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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 27, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it's an honor. unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. thanks for joining us, we appreciated. laura ingraham is up next on sean's back on monday. hope you have a great weekend ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream along with juan williams, jesse watters, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> shannon: g.o.p. senators releasing shocking images from our southern border. senator ted cruz saying these are the pictures the biden administration doesn't want the american people to see. they show cramped and overcrowded conditions in down a texas. the group of 17 senators demanding president biden take action to solve the problem. the images they are releasing
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are in stark contrast to what the white house allowed a single media camera to see this week. the video on the right is of an hhs facility that is not overcrowded. child migrants go there after they are processed by border patrol. while we are seeing the progress on the ground, president biden making some claims that aren't entirely lining up with the facts. >> i guess i should be flattered people are coming because i'm the nice guy. 20% increase of children at the border in my administration, 31% in the last year of 2019 before the pandemic and the trump administration. it happens every single solitary year. the vast majority, the vast majority of people crossing are being sent back. >> shannon: that winter surge is happening every year but the numbers show major increases under his administration, both migrant and child migrant
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encounters. so, katie, want to bring you in here. many are upset, speaking there, saying he was told by top border officials that they briefed the biden transition team member asked, what happened if we roll back the specific trump era policies? he was told this is what would happen. he wants to find out who in the biden administration knew about this and decided to move forward. your impression from what we heard from the senators this afternoon? >> katie: not just what we've heard but what we are seeing with our own eyes. it's one thing to listen to politicians from either side of the i'll talk about this issue but when you can see what's happening and something the white house has refused to release to the public, you can see they've been lying to the american people. they are open to transparency, they should be praised for letting one camera in from an hhs facility, which is not what we are seeing on the ground right now. this is a facility where they are overwhelmed, there are too
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many people, at 1000% capacity in a lot of places. the covid rate in these places is 10% and is a quote from jen psaki on february 23rd when she said to kristin fisher, i'm sure you're not suggesting we have children right next to each other in ways that are not covid have been safe, are you? when we were asking about this urge. here you are on your screen looking at people laying side-by-side, overcrowded and in the age of information this was inevitably going to happen when you have senators, republicans going to the border who have connections inside who have been set up to fail by the administration, by the way. we are eventually going to see the photos and yet the white house has been lying to us about the situation and at some point americans have their own eyes and ears and they can see exactly what is going on and the messaging becomes insulting and they can clearly see that the white house has not been honest with them about what is actually
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happening, especially after biden's press conference yesterday. >> shannon: these images, i want to get your impression because president trump was ripped for things that weren't even this bad. he was raked across the coals constantly appear president biden yesterday saying things demonstrably false, talking about the vast majority of people being sent back. when the numbers from government agencies don't line up with that. that is not fox news collecting the news committees are coming from official agencies. how do you respond to these images? >> juan: first, on the images, i think they are cramped, just like katie was saying. to my mind what you are seeing is a lot of thermal blankets, i think that's fine. what we know even before the images is we were experiencing a surge of the border and we are trying to be more humane in keeping with american values when it comes to helping these young people, not setting them back from some dangerous track.
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so i don't think it looks inhumane, it certainly looks cramped and with regard to covid, i think what we've been told and i can't vouch for it but i can say, the young people who test positive for covid, about 10% are quarantined so they wouldn't be in this group. nonetheless, it is distressing. he hoped they can fix this. on the numbers, i don't know what numbers you are referring to because i think everybody agrees that most of the adults are being turned back, it's overwhelming. the second thing to say and i think this is really important, i may sound like a broken record, i apologize, but i think we have got to get together as an american people and say hey, congress, do your job. we came together, i think 15 republicans were voting with the democrats. it didn't happen, it is broken down now but that is the busiest port in the world, we need to
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fix border security, fix the dreamers, fix the kids, fix for people who are here. let's get to work, congress. >> shannon: okay, listen, greg, that has been the argument when the democrats have controlled everything, if you want to talk about inhumane you heard these senators, from many other people including democratic congressman say what they are seeing with the kids and the families are going through on the way, getting here is anything but humane. >> greg: absolutely, but i think we are over blowing. those are thermal blankets, so everything is cool. those aren't thermal blankets, those are biden's baked potatoes. that's what they are. he should be ashamed for this because he incited them to come over here. trump made it a 45 year low by using disincentives, especially with mexico. so joe removed the disincentives and replace them with appeasement signals and he turned a no way into a hop on board.
