doctor on that coming up next. how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it...
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not later, like right now. >> dana: two hours from now the heads of twitter, facebook and google face tough questions on capitol hill what they're doing to stop the spread of misinformation online. the topic of today's hearing. jackie heinrich is there to tell us more. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are expected to grill on social media's role promoting extremism and mark zuckerberg is trying to get out ahead of what is expected to be a chorus of criticism proposing reforms to section 230. the law that gives internet companies legal immunity for content their users post but he is proposing making protections contingent upon companies identifying and removing unlawful content.
6:24 am
platforms shouldn't be held libel if it evades detection. impractical for billions of posts per day but have adequate systems in place. tech companies haven't been held to harm and they discuss efforts to overturn the 2020 election and around the january 6 insurrection and anti-vaccine content. republicans argue section 230 acts as a shield for silicon valley to silence conservative voices. after twitter, google and facebook limited and blocked people associated with right wing activism you can expect republicans to focus on deplat forming. >> it seems to have gone in one here and out the other. they haven't cleared it up. i think we'll have questions about censorship and questions about illicit use of these platforms. there will be questions about mental health. i have a special interest in that because i think there is a
6:25 am
big problem with particularly our students in the realm of mental health right now. >> one lawmaker will propose a federal agency to oversee these companies. ceos will argue they can do the regulation themselves and fairly. we'll see. >> dana: we'll be paying attention to that one. thank you, jackie. >> bill: biden administration renewing its push to reopen schools as the union takes issue with a revised cdc social distancing guideline. cdc says three feet is okay. that's not good enough for teachers, though. dr. nicole saphier with us now. three feet, six feet, what will it be this week? i want to quote a line from a yahoo piece here. displeased at the three foot guidance a warning that the teachers will come back into the classroom at their own pace. it appears that's the case. >> well, bill, this really falls in line with a lot we've
6:26 am
seen throughout the course of the pandemic. follow the science when it fits with your narrative. when the science stops saying what you want it to say the science isn't good enough anymore. the reason for them changing 3 feet to 6 feet is not because of a new study that came out. they were a little behind updating this to be honest. all the data shows that 6 feet versus 3 feet doesn't make a difference as long as children are wearing fast masks in the social pods and you have adequate ventilation. while the teachers unions are coming out saying they don't have the resources to do the three feet that's not true. the science is there. it is there showing with children wearing facemasks it is extremely safe for them to get back to the school. the children and teachers. >> dana: what do you hear from -- you see patients regularly. a lot are parents and some might be teachers. what do you think the concern is? what is the underlying issue
6:27 am
here? >> it is making a lot of parents and children uneasy. a year ago when we shut schools down that was the right thing to development we didn't have the ability to test and how it would affect children. we did it based on a flu model. using that flu model we overestimated the spread focused on wiping down packages and still focusing on sanitizing and cleaning classrooms every day. last summer we knew we had underestimated the aerosol spread of the virus. it was last summer people started saying it is time to increase ventilation. unfortunately because that didn't get done people now went into september school year not necessarily having the updated ventilation. the accountability office came out with a report last month showing that 54% of public schools across the nation either needed to replace or update h-vac unit. like having a home inspector go in. when you do that you would think the house was falling
6:28 am
down. they find every little thing wrong with it. the truth is they really need routine maintenance, a couple years ago we stopped having outdoor air come into the schools for energy preservation reasons. we have to open up and get the outdoor air into the classrooms. open windows and doors. that's a good way to improve ventilation. you don't nestle need the billions of dollars in h-vac units. >> bill: this administration gave them billions of dollars to reopen school. it looks like a administration is a bunch of suckers. >> the problem, you have 10 billion going to testing children to get back into school. we don't need to test children every day. we don't have to do the surveillance testing. look at the study out of north carolina. 90,000 children, zero gave sars covid to the teachers. nothing to do with testing. we need facemasks and improve ventilation. >> bill: zero.
6:29 am
>> dana: okay, zero. i understand that number. >> bill: pretty good. thanks, nice to see you today. >> dana: disturbing new numbers on the border crisis for dealing how many migrant children in the united states that we have custody someone tested positive for coughed. after the longest wait from any president in 100 years, president biden holds his first formal news conference today. karl rove on the questions he wants to hear from reporters. plus the latest in the britney spears legal drama. the very personal decisions that britney no longer wants her father to make. ♪♪♪ recofallen again, e rates e while home values just keep climbing.
