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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  March 31, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: the cameras are in and they have crayons and baby diapers and shelves in the background but you have the overcrowding situation that is extraordinary and hard to look at. >> dana: very upsetting. the white house is letting reporters inside this facility here in donna, texas where migrants are packed in holding areas. the video showing kids banging on glass walls and sleeping on matts shoulder to shoulder on the floor. it is over capacity and don't expect the surge to slow up any time soon. >> capacity for this location for covid purposes is 250. previous to that it was 2,000. we hold 4100 subjects in this facility. we're 700% over capacity. >> as we look at the threat and some of the traffic patterns we see and i fully expect based
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upon what we've already apprehended and looking at what is remaining in the fiscal year we'll have approximately a million encounters this year. >> bill: think about that a million encounters this year. we begin casey stiegel is live in eagle pass, texas, we'll begin with you there, casey, hello. >> bill, hello and dana good morning to you as well. the youngest child by the way spotted at that facility on that tour yesterday, four months old. it was laying on a mat on the floor. officials say in terms of the overall census numbers you just gave at that facility, the bulk of those are kids. unaccompanied minors. 3400 out of the roughly 4100 there. officials say at least 39 of those kids have been at that processing site for now more than 15 days. the video shows extremely
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crowded conditions, the gym mats they're sleeping in are three inches. giving a metallic sheet for a blanket and a sense of scale, here is that exact same tent city in donna, texas, by air. 185,000 square feet on 40 acres and as we've heard and seen, it is still not enough. >> the little girl i talked to a while ago said she had lost her mama and she doesn't have a father. she is coming into this country because her uncle is going to be the sponsor. >> two days in a row now moments after first launching when the sun came out the fox news flight team drone now over an apprehension taking place not far from us over in the ryo grand valley sector. they are leading that group of migrants down that trail there by the wall. they essentially lead them to a big area where they can get
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them grouped and their identification, get them loaded into vans and processed. meantime the latest emergency intake center now open at fort bliss near el paso. the first bus is 500 kids arrived there yesterday. that location can house up to 15,000 -- 5,000, i should say. as you well know, it is being used in addition to joint base san antonio and other military installations, convention centers trying to put them anywhere they can. >> bill: these numbers are stunning. casey, thank you for that. want to bring in ron vitiello former acting customs enforcement director and border patrol chief. good morning, sir. where do we go from here? >> it doesn't look like there is an end in sight to this, right? there is nothing in the policy scenario that reverses what this administration has done. and so there is a signal across
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the globe if you send your child to the border we'll welcome them and bring them in. they're in tough conditions. you have to feel really bad for these children. it took us 70 days into this administration before we saw somebody in a border patrol uniform talk about the problem. they've been dealing with it since january 21 when it all started. you have to feel bad for this workforce and family. they must be so stretched out. you walk into a facility with thousands of kids waiting for your attention and you work all day to comfort them and get them transferred over to h.h.s. come back the next day and they're still there. it is a terrible situation with no end in sight. we reversed all the policies and tools that prevent surges like this one. and we're not going back. we're doubling down on what is supposed to be compassionate but it is not compassionate if you are stuffed in a room with hundreds of other kids after this terrible journey through the pipeline where you were taken advantage of by corrupt governments and government
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officials. >> bill: during a pandemic. >> the whole thing with covid and everybody stuffed into stash houses and tractor trailers and car crashes. misery across the board. no one wins except the cartels. they make money hand over fist. half of the border patrol staff is caring for children. the border is much less protected than it should be. >> dana: the cartels know that. let's take a little look back. this is how democrats dealt with images not to the extent of this in any way back a couple years ago. >> i will also immediately put in place a meaningful process for reviewing the cases for asylum. i will release children from cages. i will get rid of the private detention centers. >> we aren't going to separate families or put kids in cages or build more fences. >> what we can't do is not live our values. i've been to the border and
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seen the mothers and the cages of babies. >> putting kids in cages at the border, separating families? that's not what we've done and who we are. >> i refuse to believe we're a country that thinks it's all right to put kids in cages. >> dana: last night ted cruz senator from texas said this. >> for four years we heard democrats and the media screaming about kids in cages under donald trump. what they didn't admit is barack obama built the cages, and joe biden is building new cages and they are bigger and more full. >> dana: hypocrisy? it happens in washington, we know. this is actually now creating a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> that's the point, right? these politicians can say all they want to say about what happens at the border and what they should or shouldn't do. many of the people we heard talk were in congress when these laws were crafted and the effect of the first humanitarian crisis in 2014 joe biden was the vice president.
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nothing has changed as it relates to the immigration framework and why we have this problem. loopholes in the law that trafficking and victims protection act was to protect children from being human trafficked. it is not -- it wasn't designed for them to come in droves to the country and be released to sponsors in the u.s. the congress and the administration have failed to act. what they need to do now is give the border, cbp and hhs the kind of resources they'll need to cover what's going on now in the surge. they also have to sit down and look at the immigration framework to see if they can prevent this from happening year-over-year. again, the whole globe knows we are going soft on immigration enforcement and border security. >> bill: you have to be willing to change your policy, you're right about that. one number fully expects border patrol to encounter a million migrants this year. there is another caravan in honduras. they're on their way as well. talk to you again very soon.
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>> appreciate it. >> dana: the president currently has no plans to visit the border as the migrant crisis gets worse and key ambassadorships in central america go unfilled. they have yet to name ambassadors to mexico, el salvador and honduras. the guatemala guatemala ambassador was confirmed during the trump administration. >> bill: that might be important? >> dana: you want to make sure you have people there to work on the problem. >> bill: a good question for kamala harris. >> dana: love the opportunity. president biden expected to unveil a 2.5 trillion spending package later today in pittsburgh. "new york post" today saying get ready to fork it over. the white house will raise corporate tax rate along with other tax overhauls. spending plan is for eight years. taxes will go up for 15 years to cover the cost. let's figure out the math with mark meredith live at the white house. >> they say later today president biden will head to pittsburgh to lay out his
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vision for the spending bill they are calling the american jobs plan calls for raising taxes on u.s. corporations, spend money on bridges and roads expanding broadband access and clean energy programs. what to expect in this including $00 bill for transportation infrastructure and more money for research and development in several sectors. the white house admits taxes will have to go up. >> what the president proposed is changes to make the corporate tax code more fair. bring the rate from 21% to 28%. what it was before president trump took office and most americans don't think we should send jobs overseas. if people have alternative proposals we're happy to hear about them. this is the beginning of a process. >> the white house is offering a vision. congress has to come up with final details and likely to
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face fierce republican opposition to any tax hikes as some republicans question the need to spend so much money right now. >> the country was doing well a year ago until the coronavirus hit. thank goodness now we have the vaccines and get the economy back on track by getting our country open. there is a problem for infusing way too much cash into a system that right now may have difficulty absorbing it. >> this is only part one of the white house's economic plan. we're expect than to get more details what they envision for healthcare and social programs later in april. we'll get a better idea who the president thinks around 4:20 today when he speaks in pittsburgh. >> dana: we'll tune in. >> bill: so much more coming up in a moment. larry kudlow will join our coverage and get his take on what we've learned about the infrastructure deal. how do they come up with the money?
