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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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shot in the arm after last season. >> dana: tucker, we have 15 seconds for you. >> tucker: i would just say, i had video of an alligator inside of a house in porter where the american spirit still lives. and the people are totally unintended because i don't want to be floridians afraid of alligators. >> dana: i will have nightmares now, tucker. "special report" is up next. >> bret: good evening i'm bret baier and breaking tonight, deep states should pause their reopening efforts as he worries about research as of the coronavirus. the president's urging government, state governments, local governments to reinstate mandatory mask rules. the cdc director today even more blunt, warning what she calls impending doom if the country reopens too quickly. the fox team coverage, rich edson at the state department with
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skepticism. the w.h.o. report on virus in china. but we began with correspondent kevin corke and growing concern over covert concerns, good evening, kevin. >> dr. michelle wilensky with deep concern as you point out that the u.s. could very soon bear witness to a fourth covid surge as the country average 2.7 million vaccinations over the past week. still the numbers are daunting and recent days the u.s. surpassing 30 million cases with seven-day average, bret, 10% with 1,000 deaths per day. >> i'm going to pause here. and i'm going to reflect on the feeling that i have. we have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are so much reason for hope that right now i'm scared. >> she said the project tree of the pandemic and the u.s. has similar like germany and france where there is a worry and spike
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in cases, is all the more reason, says the white house, to wear a mask. >> for my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate. please, this is not politics. reinstate the mandate if you let it down. >> the white house promising to ensure there will be a vaccine available site within 5 miles of 90% of all americans by the 19tm today. the cd did director by the weight the recent increase could be due to travel. a spike in cases. although important to point out, bret, like in texas for example a decrease in cases over the past 17 days. we read that from texas governor greg abbott, bret. >> bret: kevin, thank you more on this but the panel the effort to pin down the coronavirus running into resistance tonight. there is serious concern over a report that has china's
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fingerprints all over it. here the state department course when it rich edson. >> the global pandemic that has killed millions and cost the world economy trillions most likely developed and bats jumps to another animal and then to human spear that is according to a long anticipated world health organization report obtained by the associated press. the w.h.o. is expected to release this report tuesday, though already scientists, members of congress, and the secretary of state say they are very skeptical. >> we have real concerns about the methodology in the process that went into that report, including the fact that the government of beijing apparently helped to write it. >> of the chinese communist party of the cdc, the house foreign affairs committee says "the report sponsored by the cp p is worse than no report at all because it allows the ccp to continue to spread misinformation about the virus and cover up the role they played in allowing it to spread.
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earlier this month, more than two dozen scientists wrote that the chinese government chinese government and for the w.h.o. team that came to china. "and fortunately proven opaque and restrictive, greatly compromising the scientific validity of the investigation." the w.h.o. report also says it is extremely unlikely that the virus leaked from a lab, though former cdc director robert redfield said last week he believes the virus to escape from a lab in wuhan. in january, the trump state department say the wuhan institute of virology was testing a similar virus starting in 2016 and that several researchers became sick in the autumn of 2019. >> the one thing i wish the w.h.o. had done is pick up the microphone and start screaming through it to demand that trying to be more transparent, that it open its border to allow american cdc officials and other experts from w.h.o. and around the world to come and investigate and help. >> the safety department did acknowledge and january the u.s.