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>> bill: back to the border now. nearly 3,000 unaccompanied minors tested positive for
6:35 am
covid while arriving at u.s. shelters over the past year. 300 of those kids are currently in the system. steve harrigan back live in mission, texas. the administration gave a bit of a look inside one facility yesterday. what did we see inside there? >> a bit of a very careful look at what is called an aspirational facility yesterday really almost an ideal facility run by health and human services where 750 unaccompanied minors are being housed. they had schooling there, recreation, doctors, it is the ideal that they are aspiring to. it is not the case of where most unaccompanied minors are. pictures have leaked out from a congressman of the facility in donna, the customs and border patrol facility. much tougher conditions in donna than the other one. they take the media to one, not allowing the media in the other. in donna it's more like a prison. people are jammed together from
6:36 am
seeing the pictures there. really sleeping pretty much on the floor with foil blankets. there is a real contrast. one camera to the ideal place, not letting cameras in the toughest place. biden administration officials say they still defend the policy of not supporting minors at the border. >> we're sending a very clear message that people should stay in the region. we are setting up legal channels for people to migrate. we also are not going to turn back a 5-year-old into mexico by themselves. >> the fact is the majority of unaccompanied minors who cross the border are not 5 years old. in customs and border facilities 55% are age 16 and 17. texas democrats are urging the biden administration to change the rules to turn back older unaccompanied minors at least in the short term. the u.s. military also preparing to pitch in offering housing and vacant land on two
6:37 am
military bases inside texas. not clear how many unaccompanied minors will be housed on those u.s. military bases. >> bill: on the beat goes. steve harrigan in mission, texas. >> are you getting ready for the questions tomorrow? >> ready for the press conference tomorrow? >> the press conference. >> dana: president biden joking with reporters who waited 65 days for his first solo news conference scheduled at 1:15 eastern time today. want to get your thoughts on this. a lot of expectations high for this press conference. i want to ask you about this. i think some republicans expected him to be a little more like a jimmy carter figure but charles cook writes in the "new york post" joe biden, you are no fdr or lbj. as a historian, karl, size this up for us.
6:38 am
>> well look, we're only 60 some odd days in. we don't know what he will end up being. we do know in the first couple months of his presidency he has been far more left wing than he promised during the campaign and made little or no attempt whatsoever to unify. he said in his inaugural address was to unify the country. instead we're seeing a replay in the first days of the barack obama/joe biden administration where they stiff armed republicans and tried to relegate -- >> dana: minority leader kevin mccarthy said he hasn't spoken to joe biden since the president took over on january 20th and he hasn't received even a response yes or no to two requests that he sent to meet with the president about the border. >> really is shocking. i mean, not to dwell on history so much but the first member of the united states senate to
6:39 am
whom george w. bush newly elected president placed a call in december of 2000 was ted kennedy. the first member of the u.s. house of representatives he talked to was george miller, the ranking democrat on the housed indication and labor committee. the idea that president obama or president bush or president clinton or president bush 41 would have gone two months without having a conversation with the -- or seeing the minority leader of the u.s. house of representatives is just unthinkable. >> dana: the same with senator mcconnell as well. >> absolutely. >> dana: i want to ask you if if you are the biden team, let everybody complain about us not reaching out and no press conferences. his approval rating is steady. meeting the marks, hitting what they want to do with the legislation. they have big goals and announce the huge infrastructure bill. do they feel pretty good about things? >> well, let's divide those two
6:40 am
things. yeah, they can sit there and say we're doing okay so we don't need to have a news conference that quickly. i also what's the time of the news conference? 1:15 in the afternoon. they didn't want to have it late in the day. they don't want to have it late in the afternoon and don't want to have it in the evening. i bet there is a very light schedule this morning with little on his desk. but they are trying -- i heard a very wise person last week on television say former white house spokesperson saying they made a mistake by letting the expectations get so high. i think you are absolutely right when you said that. the other side -- >> dana: the other news of the week could work in their favor today. there is a lot of focus on gun control now and we have 18 innocent people who have been killed and joe biden i imagine that the headline coming out of this press conference will be he is vowing action on gun control. >> he is also going to have a
6:41 am
good unemployment number this morning. applications for unemployment assistance. but i still think it would have been better to do it earlier. on the other side of the equation, the outreach to republicans. it doesn't just need to be the president. the president is important, but the white house chief of staff who has clearly got more power in this white house than most chiefs of staff have because of the nature of this president, he could be reaching out. there could be white house staff who are reaching out to republicans. but we don't have any evidence that that's a sustained strategy on their part and again it says to me sooner rather than later they'll get into difficulty because the closer we get to the election the more nervous particularly in the house some of the democrats in vulnerable districts are going to be about voting for some of this crazy, left wing stuff. >> dana: i will text you during the press conference and see what you think and recommend your column to everyone. check out his column in the "wall street journal" today about the voting rights bill
6:42 am
the democrats are trying to push through. thank you, karl. stay tuned for special coverage of president biden's first solo news conference. he is expected to face some tough questions on topics including the border crisis, gun control. our coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. eastern time and you can watch it here live on the fox news channel. >> bill: i thought 9:00 a.m. was the new prime time. 1:00 p.m.? >> dana: are you saying our show has been upgraded to prime time? >> bill: there you go. president biden already prepping his next big spending bill. a whopper. larry kudlow reacts in a moment. talk to larry live next. and a new report that the embattled governor andrew cuomo gave special access to covid tests to when his own family as nursing homes struggled to get protesting and thousands died. his team's response in a moment. lawrence jones giving a firsthand look inside of philly's skid row as we dig into the rise in crime in
6:43 am
democrat-led american cities and the images are horrifying. reaction from geraldo and leo coming up shortly. >> needles, it's the same. start with all the non-sports dads. narrow it to the ones whose kids who can catch almost everything. especially a cold. meaning, you. you're the one we made mywalgreens for. join and get 30 minute pickup
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6:48 am
>> they are now cooking up yet another package they'll call infrastructure but a trojan horse that includes massive tax increases on americans. they are going hard left. >> bill: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell slamming this plan for a $3 trillion infrastructure bill comes after the nearly $2 trillion bill passed by democrats. senator joe manchin he could be on board if you raise the corporate taxes to 25%. larry kudlow helped cut those taxes, the host of kudlow and fox business. how are you doing, larry? good morning. have they found a formula to get this done now? >> you know, i think senator mcconnell is on to it. actually there are two trojan horses here. in the name of infrastructure they put the green new deal in, the first trojan horse.
