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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 25, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and let not your hearts be troubled, because laura ingraham is next. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. so what does 45 think of 46's first attempt at a press conference? president donald trump will be here and moments to tell us that. but first, the depressed conference. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." when president trump held a press conference, it was actually exciting tv. there were no holds barred falls where trump would take on the media, deftly swatting aside attacks and gotcha questions from openly hostile and arrogant reporters. there was never any doubt who is making decisions in the white house and calling the
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shots. >> excuse me, you said from where? >> from iraq. >> good, great people. they are great people, they are great fighters. i like them a lot. should i let her ask another question? go ahead. steve, go ahead. he is a very high-quality person. i will let you do it after he does. in honor of a paper i once loved. >> we are kind of thriving -- >> you are doing very well. say "thank you, mr. trump." i could do this all day long. should we continue for a little while? it does not matter to me. >> laura: oh, boy. contrast that with what we saw from joe biden today. >> that used to be, the existence of a filibuster, but... it's not my expertise. i started to deal with it back when i was the united states senator, i mean, vice president.
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if you hold near and dear to you that you like to be able -- anyway. okay. hang on. sorry. oh. >> laura: oh. [laughs] well, the white house used the excuse of covid, of course, to limit the number of reporters in attendance. never mind they could have held the event outside in the rose garden and would not have had to worry about that. of course, biden's handlers did not dare open the president up to a question from our own peter doocy. so, this is basically a continuation of biden's basement strategy on the campaign trail. limit the off-the-cuff interactions, keep them on the note cards, stay away from numbers, unless perfectly scripted. >> one final note. since we passed the american rescue plan, we are starting to see new signs of hope.
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we will respond accordingly. i am also prepared for some form of diplomacy. >> laura: those were overwhelmingly democrat efforts to stop republican legislation. in fact, at the time democrats the 1964 civil rights act with a 60 day filibuster. biden also seem to have trouble with his volume control. >> the federal budget is kind of amazing. and the federal budget is saving people's lives, educating the american public. the republican voters i know find this despicable. hardworking people, they built america. and unions built them.
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>> laura: build them. i like your grandparents come he kept getting sidetracked by the same story he told a million times before. >> when my great-grandfather got in a ship in the irish sea, the expectation, was he going to live long enough on that ship to get to the united states of america? but they left because of what the brits had been doing here >> laura: oh, yeah, guatemala 2021 and ireland 1850, total parallel there, joe. please. so, i went away from today's depressor wondering just how much biden goes beyond those old stories. ron klain, his chief of staff, and his press people obviously did their best to brief them, gave him notes to reference, but in the end, their true end game became apparent. sell biden as the sweet grandfatherly figure as they play the game of deny, deflect, delay, and distract from the crises that they have singularly caused.
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>> be able to have access to the facilities? >> as soon as i am in a position to be able to implement what we are doing right now. one of the reasons i have not gone down, my chief folks have gone down, is i do not want to become the issue. >> just to be clear, how soon will that be, mr. president? >> i don't know. to be clear. >> laura: to be clear. you are in trouble when even jake tapper is onto your game. >> this is a generous paraphrase, but it is along the lines of, once we fixed it, we are going to let you into see it, but we're not going to let you into see it, news media, and therefore the american people, until we fix the problem, not really in keeping with the transparency that he promised. >> laura: then there was the outright lies, like there is no border crisis at all. >> i guess i should be flattered people are coming because i am the nice guy. the truth of the matter is,
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nothing has changed. the reason they are coming is that this is a time they can travel with the least likelihood of dying on the way because of the heat in the desert. >> laura: it's not going to shock you that there was zero pushback from his fan boys and girls asking the questions. here are the facts from "the wall street journal" today. apprehensions of the southern border totaled 382,000 since the beginning of the fiscal year in october through february come up 42% compared to the same period of 2019. meanwhile, migrants were invited t-shirts are literally telling reporters that the president's promise to let them stay is the reason they are coming to america now. >> the secretary of defense has just made available fort bliss, 5,000 beds. be immediately available, 5,000 beds on the texas border. so we are building back up the capacity that should have been maintained and built upon, that
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trump dismantled. it's going to take time. >> laura: now that's a lie. just days ago, the archconservative "new york times" issued this fact-check. under the trump administration, monthly bed capacity fell to about 7,000 in october 2017, but grew to over 16,000 by december 2018. by mr. trump's last full month in office, monthly bed capacity was at 13,000, hardly a record low. well, the fact is because of trump's aggressive border enforcement, they didn't need the beds. and an important note here. during the 2019 border surge, trump's detention policies, which look a lot like biden's now, was absolutely lambasted by a certain senator from california. >> to see a bunch of kids, none of them want for our children what we are looking at right now. this is how the united states government treats them, there is no reason for them to be detained like prisoners in a private detention facility. there is no reason whatsoever.
