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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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in for harris this week. i'll toss you over to the all-star panel on "outnumbered", which begins now. >> thank you, i agree those photos were adorable. we have a fox news alert. new migrant caravan reportedly leaving honduras en route to the united states as the crisis along the southern border rages on. drone video to fox news showing migrant apprehensions. reporters will finally be allowed a firsthand look at a border facility in texas today. homeland security reports more than 17,000 unaccompanied minors in custody as the surgeons expected to last at least another seven months. the biden administration reportedly projecting as many as 25,000 children could cross in may. as many as 26,000 in september. fox news has learned teachers
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from san diego unified school district will be offering in-person instruction to migrants before their own students who have yet to return to the classroom. you are watching "outnumbered." i am emily blunt and look upon you. julie banderas , katie pavlich, former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus. will cain. hello and welcome. it's going to be a great show. will cain, i would like to start with you. what are your thoughts on the situation at the border and the san diego unified school district. >> we are not going to be able to -- we shouldn't be able to deal with the hypocrisy and the punishment inflicted upon american citizens with the absolute lunacy when deposited against our immigration policy
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in immigration policy. over the past year the system has told us that for example you cannot question the origins of covid-19, we can't put our kids in school despite scientific evidence just to add on to give you a further example. we have been told that all lives matter is inherently racist. we start adding up the things we are told by the quote-unquote system, you realize how absurd the entire operation is spared by the system, i mean every single government or school, political media organization run by one ideology. at some point i would hope at the point of sacrificing our children's education, at some point we are told we can educate migrant children in person at the border but our students, american students to have to sit in remote learning. at some point you think we would stand up and go, enough with all of this absurdity. >> emily: morgan, i would like to get your thoughts on
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something regarding vice president harris. it's taken a matter of days for the white house to clarify her position. in your perspective, is she the right person to be engaging in diplomacy with the northern triangle countries? if so or if not, what should she be focusing on? >> morgan: that's a great question, emily. in fact i sort of asked myself that this morning when i was getting ready for the show. it had been announced she was going to be in charge of the border. clarified later she was just doing diplomacy. we have a secretary of state. we have a national security advisor. we have a lot on chefs in the kitchen in charge of the border crisis but without a real plan. i have to look at this and say there's two options with the border crisis. this administration has been woefully inept, or it's intentional. what i mean by is it intentional, we have to remember we were told for the past several years from mainstream members of the democratic party
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on the dhs, i.c.e. specifically should be abolished, the border agents are racist, and then the biden administration came in against the advice of trump administration dhs officials, they got rid of them migrant protection protocols. they got rid of the asylum cooperation agreements. they reinstituted catch and release for children under 18. when you start to add all of these things up, i'm beginning to think this isn't just that the biden administration is inept at handling the border crisis. i'm thinking that this is perhaps intentional and that they are pursuing these policies because they do ultimately believe fundamentally that these people should be allowed in the united states. it's why they are teaching them in the schools. i think we need to start believing mainstream leaders in the democratic party when they say that i.c.e. should be abolished, when they say border agents are racist.
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i think they meant it. >> emily: katie, i'd like to get your reaction on something. this was the vice president's reaction when she was asked about the migrant situation in the san diego unified school district. she laughed when discussing it. take a watch. we'll get your thoughts. >> more parents are seeing the value of education. [laughter] saying we are not paying them nearly enough. [laughs] >> katie: i don't understand what she thinks is funny. american parents are getting screwed. their kids are falling behind in the very people democrats claim to be standing up for, minority students, aren't getting an education and aren't going to be able to compete with their peers in the united states not to mention across the world. on a basic staff level, has nobly sat down with the
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vice president and said, you have to stop laughing when you're asked serious questions. it makes you look out of touch, makes you look incompetent. it's a basic thing that they should've fixed by now. in terms of going back to the question about whether she is the person to handle the crisis, i think morgan is right when it comes to this being done in a lot of ways on purpose. they think it's a good political position for them to take against republicans. in the future, they are creating a political position where they let hundreds of thousands of people in, most of them children and families. it creates another opportunity for democrats in the future to say we need another dream act. we need another daca act and the use that against republicans as a political point to accuse them of racism. on this issue that we've heard this week too of the administration waving essentially the fbi background check for sponsors of these children, i spoke to a whistle-blower years ago during the 2015-2015 surge under obama that said when they waive those