6:49 am
biden said he wouldn't do that in the campaign but he came around. the second one is the massive sweeping tax increase that will do great damage to the economy next year and the year after if it is passed. it will end our competitiveness, damage blue collar workers, it will damage lower middle income workers. it is a tragedy to some extent. here we are the vaccines are rolling, we probably have national herd immunity sometime this spring. all the businesses will reopen. that's the greatest stimulus package possible. infrastructure should be greatly limited and democrats now not only talking about across the board taxes, corporate, capital gains, individual, small businesses, how is that going to help anybody? they are talking about another massive increase in permanent welfare. none of this makes any sense to me whatsoever. >> bill: they might do it. the vaccine is the stimulus. if you caught the former
6:50 am
treasury secretary on bloomberg. had scathing comments for democrats and calls it the least responsible policy fiscally in 40 years. his quote. what was kindling is now igniting. it sounds like a warning. what do you think? >> well, look, larry summers is a smart guy and i agree with most of his conclusions. i might disagree with some analytics but let's not do that this morning. i'm just saying it is an extravagant package, he is correct. he is saying there is a 1 and 3 chance of reigniting inflation. i don't think that's so much this year, bill but could be next year. tax hikes like this will shut off the supply side of the economy, production, business, investment. so you will have fewer goods. with the feds pumping money supply in constantly that would raise inflation if they get this package through. i don't know why larry is attacking republicans. in the house and senate every
6:51 am
single republican voted against the stimulus package. he is complaining about it. i guess that's just politics. i'll look past it. >> bill: quickly dana and i are hot on the $2 trillion stimulus plan that was passed. tells states if you take the money you can't lower taxes. yesterday there were some thorny questions about this. where do you think it goes and can you challenge it in court? >> well, it may be challenged in court. secretary yellen said they're looking at guidelines. the only thing here is she is the person that will make the guidelines. it is a treasury department thing, if you will. if they tell the states that even non-covid money couldn't be used for lower taxes i think that's nuts. i think that violates the 10th amendment. i think it will be successfully challenged in court. i don't get that at all. i think -- but don't dodge it. she is saying we're looking for
6:52 am
guidance. she is the person that makes the guidance for heaven sakes. this is going to be totally political, bill. this is a package that will damage growth in the next couple years. not this year but the next couple of years. it will hurt middle class blue collar workers, lower income workers, make the united states far less competitive and slaughter energy, fossil fuels and it will slaughter small businesses. it is an awful package the one we're looking at next. >> bill: see you at 4:00 on fox business. larry kudlow. a lot of people think it's half baked. we'll see if they're on to something. >> dana: we want to talk to the governor of west virginia. they have a tax cut plan to stimulate the economy now told they can't do that it. now they're trying to say the covid relief bill was to stimulate the economy, follow? let's get to this. a new battle in the house over a single congressional seat.
6:53 am
where the wall didn't get finished illegal immigrants are going across the wall. i can't wait for this one. we'll talk to a rancher at the border in the next hour and check out this lineup. you know these people. ♪♪♪ with mortgage rates at their lowest in history, it's time to refi. but if you're a veteran homeowner and need cash, here's big news. introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. if you have... ...moderate to severe psoriasis, ... ...little things... ...can become your big moment.
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>> bill: house democrats divided yet again over an effort to unseat a republican congresswoman out of iowa whose election is now being challenged. chad pergram is watching that from the hill. where does it stand? >> gop iowa governor kim reynolds holds a press conference as democrats investigate whether to remove meeks. >> of course it's risky. the republicans are already
6:59 am
gwynning up and the national republicans are raising money on this to target any moderate democrats in swing districts that might vote to unseat ms. miller meeks. >> the house has only expelled five members in history. all expulsions tied to criminal conduct. house speaker nancy pelosi swung the door open to possibly flipping the seat. some conservative democrats oppose removing miller meeks and that could work to their political advantage. they use the speaker as a foil. >> bill: something to watch. chad pergram on the hill. >> dana: fox news alert. the man accused of the deadly rampage at a colorado supermarket is expected to make a court appearance minutes from now as his rights as a defendant. welcome, i'm dana perino. >> bill: ahmad al aliwi alissa has been jailed since his arrest on monday. he is charged with 10 counts of
7:00 am
first degree murder, one charge of attempted murder. jeff paul leads our coverage this hour live in boulder. what will happen in a few moments now? >> most importantly this will be the first time we see the suspected shooter since police arrested him for shooting and killing 10 people at the grocery store. we aren't expecting any new details in the case or for the suspect to even enter a plea. this is purely a formality of the judicial process. ahmad al aliwi alissa we'll hear the charges, 10 counts of first degree murder and read his rights. a crucial step in the investigation but for the boulder community their focus is still on the victims. hundreds gathered for candlelight vigil. at times standing in silence to mourn the loss. the uncle for one of the victims says losing her creates a hole in their family that will never be filled. >> her life was cut short
7:01 am
unfortunately by the events the other day. saddened that she didn't get to experience motherhood, she didn't get to experience marriage, she was 25 years old. >> that court appearance for the suspect gets underway in 14 minutes. >> bill: are there cameras in the courtroom or not? >> we'll have some sort of view. it won't be live but we'll certainly get a view of the suspect so i think that's what will be one of the bigger things to come out of this is to see the person. i think for a lot of people the last image they have of him is not only the mug shot but the video of him being taken away in cuffs with blood going down his leg from some sort of injury. again we don't know specifically what happened with him. well oh he see what happens. >> bill: ahmad al aliwi alissa born in syria, lived in colorado for years age 21. thank you, jeff.
