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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 25, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> leslie, charlie, we are going to have to bring you back, we are running out of time here, we've got to talk to "outnumbered" and starting in just a few minutes, we will keep this going, tweet us at the show, "the faulkner focus" with what you think, here is "outnumbered." >> emily: fox news alert for you, we are just an hour away from president biden's first news conference since taking office 64 days ago, the longest any modern-day commander in chief has gone without holding one, up until now the president has occasionally taken a handful of quick questions from reporters and has mostly delivered scripted remarks but a news conference as a wide-ranging, often unpredictable format that will attest to this president in particular. some of the questions he could face include, what is being done about the growing crisis at our southern border. but whether he plans to release his updated medical records after recently stumbling several times boarding air force one. how the covid vaccine rollout is
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going or whether he will approach gun control by engaging with congress or trying to push measures simply through executive action. you are watching "outnumbered," i'm emily compagno. company anchor of "america reports," sandra smith. kennedy, fox nation host tomi lahren and in the virtual sanity today, cohost of "the five" in fox news political analyst juan williams. welcome to you all, thank you so much for being here. sandra, welcome back to your old stomping grounds, we are so excited to have you here today. >> sandra: good to be here, things for having me. >> emily: what is your top line thought about the upcoming press conference of president biden? >> sandra: first of all, highly anticipated, everyone is planning to watch this this afternoon to see what unfolds, this morning, i think as kennedy would say, i watched the first news conferences of obama,
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trump, bush, just to get an idea of what to expect this afternoon and how different it might look. i took a few notes. the obvious thing to point out is that he is going 30 days past any of his predecessors, emily. i on holding this first formal news conference, that's a long time that has passed. notable is the number of executive actions that have taken place in this administration, double the number of president trump and obama, four times the number of executive orders as president bush, emily, that's a big deal. he's going to face a lot of questions, to your point, on the border, the pandemic, while schools aren't open based on the science that is out there, from the cdc and the fact that we've got this unbelievable, massive infrastructure bill that we know very little about and joe biden should be pressed on that, what does it mean for the average
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american family, will their taxes go up? will businesses be paying higher taxes? there's a lot at stake with this press conference and we will really get an idea if the press is going to dig in and pressed him on these issues. >> emily: excellent analysis, sandra. juan williams, coming to you now, the biden campaign and now administration has promised transparency to the american people, so to that end, is one solo press conference every 65 days and off? is closing the border to any type of press coverage transparent? your thoughts. >> juan: will obviously not. i think he's got to have more press conferences and you know what? he did well in the debates, i expect he will do fine in the press conference. a lot of this has to do, i think, with people who are worried that, gee, you know, this guy is 78, is he going to have a stumble, the stumble on the airplane the other day, emily, a lot of people are
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thinking, how is he going to hold up in the midst of all of this? but i think part of it is, you know, we have an aging leadership in this country, mcconnell is 78, nancy pelosi is 80, chuck schumer is 70, you know, bernie sanders is up there, elizabeth warren. you stop and think about it, so i think in a lot of ways, his critics who are making a big deal out of the press conference, because they think, going back to that kind of derogatory slogan, hidin' biden, we can see how he responds in an ad hoc fashion. i think there's a lot of that kind of floating around right now. >> emily: tomi, to juan's point, what you expect in terms of his stamina and the length of the press conference and what you expect from the press corps? to sandra's questions and
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points, what we see the level of not only depth but also breadth of topics that americans deserve answers to? >> tomi: i'll tell you, he's got a lot to answer for in the fact that we have to have a countdown clock to the fact that joe biden is going to finally speak to us as our president of the united states is quite frankly sad and ridiculous just to begin with and we deserve a lot more from this administration that a president and a press conference every six to five days, we deserve a lot more especially because of all the things he's doing to our country, it's not like he's coming into this administration in slow roll things and things of change much, he has made dramatic changes, a lot with the swipe of a pen so he has a lot to answer for but i and most americans are concerned that the press is going to go easy on him, i hope we don't hear questions like "what is your favorite color, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?" and many of the other exchanges with the press, i think the press is likely brief to go easy on him and that is what i think most americans are feeling right now, we want his feet held to
