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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 26, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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rachel: work a couple extra days. steve: you get confident as well. will: to my with pete ask of and jedediah. steve: in the meantime put down that remote, bill hammer, dana perino starts right now.
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>> bill: we'll get a live report on the ground in alabama in a mooment here. not even the heart of the tornado season yet. >> dana: very powerful storms and we have five people that have lost their lives and there might be more. a reporter is headed there and we'll be able to get some on the ground update. >> bill: it's friday, i'm bill. dana. >> dana: one of the most complicated jumpsuit trying to figure it out. president biden had his first formal press conference yesterday taking questions from 10 reporters, none from fox. one of the biggest takeaways photographers caught the president relying on pre-written notes with talking points. kristin fisher has more from the white house on all of this. i was dying to find out what you thought about all this. catch us up. >> one of the other big takeaways, zero questions about the coronavirus or reopening schools but a ton of questions on immigration. despite his own department of
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homeland security saying the u.s. is on pace for the worst surge at the border in 20 years, president biden said yesterday that this happens every year. it is cyclical and says it has nothing to do with his immigration policies and everything to do with his predecessor's immigration policies. if there was any chance he would even consider reversing his policy of allowing all unaccompanied minors into the united states listen to what president biden said. >> president biden: i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. going back to policies of separating children from their mothers, make no apology for that. rolling back the policies of remain in mexico, sitting on the edge of the rio grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat i make no apologies for that. >> he is refusing to give an inch on his immigration policies but he is flexible on the filibuster signaling he is open to changing the 50 vote
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requirement to advance most legislation in the senate which could allow him to get key parts of his agenda through the narrowly divided chamber. >> president biden: it used to be you had to stand there and talk and talk and talk and talk until you collapsed. guess what? people got tired of talking and tired of collapsing. i strongly support moving in that direction. >> the other big headline from yesterday's news conference president biden announcing that he is planning to run for reelection in 2024. but he would not speculate on if former president donald trump would be his opponent. >> president biden: come on, i don't think about it. i have no idea. i have no idea whether there will be a republican party, do you? i know you don't have to answer my questions but do you? >> quite a statement from president biden. now, remember he is already the oldest person ever elected to
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be president of the united states. there was already a ton of speculation that his vice president kamala harris would be trying to run to replace him in 2024. you know, bill and dana, better than anyone a lot can happen in 3 1/2 years. yesterday's announcement dampens the vice president's presidential prospects a little bit at least for 2024. >> dana: a lot to chew on there. thank you. >> bill: get analysis. katie pavlich with us now. good morning. you might be extinct in four years, republicans won't be around. >> i think conservatives will be around despite what joe biden claimed during his press conference yesterday. he is not too worried running for reelection in 2024. that was some of the news that came out yesterday. the biggest news was on the filibuster question because he was asked whether he believes the filibuster is a relic of the jim crow era. he said yes in a very black and white statement and then he backed himself into a corner
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and had nowhere to go and had the long pause because he realized if he thinks this is a relic of the jim crower yeah. it is unfair for him to show that the republicans have abused the filibuster when last year democrats used it against president trump's agenda and republicans when they were in the majority in the senate. used it to filibuster his border wall and tim scott, senator tim scott's criminal justice reform legislation. he is the first african-american senator from a southern state since reconstruction. if we want to talk about racism and the filibuster democrats have a lot to answer to. >> dana: the "wall street journal" headline is biden lifts the curtain and tease up an end to the filibuster he supported for 50 years. this is zooming out a little bit beyond the filibuster. the transformation that is
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happening david brooks columnist nor "the new york times" writes the biden revolution rolls on and president has epic plans to shift our system and our values. i noted this piece today because it did seem that we're in the middle of a political realignment. the biden team are in the driver's seat for now and they will be taking advantage of it. he will talk about the build back better plan in pittsburgh. fundamental ways not just building roads and bridges but changing the way government funds lots of programs across the country. >> it took joe biden three times to get into the white house. this is his third presidential run. he finally made it. people on the left are urging him to govern in a more left leaning way comparing him to fdr. how do you do that? use your new majority in house and senate and pen at the oval office desk and you say i'm going to govern in a way that makes me historic and that will leave a mark in terms of my
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legacy and as quickly as possible before the 2022 mid-terms. there weren't any questions about joe biden's promises not to raise taxes on any person making less than $400,000 a year. the white house has shifted that to families making $400,000 a year and possibly individuals making $200,000 a year. that's changing in order to pay for this new 2 trillion infrastructure passage after the democrat stimulus bill without a single republican vote. two promises broken there. bipartisanship with republicans and raising taxes on people who make less than $400,000 a year he has the power to solidify his legacy. >> "the new york times" i worry we're committing ourselves to decades of higher taxes down the line that will sap american
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dynamism. call for number four on the filibuster. from 2005 here it is. >> to change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet. everyone in this chamber knows that if the majority chooses to end the filibuster, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse. >> bill: how will that play in a couple of weeks? biden saying we play by the rules and we win or lose by the rules. those clips will be played a lot in the coming weeks. thank you, katie. nice to see you. have a great weekend. the crisis on the southern border as it worsens. reporters are denied full access to migrant facilities. ted cruz posted this video after visiting last night. >> human traffickers on the other side of the river waving flashlights, yelling and
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taunting americans. taunting the border patrol. >> bill: a record number of unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody as border resources are stretched beyond their limits. steve harrigan begins in mission, texas. good morning there. >> bill, another 600 plus unaccompanied minors taken into u.s. custody on tuesday. the total now more than 17,000. it is up more than 90% over a year ago. yesterday president biden said the surge in unaccompanied minors has nothing to do with him. >> president biden: that's not the reason they're coming. the reason they're coming is that it's the time they can travel with the least likelihood of dying on the way because of the heat in the desert, number one. number two, they are coming because the circumstances in country. >> biden's policy on the border has come under sharp criticism from a number of republicans who say the crisis here goes
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beyond a humanitarian crisis. here is senator cruz. >> it's a national security crisis. it is time for the biden administration to put an end to it and stop sanctioning lawless chaos on our southern border. >> senator cruz will be down here with 18 other senators to tour the donna facility which has had intense overcrowding. see if they get in there and allowed to bring in a camera with them. >> bill: thank you, steve harrigan, mission, texas. >> dana: president biden still blaming the trump administration for the border. when asked if his message that he wouldn't turn away unaccompanied children led to an overwhelming influx, well, here is what he said. >> president biden: the idea that i'm going to say, which i would never do, unaccompanied child ends up at the border
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we'll let them starve to death and the other side. no previous administration has done that either except trump. he dismantled all the elements that exist to deal with what has been a problem and has been continuing to be a problem for a long time. >> dana: let's bring in j.d. vans author of hillbilly el gee. you said true compassion requires secure borders and stopping illegal immigration. i did think president biden went way too far suggesting that president trump wanted children to starve. you've been reporting on this illegal immigration issue. get your take on what happened yesterday. >> i think it's always important to ask who is benefiting from the crisis at the border and who is suffering from it. the people we know are suffering are one, american citizens on our side of the border who have more drugs, more crime in their communities because of the border crisis, have more competition for wages at their jobs and also people