7:02 am
more to come in a moment. >> why are we having this crisis at the border? when joe biden got elected the first thing he did was stop construction of the border wall. reinstituted catch and release and ended the remain in mexico policy a very successful foreign policy accomplishment where the trump administration had negotiated with mexico that illegal immigrants from central america would remain in mexico while their asylum proceedings were moving forward. >> dana: ted cruz addressing the border christs last hour. our next guest says 12 people entered his property just yesterday. nine of them were confrontational and fears for the safety of his family. this rancher joins us now. set is scene. what has it been like? >> a lot different than i've ever seen it. i've been here 25 years and so i've seen under many administrations i've seen lots of trouble. but i've never seen it at this
7:03 am
level and i've never seen it with this quality of people. there are still people coming through that really are coming to better themselves and better their lives but i think the dynamics have changed of that today. it is not the same group of folks that i'm used to seeing. >> bill: what do you mean by that, john? what's the difference? >> well, they are more confrontational. they have something to lose. i don't know if it's because of human smuggling. my problem is i'm 40 miles from the border so it's not like i'm sitting on the edge of the border and all these people are coming across the river to me. the only reason i can attribute my problems getting bigger and bigger every day is the value of human smuggling. with that said, i am right before the checkpoint on u.s. 90 so the smugglers are bringing them here, dropping them off and they're coming through my property. that in turn has caused lots of heartache for us.
7:04 am
not to mention tearing down our fences. coming to our houses at night. i have a daughter. i won't let walk on the driveway, you know, to jog or exercise because of this without having a dog with her. you know, we're kind of being left down here and the border patrol's hands are tied. they are working to keep unaccompanied minors under control in a facility. they aren't out here in the field when i need them. they can't come because they're so stretched out. they got -- we're overwhelmed. we've been thrown to the wolves here as far as i'm concerned. >> dana: is that one of the reasons you are speaking out today and coming on television? as a rancher you probably like to keep to yourself, get your work done and have a good life there with your family. you decided to come on television today why? >> well, i've been watching the media just as everyone else has. it is portraying a way
7:05 am
different picture than what we're having. we're seeing things of people touring facilities that look like everything is in order so on and so forth. that's not the case. if they really want to see what's going on and what they don't want to see, then they need to come visit people like me that have to battle this every day in their own backyard. the thing that everybody needs to understand, these people aren't staying here. they are coming to your town. whether they are good or bad they're coming to your town. we have too much border patrol presence here. they don't want to be here. they can't legally be here. we can't legally work them. so without a guest worker program that works, where are we going with this, guys? >> bill: what is your level of confidence now that kamala harris has been put in charge of this national crisis? >> i have very little confidence in anything that we're doing right now. at least in the prior administration we had a plan. we had something in place that
7:06 am
was at least controlling the issue and they knew what was going to happen to the individual once they were apprehended. now we have no plan. we have no direction. where are we going? i don't think anybody knows that answer. do you guys? >> dana: no, sir. >> bill: not today. >> dana: john, tremendous amount of respect for you. we would love to keep in touch with you, please. >> bill: you make some excellent points. thanks for sharing them with our audience and perhaps political leaders in charge as well. >> i encourage anybody to come down here and see us. >> bill: 40 miles from the border. six minutes past the hour now. got a fresh round of bad press for the new york governor andrew cuomo. bombshell report shows he made state officials priority for covid testing for his family ahead of others, among the v.i.p.s were his brother, chris, cnn defending the younger cuomo in a statement saying it is not surprising in the earliest days of a once in a century pandemic when chris
7:07 am
was showing symptoms and concerned about possible spread he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance as any human being would. in this case he turned to his brother, the governor. carley shimkus got the story. good morning to you. where are we today? >> well, i think that this proves that governor cuomo is under such a microscope right now that any sense of impropriety or anything that he did or is considering doing that doesn't go to the letter of the law will come out. now, today the big question is did the governor give preferentialal treatment to his family and political allies given to people for covid testing. at that time there was a heavy emphasis on contact tracing. typical for them to make house calls to members of the administration and their families. i'm glad you read the statement from cnn.