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government still did not know exactly where, when, or how the covid-19 virus was transmitted to units. they have accused the u.s. of groundless accusations, bret. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department, thank you. breaking tonight the most explosive criminal trials in years is underway in minneapolis. former police officer derek chauvin is facing murder and manslaughter charges in the death of george floyd. correspondent matt is in indianapolis with today's opening statements. >> the prosecution and the derek chauvin murder trial wasted little time before showing the jury that the viral bystander video of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin leaning on george floyd's neck for 9 minutes last memorial day. painted chauvin as a coward lists murder. >> he treated his badge until
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the very breath, ladies and gentlemen until the very life was squeezed out of him. >> floyd's drug use playing a central role. the prosecution are going floyd did not die of an overdose because he built a tolerant struggling with an addiction for years. prosecutors also argued floyd's behavior in the video was not consistent with someone overdosing and passing out but rather video show floyd to being killed while in normed in police custody. >> there is no excuse. there were five grown men, armed police officers, who were on the scene over a fake $20 bill. >> chauvin's defense hit back saying he was following his training kneeling on his neck. >> derek chauvin did exactly what he was trained to do over the course of these 19 year career. >> the defense painted floyd as a criminal drug abuse who is resisting arrest and took a lethal amount of drugs, speedball and fell outside of in
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his car and did not comply with the police but ended up on the ground because three former officers could not contain him. >> what was mr. floyd's actual cause of death? the evidence will show that mr. floyd died of a cardiac arrhythmia. >> this video shows a different angle floyd encounter with the police also emerged in court today. the 911 operator that dispatch the police to floyd's death said she was distraught watching the video in real time and call the sergeant to check the scene. the courthouse is certified with razor wire, concrete barriers and the national guard appeared the limited number of people permitted to enter must pass through armed guards. there has been an ongoing black lives matter presents with occasional large demonstrations. >> and an eyewitness to the point arrest took the stand a short while ago. he happens to be a mixed martial artist. he testified that he quickly identified chauvin 'neck
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restraint was potentially lethal and pleading for chauvin to let floyd get up. >> bret: matt, thank you. let's get analysis of this case from civil rights attorney fox contributor leo terrell, thank you for being here. i want to start 30,000 feet if we could about what you saw today in the opening statements and how you think they were laid out. >> welcome i will tell you, brett, the prosecution will rely a lot on the videotape and that videotape is a snapshot of the totality of the case. they have to prove that the officers consequences was unreasonable for any other officer. so they will rely on that tape. i hope they don't rely on the tape too much. on the other hand, bret, the defense will show the totality of the entire case. that is where the defense is trying to make sure the jury understands that this case is beyond a nine minute tape. so you can expect a battle of the experts as to the causation of the case as far as the cause of george floyd's death and a battle of the police experts as to whether or not the officer's
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conduct was in line with police policy. >> bret: to that point, leo, back and forth from both sides on the use of force, take a listen. >> he was well aware that mr. floyd was unarmed, that mr. floyd had not threatened anyone, that mr. floyd was in handcuffs, he was completely in control of the police. and you will here describe mr. floyd as drunk. and that he could not control himself. and confronted by the police, mr. floyd put drugs in his mouth. you will see the officer struggle with mr. floyd to get him out of the mercedes-benz. and handcuffed him. >> bret: you know, leo, this is really an interesting case. it's going to get a lot of eyeballs come as we know them it is televised. it has a lot of impact not just in minneapolis but around the country. >> you know, you are absolutely right, bret. it has a beginning, middle, end.
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and they want to show the totality but the prosecution wants to show the nine minute tape. what you say about the worldwide implications, you have protests outside. i will tell you, bret, i honestly think the jury should have been sequestered because you have going on before the trial and you will have it throughout the trial. that to me might influence the jury. >> bret: i want to play one more sound bite. and that is one of the attorneys for george floyd's family, mr. comp. take a listen. >> if george floyd were a white american citizen, and he suffered this painful, treacherous death with a police officer, a knee on his neck, nobody, nobody would be saying this is a hard case! >> bret: obviously, he is making that case, leo come in front of the microphone and the media and not in the courtroom, but that hangs over this case.
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>> absolutely, bret peer that is a perfect example of being played, and the whole purpose of that, let's be clear to influence the jury pool as the influence of public opinion. the thing about this case, it will be decided in the courtroom where the jury will be obligated to follow the facts and the loans out of the courtroom, not outside of the courtroom. >> bret: last thing, leo, the mix of this particular jury, there are some particularly young jury, nine white jurors, four african-americans, and then mixed race for the others. what do you know about the outlook of this jury? >> will, i tell you, it represents the reflection of the community. a jury of peers, all diversity, ethnicity, and race. but i tell you, bret, this jury will follow the rule of law. that is the key part. it's not about ethnicity or color but whether or not the jury will follow instructions
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given by the judge and focus solely on what is presented in this case. i will assume that if the outcome is determined by this jury based on the facts in this case, we will get a fair and just verdict. >> bret: leo terrell in minneapolis, leo, we appreciate your time. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: there is now a ninth accuser and the sexual harassment scandal involving new york democratic andrew cuomo. nine. upstate new york said cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her cheek at her home during a visit to inspect local flood damage. meanwhile, the new york state attorney office subpoena dozens of officials and the cuomo administration for information about all of the accusations from all nine. also, tonight the state simply impeached investigation will look into the governor's alleged prioritization of family members for covid-19 testing early on antivirus.