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background checks, these children were getting picked up by sex traffickers and sex offenders. sold into sexual slavery in the united states. it's a catastrophe and it affects americans and these children who are now being taken into these facilities and given away to people without proper background check. >> emily: julie, dealer's choice in what you like to speak about. >> julie: you have no idea. watching that clip of kamala harris making a joke about parents who had to sit home, many of them for over a year, it makes my blood boil. i had to do that home schooling for only three months last year. i feel so sorry not only for the parents that had to do it because they are poor children are lacking in education and they're going to be behind for years but the struggling parents that are taxpaying americans who have to stay home and sacrifice their job to raise their children and also look after and supervise their resume calls, migrants are going to take
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priority and precedence? that is absolute b.s. it's infuriating for parents all across america, it's disgusting. kamala harris needs to quit the nervous laughter crap because it's getting old. you don't make jokes and you don't laugh when you're talking about 18,000 children in government custody right now. that number is rising. she's she supposed to look into the cause of this. she has looked into the cause, she hasn't gone to the mexican border and she has no right to talk about how parents should be feeling right now after the kids haven't been in school for a year. i'm disgusted. >> emily: it's difficult to take someone seriously when they have that inappropriate affect. i can't imagine that inappropriate affect being part of discussions with foreign leaders or foreign representatives. it makes me embarrassed frankly for our country and how we are presented to the rest of the world. will, final thoughts. >> will: i hope we can at some point, talking about americans listening, watching and dealing
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with his hypocrisy, dealing with the reality that their kids have to sit at home while migrant children who have made their way to the united states in the last several months can't having person learning. how we can all hear that and go, what's going on? it's time to put our foot down. it cannot continue. >> emily: at a minimum, we are asking those questions here so hopefully somewhere someone is listening. even further mixed messaging from the president as we move forward as he calls for mask mandates while saying the 90% of adults will be vaccine eligible less than three weeks from now. so when will things be able to get back to normal? now there are nine, another woman accuses new york governor cuomo of making unwanted sexual advances. she has got photos. >> the way he looked at me and his body language may be very uncomfortable. i felt he was acting in a highly persuasive and inappropriate manner especially in front of my family and neighbors. your car insurance
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>> emily: welcome back. mixed messages from the biden administration on covid. the president say 90% of adults in america will be eligible for the vaccine in less than three weeks from now on while that sounds like a very positive development, the president is pushing for vaccine passports and is also calling on states to reinstate mask mandates. and padre openings. watch. >> the amount of vaccines that are going to be available for vaccination sites will be a new record 33 million doses of vaccine. i am reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mass mandate. please, this is not politics.
9:15 am
>> emily: katie, am i the only one that's confused? >> katie: i'm not confused. you have to understand how the left thinks about the role of government understand why they continue to push government mandates at a time when more people are getting vaccinated and we are seeing in places where mask mandates have been removed like in texas for example, cases and hospitalizations are going down. joe biden still walking around outside wearing two masks despite the cdc saying it's not necessary due to his being vaccinated. he is virtue signaling. if you look at the people have benefited because of this pandemic, dr. fauci for example, the very people who have become famous or made more money or got more attention or have more power most importantly are the ones who are continuing to tell americans that they cannot go forward without their regular everyday lives if they are vaccinated. they keep claiming that they want people to get vaccinated while also arguing you can come back to your everyday life which
9:16 am
normal people think, why would i get vaccinated if i can't go about my everyday regular life at the end of the day? what's the point? it's a mixed message in terms of what the end goal is. in terms of them holding onto control in these blue state democrats, andrew, for example, mandating that people do things when cases are going down this people trying to turn back to regular life, it's really about their overall philosophy about the role of government. >> emily: not only is that power hunger a real thing but so is the fear and it seems that by continuing to drive the fear, it's what's crippling so many people to be unable to not only think for themselves but also to question this administration's mixed messages. >> julie: just because adults will be able to get the vaccine it doesn't mean they all will.