7:08 am
to me it feels like the cnn statement tells a different story. chris cuomo was feeling sick last march and he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance as any human being would. so the governor's office is saying they were doing normal covid-19 testing protocol but the cnn statement sounds like they are admitting this was a favor. >> dana: exactly. the other thing is if chris cuomo was so concerned about covid, why did he then break quarantine and fake his reemergence from the basement? >> yes. a lot has happened with this family. that was certainly a big deal. even though it was a big deal back then pales to compareson with all that's happening now with governor cuomo. i just can't believe it was just six weeks ago to the day that the first report detailing
7:09 am
melissa derosa's videoconference call with democrats where she admitted that they had hid covid-19 nursing home data because they were afraid it would make the administration look bad. think about all that has happened in those six weeks. there is a federal investigation, new york investigation into nursing home data, a.g. investigation into the sexual harassment allegations and then there is an impeachment investigation covering it all. all of those things and the situation having to do with mario cuomo bridge and structural issues with that. even though it has been six weeks it feels like a very long time. >> bill: sorry for the interruption. from what i recall in march of 2020 tests were rare. they were hard to get. i don't know a lot of people getting them unless you were admitted to a hospital and had symptoms. the cdc had a test in february. it failed. they had to go back to the drawing board. and that was the point that set us back as a country in terms of testing in a significant way. if you're able to access a test
7:10 am
in march of 2020 you were privileged. >> not only that, it also has to do with the fact that apparently some according to this report some top health officials were traveling to governor cuomo's family member and some of his political allies's homes. is that a proper use of resources? >> dana: it underscores the point that if you are in office and in power you get to live in a different standard than other people and that's part of the story as well. >> time to say one more thing? also governor cuomo's rising political star had a lot to do with the fact he was seen as a compassionate leader. he met this pandemic head on with a level head and compassion. the investigations aside his aggressive behavior is also greatly being called into question right now. that phone call released this weekend where he was threatening the leader of the working family's party saying if you don't support me in a certain way i'll compare you to
7:11 am
a child rapist. that's also a big deal because "the new york times" printed the text of that phone call back in february and cuomo's office denied it. so innocent until proven guilty on all fronts. if he is denying something like that you have to wonder what else he is possibly lying about. >> bill: nice to see you this morning. one other thing. lee zeldin is from long island. he might be running for governor. the latest report prioritizing his family member for covid testing in private residences having their tests moved to the front of the line at wadsworth adds to a long list of reasons why cuomo's got to go. just so you know there is a movement in new york, whether it's successful or not remains to be seen but zeldin is in on that. >> dana: we'll move along. miami beach is still on high alert. city extending an emergency curfew as police crack down on
7:12 am
spring break chaos. we're there live. >> bill: dangerous crime rising at alarming rates in big cities. the quality of life heading in the opposite direction. geraldo and leo on the growing crisis. who is to blame and what needs to be done now? an inside look in a moment. >> it is an open air drug market. there -- come to philadelphia. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network? sure thing! and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at [sirens] >> dana: miami beach police cracking down on rowdy spring breakers with a state of emergency curfew resuming at 8:00 tonight.
7:18 am
the crowd this year has been largely african-american and black leaders are accusing city officials of using an unusually heavy hand in trying to keep the peace. phil keating is live in miami beach. you have new video of the police spotting and arresting a rape suspect? >> he could be a murder suspect as well or actually he is a murder suspect. he could eventually be charged with murder. the last few nights have been very calm, no issues at all now the big crowds show up down here thursday through sunday. that's why the spring break state of emergency goes into effect again this evening for the businesses, the restaurants, the bars behind me that means they have to close down at 7:00 p.m., losing tens of thousands of dollars. for the tourists who will eventually show up in the entertainment district tonight it means 8:00 curfew go back to your hotels or go back to the mainland. this is one of the more 100 weapons that has been
7:19 am
confiscated this season brought into town according to the city not by college students on traditional spring break but by others who think the tropical party scene is anything goes. brand-new images show the arrest of one of the two north carolina suspects in the drugging, raping and death of a young pennsylvania woman. by far the most serious of the more than 1,000 crimes committed in miami beach since the spring break season began in early february. that's 21-year-old being taken into custody and nabbed 24-year-old. they admitted drugging christine with a green pill, going to her hotel room and raping her and stealing her credit cards. she was found dead later. the murder charge will depend on the medical examiner's conclusion which depends on the toxicology report to see whether it was the pill itself that caused her death and that is several weeks away. >> dana: phil keating.
7:20 am
thank you for the update. >> bill: suspect in the boulder mass shooting is before a judge now. let's watch here. just as quickly as we got in we heard the judge say the hearing is over. a few things to pick up inside the courtroom. the suspect has been held without bail, no surprise there. the lawyer for the suspect says an assessment of his mental health needs to be done. so two headlines from that short hearing. it lasted four minutes, dana. >> dana: first appearance. our own jeff paul is there on the scene. as soon as we have more updates we can provide it. >> bill: 10 were gunned down earlier in the week. really a stunning moment here for all of us that watched it unfold again. second mass shooting in america in less than a week's time. what happened in boulder has left that community stunned
7:21 am
when you think about aurora, columbine and others that you know all too well. >> dana: a lot of grief going on and also in georgia with eight murdered in that one as well. >> bill: we'll get you headlines from inside the courtroom. meantime we have this story here, another stunner. violent crime and dr*ug addiction out of control in large cities across america. lawrence jones went to philadelphia for a stunging look at one neighborhood. it is dubbed the new skid row and here is what he saw. >> philadelphia county has the highest overdose rate of any of the 10 most populous counties in america. in 2019, the highest number of overdoses were right here. describe what do you see when you come down here? >> drug infestation, needles. it's a shame. it's a shame. >> bill: you are afraid to walk past them because they are holding needles and falling
7:22 am
over. >> what type of drugs? >> anything you want. heroin, cocaine. >> i've been to most of all the major cities that have been impacted by this drug crisis, this homeless crisis and i have never seen anything like this in my life. needles everywhere, capsules where. people picking up needles to reuse. fires, fights, it is truly a crisis. the sad part about all of this, this is not just at night. this is in broad daylight. people shooting up in broad daylight while children and fam leels are walking the streets. this is what they see. >> not is just philadelphia. geraldo rivera and leo terrelle. what do we do about this, leo? >> this is 50 years of democratic rule. let's be very clear. this is the blowback of the summer riots last year.