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governor cuomo has denied impropriety and has rejected calls for him to step down. longtime confidant of late financier and sex offender jeffrey epstein facing additional charges tonight. the federal prosecutors with two new sex trafficking charges against ghislaine maxwell and facing six other charges and they accuse maxwell helping maxine abuse young girls in the mid-1990s. next, the biden administration says the border crisis is not going away anytime soon. we will bring you that story and we go live to the rio grande sector, ground zero for illegal immigration crossings. >> we have to ensure safety. and a vulnerable population. >> what is happening on the texas border is nothing short of a human catastrophe. he is a comusical exceptional cae at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event
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♪ ♪ >> bret: we are getting new information tonight just how long the migrant crisis on the southern border may last. what exactly vice president kamala harris is doing. the fox team coverage tonight, casey stegall on the border in south texas. white house correspondent kristin fisher on the lawn with the latest, good evening. >> good evening, bret the
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white house clarifying the role of the u.s. border a week after that she would be the diplomatic lead on this effort. a big announcing question about when vice president kamala harris would take eight trip to the border. and that bp said not taking the lead on the administration's response to the crisis at the border. instead, her focuses strictly on diplomacy with mexico and the three northern tranquil countries to address root causes of migration and to oversee the flow of u.s. aid to those countries. speak with the vice president of the united states will be helping lead that effort, specifically the root causes, not the border. there is some confusion over that. >> white house press secretary jen psaki said the white house has no immediate plans to visit the border but president trump says he plans to take a trip in the next few weeks. as for president biden who was asked about his predecessor's plans on sunday... >> we are putting in place a plan that i'm still very
3:19 pm
confident about, and i don't care what the other guy does. >> u.s. customs and border protection is expecting a surgeon unaccompanied migrant children. and the white house press secretary was pressed about that prediction during the briefing today but she again punted to the department of homeland security. >> i don't have any predictions that come from cdp or the homeland security but our focus now is on ensuring that we have enough shelter facilities to house unaccompanied children. >> more shelters and facilities means a need for people to care for the migrant children housed inside. the need to so great that last week the biden administration sent a memo to the head of multi-government agencies asking for civilian federal employees to volunteer for deployment of up to 120 days. a spokesperson for the office of personnel management confirmed actively working to screen process, and deploy these volunteers to bolster staff resources at the border. republican senator tom cotton
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who visited the border last week says it is past the point of a crisis. >> asking federal employees to go to the border addresses the symptoms not the cause. because joe biden open the border. >> still no plans for president biden to visit the border, but he did just make a surprise trip along with the first lady to the vietnam veterans memorial man next trip is to pittsburgh on wednesday to unveil another multitrillion dollar spending package. bret. >> bret: kristin fisher live on the north lawn, thanks. the rio grande valley sector is ground zero for family and unaccompanied minors crossing into the u.s. and correspondent casey stegall equals pass, texas tonight. >> whether it is the wee hours of morning or high afternoon under a blistering sun, or in the dark of night, the stream of migrants illegally flowing across the southern border isn't slowing creating a bottleneck in
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parts of south texas. >> ground zero pretty much right now. >> ground zero officials say not just for smuggling people but drugs as well as yet another congressional delegation saw for themselves while visiting the region monday. >> importantly what you are seeing here is you've got more empowerment of drug cartels because our folks are having to play babysitter at the border. >> a small young child travels to new mexico to get across the border without the assistance of cartels and often times involves human trafficking. >> in the meantime temporary overflow space continues to come online for migrant housing. 3,000 beds alone at the dallas convention center on monday. texas senator ted cruz toured the facility to inspect conditions inside since the feds won't let media end. >> it takes your breath away. it is tragic. it is horrific. and the most frustrating thing about it, it was entirely
3:22 pm
