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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 31, 2021 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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white, he could feel her anguish -- it was real. what does she think of the current crisis? >> what about the surge? first of all, gut check, stop. anyone who is using the term search around you is trying to invoke a militaristic -- this is not a surge, these are children. they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded. >> laura: can use a power surge, is not allowed at all? can be go with massive increase? shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all shannon: a lot of discussion about semantics but the numbers speak for themselves and that is what we are going to talk about tonight. we start with breaking news,
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president biden with a new front in his radical plan to reshape america, that is his view, not ours. and what could be the largest tax i can history the white house is set to begin making the case for big increases in corporate taxes to pay for $2 trillion or more infrastructure upgrade. also an important prounion component at least with corporate tightness already complaining. >> a higher tax rate ends up with us having lower profitability and so it certainly impacts all of our spending so you have to balance with job creation, we have to balance it with being competitive because other companies that we compete with globally don't face that kind of tax rate. >> it like his tax cuts, complained loudly about immigration, local trading and
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climate and now the current administration applauded for reversing those policies. new york industry rep telling them america first policies don't work for global business, those will not be missed but as you heard the cisco ceo.out raising corporate taxes now does not encourage hiring americans, less are the democrats held power in the white house they ran into trouble from the left flank on jobs. the washington post noted in 2012 that president obama's record on outsourcing your problem from the left is trade with china cost america 450,000 jobs from 2008 through 2010 alone. the 2015 report by president obama's own economic council proposed a solution, quote, business tax reform can reduce the affected average tax rate and highly profitable business
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investments will still encourage firms to relocate and return investments in the united states so why would president biden push so hard for a huge tax icon corporate america? white house talking points give us a clue, president biden believes this is a moment to reimagine and rebuild a new american economy. there will be questions the top among them will be how do tax hikes get american jobs that, when the last democratic administration believed the opposite was true and why does the white house want to reimagine a new american economy when the economy was growing and unemployment was at record lows before the pandemic. we will take into those questions. we turn to the ongoing flow of breaking news about the growing crisis at the border. kevin cork is tracking the latest. good evening. >> reporter: more questions and building anger about what has been happening along the us southern border where thousands of migrants including thousands of unaccompanied children are
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being subjected to overcrowded, non-covid compliant conditions, still with no apparent plan by the biden administration to figure out someway somehow to stop them from coming. >> holding 4100 subjects in this location alone so you do the math. we are way over capacity, 700% overcapacity. >> 700% overcapacity which is one of many facilities on the us southern border currently holding migrants, a stunning revelation coming on a day that saw the biden administration allowing borders to go inside the border tent with record numbers of migrant teenagers and children crossing into the us without their parents. >> they know that right now there's nothing stopping them, they keep coming. >> reporter: reporters allowed
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inside, including one detention block with 516 minors, despite the pandemic rated capacity of just 32 people. the biden administration is on pace to take in 17,000 unaccompanied minors this month alone. higher than the previous record of 11,000 in may of 2019. this as hhs official still fox news unaccompanied child migrants house at the san diego convention center have an alarmingly high covid 19 infection rate, 700 unaccompanied girls transferred to the center, at least 82 have tested positive for the virus and that is just tuesday afternoon, yet local san diego schoolteachers will be providing them in person instruction even before their own students. >> not sure if it is volunteer or paid, you would have to look cool school district, the kids are on spring break which the context is pretty important. >> in early april ice will hold 1200 migrants family members and
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hotel rooms under a new nearly 87 million taxpayer-funded contract. according to the washington post ice claims it plans to release the family from hotels within 72 hours after providing them with health screenings, covid 19 testing, access to clothing, meals, snacks and unlimited phone calls. finally in the latest survey mister biden's grade with the american people when it comes to his handling of the immigration crisis is cratering, down to 34% approval of the job he is doing on the border crisis, a figure that includes approval of just 5% of american republicans. shannon: thank you very much. a washington state. served as foster parents for 7 years are searching for new place to live. their home is used to make room
