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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  March 25, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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without raising people raising less than $300,000 a year. >> bill: what was in the letter? >> dana: the trump letter. >> bill: that's our preview. see you in two hours. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: this is a incomes news alert. two hours from now president biden will hold a press briefing. his first with the white house press corps 64 days after taking office. it could be his toughest test yet as commander-in-chief. welcome to everyone at home. "the faulkner focus". i'm gillian turner in for harris today. president biden will go head-to-head with the press corps having breaking a century long record without holding a briefing himself in the white house. he will be pressed on the border crisis, gun control, covid vaccines, school reopenings, a whole host of urgent issues to get to today. now yesterday he declined to answer questions about visiting the border. he even cracked a joke about
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leading up to today's news conference. take a listen. >> president biden: now we'll get down to business here and who i turn it over to. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i think it's time for our friends in the press to leave, though. thank you. [reporters shouting out questions] >> thank you very much. >> look being forward to the press conference tomorrow. >> kayleigh mcenany has a little experience dealing with this kind of thing and the perfect guest to join us today. we'll talk to her in a moment. but first white house correspondent peter doocy is live with the top story this hour. how are you feeling, peter? >> you heard the president, what press conference? it will be the first time in months that the full press corps has had an opportunity to ask the president questions.
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the last time this happened was in wilmington where he was standing still at a microphone. the press office has defended access to biden saying he has answered questions more than 40 times. almost every single time that happened the press is either being escorted out of sight or the president is walking away out of ear shot. the white house has been very consistent in making the press secretary jen psaki available for questions almost daily often with an administration official. the president is at the top of the food chain and he sets the policy and he has been mostly on script during his tenure at the white house. reading lines shared on social media channels. the solo press conference will not follow a script and he doesn't even know the topics. the president has conducted a handful of interviews. usually they're pegged to a certain theme like storm relief, immigration, covid stimulus. today he will field questions on a variety of things. some he may be prepared for, some may not be. we know it will be indoors,
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inside the east room in an hour and 15 minutes. we got our first look at an imagine side the room and set up. looks like there are two dozen socially distanced chairs using the entire room with the president front and center. gillian. >> i have to ask, have you and kristin decided what you are going to ask at this briefing or still debating it, finalizing it? >> can't share the questions 2 1/2 hours before. >> i want to know if you've decided already or working it out behind the scenes? >> i will take every last second that i have to make sure that the questions are good and then just sit in there and hope we get called on. >> let's hope you get called on. best of luck. we'll all be watching. let's bring in former white house press secretary also a fox news analyst kayleigh mcenany. thanks for joining us today
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especially. you say interestingly that the most important thing today for the american people is that these questions from the press corps are sort of sharply honed in on the issues of the day and that they're tough. tell us what you mean. >> that's exactly right. i don't think it was productive the way the present gaugeed with president trump oftentimes it turned into a debate. but today is as much about the media as president biden. they have to choice to ask soft questions versus asking tough, pointed ones that are factually oriented. some of the reporters who will be in the room. peter doocy, a trailblazer in asking tough questions along with kristin fisher. so others have asked tough questions of jen psaki. will they bring that same pointed sharpness, directness towards joe biden and will they follow up? when you ask a question, allow someone to pivot or dodge the
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follow up is important. >> sometimes those follow-up questions are the ones that really break news and break stories and get sort of thrown around the air for days after and get everybody thinking. let's talk for a minute about the timing here. the president waited 64 days to do this. it's a record at least in the last century. also the white house announced the date for this press conference two weeks ahead of time. dana perino is a former white house press secretary said this gives reporters the upper hand today and gives them time to sharpen their knives. what do you think? >> that's exactly right. announcing it so far in advance gives them time. you don't know the news cycle. the hunter story that came out today that dana just referenced taking us out of the last hour, no one knew that was dropping today. oftentimes you make decisions to hold a press briefings based on the news cycle and what it looks like. it's incredible he waited this long. i was political playbook, a tv reporter said there is a reason
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he waited. they are exactly right. today is really the first day that they don't control biden quite as closely. that president biden will be unleashed. they can't control that happens in that room. whoever the tv news reporter was she said there is a reason they waited and believe there is a lot of anxiety in the west wing now because of the free flowing style we'll see at 1:00 p.m. >> a lot is at stake. you are subject to the news of the day when you announce this far in advance. you broke down one way it could break against the president. karl rove earlier this morning said on our air he thought it was interesting the news of the day today might actually give the president an advantage. a huge opportunity for him today to promote his gun control reform agenda here in the wake of the tragic shootings in boulder. he has cart blanche now to push his agenda forward as much as he can. what better way to do that than during this press conference. >> that's right. he will try to set the tone at
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the top and what we did with president trump. he had scripted remarks before he would take question. the scripted remarks would be 30 minutes long. we'll see. i anticipate that president biden will talk about the covid relief package as a setup. i anticipate he will then move exactly to his gun control legislation ambitions and try to set the tone of the briefing room. but for sure i know the reporters and we've seen their temperature rise as the immigration crisis has risen, so i think they will be bringing those immigration questions among others no matter the tone he sets there at the top. >> very early in this administration press secretary jen psaki faced blowback from the white house press corps reporting she was fishing trying to screen their questions in advance of the briefings. they cracked a joke about this yesterday and i'll get your reaction. >> no. you want to tell me your questions? i'll take those down.