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>> laura: but apparently, there is a reason for them to be treated like prisoners at a makeshift military facility. madam vice president. in another pathetic sleight-of-hand, biden pretended like the administration had no choice but to allow many migrants to stay in the united states. >> why are not some not going back? because mexico is refusing to take them back. they are saying they won't take them back. i think we're going to see that change. they should all be going back. >> laura: wow. well, another brazen mischaracterization. mexico is no longer taking these migrants back because president biden tore up trump's extremely successful remain in mexico policy. it's hard to negotiate, but they did it. now many families that illegally migrate together essentially get to stay here forever. >> the american people deserve e truth about what is happening at the border, and they also
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deserve a clear eyed assessment from the biden administration on how they are going to handle this going forward. but the events of today confirm that team biden will never tell us the truth about the border and that the massive flow of humanity entering our country will not stop until republicans beat democrats like a drum in 2022. just because poor old biden loses his train of thought, don't think for a second that the people pulling his strings don't know what they are doing. they do. they intend to flood this country with as many low-wage workers, future democrat voters, as they can. as fast as they can. the democrats, just like the cartels, are exploiting the migrants for money and power. as for the rest of us, we are just supposed to celebrate having our country turned upside down. and that's the "angle." here and now with exclusive reaction to biden's first press conference is former
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president donald j. trump. mr. president, thank you very much for joining us tonight. joe biden is brazenly stonewalling, as you can see in the press conference, requests for access to these facilities, and as you heard, he has no idea when access will be granted. what is going on here and when you get away with this? >> mr. trump: no, i would end, and we had the border, the most secure, they say in 20 years, but really, i think from the beginning, it has never been like this. we built almost 500 miles of wall, and it was new wall. they like to say renovation, the renovation was we knocked down the old wall and built a new wall, and then they call it a renovation, but this was new wall, and incredible wall. that was, you know, really did a job. in addition to that, mexico worked great with us. we had a tremendous relationship, me with the president, who is a tremendous person, and they gave us 28,003 -- 28,000 soldiers along our border, and they
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stopped people from coming in. what you are seeing now is inhumane. these children and people, it tremendous a number of children, by the way, but they are living on top of each other, in squalor. this is squalor. that's why they won't allow the press to come in. we let the press go, and we have much smaller numbers, frankly, because people come up, but we let the press come in. they are living in dangerous conditions. there is no testing for covid-19, as we call it, sometimes. sometimes we call it something else. but there is no testing, there is no nothing. what's going on is just absolutely insane. it's a horrible situation, and everyone has seen it, nobody has seen worse, nobody has seen anything like it. if you get cameras inside some of those facilities, you would see children on top of children, and you would see filth, and he would see things that you would not believe possible. >> laura: i want to move on to a claim that biden made about your administration's treatment of the migrant children.
