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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i believe events will make a difference. there is powers an end don't let see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. you are getting played. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. president biden didn't hold a press conference. it was a play put on by biden and the media for the benefit of the democratic party. everything was scripted. questions written in advance by the news executives. the actors are so bad you can tell they are acting. the audience is cringing as the
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actors struggle for their lines on stage. the parent companies who pay the salaries of the white house press correspondents, they are producing the biden presidency for money and ideology. the american people are watching the truman show? >> who are you? i'm the creator of a television show that gives hope and joy and inspiration to millions. there is nothing real. jesse: joe biden is being played by jim carrey and i don't think he knows it's an act. we have to establish that
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president biden is the good guy. here is an npr correspondent setting up the protagonist. >> you said over and over again immigrants shouldn't come to this country, that is not the time to come. but the perception that gout elected as a moral, decent man is the reason a lot of immigrants are coming to this country trusting you with unaccompanied children. temperature. jesse: that's how they frame the border crisis. but biden denies there is a border crisis and says he has nothing to do with it. he says it happens every year. >> there is a significant increase in the number of people come together border in the winter months of january, february, march. it happens every year. jesse: this isn't true. biden was told to say this by
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his team. last february 36,000 border crossers under trump. this february, 100,000 under biden. the media knows this but they don't follow up. they let biden lie. in trump's four years he had one big surge in 2019 and he stitched together policies that shut it down immediately. look at drop-off. see the blue? but the biden surge is well ahead of trump's. it's at a 20-year high. the media knows this. but no follow-up. biden's policies are a magnet for illegals and the world knows it. does biden have a plan to stop it? no. the most revealing world he said was accommodate. somewhat we are doing now is
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attempting top rebuild the system that can accommodate what is happening today. 5,000 beds on the texas border. we are building back up the capacity that should have been maintained and built upon. jesse: in his own words the president admitted he doesn't have a plan to stop illegal illegal immigration. he has a plan to accommodate. he's paying for hotel accommodation, he's buying bus tickets, housing them in military bases. he's absorbing illegals. not expelling them. here is nbc news owned comcast, huge biden donor asking, mr. president, when will you grant us permission to cover our own government? >> will you commit to allowing journalists to have access to
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the facilities that are overcrowded moving forward? >> i will commit when my plan very shortly is under way. >> will you commit to transparency on this issue. >> i will commit to transparency as soon as i'm in a position to be able to implement what we are doing right now. >> just to be clear, how soon will that be? >> i don't know. jesse: nbc just ended it right there. will king biden so gracious and kind allow freedom of the press? when will that be? you don't know? okay. we'll just wait with our cameras until you say it's okay for us to do our jobs. the media doesn't really want to cover the border crisis. they want to pretend to try to cover the border crisis. good effort, guys, so believable. the second pillar of the biden
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border plan if you can call it that is to send kamala harris to central america. >> i have asked the vice president of the united states yesterday to be the lead person on dealing with focusing on the fundamental reasons why people leave. we are going to be spending that $700 plus million a year to change the circumstances why people leave in the first place. jesse: kamala harris with her decades of experience on migration in the western hemisphere is going to fly south and shower guatemala, el salvador and honduras with our money and make central america so great that no one ever wants to leave. joe biden admits this could take a while. does this sounds like a real plan? of course it doesn't.
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not a single reporter asked the president, mr. president, we have been seasoning central america billions of dollars for decades and the illegals still come. how will this be any different? that's not part of the script. these logical questions independent-minded journalists would ask. maybe fox's peter doocy would ask that. >> fox is the only member of the pool that has never been on the president's list. >> we are having a conversation and take questions from you every time you come from the briefing room. has the president taken questions from you. >> only when i have shouted after he goes through his whole list. jesse: his character has been cut from the script because they can't write his lines for him. he likes to ad-lib as they say.