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at the southern part of the border who are paying human traffickers, human smugglers to get them across the border. the people who benefit are the multi-national drug cartels smuggling people from one country to another. so i think it's ridiculous for the biden administration to say it's a compassionate thing. it is not compassionate to empower drug smugglers or human traffickers. that's exactly what their policies are doing. >> bill: you are not a reporter but you wrote a book. the comment where he said i'll let you check it out when i'm ready for you to come see it. >> well, i think that's just a ridiculous thing. we have a right to see what's going on and we should expect our media and president to actually have on the ground knowledge of what's going on at this crisis situation. again, the piece of this that is underappreciated. if you talk to people in my community they know and already seeing the effects, increased
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meth in their communities. five years ago meth was not a major problem in my hometown. now it is. it's happening because our southern border is not secure. if we want compassion start with people on our side of the border. american citizens seeing their cities with crime and drug. that's what this is about. it is possible to secure your border if you are willing to do it. right now we're not willing to do it. >> dana: you talked to a hotel worker in regards to wages. >> actually this is a story of a couple of years ago where i talked to a large multi-national hotel ceo and he was talking about how trump immigration policy was making it harder for him to import workers from across the southern border and so if he wanted to fill his hotel staff, he had to pay his people more and higher wages. it just made me realize the connection between our immigration policy and the
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wages that working and middle class americans receive. if you have a tight labor market and not easy to fill your hotel staff with people coming across the border to get workers is pay more wages. that's what we want, employers have to compete over workers. they won't do that if they can constantly get cheap labor from across the southern border. >> bill: david drucker "washington examiner". ohio republicans questions viability in a senate race. looks like jane has the backing of donald trump. you did vote for him in 2000. not in 2016 i don't believe. but you kind of changed on trump once you saw his policies. knowing that ohio went for trump by eight points, can you win in that state now if you decide to do that? >> well, i think if we decide to run we can certainly win. i wouldn't be too certain that jane or anybody else has the president's support. my understanding the president is neutral thus far.
6:15 am
i saw what the president was doing and i saw how corrupt our ruling class was and his particular combative style can be a benefit in governance and not a draw back. did support the president in 2020 and we're thinking seriously about it. the chattering classes in our political consultant class maybe they have certain views about me but they also have views about donald trump in 2016 importantly and positively the voters get to decide and if we decide to throw our hat in the ring i think we'll have a strong chance. >> dana: i hope you come back and tell us if you decide to run. thank you, j.d. >> bill: j.d. vance. 15 past the hour. tornado outbreak in the deep south wrecking homes and canceling school leaving at least five dead on the ground. we're live on the scene for the fallout today coming up. >> dana: as president biden makes a new pledge to get 200 million vaccine doses into american arms by his first 100 days there are serious concerns
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about migrants bringing covid into the u.s. dr. marc siegel is here on that. >> bill: also reporters asking questions and now refusing access to the most overcrowded shelters. is this really the message the white house wants to send? xochitl hinojosa is our guest coming up after this. >> we haven't seen the facilities in which children are packed together to really give the american people a chance to see that. will you commit to transparency? excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ still your best friend.
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>> president biden: we will commit to transparency and as soon as i am in a position to be able to implement what we're doing right now. >> how soon will that be, mr. president? >> president biden: i don't know, to be clear. >> bill: that's the message
6:22 am
from president biden when pressed on giving the media full access to facilities at the border. how is that transparency working for you, america? xochitl hinojosa joins us now. question for you. if george bush or donald trump said i'll let you in when i'm ready for you when it is your time i'll allow you to go inside, what would you say? >> well, i think administrations, republican and democratic administrations often struggle with transparency. you have to juggle and dana knows this very well. you have to juggle the needs of the country with press access and i think everyone wants to make sure that there is more press access. you always strive for more transparency. in this case i think the biden administration is dealing with difficult circumstances on the border which include covid protocols that they had to put in place including testing, privacy concerns of some of these children, and they are
6:23 am
juggling that with insuring that there is transparency on the border. over the last week you saw that they allowed press into one place. hold on. >> bill: to be clear, they are picking and choosing. they aren't allowing the media to go on their own terms. during the trump years you were allowed to go on your own terms. that's what we call free press. continue. >> and bill as i was saying they have released photos from donna and el paso and there will be more transparency and that's what the president said yes, absolutely, there should always be more transparency and allow members of congress and the media to see the circumstances that are at the border and they will do that. but what they are asking for is a little bit of patience given the circumstance. >> bill: clock is ticking. >> what happens typically with
6:24 am
these presidents -- this situation has happened for several presidencys now. you haven't had to deal with covid protocols the way the biden administration has. it will take time and they will get there. >> dana: first of all, i think the press people's responsibility is to advocate for the press. you would advocate on behalf of the administration or your boss or whatever but i spent 50% of my time saying we need to let the press in here. this isn't coming from fox news. this is across the board with the media. i don't think anybody should accept the government pictures. that is not good. i don't think it sends a good message to people around the world and i know that biden's state department wants people to understand that a free press is good for freedom and democracy. to me this is not good enough and they will continue to get pressed on it. when they say they have to do covid protocols the amount of people that are coming in that are actually testing positive
6:25 am
and actually the people they aren't even catching are coming in that are positive the covid protocols have been broken. we have been covering things for a year. they can figure out a way to people in school this has been weeks in the making and the president hasn't allowed people in. there was a question yesterday sochi about president biden whether or not we'll see him on the campaign trail in 2024. take a listen. >> have you decided whether you will run for reelection in 2024? >> president biden: the answer is yes my plan is to run for reelection. that's my expectation. >> to be expected that answer? >> well, he says he intends to. he says he can't predict what will happen in the next four years. he is also laser focused on the pandemic. number one, two and three issues for families right now are the coronavirus and the economy and so what he
6:26 am
announced at the beginning of the press conference was 200 million shots in the arms in his first 100 days and what he also said that i thought was very important in the press conference he was hired to solve problems. as you know, dana, and bill you know this as well, every election is about are you better off today than you were four years ago? that is what voters are going to consider. i think that if joe biden does well over the next four years then he will have a case to make if he does run for reelection. >> dana: good point. >> he said it was his intent. allow him to opportunity to prove himself to the american people. if he does decide to run, he will make his case to the american people why. >> bill: hope you come back. okay? we have a ton to get to. you needed a democratic lawmaker from texas to give us transparency on the border. that's how desperate we are for information to look inside. have a good weekend. thanks. >> dana: thanks, come back. >> thank you. >> dana: a new warning for
6:27 am
house democrats over an effort to unseat a republican congresswoman. is this a power grab by nancy pelosi and friends? a giant container ship blocking the suez canal for days. what is that costing you? congressman steve scalise drilled a ceo twitter yesterday. what did jack dorsey have to say. >> do you recognize there is a real concern there is an anti-conservative bias? i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive.