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for migrant children. trace gallagher is on the case live from the west coast newsroom tracking down the facts, good evening. >> turns out taking care of kids illegally from other countries is more profitable than taking care of american foster kids, sanchez and his wife are trained to handle children with behavioral problems and they have housed and cared for 20 foster children in the seattle area but now they've been told to vacate their home to make room for unaccompanied minors. the family was renting a home from friends of youth. and investigation says, quote, the organization saw a new funding source with the federal government office of refugee resettlement and decided to use the house for undocumented immigrant children. the investigation goes on to say the sanchez family is astonished that friends of youth would remove washington children who are making strides in a foster home and replace them with
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children from the border which friends of youth claim the program to house migrant kids came about before the border crisis began several weeks ago. as for the sanchez family they say they will easily find a new place but the four children in their foster care will likely be required to move to new homes. in california the situation is almost reversed where foster families are being asked to take in unaccompanied minors. this message, quote, this is an emergency message please respond to this urgent message from the community care licensing division, ld would like to know how many available beds you have, the message they asked foster parents, exactly how many beds from 0 to 26. >> this doesn't exactly make sense because normally the maximum they would put in a
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foster home is six. that is the ideal. they don't like to go about that. >> reporter: that is six unless you have thousands of kids crowding border facilities that were intended to house hundreds. shannon: these are human beings, thank you very much. in minneapolis, an autonomous zone, law enforcement not welcome as the trial of the police officer charged with his murder moves forward, business owners are growing concerned about when it finally comes down. mike tobin reporting live with the latest. >> day 2 of testimony in the trial of derek chauvin got emotional particularly when the jury heard from an off-duty emergency medical technician who was on the scene. genevieve hansen testified when
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she arrived on may 20 fifth she could tell george floyd was in an altered state of consciousness and needed medical attention but when she identified herself as an emergency medical technician, officer tout pushed her away. >> totally distressed. >> reporter: donald williams had his second day on the stand, he shouts and curses at the officers and repeatedly called derek chauvin a bum. williams's testimony goes beyond a witness because he has experience as a martial arts fighter and the discipline that uses chokehold. he testified derek chauvin used what williams call the choke on george floyd but the tense exchange came as defense attorney eric nelson pressed that williams was getting emotional at the scene. >> he grew angrier and angrier. >> and over on cnn commentator
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van jones will not wait for testimony in the jury's decision, he says this is a time bomb and there must be a guilty verdict or else. >> if you can do this in broad daylight and not go to jail it will be perceived as open season telling police officers coast to coast you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight. >> very small number of demonstrators out today, one teacher chained herself to the fence but no distraction, no arrests. shannon: mike tobin continuing to cover the trial, thank you very much. coronavirus cases spiking, civil democrat run states in the northeast at the precipice of a fourth wave. the news comes as the governor of one of those states, andrew cuomo faces new scrutiny tonight of the claims his administration prioritized family and friends for covid testing which was hard to get in the early days of the pandemic. alexander has the latest live in
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new york city. >> reporter: a massive spike in cases around the country, health officials are pointing to loosening restrictions, some infectious variance and people who are asking and thinking the pandemic is over. in new york the governor is facing scrutiny for his handling of the early days of the pandemic. anger over a report that new york governor andrew cuomo's vip friends and family had priority covid 19 testing access during the start of the pandemic. the list of 100 people including the governor's brother, cnn anchor and his brother-in-law, clothing designer kevin paul. cuomo's attorney responding in part, quote, when priority was given it was to nursing homes, guardsmen, state workers and other government officials
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central to the pandemic response and those they were in direct contact with. meanwhile now more than one year into the pandemic of possible fourth wave comedy medic increase of cases in states including new york, new jersey, connecticut and michigan, case numbers are down in places like texas and louisiana where governor john bell edwards and plans to increase capacity for some businesses this week but mask mandates will remain, something health workers welcome. >> going to increase capacity and estate, you need to tell people that is important to wear a mask. >> the cdc says 25% of americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, the white house is urging americans not to let their guard down. >> people across the country, business owners to local elected officials even in some states where governors have been pulling back the restrictions there are local leaders and local businesses are bigger businesses who kept them in place and it is important for people to hear that we are still in a war with this virus and