preventable. >> parts of san diego and san antonio convention centers will be soon converted into temporary housing. while immigration rights advocates struggled to help in any way they can. >> we have to ensure the safety and prioritize the vulnerable population. we have to ensure safety and security. >> the emergency intake unit at the san antonio convention center just officially opened today with an overall capacity of around 2100. tonight, there are more than now 13,000 migrant children in federal custody. bret. spend casey stegall along the border in texas, casey, thank you. ships are flowing through the suez canal tonight after several days of gridlock the world's most vital maritime arteries. today, freed up by colossal container ship that was stuck there nearly a week in the suez canal. tugboats wrenched the bow of the
3:23 pm
skyscraper-sized ever given from a canal sandy bag where it had been firmly lodged since tuesday. time for some other stories beyond the borders tonight, egypt's chief prosecutor orders employees including two cotrained rivers to remain in custody for their alleged roles in a deadly crash. two passenger trains collided friday. the latest in a series of deadly railway accidents in egypt. it has rocked that country in recent years. 18 people died in this accident, 200 injured. thai soldiers are sending back thousands of people who flood a series of air strikes by the military and neighboring burma. the beacon strikes represent another escalation in the violent crackdown by the military on protest against the february 1st take over. more than 100 people were killed saturday in burma and the bloodiest single day since the coup. at the next, the racial component to new voting rights laws in the u.s. brit hume will join us.
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we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. if you've been financially impacted by covid-19, janssen may be able to help. ♪ ♪ >> bret: we have been following the dispute of congressional seat from iowa, democrat rita hart says miller makes has not produced a reason why 22 discounted ballots are not being counted. miller makes defeated rita hart by six votes in november and the election. democrats are now trying to
3:28 pm
unseat the republican. democratic attorney mark is starting to scheduled depositions in this case, one that we will follow. race is becoming the central issue with new voting rights in congress. the fight over the bill comes as one state pays to pass as a new election law and we will be talking about that this weekend. jacqui heinrich fills a sand tonight. >> the senate republicans are spending seven figures on new ads that slam democrats plans to pass federal election reform. >> the washington power grab. you have seen it before. the democrats are planning the biggest run yet must up the grab, stop the fraud to. >> they ads are playing in georgia with a new law to pass the people act. democrats framing is a civil rights issue. one new probation in the peach state empowers the republican legislature to suspend and replace elected officials like secretary of state brad raffensperger who questioned president trump's assertion and
3:29 pm
the results were fraudulent. and handing out water and snacks at the polls a crime. the democrats call it a direct shot at the majority black voters who swung the 2020 2020 election after local organizers bought to combat long lines in minority communities where polling places have disproportionally closed. >> this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> a shore of trust after a contentious 2020 race limiting the use of drop boxes and imposing a new i.d. requirement for a male voting. >> every time a republican does anything we are a racist if a white conservative you are racist and if black republican you are uncle tom. they use the racism card to advance a liberal agenda, and we are tired of it. >> civil rights activists are piling on democrat calls for action. national black justice coalition calling on the pga tour and masters to poke golf events from the state riding george's new law to restrict access to turn back the clock on civil rights
3:30 pm
and black, poor and disenfranchised voters in georgia to second-class citizens. modern democrats oppose the filibuster but senate majority leader chuck schumer said everything is on the table, bret. spain went jacqui heinrich up on the hill, jacqui, thanks. let's talk about voting rights with senior political analyst brit hume. they want the efforts to get this done, there aren't many things that you hear getting this kind of push but this one is. >> welcome i think, bret, voting is a right and must be protected and is such a sanctifies cause and this country and the democrats have seized on it with wild exaggerations, for example, in the georgia law. in order to create a justification for abolishing the filibuster. and the pressure is great enough, you know, members are under enough pressure they might vote to do that and they can do
3:31 pm
