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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 31, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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internet wherever you live. you are handing your children and grandchildren a country that will lead the world in producing clean energy technology and will address one of the biggest threats of our time. that's what we will do. all together along with the american rescue plan. we will create millions of jobs. estimated by some wall street outfits of 18 million jobs in 4 years. good paying jobs. it levels the playing field so new jobs are good jobs you can raise a family on and ensure free and fair choice to organize and bargain collectively. my plans and congress to pass the pro-act and send it to my desk. this plan is not important not only for what and how it build but important to where we build.
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it include everyone regardless of your race or zip code. too often economic recovery is concentrated on the coast and investments don't meet the needs of marginalized communities left behind. there is talent and inovation everywhere. this connects cities, small towns and rural communities and businesses and universities and entrepreneurs and union workers across america. we have to move now. i am convinced that if we act now, in 50 years people will look back and say, this was the moment that america won the future. what i am proposing is a one time capitol investment of 2 trillion dollars in america's future. spread largely over 8 years. it will generate historic job growth and economic growth and
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help businesses to compete internationally and create more revenue as well. they are among the highest value investments we can make in the nation investing in our infrastructure. failing to make these invests adds to debt and puts our children at a disadvantage. that's what crumbling infrastructure does. our infrastructure is crumbling. ranked 13th in the world. it heightens our vulnerability and attracts adversaries to compete in ways they have not until now. they are worried about us building this critical infrastructure. put simply: these are investments we have to make. we can afford to make them. we can't afford not to. how do we pay for it? i spoke to the majority
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leader -- i guess he is no longer the majority leader. i spoke to the republican leader about the plan. everybody is for doing something about infrastructure. no one wants to pay for it. less than 4 years ago -- congress passed a tax cut of 2 trillion dollars increasing the national debt 2 trillion dollars. it did not meet any predictions in terms of growing the economy. overwhelming the benefits of that tax package went to the wealthy americans. it included new investments that would profit by shifting jobs overseas if you are a corporation. it was bad for americans and deeply unfair to middle-class families and wrong for our future. here's what i do. i start with one rule. no one making under $400,000
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will see their federal taxes go up, period. this is not about penalizing anyone. i have nothing against millionaires and billionaires. i believe in american capitalism. but here's the deal. right now a middle-class couple, a fire fighter and a teacher with 2 kids make a combined salary of $120,000 a year pays 22 cents for each additional dollar they earn in federal income tax. a multi-national corporation that build a factory abroad, they pay nothing at all. we will raise the corporate tax. it was 35% which was too high. we all agreed 5 years ago it should go down to 28%. but they reduced it to 21%.
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we will raise it back up to 28%. no one should be able to complain about that. it's still lower than the rate between world war ii and 2017. just doing that one thing will generate one trillion dollars in additional revenue in 25 years. there were 91 fortune 500 companies, the biggest companies in the world, including amazon that, use loopholes where they pay not a single solitary penny in federal income tax. i don't want to punish them. that's just wrong. that's just wrong! a farmer paying 22%. amazon and 90 other major corporations paying zero in federal taxes. i will put an end to that. here's how we will do it.
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we are establishing a gold minimum tax for u.s. corporation of 21%. we will level the international playing field. that will raise one trillion dollars over 15 years. we will also eliminate deductions for corporations for shipping assets overseas. if you do that you pay a penalty. you don't get a reward in my plan. use the savings from that to give companies tax credit to locate manufacturing here in the united states. we will ramp up the irs enforcement against corporations who fail to report their incomes or under-report. that could raise hundreds of billion dollars. all of this adds up to more than what i proposeed to spend in just 15 years. it's honest. it's fiscally responsible and
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reduces the federal debt over the long haul. these are my ideas on how to pay for this plan. if others have ideas, let them come forward. i am open to other ideas as long as they don't impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. let me close with this: historically infrastructure was a bipartisan undertaking. many times led by republicans. it was abraham lincoln who built the transcontinental railroad and i don't think you will find a republican today in the house or senate who doesn't think we have to improve our infrastructure. chinaa and other countries are eating our lunch. there is no reason it can't be bipartisan again. the divisions of the moment should not stop us from doing
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the right thing for the futures. i will bring republicans into the oval office and listen to what they have to say and be open to their ideas. we will have negotiations. any republican who wants to help get this done, but we have to get it done! i believe we are in a moment, history will look back on this time as a fundamental choice being made between democrats and autocracies. there is a lot of autocrats in the world who think the reason they will wins democracy can't reach a consensus any longer. that's what competition between america and chinaa and the rest of the world is all about. it's a basic question. can democracy still deliver for the people? can they get a majority? i believe we can. i believe we must.