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how is he preparing for it? looking at your twitter and seeing what's on your mind. >> a lot of jokes. >> right. exactly. but look, i know she got a little bit of blowback for that. i will say it's not atypical to try to gauge what reporters are interested in. in fact the reporters who came to me early and never really giving me specific questions but sometimes they would say this is what i plan to ask you because they wanted me to go to the president of the united states, get the answer and come prepared and equipped with that answer. it made for a more productive relationship sometimes. she got too criticized for that moment in that endeavor of getting questions in advance. >> a little k mac coming to the defense of jen psaki. thank you for being candid with us. stick around and we want you here all day long reacting to it and appreciate your expertise. a quick reminder if you haven't already done this, download the fox news app so you can keep up
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with all the latest in news, politics, entertainment, a lot more. also watch fox news on demand any time, anywhere if you download the app by scanning the qr code on your screen right now and it's also available in your iphone app store. a new report is bringing to light a brand-new governor cuomo scandal and some of his family members are now feeling the heat as well. today marks a year since the new york governor imposed his nursing home policy, plus this. >> shame, shame, shame. >> anybody ought to be feeling any shame around here it's turning the fec into a partisan prosecutor. >> a real old-fashioned showdown between the two most powerful senators after democrats try to overhaul election process. we'll break it down with jason
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>> new york's governor andrew cuomo is facing criticism he put the health of his own family i head of the health of his constituents reportedly giving his relatives including chris cuomo, his brother also a high profile cnn anchor special access to covid-19 tests back at the start of the pandemic when average new yorkers themselves didn't have much access to testing. now critics of the governor are demanding an explanation. >> what if this was a ron desantis giving preferential treatment to his family getting tests for his brother on television? think about that? if i were a meteorologist on a
8:16 am
different network, what kind of coverage would i be giving and treatment would i get from the press? >> bryan llenas joins us now from brooklyn. hi, bryan. >> according to the times union of albany and the "washington post" governor cuomo arranged for influential vips for members of his family, mother, one of his sisters and chris cuomo his brother to start receiving covid tests in mid-march of 2020 which you will remember these tests were very scarce then. chris cuomo interviewed the governor several times including a segment where they joked about covid-19 tests. cnn responded to reports that chris received these v.i.p. tests writing in part when chris was showing symptoms and concerned about possible spread, he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance. any human being would. these v.i.p. tests were
8:17 am
conducted at their homes by top state health department officials and ruched at times by state troopers to a state laboratory in albany where they were often prioritized. in a statement a cuomo advisors responded we should avoid insincere efforts to rewrite the past. home tests were also provided to members of the public if hard hit communities and transferred by state troopers at the time. now today also marks one year since cuomo issued that controversial march 25th directive that required nursing homes to admit covid-19 positive hospital patients while prohibiting these facilities from testing him. vivian who lost her mom had to this say cuomo prioritizing his own mother matilda. >> it is shocking. i had a matilda that i would protect, that i watched over, that i was an advocate for and he protected his matilda and
8:18 am
sacrificed mine. >> a lot of questions about the families saying you had enough tests for your family but did not have enough tests to protect our families in nursing homes. gillian. >> tough story. thanks so much. let's bring in jason chaffetz now, former republican congressman. a string i want to pull out something central to the story, i think, is the idea that this highlights and affirms that in america today if you are part of an elite very politically powerful and famous family, there is different rules. you get special favors from the government, you get carve-out exceptions. that's not the way it is supposed to be, right? >> it is not the way it is supposed to be but some of them use that for their own cronyism. they take their political donors and who they give favoritism to and family
8:19 am