that with 51 votes if they choose to. so i think there's a good chance that this is what this is really all about. what is being said about the georgia law, for example, extraordinarily off-base. for example the claim to receive water and food while waiting in line, well, you can't do that off the street because they were trying to keep the people from using anything that is planned this to voters to vote the way they want. about poll workers are free to take food and water out as well. so that gives you an idea of the kind of exaggerations out there. >> bret: what about the republicans kind of site of this? is it tough for them to push back on this argument that you just need to make it easier for people to vote? >> well, the idea you want to make it easier to vote and hard to cheat. the problem for republicans, the measures adopted to make it hard to cheat then become the argument that people say no, no, no you are making art of vote. much of what is in the georgia
3:32 pm
law, for example, is already in effect in a multitude of other states and many above the dixon line where it is pretty hard to argue that result of a product of a jim crow attitude. similarly, they say h.r. 1 the bill that was nationalized with voting rolls to take them out of the providence of the states, a lot of what is in there blows up the safeguards put into place across the country and, you know, justification that people are trying to suppress the vote. i think the republican side of the story is harder to argue, and i'm not sure they've done a great job of getting it out there. which may be the debate at the moment. >> bret: federal lazing versus what it says in the state legislatures. and not just on these voting rights push, but also in every policy position we have seen from president biden, do you feel that he is a different
3:33 pm
person policy wise then he was candidate biden on the campaign trail? >> well, they had a pretty liberal agenda, but all the noise and the music he made was about being a moderate, a guy to make a deal with, a guy eager to compromise and work with the other party and all of that. i think that, bret has gone completely out the window. when the covid bill was being put together, the group of republicans went down to the white house to make a bid, an offer, to work with him and after holding the meeting which i'm sure he was perfectly polite, that was the end of it. they did their own bill and rammed it through because they can do that with 51 votes with reconciliation, which they did. everything that has happened since then, no input from republicans and no real outreach to them either. mitch mcconnell said we haven't even talked to biden. the same is true with leader mccarthy in the house. so that is where we are. and biden is not so far, at
3:34 pm
least, in any respect the moderate he claimed to be. >> bret: brit, as always thank you. if you think the latest stimulus bill we were talking about was expensive, wait until you hear the price tag for president biden's infrastructure plan. >> they should call this "grab your wallet bill" or raise your taxes but will. >> if they don't want to pay for it they can propose that also so pure. maybe they don't support infrastructure spending. ptional, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪
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3:39 pm
$4 trillion infrastructure plan. we will learn more about that as you heard from kristin fisher from the president later this week. tonight white house correspondent peter doocy on the washington spending spree. >> the president tried to keep infrastructure details under his hat. >> i have, but i'm not telling it. >> the press secretary did, two bills one on infrastructure projects rebuilding roads and bridges and another with relief or child care and community college costs. reportedly totaling $3 trillion combined. >> he has a plan to pay for it which he will propose. >> icap text, count republicans out. >> back when gasoline was at dollar 70 a gallon and a user fee, maybe we would have considered it but now gasoline is $3 a gallon and we haven't hit the tip of the iceberg here. >> more electric cars means less revenue in another i did that
3:40 pm
has recently enjoyed some republican support, a tax on miles driven. >> we believe so-called user pays principle, how we pay for roads is based on how much you drive. the gas tax used to be the obvious way but it's not anymore. so a so-called vehicle miles travel or mileage tax whatever you call it could be the way to do it. >> the white house claims this will be jammed through with democratic votes only. >> i don't think republicans in this country think we should be 13th in the world as it relates to infrastructure. >> so far outreach to americans has been limited to. >> there is bipartisan support for the structure, but this is an administration and set on doing it one way, they are way or the highway. >> it has no republican support, they may be in trouble because then in the senate, they can always lose one of bow and at the house, they can only lose three boats. today axios has three house democrats as having issues with the tax hikes coming, bret. >> bret: peter doocy in the
3:41 pm