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joe is like your worst friend in schools who tells everybody that you are throwing a party and by 8:00 your house is destroyed and the cops have shut it down. what joe has done is invite these caravans over and then pretends like it's the weather, it's of the weather. the only weather that caused this was joe's hot air and the whole idea that it has happened before, we only destroyed that argument. a happen before because of the sanctuary cities and the vocal democrats that were enticing people over here. very obvious incentivized appeasement signals. lastly, i kind of like the fact that in order to get the media to cover a story you have got to send them over in night vision goggles. we should probably doing this with other stories. how do we deal with the homeless and all of our downtown city's customer care we dealing with the crime in cities? maybe the media might cover that
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courageous stuff? >> shannon: is getting a lot of attention. i want to mention one thing, the president said yesterday that this is a winter surge but what we were told before this is it is a spring surge every year in the numbers for this february versus last our way up. i think there may be two to three times as many. what do you make up what we are seeing, jesse? >> jesse: they say illegal immigrants do the jobs americans won't do. now politicians are doing the jobs that the media won't do. the media should be taking these pictures, not senator ted cruz or senator lankford. a joe biden and the media have this twisted arrangement where joe biden takes away their first amendment. takes away the freedom of the press and the media pretends to care. they say joe, will you please let us do your job and cover what you are doing at the border? joe says no, we have to cover it up a little bit more and they say, when?
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joe says, i don't know, we will let you know. they pat themselves on the back and they go back to attacking republicans. these pictures are sad, they are preventable, it is not the u.s.'s role to accept every single teenager in the western hemisphere that sets foot on our soil, or every adult who grabs a teen in mexico and sets foot on our soil. juan says this is compassion, this is cruelty. this is aiding and abetting the drug cartels. a physical picture of the present that you see has paid a coyote and if they don't have the cash up front they have to work off the debt here in the united states. they do that through drugs, prostitution, or slave labor. they work for wealthy individuals who own hotels and have estates. that is another form of indentured servitude. joe biden should be ashamed of
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himself. he supports this type of behavior and for juan to say that he is okay with these images as a father, as an american citizen, i don't think that's compassionate, juan. i'm disturbed with what i see. and you should become too. >> shannon: listen, the pictures are pure nightmare for this administration but let us not forget, the first image as we got out of the situation were from a democratic congressman. this is a bipartisan issue and maybe they can get to work on it. straight ahead, the media praising president joe biden's performance at his first news conference. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: the reviews are in. it was nothing short of a lovefest from the media over president biden's first news conference. the press boasting about biden's performance and claiming the only reason why he wasn't asked about topics like covid is because he is doing such a great job. >> the biggest news was in his opening statement. quiet a contrast to the previous president who always wanted to be the center of attention. >> you actually hurt somebody he was trying to bring americans together. >> a confident and emboldened president today. >> there is a sense of humanity here talking about this is who we are, this is the america we are. >> you have to give him time, give him a break. as he goes forward there will be asking him tougher questions.
2:16 am
>> there is clearly not in a negative questions to ask. covid is going well right now. >> jesse: biden only took questions from ten reporters and was apparently too scared to take a single one from fox. check out what happened when peter doocy confronted the white house after being shut out of out of the so-called news conference. >> fox is the only member of the five network tv pool that has never been on the list in front of the president and i was curious if that was official administration policy? >> has the president taking questions from you since he came into office? yes or no? >> only after i have shouted after he goes through the whole list. >> i'm always happy to have this conversation with you, even about the awesome socks you are having on, wearing today. >> jesse: okay, the media and the biden administration collaborated to produce a phenomenal press conference for the democrats and joe biden and
2:17 am
then they all give themselves a big round of applause afterwards for how great the press conference was, is that about right? >> greg: i want to hear more about the socks. don't you? what was he wearing? jen psaki knows what the story is pure by the way, your point, it occurred to me that joe is controlling the border, he built a wall to keep journalists out which is pretty impressive. the media reminds me of my dad when i played little league. my dad was my head was never in the gameinr humiliate myself. they are parents at a little league game. he actually brought in an ice chest of orange slices to the press conference but the secret service wouldn't let him bring it in. yesterday, cnn, didn't your parents bring orange slices to games? or was it just mine? >> shannon: yes. >> jesse: yes, got to keep the blood sugar up, greg.