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the producers of the biden presidency can't have that. so peter doocy representing county biggest news outlet in america wasn't called on. once they stabbed that biden is a decent man and has nothing to do with the border crisis. the play can move on to the sect act where the press encourages joe biden to go hard left, to nuke the filibuster and jam through a socialist agenda that puts democratic party in a permanent position of power and control. >> why not back a filibuster rule that gets around voting rights and immigration. >> do you have think it should take 60 volts to end a filibuster on legislation or 51 he barack obama said he believed the filibuster was a relic of
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the jim crow era. do you agree. jesse: filibuster reform does rnlts rank in the top 20 issues facing the american people. but for the mainstream media and the democratic party's the top issue. eliminating the checks and balances is paramount. these reporters are activists. biden played along and began playing footy with the idea until he totally forgot his lines. >> so the best way to get something done, if you hold it near and dear to you that you -- uh -- like to be able -- anyway -- we are going to get a lot done. jesse: the president of the
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united states just short-circuited then gave up mid-sentence. luckily there is an understudy waiting in the wings. >> a harris administration together with joe biden as president of the united states. jesse: at one point joe biden was asked what his response was to north korea advertising short-ranked missiles. we are we are consulting with our allies and partners, and there will be responses if they choose to escalate. uh ... we'll respond accordingly. but i'm also prepared -- um -- for some form of diplomacy. jesse: what was that? this is like watching rehearsals. the president of the united states is supposed to know what to say about our posture on the north korean peninsula.
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foreign policy is supposed to be his strong suit. he has been dealing with north korea for 40 years and he needs to read from a script someone wrote for him. who is writing the script? susan rice? the defense secretary? we don't know who is playing oz behind the curtain. biden carried a cheat sheet he could look down at so he could remember what points to make. he even had a cheat sheet on which reporters to call on with pictures next to their names. every bit of this press conference was staged. the third act was the media declaring the press conference perfection. referee views like a critic on the payroll of the play. >> there is a sense of humanity. >> the decency of this president and the american people.
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>> there clearly are no negative questions to ask. everything is going well. jesse: perfectly choreographed liberal propaganda. ignoring reality and giving themselves a standing ovation at the end. if you didn't like the performance and maybe the tickets were too expensive, you are just a racist who doesn't have any taste. the only way we'll be able to change the programming is to vote. joining me to react, fox news contributor and former white house press secretary, ari ari fleischer and joe concha. perfectly staged, perfectly scripted. at the ends they pat themselves on the back for a job well done.
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this has to be a new phenomenon in washington. >> i thought that was a perfect media critique. reporters fundamentally line up with the democratic party far more than they line up with the republican party. so when you hear reporters frame certain issues, it's all about we should abolish the filibuster so you can get your policies through. immigrants have a right to come to america, don't they? the georgia legislation. they call it voter restrictions, they don't call it voter integrity. all the questions to joe biden, how can we help you frame your democratic agenda to get it through. what's so sad about it is they don't even play the devil's
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advocate anymore. jesse: joe concha, not only did he have a script in front of him about north korea, china and statistics about the border. he had the pictures of the correspondents on who to call and what order to call on. they know they are being called on. i'm sure it's all done in advance. to think this could happen spontaneously, behind the scenes conversations have to be going on about what to ask, what order you will be called on. since everybody is in agreement, it's a careful live scripted event being framed as something that's happening naturally. but question biden forgets his lines or when you have four questions about a filibuster that not even a single american is talking about, you can see how programmed the events is and
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how programmed the american people are being. >> jess he, it's not just deprograms. there is a disconnect. there wasn't one question about the biggest issue. you look at any poll out there as to what is most important to the american people. it's covid. chuck todd said there is clearly no negative questions. i would have one. joe biden, as a candidate you said you would listen to the scientists and follow the data. your cdc director says it's safe to open schools fully. so why aren't we opening fully? what do you have say to the parents of america on that? i'm sure that could have been asked in that situation. but that's the disconnect where you have this media bubble that exists in new york and washington.