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watch. >> and unaccompanied child ends up at the border, we are going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side. no previous administration did that, either, except trump. i'm not going to do it. >> laura: he was accusing you of starving people who were wanting to come across the rio grande or the border to the united states. your reaction? >> mr. trump: first of all, it's just the opposite. by the time we finished what we were doing, very few people were coming up because they knew they weren't going to get through. we stopped to catch and release, which was a disaster. that is when you catch someone, take their name, and release them into our country. we stop that. they were supposed to come back years later and go to court, but nobody ever comes back and goes to court. the very biggest thing was we had the stay in mexico policy, and that means that we wouldn't allow people to wait in our country until they were totally checked out, which most of them didn't get checked out, and they would go back to their own
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country. if young kids were with parents, but a lot of times, they weren't, and we would take care of them, but it is -- what they are doing now is outrageous. and they should finish the wall. if they finish the wall, they would be able to have a lot -- you know, a lot of people are right now staying in a few openings, we have openings in the wall that are going to be closed up. could have been done over the next month. if it weren't for the fact we got sued 11 times, many of the suits by congress and people in congress and democrats, we would have had the wall. it was almost completed, but it took two and a half years to get the final sign offs from the court victories that we had. we had great court victories. they sued us for two and half years, and they were suing us on the financing, on the environment, on lots of things. we won the lawsuits and built 500 miles, they should immediately seal it up and finish it up, and he would see a lot of good things happen,
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but -- >> laura: what was your reaction -- mr. president, what was your just general reaction to the way biden handled the so-called press conference today? he read quite a bit from reference notes. but he did take some questions. it was unusual, to say the least. >> mr. trump: well, they were strange questions, and they were asked in a very interesting way. it was like softballs, like you are throwing softballs up, and it is just a different world. nobody has seen anything like it. you know it better than anybody. you cover it so well, and it is very sad to watch, actually, they are feeding him questions. they are easy questions. i noticed peter doocy didn't get to ask a question today. and there can be no difficult questions, and they are ready to rip the microphone away if somebody did get a little bit testy.
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he just -- look, the whole thing is ridiculous. you know it, and so do i. >> laura: where was -- mr. president, where was jim acosta? they would have a cost in your face every day. >> mr. trump: and if jim acosta were there, he would ask very soft questions, it would be a whole different thing. >> laura: the democrats are also saying, a problem here is apparently america is not sending enough u.s. taxpayer dollars to central america. to solve or alleviate this border crisis. here was nancy pelosi today. >> the president, then-president, had withdrawn the money that was allocated for the northern triangle. that was a mistake, and we have to restore that. they withdrew the money to punish the countries. >> laura: mr. president, did you withdraw money from central america to punish them? >> mr. trump: absolutely,
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that's right. on that, i agree with her. first time in a long time, years, i have agreed with her. we were paying them $500 million a year. nobody knew what they were doing with the money, and they were sending criminals to our country. you know, when they are sending people in the caravans, as we call them, they are not exactly their finest, okay? and more importantly, perhaps, they wouldn't take it as we would take it, because i.c.e. was incredible, border patrol, incredible, these are incredible men and women. when we got somebody, we captured a bad ms-13 or group. we bring them back to the country, and they wouldn't take 'em, and i said, "what are we doing? i much money do we give them?" we pay them $500 million a year. i said "stop paying the money." immediately, we stopped paying. they called the following day, they said we would love to have ms-13 come back into our country. please send them immediately, and we will not be sending any more bad people, and we then got along very well with them.