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6:33 am
alabama now. charles, tell us what it looks like as the sun comes up. >> i can tell you it doesn't look really good this morning. an hour east of birmingham and there was destruction all over the place. large trees toppled over, metal roofs thrown all over the place and homes lifted off their foundation. some of the worst damage is where we are here in calhoun county. want you guys to look at these homes here across the road. you can see they are in pretty bad shape. we're told the force of the tornado actually lifted these homes up and threw them back about 15 or 20 feet. 15 mobile homes over there in total. today most of them are gone. in fact, we met one neighbor, calvin bauers, who tells us fortunately he wasn't home yesterday but this morning he is suffering after the loss of his home, his sister, his brother-in-law and his niece after a tornado ripped through
6:34 am
this neighborhood late yesterday afternoon. >> even though i lost my whole house, i'm worried about, you know, how they are going to make it out of this, you know. they got kids. like i said, they all lost everything. >> calvin is still trying to figure out how he will rebuild today as the threat of more severe weather faces millions of americans across the south, dana. >> dana: charles, thank you. >> bill: tough story there, very much so. 34 past the hour. back to d.c. lawmakers grilling big tech ceo on human traffickers using their platforms and what they're doing or not doing to stop it. facebook and twitter and google executives. would you say it was a grilling? >> it definitely was a grilling.
6:35 am
they were caught offguard by the anger that was shown -- the level of anger from lawmakers. crossing the border in this now apparently illegally starts online in many cases. some of the lawmakers are saying the same social media companies that banned former president donald trump have become advertising conduits offering help and give cartels access to more people to human traffic. listen to this exchange as house lawmakers confronted the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. >> mr. zuckerberg do you feel complicit in any way that your platform is assisting in this disaster? >> congressman, we have policies and we're working to fight this content. we have policies against scams and pages groups and events like the content you are talking about. we're also seeing the state department use our platform to share factual information with people. >> representative buddy carter says his office found facebook
6:36 am
pages and instagram posts offering to take people across the border illegally for a fee. president biden seemed to give the green light for parents to send unaccompanied children to the u.s. border saying he is not going to turn them away. this is the kind of information flowing from the cartels through social media to people in south america and the numbers reflect it. last month 171% more minors showed up without parents at our southwestern border than in february of 2020. it is similar increases for all people showing up at the southwestern border. the internet is forever, the word got out u.s. border is opening and administration having a hard time bottling it up. >> was anyone held accountable in your censoring department for that mistake? >> we don't have a censoring department. >> there is a big difference
6:37 am
between stopping bullying and violent type of social media posts versus actual censorship of political views that you disagree with. >> dana: jack dorsey admitting that blocking the "new york post" story on hunter biden was a total mistake but did not answer when louisiana congressman steve scalise asked if anyone was held accountable for it. congressman scalise joins us now. this is the fourth or fifth hearing you've had. where is the ball on the field now? is it advancing in any way? >> dana and bill, good morning and good to be with you. you saw bipartisan frustration and anger with the tech ceos and the way they are oef abusing platforms and hiding behind section 230 of the law that gives them immunity from prosecution. yet they are not just acting like the town square they're censoring and picking winners and losers in a forum where people thought they were going to be going just to exchange information with friends and to
6:38 am
be able to put ideas out there. now you see they selectively block certain people. when i asked jack dorsey on twitter about the "new york post" article i'm glad he admitted that shouldn't have happened. you are talking about a newspaper that was founded by alexander hamilton in 1801 and blocked their account for two weeks. they couldn't send out anything because twitter was trying to force them to take down an article that turned out to be true right before an election. that's the kind of stuff the hunter biden article, that's the kind of stuff that angers people. they don't see it being played out equally. seems like conservatives are tar g*eted more by some of these social media platforms and twitter has had the worst abuses on this. they took marjorie taylor greene off twitter last week for 12 hours and said it was a mistake. who is making these mistakes? is it really a mistake? why aren't people being held accountable. he refused to answer who is
6:39 am
doing this and if they've even been held accountable. these aren't mistakes. >> bill: did it come up and did they answer whether or not youtube or twitter or facebook will allow donald trump back on their platforms? >> it came up and specifically with facebook mark zuckerberg was asked if -- he said he has a board he put together to determine when people should be removed or put back on facebook. it was asked to him if the recommendation billy long from missouri said if the recommendation of your board is to put donald trump back on facebook, will you mark zuckerberg block that? zuckerberg said no, he would not block it. they would put him back on. but again when you look even on twitter, president trump is banned on twitter. how selective are they in determining who they ban from their platforms? it seems like it is conservatives being banned by and large. the ayatollah can put out things talking about death to israel a and america. you look at the chinese
6:40 am
communist party spreading disinformation right now on twitter. the "washington post" article that attacked president trump and totally mischaracterized the phone call with georgia election officials that "washington post" themselves admitted was wrong, they admitted there was a false story, and yet you could still tweet that false narrative out on twitter but president trump can't refute it because he is banned. this is the double standard that people are very angry about and has to get confronted. >> dana: even had senator bernie sanders saying he is not comfortable with the policy overall. see where it goes. thank you for joining us today. >> always great to be with you. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. george gascon in l.a. accused of taking it easy to a gang member who committed murder. the family is responding in a moment. mainstream media praising
6:41 am
president biden's performance despite reliance on note card and not taking a single question from fox. howie kurtz is here to break it down. we'll talk about that coming up next. also scan the qr code, right? see that thing on the screen getting bigger by the day? >> dana: can't miss it. >> bill: so scan the code, go to >> dana: it is easy. >> bill: it is 24/7, news that's there for you and easy. >> dana: a great app. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it. it really hurt. then i started cosentyx. okay, thanks... that was four years ago. how are you? see me. cosentyx works fast to give you
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>> bill: the cargo ship the size of a skyscraper still blocking the suez canal in egypt holding up 10 billion dollar of trade for days. it has been stuck since tuesday. crews are working to move it. it could take weeks to get it done. >> dana: we can have a toilet paper shortage because of this. do we need another toilet paper shortage? >> bill: how many containers are held on that ship? 20,000. if you were to stack that ship next to the washington monument, which would be longer, the ship or the washington monument? >> dana: ship. >> bill: how much?