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how does $350 billion go here and $600 billion go there? >> dana: they call it a wag. i don't know if you can say it on tv. wild something guess. when he gives a speech today i think it will be very popular and interesting to see how the republicans decide to try to push back on it. >> bill: we have democrats not happy with the number and there are reasons for that and we'll get to it. first fox news alert major headline happening last hour. pfizer announcing covid-19 vaccine is 100% effective in children between 12 and 15 years of age. wow, dr. marc siegel is here on that. tell us what it means. >> good morning. i talked to dr. paul spearman, the head of infectious diseases involved in the clinical trials and very excited about this.
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100% effective in 2260 children mean none of them got covid-19. none tested positive. this is because young adolescents have strong immune system. what does this mean for the country? bill, 23% of the country is under the age of 16. 23%. we've heard a lot of talk about herd immunity. you can't get there without vaccinating young adolescents and children. a huge step in the right direction. a huge step towards schools reopening which should have happened already. this really will take any excuse away from that. the most important thing here of all is this, we're part of a herd. we can't only be protecting ourselves. we want to protect those around us. that's the number one reason to get a vaccine. cdc said early this week wow, the vaccine stops trance missability. people aren't carrying the virus who are vaccinated. the more people we vaccinate the more we'll protect someone out there who can't get the vaccine. too sick or immunocompromised.
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this vaccine will also protect 12 to 15-year-olds who have obesity or have pre-existing conditions, who have diabetes, who are at high risk of complications of covid. >> bill: doctor, you mentioned dr. spearman in cincinnati children's. did they expect this? in adults they're saying it's 80, 92% effective after your second shot. in kids 100% effective? why would that be? >> dr. spearman is a great physician. he was blown away by this. it is beyond expectations. and it is because of the robust immune system of children. but you know what? this is a message to all of america. this vaccine is extraordinary. you thought 95% was good. how about 100%. for parents who worry about safety, not one kid had a serious side effect from this vaccine out of 2216. not one. extremely safe vaccine beyond effective of any vaccines we've
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seen in recent history. >> bill: marc siegel on that. pfizer says it's 100% effective wow in kids 12 to 15. thank you for that. the excuses for not being in the classroom are getting less and less. >> dana: there is a report in some states there is a lack of more people wanting to get the vaccine right now because the people who really wanted it got it and if you open it up to 12 to 15-year-olds you can get more shots in arms. >> bill: big deal as we say. is there an acronym for that? there is somewhere. >> dana: i didn't want to be the one that broke the rule. restaurants and venues require proof of vaccination at the door known as a vaccine passport. would that violate civil liberties? we are going to act former new jersey governor chris christie. >> a "new york times" report revealing d.o.j. investigating whether or not matt gaetz violated federal sex trafficking laws and how he is
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responding today. >> dana: civil rights group are suing the state of georgia over the new voting law saying it is designed to keep minority voters away from the polls but state officials say it is false. >> it is open season on voting all done with no records that substantiate the need for these draconian measures. uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> bill: from minneapolis the derek chauvin begins next hour. yesterday there was an emotional eyewitness account yesterday from a teenager who recorded that encounter on her cell phone saying it looked like george floyd was taking smaller breaths and she thought something wasn't right. her words. prosecutors expect to call more witnesses today. we're live at the courthouse in minneapolis with the developments next hour when they get underway.
6:22 am
given the fact they're minors even though with cameras in the courtroom because of covid they aren't showing their faces. >> dana: anguish with the young people including the young girl that took the video said that every night she thinks about how she could have done more. and she apologizes to george floyd. we'll talk more about that of course. now this. they say the legislation is discriminatory and imposes restrictions that impact minority voters. defenders insist the sweeping changes make elections more secure. here to talk about this is chief operating officer for georgia's secretary of state's office gabriel sterling. i want to set the stage with the sound bite from the naacp president of the legal defense fund. sfwloo we're intimately aware of how these measures were rammed through and how no record was created to support them. we have a chance to lay this all out to a fair minded judge
6:23 am
i have no doubt that we will prevail in this case. this is a shameful moment that harkens back to the days before the civil rights movement and we have to call it what it is. this is racial voter suppression. >> dana: i want to set the stage also. the "washington post" did a fact check on president biden's claims about the lawyer. four pinocchios for president biden. the law made changes to early voting but experts say the net effect was to expand the opportunity to vote for most people in georgia, not limit them. how do you think the naacp and others have gotten this so wrong then? >> well -- >> dana: stay with us. we're working on this audio. >> bill: hang on one second. we missed the first part of your answer. the allegation against georgia is that you are going back to
6:24 am
the 1950s and that these were jim crow election laws. the "washington post" says nothing in the new law changes the rules from election day in georgia. explain how so many got it so wrong. >> they have every interest if getting it wrong. it does two great things like the naacp. lets them raise a lot of money and turn out for elections. a great turnout model for stacey abrams in 2020 for joe biden. and they have every interest in essentially i can't call it anything else lying about the bill. that's all they're doing. the bill -- yesterday -- >> bill: that's unfortunate. we have storms moving through the atlanta area. >> dana: january >> dana: -- >> bill: we're getting breakup. a specific question for you. why in the new measures do you not allow water or food to be given to people waiting in line to vote? that's been talked about a lot
6:25 am
over five days. please explain. >> the reality of it is we've had a law in every state in the nation has a law that says you can't campaign within 150 feet of the polling location. now, what was happening in georgia people were using water and food to get around that. we had to make a bright line. they can give water and food outside the 150 feet. in november and january there are no lines to do that with. so it was a really bad optic, a good talking point for them. how does it suppress anyone's vote in a racial way? makes no sense. they'll throw whatever republicans in georgia passed they had the press release written. georgia passes voting suppression laws. >> dana: now georgia is facing boycotts for big events. companies are under a lot of pressure. is it fair to say that the georgia republicans totally botched the communications on this and now you are out here trying to explain it to everybody.