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it's a mentality to not think along the ways of covid. all the reviews talked about how empathetic in biden was and how nice he was without anyone questioning why the leader of the free world, this is somebody who has been running the country and is one of the most powerful people on the planet. why dose need to read off notes. and who is reading the notes? is it susan rice? and finally the fact checks afterwards in terms of the reviews we saw were there will non-existent on television where joe biden says we are sending back the vast majority of families coming to the u.s. border. "axios" says it's 13%. and he says the idea that it would say if an unaccompanied child ends up at the border
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we'll just let them starve to death and stay on the other side. no other president has done that except my predecessor. so this is a disgrace in terms of the questions that were asked and the answers that were given as well. jesse: jesse watters invited joe concha and "watters' world." congressman, no questions on keystone, gas prices, teachers unions basically leveraging students to jump the lines for vaccines and joe letting them. if you switch parties to become a democrat, how easy would it be to be president? >> easy to be president and easy to be a member of the president's family. just before this press conference there was exclusive reporting from the secret
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service cannot deny they were doing fixer work for hunter biden. think about it if it had been a member of the trump family. i think he denies using michael cohen. but he never used the secret service. i grew up in the home that was jim carrey's home in that movie. but when you watch a press conference it is reality television. it's visceral and reactive and sometimes catty and mean. but when you watch joe biden it's a sad melodrama. where he goes off script. i wish he would give up on the war in syria and the war on drugs the way he gives up on his own sentences. jesse: maybe we are all living in the gaetz show. there are cameras all around,
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[♪♪♪] >> thanks to the enormous amount of work done by our
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administration. educators, parents, local educators, a recent department of education survey shows nearly hatch of the k-8 schools are open full time five days a week for in-person learning. jesse: biden bragging less than half of the k-8 schools are open. that's not something to be proud of. teachers are still refusing to teach in california, los angeles, oakland and san francisco. schools got from they wanted from jumping vaccine lines to billions of dollars. chicago public schools still aren't open. the cdc says social distancing in classrooms should be 3 feet instead of 6. that's good news, right? no. the teachers union says they are not convinced by the cdc science.
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maybe they are busy trying to indoctrinate our school children to read the research. "the washington post" published, a social justice guide for tadlers in the era of black lives matter and the #metoo movement. a drag queen story time. a box of toys and books to get rid of bias from kids as young as 2. and a workshop to promote black activism. joining us, bill bennett. you said something on "watters' world" a month and a half ago. i said note all these teachers are that bad. the teachers union for the most part want this or that. you said no, jesse. some of these teachers are dangerous, they are activists,
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they are biased, and they are doing a lot of damage to our youth. the more i'm reading about this, the more and more i'm agreeing with you. >> there are a lot of good teachers out there. but most of the teachers did not want the union to behave this way, it wouldn't behave this way. they are accepting it and they are living with it. it's a terrible situation. i think what they have done is unconscionable. their interest is not the interestment educating children. their interest is their own interests. that's the way the union puts it. last time i looked. all the drug stores and hospitals are open. most of the catholic schools are open. but the public schools are not open. the damage done to these
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children is in many ways' temperature incalculable. jesse: you have flight attendants walking the aisles packed in the first class and coach cabins. what about the schools teaching about racial bias at age 2 and drag queen story time at age 2. i'm astounded that's considered acceptable in this day and age. >> won wonders where it ends. i don't know where it ends. remember tom wolf the great novelist, the guy in the white suit walking around new york? he said we need to engage in a great relearning. we need to remember what we have forgotten. teach children to read and write
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and count and think. there is a double problem. one, the kids are not in school. and the second thing is when they are in school, what are we teaching them. the issue is joined by governor desantis when he said we'll not spend a dollar of florida taxpayer money to each children of disparate races to hate each other. most americans get along in daily life things are much better than portrayed in the ideological postures being forced in the schools. i think a lot of parents will seek alternatives. jesse: everybody gets along where i am. i don't see any problems. it's reading, writing and arithmetic. now they are being taught how to
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dislodged. now back to "watters' world." jesse: cartels are cashing in on
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joe biden's border crisis big time. more than they are making drug running. families and children pay up to 5gs and single adults pay 9. biden as convenient ders control of the border to cartels and he doesn't even realize it. they are slapping wristbands on immigrants and forbessing them to pay off their debts, tracking their every move. explain the wristband situation and how those humans are being exploited by the cartels for profit. >> i have got something here for you i will show you. this is one of the wristbands which the cartel uses to put on men, women and children crossing
11:34 pm
that border. each one represents a different thing and have different numbers on them. but one of the things you want to focus here. these numbers represent a process the cartels and smuggling groups are using to know who has paid and who has not. as law enforcement are feeling the pressure, so are the cartels. they have been forced to create a process to know who paid the tax and who didn't. many of these migrants can't afford to pay the tax up front so they pay a portion. during that time the smugglers are getting their personal identifying information. wherever they goint united -- they gointo the united stat. they know where they go and how to find them. they also get their family's information in family of origin.