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so she is absolutely right. they abused us in so many different ways. they wouldn't take prisoners and murderers fact, and we didn't want them in our country, so we bring them back, they wouldn't take them. i stopped paying the $500 million that we were wasting on giving it to them. as soon as i did that, they immediately agreed to take back everybody. they said it would be a great honor to take them back. >> laura: mr. president, today nbc news reporting that the dhs, it was created after 9/11 to protect america from international terrorism. they are moving to what intel officials are now saying is a new top threat, domestic violent extremism or code that includes, apparently, surveilling social media. here is what they mean, there is a quote from the article, "the idea is to identify people who may, through their social media behavior, be prone to influence by toxic messaging spread by foreign governments, terrorists, and domestic extremists." mr. president, there dhs is
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going after people who may be your supporters, who they believe are domestic extremists because they say things like "let's take back our government." are you concerned about that? >> mr. trump: what i'm concerned about is antifa and blm and some of the horrible things that we witnessed over the last, frankly come along. lack of time. and they take over portland and they take over the courthouse and they destroyed the building, you have to see what they have done to the building over the years, and just over the last few weeks, they have been having massive riots and other things in portland, and even the crazy mayor, this mayor, he is a radical left, he cannot take it anymore, he's actually said he can't take it anymore. you have to see what the streets of portland look like. they have been burning the city down, and nobody does anything about it, and they don't go after those people, but they go after people, i guess you would call them lean toward the right, and they wave american flags, in
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many cases, they are waving the american flag, and they love our country. and to those people, they are resting them by the dozens, but they don't go after antifa, who kill people, by the way. to burn down our cities. look at what they did to seattle. they took over a big partial of land in seattle, a big portion of the city, and had i not got in the national guard ready to go in, we were going in the following morning. they just gave up the land. the same thing in minnesota, in minneapolis, they took over the city. had we not gotten the national guard in there, you would not have minneapolis anymore. it would have been burned down to the ground. >> laura: are you concerned -- >> those are the ones you have to worry about. >> laura: are you concerned that the u.s. capital after january 6th has become a fortress? protecting the capital from the people who are supposed to -- actually be the ones in charge here, not the people who are
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sitting in the capital and surrounding themselves by razor wire. >> mr. trump: i think it is disgraceful. it looks for the world to watch, absolutely, the political maneuver they are doing. it was zero threat, right from the start, it was zero threat. look, they went in, they shouldn't have done it. some of them went in, and they are hugging and kissing the police and the guards, you know, they had great relationships, and a lot of the people were waived in, and then they walked in and they walked out, and i'll tell you, they are doing things -- they are persecuting a lot of those people, and some of them, some things should happen to them, but when i look at antifa, in washington, even, with what they did to washington and what they did to other locations and the destruction, and frankly, the killing and the beating up of people, and nothing happens to them whatsoever, why aren't they going after antifa?
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i watch this gentleman on "60 minutes" the other night, it was horrible what he said -- >> laura: are you talking about the former prosecutor who is prosecuting some of the individuals -- >> mr. trump: everybody knows. they all know who i'm talking about. but he totally compromised a case, and what he said was so horrible, but they don't talk about antifa. they don't talk about blm. they don't talk about any of the other groups that are on the left, that are really dangerous. that are very, very dangerous, and i truly hate our country. >> laura: but you would say that people who commit crimes, regardless of what their political affiliations are, should be prosecuted. your complaint is that the individuals committing the crimes in portland and minneapolis, et cetera, are not being prosecuted. i want to clarify that, mr. president. >> mr. trump: absolutely. what you said is exactly right. i hope that is what i said, too. they should -- look, everybody
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has to be treated equally. they go after people on the right, in spades, and they don't go after people at all on the left. you look at some of the things that happened. look at minneapolis. look at who was arrested. look what happened. they let them out immediately, and by the way, and a lot of the politicians that you have right now in office were providing bail money for them, getting them out of jail, but they didn't have to worry about it. for the most part, they weren't even put in jail. they took over seattle, and practically nothing happened -- they literally took over a big chunk of a major u.s. city and practically nothing happened to those people, and yet, i'm constantly seeing where they are searching out people on the right. it's very unfair to this country, and there is tremendous anger because of what they are doing. there is tremendous anger. >> laura: i want to move on to what the democrats are doing with hr 1 bill. i'm sure you've been following it. many of us believed would destroy election integrity.