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the fire, we understand he is an aging man, i hope he does well, he is my president whether i voted for him or not, i do not want him to be failing or deteriorating because i don't want my country to look weak but at the end of the day we deserve more, we deserve better and i hope he's going to give us some answers today but i'm not going to hold my breath. >> emily: kennedy, focusing on the actual performance for a moment, his book that he talked about in 2016 when he had a meeting with advisors and they were going over whether he should run for president, he was saying at that point that the voting public was sick of what he called "carefully packaged candidates," especially saying, my reputation was no longer looking like a weakness, the public could see that i spoke from the heart and i meant what i said. going back even to 2008, the question against then-candidate biden as well saying, do you think you have the chops to speak off the cough, do you think you can represent the dignity of the office rather than making these gaps all the time? he answered simply then "yes,"
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is that what you expect from him today? >> kennedy: short answer is absolutely and you know, to sandra's point about some of the press conferences we've seen from recent and past presidents, if you remember, obama and trump had very different styles, obama would take maybe four questions, the press conferences would last 45 minutes, he'd knit these sweaters in this massive yarn of word salad and go on and on and on and never really answer the questions. pontificating, and trump just liked to go up there and have a slugfest with everybody and tell people in other news outlets were garbage and they had stupid questions and we ate it up and president biden has to define himself today, he does. how does he fit in that pantheon? and i think it's going to be short answers. i think, to tomi 'has point, if
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he'd had a press conference 40 days ago he would've gotten a softball and now that there's been a limited access especiallt the border, they've had a lot of time to think about that, they've had nine days to think about what they want to ask him specifically and i think that is going to be a big one, they want access to those detention facilities, they want ride along xander they want to make sure that this is not a bad pattern that this administration gets into in terms of blocking media access. >> emily: juan, coming back to you for a moment, it is clear that senator biden is no longer and president biden is different especially in the manner of speaking and the amount of volume he puts forth so do you think today, to kennedy 'has point about short answers, will his answers be satisfactory? will they give the answers we are seeking regardless of how many times the press presses him on these topics? >> juan: i think so, i mean, just going back, emily, to what you are talking about and what
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sandra is talking about, you know, let's begin with immigration. the fact that he named vice president harris to take the lead yesterday, i think that was done in anticipation of this press conference because people are going to ask, who is in charge over there, who is really making decisions? i think it gave her a mandate. i think when it comes to something like guns he's going to be able to say specifically, yeah, here's what i am thinking about in terms of executive action, whether it's the so-called or background checks, i think you're going to get some of those specifics out of him. when it comes to maybe even foreign policy, north korea, people are going to ask, hey, north korea just fired off some short-range missiles, what are you going to do, mr. president? >> sandra: will he answer those questions, that's the big question. i want to sneak this in here, i went back and watch those news conferences and to your point on expectations, that's everything, people are going to be watching
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the press and watching the president by president trump's first formal solo news conference was 77 minutes long and he took 30 questions. president obama, 58 minutes long, that was in the evening, that was the exception, he did on 8:00 p.m. news conference. to your point, only 13 questions. bush was in the afternoon, 29 minutes, his first took over 20 questions. sort of give you a gauge because people are going to have their own expectations and to that point, remember the debate, biden, the bar was set so low for him that he exceeded many of even his biggest critics expectations. so heading into that is certainly a possibility that he does have that stamina and he does below those expectations out of the water. >> emily: such a great point, we will be sticking with you for after the press conference analysis, sandra. moving forward, big tech on capitol hill today as we get reports that social media may be
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fueling the border crisis with smugglers and cartels using it to get key info out to migrants. plus, a new covid controversy from new york governor andrew cuomo and this one involves his brother. what they are both accused of doing, next. >> my brother christopher as i told you yesterday tested positive for the coronavirus. anyone can get this disease. relatively young people, strong people, people who take a lot of vitamin pills, people who go to the gym a lot. for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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bombshell scandal that he ordered health officials to prioritize testing for his family at the very beginning of the pandemic when tests were really tough to get but that apparently didn't stop the governor from doling out to his mother, sister, and brother. he also made several appearances on kris' cnn show, remember this? >> i called mom, she said i was her favorite. >> i can't believe you're lying to my audience, you blow on the credibility of the entire interview. >> do you think you are an attractive person now because you are single and ready to mingle? >> some say i shouldn't come on the show because you harass me. is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using on you? and it disappeared so that in scale this was the actual swab that was being used. was it this or was it this?