11:35 pm
you have people in the united states living here legally indebted to a criminal organization in a foreign country. i just want to say because i think a lot of americans believe most migrants just cross on their own. this is just to give an example of what we are seeing down there. it was really a bad decision by the cartel. i will tell you why. now for the first time their operations are being exposed to the american people. jesse: it's a slave trade by the car tells. and the biden border policy which isn't a policy is encourage it. we are encouraging modern-day drug cartel slavery across our border into our country. and i don't think our president has a plan to deal with it. it seems like the cartels have more of an organized process
11:36 pm
than we do. we told the audience we would look into some of these t-shirts t-shirts -- the migrants are wearing. you believe they are from an ngo, non governmental organization? >> i do. we don't have confirmation of that. but many of them help migrants navigate into the united states and towards our border. we suspect that but it's not confirmed. jesse: those are funded by wealthy individuals in the united states, foundation and things of that nature. jaeson jones, thank you so much for going down to the board and find that out. >> thanks for having me. good to be with you. jesse: if open borders benefit the cartels, who else do they benefit? the wealthiest americans.
11:37 pm
not americans poor and middle class. here toss explain that, jd vance. i tried to summarize your news week article last week and i don't think was as articulate as you were. you set up a situation where wealthy donors who control the press and most of corporate america who installed joe biden into the white house created an open border system that allows unskilled labor to come across willy-nilly and work the factories, work their estates, and it undercuts the wages of the middle class. if you challenge that and say human trafficking is bad, lowering middle class wages is bad through heartfelt compassion, you are labeled a racest by those people who set up -- a racist by the people who set up the human smuggling
11:38 pm
system. >> i will tell you a story about when i attended an event with the ceo of a large hotel chain across america and world. he said trump's immigration policies were forcing him to raise the wages of his workers. when he needs new workers he can go to the southern border and import them from the alien population. but because the border was tight and secure, he had to go to american workers and pay those people more money to get the same quality -- pay those people more money in order to have the same number of workers to work at those jobs. what that revealed to me is people who say that illegal immigration or being compassionate on the southern border is about kindness are very often lying and using cynicism to get something they want. what they want is cheap labor.
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jes. .jesse: thank you. we have to run. but we appreciate your writing. the first city in america
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lets us get back to spreading the word without spreading concern. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: black residents in a chicago suburb. evanston is the first in the nation that will pay reparations. those who qualify about get up to $25,000 for home repairs or to use as a down payment to buy a home. the city is promising toy give out $10 million over 10 years. it's being funded by donations and a tax on cannabis. the more people get high, the more black residents get paid.
11:44 pm
they must prove their ancestors lived in the city and suffered discrimination. bob wood son joins me. what do you think as a result of this. >> it's a foolish preoccupation with elite blacks and whites. what about free blacks who owned slaves. do their descendants pay? what it does is deflect attention away from the more critical problems facing low income people. middletown, little james hutchinson, a 6-year-old boy was driven to an abandoned park and forced out of the car to abandon
11:45 pm
him. he refused and she ran over him and killed him. leila peterson was sitting on her grandfather's lap and a bullet came through and hit her in the head. those low income communities black and white are the issues we should be confronting instead of talking about reparations. so what we are doing at the woodson center is direct attention away from the real problem. but we need to address the problems in these community and other cities around the country. jesse: do you believe anything should be done for black americans, the ancestors of slaves, if that can be proven, which is a tall order.