2:18 am
wait, wait, wait! >> greg: okay, i have come to the conclusion that news anchors are now becoming our parents. instead of expressing objectivity they express disapproval and pride instead of that. there is always this i'm so disappointed in you face at cnn. don lemon, it's like america some toddler that can't tie its own shoes. i call it resting cnn face. it's a mix of chronic disappointment and constipation. >> jesse: i knew you were going to get constipation in there somewhere. >> greg: it's friday. >> jesse: to me, it just appeared that the media spent half the rest conference encouraging biden to nuke the filibuster in the other half of the press conference returning to really care about getting access to the border and then accepting the blackout. >> katie: well, look, the questions and terms are coming from the left and encouraging
2:19 am
activism like nuking the filibuster, that is not surprising. only 7% of the white house press corps identifies as conservative or republican but i think it is fine the white house correspondents organization stand up for peter doocy and say why is it there seems to be this blackout when fox news is part of the pool? there are 1 of 5 cameras, it's time for them to say we want equal treatment for those who are doing the work inside of the white house, and the other thing they are not talking about and this is something people on the right have been noticing and they are not allowed to talk about because joe biden is a democrat but he lost his train of thought multiple times yesterday and i can't imagine that any other president who wasn't a democrat, if that would be the kind of treatment he got, just ignoring and brushing under the rug, he stopped his sentence, lost his train of thought, he looks confused at times and wasn't able to answer a number of questions, and also the room was very limited due to what they say are covid
2:20 am
restrictions. didn't even have to face the full core yesterday for his press conference. >> jesse: he had a lot of help. he brought a bunch of notes with him, referred to his nose throughout the conference, couldn't remember basic facts and figures. here we have some notes right there. at one point he was straight reading a statement that was written for him about north korea. i found that pretty alarming and he had some pictures next to the names of reporters so he could remember who to call on. very, very well scripted event, wouldn't you say? >> juan: i think that's what you want to do. i mean come into my mind, by the way, the former white house correspondent for many years, not everybody gets called on. i don't think "the new york times" got a question yesterday, is what i heard. but if this is a pattern, if they are excluding fox, that is a problem and you want to make sure that doesn't go on too long because i think that doesn't serve the president's interests
2:21 am
as he talks about unifying the country. but in large response to your general point, i think you are angry at the media because they are reporting what you don't want to hear. i think biden did very well. >> jesse: i'm not angry. >> juan: oh, yeah, this is not, oh, the press didn't do its job! in fact, biden did very well and the press actively reported, well-informed, commanding in his presentation. i'm just telling you -- >> jesse: so when he lost his train of thought you thought that was commanding? >> juan: yes, look, am i talking to jesse what is? you lose your train of thought on this show sometimes. come on. >> jesse: when have i ever been at a loss for words? >> juan: i didn't say that, i didn't say that. i agree on that point but i think to criticize people for accurately reporting that he had a good day, look, he just blew up your narrative that he was incompetent. in fact he did pretty well.
2:22 am
>> jesse: that's your opinion that he had a good day. >> greg: when you say he had a good day what does that tell you? he had a good day, that is what you say about someone who isn't well. grandpas had a good day. >> juan: these to say about ronald reagan, he had a good day. but he did have a good day. >> greg: using it in a very patronizing way. >> jesse: that's your opinion, juan. i do agree with juan, if it does become a pattern it's going to become a situation but the guy only holds a press conference every ten years, so these press conferences matter. >> shannon: if he's going to keep talking about unity, there is a very mixed message there because he talked yesterday about the fact that i will work with any republican who wanted to work with me and then he dumped on the fact that the $2 trillion covid bill was passed without the approval of a single republican. meeting with the squad, with the
2:23 am
progressives. he questions whether or not he is all about bipartisanship, which he talked about on the campaign but it doesn't seem to be about now. be >> jesse: up next, peter doocy's socks. an investigation. just kidding. top democrats and asked if the filibuster is a symbol of racism after defending and using it for years. ♪ ♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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>> i john lewis is funeral president barack obama says he believes the filibuster is a relic of the jim crow era, do you agree? >> yes. >> juan: the president blasting the filibuster as a
2:28 am
relic of the jim crow era. that comes as democrats come closer to the blowing of the filibuster in order to make it easier to pass joe biden's agenda. but they are being accused of hypocrisy, watch this watch this. speak of the filibuster is not about stopping a nominee or a bill, it's about compromise and moderation. that is why the founders put unlimited debate in. >> what they don't expect is for one party, be it republican or democrat you changed the to change the rules inthe middle other party is told to sit down and be quiet. >> juan: greg, you just heard the president say it is a relic, agreeing with former president obama and i was thinking to myself, it was used extensively, i think strong thurman has the longest filibuster in history, tried to block civil rights legislation