members. not everybody does that. ron desantis could have gotten a covid vaccine well in advance. he didn't do that. governor cox in utah could have gotten it as the governor of utah but he didn't do that. you have to have somebody of integrity. i think it goes to the heart of integrity because you have a chance to take something personally for yourself governor cuomo seems to do that. that's the problem. not only how he is treating women and how he is dealing with the covid vaccine and how he is making sure that the statistics are all rolling his way, he is totally self-centered that way. >> what do you think about the element of this story which is reporting that government officials, health officials sometimes would travel to cuomo residences in order to minister the covid-19 tests using government official resources, taxpayer money to do so, also again jason at a time this is
8:20 am
march of 2020, over a year ago. most ordinary folks in new york and around the rest of the country were not getting tested. they did not have access to testing unless they were a very high risk or sick and in a >> no, look, i was sick about that time. i happened to be in virginia. i went to a health clinic. they didn't have covid tests. i tested negative for the flu. i think that i probably did have it. i don't really know at this point. but to use state troopers and law enforcement. you don't think they have something else to do like protecting the public? you have to be able to treat everybody the same and equally. the people in the nursing homes were at the very bottom of the cuomo food chain and his attention. and i just -- you know, i feel for those people in new york because i didn't lose a loved one to covid but there are a lot of people, thousands of people that did. and you think about how
8:21 am
governor cuomo treated this, it is just outrageous. >> senate democrats are putting their weight behind the house bill making sweeping changes to election laws. republicans are saying the measure will take away state's control over their own elections. chuck schumer sparred with mitch mcconnell. take a listen. >> shame, shame, shame. i would like to ask my republican colleagues why are you so afraid of democracy? >> anybody ought to be feeling any shame around here it's turning the fec into a partisan prosecutor to harass and intimidate the other side. >> ted cruz says democrats have partisan motives with this bill. >> it is the corrupt politicians act designed to entrench corrupt politicians in office and keep democrats in power for 100 years.
8:22 am
it automatically registered anyone who interacts with the government. the democrats know it will result in millions of illegal immigrants being registered to vote and that is their objective. >> what do you think? >> this bill i am very familiar with it. nearly 900 pages and goes through time after time federalizes how elections are administered. it does public financing to the tune of 6 to 1 ratio so you have to pull taxpayer dollars and give it to the politicians. it is not the for the people act. that is a total facade. they are trying to take this major power grab. they don't want to ought then indicate the vote and make sure they can use this ballot harvesting so they can go out and collect these ballots. they want to totally weight it in favor of the democrats. the biggest issue, though, gillian as you know is going to be the filibuster. will they blow through the filibuster and fundamentally change the united states senate
8:23 am
works? if so, look out. the democrats are going to roll the table on a whole lot of things and it is very scary bill. >> the filibuster is a big one. take a listen to senator mcconnell on the senate floor a couple of minutes ago and we want to get your response. >> democrats want to hide behind the mantle of voting rights. what they are proposing is less security, less integrity, and a grab bag of changes that are deeply, deeply unpopular. this bill would take the federal election commission from an evenly split, bipartisan panel to a partisan body so that democrats could rule unilaterally over politics as well as citizens' speech. >> what do you think? >> the minority leader is exactly right because not only does it change the way that federal election commission works, the ability to actually sue and go after this is very limited.
8:24 am
you can only use one particular attorney in order to do that. the ballots that come in, the bill mandates that they have to be able to accept ballots 10 days after the election is over. no shenanigans will go on there. the list just goes on and on and on. it is a total, complete power grab. this is disaster liberalism. take a crisis and manipulate it to push through your own political power grab and exactly what the democrats are trying to do right now. >> democrats pushing back. we have to point out on republicans saying they make a power grab of their own trying to restrict average americans access to voting. we'll see how it goes. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it as always, jason. >> thank you. >> big tech ceos are facing congress today expected to take heat from one side of the aisle. one top exec is pushing for more regulation of his platform.