6:26 am
is the damage already done? >> i think there is some damage out there. i don't know that the republicans themselves -- i will say this. the mainstream national media lapped up what they said with nary a look at the actual bill. when donald trump made voter fraud came they investigated them. >> dana: when you know that's going to happen. if you just assume -- why not have a big explanation and you could say the original bill had things in it that were stripped out. and there might be some misconceptions on that and that's why we'll show you today and walk you through it step-by-step and then if they don't get it right you would have more of a leg to stand on. let me give you another word. >> you are preaching to the choir and why i've been on all the networks explaining it over and over again. some people don't want to hear it. i go on a liberal podcast tomorrow. i'm one person but it should
6:27 am
take a bigger effort by a lot of elected officials in the state. i don't agree with 100% in this bill. i wouldn't have stripped -- it is not racist voter suppression. it expands early voting. it mandate drop boxes. 38 counties in georgia that have none and now mandated to have them. >> dana: we appreciate you coming on. hope that you enjoy your media tour. we'll pay attention. >> bill: i think the line from the stones is they used to love you but it's all over now. what a contrast between november and today, gabe, last word. >> i'm telling the truth then and now. people need to realize and read the bill. you should really read bills before you talk about them. >> bill: my phone is telling me that it is raining in atlanta. >> dana: okay. >> bill: dramatic new video
6:28 am
showing hundreds of migrants boarding boats to make the dangerous crossing into the u.s. the strain on this sheriff's community and he has been dealing with it for months. san diego teachers offering to give lessons to migrant children. while many regular students are stuck in zoom school for a year. what the white house says about that today when josh holmes and juan williams join us next. >> how can it make sense that we can offer in person to the migrant people who just showed up and locked our students out of the classroom for over a year?
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plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> dana: fox news alert. congressman matt gaetz saying he is a victim of extortion. he is being investigated whether he had a relationship with a 17-year-old girl. we have the story from capitol when hill. >> good morning.
6:34 am
the florida congressman vehemently denying he violated any sex trafficking laws. instead claiming that he and his family were victimized by a former justice department official who demanded, he says, $25 million to make the allegations go away. gaetz claims he and his family were so disturbed by this request that they went to the f.b.i. field office in florida where his father cooperated with investigators by wearing a wire and meeting with that former d.o.j. official david mcgehee, a former assistant u.s. attorney now in private practice in florida. gaetz says the audio tapes will prove his side of the story. >> they asked my dad to wear a wire which he did with the former department of justice official. tonight i am demanding that the department of justice and the f.b.i. release the audio recordings that were made under their supervision and at their direction which will prove my innocence and that will show
6:35 am
that these allegations aren't true. >> mcgehee has denied gaetz's claims calling it an attempt to distract that he is under investigation for sex trafficking of minors. gaetz is implicated in a broader investigation with a colleague that was arrested. gaetz is allegedly under investigation for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old two years ago and paying her to travel with him. these allegations he denies and department of justice has not commented so far, dana. >> dana: thank you for the update. >> bill: san diego teachers are volunteering to give in person lessons to migrant children brought to that city's convention center despite 9% of the kids testing positive for covid. a higher rate than the thousands of local students that are stuck learning at home for a year.
6:36 am
here is the white house press secretary jen psaki when asked by kristin fisher. >> as i understand it san diego public students are opening in early april and this is related part-time and certainly you know our objective from the white house opening up five days a week. i'm saying context is important. >> bill: context with josh holmes and juan williams. good morning and how are you doing? juan, dana is in a rare mood, i'm warning you at 5:00 today be ready, all right? she is coming after you. josh, after spring break everything is going to be fine. who gets a spring break when you haven't worked in a year? >> well, yeah, that's one half of it. the other half is there are 130,000 kids in the san diego public school area who haven't been inside a classroom in a year. i didn't think it was possible to bung el the schools issues further than it was but
6:37 am
teachers unions volunteering to teach migrant children before american children. we have an unbelievable problem that someone needs to prioritize nationwide. we've allocated billions of dollars to try to open schools and yet here we are. it is really disappointing. >> bill: can you make sense of this what appears to be a bit of a contradiction of sorts? go ahead. >> first of all, i think people on the ground in san diego are dealing with an immigrant problem that we've all been discussing for some months now. and they have made a decision to make the convention center and other facilities available to these children which i think is just wonderful and then you have 900 people who are teachers who have volunteered to help in terms of allowing these children to have some education during this time because they are being held at the convention center. as for the covid issue, those who have tested positive are separate.
6:38 am
none hospitalized. nationally to josh's point about the unions and getting people back in school i'm with him. i think we should acknowledge that right now 50% -- 50% of american children are back in school. another 30% are either back in school or doing virtual instruction what they call hybrids. in one week and out the next. we're making tremendous progress there. again, in dealing with an immigrant child population, i just think it is great the people of san diego are being sympathetic and trying to help these kids going through a traumatic time. >> bill: it's one way of looking at it however, the students you are getting paid to take care of have been in zoom school for 12 months. you hold out, get the $130 billion in the stimulus bill and what's next? >> that's right. i just wish that at some point somebody in this administration would prioritize american kids. it seems to me like you have to somehow either be an illegal immigrant to get attention or
6:39 am
you've got -- i don't know what. there are impoverished school districts across this country that are serving underserved, under privileged children that have been closed, locked up and closed for a year. now i don't think we should do a darn thing until we figure out how to get those kids back in school. those are the taxpayers of the country and the people who rely on government and school boards to educate the next generation here in this country. this is the biggest no-brainer of all time. if you want to have extra teachers educate illegal immigrant populations in san diego but you want to make sure you educate your own children first, right? >> bill: teachers are making the case they want vaccinations and they don't want to be exposed to covid in the classroom. a final thought, juan. >> no problem. i just think that you should know that in san diego when the children are first responders, where the parents can't be at home they have been taking care of those kids and have had
6:40 am
in-person instructions who need special attention in the homeless shelters. but the general point is, i take it to heart, let's get the kids back in school across america. >> bill: listen, we could have done that six months ago. some schools did it a year ago. josh, thank you, juan, nice to see you. see you at 5:00 later today. fox news digital team reporting what is happening in san diego. check out and download our app for more. you can scan the qr code, dana. >> dana: i know how to do that. l.a. county's progressive new district attorney limiting charges against an alleged ms-13 gang member accused in an attack at a transgender woman last week. the deputy d.a. prosecuting the case says he was blocked from adding gang enhancement charges under orders from his boss. he has adopted sweeping criminal reforms and many in
6:41 am
law enforcement have been pushing back hard against the changes. is doing original reporting. you need to pay attention to this. it's a terrible case but happening over and over again. >> bill: with him giving breaks to those who have not been given breaks in the past. >> dana: who takes care of the victims? >> bill: he has been on the job not quite three months. >> dana: we'll stay on top of it. also republicans call it a power grab. why democrats are intent on contesting a house seat republicans won in a very close election last november. house minority leader kevin mccarthy weighs in next hour. >> he believes we should go back to the 28% rate that was the case before president trump took office. but if republicans have alternative ways to pay for it we're open to hearing that. >> the white house ready to raise taxes to fund the next $2 trillion spending plan. larry kudlow will join us to offer his thoughts on the bill and progressive pet projects that are in it.