9:17 am
doesn't mean we can let our guard down but we should be opening the country. this president said he was going to come in and change things. our economy was actually on the rebound, so let's continue to let it go back. there are business owners that can't possibly continue to put food on the tables with so many american working families who have children at home if you do not reopen. businesses that didn't have to shudder their doors permanently because of the year of hell. it's the whole reason we push this vaccine. this administration is proud of the fact that they were able to get it out there, you want to have everyone vaccinated by may. now that you have, let the american people enjoy and reap the benefits of what he promised he would give us. so reopen, yeah. >> emily: what's your take? >> morgan: looking at this myopically and we forget the rest of the world is fighting
9:18 am
this. we are seeing new spikes in cases in europe. germany announcing a third wave it could be the most deadly. we are seeing it in india. in kenya, they are doing lockdowns. despite the draconian measures countries around the world have taken, spikes and surges happen because it's a virus. the best thing for people to do is get the vaccine. when you look at the vaccines being manufactured and given to the american people right now, according to a person at dhs that i just spoke to, excuse me hhs. it takes 75 days to get the vaccine fully manufactured. what's on the market right now what's going into everybody's arms was manufactured theoretically, all of them almost during the trump administration. it is something that we should be proud of as a country, we should stop playing politics. there's a lot of success with operation warp speed and a lot of credit should be given to the trump administration and the biden electrician should continue. everyone should get the vaccine who is eligible if you would
9:19 am
like to. >> emily: , to morgan's point, not only is this president refusing to give the prior administration credit but he's also lambasting certain governors that are making decisions. i am old enough to remember when this happened, take a look and we'll get your thoughts on the other side. >> the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking. that everything's fine, take off your mask. forget it. it still matters. >> will: neanderthal thinking apparently has led to a decrease in covid cases, as katie mentioned in texas. we might want more neanderthal thinking to give texas as the model because we are open and going down here in the lone star state. joe biden and the cdc director might need to understand the story of the boy who cried both. i want to underline something katie said. people are going to have our time letting go of this pandemic. mask chambers won't know who tls and how to feel better about themselves when they can't yell at people in the grocery store
9:20 am
anymore payable people one could redo? they're going to have to change their profile, take the mask off. bureaucrats who have been the biggest beneficiaries of these lockdowns will have to figure a way to possibly give up power. it's going to be very hard for the people that have benefited from the pandemic. to the boy who cried wolf, the cdc director. they told us what happened in texas would be a death warrant for texans. they had dire productions for covid numbers if there mandates were lifted. here we are some 19 days out and numbers, infections and hospitalizations are down. they do not understand the story of the boy who cried wolf and that's why no one will listen to them much longer. >> emily: we are listening to you, will cain. no one can say it better. moving forward, new report revealing governor cuomo's brother apparently got even more special treatment than a 100 plus others on the governors reported vip list for priority covid testing. details next.
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>> more damaging details and your governor cuomo's controversy. a brutal behind-the-scenes look at how the democratic governor handled covid testing early on in the pandemic. and his anchor brother apparently got more attention than the dozens of others on the so-called vip list which by the way total sum 100 people in all. the paper reporting atop new york docker went to chris cuomo's home on long island multiple times. the governor's office denies giving preferential treatment. medical staff who worked at the state's testing site say they were told to provide special access to people with ties to
9:26 am
cuomo. disturbing but not surprising. not a surprise that cuomo would give preferential treatment to his close aides, those that come in close contact with him on a regular basis while he was giving those daily news conferences and briefings where he would take his mask off. i totally get that. to hear about this is another example of this gross abuse of power yet again, whether it be with women were now whether it be getting tested at a time when nobody can get tested. katie, nobody could get tested back then let alone the nursing homes that couldn't get tests. >> katie: yeah, i mean, this is corruption and it came at a time when governor cuomo was screaming at the federal government to get them more ppe and more protective equipment and demanding that they do more to help them while at the same time he was making sure that his family members were taken care of instead of the most vulnerable people in his state which he is supposed to be representing. the big question as we have been talking about the scandal now
9:27 am