6:47 am
two times. how many ships were waiting this past week because of this backup? >> dana: this week? oh, gosh. >> bill: 150. >> dana: i'm really interested in this story. >> bill: 150 ships on tuesday. double that by now. >> dana: do you think they should blow it up? >> bill: no. it's too shallow there. it would be a mess. they're talking about moving 170,000 cubic square feet. an enormous amount of sand to try to get this thing out of there or take the long way around africa that adds 10 days to your trip. >> dana: good facts. president biden taking some criticism for using several note cards during his first solo news conference. here to talk about it is fox news media analyst and the host of "media buzz" howard kurtz. do you think people are making too much about note cards? >> i don't think the average american cares whether president biden uses note cards
6:48 am
or briefing book. while he rambled at times and called himself out for rambling and tripped over his words he is steeped in the issues and easily cleared the bar except by his critics. at the same time most reporters were really easy on president biden. either because they asked vague, open-ended questions or openly prodded him to do more to pass his liberal agenda. >> dana: here are the outlets that got questions. "washington post", bloomberg, fox news not getting a question. i thought that was a mistake. i would have just called on fox news and not made it an issue. >> well, president biden says he likes peter doocy. i don't know why he was excluded because there were 40 questions that were asked. but look, biden was pressed on the border by a couple of reporters about the border crisis but correspondents kept asking him what are you going to do to pass the democratic
6:49 am
voting rights legislation? how will you stop the dastardly republicans and why not get rid of the filibuster? pbs called him a moral, decent man and quoting chuck schumer and jim clyburn. what i didn't hear, usually standard at these things. how do you respond to republican criticism that such and such? they didn't ask him to respond to criticism from joe manchin. >> dana: your take on this. the white house chief of staff ron klain complained on twitter that no reporter asked about covid. and so i knew he would get criticism there the right and the media was too easy on biden. that one surprised me that they thought the reporters dereliction of their responsibilities by not asking about coronavirus. what do you think about that? >> it was stunning. i've seen liberal commentators take reporters to task. they seem more interested whether he will keep kamala harris on the ticket in 2024 if
6:50 am
he runs as opposed to asking about a pandemic that killed more than 1200 americans yesterday or the $2 trillion aid package, or school reopenings or unemployment. they seemed out of touch with kitchen table america. it was the polar opposite of a donald trump news conference. also didn't have the president attacking the reporters. >> dana: at one point i said that if you are bored, that's exactly what this white house wants, right? that's why they ran on that. they ran on making you just feel normal but bored, indeed. >> bill: we were talking, remember the acosta moment in the east room. standing in front of president trump. cost ka -- you had this poor woman, 22 years old trying to get the microphone back from the reporter and wouldn't give it up. >> dana: she has a great story to tell. >> bill: what a difference between that environment.
6:51 am
>> dana: peter doocy is not jim acosta. biden likes peter doocy and answer questions that he was shouted. peter is polite and didn't shout a question. >> like to see that binder. >> dana: we had good curveball question. i came up with another one. should taiwan be allowed to fly its flag in the next two olympics? think about that. that's a good question. >> bill: should china have the olympics? >> dana: another good question. >> bill: we're just full of them. president biden denying he is being pushed to the left. reports of a white house meeting might suggest otherwise. shannon bream with details coming up. as the federal government moves to kill the keystone pipeline two dozen states saying no so fast. one attorney general is suing the biden administration on that. stay tuned. you will see all of these
6:52 am
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6:57 am
>> earlier this week ron klain met to members of the squad. want to bring in shannon bream for reaction. prime minister klain -- chief of staff klain doing this. in a way you could say you're trying to keep the far left happy. do you see them pushing them toward any set of legislation in a meeting like this? >> well, they've had conversations about bringing back this discussion about the $15 minimum wage. you mentioned the filibuster. something that clearly they are pressuring the white house on. on that point it seems to be working. we saw the president talk about this yesterday. he is inching toward changes on that. we know they've kept this back channel going the conversation
6:58 am
with more progressive members of the house and having an influence. this president has got a tough balancing act. a lot of these folks were supporters of senator warren and sanders. they didn't get with the biden team until rather late and they have a list of demands. they have to keep that conversation going. the president said i will work with republicans and across the aisle and says but look, i passed the huge covid bill without a single republican vote. mixed messaging. the white house knows they need to keep these folks on the team. >> bill: the report says we'll stay in close contact with these house members. see where it goes. your new book "women of the bible" very appropriate. holy week starts next week. we look at this in a new light now, shannon. >> we all need encouragement and inspiration looking into the lives of the 16 women i found a lot of that. they're flawed. the bible doesn't sanitize them and gives us hope even when we make a mess god still is working in it. these women were brave and
6:59 am
stepped up to the courageous leaders. if you don't know a lot about the women of the bible you will be encouraged and surprised by some of these stories. out there at and perfect for holy week and will inspire folks. >> bill: call for number one. let's listen. >> i think the biggest lesson is that so many women do want to control their situations and i think that we would all do well to relinquish some of that control and remember god is in control so trust him. >> bill: available sunday march 28th on fox final word on a friday? >> i hope that folks will just look forward and know there is hope in the worst of situations. it has been the toughest of year. there is light at the end of the tunnel and god is always aware of what we're going through. he is there if we reach out. >> bill: catch you later. we could all use a little bit of forgiveness in this covid
7:00 am
world, right? >> amen, every day. >> bill: nice to see you. >> dana: fox news alert. senate democrats considering blowing up the filibuster to push through a massive agenda. their wish list includes a tax hike, multi-trillion dollar spending bill and major changes in voter access rules. that can't happen if republicans are able to filibuster. the president setting his sights on the procedure yesterday during his news conference 64 days after taking office. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. another hour starts now, right? democrats making a full-court press to change or abolish it all together. that wasn't always the case. some of those same top democrats supported it in years past. for example, here is one from 16 years ago. >> what they don't expect is for one party be it republican or democrat, to change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party
7:01 am
is told to sit down and keep quiet. >> the checks and balances which have been at the core of this republic are about to be evaporated by the nuclear option. >> they will change the rules, break the rules, misread the constitution so that they will get their way. >> at its core the filibuster is not about stopping a nominee or bill, it is about compromise and moderation. that's why the founders put unlimited debate in. >> bill: wow. team fox coverage, chris wallace has analysis. first chad pergram on the hill to explain why this is so critical to the president. >> good morning. the biden presidency hinges on the filibuster. you need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. they can't approve the voting access bill without offering the filibuster. this is why president biden advocates changing the filibuster. >> president biden: it's being abused in a gigantic way.