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delivering for the american people is what the american rescue plan is all about. it's been overwhelming popular when i wrote it. everybody said i had no bipartisan support. ask around. if you live in a town with a republican mayor, or republican county executive, ask them how many could rather get rid of the plan? asked them if it helped them at all. it's what the american job plan is about. the new one i am proposing. i hope republicans will come join this effort. i hope and believe a number of businesses will join this effort. i hope and believe the american people will join this effort. democrats, republicans and independents, we can do this. we have to do this. we will do this.
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we just have to remember this is the united states of america. i said it a thousand times. there is nothing beyond our capacity if we act together. it's time to move together. thank you and i hope i get to come back to see you folks after this plan is passed. the question is: you have to attraction more apprentices and more people because we are building so much. god bless you all and may god protect our country. >> president biden in pennsylvania selling his massive 2.25 trillion dollars. he calls it infrastructure plan. a lot of is in not just about roads, bridges and tournaments. it's race based payments and places to plug in your electric vehicle. dana, this is just the start.
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he has another 2 trillion dollars coming in the pipeline. how do you see this thing going? >> well, it will be popular right out of the gate. as people learn more about it, it will drop off. he won't get all that he wants in this bill. the chief of staff has had so many meetings with the progressives. the progress caucus didn't like it. they say it doesn't spend enough. yesterday we talked about how roads and bridges should be popular. people want them to be safe. if that was in this bill you could get bipartisan support but there are a lot of things in here. there is something called the pro act. that would end right to work in 27 states which means that keeps workers from having to pay union dues. that's egregious to use
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a national bill to usurp state laws. this is what they are trying to do with hr1. if you care about states rights and conservatives do, that would be another example of it. they will have a hard time with the taxes. you have all of these people in america that are just getting back on their feet or back to work. then you are going to hit with higher taxes. i don't believe that it will only be taxes on people making $400,000. the corporate tax increases will trickle down to everybody, rich and poor. >> dagen mcdowell, he took a big swing at the corporate tax policy. he's been in washington his whole life and wrote that corporate tax policy that lead corporations go off-shore. now he is going to come in and rearrange the game? it doesn't pass the smell test
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and takes a shot at the trump tax cuts and said that did not work out at the middle-class. the average family got a $5,000 raise in just 3 years under donald trump. that was pretty historic. >> the vast majority of americans got a tax cuts. it makes me steaming mad when i hear people talking about the tax cuts for the rich from the trump tax cuts. it the trump tax cuts took the corporate rate down to 21%. what it did was rank-and-file workers wages were finally growing at a faster pace than their bosses. before the pandemic the fastest pace in a decade for rank-and-file workers. the income inequality was shrinking. the unemployment rate fell to a 50 year low. joe biden is going to reverse
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that. it's laughable to say we are only raising corporate tax rates back to 28%. that's higher than china's. if this is to make us better at competing with china, that's a lie. it takes the u.s. corporate tax rate back to the top of the pack among major economies. it was hard to listen to. joe biden hacking up the work casserole he was spoon fed by his people. >> [laughing]. >> it read better on paper than it did with him barfing it up. not appetizing. one quick thing. we can talk about the inflation implications and how this will hurt wage growth and job growth and how with 6 trillion dollars in spending, so far, in the last
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year, how that will send prices sky rocketing. you have too much money chasing too few good and services. you get stag-flation like the 1970s. his people should give him a red bull if he is going to speed at 5 o'clock in the afternoon because he was fading. >> [laughing]. >> i think he was faded from the flight to pittsburgh. be no doubt about it. brian, you take the train and see the airports and drive over the pot holes. would you focus on that type of infrastructure or would you build a lot of electric car charging stations for the tees ladrivers? >> [laughing]. >> they did rebuild lagardia.