for a couple months, there has been a lot of activism. are the lawmakers and you're going to act, whether it's about impeachment or whether it's following through with criminal charges in an investigation for some of the behind-the-scenes work that went on with him giving immunity to a number of folks in order to push through this nursing home memo. there are big questions here about what the accountability is going to be and the reason he hasn't resigned is because he doesn't think there's going to be any accountability for his behavior. often times there isn't for politicians like him. >> morgan: among the 100 people that were considered vip, priority was given to for designer kenneth cole. the governor's brother-in-law. and his brother chris cuomo. he got covid and his family got covid, anchoring from his basement in southhampton. how do you think this is going to unfold with the cable
9:28 am
network? having boasting about his brother when times were bad for all of us. but now when times are bad for the governor, he is not allowed to speak. i wonder if we will be hearing from cnn on this. >> will: if that network had been a bastion of integrity, consistency, honesty and truth telling, then we might suspect there might be some accountability. but i would not suggest that network has lived up to any of those ideals so i don't know that you can count on any accountability. the only appropriate thing about this cuomo saga has been his emmy award. that's completely appropriate. that's were acting, pretending, governor andrew cuomo and many democrats pretend, act like they are there for the little man. the common man, blue-collar worker. that's who they are elected to help and that's who they are there to before. that's what they would suggest. meanwhile they create lists of 100 special people including his brother as you point out, kenneth cole the fashion
9:29 am
designer. those people get special treatment. that acting performance was stellar, governor cuomo. not surprising, like you said, still brutal and stellar acting performance. >> julie: this next one isn't surprising surprising. as you've heard, a ninth accuser has come forward in the cuomo sexual harassment scandal with the woman claiming the new york governor grabbed her face and kissed her when he toured her flood damaged home a few years ago. cuomo's attorney saying he kissed and hugged others that day too. i guess that is supposed to make it okay. it's his way of comforting people. bill says the case did anything but comfort her. take a listen. >> he said that's what italians do, kissed both cheeks. i felt shocked i didn't understand what had just happened. strangers do not kiss. especially upon meeting someone for the first time. >> julie: let me say you don't kiss my face ever unless we are
9:30 am
very close personal friends and even then, not so much. people invading my personal space. when you're the governor, you're in a place of power so by hugging or kissing somebody who he allegedly did too many people suffering from floods, i'm not sure that's what they were looking for from the governor at the time. i'm pretty sure they wanted relief to dry out their basements, not a kiss and a flirtation which i should add women know they are being come onto. come on. you don't have to be married or single to know when a man is coming onto you you. ew. >> morgan: he is just a creep. any young woman who has worked in politics or with major figures have dealt with creeps like this before. emily is a lawyer, so i'm going to defer to her but emily, i looked at the definition of sexual assault. it is when someone intentionally touches you without your consent. obviously emily is a legal
9:31 am
expert. but that seems to meet the definition of sexual assault if you are hugging and kissing and touching people. what's interesting to me about it, julie, it's done at a time when the woman is most vulnerable. the pattern through this is the young woman is trying to get ahead in politics. she's vulnerable. she has called called up to his room. a flood just happened. she is vulnerable. it's a predatory pattern of behavior at least from what we can see from the nine women who have come forward. >> julie: emily, what do you think? >> emily: that's absolutely right. vulnerability coupled with power, it is the prime opportunity for him to prey on these women. to your point, assault can be as simple as unwanted touching. we know for example in new york state, the misdemeanor aspect on an intimate body part. one of these occasions coming forward, specifically we discussed at the time the criminal code in the criminal
9:32 am
potential liability in the governor's part. not to melt topics but on his abuse of power which is the common denominator here, on that first discussion we had, that position. dr. eleanor adams was tasked with coordinating the covid testing throughout the nursing homes of the state and yet she spent hours in the homes of these people on this private vip list, including homes that were up to 90 miles away from new york city. not only was it preferential treatment given to these list of vip but it was also taken away from the citizens and not just any citizens but those same nursing homes citizens that's out over 15,000 die by his decision or as a result of his decision. it grossed -- he grows more despicable by the day. i hope as an attorney and as a person there's accountability for this governor. >> julie: we are going to move forward and we will continue after the break. former democratic senator giving an endorsement of cancel culture, going after former
9:33 am
mandelorian actress. >> subjective defamation.
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>> emily: fox news alert. dramatic testimony on day two of the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin accused of killing george floyd. witnesses underage at the time are taking a stand and testifying off-camera to protect their identities. work closely following the trial and we will have a live report from the courthouse next hour. former democratic north dakota senator heidi heitkamp turning up the dialogue cancel culture saying this about actress gina carano who disney fired from a to show the man delorean earlier this year.