white house briefing room, peter thinks. the coronavirus and the president spending plans, first fox affiliates are covering tonight box 12 in portland, left-wing demonstrators clashed with a smaller number of right-wing protesters sunday near the oregon state capitol grounds and say. the salem place declared unlawful assembly and so demonstrators were heavily armed. box 17 and nashville has for people who died in heavy flooding with 6 inches of rain saturday and a portion of interstate 40 temporarily shut down due to high water there. and this is a live look at new york fox 5, the biden administration to sharply increase offshore wind energy along the east coast. taking initial steps to improve a huge wind farm off at the new jersey coast as part of an effort to generate electricity for more than 10 million homes nationwide by 2030. that is tonight's live looked
3:42 pm
outside of the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ when you buy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses so abe and art can grow more plants. so they can hire vilma... and wendy... and me. so, more people can go to work. so, more days can start with kisses. when you buy this plant at walmart. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm going to pause here. i'm going to reflect on the feelings i have on impending doom. we have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are, and so much reason for hope. >> i'm reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, local or leader reinstate the mandate mask mandate. this is not politics. reinstate them mask mandate. and businesses should require masks as well. >> bret: well, some harsh words, warnings from cdc director on the president as you look at the covid stats total cases. a number of different states up overall. there they are, the deaths 546,704,000 and trending down in recent weeks, a total of vaccines administered, 145 million above that, and fuly
3:47 pm
vaccinated at this point. what is next? that is the question. let's bring in mollie hemingway senior editor of the federal. aunt including capital, katie pavlich, the direct molly, that was quite something from the cdc director but i will say that she would throw away the script but it did look like she was still on script as she was delivering that but she is delivering a stern warning. >> one thing i appreciate what she said, it was her feeling and not based on science and it couldn't be because we have such a reason for optimism given 91 million americans have been vaccinated. given the trends we have seen in recent months. joe biden said it's not political. but the fact is this deadly virus has been the greatest political gift to the democratic party since the great depression. and they are wanting it to continue so they can exploit it for their political and partisan
3:48 pm
end of greatly expanding the size and scope of the federal government and having control over people's lives. so what i think they don't quite recognize though is so many americans are beyond done with this. they understand the science. they understand the reality that it is a deadly virus, but the reaction to it has to have at some point and end. >> bret: you know, harold, the president signed today by april 19th, 90% of the population will have the ability to get the vaccine. many of them very close to their homes. and then may 1st, everybody in the country will appear the question is, will they? >> i certainly hope so but thanks first for having me on. i don't think anybody wants the virus and nobody wanted this pandemic or the political benefit or lack of political benefit in any type of way. but i do think some of the things we are seeing from this administration now is they are trying to allocate responsibility, accountability, for where the virus came from,
3:49 pm
whether w.h.o. is cooperating. and i think at some point as we do those things, and we also focus on how do we prevent the reliance we have on supply chain from across and largely in asia? how do we assure we don't fall behind our investment in ai and biotechnology? how do we lead the next generation of energy and ensure that we produce the most jobs and don't fall behind? china wants to rule the world and rule it by being the leader of a country of democracy. we want to be the leader. that is where focus needs to be going forward. and i have great confidence from abraham lincoln and president understand it. and also give credit where credit is due. president trump deserves credit where we are today. he didn't win. a new president won in this president has the challenge and responsibility in charge to lead us forward in a forthright and smart way. >> bret: you mentioned that
3:50 pm
investigation into the origins of the virus. katie, there is a real frustration this has not pushed forward and that there are some feeling that, obviously, that w.h.o. is taking china's script on the origins of the virus. we still don't know a lot, but take a listen to this exchange. >> i do believe that this somehow came from a bat to a human appearance because there is a report coming out by the world health organization and we have real concerns about the methodology and the report and including the fact that the government of beijing helped to write it. but let's see what comes out in that report. >> everything is on the table. and further studies from what has happened so far. >> bret: katie, secretary blinken kind of got around it there but how do they not know what's in the report? they know china had a hand in
3:51 pm