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>> dana: president biden about to announce details on his $2 trillion spending plan including rebuilding roads and bridges as well as progressive pet projects and the chamber of commerce weighed in a moment ago calling the tax hikes dangerously misguided.
6:47 am
let's find out more from larry kudlow joining me now. your thoughts on the size of the package they'll announce and how they plan to pay for it. >> i don't know how big it is going to be. could be 3 or 4 trillion. nobody really knows. i think the chamber of commerce has it right. the business round table will oppose this. everybody loves infrastructure, bridges, roads, highways, tunnels repaired. that's fine. that's not necessary 3, 4 trillion dollars. you could do it for 1 trillion over 10 years. you could do it for $100 billion each year which i think is where g.o.p. alternative will land and fund it not with these massive tax hikes on individuals and investment and social security and businesses. you could do it through user fees, public/private partnerships, toll roads, things ever that sort. do you know the federal government is only owns 5% of
6:48 am
our nation's infrastructure. 5%. private people own 65% and states and local governments own 30%. so what you've got here is this massive oversized government. like a transformational event going back to the new deal or earlier. it is going to completely change the american economy for the worse. central planners will run our lives and i don't think that can be the good thing. >> dana: they will also include in there a lot of the elements of the green new deal. of course i think was an albatross on democrats running in 2020. they lost a lot of close races in swing districts. now you have all sorts of these things replacing every lead pipe. maybe we need to do this but the electrical vehicle stations all over the country, things like that. >> you are absolutely right. funny biden ran against green new deal but now he is
6:49 am
embracing the green new deal. really, look, this infrastructure package is the trojan horse because they will go after fossil fuels through strict regulations that will damage energy independence and the whole energy sector and raise costs. the prices are going to hit lower income people and minority groups the worst. then it is a trojan horse for big tax hikes and very important a new one. social infrastructure, okay? this is a progressive left -- social policy, welfare policies, entitlement policies. make the checks permanent. make the checks permanent and unemployment benefits permanent and child tax credit permanent, dependent care tax credit permanent. expanding medicaid and food stamps. increase in the welfare state without any work requirements. that's so important.
6:50 am
it breaks the 25-year-old clinton/gingrich welfare reforms that work so well. this is a democratic left wing utopian vision of a brand-new kind of american government and economy completely run by washington, d.c. i think it is a gigantic mistake. if this stuff goes through, through several 51-vote reconciliation bills. if this stuff goes through it will really damage the economy next year and in the out years. one last thought. people have not focused on, part of the pay for it, not just the tax increases. part of the pay for it will be a 10% or $80 billion cut in the u.s. defense budget at a time when we cannot afford to do that because of our difficult adversarial relations with china and elsewhere. it is a 10%, $80 billion cut that is in the blueprint. nobody has paid any attention to it. so this is a classic.
6:51 am
boost welfare, boost entitle also, boost taxes, punish success, green new deal and generate a dovish anti-defense, anti-military pollz. it is absolutely nuts. the totally wrong direction in my view at least. >> dana: everyone can catch your show at 4:00 on fox business. >> bill: good stuff. major is in major trouble again. president biden's dog involved at another biting incident. a second person sought medical attention. 3-year-old german shepherd nipped a national park service employee during a walk on the south lawn. employee was seen by the medical team and returned to work without injury. major sent to delaware for training after biting a secret service agent. >> dana: he is a rescue dog and maybe he is a little out of sorts. he doesn't think the white house is that great. he is like excuse me, delaware was just fine. what is this place? >> bill: i get along with
6:52 am
everybody back in delaware. >> dana: we worry for the people and at some point it could get to the point he might pose a threat to workers that work in the white house. i'm sure everybody wants major to do well but can't -- >> bill: usually you find older dogs get territorial and they act out. but at age 3 that doesn't fit the category. >> dana: maybe he is an old soul. >> bill: governor cuomo refusing to answer claims as we learn allegations of preferential treatment for his family during the covid crisis. the lineup your way next hour, here we go.
6:53 am
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i'll be observing your safe-driving abilities. play your cards right, and you could be in for a tasty discount. [ clicks pen] let's roll. hey, check it out. one time i tripped on the sidewalk over here. [ heavy-metal music playing ] -[ snoring ] -and a high of 89 degrees. [ electronic music playing ] ooh! ooh! who just gives away wood? the snapshot app from progressive rewards you for driving safe and driving less. there's an app? -[ chuckles ] beth. -save money with progressive. [ tires screech ] well, that came out of nowhere. >> bill: a new report suggesting that governor cuomo gave priority to his own family in the early days of the pandemic.
6:58 am
"washington post" reporting state health officials were busy visiting chris cuomo in the hamptons while he had covid last march as elderly new yorkers were dying in nursing homes. bryan llenas tracking down the story today. what's the latest? >> good morning. we now know more than 100 people benefited from governor andrew cuomo's preferential coronavirus testing program. the "washington post" reporting new details including that there were multiple visits, many hours spent testing the governor's brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo at his home in the hamptons. state troopers on stand by to rush covid-19 tests to the lab where they were expedited for v.i.p.s including clothing designer kenneth cole, governor cuomo's brother-in-law. nurses and staffers called these people connected to cuomo specials for priorities treated
6:59 am
like royalty a nurse said. i didn't understand why they were able to jump the line. the post reports chris cuomo received multiple at home visits and tests from top state physician eleanor adams at the same time adam was supposed to be coordinating coronavirus testing in new york's nursing homes which were desperate for those tests. a woman lost her mother to covid-19 in a new york nursing home. >> i'm so furious with this man i can't believe he had his brother tested before my mother. everyone under the son but the people who really need it, which are the ones in nursing home and assisted living facilities. >> a spokesperson for the governor denied the allegations. there was no v.i.p. program. when priority was given it to nurses, guardsmen, state workers and other government officials central to the pandemic response and called these allegations absurd and offensive.