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i spoke to kevin brady. we have to stop looking at joe biden as a uniter, middle of the road. he mischaracterized georgia voting bill and said it was sick. that's inaccurate. even the "washington post" called him out. the big tax cuts from trump he said were only for the rich. he is now upping our corporate tax rates to equal with syria and france. you mentioned green technology and he will be retrofitting one million buildings. with what? he is getting rid of windows. he called it as it read now the biggest economic blunder in our lifetime. i give him credit for calling mitch mcconnell, but this whole first plan is a problem because
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it's green ohriented. there should be some ability to make that transition. we can't keep kidding ourselves about fossil fuels. i am worried about the human infrastructure. that seems like socialism. >> yes, if they retrofit every building in manhattan i will have a headache with the hammering. it's enough already. geraldo rivera, how is the airport in cleveland, ohio? >> it's horrible. hopkins airport is horrible. i stopped flying as a result. i have to say that if this means i have to pay more taxes as long as amazon pays taxes -- every time i look out the front door i see boxes everywhere. amazon paying zero income tax is infuriating and needs reform. i disagree with dagen mcdowell in terms of the presentation and brian also. both took shots at joe biden.
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to me the president seemed aware of what he was doing. did a credible job in delivering. a tax and spend kind of policy. i thought he was sharp enough. he was not the senile old fool he is often portrayed has on sean hannity's show every evening. this is a move that is so necessary. anybody in any city recognizes the critical nature of american infrastructure. it's an embarrassment to the globe to see the center of the universe looking like a third world city. bridges falling apart. rust everywhere and bolts out. jess e's point is good. you have to make sure he spends
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it on bridges and highways and not just the green stuff. he is fighting with a party that he has to bring along with him. i don't think it's that bad. >> jesse, one more point? one other thing he did not talk about. a lot of these localities want to do these upgrades. what stops them from doing it? endless lawsuits from environmentalists. he did not talk about changing that. >> and money. >> you have to have some sort of a way to do reviews -- do you know how many environmental reviews you have to do just to build a road? that's something they didn't talk about. they can't build any of this stuff in the near future if they don't do something about that as well.
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>> [overlapping talking]. >> and he killed a big infrastructure project -- go ahead. >> what changed since barack obama said i have 800 billion dollars and i found out there are no shovel ready projects. where are they. there were all of these road blocks. city said he could handle it. he handed over the money to cities and said pay your workers to stay on the job. we are about to explode as an economy. this is not a depression. we are getting back on the horse without any help. let's go back to competing. we are not coming out of a war or economic collapse. we are the precipice on our own. >> one quick thing. >> why not? >> it's infrastructure week. >> [laughing]. >> one thing that hasn't changed in the 28 years is the federal gas tax. it hasn't gone up. how is the highway trust fund
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getting financed. pete buttigieg said a mileage fee, that would hit people who drive electric cars. he was called off the precipice with that one. if you use the roads, pay for them. that's not what is going on here. >> we have shovel ready jobs building real infrastructure. the keystone pipeline and he killed that right off the bat. go figure. up next, don't you care call it a surge or you are a racist. aoc smearing people warning about the crisis at the border. >> ♪ ♪ dignity.
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♪ ♪ >> alexandria ocasio-cortez is accusing people of using racist language for calling the increase of migrants at the border a surge. >> anyone using the term surge around you is trying to invoke a militaristic flame. this is not a surge. these are children. they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded which is a white supremacist philosophy. >> her words conflict with the reality on the ground. border patrol warns the situation is spiraling out of control. >> the capacity for this location for covid purposes is 250. we are holding over 4100 subjects in this location alone.