creating it. >> the bottom line, bret, day one the biden administration decided to rejoin the world health organization, despite the fact that they got the world into a pandemic by lying to the world about where this came from. they were told in december 2019 by the taiwan government this is a human to human translation of the virus, but they were ignored and w.h.o. with dr. ted rose in charge pushed the narrative aside, pushed taiwan aside and ran with the narrative that china wanted them to which it was not human to human contact and everything was just fine. so the state department notes based on intelligence that they have seen under the biden administration in previous intelligent secretary pompeo, that this was not something china is going to acknowledge in terms of responsibility. and that there is plenty of intelligence to show that this happened from a lap and came from a lab. there are bigger questions about china's goal and they were
3:52 pm
experimenting with biochemicals and bio weapons. the military has submitted that this is part of their broader strategy to take over the world. and so, the thought to take this report as anything but chinese government, communist propaganda would be a step too far. that is all it is going to be pure just look at the record of getting rid of scientist, getting rid of doctors, taking out any journalist who dares to ask any kind of questions. this is a chinese propaganda reports, and that is the bottom line. spilling clearly we know the cover up they did right after the virus came out was extensiv. in fact, we know for a fact but i want to turn to capitol hill. we've had many infrastructure weeks, years, recent years but this actually is going to be an infrastructure week with president biden laying out this plan. $3 trillion, i've heard $4 trillion, somewhere there for the infrastructure plan with a lot of taxes in there. molly, republicans are getting a
3:53 pm
lot more outspoken about budgets. they didn't and the trump administration, but they are now. but more importantly, there are moderate democrats in the house, three already stating they have a problem with major tax hikes to do this. when you are dealing with such narrow majorities, not only in the senate, but in the house. moderates are going to make the day. >> well, we will have to see about that. the democratic party used to be known as a tax and spend party. now it seems to be moving into a spend and then text party. these are astronomical budget amounts. republicans do deserve a program how recklessly they have spent when in power. but nothing compared to what we are seeing with these price tags associated with these bills. but again, biden promised he was a unifier and a moderate. if he is what he claims he is, it would not be hard to come up with infrastructure bills with republicans to sign onto and ana
3:54 pm
way to pay for them. he is unable to suggest how extreme he is. >> bret: all right, quickly, harold. >> dwight eisenhower worked with a young fella and they got to the interstate system done. president lincoln got the railroad and colleges time. i would agree with mollie in this regard. i hope they can do it and a parting dome that bipartisan way. they won't get what they want but the country will win if we have the infrastructure bill. >> bret: even with no republicans on there? >> i think there should be republicans and i gave those two examples of bipartisanship. i hope that is what it ends up being. >> bret: all right, standby, panel, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪ .
3:55 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines tonight. back with the panel. katie? >> katie: d.c. mayor muriel
3:59 pm
bowser still ignores the violent car jacking that occurred last week but she is sending police to rope off the cherry blossoms because people are too close to each other outside. >> bret: okay. mollie? >> mollie: joe biden's son hunt is in a bit of trouble for claiming in 2018 when he applied for a gun that he had no drug use. that story came to light recently because his girlfriend at the time, who is also the widow of his brother, had tossed that gun in a secret service ended up getting involved but that gun form is drawing scrutiny from some senators. >> bret: need a white board for that one. all right, harold? >> harold: one is for wednesday a lot lighter but equally important to me michigan beats aclu and advances to final four third time in a decade go blue. >> bret: it is fun to watch. ncaa back in action. panel, thank you, that's it for us tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home. tomorrow on "special report" the backlog on immigration courts.
4:00 pm
some people waiting up to five years. we will bring you that. that's it for this show though, fair, balanced and unafraid "fox news primetime" hosted this week by rachel campos-duffy starts right now. hey, rachel. >> rachel: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> rachel: i'm rachel campos-duffy and tonight china's pandemic white wash is underway. the world health organization and china are set to release a joint report on the origins of covid-19. their conclusion? that the coronavirus likely jumped from a bat to humans, possibly through another animal species. now, it's a scenario that is certainly possible. many diseases transmit that way, sars, mursz all transport that way sars. that ferris could have happened in a wildlife farm or wet market