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people need to still be vigilant to return to normal. >> reporter: as the vaccine rollout and eligibility expand to new age groups the cdc director is saying in clinical trials and real-world data, those who received both doses of the pfizer or moderna vaccine have an efficacy rate of 90% won't either contract or transmit the virus. >> alex hogan, thanks. we are getting new information about a reported multimillion dollar ice plan to provide migrant families with hotel rooms, free health screenings and coronavirus tests among other amenities, releasing them after 72 hours. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick will discuss the ongoing border crisis and the numbers continue to swell. good to have you back. >> good to be with you. >> i want to say something i don't know if you heard earlier in the show but we have a
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soundbite from alexandria ocasio cortez, the terminology that has been used about what is happening, here's what she said. >> i want to say what about the surge, first of all just get check stop. anyone who use using the term surge around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame. this is not a surge, these are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded. >> there has been a lot made about the semantics of this, is a challenge, is it a surge? just give us the lowdown what is happening at the border. >> the more i hear her speak the more i realize she is clueless about what is going on in the world. she is truly clueless about what happened on the border.
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it is a surge. we are almost double the number of people we were apprehending a couple months ago. this month we apprehended 21,000 people the third week of march, 27,000 people, 75% of those that we apprehend our ot ms other than mexico, all over central, south america and around the world. what aoc says continues to be idiotic and irresponsible. we had a texas ranger save the baby that was thrown in the river recently. we had a child drowned in the river, 10,000 overflowing at various bases, federal facilities, private facilities the federal government is taking over. aoc, if she isn't idiotic at what she says been she knows better and is lying to the american people. i am fed up quite frankly with all these people in washington who have no idea what is
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happening on the border or they know and are lying to the american public. the biden that ministration must know. he is in contact with his cabinet members, agency officials, and it is a tragedy that is happening. shannon: she hasn't been there this time so she has to have some concept of what is happening, we heard from democrats and republicans, i keep thinking of congressman henry cuellar, this is impacting him and his constituents, he was first to release pictures from inside. this bipartisan objection, bipartisan concern as human beings have bubbled up to the biden administration, there can be no doubt about that. senator lindsey graham last week said he talked to top border officials who told him he briefed the biden transition team who asked what will happen if we reverse these trump policies. he says they were sold -- told this was what would happen and he's looking for answers who in
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washington was informed, kevin cork reported earlier about the washington post, talking about thousands of people, tens of millions of dollars to give them testing which is good. everybody agrees they should have covid testing and healthcare. where do we go from here, there's no appetite with republicans or democrats for getting this resolved in a more permanent substantive way. >> when donald trump was in office, he solved this problem not totally, you will never end up 100% of people crossing the border illegally. but he made those agreements with the mexican president, they put troops on the border, they kept everyone seeking asylum in mexico so they could come here orderly when their time was served. since biden came in i thought
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obama was bad on the border, biden has made obama look like a piper in terms of border policy, biden is being lied to by his cabinet officials, either he knows the truth and is lying to the american public because it is so obvious to see even people around the country who do not live in texas can watch the videos, the limited videos and limited photographs but we are overrun. america is under siege. don't care what aoc says, it is an invasion of people from around the world coming here. it is a surge, aoc, coming here. we are up 100% over 2020 in this period of time with families, 180% from unaccompanied minors here, what are we going to do with these children and the hotel package they put together comes out to thousands and thousands of dollars per illegal immigrant, flying them all over
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the country, and my guess is what comes with the hotel package is fast, express lane citizenship before the 2024 election and some of those folks they legalize for a vote harvesting. this is about democrats taking power permanently in this country on the backs of these people they will sign up, with voter registration and that is what this is all about. how can you deny it at this point? you cannot make an excuse for kids drowning in the river, state and country being overrun when they are in plain daylight plane to see. shannon: people who are coyotes and smugglers receiving the message that if they can just get here their life will have more promise and that is an appealing message for people entire straits, human beings and we have to figure this out, thank you for coming in.