7:00 am
>> bill: thank you, brooklyn new york on that today. thanks. >> you walk into a facility where there were thousands of kids that are waiting for your attention and you work all day to comfort them and get them transferred over to h.h.s. and come back the next day and they're still there. it is a terrible situation. >> dana: no end in sight. president biden's immigration policies drawing migrants like a magnet. they have easy access. tens of thousands of migrants packed into crowded shelters and border patrol predicting the surge will get worse. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. numbers are staggering. even though he stopped construction of the border wall president biden is paying out millions of dollars every week on wall contracts. crews ordered not to work still getting paid as abandoned construction equipment sits in
7:01 am
the desert. william la jeunesse live on the border in california. good morning, william. >> good morning, bill. secretary mayorkas was supposed to give a report in 60 days after that construction stopped on whether or not to resume, modify the contracts or terminate them all together. he is about a week late on that report. as you can see all these sites along the border are abandoned and construction has stopped. thousands of tons of steel, heavy machinery sitting idle. the guys just walked off the job and as you said, you are paying for it. experts say that canceling those valid contracts will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and could actually cost more than actually completing the project. >> the contractor hasn't stopped receiving money even though they aren't working for two months. the contractors are being paid because they have resources, workers, equipment, materials, that can't be redeployed because they're still on
7:02 am
contract to build projects. >> president trump built 455 miles of wall. biden has enough money left for about another 200 miles in 39 sites along the border. most in texas. but each unfinished project is leaving a gaping hole, hundreds of migrants going through every day. we shot this video yesterday. we thought it was a family coming through. near san diego. but the guy was a smuggler and ran back to mexico along the honduran mother and child to walk inside. and meet up with the border patrol. critics contend the fence is inhumane, harmful to the environment and happy to see it torn down and urging president biden to do so. >> it is a good thing that the construction crews are not at work right now. a good thing the bulldozers aren't destroying the border lands today as we speak.
7:03 am
but we can't breathe a sigh of relief until the construction contracts are canceled for good. >> president biden voted for 700 miles of fence in 2006. now says it's inhumane and doesn't work. what agents tell me. the last thing to go in along the fence are the lights, the cameras and sensors that give them the situational awareness so they know what's coming. none of that is in. there are no motors on any of the gates on the fence. so it is -- it's not useless by any means but with these holes in it they are being exploited every day. >> bill: coyotes and smugglers know it. >> dana: holes in the border, overwhelming surge of migrants and crowded shelters. biden administration finally allowing reporters inside giving us a look at the dreadful conditions. thousands of children packed shoulder to shoulder inside tents with hundreds more arriving every day. jackson county texas sheriff has spent the last two days on
7:04 am
the border and says conditions are the worst he has ever seen. he joins us now. i want to provide a chance for people to look at video you provided to us through one of your contacts. this is video showing a line of migrants waiting to cross the border in a dinghy and you can see there is -- you don't need binoculars, you can see it right there, sheriff. >> good morning, dana. thank you for having me on the show. you are seeing the effects of a zero border policy by the biden administration. >> dana: let me ask you about just what you are seeing there. i know that from talking to our producers i know you are quite distressed by the situation saying it has never been as bad as you see it now. >> dana, texas sheriffs on the border and the other border states, the sheriffs there are reporting unbelievable numbers that are coming across. in the rio grande valley where i spent the last few days the
7:05 am
entire aspect of these policies are apparent. we see them in the interior of texas on a county right next to me yesterday had a cabbage truck that overturned and was -- had eight illegal aliens amid the cabbage. >> dana: this is a picture of a bunch of cabbage boxes and officers found several migrants waiting inside. >> there were eight illegal aliens inside that were hiding in the cabbage. none seriously hurt, thank god. in injuries or no serious injuries and no deaths. but this is what we're seeing across texas from the theft of large trucks for human trafficking purposes. there is no part of -- texas sheriffs are calling me and telling me that the illegal aliens are bailing out on a regular basis, showing up on people's front door steps here
7:06 am
in rural texas. i mean, it's an absolute policy that was preventable where we went from total stable border to abject chaos here in texas and soon to spread and spreading throughout the united states. >> dana: what would you like the biden administration to do if they could do it right now. >> obviously the key here -- i'm going to touch on truth here a little bit. the truth is fleeting at this moment. whether it's misspoken or misunderstand but i believe the american public has to understand what's being told them by this administration is false. it's a false narrative. it is not based on reality. with truth comes trust and down
7:07 am
at the border yesterday most of the delegation there, the actual real problem here is an administration that is not being truthful to the american public. in law enforcement here in the nation truth is a fundamental that we live by here. and so we have an administration here that's created this problem despite -- despite being told by professionals, the men and women of the border patrol, the true professionals who are in charge of this who were not listened to and not heeded after exhaustive meetings about this. it is very disconcerting to texas sheriffs about this and other sheriffs across this nation. >> dana: sheriff, thank you for coming on the show. we want to stay in touch with you. doesn't look like it will abate any time soon. >> thank you. >> it is completely unacceptable for either the
7:08 am
government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society. >> bill: that's the governor of florida ron desantis slamming the idea of a vaccine passport that could allow businesses and events to verify you have been given the vaccine. the concept raising a red flag about government overreach. want to talk about that with former governor chris christie. welcome to our program. it has been some time. thanks for being here. to set up the argument this way. "washington post" vaccine passports are already turning into a culture war. vaccine passports are the new mask depending where you are, what you read and how you vote. either the badge of the oppressor or the brand born by the righteous. they will either solve everything or nothing. how do you see it, governor? >> look, i think this is much too important a public health issue for us to be playing
7:09 am
games with something like a vaccine passport. what we should be working on is getting people the information they need to be able to feel comfortable being vaccinated. there are lots of people that have lots of questions on there. they're valid ones and we should be working hard to make sure we answer those questions. any of us who have had covid and been vaccinated the medical community and this discussion of vaccine passports and all the rest of that just sounds to me like another idea of big government run amuck. what we need to be working on is making sure that people stay healthy so that we can get lives completely back to normal here in this country. >> dana: what do you think the government needs to do to get people to want to get the vaccine. pfizer's vaccine is 100% effective for 12 to 15-year-olds. >> well dana, listen, it's about giving people the facts. first off about how random this disease is. as you know, i got it last october and what was supposed to be the safest place in america, the white house where i was getting tested every day
7:10 am
when i entered the gates and tested negative and three days after i left the white house wound up along with president trump and hope hicks and kellyanne conway had covid. people need to understand there is no place that's safe from covid. second, make sure they understand how random it is once you get it. no matter what you've read about it people don't understand enough about this disease to predict it with certainty. for me i had a 62-year-old cousin and her husband both in good health, one of them a long shoreman on the new jersey docks working in a physical job every day, both got covid and four weeks ago they both passed away. so when you get it, you don't know what it is going to do to you. so what the vaccine is, which by the way had four times the number of people normally going through a clinical trial to make sure it was safe. when people hear that it moves them and they know now that no one has died from the vaccine.