7:02 am
for example, it used to be you had to stand there and talk and talk and talk and talk until you collapsed. guess what? people got tired of talking and tired of collapsing so i strongly support moving in that direction. >> contrary to what you are taught in school, few filibusters are what you saw in mr. smith goes to washington most filibusters are phantom, off stage. where a block of senators makes the senate get 60 votes to start or end debate on a given piece of legislation, bill. >> bill: chad, how do they change the filibuster? is that a vote? >> when you hear a senator say they want to keep the filibuster rule that's nuance, you need 67 votes to end a debate on the senate rules change. that won't happen. when the senate modified provisions in 2013 and 17 they set a new precedent. they are just as important as the rules in establishing a new precedent only needs 51 votes. democrats don't have the votes
7:03 am
to do so just yet. >> bill: thank you, chad. nice to see you. chad pergram on the hill. >> dana: let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. instant we action yesterday as we watched. as it sat with you overnight and read the coverage, any other takeaways you think about that press conference today? >> just once again -- not a surprise -- just how totally polarized the country is. if you are favorably disposed to joe biden he did well. not the quickest or most scintillating speaker. my guess is you thought things went pretty well. if you don't like joe biden as you could see on the front page of the "new york post" today, you thought he maybe should have his address pinned to his sleeve and be sent to a home. the truth was somewhere in between. what struck me is what i talked about yesterday. i was surprise i had he had to
7:04 am
read his answers to foreign policies. never seen that before. >> bill: at what point did they determine he needed that? they did rehearsals recently. they must have figured out he is going to -- he might need a hand literally from the paper beneath him. >> i don't know. i'm talking to jen psaki the white house press secretary on sunday. one of our guests. it is a good question for her. i don't know if he needed it. the fact is he handled a lot of complicated questions on domestic policy just fine ad libing. he seemed to have total charge of his brief. for some reason he wanted to be very precise when it came to these issues of the policy on china, afghanistan, north korea and when you are interviewing the president or a press conference with the president he is the policymaker. you don't expect him to be reading somebody's talking points. he is the talking points. >> dana: right. >> bill: how many presidents
7:05 am
have you interviewed, presidents prime ministers, kings in your career? do you know off the top of your head? a lot. >> like a yacht. if you have to ask how much you can't afford it. a lot. >> bill: so that goes to my question. at any point can you recall anyone ever stopping an interview to consult with notes they had with them? >> the guy in charge? actually in an interview, no. by that point you are supposed to be fully briefed. but a president or the leader of a country, no. it was striking. as i say i spent six years covering reagan. watched a lot of press conferences of other presidents since then. i just think to myself if somebody had asked ronald reagan a question about russian during the height of the cold war and said wait a minute and look what my answer is about
7:06 am
we would have roasted him. >> dana: if you say something on foreign policy from the president in the east room that isn't the policy, that could also cause problems but he made news on the filibuster, chris. he seemed to as i read the headlines today people seem to think joe biden is pretty much open to the possibility of blowing up the filibuster even though he defended it in years past. >> look, we can run those clips and i may on sunday. people are perfect hypocrites on the filibuster. if you are in the minority it's the protection of minority rights. if you are in the majority, this is obstruction. republicans play that game depending whether they are in the cat bird seat or not. democrats and you know you had clips there of biden and obama. they do the same thing. i thought there was a subtle point that biden was making. remember at one point he said
7:07 am
good presidents know how to prioritize and time. i don't think he will go after the filibuster right now. the impression i got as he said if things get completely locked down. i think he will put some legislation up there. see what happens. maybe see it get defeated. as chad said he doesn't have the votes right now because manchin and sinema and others aren't for blowing up the filibuster. he is counting on the possibility if republicans block enough of this legislation long enough maybe i can get their votes and i can end the filibuster. not now but eventually. >> bill: i'm in the minority in this but i don't think it will change. see if i'm right or wrong. you mentioned jen psaki. who else on sunday? >> we'll be talking to lindsey graham. on all of these issues, whether it's the border, the filibuster, gun control, voting rights, you get two different views of things and somebody that i think both of you will like our power players of the week, the two guys that make those fan cut-outs that you see
7:08 am
in the stands. they will make 10,000 fan cut-outs for the ncaa final four men's and women's and it's a pretty interesting story. one really touching, guys. sometimes people, their dad has passed away, their cincinnati bengals fan and they want to have his -- i know who i am playing to here. they want to put his picture in the stands so one last time he can watch his team play. >> dana: that's lovely. i will watch. thank you, chris. >> bill: thank you, chris. >> bye, guys. >> i'm bringing 18 senators to go down to the border. we will inspect those facilities and see them directly. and i'll tell you, we invited fox news to embed with us. we invited abc news to embed with us. the biden administration has said hell no, they will not
7:09 am
allow reporters anywhere near. >> dana: a delegation of republican senators heading for the southern border today to look at the migrant crisis and the holding camps packed with children but no news media allowed. i'm glad you're back. i know that we've had the press conference and all sorts of things to talk about. let's talk about the media access. one of the things that xochitl hinojosa said in the last hour used to be at the dnc, the administration is dealing with covid and that's why they can't allow reporters in. what do you think of that? >> i think that probably isn't really exactly right. i will say, dana, when we would have people come to the border to tour the facilities whether it be the holding facilities for the unaccompanied minors or if it was in a processing center or ride alongs, often we did not allow them to bring
7:10 am
press. often we had them put their phones away before we took them through these facilities. most of these facilities are law enforcement facilities where law enforcement activity is taking place. ride alongs totally different. they can bring their phones. that said. we did do media tours. we would have a media tour one day and something another day. >> dana: do you think -- >> i have no idea why they are not allowing press in. personally i would like to see the press be able to have access. when i worked for a member of congress we would have loved to have taken our own media as well, too. but then i worked at cbp and we said no. again, we did try and give some access. >> dana: let me ask you about this. yesterday during the press conference one of the things president biden suggested was under president trump that he was willing to allow children to starve.