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outrage tonight as in person classes for immigrant children in the us illegally, thousands of california children still not allowed back in their classrooms. we talk to a california parent and talk radio show host about that next.
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>> shannon: time to dig shannon: time to dig the produca couple stories we told you about earlier on the show, foster parent asked to leave their home to make way for migrant children and teachers claiming to teach migrant children in person as actual students languish with virtual learning. let's bring in marcelino mel those in radio talkshow host jason grant. great to have you both with us. let's start with san diego. we are told there are children
12:26 am
who came here illegally, they sent a call for teachers who would be willing to teach them and here's what we have, a statement from a social service nonprofit group, that all children in california regardless of immigration status have a constitutional right to education, teachers participating in the program are doing so voluntarily and they are following the covid 19 screening protocol from the cdc, 3 children who have not been in school for the past year, your reaction? >> thanks for having me on. the issue we have, most of our parents doing remote learning with our kids is the san diego county office of education is saying the children regardless of immigration status have the right, constitutional right to education yet our kids who are
12:27 am
californians are being denied this same axis. i'm hearing today that 13% of these kids that are in these facilities already have covid and these teachers are more than willing to teach in person. i'm hearing volunteers which i'm sure there's some sort of compensation. parents are struggling at home the past year, it is a slap in the face to us who are calling for the introduction of impersonal class instruction. >> there's a lot of frustration about why the union and a teacher to been so adamant about not going back to the traditional in person schooling and those who want to volunteer, want to talk about washington state as well because you've been following this story, you talked to the family involved here, this family has been fostering children for a number of years, told the places they had for that they have to vacate because the facilities will be used for migrant children.
12:28 am
this is the organization where the facility is, they say this isn't about the current surge of kids at the border, they say this is not a program created in response to or in conjunction with the current situation of children who need housing at the border so what have you found? >> that is what they are saying but they made the decision to remove their families from this home giving them 45 days notice and there's an eviction moratorium and this would not apply to that circumstance. they get funding from the biden administration, 400,$000 over six months and claiming somehow while turning this home into a group home for migrants from the border that they are not making additional money off of this than they otherwise would if the family was still there. on the surface that doesn't make sense. you clearly have more kids there. the idea that it will not be subsidized more than a family of 6 is kind of ridiculous but let's go with that and say that
12:29 am
is the case. you are actively deciding to turn your back on your neighbors, kids who are living right now in washington state during a crisis, while we do not have enough housing or enough foster parents to take care of a crisis we have right now. you turn your back on them for folks at the border you can be compassionate and address both issues without turning people to the street. in this case one of the teenagers and these are all teenagers in his home, ran away. we don't know where that kid is and we hope he doesn't become another statistic who ends up becoming homeless. shannon: one of the reports that i know you talked to the father said they had a devastating impact on the four kids they had in foster care, they are likely to move to other homes, one of them is in the hospital with panic attacks and another one has not come back and the wife is distraught as well, the
12:30 am
children were part of their home and now they are elsewhere. we will continue to follow the stories, please keep us updated, thank you both for your time. president biden unveils the first round of judicial nominees highlighting their diversity. could ask say it should be about intellect, not skin color, we will debate it next. i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than
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12:35 am
17-year-old woman and that is verifiably false, people, travel records and see that that's not the case. what is happening is an extortion. >> during the virtual classroom. is a lot in county virginia teacher called out a student for not acknowledging the race of two women in a picture specifically. >> what this seems to be a picture. >> two people. >> there's nothing noticeable about this. >> i am confused. are you trying to say there are two different races in this picture? >> yes. >> went on to ask the teacher wouldn't doing that feed into the problem of looking at people on the basis of race instead of simply for who they are. and episode of spongebob square pants is shown due to the recent activity over the covid pandemic. in this episode a case of clam is traced to a crab restaurant forcing patrons to quarantine,