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here is biden justifying it today. >> republican legislatures across the country are working to pass bills that would restrict voting. >> i am worried about how un-american this whole initiative is. it is sick. we will be able to stop this because it is the most pernicious thing. this makes m crow look like jim eagle. >> laura: jim crow? showing an i.d. to vote is jim crow? your reaction to that offensive comparison, mr. president? >> mr. trump: well, jim crow is their most often used term over the last three weeks. i noticed this constantly being used. trying to get something with no voter i.d., no signature verification, send all the ballots you can, you will never have another fair election in this country, just like, if you look at the last election, it was disgraceful. it was a third world election. it was a disgrace. legislatures didn't approve much
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of what happened. our supreme court should be ashamed of themselves. under the constitution, all of the things that they were doing had to be approved by legislatures, and legislators, and if you take a look at it, the democrats went to the republican legislatures. there were five of them, and they went to the republican legislatures, could not get approval, so they did it anyway. that is in total violation of the constitution. and what they did was absolutely disgraceful, and if you look at the numbers, the numbers were vastly in favor of us in the presidential election. it was disgraceful that they were able to get away -- the supreme court did not have the courage to do what they had to do. >> laura: speaking as a lawyer, we are not going to relitigate the past tonight, but speaking as a lawyer, i think, going forward, i think any candidate running for office has to have an impeccable legal
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strategy in place before -- like come along before the election takes place, because a lot of people saw a lot of problems coming, verification problems coming, but i don't think the legal situation was in place, and that hurts everybody along the way. >> mr. trump: no, the courts did not want to enforce it. you know that, laura. you know exactly that. and the supreme court, when you had texas and 18 states, the supreme court said they don't have standing. the supreme court didn't want to hear it. >> laura: a lot of republicans on that court. >> mr. trump: they didn't have the courage to do what they had to do. >> laura: well, moving forward, i have to ask you about this embarrassing meeting between biden officials and the chinese delegation. we all remember your first meeting with the chinese officials, including president xi, but china ends up delivering this major rebuke to the united states, to our faces, essentially saying that we have no standing to lecture them because of our own issues of
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racism that have been perpetually parroted by democrats. did the chinese ever lecture you or your people about america's racism problem? >> mr. trump: we never had anything like that happen. that was an embarrassment. that was an absolute embarrassment to our country. i could not believe it. i couldn't believe -- the meeting, even the location, so many different elements of what took place, when they started, and they went on and on and on, they were supposed to have a very short. lack of time, they went on, and it was terrible. we should have walked out. nobody ever talked to my group that we have nobody ever talked to me that way, i can tell you that. if they did, i would have doubled up the tariffs -- which, frankly, were something we probably should have done, anyway. we took -- i took in billions and billions of dollars from china. we were bringing businesses back. it was really going well.
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and china respected us. they never spoke to us the way they spoke -- >> laura: would you have -- i'm sorry to interrupt, but would you have had mnuchin and your trade rep bob lighthizer, walk out of the meeting, if you were talked to like that? >> mr. trump: they would not have even had to be instructed, but if they did not walk out, they would have been so instructed, absolutely, they would have left immediately. >> laura: mr. president, twitter, facebook, youtube, so many conservatives complaining about big tech censorship, and especially against you. you may have an unlikely, albeit late, ally in this fight. take a look. >> if you're asking me, do i feel particularly comfortable that the president, the then president of the united states could not express his on twitter? i don't feel comfortable about that. >> laura: there are reports you are going to go start your own social media company. is that how you plan to fight
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back against these tech oligarchs? >> mr. trump: in my case, we have a lot of options because we have 200 million plus follows -- we had 36 million just on potus. we had 90 million on different lines. tremendously big on facebook. we are way over 200 million, and i have a lot of options, but what i'm doing now, i almost like it better. i think i do like it better. i'm getting to a point where issuing press releases. we are no longer constrained by a certain number of characters. handle graphic put under the magnifying glass, and frankly, you do it less and you can do it better, so i put out statements now from the office of, and the statements are picked up by everybody. it actually works better. now, with that being said, we may open up our own platform, but the putting out of statements, putting out, almost you could call them a press release, what i have something to say, to talk to a lot of