11:46 pm
anything financial for those deseason sent to make good on slavery? >> no, the problem is not transactional. what we are doing at the woodson center is demonstrating that when whites were at their worst we were at their best. we built our own hospitals. we even owned a railroad. we need to focus on what blacks achieved in the faces of oppression and what principles and values did they follow that could be copies and applied today. that's where the energy should be placed. looking for solutions. otherwise you are putting blacks in the situation of being impotent or being always their fate is in the hands of whites. and this is self-defeating. people are motivated when they see victories that are possible, not injuries to be avoided where
11:47 pm
they are constantly reminded their destiny is determined by white people. i think there should be a moratorium discussing white people at all in the black community sow we can address the -- so we can address the enemy -- the enemy within. jesse: the woodson center is doing great work for everybody. we'll be following the work with reparations in evanston and see how it plays out in the rest of the country. thanks for coming on "watters' world." why is kamala harris laughing off reality? a psychological explanation that makes a lot of sense ahead.
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y'all need to let yourselves woah... at universallllll. good job, jonesesess... jones'. jones'? anyway, that's how you let yourself woah! save 40% on hotel and ticket packages right now. not later, like right now. [♪♪♪] jesse: cap * now in charge of fixing the border crisis. the same person who compared i.c.e. agents to the kkk. it's a high profile job considering this crisis will get worse. she is being groomed to take
11:52 pm
over at some point as biden becomes more of a figurehead. the white house issuing a new directive to call this not the biden administration, but the biden-harris administration. harris facing backlash for laughing when asked if she'll visit the border. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today [laughing]. jesse: but this isn't the first time she laughed hysterically at inappropriate times. it seems like a glitch. >> to fill the vacancy created by the former center kamala harris much california [laughing] >> you are considered the most liberal united states senator. >> somebody said that, and it was mike pence on the debate stage [laughing] the biggest --dilemma for any parent is wht
11:53 pm
to do with children in school and we want them all to go back to school laugh rrp. it was a debate. it was a debate [laughing]. >> it's important to analyze what these strange ticks indicate. joining me, see you col jest parent russell. she seems to laugh when she is won fronted with a question she isn't prepared to answer. what does the laughing indicate. >> i can't say for certain this is the case for the vice president. but for many people laughter is a defense from anxiety they people in a situation where a topic makes them unsure of themselves. defenses are a pattern that get
11:54 pm
even grand because they are vows laughter can lighten the situation or a topic. and it can give people a few seconds to collect their thoughts and have a response without having an awkward faws and stammering with um, uh. jesse: i think you are right. she either soothes herself to prepare herself or maybe buy time answering a question she is not comfort stable answering. o'donnell, you are technically the most liberal member of the united states senate and she burst out laughing. >> for some people laughing feels better than an awkward pause or uh, uh. laughter when it's right's a reflexive and voluntary action. so a person sort of gets more of a pass from people if they react
11:55 pm
with laughter than if they did react with an awkward pause. jesse: it's a tell, like in poker. we to run. we to run. because next we have the - in business, customer support is mission critical.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: move over, jim carrey. there is a new joe biden impersonator in town. >> come on, folks, it's real. i'm not kidding around here. brawk, we did the deal, you know. my dad lost his job? scranton. no joke. i am not being a wiseguy. i said dad why did you lose it. my mom said that's the cookie that crumbles. jesse: "saturday night live,"
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the ball is in your court. you have got to have him on. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this thisis my world. judge jeanine: moments away, former president donald trump joins me with new reaction to biden's escalating border crisis. a big show ahead with former president trump and much more. but first my open. it was on his -- on his 65th day in office that joe biden decided to hold his first press conference. the longest


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