7:11 am
president trump was on laura ingraham's show last night and he said this. >> president biden: what you are doing now and seeing now is inhumane. these children and people are -- tremendous number of children are living on top of each other in squall or. this is squalor and why they won't allow the press to come in. >> dana: you worked under the trump administration and you were there. things were tough on the border but were you allowing anyone to starve? >> no, absolutely not. they were fed three times a day. snacks were readily available for minors and family units. no one was starving or going without food or water or without facilities. again, we fed them every single day three meals a day with snacks available throughout the day and water and juices and whatever and what not especially for the family units and children. >> dana: did you get the sense watching the press conference yesterday that the
7:12 am
administration grasps the gravity and en nor -- enormity and crisis at hand? >> i think so. we all know there is a crisis going on. record numbers of people coming across now and record numbers of unaccompanied minors in custody today. that needs to be subsided somehow. i know under the migrant protection plan which is remain in mexico that we had reduced the number and flows coming across. it really takes, you know, we have had decades to try to get this done and you know and i know during the bush administration where we both worked we tried to get immigration reform done then. it didn't get through. >> dana: it's good to have you and your expertise. thank you. >> bill: thank you, corey. good questions about transparency and getting in or not. >> dana: dan balls, from the "washington post" wrote this
7:13 am
today. basically when president biden yesterday said you will have full access to everything once we get this thing moving. he writes the translation is we will not be rushed to accommodate press requests. in the meantime what's going on in there? >> bill: i thought it was the weakest part of the entire press conference yesterday and i think the media's response to it is not acceptable. and you can flip around the channels and try to find out who is reporting on this. we're talking about it but who else is? >> dana: i thought abc news did a good job in her report last night but she has been down to the border. she had seen those young children and she had gotten a number from that little boy she talks about in the press conference. it makes a difference to be able to have reporters see things. >> bill: put a fine point. this whole transparency thing has to be part of every administration. if we're not demanding it, you're not going to see it period. so is it days or weeks before
7:14 am
we get inside there? >> dana: it better be days. >> bill: we don't know. more in a moment. reports of hundreds of children testing positive for covid in these migrant shelters along the border. how big of an issue is this? we'll check that out and this from yesterday. >> president biden: 200 million shots in 100 days. i know it's ambitious, twice our original goal, but no other country in the world has even come close. >> dana: president biden raising the bar on vaccinations. could the end of the pandemic be in sight? dr. marc siegel is ahead. ♪♪♪ here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash.
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so jeff, you need all those screens streaming over your xfinity xfi... for your meeting? uhh yes. and your lucky jersey? oh, yeah. lauren, a cooler? it's hot. it's march. and jay, what's with all your screens? just checking in with my team... of colleagues. so you're all streaming on every device in the house, what?!! that was a foul. it's march... ...and you're definitely not watching basketball. no, no. i'm definitely not watching basketball. right... ( horn blaring )
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[shouting and sirens] >> dana: miami beach is taking steps to avoid scenes like that imposing state of emergency rules again through this sunday. phil keating is live in miami beach. you have the toughest assignments at fox, phil. the toughest. >> when you stand in the middle of the chaos it isn't so pleasant. right now it's gorgeous and the big draws down here during the spring break month of march are the beach and tropical party scene. each week different crowd. this week has been far more peaceful, four straight nights, zero chaos. police say few incidents. >> we declare a state of emergency. >> police slowly sweeping last night through ocean drive and
7:21 am
the south beach entertainment district reminding everyone thursday through sunday the curfew is 8:00. tourists were aware of it but not so happy. >> i'm mad as hell. why would i go to south beach, miami. >> what police and city leaders do not want to see this weekend is another rowdy and raucous scene like last weekend when police cleared the streets and crowd moved into the residential neighborhoods jumping on stomping on and damage knowledge cars. ocean drive is always a must for tourists. restaurants, bars, art deco and $45 gigantic cocktails. it is blue skies and it will be a high of 88 today. >> dana: trying to imagine what would happen to me if i drank one of those. >> i think you would be sleeping. >> dana: i don't think i could do it. i am not going to try.
7:22 am
thanks, phil. >> president biden: i'm setting a second goal. that is we will by my 100th day in office have administered 200 million shots in people's arms. i know it is ambitious, twice our original goal, but no other country in the world has even come close, not even close to what we're doing. i believe we can do it. >> bill: a new goal to fight the pandemic. it's a lay-up and we're already on track to get there after operation warp speed. fox news medical contributor marc siegel here to talk about this. i wanted to talk about that but the questions about the border came up yesterday about covid, etc. what is our understanding about how big of an issue this is for the migrants now being housed? >> i think it's a humanitarian crisis but i need to get in there to be able to tell you eyeball to eyeball about this.
7:23 am
we have 11,500 kids in shelters, 880 kids waiting to get from custom and border patrol to hhs. it is too crowded for them to do it. my question and why i want to go there. it is about what are the actual hygiene conditions there? the 300 plus kids that have covid, how close together are they? is there negative pressure? is there personal protective equipment? how are they preventing spread from one person to the next? i can't believe they could actually have covid patients there and yet they do. that's what i want to see and i want to see how it is being handled. >> bill: do you have a sense whether these are hundreds of cases or more than that, doctor? >> we know it is almost 3,000 cases over the past year but bill, to your point, it has to be much more than that. i've been studying border health for many years and always much more than is being reported because where is your
7:24 am
ability to diagnose this? there has been 40,000 tests done but it is not border patrol that's doing them and not hhs that's usually doing them. it's episodic and hard to get a handle on how many kids are covid positive. >> bill: we'll see whether or not they give you access. on cnn on a segment that will air over the weekend, dr. redfield who used to run the cdc, he believes that the virus came from a lab in wuhan. i haven't seen the clip. we'll watch it over the weekend perhaps sometime before that. is that significant, do you think? >> bill, this is huge breaking news and i'll tell you why. i know bob redfield and interviewed him multiple times. he is steady, somber and not that political, but medical. he has a lot of connection with chinese scientists he talked to me about. he believed what they said and the information he was getting
7:25 am
at the beginning of the pandemic. this isn't mike pompeo. this is a vier olist with a 30, 40 year career saying he thinks it came from a lab. the biggest statement we've had so far to this. it makes me very suspicious. >> bill: how does this change our understanding about how it all started and how that fits in, doctor? >> well listen, bill, it doesn't mean it was manufactured in the lab. the question is why was state reporting that people were getting sick in the fall of 2019 with covid-like symptoms and sent home? how did it get into the lab? maybe it started with a horseshoe bat and looking at it in the lab or a lab accident that occurred. this is extremely important. this bears further investigation. world health organization was just over there, right? they were saying it didn't come from a lab. who did they interview and where did they get that
7:26 am
information? >> bill: marc siegel today. thank you, doctor. >> dana: half the state attorney general are suing the biden administration for stopping the pipeline. democrats trying to push through their agenda. >> this is b.s., focus grouped and particular bills are being used as the excuse to grab power that are not just for this bill, it will be forever. it will be the end of the senate. insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy.