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people, it gets to everybody. gets to everybody on twitter. it gets to everybody on facebook. it gets to everybody. it has been very effective. >> laura: do you feel like you have a lot more time on your hands without being on twitter so much? you do? okay. >> mr. trump: actually, i do. it's very true. when i don't have to be so careful every word. you know, if i put a comma in the wrong place, it becomes "he doesn't know proper english." you have no idea. you have much more time. and actually, you can really skew something and focus something on what is very important. it really is very good. you know, twitter has become very boring. i don't know if you know, a lot of people are leaving twitter. it has become very, very boring. and i've heard it from so many different people. so we are off, and a lot of people are off, and a lot of people are leaving. it has become a very boring deal. >> laura: i have a friend who recently saw you and said that he had never -- he had never
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seen you as relaxed, and you were actually having fun, not that you aren't having fun at the white house, but you are having fun and you are laughing. what is it like being out of the white house? obviously you would prefer to be in the white house, but personally, how is the decompression going? >> mr. trump: well, i'm enjoying it, and i'm still working very hard and so many different ways. i must tell you, i am enjoying it, but what i really enjoy is doing good things for this country, and we were doing things like nobody has done. i don't like anybody has done the kind of -- if you look at what we accomplished with the largest tax cuts in history, largest regulation cuts in history, that's why we created this great bass and this great foundation where our country came back so much stronger. they used to say germany had all these other countries in europe, well, you look at them, they are all locked down, they are shut down, and the virus is hitting them hard, and the vaccine isn't doing well, they are not getting -- now, you know, we
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came up with the vaccine. that was done with my administration, and frankly, me. the fda is not in love with me because i push them at a level they have never been pushed, but we got a vaccine in nine months, laura, and it was supposed to take five years. fauci said it was probably never going to happen. fauci was saying three years, four years, five years, a lot of people said 12 years, and i got it done in nine months. it's really a great accomplishment. >> laura: speaking of fauci, do you regret giving him so much power early on? >> mr. trump: no, look, i got along with him fine. but i do not listen to them too much because he said don't close it up to china, and i did, very early. don't close it up to europe. you know, we have the problem of italy and france -- i did, i closed it up to europe very, very early. he said "don't wear masks, masks don't work, they are no good." think of, you look at -- the way i look at it, you saw him throw out the first pitch in
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washington, right? he is a better pitcher that he is at what he does, but i got along with him. i didn't really listen to him too much because i was doing the opposite of what he was saying. i mean, frankly, if he were known as somebody that was with me all the way, he would not be popular with the media. he is just a media creation. >> laura: and finally, i want to move on, final question, about biden's plans for the future. watch. >> have you decided whether you are going to run for reelection in 2024? you have not set up a reelection campaign, as her predecessor had by this time. >> my predecessor needed to. my predecessor. oh, god, i miss him. no, the answer is yes, my plan is to run for reelection. that is my expectation. >> laura: your thoughts on what biden would look like running again in a few years? >> mr. trump: well, i think it is a great question for him, that is just like all of the
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other questions, they are all softballs. that's a really nice question, because you are sort of forgetting everything that has taken place over the last number of weeks and a number of months, and you see what i see, and everybody sees, and the press doesn't report it, and they understand it just as well as we do. it is a crazy life we are leading right now, but that is okay. >> laura: have you ever fallen over -- >> mr. trump: they can't be allowed to destroy our country, and at the southern border, they are destroying our country, and gasoline prices are going up. we are energy independent. i created that. we have never been energy independent. we are now energy independent. put in another couple of months, we won't be, and take a look at what is happening to the price of gasoline. it's up over a dollar, that is like a big tax increase to people. that is the same thing, equivalent, and even greater than a big tax increase. it's terrible. what's happening is terrible. >> laura: i just sort of, one other thing. another dear friend of mine asked me to ask you this.