8:25 am
>> vice president kamala harris has been put in charge of border security. she have is about the worst possible choice that one could make. >> a lot of reaction rolling into president biden's decision to put kamala harris in charge of the border crisis. my next guest knows firsthand what it is like at the border. he is the retired captain of the texas public safety department on tap to join us live. stick with us. ♪ karma-karma-karma- karma-karma chameleon ♪ ♪ you come and go ♪ ♪ you come and go-o-o ♪ ♪ loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams ♪ ♪ red, gold -- ♪ [ tires screech ] [ crickets chirping ] for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance.
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>> just an hour 15 minutes from now president biden will give his first formal press briefing. we just got this new image in. the white house director of message planning tweeted it out quoted getting ready and the picture of the east room getting all set up. we're anticipating some tough questions from the white house press corps today.
8:31 am
we'll have the whole thing live here on fox news channel. >> president biden: this new surge started with the last administration but it is our responsibility to deal with it humanely and to stop what is happening. the vice president has agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept the returnees and enhance their borders and she speaks for me. she knows what she is doing. >> president biden says he is putting vice president harris in charge of managing the border crisis. republicans now, though, including former top trump officials say this decision is going to hurt more than it is going to help. take a listen. >> she is an open borders advocate. wants to abolish ice.
8:32 am
compared immigration officers to the k.k.k. during a senate hearing and you want to put her in charge of immigration enforcement on the border? i couldn't think of a worse choice. >> steve harrigan is on the ground in mission, texas with the latest. hi, steve. >> one of the biggest challenges for the biden administration in the short term is to try to find some safe housing for more than 16,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally. they are scrambling to find rooms across the southwest. axios reporting at least 300 of those minors testing positive for covid. a trip yesterday, some administration officials and members of congress to an idealized facilities. no overcrowding, school, medical facilities, bedrooms, doctors, the whole nine. a very different facility that the media has not been invited to in donna, texas, customs and
8:33 am
border protection facility. images have leaked out show severe overcrowding, more prison-like conditions there. officials on the biden trip said they blame the trump administration for the surge in unaccompanied minors. >> the number of migrants had been increasing and one of the driving factors around that is that the previous administration had a policy of keeping unaccompanied children out of this country. >> here in texas even some democratic lawmakers are beginning to urge the biden administration to consider deporting 16 and 17-year-old unaccompanied minors to ease the crisis in the short term. >> thanks so much. 11 former border patrol officials are writing to congress sounding the alarm about criminal organizations taking advantage of the crisis at the border. senator marsha blackburn on this show with harris yesterday echoed some concerns. take a listen.
8:34 am
>> the cartels -- you can't come to the border without a cartel. and the cartel will take a child away from parents and give it to an adult who does not have a child if they are trying to push that adult a cross the border. then the child goes back to the cartel and then comes in again. this needs to stop. >> a retired captain of the texas department of public safety joins us now. jason, let's pick up where senator blackburn left off with harris yesterday. she went on to say the next thing that happens to these children, most of them girls frankly is that they get kidnapped by coyotes and ultimately sold into sexual slavery which can last years to decades. i know you work a lot in intelligence and from a security perspective. tell us about this problem in particular. it is not getting a whole lot of attention. it is horrendous.
8:35 am
>> it is not and thanks for having me to discuss this specifically. while we're really concerned and for good reason on the number of unaccompanied alien children and amount of people surging our southwest border, we cannot forget about the national security implications. we're seeing people -- i want to stress this to everyone watching -- people coming from all over the world. what the mexican cartels do very effectively is they remain in the shadows. but at the end of the day they're the ones responsible for gaining what is known for the tax of all the people crossing. to them if we were sitting them down where them just so you know they would tell you that people are the gift that keeps giving. one, they pay up front. when they cross into the united states and apprehended by border patrol and go back they have to pay again. if they can't pay now they are indebted to a criminal organization in a foreign country once they're able to make it into the united states. that's just where we are. we have some serious national
8:36 am
security issues at our border. it is time to address it. it has been decades that we've been talking about it. >> national security issues involving children and young girls. some original footage that you shot yourself last week. a gun fight, cartel gun battle across the river from where you were stationed in texas. take a look. >> gun battle. oh, yeah. >> jason, for those of us who are not at the border frequently tell us is that a rarity? was that something crazy that you just happened upon or do you see and hear stuff like
8:37 am
that regularly? >> unfortunately it is not. that community across from roma, texas has been at war as the cartels will tell you between the two cartels. for the last two years and it is very often that agents down there hear that gunfire between two and four times a week. i will tell you i was down there with lara logan in december for her show no agenda. we recorded an hour and a half long gun battle on appeared off. we heard everything from machine guns to 40 millimeter grenades going off. this is a very important point that is not covered much. we have to look at what the cartels are today and not the way we remember them. we used to call them the drug cartels. i don't say that because drugs is something they do, it is not what they are anymore. when we talk about the sinaloa cartel they're in 54 countries around the world. new generation in 48.