9:17 am
tell people the truth, come on, let's go. >> emily: kennedy, this is such an abuse of power, while the rest of us assumed we had and it was deep in our community, your thoughts? >> kennedy: getting tested last march was impossible, for people who had symptoms, for people living in multigenerational homes, they couldn't get the test and the criteria to criteria was so rigid, you had to be immunocompromised, or had just returned from either europe or china, so because of that a lot of people weren't tested and they went into their homes and did their jobs and infected a lot of people. the virus behaves differently back then, the government behaved the same, he was using the power of his office to help out people closest to him, it probably happens all the time in
9:18 am
politics, i'm sure there are governors and leaders from all sorts of political parties who do the exact same thing, it still doesn't make an excuse especially when it's a life or death issue concerning testing which was just too hard to get a year ago. >> emily: sandra, the reaction of those families in new york who lost them mothers to the pandemic, who lost their loved ones to nursing homes and juxtaposition with his favoring his family and prioritizing them is simply heartbreaking. >> sandra: janice dean is obviously one of them, our colleague here on the fox news channel, on the verge of tears when we were finding this out, and what really struck me was the interview that aired this morning of a woman who lost her mother in new york nursing home and hearing that this was happening, he was giving his family, the governor, preferential treatment, tests when barely anybody could get them and that woman saying his
9:19 am
mother was getting different treatment than hers, "my mother was my matilda," i wanted to protect her like he wanted to protect his mother, how difficult it was to find out that his mother was getting access to covid testing that her mother could not, that is tough on a lot of these families that have been through so much, they lost their loved ones and emily, i go back to those days because our show in the morning was getting those solo news conferences and there was a sense that we were getting from covid when he was trying to lead through this and to learn what was actually going on behind the scenes, the nursing home situation but now this, it hurts, there was so much hope of being pinned on him to lead us through this, emily. >> emily: to sandra's point, that underbelly keeps getting uglier and uglier, this from a
9:20 am
governor who published a book and was awarded an emmy for this. >> tomi: my question would be, was anyone really surprised by this? the fact that's breaking to me is that he has still not resigned after everything and again i will say it's because of the pattern of this man, he feels he is untouchable and too big to fail, we can talk about how he needs to resign, leaders and governors cannot feel like they are untouchable, when they have scandal after scandal after scandal and put their constituents in harm's way, new york, you need to make sure you are working on a recall option like other states have included california to make sure you can get rid of your tyrants who think they are too big to fail, that is to me the solution here. what's the solution? and investigation and looking towards a future you need to make sure you don't have leaders who do this kind of thing ever again, make sure they are beholden to the people and not each other, there you go.
9:21 am
you need a recall, new york. >> emily: i will pose that question to you, do you believe that governor cuomo should resign and if not, why not? >> juan: because my opinion doesn't matter, his opinion matters. >> emily: it matters to us. speech if you are a political analyst, it does matter. >> juan: he's facing impeachment, he's facing an investigation on the sexual harassment charges and he's also facing a federal investigation on the nursing home. and now this, obviously special treatment for people who are influential, his friends and family, to me, that's an abuse of power. that to me is just listening to people talking about, that's my mom, that's my matilda, i think that hits home with a lot of voters. most voters in the recent polls in new york state say he shouldn't resign. i think when you get to this
9:22 am
level, you can see he is violating public trust, i think this then begins to move the polls, my opinion may not matter, you'd see governors, presidents, others who stay in power and they kind of turn a blind eye and just plow ahead. i think at this point it's going to be that the voters in new york start to say, you know, it's not just that we don't want you to run for a fourth term, governor, but we think you can't exercise power because nobody really wants to work with you, you can't get things done so go. >> emily: briefly, juan, digging a bit deeper, thus far it appears as alliances are and what part of cap them in place and for some reason that voter forgiveness giving the polls may move the needle but in your political analyst expertise, do you think it will? do you actually think there will be a movement of the needle?