2:27 pm
we are way over capacity. 700% over capacity. >> based on what we apprehended and looking at what is remaining, we will have a million apprehensions this year. >> i thought about bringing my dictionary to the set. surge, it's a verb that the biden administration has been using about the number. children arriving or migrants. they say they are surging resources into the region. this is a clever way to distract from the fact she is not calling the biden administration out for keeping kids in cages as she did for the trump administration. >> i would ask her to open her eyes. there is a surge of sunis.
2:28 pm
the local media in those places cover it and use the word surge. white supremacist has nothing to do with that. let's say 20,000 white minnesota teenagers americas were surging into canada each month. they are in a pandemic and undercutting wages and crowding up overcrowded schools. do you think canada would build more beds? no. in their polite canadian way they would say sorry, the border is closed. if russians crossed into alaska. america would say no. the border is closed. it has nothing to do with race. this has something to do with controlling our own immigration policy. it's based on our choices and what is beneficial to our citizens. birth rate, economy, asylum
2:29 pm
request. joe turned it up updates. it's the cartel's choice of how many are coming. that's not a civilized way to run a sovereign nation's immigration policy. >> geraldo rivera? >> i don't like the militaristic characterizations. jesse and i have had clashes on this issue before. to talk about the invasion of the migrants or -- we put -- you and i have butted heads about. the point is through a combination of airing onnance.
2:30 pm
this is a terrible mistake the biden administration made. it has to be undone. a 5-year-old and 7-year-old and younger. they are unaccompanied and coming into the united states full stop. it's not about geo-politics or anything other than america has to take care of these weak and vulnerable children. that's our role and our responsibility. to speak of them in any other than a human rights context is something that violate our own best principles. we are better than that. the united states is better than that. i am not saying we have open borders to the whole world. forgod's sake take care of these
2:31 pm
kids and deal with the bigger problem of stopping the flow from central america. >> you want to watch that alexandria ocasio-cortez video again. that's what desperation looks like. this is the best she can come up with to try to shut down the conversation because her team is putting children in harm's way. it's bad for them. as geraldo pointed out. this is a heinous, unforgivible problem. putting children and families and border communities at risk. this is a national and humanitarian crisis of joe biden's making. this is the best language or distraction that alexandria ocasio-cortez could come up with? trying to shut people up by
2:32 pm
calling them white supremacist. it'sit's trying to stop people talking about what everyone can see. >> i am disappointed in her. she look the lazy way ou she is the woman that took on the speaker. she said only in america can i belong to the same party as joe biden. now she sees these pictures that are 700% overcapacity. the only difference between these and the ones she disliked under president trump were the soft sides instead of being kept away by fences. they moved them over to san diego where 9% have the coronavirus. this is her time to be consistent. aoc consistent would be to call out president biden for not going to the border and see the mess he caused and make his
2:33 pm
vice-president do the job. she had a chance to be above it. she plays politics and blames white people. lazy, disappointing. if our goal is to get headlines success. substance? failure. >> up next a story with matt gates and sex trafficking. the congressman responding to those claims. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications.
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age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. get this story. congressman matt gaetz claiming
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he is the victim of criminal extortion after the "new york times" reported that the justice department is investigating him for a relationship he denies he had a 17-year-old girl. gaetz is denying the accusation and claims it's part of a $25 million extortion plot. here is a little of this. >> they asked my dad to wear a wire which he did with the former department of justice official. i demand the department of justice and the fbi release the audio recordings made under their supervision at their which will prove my innocence and show these allegations are not true. >> his dad was going to wear a wire and give david mcghee 4.5-million dollars to keep matt gaetz out of it and joe biden would later pardon him.