8:38 am
the u.s. department of justice just extra dietd an entire cell from romania back to the united states. it is not even a u.s./mexico issue. they are a global issue. and once we stop trying to go after just the layers of drug trafficking and human trafficking and human struggling that are very important but go after the core problem. the cartels, that's where we find solutions to all of it. that's when we will start winning. if anyone in the administration is listening right now we have been trying for four years to get the cartels designated as foreign terrorists organizations. when we do that along with beginning working a much more collaborative environment and changing an outdated system that collects crime data in the united states that's where we really begin making changes against this problem. >> we would love to have you back and pick up this thread where you left off. we would love to hear your thoughts about potential solutions for the biden and
8:39 am
future administrations. thank you for sharing your video on perspective. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. good to be with you. >> the colorado shooting suspect is making his first appearance in court today. what the judge decided.
8:40 am
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>> suspect in the horrific mass shooting in boulder, colorado is making his first appearance in court. it happened just last hour. he is now charged with 10 counts of first degree murder and he will be held without bail. we're joined by jeff paul tracking every aspect of this story if boulder, colorado. hi, jeff. >> it was a rather quick hearing but it was the first time we've got a chance to see the suspect since he was led away from the scene here in boulder in cuffs. the suspect sat quietly and didn't say anything but he was alert mostly letting his lawyer do the talking while he listened to the proceedings. they are asking for more time to assess his mental health. a judge agreed and prosecutors informed the judge they plan to file more charges against the suspect soon. as you said he will being held without bond.
8:45 am
this is an important first step in the investigation, for the people in boulder this is a lot more important right now honoring the victims of the shooting. hundreds gathered last night for a candlelight vigil. more than 500 people came together to remember the 10 people who died. one of them being 25-year-old rikki olds, manager at the grocery store and her uncle says they will always struggle with her loss. >> there is a hole, a hole in our family that won't be filled. we try to fill it with memories. it's tough. it's tough. >> earlier yesterday crowds also paid tribute specifically to officer eric talley, the first on scene. police and firefighters lined the road as they watched a procession take his body to a funeral home. officer talley leaves behind
8:46 am
seven kids, the youngest being just 7 years old. gillian. >> jeff paul. thanks for bringing us all the details. we appreciate it. meanwhile here in washington big tech ceos are getting ready for a hearing set to begin moments from now. a house panel is going to ask the heads of facebook, twitter and google about social media's role in the capitol hill invasion january 6th. mark zuckerberg in particular we're hearing from sources will take questions about whether facebook is helping fuel the border crisis. congressman buddy carter said this earlier. >> we know that these platforms are being used by these different groups and we know they are being used at the border. that's going to be a big question. i think there will be a lot of focus on that. >> congressional correspondent jackie heinrich is live from capitol hill. what are you hearing about this hearing? >> well, these big tech ceos, you can expect them to argue
8:47 am
they're doing everything in their power to curb misinformation and likely to fight any regulation that would change the system where they have free rein to do their content moderation and how it affects their bottom line. lawmakers are looking to cut down the autonomy a bit. peter welsh, a democrat tweeted i will detail my plan to have a federal agency. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg proposed a middle ground reforming rather than repealing section 230. the regulation that gives legal immunity to internet companies for content their users post. it should be contingent on companies having systems in place to remove unlawful content. they haven't been held accountable for harmful events stemming from their platforms citing efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the
8:48 am
insurrection at the capitol. zuckerberg is depicted os the qanon sham on. republicans focus on deplat forming after twitter, google and facebook blocked conservative voices online after the election. ted cruz said no one would the ability for millionaires to silence anyone they disagree with and bring up reports facebook added to human trafficking. smugglers are using the platform to coordinate with migrants and these have been reports surfaced many times in the last few years. >> some people might question the house panel themselves and ask whether legislators on capitol hill will ever take any action to rein in big tech. about the 100th hearing like
8:49 am
this with the same witnesses we've seen this year so far no regulation coming out of capitol hill. thank you so much, jackie. talk about tone deaf. vice president harris is getting slammed by republicans for choosing former president big clinton to headline an event with her aimed at empowering women. we'll have reaction from the power panel. plus don't forget coming up at noon "outnumbered." real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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8:55 am