9:23 am
it seems every day we are learning something new, to the tomi's point, of this ugly underbelly. >> juan: the election next year, 2022, the question is, four oh voter, can i just wait, and we will go, when you see a violation of trust like this, just to reiterate, i think this is a gross violation of trust. ahead of janice dean, i think people start to take that personally. that's why it starts to change the dynamic, you may see more pressure for him to get out now. >> emily: i hope so even though my opinion probably doesn't matter either. but i hope so. republicans are calling it a partisan power grab, a new push to strip states of election rights and president biden putting vice president harris in charge of tackling the border
9:24 am
crisis but critics question whether she's the right person of the job when her messages may be encouraging migrants to come to the u.s. >> raise your hand if you're a government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [cheers and applause] >> okay. ♪ ♪
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refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> i think the best thing to do is to put someone who when he or she speaks, they don't have to wonder about, is that resident is, she speaks for me, doesn't have to check with me, she knows what she's doing. >> sandra: president biden selecting vice president harris to oversee the response to the border crisis, over 16,000 unaccompanied migrant children in u.s. custody, arizona's governors calling the vice president of the worst
9:29 am
possible choice to tackle this crisis. remember at a senate hearing in 2018? harris to act about the comparisons between ice and the kkk. >> what we will call today a domestic terrorist group. >> why? why would we call them a domestic terrorist group? >> because they tried to use fear and force to change a political environment. >> and what was the motivation for the use of fear and force. >> it was based on race and ethnicity. >> right. are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion in ice is being used or force alone and do you see any parallels, are you aware that there is a perception? >> i see nothing that puts ice in the same category as the kkk, is that what you are asking me? >> what is happening with the detention of these children,
9:30 am
it's a human rights abuse being committed by the united states government. >> sandra: that's not all, then hyping candidate harris took this stance on the democratic presidential debate stage. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [cheers and applause] >> sandra: so, tomi, based on some of those past statements, how can the american people expect that vice president harris is the right person to get us out of this crisis? >> tomi: she is the right person to get us out of this crisis, to allow illegal immigrants in by the end of the year. she wanted to abolish ice at ont on the agenda for the democrats after they open our borders but beyond that, decriminalizing border crossings, stimulus
9:31 am
checks for illegal immigrants, people wonder why people are flooding over here, hello, they know if they come over here, not only will they not be stopped, they will be housed and given checks on health care and jobs, of course, that sounds like a pretty cushy way to come to the united states of america. the fact that joe biden is giving her this power and the path to make these decisions is abhorrent and let's also keep in mind that just the other day when asked if she will go to the border and she is supposedly in charge of it, she laughs that off. of course those on the left say it was just a nervous tick, and looks like she doesn't take the situation seriously, she laughed it off and i would encourage her to not only go to the border, i would encourage her to go on a nice ride along and see the people that she refers to as the kkk first hand before she makes any policy decisions, she knows that to ice, border patrol and the american people, who should come first in our own country. >> sandra: to just keep teeing up this news conference we are about to see you, likely the
9:32 am
border will be pressing the president on this issue but to go back to the president's own words yesterday when she speaks referencing kamala harris, she speaks for me, what he mean by that? >> juan: obviously, she is going to make trips down that northern triangle, guatemala, honduras, el salvador region where most of these migrants have been coming from. but the idea is that those leaders will now that there is no way that she is off message, it's a vice president, his top aide to speaking for him, he is the best that we can take to try to cure the situation at home so people don't feel the need out of desperation to make this trip, to put their children in danger try to get them away from the violent and economic catastrophe.
9:33 am
it's a great move. speech of the crisis is at the border today, we understand that they want to stop the migrants who need to come here, that's a long game, kennedy. when you look at the biden administration, the second facility to house migrant children, it's on track to open at least six facilities for migrant kids, 16,000 unaccompanied migrant children in custody today, 5,000 cvp custody, these are staggering numbers. it's a crisis, kennedy. >> kennedy: they are not doing anything to stem the tide, the long game which has to do with policy. how do we view ourselves as a country in terms of emigration? i don't think the biden administration has done a very good job of outlining that. the short term policy is what do you do about kids whose parents
9:34 am
are incentivized to either send them with coyotes making millions and millions of dollars off of the scheme to traffic young human beings or they go right up to the border itself and let their kids cross. so whatever the biden administration is doing, they are putting more kids at risk, there was a new facility open in texas to house 500 kids. they are opening six more, what is a take us into? next week? what do you do in may, june, and july in the desert when it's 11g to attract people? >> sandra: not to mention the number of hours those kids are being kept in custody, kamala harris took issue with that under the trump administration. now it's happening under her watch. >> emily: she is the primary source of the messaging,
9:35 am
shutting down and again also becoming a primary source and the lack of press and lack of information, remember in just 2019, she said unequivocally to a cnn's jake tapper, she said i'm opposed to any policy that would deny in our country any human from access to public safety, public education or public health, period. remember, is campaign let her walk that fact, they can purchase it and later he said it, well, yes, i am for any human that needs coverage. she is certainly holding the reins, she's driving that policy further to the left and i foresee bringing it back to the press conference any question the president's post about the southern border he will simply deflect and say now my vice president is in charge of that and it will remain to be seen when she will hold a press conference on it.