7:23 am
democratic mayors and governors and we have a president in the white house that has drawn no attention to this democratic city. if i was at that press conference today i would say mr. president, what have you done to help these democratic cities that have been burned and have a drug infested problem. and more importantly, mr. president, why are you giving money, hotel rooms to illegal aliens and not addressing these democratic cities? it is a shameful indictment against democratic leadership in these cities for the last 45 years. nothing is being done, bill. everyone in this country knows it. >> bill: talked to lawrence about it. going on for five or six morning. they pick up needles and trash. what do you say? >> first of al-coude owes to lawrence jones for taking our cameras to the inner city what is known as the wal-mart of heroin abuse in kensington, the
7:24 am
largest open air drug market in the entire country. almost 1,000 overdose deaths coming out of philly just last year. it is a crisis, bill. it is horrible. i agree in part with leo's point. some of the potent heroin synthetic is coming across the southern border. the cartels are running it. sometimes it's manufactured in mexico, oftentimes in china. but it goes through the southern border into the united states and every community, kensington is not toreous it is in your face and out there. a horrible open wound. >> bill: geraldo. >> it has disrupted services and there is no addiction services anymore. >> bill: sometimes it's hard to talk over each other. you are right to tie this to the boder. so many of these illegal drugs come from that way. a store owner in the
7:25 am
neighborhood. >> you think this crime is destroying business? >> yes. yes. very much so. >> bill: what is city council and the mayor doing? what are they doing? >> it's a shame to say nothing. >> bill: here is your violent crime as well. l.a. is up 93%, philly up 49. new york city up 42. atlanta up 43. leo. >> i just ask geraldo good summary of what we all know. crime, drugs, a blowback from the summer riot, 50 years of democratic rule, geraldo. can't you condemn democratic leadership? it is a failure. last year president trump tried to get help in there. they refused it. biden has not done anything. why don't you just acknowledge a democratic failure in these democratic cities? >> because it is much too parochial to take that view, leo. i have been working with my brother greg on a four-hour
7:26 am
special of drug use across this country. it is in every county in the country. particularly dayton and baltimore and philadelphia, the inner cities do suffer more percentage-wise but this is a national epidemic and part of the problem is -- part of the problem is covid treatment has interrupted every day. >> give us a first and last name. 50 years this is going on in democratic cities. just give us names. point the finger at somebody. >> 50,000 overdose deaths a year in our country. i think if you make it democrat/republican you'll lose the most effective treatment. we need a unified approach. we have to stop the drugs coming across the southern border. but once someone is addicted in these cities you watch them drop like flies you have to do something to help the problem.
7:27 am
rather than make it this democratic mayor did this or this republican governor did that. i would rather have an omnibus approach. i believe this is a public health crisis that will persist long after covid is a distant bad memory. >> bill: thank you. again, i'll remind you lawrence said it has been going on for five to six years and it pre-dates covid. see more of lawrence's report. >> dana: i talked to him this morning as well. taken by the report. we are all reaching out. one of the things he told me is one of the people there that was a drug addict said don't give me money, give me food. if you give me money i will just get high. >> bill: wow. reality. >> dana: indeed. >> bill: it is online now if you want to check that out from our colleague lawrence jones. >> dana: really good reporting there. can the u.s. spend its way out of the border crisis? why president biden's plan to address the root causes of immigration is causing concerns about waste and corruption and
7:28 am
the first court appearance by the man accused of murdering 10 people in a colorado supermarket. the judge held the suspect without bail. the search for a motive could effect how the case plays out. >> rikki would do anything to make everybody smile. if you needed a pick me up you knew where to go. be observing your safe-driving abilities. play your cards right, and you could be in for a tasty discount. [ clicks pen] let's roll. hey, check it out. one time i tripped on the sidewalk over here. [ heavy-metal music playing ] -[ snoring ] -and a high of 89 degrees. [ electronic music playing ] ooh! ooh! who just gives away wood? the snapshot app from progressive rewards you for driving safe and driving less. there's an app? -[ chuckles ] beth. -save money with progressive. [ tires screech ] well, that came out of nowhere. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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>> bill: 33 past the hour. american taxpayers have already paid billions to try to stem the root causes of illegal immigration and now president biden is looking to spend billions more in central america with the vice president leading the diplomatic push there. william la jeunesse has more from los angeles. william, good morning. >> will the president's plan work? does sending u.s. tax money to central america stop or slow illegal immigration? let's take a look how it worked in the past. we added up all the u.s. aid
7:34 am
sent to central america in bush, obama, trump. 7.1 billion in the last 20 years. to guatemala, honduras. the surges of 2014, 17, 19 and 2021 have been led by central americans. >> the idea you are going to drop $4 billion in central america and that is going to solve the problems. the intention might be fine, yes, you need better roads and better infrastructure and so forth. but really what you need is a rule of law. >> u.s. aid is broken into four categories, drug control. human rights and gun control and these programs are plagued by sloppy accounting and waste and corruption. officials an ngo's take money off the top. half these populations live below the poverty line and 20%
7:35 am
of the nation's gdp comes from u.s. remittances. for most the reward of working here outweighs staying there and criminal organizations can plow their smuggling profits to payoffs and bribes. we'll see a very different strategy. president trump used tough border measures. biden will try in-country processing and aid to address the root cause. >> bill: we'll see how it goes. nice to see you. william. >> held without bail until such time as the court is able to determine whether or not the truth is evidence and presumption great that you committed these crimes. >> dana: a colorado judge order the man charged with shooting and killing in 10 people in a boulder supermarket be held without bail and the suspect's mental health needs to be assessed. let's bring in andy mccarthy. the police haven't released a
7:36 am
motive. how long does it take to assess that and what is happening there? >> they don't have to assess one in order to prove the case. the government never has to prove motive beyond a reasonable in doubt. a lot of debate about motive. i think if they will do analysis of his mental condition we'll probably hear a lot more about the influences on him. there is a lot of information that he seems to have been disturbed and had significant anger management issues. there is also a potential overlay of radical islam. we don't know about that yet to make a conclusion about it. >> dana: he will be held without bail. judge decided that a few moments ago. you think there could be a long time before there is resolution? >> yeah, for sure because for one thing, dana, in any case where the mental state of an accused is an issue, it really becomes two issues.