12:36 am
not going to be aired but the fact checker the washington post giving biden four pinocchios of the claimant in georgia voting law, quote, ends voting hours early. in a single expert they spoke to could understand why the president made that claim. president biden unveiling around of the judicial nominees, racially diverse and closely feel group that includes candidates one of them would be the first muslim federal judge in us history and three african-american women nominated to federal court of appeal. let's talk about this with judicial crisis network president and berkeley professor john you. welcome back to both of you. senator maisie hirono was lauding the diversity of this group but says this was over his four years in office donald trump nominated a series of extreme, unqualified and
12:37 am
ideologically driven judges to lifetime appointments that will have an enduring impact on issues such as a woman's right to choose, voting rights and civil rights, she is a fan of the new was named list. >> of course she is. i have to say i am a fan of what martin luther king said which was people should be chosen not based on the color of their skin but the content of their character. that is what donald trump looked at, a group of nominees reflected the diversity in the legal community but it is galling to hear people trumpeting diversity from the same party that engaged in the high-tech lynching against clarence thomas who filibustered judge janice rogers brown, an african american judge retired from the dc circuit, who attacked trump nominees, they don't want diversity, they want judges who will be the ideological basis they agree with and want.
12:38 am
>> biden named divers nominees from the federal bench, the first round of nominations, the campaign promise to draw from a more diverse pool, to redefine what it means to be qualified for the federal bench. what does that tell you? redefining what it is to be qualified? >> biden is keeping his campaign promise. he said he would pick an african-american woman to the supreme court, he is already getting some practice, three african-american women to join circuit courts. is it really, is diversity anything more than skin deep? does mister biden actually think a brown judge, black judge,
12:39 am
white judge can decide cases differently because of their skin color, i hope not and if you look at the qualifications of these nominees are they all that different? on the basis of skin color they may be diverse but they want to good law schools, the same federal judges, the same courts the trump judges did, a lot of them worked in big law firms, represented corporations, summer prosecutors. they are racially diverse but seem to be from the same legal elites that donald trump was picking from or obama. >> a fifth circuit judge, before the house judiciary committee inequality of opportunity is fundamental to who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation. the means two things, we must do everything to ensure everyone truly has the opportunity to succeed and we must never been the most to favor anyone. doctor king had a right to choose people based on who they are, not what they look like. that echoes what you were saying earlier.
12:40 am
>> exactly the right approach and the most fundamental thing we should be looking at is how they approach the law. we want judges on any side of the aisle to be looking at what the law says, that is what we should be focusing on, not someone with an ideological basis and if biden is just trying to check diversity boxes, i am concerned we are think people picked to satisfy declan interest that helped biden get into office, millions of dollars spent on that, and people who are dictating which interests get put on the court in terms of trying to get a political outcome rather than just someone who is evenhandedly interpreting the law. shannon: a lot of folks who are supportive of this say the vast majority of nominees over the years up and white men and it would be helpful to have a different perspective on the court. >> undeniably true but why does the difference in perspective
12:41 am
have to be skin color? if you're being sentenced by judge you wanted to be different? do you want to go to jail for different length of time because of the skin color of the judge? it is different from whether they went to a different law school what region they are from. that is so new ferris about this to equate skin color with the way someone thinks, there ideologically or beliefs. that is what doctor martin luther king was talking about. shannon: thank you both, see you soon. being strong in the face of fear. as we wrap up women's history month meet a woman who has done that. former miss universe, how her faith guides her next. being a good father is important to me so being diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. my doctor said i could start on keytruda, so i did. with each scan, things just got better. in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients
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♪ hello, colonial penn? >> shannon: exciting day after much anticipation and lots of support from you at home to my new book, the women of the bible is out today -- thanks to you it's up to shannon: exciting day of anticipation, my new book the women of the bible speakers out