howard university would like to include me in their empowering women event. to discuss this and jeffrey epstein's accuser tweets "she's asking clint and how to empower women? wrong person, what she should be asking him is what he was doing on epstein island in private jets 27 time, enough is enough. we got our power panel, "washington times" opinion editor and leslie marshall, syndicated radio host, both are fox news contributor's, leslie, i'm going to give you the first word here. meaning they are democrats. >> first of all -- of which bill clinton is one of the heads of the chairs and howard university of which vice president kamala harris is an alumni. in addition, regardless of kamala harris not commenting thus far on governor cuomo into the allegations by those women, kamala harris was one of the
8:56 am
first female senators to come out to say that al franken should resign, she said that she believes the women of joe biden's accusers and in addition to that she is the first female vice president of the united states of america. >> leslie, i just want to say, we know why, here's the deal. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you but i have to say, we know why the clinton foundation wanted vice president harris to join the event. we are trying to understand why she decided this is a good idea. >> why did she decide this is a good idea? she is the first vice president of the united states that is a woman, do you know how many young girls on social media are going crazy, especially girls who are african-american, southeast asian girl of color saying, the vice president looks like me, it was all over the place, t-shirts and they were dressing like her, she is actually somebody to look up to.
8:57 am
if you don't like her politics of the fact that she hasn't said something about governor cuomo, it doesn't make her somebody they can't speak about specifically how women have been affected more so during the pandemic with the virus and economically and the future for strength and empowerment of young girls, i think she actually is somebody in a role model. >> she has, she has a tremendous role model for all kinds of women and for men. but what we are trying to get to the bottom of here is why she, this is an implicit endorsement of bill clinton as a women's rights advocate. >> and it is reminds me of why i love leslie because leslie, you refused to lie about this and try to defend bill clinton on any of it which i appreciate and salute you for. this is the problem. >> i didn't say that. >> when you divide everybody up by race and gender and fit everybody against one another,
8:58 am
and moves on from the old democratic platform of separate but equal, now they do separate but better, the reason we are segregating society is because we are going to offer you better things, the problem is they trot out somebody like bill clinton who has a lifelong history of abusing women, using his position of power to assault women and abuse women, he molested and interned in the white house, it doesn't get more disgusting than that and the problem is when democrats do this, they sort of prove themselves of the whole thing is a big lie, it's all about political power and has nothing to do with actually trying to solve problems or anything like that and on its face it's not only, and abuse of power, but leslie i do appreciate the fact that you swerved all over the place. >> i did not, no i didn't. look, it's a clinton foundation. if it was the marshall foundation i would be cohosting
8:59 am
and cosponsoring and speaking at it. >> you would be great. maybe you would be a better person to sit with kamala harris to talk about this issue as opposed to a man who has been accused by multiple women, not just of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct but rape. leslie? >> that's a very serious point. former president bill clinton was impeached and i must say if somebody is sent to prison, if you will, for a crime and they serve their term and they come out, is there no forgiveness and an opportunity for an individual to change the way and turned the corner? two, with all due respect to anita brodrick and i think she and i follow each other on facebook and twitter and i had apologized to her back in the day because i do believe women should be believed but the authorities, law enforcement authorities did not proceed with charges because they felt there was so much conflicting testimony being put forward.
9:00 am
>> leslie, charlie, we are going to have to bring you back, we are running out of time here, we've got to talk to "outnumbered" and starting in just a few minutes, we will keep this going, tweet us at the show, "the faulkner focus" with what you think, here is "outnumbered." >> emily: fox news alert for you, we are just an hour away from president biden's first news conference since taking office 64 days ago, the longest any modern-day commander in chief has gone without holding one, up until now the president has occasionally taken a handful of quick questions from reporters and has mostly delivered scripted remarks but a news conference as a wide-ranging, often unpredictable format that will attest to this president in particular. some of the questions he could face include, what is being done about the growing crisis at our southern border. but whether he plans to release his updated medical records after recently stumbling several times boarding air force one. how the covid vaccine r


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