7:37 am
number one there is the issue of was he so impaired that he can't be held responsible for what he did? and it should be obvious, but in these cases what happened and who did it is usually not in dispute? it is all about the mental state. the other thing is even if he is found to have been aware enough to be responsible for his actions, the defense usually argues that he is too impaired to materially help the presentation of his defense which also complicates things. that takes a long time to resolve. >> dana: there is another angle here in colorado. last year governor polis signed a bill sent to him by the state legislature to end the death penalty. we had him on the show yesterday and take a listen. >> i'm fine with having a death penalty if it's applied equally. we had the aurora theater shooting perpetrator who killed 12 people. the jury didn't give him the death penalty. we had people that killed one
7:38 am
or two people getting the death penalty on death row. it didn't make any sense. this guy probably wouldn't have gotten the death penalty. >> dana: how does this play into the whole trial going forward? >> there is a lot of policy arguments on both sides on the death penalty and that in and of itself could be a whole mess. but as a practical matter in the case it takes a potential ultimate penalty off the table as far as the plea negotiations are concerned. so sometimes in these cases you see the death penalty is withdrawn to get the guy to plead guilty to life without parole. here there is no such incentive which complicates the plea negotiations and makes a trial more likely. what is his incentive to plead guilty? >> dana: andy mccarthy, we appreciate you coming in. the victims' families are anguished. justice will be done but it could be a while. thank you so much, andy.
7:39 am
>> bill: back in washington meanwhile democratic bill to nationalize elections known as the for the people act sparking heated debate in the senate. republicans call the push to expand early and mail-in voting a massive power grab and what senator cruz told us on our program last hour. >> i think this is the most single most dangerous bill being considered by congress right now. it says it's illegal to require identification to vote and strikes down all the state laws limiting felons and criminals from voting. the democrats have decided what america needs is more murderers, rapists and child molest tors voting and made the cynical decision that millions of illegal immigrants and criminals voting will benefit democrats. >> bill: they argue the bill would fight voter suppression and improve election integrity. we'll see where it goes. important point. it doesn't deal with monetary issues. so you would need technically 60 votes in the senate to pass
7:40 am
this. unless -- >> dana: you have filibuster reform. senator gillibrand was saying from new york she is all for ending the filibuster. my party is not there yet. and yet being the operative word. folks in the south once again bracing for dangerous weather days after a series of tornadoes ripped through the region. we will show you who is in the risk area next. tech executives from facebook, google and twitter taking on lawmakers today whether the platforms have been fueling multiple crisis and our next guest says he doesn't think policies will change any time soon. hello i'm an idaho potato farmer. you know a lot of folks think of a potato, even an idaho potato as a side dish. but does this look like a side dish to you? ...or this? ...or these? does a side dish have a dog like this? ...or a truck like this?
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>> dana: a quick look at top stories we're following this hour. millions of people in the south bracing for severe weather. tornadoes threatening places hit last week. >> bill: a new pentagon panel set to examine sexual assault in the military. 10 of the 13 members are women and include a range of experts. >> dana: fema reimbursing families of loved ones who died from covid-19 paying for expenses of up to $9,000 per funeral. for more information on these and other stories download the
7:46 am
fox news app. >> bill: lawmakers on the hill set to grill big tech ceos in a hearing any moment now on whether disinformation on social media helped fuel the riots of january 6th. you've got facebook and twitter and google executives testifying coming after multiple reports that migrants are getting information on how to cross the border illegally from social media. senior editor of reason and author of the up coming book tech panic. not fear facebook and the future. robby, how are you doing and good morning? what would you expect from a hearing like this today that will be largely overshadowed at 1:15 by the president's press conference? >> certainly. i think the big tech ceos will be grilled on the role their platforms have played in spreading misinformation and in some cases unlawful or illegal content. the interesting thing is the existing law section 230 really protects the platforms themselves from any sort of
7:47 am
prosecution. the law treats the person who makes the post on facebook or twitter or wherever as the publisher of the speech not the platform in question. so you can't sue or you can't go after the platform generally. a couple of exceptions. lawmakers are interested in doing something about that on both sides. proposed tweaks. mark zuckerberg apparently is open to these tweaks which make me suspicious they might end up being good for facebook and bad for their competitors. >> bill: two questions. zuckerberg says try us, see how we do on this, right? we believe congress should consider making platforms in a liability protection for certain types of unlawful content conditional on company's ability to meet best practices to combat the spread of the content. so he is saying grade each company as they do. almost a challenge to say we can do this on our own. >> yeah. the issue with that potentially
7:48 am
is that mark zuckerberg's company employs thousands of content moderators already. they are very well positioned and have the infrastructure to ace that test especially they have a great lobbying arm to figure out how that test works. i would worry that smaller competitors, even twitter is a smaller rival to facebook, would be less well positioned to compete if you added that kind of regulation. it really would depend on how proportional it is. does it exempt smaller companies? that would be important. >> bill: how does zuckerberg and the other address the social media issue of the migrants at the border defying national policy and using their platforms to access the country. >> yeah. and they should be held to account for that. they need to be called out for it at the very least. all these companies have policies on the books just internal to the company saying you can't engage in illegal speech. you can't advocate for illegal activity. this would run afoul of that.