12:46 am
today and thanks to you it is number for the amazon new release list. joining us to talk about the inspiration in these story, former miss universe, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you for having me and congratulations with your book, i received my copy in the mail today, ordered it a couple weeks ago and i'm so excited for so many women to be encouraged by your book. it is a phenomenal job just bringing these women, thousands of years ago for reminding us that god they worship and praise who is the same god that performs miracles today. shannon: that is the message i hope people will get, it is timeless thing we all struggle with certain things and women who lived centuries ago are much like us today, you had a chance to read the book and you were interested in the chapter about outsiders, hard for a lot of folks to look at you and think she has been so successful but have you had those moments of
12:47 am
feeling like an outsider like these women did and how is your faith? >> i think this book of outsiders has encouraged me to remind me god can use and will use ordinary women who stand where they are, use what they have and make him do the work that god set before them. we do not need to be fearful, the work that is set out before us and sometimes that might be unfamiliar territory but knowing they are there for us, it is always encouraging. shannon: me too. i think about these women in the story of ruth is a beautiful one because we hear her words in marriage vows are marriage
12:48 am
ceremonies people are involved in about don't make me leave you, i will come with you where you go, your people will be my people, your god will be my god and i love to tell the story about ruth in this book and what is behind those words, they are very beautiful but she gave up a lot to follow and be faithful and be in service to someone else and that is something you know a lot about as well. >> very true. she did not need to go with naomi, her mother-in-law, she did not go back, she could have stayed where she was and instead she chose to go with naomi and the chapter in the bible again, naomi for a certain part of that road, not even once, i think back four times and a new life but ruth, stayed faithful and loyal to naomi and look how that paid off. we know the roof is part of jesus christ and with easter coming up, that is a great reminder once again of how much
12:49 am
faithfulness can be blessed. shannon: it can and i wanted to see as we go through the week for the holiest week, the crucifixion and the resurrection and the fact that he revealed himself to mary magdalene, a woman he revealed himself to, she then is essentially the first evangelist in sharing the good news. i hope folks will be encouraged this holy weekend beyond, strong and faithful as you said, just m he was back then and thank you for taking time to read us and to be with us tonight. >> thank you for having me and congratulations once again. coming up, do you support the green deal? a lot of it is expected to be woven through the president's
12:50 am
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shannon: in a few hours weeks but to get new details about president biden's infrastructure plan, the green new deal is expected to prominently feature. chad program looks at a related
12:54 am
plan and how the president plans to pay for this. >> reporter: a costly cousin of the green new deal. >> $1 trillion a year over the next we 10 years. >> reporter: salons republicans after congress for $6 trillion so far for the pandemic. >> even after what we did last year our national debt became the size of our economy. >> reporter: democrats went beyond congressional infrastructure. >> every roads we said, every bridge we build we can do a way that is better for the climber worse than the climate. >> reporter: the democrats plan addresses social inequities. >> we need this plan to fight systemic racism, protect public health and cut down on climate pollution. >> reporter: republicans accused democrats of tying legal publicly policy goals, and infrastructure bill. >> a trojan horse under the auspices of new roads and bridges.
12:55 am
>> president biden raising taxes. >> more can be done to make the corporate tax code fair. >> reporter: the corporate tax rate jumping 20% wiping out the trump tax cuts for the top individual rates to nearly 40%, earning 400,$000 a year. >> how this is used in the economy. >> reporter: democrats use legislation as a means to a end. >> they make their tax system fairer and more just. >> they use a filibuster proof tax on reconciliation. they use that, $1.9 trillion covid package a month ago. there are limits to using reconciliation. democrats may test the limits to enact their bills. shannon: finally tonight, a struggling single mother left without a job because of the
12:56 am
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>> 4100 subjects in this location, 700% over capacity. jillian: cramped in cages, shocking images show thousands of children inside migrant facilities as texas rangers thrown into the rio grande river. a live report. >> biden's spending spree, the president expected to roll out his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, how will he pay for it?


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