9:38 am
>> the woman, what did she do? she liked something? >> she was a nazi. >> oh, that's different. it's because she's nazi. >> she has called other people nazi's. >> everyone is a nazi now. >> emily: gina carano tweeted here we have more of the dehumanizing face of cancel culture. repeat lies over and over until the population takes them as truth. false, disturbing and disgusting coming from a former u.s. senator. she added, you knew as soon as you said it you were liable, referencing ella heitkamp admitted she can be subject to defamation. >> will: emily, you're a lawyer. i am a lawyer. i'm going to defer to you on any type of legal expertise. at some point were going to have to stand up and put her foot down and push back. that diagnosis by carano is
9:39 am
right. repeat a lie over and over until the public largely believes it's true. in the process, that is defamation of character. gina carano is a public figure so here is the legal analysis that i will defer to you. a, needs to be false. v, she's a public figure so she needs to show malice from heidi heitkamp. calling her a nazi, saying she hangs out with white supremacists. as gina carano pointed out, that it came out of a former senator's mouth, she says i could be liable here for defamation. you are liable for defamation. i think carano should pursue charges, pursue a suit, defamation suit against the former senator. i think everyone having their character defames you start taking that path. >> emily: i like where you're headed is that, will. i see an issue of damages. a suit against disney which as you know, the at will employment because, it's the shield taken
9:40 am
-- that they can hide behind. the negative backlash to defend their decision to terminate her. i like where you're at in terms of not taking it lying down and you have seen to prove that i take it seriously even if you didn't in that moment, former u.s. senator. julie, what are your thoughts? >> julie: i have a really hard time with people name slinging especially when the use nazi germany as part of an insult. to be fair, carano was a vocal trump supporter. she faced heavy criticism after basically saying, comparing republicans being treated in this country to the treatment of jewish people in nazi germany and then -- for heitkamp to come out and use the word, calling her a nazi, it's gross. it's not an argument. it is a defamation of character. she's doing it publicly.
9:41 am
not only that, if you actually were to try this case, she admits she shouldn't be saying it in the first place. unfortunately i think people are so used to hiding behind a screen, hiding behind a wall and if you go on twitter when you see the amount of verbal abuse people have too suffer from from these cowards behind the screen that would never say this to your face. the whole cancel culture and the abusive use of language and insults, it's got to stop. it's out of control. >> emily: morgan, i am interested in your perspective. heitkamp would say oh, it was just a joke. i was on a late-night show. but once you have assumed a position of u.s. senator, it carries a gravitas and a wait, all the time, even after you've left office. people believe in you and we are supposed to trust you. people who of cast aside the gravitas and responsibility in order to play down in the dirt
9:42 am
in cancel culture. >> morgan: i would say that the senator's late-night career, television career seems to be over. it landed with a dud. secondly i would remind senator that the nazis killed 6 million jews and other minorities. using that word so frequently is almost a form of anti-semitism in and of itself. >> emily: katie, your thoughts. >> katie: gina carano doesn't back down. she is refusing to be canceled. for senator heidi heitkamp, ironically to make a nazi reference and call her nazi, that's what gina carano was allegedly fired for, making a nazi reference in terms of the political environment that we have in america. in terms of the accusations, the senator, former senator because she was canceled herself by the voters of north dakota was asked for evidence about why she nazi. why is she a white supremacist? she didn't offer any kind of
9:43 am
evidence. let me offer you some evidence about gina carano. she just wished her jewish friends a happy passover and she got hired by an orthodox, ben shapiro, to work for him at the daily wire to do a movie for him so this accusation that she is a literal nazi, what do you have to do to nazis question or you have to destroy them. it's not just about cancel culture. it's about taking the conversation to another level of violence or putting a target on people's back by categorizing them that way. it's completely irresponsible for a former public figure to do that in a joking fashion when the record shows otherwise and is something that you shouldn't tag people with when you have no evidence to do so. but they continue to do it. democrats do it all the time. >> emily: i think the equipping of the joking, it's a form of social currency when you engage in the cancel culture and that light hearted way the activist way.