7:11 am
no serious side effects for anyone from the vaccine and like putting your seat belt on when you get in the car. it doesn't guarantee that you won't get sick but it makes it much less likely that you get very sick or die from this in the same way that putting on a seat belt makes it much less likely. >> bill: it is a fascinating a answer. thank you for offering that. a quick clip you are involved in a psa to encourage the vaccine with good reason based on that last answer. a quick look here. >> covid-19 has changed how we express our faith and gather to worship. we all want to get back to how we pray. >> bill: before you go, how do you think this administration and this president is doing? >> look, i think he is doing what every democratic administration in the last 30 years has done, which is when they get a small bit of power, the very narrow margins that
7:12 am
they have in the house and senate, they overreach and they do things that are well beyond what the american people are going to want them to do. 1.9 trillion spending program, now this move to raise taxes and have a biggest tax increase in american history. these types of overreaches are well beyond what president biden said he was going to do in the campaign. i'm still searching for the bipartisanship and togetherness that the president said he was going to bring. so right now i'm very skeptical about what is happening in this administration and disappointed as i think many americans are that he is not trying the country together and form consensus. instead he is going to the far left. a lot of things you've seen him do is way to the far left. >> bill: thank you for your time and hope you come back soon. >> dana: hope to see you soon, thank you. >> great to see you both. >> dana: china blowing a hole in u.s. efforts to contain iran. >> the biden administration is way over their head on this and they are playing nice and being
7:13 am
naive and china is running all over them. >> dana: china's new deal with iran cree iting a major challenge for president biden. >> bill: the president's aggressive new spending plan and what it means for taxpayers when you talk about another $2 trillion. ♪ hey big spender, hey big spender ♪ at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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>> dana: president biden unveiling a new spending bill that calls for higher taxes. it is expected to cost more than $2 trillion. the bill is backed with some items from the progressive wish list like portions of the green
7:19 am
new deal. the key question whether any republicans or moderate democrats will support it. peter doocy is live in pittsburgh where the president will unveil his plan later today. peter, it might be causing sticker shock when people hear about this. >> yes, dana. the white house is saying that if people don't want taxes to go up those people need to convince them there is a smarter way to pay for all this. >> what the president proposed is changes to the corporate -- to make the corporate tax code more fair, bring the rate from 21% up to 28%. what it was before former president trump took office and disincentivize sending jobs overseas. if people have alternate proposals let's hear them. let's talk about them. this is just the beginning of a process. >> the chamber of commerce has another idea. they claim this. we believe the proposal is dangerously misguided when it comes to how to pay for
7:20 am
infrastructure. properly done it's like an investment in the future and like a new home, should be paid for over time. say 30 years by the users who benefit from the investment. the white house won't have much support from republicans, either. >> they want to do something like this, major change in tax policy, it needs to come through the regular order of the congressional committees. don't shut the republicans out by using the reconciliation methods that they used in the last big stimulus package that just passed and i dare say much of the money hasn't been spent yet. >> this isn't big enough for every democratic member of congress. ocasio-cortez says it is not nearly enough. the important context here 2.25 trillion spread out over 10 years. for context the covid package was 1.9 trialian for this year along with provisions lasting two years. needs to be way bigger.
7:21 am
republicans are arguing needs to be way smaller. they wonder why an infrastructure package would include something like a climate conservation corp. >> dana: i'm sure they'll find a way to explain it but the questions should be asked. not all democrats are on board with biden as plan and some are questioning the taxes and sky high numbers that would go with us. we're speak with some of them. >> you watch china and iran make a huge deal that will put terrorism around the world at an even larger level. the u.s. can't sit back and play nice. we have to start getting aggressive and make sure that we don't allow china to do exactly what they are doing, which is becoming the world's super power. >> bill: nikki haley.
7:22 am
there is a strategic partnership with china and iran. asking whether or not biden is too focused on domestic matters to meet the challenge. good morning. interesting piece you wrote yesterday, molly. biden's weakness on the world stage is dangerous. new administration should take mike pompeo's advice, strength deters actors and weakness begets war. explain that position. >> there seems some confusion in the early days of the biden administration and they've had stumbles straight out of the gate. he allowed george stephanopolous to goad him into calling vladimir putin a killer with no soul. it seemed to be completely an unforced error led to russia pulling their ambassador. something they haven't done for decades or felt the need to do for decades. putin embarrassed biden by
7:23 am
challenging him to debate and condescending to him and the anthony blinken meeting on u.s. soil where the leader of china sent his diplomats to the united states to berate and condemn us and seemed it wasn't very well thought out. china is a tremendous adversary and two schools of thought there. one that we've seen over decades is the purpose of the u.s. elites is to manage american decline in the way that is like most helpful to silicon valley and corporate oligarchs. the other is you take china seriously and say not decline china. we'll use all the tools at our disposal to keep them from rising and dominating the entire world. trump administration did that. biden wants to go back to the old way of doing things of managing decline vis-a-vis china. >> bill: what about the china/iran access. what does that mean for us? >> again, you had a trump
7:24 am
administration the new way of looking at the middle east. rather than having us constantly involved and managing conflict there the idea was have the region control itself. we pivoted to saudi arabia. no good players but it was a strategic choice. biden wants to drag back to iran being in control of the regions. such a threat. china is allying with iran. they see a strategic partnership there. helps both countries in a way not in the u.s. interest. i think probably the biden administration understands the threat there, joe biden said this week he was very worried about that alliance although they haven't done anything to prevent it at this point. they really need to get their footing. think through and have a coherence and internal consistency to their argument that makes sense for what they'll do with china other than allowing them to dominate. >> bill: an interesting piece molly. thank you for sharing your thoughts today. molly hemingway from the
7:25 am
federalist. one of the pompeo tweets when it came to securing american freedom abroad we treated the world as it was not what we wanted it to be. >> dana: i'm glad you did that segment. i have been wanting to know more about the china/iran/russia alliance. >> bill: yesterday the world health organization came out with its report about covid and china and how much was missing from their investigation. admissions try to put a laser focus on domestic issues and foreign policy always gets involved. >> dana: it can also surprise you. there is a new move to provide in person learning to migrant children not being received well by parents in one school district. >> they have denied our children the right to in-person education and it is a moral obligation to get them back in the classroom. >> dana: backlash against the new directive in san diego
7:26 am
straight ahead. nancy pelosi continues to move toward possibly overturning an iowa congressional race. two republicans at the heart of the battle will join us to respond next.