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7:32 am
>> i was out there watching the president on tv. it was a minute left. he was just about to finish and the power flicked off and came back on. my cell phone went off. my wife's didn't. i don't know why. it said there is a storm in the area. gave me a warning. >> dana: americans throughout the south remain under the tornado watch today as the weather system goes across the country. >> bill: progressive democrats looking to crank up the price tag on the next domestic spending bill going as high as $10 trillion. is that a typo? good morning to you on the hill. >> good morning, bill. sunrise movement is a progressive youth action group focused on climate change and axios reports they caught the attention of some progressive members in the house talking by phone with them this week about
7:33 am
pushing president biden to have a bigger infrastructure package. the target reportedly $10 trillion. the group's press secretary saying the crisis we face demand $1 trillion per year over the next decade. 3 trillion isn't enough. it's not clear if any progressive lawmakers brought this idea to the white house although axios separately reports aoc and others met with chief of staff ron klain this week. biden's plan is expected to cost $3 trillion and democrats punted whether they might split it in two parts. one that could get bipartisan support and others -- they're hopeful republicans will sign on and lindsey graham told fox yesterday that he would sign a $1 to 2 trillion bill that focused on green infrastructure investments, roads, bridges, highways, electric vehicles.
7:34 am
but more progressive stuff he would pump the brakes. >> bill: thank you so much. jackie heinrich on the hill. >> dana: more than 20 states are joining forces to sue the biden administration in a bid to bring back the keystone pipeline. the latest is kentucky whose attorney general daniel cameron tweeted instead of following the law, the biden administration is pursuing an extreme climate agnd that will harm people in kentucky and all americans. we file a lawsuit against the administration for its cancellation of the keystone xl pipeline. tell me the impact that you see or heard from people that live there in kentucky when president biden did this executive order in the first six hours of his administration. >> dana, thanks for having me on. i think what you are seeing from republican a.g.s as relating to the keystone pipeline is us standing up for the men and women of this
7:35 am
country over the overstretched hand of the biden administration. we're in the business of helping to defend the working men and women. the biden administration seems dead set on killing good paying jobs. i know indirectly here in kentucky you think about some of the transportation costs that might increase because there is not this transport of gas through the pipeline with the keystone pipeline. so i'm convinced that we are on the right side of this. the biden administration has completely decided to refuse to use the administrative procedures act, to follow it. it is a shame and we're going to stand up for the working men and women of this country. >> bill: the lawsuit crosses the canadian border and makes it an international trade issue. if that's the case what you argue is under the constitution that power resides with congress. is there precedent that you can cite that would back that argument? >> look, i think it is certainly going to be left to
7:36 am
the courts to make a determination about whether our position is right. but i wholeheartedly believe that the legislature is in the business of making the laws. what we've seen from the biden administration again is an effort on the keystone pipeline, you see it with some of the covid-19 money coming to the states, they are taking their thumb in an oppressive manner and putting it on the backs of men and women across this country. again kentucky and all of our respective a.g. states republican a.g. states are going to stand up for the rule of law and stand up for the working men and women of this country. president trump was doing that during his administration. it is now up to republican a.g.s to make sure we do it as well. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on that. many people across the country want to know what could happen and how long it could take. in the meantime you spent many years before you became attorney general as a staff person for senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. you know the senate rules very well i'm sure as he does. the filibuster is on the
7:37 am
chopping block. here is former senator obama in 2005 defending it. >> the american people sent us here to be their voice. they understand that those voices can at times become loud and argumentative but they also hope that we can disagree without being disagreeable. what they don't expect is for one party be it republican or democrat, to change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet. >> dana: today many democrats are saying the filibuster is racist and based on racism. how would you answer that? >> look, i don't know if i can say it any better than former president obama. the fact of the matter is this is a complete power grab by the democrats. they talk about it having racial overtones. that's completely false. they didn't believe that a year ago when they shut down with a
7:38 am
filibuster a debate on tim scott's police reform bill. this is a complete power grab by democrats. their way or the highway. that's not what americans all across this country sent to washington, d.c. in terms of their legislature. they want folks to work together. they want folks to work together on behalf of the working men and women of this country and why it's important that republican a.g.s stand up to this administration. if i know anything about leader mcconnell, tim scott, tom cotton and others they will stand up and make sure that we have the filibuster in place. i will remind people as well the list goes on and on of members of the democratic party, whether it be now president joe biden when he was in the senate he advocated for the filibuster. chuck schumer the majority leader in the senate now advocated for the filibuster. again, this is a power grab, republicans will stand up across this country and say enough is enough and stop it. >> bill: thank you for your time today and we'll follow it. dan cameron, the a.g. from
7:39 am
kentucky. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> bill: international crisis in the middle east. one of the world's largest cargo ships is stuck in the suez canal blocking shipping traffic. crews are working around the clock to free the vessel. they warn it may take weeks before the canal is clear yet again. we are obsessed with this story. >> dana: it will cost us a lot of money. >> bill: do you know how much money per day can it add to your trip or voyage if you are one of these ocean liners? >> dana: 2 million. >> bill: half a billion a day. >> dana: who will pay for that? >> bill: correct, passed on to folks like us because we're buying the toilet paper coming off the canal. you won't to blow up the thing. you support that? >> dana: i said should we blow it up. >> bill: i argued it will cause a mess. how deep is the canal? that's the issue there if you blow the thing up.
7:40 am
>> dana: they had to widen it recently. now you have the big ships. this is what everyone was worried about. >> bill: do you know how deep it is was the question? >> dana: no. >> bill: 78 feet. that sucker is huge there. twice the size of the washington monument. that's what we've got here. >> dana: more controversy for los angeles county's proper grossive district attorney over the charge of gang member accused of murder. he is sparking outrage by the victim's family. we'll have more on that next.
7:41 am
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
7:44 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized.