7:49 am
they enforce their own policies in hypocritical and bias ways. it becomes a matter what can you do about it legally? the supreme court even, right, protects very -- even advocating illegal activity that can be constitutional under some circumstances. a tricky thing. >> bill: it is the number one i shall oouf in america now and you can see migrants on computers and smartphones using it. last question. do you believe this congress has a greater incentive to bring change through big tech? >> i think they do. everybody is talking about this issue and one where republicans and democrats the end to agree there should be more regulation of social media. they agree for opposite reasons. republicans want less moderation of certain content and more moderation of different content than the democrats the complete opposite. you could see a case where reform happens because everyone agrees but for conflicting reasons.
7:50 am
>> bill: see where it goes at the top of the hour. thanks for coming on today. >> dana: my pleasure, thank you. after cancer culture stepped in. how a man proposes to protect children's books next. ♪♪♪ start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free.
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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7:56 am
come on, man, all he has to do is point in the direction he needs to go and point him again and then adjust him again. no, not him, him, sir, that one, sir. that's what i would do. >> dana: what do you expect today from the reporters there? he is a very different president from president trump and campaigned on that and one the election based on that. the media, how do you think they'll deal with him in his first solo press conference? >> i think what's the term? their hands will have gloves on. they will not be pulling off the gloves. this won't be what we're used to seeing over the last four years where an aggressive press is hitting punches. might be a thing where it's selected -- selected reporters to ask certain questions. if i was going to put it to a game i would put it into your church community sunday softball game. a lot of softball questions. you don't want to get him spooked and he will never do it
7:57 am
again. >> dana: you are out in the country. we're in a bubble in new york and you have d.c. what do you think the american people want to hear from the president today? not the press corps. >> i think i can only speak for myself and those around me but we want to hear strength. we want to hear answers. we would love to hear the riddle how he was going to solve the division in this country, which was one of the huge things that he was running on. he was going to bring us together. unity, that would be nice. also we could get some really fact information on what's going on in terms of are we going to lift restrictions around the country, will the president support the governors? and the economy. what direction are we going? >> dana: we'll be paying attention to you. you are getting ready for the big gutfeld show 11:00 p.m. every night. we'll watch that. a lot of work it is. thanks. >> bill: he is wearing an andre
7:58 am
the giant shirt. >> i am. >> bill: i always liked you, bill. >> you, too, man. see you next week. >> bill: all we do is win, bill, all we do is win. >> dana: i've been dying for the end of the show. we'll reveal to you our curveball questions will be. i have four. he has two. go. >> bill: my big one is this. you preached unity and bipartisanship on inauguration day january 20th. you have yet to speak with the republican leader in the house since becoming president. by all accounts you haven't spoken to mitch mcconnell in nearly two months. why not? and how much do you care about what nearly half the country thinks about how you are governing? >> dana: great questions. curveball, not sure. not sure. remember i said don't announce press conference. just today we've learned of another story involving your son hunter surrounding a 2018
7:59 am
firearms incident where your daughter-in-law threw his handgun in a trash gun behind a grocery store. secret service intervened. what do you know about that? >> bill: my turn? go ahead. >> dana: i want to hear yours. >> bill: you blamed the trump administration. last week in alaska and meeting with the chinese cohorts you backed the policies that the trump administration established. will you concede that president trump had the right strategy to finally stand up to beijing? >> dana: we are tracking because here was my fourth question. the chinese humiliated the united states on u.s. soil last week in alaska by talking about our problems here. how are you going to respond? >> bill: good one. >> dana: i also would say where is that commission on court reform you promised? and how can you pay for $3 trillion infrastructure bills
8:00 am
without raising people raising less than $300,000 a year. >> bill: what was in the letter? >> dana: the trump letter. >> bill: that's our preview. see you in two hours. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: this is a incomes news alert. two hours from now president biden will hold a press briefing. his first with the white house press corps 64 days after taking office. it could be his toughest test yet as commander-in-chief. welcome to everyone at home. "the faulkner focus". i'm gillian turner in for harris today. president biden will go head-to-head with the press corps having breaking a century long record without holding a briefing himself in the white house. he will be pressed on the border crisis, gun control, covid vaccines, school reopenings, a whole host of urgent issues to get to today. now yesterday he declined to answer questions about visiting the border. he even


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