2:29 am
peer what is that argument about in your mind? >> greg: biden calling it a relic, i guess it takes want to know one? am i right? it's pretty crazy how this is of equal concern for both democrats and media. so much so that they are using the same exact talking points and the same, even the same phrases. it's like how the media and the democrats called voter i.d. voter restriction. it's like they are all on the same perfect page because they realize this has potential for being a left-wing linchpin and the clue is in the present asking why or how they will change it. expectation is that it must change and it will change, but everything that happens is irredeemably racist including joe biden and the democratic party, the party of slavery and jim crow, the
2:30 am
changing the names of schools and tearing down of statues because their histories offensive. the same thing could be said for joe and the democratic party. the party could be dissolved and change the name because it represents a disgusting, racist past and joe should resign and allow a woman of color to become president, right? >> juan: well, i don't know. jesse, i'm thinking, what are the arguments here? i was thinking voters don't care about reforms and filibuster and culture, they just want to see results. what does jesse say? >> jesse: i say its check on mob rule. we are in a republic, not a democracy. you have to have some sort of compromise in the senate so you don't have the tyranny of the majority and that is why they designed the filibuster, so you
2:31 am
don't have one party jamming through something that is so fundamentally changes the country, you have a little buy-in from the other side. seems to me the democrats and the media have the patience of a meth addict. they don't realize that power changes hands in washington every two to four years? they're going to sacrifice the institution of the senate for socialism? because that is what this is about, juan. they think they might be actually able to set up a permanent power grab for the democratic party. if they do amnesty that turns texas blue and if they do pelosi's election bill, that i guess mandates universal mail-in ballots, gets rid of signature requirements, and torches voter i.d. you will never have a republican elected president ever. they're willing to gamble on destroying the senate just to see if they can get those things through and destroy the republican party. maybe that is what biden was
2:32 am
saying the other day. we don't even know if a republican party's going to exist in a couple years. >> juan: i was trying to understand the extent to which the left is divided on this issue of filibuster. politico has a story, planned parenthood, the pro-abortion groups don't want to see the filibuster gone because they think it would mean that a lot of the abortion rights legislation would be in danger in a republican majority senate. >> shannon: it gets to the point of thinking about whether this is going to work for you when you are in the minority party and i think there are people like senator joe manchin who very much have the internal and external conversation about, what is this going to do when we blow this up and we lose power? he is willing to be honest about the potential threats to the democrats if they change the rules. if they thought this was racist and bad, joe biden who said when he was back as a senator, when he gave that speech he called it one of the most important ones
2:33 am
he made as a senator, meaning preserving the filibuster. they have to be consistent on their messaging otherwise it looks purely partisan and political and they're going to have to do a lot of convincing for joe manchin before they get their wish. >> greg: what about joe manchin's wife? there is a story. >> katie: that is a story. >> juan: she got an appointment, is that what you meant? >> greg: yeah, good timing. >> juan: so katie, thinking about the president's agenda, he could use reconciliation, avoid the filibuster on the upcoming big bill on infrastructure, but the filibuster becomes an issue if you start to think about some of the things we have been discussing, immigration reform, voting rights but that is all for next year. so is this a lesser priority at the moment? >> katie: there is no excuse for this. he ran as the unity moderate president and now he wants to blow up the filibuster when he has a 50/50 senate question
2:34 am
recall you have to do is get two or three republicans to come over to your side. it shouldn't be that hard. it's not like you need ten republicans to get there legislation passed. i mean, come on. if you look at the numbers, last year, democrats used the filibuster. 327 times against republicans, n majority. this congress, democrats in charge, there have been zero filibuster is, so if anyone has been using the filibusters. so for joe biden to say that filibuster is a relic of the past, i think looking at joe biden's record to see who he was hanging out with, like robert byrd, who filibustered the civil rights act, just proves that this is about raw power and solidifying democratic control for the near future. >> jesse: "the fastest" is
2:35 am