9:44 am
it's raising your stock with those who subscribe to that culture clearly on the left we don't do it here. moving forward, president biden recently following three times boarding air force one and stumbling verbally a number of times. what the white house is saying about when biden will release his medical records, next. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> relates to comprehensive health report. can we expect him to make a trip for his physical? will he commit to releasing a conference of health report on the near future? >> absolutely. i don't have a timeline but absolutely we will do that i will check and see when he is due to go back to the doctor. >> morgan: the white house not saying when president biden will be getting a physical exam but commits to releasing a medical report. they have been questions over the president's health after he stumbled three times boarding air force one. after last week's news conference where biden used to cheat sheets in a series of verbals stumbles and gaffes. >> if you hold near and dear to
9:49 am
you the you like be able to -- anyway. were going to get down to business. ron, my turning this over too? president harrison i took -- >> morgan: any time a president takes office, they undergo a physical examination before the election, after they should soon after be checked out. with the recent gaffes, the stumble on the steps to which biden said he did not need any medical assistance whatsoever, is the american public do a physical and should the press have a date set so we can all rest easy to know that our president is in good health? >> the american people are absolutely do some answers. i want to establish this, this is a legitimate story, an important story. there will be an effort to sideline the story or act -- we can point out that it's
9:50 am
hypocritical. when president trump use two hands to raise a glass of water or went slowly down the ramp, they talked about potential neurological issues. this is an important story. health of the leader of the free world is something everyone has a right to feel sure enough and i have a feeling we will look back on the story not unlike the hunter biden story of the origins of covid-19 and say why are we told we couldn't talk about it or that it was controversial or false. we will look back and go, we should have been asking those questions earlier. >> julie: morgan, should americans feel worried that the president hasn't undergone an exam? i think the american people are more sensitive to his health considering his age. will mentioned neurological issues. when you see somebody speaking, and i have had dealt with neurological family members that had issues, i see somebody stop and completely lose their train
9:51 am
of thought, it brings back some scary memories of early neurological issues. it seems it's the time to have that checked out. >> morgan: julie, i think the white house could put any of the speculation and put any of this to rest by simply having a physical for the president and releasing it to the public so that everyone feels calm and assured about the condition of the commander in chief. mind you, our enemies are certainly paying attention to the health of our commander in chief. you have to know that the intelligence services in china and russia and iran are paying attention to every slip, every utterance. it's something that they look at. looking to exploit vulnerability and weaknesses. on my part i think we should all pray for the president of the united states whether we wanted him or her or not. we should always have their best interests at heart and pray for their health. that is something that i do.
9:52 am
but i would say, i look at things from an international perspective, the health president of the united states is a national security issue as well. >> julie: you're absolutely right. the transparency issue is a huge issue. on the heels of the trump administration, transparency wasn't an issue. we heard from him daily, we didn't have to wait months to hear the president speak. norma heard this president speak we had good reason to be concerned so the physical should really happen sooner than later. >> katie: president biden just broke his foot so for them to follow up the stairs three times and then have the white house that he's fine, i'm not sure if he's even seen a doctor, it breaks the transparency promise. it doesn't give the american people any kind of confidence that they are going to be transparent about joe biden's health and may be the vice president, hair should be asked about if i believe she would probably laugh in her way because it's too serious of a
9:53 am
question for her to handle. it's weird that they are calling at the biden-harris administration. they are rebranded. it's strange to see the number of photo she's in an yet as will said we are not allowed to ask questions. we're just supposed to accept it and move on. president trump's physician went to the press briefing and did an entire briefing about the president's health. americans deserve the same from this president. >> julie: i would be surprised if a doctor didn't actually examine him so i don't know if we can believe that. when a 78-year-old false up the stairs three times and had a broken foot, not just months ago. they're going to check him out. it's the transparency that concerns me. what else do we not know? that is the disturbing aspect. standby. lifeguards raking in six-figure incomes. $300,000 to $40,000 a year at the taxpayers expense.
9:54 am
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>> a baywatch lifestyle indeed according to a new report a number of los angeles-based lifeguards are raking in the ga big time. a lot of it overtime pay. 82 lifeguards made more than $200,000 in 2019. seven made more than 300 k and the top burner pulled in nearly $400,000 spread i'm not mad at them. am a california girl, i was a lifeguard. i lived in the 600 person beach town. tell me i'm wrong because i'm not very get you're not completely wrong great i was in pepperdine, i played water polo and i will tell you this, this is a career choice for some the guys i went to school with very they knew you could make seriou money, but to your point, this is some serious stuff. there is an ocean and beach
9:59 am
lifeguard is serious but this might be a little munch on the financial compensation. >> morgan, these people are saving lives. back me up here he did. >> listen, i just had a baby so i'm not putting on a bathing suit until like 2023, but if i were, i would definitely be moving to california to be a lifeguard. >> what you think? >> these ocean lifeguards are like olympians very type seen the workouts they have to do. is think they're getting paid a much in case they somehow have to dive into the shark tank, bu let's remember a. this is not private money. >> it's also california. >> exactly. if you were being saved, you would that have lee pay it all, right? >> of my life was on the line. i guess so, but i googled the
10:00 am
average average lifeguard makes it's like 20-40,000 in new york so what are they getting them i california? >> thank you so much, guys. have a great day. now here is america reports. >> thank you emily. fox news alert as witnesses continued to be charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. hello and welcome everyone i'm sandra smith and this is americ reports. >> good george thursday to you. witnesses returning to the stan today as the prosecution arguments he used leaf and enforced against floyd and the defense argues he died of heart arrhythmia. 12 jurors and two alternates listen to powerful ultimate statements for both side yesterday they


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