7:45 am
stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> dana: the man accused of the deadly rampage in boulder has been moved to a different jail. >> house speaker nancy pelosi rejecting the idea democrats should run a backup candidate. >> dana: supreme court expanding the ability to sue police for excessive use of force. justices ruling officers don't have to physically seize someone to violate their fourth amendment rights in illegal search and seizure. more on these and other stories scan the qr code, download the
7:46 am app. >> bill: l.a. county district attorney slamming the breaks on an effort to prosecute a gang member as murder as an adult. he took part in a deadly shooting involving dozens of shots when he was 17 and claiming allege -- allegiance to the gang in custody. the sister is outraged. we're right at the point when we were going to do the transfer hearing when gascon comes in and like this stops immediately end quote. folks nation host lawrence folks with me now. good day to you. we talked about this d.a. before. talk about the case first. >> brutal. it's a brutal case. you have the suspects that are involved with this that are still involved in gang activity. they haven't denounced the gang.
7:47 am
they know george gascon will alaw them to get away with it. he has not prosecuted one case. he has no experience being a prosecutor. as someone like me who has spoken with victims, i've spoken with more victims than he has. he does not call them to get their input. he does not want them on record in the court. they have advocates in the courtroom so they can be heard. as someone that has been for criminal justice reform my first job was in a juvenile court. he is the biggest threat to criminal justice reform. when people hear criminal justice reform now they think we want to release bad guys back on the st. we don't believe in releasing violent criminals, especially those that have not been reformed and haven't paid a price for the crimes that they committed. i think this d.a., he will be recalled eventually. even democrats want safe communities.
7:48 am
>> bill: he has been on the job 3 1/2 months. in 100 days now his office has withdrawn 77 motions to transfer minors to adult court. that's deliberate. >> it is a general policy. not a case-by-case. no matter what you did the policy is still intact. they have made it very clear that he wants to fundamentally reform the system. that he doesn't believe that people should be behind bars period. >> bill: getting rid of the death penalty and all that. you can line up the list here. we were struck by your reporting on skid row in philadelphia this past week. it got our attention in a way that i think a lot of people have not paid attention to it. you brought us to there. thank you for doing that. where do you go next? >> i'll probably head to seattle. i've been covering this crisis for a while. thank you so much for your
7:49 am
support and showing this. i think people need to see what is happening on the street. this is not an anti-compassion story. we have a lot of compassion for the people on these streets and we believe they need to get the necessary help but the people that have been impacted the most are the community members that are there, the children that have to walk these streets, the families that have to walk these streets and also those people that are addicted to drugs. we have to get them the help they need. responding by continuing to give these people needles and put them back on the street without any accountability is not helping the problem. if we are going to get them the help they need we have to get them in hospitals. why aren't the liberal cities giving them the help they need? >> bill: we look forward to the next report. enjoy friday and over the weekend, too. >> dana: the books they will ban. cancel culture going after dr.
7:50 am
seuss one lawmaker is out to protect historic books from the woke grinches and he joins us next. ♪ i like to read. reading really rocks ♪ ♪ you will want to start a book, now it will make you smile ♪ we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment. that's why at america's beverage companies, our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separated from other plastics, so they can be turned back into material that we use to make new bottles. that completes the circle, and reduces plastic waste. please help us get every bottle back.
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lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. >> dana: lawmakers working to protect children's access to books that have been targeted by cancel culture. as we've seen time and time again the woke horde will target just about anyone, even dr. seuss. we must not allow the left to wage further attacks on students' first amendment rights. what reaction have you had to this bill? >> it has been so positive. you and i realize that the
7:56 am
cancel culture is rapidly attacking our american institutions, our libraries and schools. like so many i'm alarmed at the left's attempt to cancel historic books, characters. no one is safe from the woke culture. not even dr. seuss. >> dana: what would your legislation do specifically? >> the grinch act would prevent our taxpayer dollars from porting states and local governments that ban books. i'm someone who visits the libraries throughout pennsylvania, my district in south central and southwestern pennsylvania and even yesterday i was in one of those libraries. they took me into the children's section and showed me the shelf full of dr. seuss books. if you find that these books are offensive to your children then the parents should be the ones who make that decision. government should not be making that. federal dollars should not support anyone who bans books.
7:57 am
our first amendment rights, those of our adults and children, must be defended. >> dana: so then have you had any democrats agree to sign on to this bill? >> i think this is a bill that should be able to reach across the aisle. we have to understand that we cannot turn back and ban great historic people, great historic images that are part of our childhood. as a child my father read to me from dr. seuss. i read dr. seuss to my children and now read it to my granddaughter. there are important lessons in these books but the parents are the ones who should be guiding the children, not government. we don't need to be woke. >> dana: so what do you hear from parents? it's one thing to maybe not have bipartisan support yet on this. do you get asked about this issue by your constituents, by parents that are concerned? >> absolutely. our phones have been ringing. all of our district offices
7:58 am
since we introduced this yesterday. people are calling in saying thank you. thanks for allowing us to make that decision for our children. >> dana: all right. we'll pay attention to it. it has a great name. the grinch act. that's great. >> i think the grinch act. guarding reading independence and choice. it sends a message to america. we can't let the left cancel us. >> dana: very good. i don't think i ever came up with something like that. >> i'll pass that on. >> bill: we're adults and we don't need to be woke. >> dana: i'm awake. i've been awake since 4:00 a.m. >> bill: yes. 5:00 for me. right to the alarm. >> dana: how do you feel about that? >> an amazing feeling. >> dana: a good feeling. i feel like a failure if i get woken up by an alarm. >> bill: if i sleep through the alarm i think i did it.
7:59 am
>> dana: i will change my way of thinking. do you have more trivia for me? >> i don't. we filed our own questions yesterday. it is not significant. >> dana: i thought we had great questions. >> bill: i thought we did, too. do you think any of our questions made the floor yesterday, yes or no? >> dana: there was a little -- not really. the bipartisan question. >> bill: that was the one. that was the one that got as close to being asked that i heard yesterday about bipartisanship. the question should have been framed you haven't called kevin mccarthy or talked to mitch mcconnell since the first of february. your inauguration was all about unity and bipartisanship. what happened? >> dana: what did happen? nothing. goose egg, zero. okay. let me ask this. how soon do you think we'll see another presidential press conference?
8:00 am
>> bill: what is day, march 26th? before or after june 1st? >> dana: okay. >> bill: i'll say the week of memorial weekend. maybe that wednesday. >> dana: he will have a big speech. it was a good week here. all right. >> bill: nice to be with you. >> dana: see you next week. >> bill: bye. >> president biden doing a 180 on a senate rule he once championed. he now says that it is a racist rule as republicans accuse democrats of pushing a shameless power grab. this is "the faulkner focus". i'm martha maccallum in today for harris. democrats want to make sweeping changes into how our elections are run across the country. there is so much in this bill that americans need to be aware of. president biden calls the filibuster now ra


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