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because it happens to be a color, okay, that is how he described, of color. and he said, "i've never seen a republican work harder" -- i'm paraphrasing, for minority votes come as this prior president did, referring to you. and yet they trash him, he's racist, he's racist. how does that personally feel to you, given the fact you did better among minority voters this last election than anyone ever predicted, and i believe, record-setting, yet they continue to do that. why do they do that, and how, personally, does that feel to you? >> mr. trump: so, i did criminal justice reform, which obama and biden could not get done. they failed miserably. i did opportunity zones, and i created the best unemployment numbers in the history -- in our history for african-american workers, and also for hispanic and asian and everybody else, women, everybody, but i created the best numbers in history, and
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i did do -- i did fantastically well with hispanic. as you know, i did great with african-american. we did great with asian. we did great. but they use that -- they use the race card all the time, not just with me. any time they can't answer a question, they throw out the race card. that is the way it's been, and frankly, laura, as you know better than anybody, the way it has been for a long time. when they can't get you on something, they throw out the race card. it's a different world right now. we did thing that nobody thought could be done. criminal justice reform was a very, very big thing, and i guess biden tried. i know obama tried. they couldn't get anywhere. i got it done. >> laura: mr. president, thank you so much for spending time with our audience tonight. i really appreciate it. >> mr. trump: thank you very much, laura. thank you. >> laura: and joining me and i was tom homan, former acting ic director, fox news contributor, and blair logan, most of
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fox nation's "lara logan has no agenda." if biden, who has the inhumane policies at the border now. >> absolutely, and president biden said today, he has nothing to be ashamed of, undoing president trump's policies of family separation. let me remind him, i was there. during the obama-biden administration. we separated families. it happened under his administration. in the cages. that they want to call cages. they were both under his administration. it was president trump that ended family separation, so let's get that clear. and they are back to the same facilities they attacked the president on, the very same facilities, except the quality of care has went down under the biden administration. president trump did much better with the crisis. he fixed the crisis and got us to a record historic low on illegal immigration. within two weeks,
7:37 pm
president biden undid everything trump, created this crisis. this is not by accident. this is by design, open borders agenda, his creation, his responsibility that he won't admit to. >> laura: and larry, one of cnn's so-called journalists actually defended biden's refusal to let the media into facilities immediately. take a look. >> whether the let the news media in, it's largely irrelevant, because members of congress on the both sides have made clear that the images that they have seen there are unacceptable. in fact, president biden said himself that the images he has seen in briefings are unacceptable. >> laura: lara, it's largely irrelevant -- i believe he is a former "new york times" reporter. largely irrelevant for the press to get into these facilities. unbelievable. >> yeah, never mind the principle. and also, what these people do is they just conveniently forget that they pretty much tortured
7:38 pm
this president and really subdued any kind of real conversation about the border with all the kids in cages and everything else, and they made it so it was embarrassing for anyone to say that they supported trump. that's really one of the goals of this, and you know, laura, what happens because of all of this focus on immigration, because we only talk about the border when there is a migrant crisis. we don't ever talk about the security crisis on the border. and if you take a look, what you are looking at there, these are photographs from the south texas property -- what landowners and ordinary citizens in texas are dealing with 70 miles north of the border. nobody knows who these people are. they are not reported by border patrol. they are not interviewed. they are not being given papers. these are people who slip past border patrol, either got away or just shadows, and this is all happening at a time when this country, according to
7:39 pm
intelligence officials, has received threats in the capital of washington, d.c., iranians, and this is a time when securit- >> laura: we are help against a hard break, lara, but check out the new season of "lara logan has no agenda." we have a lot more to get to, next. ♪ ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation.
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>> laura: whenever the left invokes racial justice, it is a smoke screen for the fact they are about to invoke some of that is exquisitely racist itself. the newest example comes from the city of oakland, california, -- i don't know if you saw this -- a democrat mayor libby schaaf announced a program to get $500 every month to low income families. >> our vision is in oakland that has closed the racial wealth gap, and where all families thrive. and we believe that guaranteed income is the most transformative policy that can achieve this vision, and the time has come. >> laura: well, it sounds
7:45 pm
sweet, right? until you learn that white residents are explicitly banned from partaking in this program. joining me now, harmeet dhillon, civil rights attorney, fodder for the center for american liberty. harmeet, this is obviously immoral, making distinctions based on race before a disturbing money, but is it constitutional? >> it is illegal on multiple grounds, laura. the united states supreme court has long ruled that any race-based classifications are noxious, is one where that is used, per dishes is another where that is used commit any such categorizations are under strict scrutiny when the government is imposing them. also specific provisions that make it illegal to hand out benefits on the basis of race, and there is also a federal statute that deals with a ban on such race-based classifications when any federal government money is involved. here is only 600 people in oakland will say in court that
7:46 pm
this is being funded by private, nonprofits that are giving these money, but it is still the government handing it out. it is still excluding people on the basis of race. our country was founded on the basis that we don't do that. the 14th amendment of the constitution -- >> laura: unbelievable. >> this type of race-based classifications. it's like there was no lawyers involved in designing this ridiculous program. >> laura: unbelievable. that giant sucking sound you are hearing our jobs and people leaving the state as a result. harmeet, thank you. sorry we are so tight tonight. you can blame the president. last night, my "angle" revealed the shocking lengths the government was going to to target people of a political strife they may not like too much. glenn greenwald is here next to reveal how the house democrats ask the same of big tech. stay there. ♪ ♪
7:47 pm
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7:51 pm
♪ ♪ >> laura: well, the big tech ceos, they were grilled in a virtual hearing at the house of representatives today, and while the republicans were kind of chastising myth tech companies for censorship, albeit sometimes ham handedly, democrats issue wh people weren't going far enough. speak of these companies are just mere bystanders, they are playing an active role in the rise of misinformation and extremism.