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♪ ♪ >> katie: welcome back, it's time for "the fastest." first up, easter is right around the corner and soon, peeps will be all the rage. pepsi is getting in on the action by creating a marshmallow peeps flavored soda but people are divided whether this looks delicious or disgusting. better than chocolate covered raisins, i am in for the pepsi peeps. >> greg: they completely screwed this up by not calling it peepsi. one more vowel and it would have
2:40 am
been perfect. this is how you keep busy at pepsi, you're not going to do anything with the product because everyone knows what it is said you come up with these weird little gimmicks that makes you want to barf. >> katie: what if you are a coke person and not a pepsi person but you are into peeps? >> jesse: that might have to be the decision of the century. i will be sampling the pepsi, or as greg would say peepsi, during watters' feeding frenzy on my "one more thing." i like these collaborations, taco bell, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, so i am open minded. >> katie: one of the best things to do with peeps is to roast them over the fire with s'mores but i don't think you can do that with a pepsi. >> juan: no, i think that will put your fire out but i think peepsi is a great idea. you know what, because i hang out with jesse watters i know about strange flavored foods and don't forget, jesse brought into
2:41 am
more areas that are really strange. there was at one time a peeps flavored oreo cookie and don't forget cheetos. jesse can remind us of some of the strange flavors of cheetahs we have had. i'm not a big fan of the flaming hot cheetah. >> jesse: i believe that was thanksgiving gravy flavored chinos. >> katie: they were potato chips and they were so gross. shannon, would you drink this >> jesse: sorry. >> shannon: this is supposedly a reaction to the fact that peeps were in limited supply last year because of the virus so they want to give us even more peeps stuff but this is, to me, we have desperately looking for stuff after last year. >> katie: i'm glad they are back in liquid form. something else come a different,
2:42 am
you have probably seen the enormous ship and the suez canal but here's the serious part, it could lead to a worldwide toilet paper shortage is similar to what we saw in the beginning of the pandemic. i warned everybody coming you have got to have extra of everything all the time just in case a ship blocks the suez canal. >> jesse: i stockpiled during the pandemic for no reason but now my supplies are dwindling, so this could be a crisis. we can have a real mess on our hands here. >> katie: i am afraid to ask you about this situation. >> greg: i was just looking at the pictures of just this immense ship blocking this canal. i mean, this is incredible and it brought back memories of a period of visits of emergency room in the '90s that i don't want to talk about. don't they have a backup plan for this? >> katie: do they have a
2:43 am
backed up plan on this? >> greg: nicely done. nicely done. >> juan: i thought that's where he was going, so i was happy we got by that moment. but i'm just thinking, the toilet paper company every year, they create a reason why we have to run to the grocery store and stock up on toilet paper. i'm going to buy stock in toilet paper. >> shannon: i think this is the best news for the white house, if that is true it only bolsters their argument of the wind blew over the president. when he was with air force one last week. >> katie: fair point, all right. ""fan mail friday"" up next. ♪ ♪
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i'm heating up for friday. it's "fan mail friday," we are
2:48 am
answering your questions but first, we have exclusive early pictures of peter doocy's socks. it looks like kind of what a smurf would wear, but those were the socks that jen psaki, or jen psaki as we like to call her -- anyway. i would ask you what you think but i don't care. first fan mail question, what is it, what is a store that you absolutely dread going into? fantastic question, gunnar. all right, katie. >> katie: the grocery store, i hate all grocery stores. i would rather go to a home depot than a grocery store. >> greg: that's interesting. food is fun. >> katie: i can bring my dog to home depot. >> greg: there you go. what about you, juan? >> juan: ladies fashion, lingerie, very difficult. you are just uncomfortable in the place.
2:49 am
oh, my god, what am i supposed to do? what am i doing here? i'm buying a gift but i am uncomfortable. >> greg: the line is so long when you want to try something on. jesse? >> jesse: a bookstore. >> greg: of course! >> jesse: i'm just kidding. >> greg: what are these things? >> jesse: i'm going to go with juan, i'm going to go with women's clothing. >> greg: what is this thing that has words? >> jesse: you just sit there and hand your wallet over. >> greg: shannon? >> shannon: all stores, i don't like when people come to help you, they want to size you up, they want to ask all these questions. the only store i like going into is a bookstore, which is mr. bream's worst nightmare. >> greg: that sounds like a children's story, mr. bream's
2:50 am
worst nightmare. the only stores i like going to our drugstores because they are so depressing. why can't drugstores fund? the color scheme, make it more enjoyable. everyone seems so sad. maybe it's a -- i don't know, anyway. >> juan: about greg, wait a second. i thought you were happy with the long receipts you get at the drugstore? >> greg: exactly, yes. those are amazing. that is incredible. climate change. all right, let's do this, second one, what was the one tv show you couldn't miss when you were a kid? that's a good one. what about you, jesse, he watched tv, i assume. >> jesse: i liked "silver spoons." no, what's the one with, who are you talking about, willis? what's that one? i love that one. >> shannon: "different strokes." >> jesse: yes, "different strokes" i liked.