2:39 pm
geraldo, from what you be right now, what bothers you the most? what is the biggest hole in this story? >> well, the biggest hole is an interesting question. if he had sex with a 17-year-old in florida that's statutory rape, period. there is no excuse for. it even if he took the 17-year-old and flew her to georgia with the age of consent is 16 years old, it's 18 in florida. if he flew her to georgia, the flight would be a federal crime. that's what they are talking about. he flew her. the hole in the story did he have sex with the 17-year-old or didn't he? all of the other stuff with the wire and the father are rir elvent. -- irrelevant. he either had sex with a 17-year-old or he did not.
2:40 pm
i withdraw my charge against jesse. i may have been misremembering and apologized to jesse. >> okay, fine. >> okay. we have to watch the whole show back. it will make sense. binge watch "the five" all at once. dana, they are going after joel greenberg an orlando official. he is involved with roger stone in the trump world. they stumbled on matt gaetz's issue. he said he is not a subject of the investigation. take it from here. >> i don't know. i worked at doj for 10 months after the 9-11 attacks. there are 101 ways to say no comment. the justice department won't comment on. this i don't think they were returning phone calls from the media yesterday. i don't think they will release any tapes. matt gaetz might have tapes that
2:41 pm
exonerate him. the other part of the story that is strange -- and i don't know anything about joel greenberg -- there is a human trafficking bill passed in the house. 481-1. one person voted against it. it was matt gaetz. i don't get that. i asked mccarthy do you know where matt gaetz voted against the bill? he said he had no idea. >> mccarthy said if this is true he will be off the judiciary committee. jesse, will you accept the apology and move on with the matt gaetz story? >> [laughing]. apology accepted. geraldo doesn't need to apologize to me. he is the man. the congressman is innocent until proven guilty and hasn't been charged. if the story he is telling is true, he needs to sell the
2:42 pm
rights to john grisham. this would knock any book off the best seller's list. it has everything. extorting a congressman with trumped up sexual charges. your father wearing a wire? a cameo on cable news? i want to see how this plays out. a few things jumped out at me when i saw this. number 1, this was a leak from unnamed sources from the department of justice to the "new york times" about a so-called investigation that dirts up a republican. where have i heard that story before over the last 4 years? a lot i am supicious of. number 2, if this was a 17-year-old, why is it taking a year for the feds to figure it out? i can imagine a local detective interviews the girl, gets
2:43 pm
a statement and then verifies the date of birth. it probably should take 2 weeks. that's interesting. number 3, if matt is innocent, then i expect him to go on offense big time. i would hire probably a former federal prosecutor who is now doing criminal defense work in florida and some media savvy attorney baseed in washington. if i had the goods, i would show my hands. if i had text and emails to prove the extortion, i would hold a press conference with everybody and smoke everybody out and say this is what i have. that's the way i would expect him to act if he was innocence. >> 2 things about the tucker interview with matt. matt gaetz was composed and number 2 i thought tucker could not have been more surprised by the interview. >> i watched it with the wound off. watching tucker's face.
2:44 pm
[laughing]. i loved that. i want to point out something jesse was talking about in the category of what i call assemetrical leaking. hunter biden when he was under investigation with foreign ties to china after the election. you had big tech working with left wing liberals to censor a story. there is leaking going on. >> somebody election day that matt gaetz said -- leaks that matt gaetz said he would retire to work for a tiny news outlet. >> he said he did not have a relationship with any girl that was 17 years old. never flew anybody in.
2:45 pm
why can't the fbi talk about it? if they were one day away from releasing this information why can't they say something? if they want help with the hunter biden story he is writing an autobiography including crack use. time to move on. up next president biden's german shepherd is in the dog house. some say he belongs there. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter!
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>> ♪ ♪ >> president biden's dog is in major trouble again. see what we did there. after biting another person at the white house. the german shepherd named major nipped an employee. last month he was sent back to delaware after biting a secret service agent. this picture perfect family with the two dogs and the rescue dog, that's been blown to pieces. >> you can imagine "people"
2:50 pm
magazine will say they are just like this. families go through this when they rescue a dog. he is in unfamiliar territory. washington sucks. i miss my bed. who are these people. dad and mom, let's go home. i feel for the employees. it's not easy. if the president dog bites you, you don't want to complain. i think major could be going back to delaware. i hope not. >> i feel sorry for the dog. i want to know what is going on with the humans in the white house. you are rocky and do they bite people. >> if i ran for office i would not have a dog problem. german shepherds are very protective. it was bad when champ the 13-year-old dog had to leave because the first guy major bit somebody. they both went back to delaware.