7:27 am
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refiplus. it's huge news. it's only for veterans. and it's only from newday usa. >> i want to be fair i wouldn't have seated the republican from iowa. i would have just said they are not seated and that would have been my right as speaker to do. >> dana: nancy pelosi not backing down from her efforts to possibly unseat a duly elected member of congress. democrats continuing their investigation of an iowa race that a republican won. joining us now the sitting republican representative from iowa mary miller-meeks and kevin mccarthy. where is nancy pelosi wrong? >> the people of iowa should be deciding who elects their representatives. i won on election night at the
7:32 am
24 county canvas and in the recount. my opponent had the opportunity to go to the courts, decided to by pass the courts because in her own words she said we had to go to congress to get the result we need. her attorney in filing his briefs with the house committee on administration has said the same thing. committee should use its full discretion to depart from iowa law. everybody should be outraged about this. it is departing from state election law, a certified member, i've been sworn in and i'm functioning as a representative for the second district of iowa. >> bill: we have been following this for a while. when will this be decided? when is it put to rest? >> well, it could go on for another several months as these petitions and the responses to the petition works its way through the committee. they put the onus on me as the sworn in elected member of congress in order to disprove my opponent who really in a court of law would be the one that would have to prove their
7:33 am
case. it could go on for several months. in the meantime i'll represent the people of iowa, continue to go out and meet with people in the district. we're attending a vaccination clinic later today. i'll serve the people of iowa. >> bill: you said it yourself a power grab. to leader mccarthy thank you for your time as well. there is a case in illinois jim oeberwise is a republican trying the same thing. he is challenging the results in illinois district 14 and lauren underwood, who won her reelection campaign and currently leads that race by it looks like at least 5,000 votes. so is there some hypocrisy here? >> no, because oeberwise would need to go to the courts. this is the people's house, not pell owey's house. when you listened to her talk earlier she believed it was her
7:34 am
right to determine who is a member of congress and who is not. miller weeks won, they had a recount. a bipartisan state canvassing committee that voted for her unanimously. she has the certificate. she is seated and the congresswoman. they traveled with me to the border two weeks ago to watch the crisis that biden had created. she came back and as a doctor you know what she offered on the floor that day? to make sure all those children that come across get a covid test. the democrats voted no and denied that. pelosi is scared of losing power. it is consolidating greater power for pelosi. they know what they want to do. >> bill: i understand the argument you are making. oeberwise isn't going to the courts but going to congress the same way. >> we don't support that. we believe underwood is the congresswoman and believe miller-meeks is the congresswoman. they have the certificates and the decision going forward.
7:35 am
>> dana: breaking news yesterday leader mccarthy about congressman matt gaetz of florida and you've been very vocal that congressman eric swalwell should be stripped of his ability to serve on the intel committee because of a reported relationship with a chinese spy. he serves on the national security committee. the national security threat on the intel committee. by that same law will you take any action to remove matt gaetz from the judiciary committee while he is under investigation by the d.o.j. over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him? something he denies but that would be a violation of federal sex trafficking laws. >> i haven't heard from d.o.j. and been able to talk to matt gaetz yet. i just read the story. those are serious implications. if it comes to be true we would remove him. right now he says it is not true and we don't have any information. let's get all the information. we did have the f.b.i. come to us and tell us about eric
7:36 am
swalwell. he was put on the intel committee. the real challenge there as you both know intel committee is different than any committee in congress. you get all the secrets. the problem with eric swalwell in the private sector he couldn't pass a security clearance. he couldn't get one. why would he get one in congress? there are 200 other democrats who could do that job. that's hypocrisy that they would allow him to be on. >> dana: let me also ask you do you have any idea why congressman gaetz was the only republican to vote against the federal government in terms of the trafficking money, the funds? >> no, i have no idea whatsoever why he would vote against that. >> bill: have you spoken to him since the news broke last night? >> i haven't been able to talk to matt gaetz yet. hopefully talk to him today. i've been traveling. we're going to a vaccination facility shortly. later this afternoon i hope to be able to speak with mr. gaetz. >> dana: keep us posted.
7:37 am
congresswoman thank you for being with us today and you continue the try to hold onto that seat. very close election there. >> bill: six votes. doesn't get much closer than that. >> they shouldn't overturn an election. >> dana: thank you both. >> bill: thank you from iowa. a live look at minneapolis. inside the courtroom. day three in the trial of the former police officer chauvin has begun. a firefighter who started her testimony yesterday back on the stand saying she knew george floyd was dying and officers stopped her from helping him. matt finn is live in minneapolis today on that case. good morning. >> that off duty firefighter a critical witness. she has already testified about some of the emotions that day when she was pleading for derek chauvin to check george floyd's pulse and grew defiant against the defense's questioning and ultimately the judge had to
7:38 am
scold her. >> totally distressed. >> were you frustrated? >> yes. >> would it refresh your recollection to review the transcript of your statement? >> i don't want to. >> do not argue with the court and counsel. do not volunteer information that is not requested. >> the defense sought to poke holes in the firefighters's testimony. in her original statement she said george floyd was a small man but well over six feet. keep you updated. lots of witness testimony today, bill. >> bill: matt finn in minneapolis. >> dana: prosecutors filed charges against a mexican man in connection with the death of 13 people after they crossed into the u.s. illegally earlier this month. plus president biden is expected to propose tax hikes to pay for a multi-trillion
7:39 am
dollar spending package as part of his build back better agenda. some democrats are pushing back against the plan next. >> this is again a democratic left wing utopian vision of a brand-new kind of american government and economy completely run by washington, d.c. and i think it's a gigantic mistake. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
7:40 am
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7:44 am
>> dana: quick look at top stories we're following this hour. a man charged with the smuggling operation that led to a crash this month. 13 migrants were killed when it crashed into a tractor trailer in southern california. >> bill: justices taking up the ncaa compensation matter. whether the limits on paying student athletes violate antitrust laws. ? a a massive cyberattack at the state department russian hackers stealing documents. scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> bill: pittsburgh p.a. today. president biden traveling to pittsburgh to roll out part of his american jobs plan
7:45 am
estimated price tag $2 trillion. they plan on paying for it with higher taxes on american companies. our next guest is one of three democrats warning the president more taxes will hurt their state. here is their concern in a nutshell. we say no salt, no deal. new jersey democrat josh gotheimer is with us now and member of the problem solvers caucus. good morning. negotiating publicly we could say here, the salt tax by the way under the trump administration put a limit of $10,000 for those who live in your state. you think it is hurting you. if the biden administration gave you a break on salt, would you get on board with this plan now at $2 trillion? >> we need to see all the details of the plan. i think that infrastructure is critically important to my state and my district and our country. we have the third worst roads in the country in new jersey. a third of our bridges are considered unsafe. we have to do something and
7:46 am
we've been punting far too long. how the resources will help my district and help our economy. the return of our investment, this is bipartisan. democrats and republicans agree we have to do something about infrastructure. i think it is pretty clear this is a real opportunity for us to come together as a country behind something and stop punting and losing to china. >> dana: what do you think about the president's plan to increase corporate taxes from 21% which they went to during the trump administration back up to 28% to try to pay for this? >> dana, there are plenty of ways when we get into this to see how the paperwork works, the administration said they would be flexible on that. closing the tax gap going after tax cheats and things on infrastructure, public/private partnerships, user fees. different ways of the revenue and i'll be sensitive to any
7:47 am
tax increases to families in my district and i want salt reinstated. a big thing i have a problem with in the 2017 tax hike bill that was tough on jersey. it caused a lot of people to move out. we have to look at the package in total until we see the details and figure out what ways to pay for it. >> bill: pay for it. $673 billion over 10 years when you take out salt. seems like you negotiate publicly. that's all fair game. two questions. when will we stop spending? and you mentioned bipartisanship. on february 1, 10 republicans went to the oval office to do a deal on stimulus and they were the given the back of the hand. why would a republican want to get on board now if that's how they were treated the first time around? >> well, with all respect the last administration often showed the back of the hand against and co-chair of 29 democrats and 29 republicans. >> bill: i get it.