7:52 pm
>> defining domestic terror organizations, helping remove those from your site. >> you can take this content down. you could reduce the vision. you could fix this, but you choose not to. >> laura: more censorship. joining me now, pulitzer prize-winning journalist glenn greenwald. glenn, your reaction to what happened today? >> it was hard to watch, laura. i don't know how much of it he watched, but it was five plus hours, and i watched from start to finish. i think i must be masochistic. it was essentially nothing more than what you just showed, which is every other member as a democrat not just demanding the political avenues enemies be removed from the internet, but threatening overtly if they don't immediately start censoring, they are going to be legislatively punished, they are going to take action against them. most republicans, you said, were complaining the censorship
7:53 pm
is aimed at conservatives, which is partially true, there is a lot of censorship aimed at them, but there is censorship aimed at everybody. it was really bizarre to watch a panel of state officials try and commandeer the power that these companies have over our political speech to demand they censor in accordance with their political agenda or else face punishment. >> laura: well, i think for most people watching, they think, if anything, we need the government to be involved in breaking up some of these companies, taking the power away from some of these companies, given, you know, what they have done in the past, especially with political speech, ideological speech, viewpoint discrimination, and the republicans had a chance to do that, and i don't know if they liked the donations from the tech companies that they were probably getting, but they didn't do anything. >> no, i think it is a crucial point. there are some leading republicans who want to break up the tech monopolies, you know, no matter what your views are on economics, monopolies are a violation of the free market, they always have been.
7:54 pm
you have sender josh hawley in the senate, congressman buck, who is the ranking member of the antitrust subcommittee in the house, who are saying we need to break them up, but i testified before one of these hearings, one of these committees two weeks ago, and is a lot of democrats saying we should break them up, and some republicans were dragging their feet, so this is an opportunity where both sides can get together. what we don't want is keeping them as monopolies and then letting democrats use that monopoly power for their own interests. this is a case where both the left and the right don't want to live under undemocratic rule by tech overlords -- >> laura: no, we don't. >> and the solution is to enforce the antitrust laws. >> laura: glenn, thank you so much for watching that travesty for us. and up next, "the last bite." what you don't want to miss it. did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision.
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>> laura: here is how much democrats actually care about discrimination against asian-americans. >> i agree totally, if there is discrimination, it is against asian-americans. just yesterday or the day before, filed a brief in the
8:00 pm
supreme court. >> there are more asian-americans at these ivy leagues. >> laura: ted lieu, a deranged buffoon. before we go, i want you to know tomorrow night we will be hosting a special "the ingraham angle" town hall, we will have parents, doctors, education experts, and a lot more, all of these people hn now. it will be an eye-opening evening and will some of what you see will shock you. shannon bream in the "fox news @ night" team will take it all from here. shannon? >> shannon: i cannot wait to see that tomorrow night, laura. to thank you. we will be watching you. thank you. >> shannon: okay, thank you. former president trump speaking with laura, highlights from his response to president joe biden's first news conference in just minutes, but we start with this tonight, in the past, comments by promise emma kratz on


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