2:51 am
those were good shows. >> greg: interestingly, "silver spoons" was also hunter biden's favorite. >> katie: different reason. >> greg: katie? as a kid? >> katie: i actually -- who knows but as a kid, we didn't really have a lot of channels, i didn't have satellite tv until i was in middle school or high school so the only shows that were on were hercules and "xena" and i would try to catch those because it was the only tv we had for a long time. >> greg: amazing. shannon? try to keep it clean. >> shannon: "the love boat" and listen, i couldn't watch it because it was way too grown-up, people going to each other's cabins and whatnot. but when my grandparents babysat me we would watch "the love boat," maybe even "fantasy island." and eat ice cream. >> greg: the doctor was a real sleaze ball. gave aqua medicine a bad rap
2:52 am
there. juan, what did you never miss as a kid? >> juan: this is so embarrassing because i'm the oldest kid on the block here so i go back to things like "mayberry," and "locked in space." you know, sunday night, harry mason, that was pretty good. >> greg: we had the best tv, 1970s. i have to go with "6 million dollar man" which i believe was monday at 8:00 p.m. i live for that. the sound effects, the incredible acting of mr. lee majors. i mean, what else? >> jesse: did they have color tv when you were growing up, greg? >> greg: they did, but we didn't, we preferred the black and white. we had to shame my late parents for not making enough money, jesse. >> jesse: sorry. >> greg: when you go back and watch your "silver spoons," you
2:53 am
punk. >> jesse: "one more thing" is next. his ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” . . still your best friend. and now your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier.
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or to give the gift of stock ownership. schwab. own your tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: tyme nell fortner "one more thing," great, go ahead. a speaker it's time for this, greg's, what does your dog do when you're not home? this is what they do, check them out. at the moment you leave, they are walking on all twos. that whole all for this thing is just a bruise, they can see under your clothes. when you leave, use don mcgahn to stand have long-winded conversations about shakespeare. that's it. >> jesse: i got my hands on exclusive footage of got fouled's new show. he's been doing some pretaped, but johnny found some footage in
2:58 am
the computers wted we had acces, let's listen. [screaming] >> jesse: it's going to be a bunch of animals screaming at each other every night at 11:00. i guarantee it, if you like that, tune in at 11:00. we are going to have a special commentary, you're getting played, starring jesse watters. check that out. don't watch ncaa basketball, you are no who's going to win. >> shannon: right after this, have a life signing, go to live at my new book "women of the bible" is coming out next week. you can ask whatever question you won't come i'm not saying i'm going to answer, but you can ask. it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern, by the way, the fox nation series we did looking at the
2:59 am
women from the bible with the sara evans, kathie lee gifford, chrissy swanson, that all kicks off sunday on fox nation. we go through all the stories and you will hear from them and see what they think about their favorite stories. >> greg: where's the calendar? >> shannon: we are working on it, there's going to have to be some artists conditions. may be "women of the bible" calendar. >> juan: up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no jesse, this time it's the spacex falcon, take a look at the sky over seattle last night. at that spectacular light show is debris from the falcon nine rocket, the spacecraft launched 22 days ago, stuck second stage did not burn up, there is no impact in the north pacific region because the atmosphere tore up most of it reading that
3:00 am
light streaks. to some of it may have landed in the rocky mountains near canada. that's about it. >> greg: if you're in the ♪ >> we saw cages after cages after cages of little girls, of little boys, lying side by side touching each other. there wasn't a 3-inch space between the children lined up one after the other after the other. pete: it was a heck of a press conference yesterday we begin this fox news weekend, republicans sound the alarm after getting a firsthand look at the border crisis. jedediah: new shocking images coming in after a delegation of g.o.p. senators tour facilities housing migrants. will: video was taken within the past 24 hours


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