9:36 am
>> emily: very interesting, we will see if that happens, a shot time from now we are awaiting president biden's first formal solo news conference at to begin about 45 minutes from now. a live look at the white house. as we await that and on capitol hill, lawmakers are about to grill the ceos of facebook, google and twitter. using social media to communicate with migrants, giving them key information on how to get into this country illegally. so what is big tax doing to stop that?
9:37 am
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>> emily: welcome back. big tech is on the hill today is right now mark zuckerberg is testifying in front of lawmakers as both sides of the aisle are questioning the ceos of facebook, google, and twitter amid new concerns that mexican drug cartels and human traffickers are using social media to commit their crimes. reports show that smugglers and migrants are communicating via facebook and other platforms about how to enter our country illegally, smugglers updating the migrants on everything from impending checkpoints to how to navigate immigration laws and this kind of thing is apparently been going on for years. juan, starting with you on this, way back in 2014, routers was
9:42 am
reporting that they were using facebook to accelerate and entice illegal immigration over our southern border. the five yeah, i mean, this is a big issue, this is a house committee hearing today, emily, i don't know if we expect that much is going to get done but it's an opportunity to hear from mark zuckerberg, jack dorsey and others about where they stand in terms of government regulating these platforms because as you know, there is no responsibility under section 2:30 for any of the content that appears there. you can have people say that scenes are terrible, people who are involved in the january 5th riot or the cartel and a lot of people, not just americans, all of us are like, what is going on, why is it that these big companies are making a ton of bucks and exercise no responsibility in terms of
9:43 am
reining in what has been damaging, even illegal activity that is being seen on their platforms? it should stop. >> emily: sandra, these questions are not limited to our country, just this month in the u.k., the to immigration minister they are accused mark zuckerberg, now testing testifying on the hill that he was putting lives at risk as he demanded that the company, facebook, take down "immoral and unethical advertisements promoting illegal crossings in the u.k." >> sandra: there seems to be urgency making sure certain people can't speak on these platforms, there doesn't seem to be a lot of urgency in stopping this type of behavior. in the time that one just have to answer that sentence you got bad guys using innocent kids to get in this country. and the numbers by which that is happening are surging by the
9:44 am
minute. to quote the mexican president, march 1st after a meeting saying "they see him as the migrant president." many feel they are going to reach the united states, the morning after a virtual meeting the mexican president had a hand in this there is a mexican official, who said that organized crime, changing its modus operandi from the date biden took office and now exhibited in quotations "unprecedented levels of sophistication." these smuggling operations are being disguised as travel agencies, using technology to outfox all of these officials trying to stop this, and this is the other quote from this official that stuck out to me. "migrants have become a commodity." you are just not seeing the urgency on the part of big tech with big money behind this to stop this activity. >> emily: and kennedy, to
9:45 am
sandra's points on those horrifying statistics, that's why we need to work with mexico and the president there in saudi, a sophisticated, effective diplomacy rather than just opening the borders. we need to work together to regulate this because this business can't be tackled from one data then asked. >> juan: both countries are absolutely inundated right now t because this is going to change anytime soon and they are not going to be able to put the genie back in the bottle in terms of technology, it's something new that's going to pop up, all you have to do is spend some time with teenagers and you will see how dependent they are on technology and, you know, i went to the el chapo trial a couple times and some things are very enlightening. one, they are not using human beings as drug mules as much as they are filling up shipping containers that look like cans of green beans and vegetables with cocaine, fentanyl, and that is because the drug war in this country,
9:46 am
you have apps like whatsapp because people wanted to protect their privacy from the government spying on them so the government tends to make more problems than it solves and i think we have to go back to basics in terms of ending the drug war because once we do that you'll see a massive shift in immigration and in the way people are being smuggled because these cartels have so much money, they can afford to be very, very sophisticated because there is a demand for drugs in this country and that's not changing, either. >> emily: tomi, to kennedy's point, the last five american presidents have tried to do just that, what you predict with this president, will anything change? >> tomi: well, again, going back to talking about diplomacy with mexico, we don't need to recreate it or reinvent it because donald j. trump did it, he was the one who worked with mexico and had cooperation with the mexican military, the one that has that cooperation, that's why we saw border
9:47 am