2:51 pm
leave champ. i don't think major is white house material. he is not cut out for it. he wants the delaware freedom. he doesn't want the protection. he is the protection. he is a little stir crazy. >> geraldo? >> they have the one bite rule in the law civil and criminal. your dog bites somebody. who knew? but the same dog bites someone twice, the second bite you don't get that -- that's not a give me. there is liability for that. if it caused injury. a lot is at stake here. it's a warm and fuzzy story so to speak. [laughing]. >> yes, jesse, there was a pool report that one of the dogs pooped outside of the white house diplomatic room. >> it happens. >> why are the dogs blamed? are we sure it's one of the dogs? >> it happens. >> [laughing]. >> yeah. was it mayor pete?
2:52 pm
was it one of the defensive secretaries? i am not sure. the doj needs to look into that. biden can't control his dog, son or the radical left. this is a german shepherd. they are the easiest to train. i blame joe or like brian said this dog could be a republican and wants no part of the biden white house. >> [laughing]. >> yes. maga-collar. "one more thing" up next.
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at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because you can't be everyone's favorite ketchup without making a ketchup for everyone. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's time for "one more thing." geraldo rivera. >> geraldo: today's the day
2:57 pm
where here in ohio everybody over the age of 16 can get vaccinated and the vaccines are available. i have gotten mine. erica has gotten hers. as the vaccine sweep the nation, i want us to remember the 548,000 americans we have lost including my nephew, bobby read, who that sick on took on christmas time. he died on january 9th. there he is with his wife, michelle. his kids. he was a wonderful dad, produce red "inside edition." sailed the world with me, worked with me at "20/20. very talented person. so many lives lost. if only this vaccine have been developed of humans earlier. so much could have been saved. he was just the best guy, the best guy. wonderful, wonderful person. a gentle soul and i miss him. i think about all the people
2:58 pm
we've lost if only this vaccine, but sooner. >> jesse: there was a touching tribute, geraldo. dana perino. >> dana: my condolences, geraldo. and to everyone who lost someone. switching gears a little bit, i have a treat for you. check it out, these are family-friendly audio dramas delivered in a podcast format. it's like listening to a movie but you have the added bonus of new and original songs written and recorded by nashville's top hit songwriters and the artists. you know that i love a song writer. this was put together by david allen. they are a married couple. "troubadour," an amazing song by george strait. right, dagen? i don't view to trash me like you did brine yesterday. download the app and start listening. it's going to be great.
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>> jesse: brian kilmeade. >> brian: they are great and dagen admitted that they are great. john and the radio extending the brian kilmeade radio. that's four years now. we are thrilled and we cut a great deal. what a great staff i have. everybody knows i live my life by rocky movies and now i've got something else. being that the whole cast is basically dead, how about a prequel? sylvester stallone got up in the morning. he said what if i brought you back to when he was a little kid. he sees a ten part series data back in the series. we can find out how rocky became rocky. i am all for it. sylvester stallone, you're a genius. never let go of this character. that's all i have. >> jesse: i was going to talk
3:00 pm
about the independence fund but i'm going to do that next time because i have a feeling emma might go into labor any minute. >> dana: baby alert! >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret baier. >> bret: maybe we should just wait around for that. okay, thank you, jesse. appreciate it. good evening. i am bret baier appeared breaking tonight, president biden is promoting what appears to be the latest flank in a massive tax-and-spend platform, $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. the president unveiled the broad strokes of the proposal short time ago at an event in pittsburgh, calling it a once in a generation investment. the plan comes on the heels of a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package and spike elation on how president biden plans to pay for all of it. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off live from pittsburgh. >> good even


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