7:48 am
you are the one who just said bipartisanship. that's the reason for the question. >> i'm saying it doesn't mean that every time you will be able to get there. the point is i really believe in this case we have a strong opportunity to get there. the administration has signaled they want to be bipartisan. problem solvers caucus have come out year after year with a plan on infrastructure and transportation that is bipartisan. there is a real opportunity to sit down with the white house has reached out and asked for a bipartisan group to come together. they'll talk to us about this and look for input. we should start out with the effort of trying to make this bipartisan. i think democrats and republicans agree on infrastructure. great for the economy and great for competition for the world. we're sick and tired losing to china. we shouldn't be the 13th in the world on infrastructure quality. this is an opportunity. let's try to work together. i think it's a good opportunity
7:49 am
for that. >> dana: leverage there. the problem solvers caucus when you have a slim margin. thank you, congressman. love to have you back. >> please come back. josh gotheimer in new jersey, "new york post" cover. five. fork it over. it's $2 trillion today. in april who knows what the price tag will be then. >> dana: let's just say it will go up and we'll see if she has enough votes. >> bill: your position on this two hours ago was very interesting. you believe that an infrastructure plan in america could go over well. >> dana: it will be popular. look at president biden riding high on approval ratings because these things are popular. but the republicans have to figure out how are they going to argue against it? we'll see. schools in san diego are pretty empty. teachers are set to provide
7:50 am
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♪♪♪ >> dana: white house press secretary jen psaki defending migrant children in san diego getting in person learning before local students. >> i don't know if it's volunteer or paid. you would have to ask the school district while kids are on spring break. the context is pretty important. >> dana: martha maccallum is here to provide context. spring break? >> where to begin on this story. it makes absolutely no sense on any level. the san diego teachers and teachers union have been
7:56 am
pushing back. they don't want to return to the classroom. the main reason they say, they're afraid of getting covid. they feel like it is not safe to be in the classroom. so instead the san diego board of education is encouraging teachers to go into the covid facilities where the rate is at around 9% positives when the san diego overall rate is a fraction of 1% at this point. great success and about to go back to school. before you come back to school go to the facility where the rate is 9% and want you to come back into the classroom and teach. nobody begrudges these children in normal circumstances fine, ask teachers to volunteer. the back drop is such a slap in the face to these parents who have been fighting to get back into the classroom for their children for so long and their mental health and educational well-being, all of this. this from the board of education in san diego all children in california regardless of immigration status have a constitutional right to education, a moral obligation we have to insure a bright future for our children.
7:57 am
accept apparently the 120,000 kids in the san diego public school system who haven't been able to go back to school. >> dana: you can imagine the group text messages among the parents are lit up in san diego. one parent got up very early to make her case on "fox & friends" leslie hoff meister. listen to her. >> how does this make sense that we can offer in-person to the migrant children who just showed up and we have locked our students out of the classroom for over a year? >> dana: that was a different parent. another one this morning on "fox & friends", leslie has on with rachel last night. the moms are standing up, martha. >> across the country, dana. in cities across this country they're standing up. i'm amazed. i would love to ask jen psaki based on this isn't it wonderful they will volunteer and give up spring break to teach these children who came across the border. where is the discussion about them volunteering over the course of the summer to catch
7:58 am
kids up in this country who have been robbed of their education? the decline if reading and math. wait until we see the numbers are like. remote learning doesn't work. you will setting back an eighth grader going to high school is reading at a 6th or 7th grade level over the course of the last year and a half. we need a big conversation about volunteering to teach summer school in this country. >> dana: i will tell you where i think the story is going. they're right there is a constitutional obligation for them to do this. to me this is not just going to be happening in san diego. stand by. this will be happening in all of those border states. >> talked to a person at the border last night. she is suing on the constitutional right for education for her children. >> dana: she should. your reporting is minneapolis was suburb. >> bill: you can't make up this stuff. like march madness. today is the last day of march. are you watching the tournament?
7:59 am
four left. >> dana: you know what tomorrow is? april fool's day. >> bill: we have houston and baylor, who do you like, houston or baylor? >> i want baylor to go all the way. >> ucla, gonzalez, who do you like. >> >> dana: gonzaga. >> bill: we have the story about the nuclear code. what was that thing? >> a tweet that went out from centcom, gibberish. everyone thought was the command hacked? guess what it was not hacked. you want to know the explanation for the crazy tweet? the guy walked away from his computer for a moment and his toddler tweeted it. it wasn't the russians or iran it was not china. a 2-year-old.
8:00 am
we don't have to worry. >> bill: i thought it was a butt tweet. >> that's what i was going to say. >> bill: thank you for being part of the program. >> dana: always love to have you. >> bill: have a great day. see you at 5:00. april 1st. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" up next. >> gillian: media cameras finally now getting inside a packed migrant facility in texas giving the american people a glimpse of conditions inside after being locked out for weeks. this is "the faulkner focus". welcome to everybody at home. i'm gillian turner in for harris today. we have some of these images of unaccompanied minors housed in what the government is calling pods at a migrant detention center in donna, texas. the capacity at this facility during the pandemic is limited to 250 people. right now over 4,000 migrants are being housed inside. most of


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