apprehension go down significantly so we don't need to reinvent the wheel here, we need to reinstate the policies of donald trump. going back to big tech and all this, it's amazing, to sandra's point, that conservatives come of the my pillow guy is centered on these platforms, donald trump has been kicked off all these platforms but illegal immigrants and drug cartels are able to use these platforms in broad daylight and brazenly and mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey can turn a blind eye to it because they can, they have to sit there and take a few questions and at the end of the date is anything change? no, it surely does not. section 2:30 is the only way big changes are going to be made if democrats and republicans can come together on that. this has to end. >> emily: moving forward, the fiery debate over the push to overhaul how americans vote. what republicans say the real purpose of it is. >> it is designed to entrench
9:48 am
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>> kennedy: welcome back, a new fight on capitol hill as democrats push for a controversial election bill that
9:52 am
would make sweeping changes to how americans elect their leaders and strip states election rights, the bill would impact everything from how states run early voting to ballot envelopes. democrats are framing the overhaul as civil rights battle of modern times but republicans are arguing it's nothing but a power grab. >> this is getting beyond ridiculous, across the country the republican party seems to believe that the best strategy for winning elections is not tow win more voters but to try to prevent the other side from voting. that's not america, that's not democracy. >> what they are really proposing is less security, less integrity and a grab bag of changes that are deeply, deeply unpopular. >> kennedy: 's so, tomi, when chuck schumer talks about republicans want to keep the other side from voting, is the other side filled with dead bodies and people who no longer
9:53 am
live at certain addresses? >> tomi: and illegal immigrants, i would add to that, at democrats don't want to leave any dead, double, or illegal voter on the table. what the democrats are doing, they looked at 2020 elections and said, what can we do to codify this and make sure we have the same model going forward for generations to come if not for eternity? we will propose hr one, we the people voting rights act and make sure that we codify what we did in 2020 and the california process and bring that nationwide and keep states that have voter i.d. laws and election integrity and make sure they don't really get to control their elections anymore and progressively move towards what we really want which is allowing illegal immigrants to vote. the writing is on the wall here, the biggest threat to our country right now as illegal immigration and hr one so i hope the american people get very familiar. >> kennedy: this is a pretty massive bill, 800 pages, it's really hard on third parties,
9:54 am
makes it much more difficult for them to qualify for funding and ballot access, it seems like there's some intentions here but it's a little bit too big considering that it destroys voting federally, what are your thoughts? >> juan: to me a lot of this is about the last election and i think if people are still reacting to it, a lot of people still believe that there was fraud, that somehow the election was stolen, there's been no evidence, there have been multiple court cases, lots of people, republicans and democrats, secretaries of state and governors have attested to the legitimacy of the last election so now we see and i think this is unfortunate, lots of republicans who are buying into the idea of, we need to restrict voting, whether it's early voting or weekend voting, automatic registration. i just think that's terrible. but nonetheless i think on the other side of that voter
9:55 am
suppression effort comes democrats who are saying, we want to get involved into your point, kennedy, that's been threatened, the idea that elections are basically run by states and not the federal government so that's the difficulty, that's the tension there. >> kennedy: all right, sandra, bring us home. >> sandra: for the sake of time i woke what the editorial board and "the wall street journal." "hr one, 50 states have their own voting laws, it makes no sense to micromanage them all. from congress down to the envelopes, democrats have dumped this to the public is a half-baked brainstorm because they are in a rush to break the rules to their advantage," writes "the wall street journal." >> kennedy: it all comes down to envelopes. emily? >> emily: indeed, thank you all so much for being with us today, great conversation as always, sandra will be right back to kick off our coverage of president biden's first news
9:56 am
conference 64 days after taking office, the longest president has gone in the last century without speaking to the media formally, we will bring it to you live when it happens, stay with us. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening. so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong, but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions.
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when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪ ♪ >> john: good day and welcome. this is special coverage of "america reports" as we await president joe biden's first news conference, set to begin momentarily, the east room of the white house. hello and back to "america reports." i am john roberts in washington. >> sandra: great to see you, john. just a little bit of anticipation for this news conference. i'm sandra smith. welcome, in about 15 minutes the president will finally be answering questions from the press in a formal setting for the very first time. 37 executive orders since taking office, biden has avoided the press corps and a deepening
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