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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 6, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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you stay in the show and why it's important. >> dana: a quick programming note catch fox news late night show gutfeld 11 p.m. eastern. he is still on "the five". i won't be on again to make fun of him. here is harris. atlanta. an effort to punish the state of georgia over its new election integrity law. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus". mlb appearing to gave to pressure from the left as it will now reportedly host the all-star game in denver. critics are pointing out that denver is 76% white population while atlanta is 51% black. that stands out to some because moving the game will harm
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atlanta's minority-owned businesses. just days ago president biden said he would strongly support moving the game out of atlanta backing the boycott of a major american city. now the white house is cleaning up or clarifying as we put it the president's previous comments. >> he was not dictating what major league baseball should do, that they should -- dictating they should move the all-star game. that was their decision. they made that decision. as he stated earlier he certainly supports that. >> he does support the moving? >> he supports them being able to make the decision and respond to what their players asked. many of them are impacted, of course. >> harris: steve harrigan live in atlanta. steve, she said, you know, what does she mean? >> harris, the republicans are really attacking joe biden over this issue. they say he is deliberately misrepresenting features of this new georgia voting law. 98 pages long.
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one of the key elements in it, it allows counties in georgia to choose if they want to have early voting from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. biden has said on at least one occasion all voting would should down at 5:00 p.m. an exchange with the white house press secretary. >> he said they would end voting at 5:00 when working people are just getting off and end voting hours early so working people can't cast their vote after their shift is over. the "washington post" gave that claim four pinocchios. >> the president doesn't believe it should be made harder to vote. he believes it should be easier. >> the thing he said has been determined by election law experts to be not true. so i'm curious if he is going to stop saying it. >> again, i think we can -- the fact checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of georgia to vote. that's where he has concerns.
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>> as you noted earlier this move out of atlanta will hurt businesses here. 30% of businesses in atlanta are black-owned businesses and also has been very good for business on both sides of the political aisle. both sides are fundraising off of this battle off the attention it is getting. the clothing company pat gonna announced a short time ago it would donate $1 million to political groups in georgia fighting to overturn this election law. harris. >> harris: steve harrigan, thank you very much. i want to bring in joe concha columnist for the hill. i want to start with primarily compare, if we can, what democrats are saying earlier and what they might be saying next. are you envisioning a buyer's remorse on the call for boycotts? >> there already seems to be one from stacy abrams who realizes what this will do to businesses in the atlanta area
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as far as millions upon millions going away. over a lie to peter doocy's point. the "washington post" has fact checked this and came to the conclusion that joe biden was doing four pinocchio lie. making a claim and being called out on it. the white house press secretary and president continue to repeat it. so look, in this case as far as georgia is concerned you look at the polls, 91% of republicans and associated press poll support voter i.d. requirements. 72% of independents and 56% of democrats. everybody is on the side of this. i'm going to a yankee game may 2. 1:05 start. half hour ride, nice and easy. when i go to will call to pick up my tickets we'll need your i.d. to give you the tickets i think i'll say trust me on this one, guys, i am who i say i am and see what major league
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baseball does. or when i go to disney in november. we'll say your i.d. no, just let me on the plane and trust me on this one as well. i would like to see how these companies start to react when consumers start to push back on the hypocrisy of these companies in pulling out all-star games. it will not stop here. usa today calls him race and inequality editor is calling on the nfl declaring never to hold its super bowl in atlanta again. nba all-star game out of atlanta. it will spread to florida, arizona, texas, whatever is deemed a red state will be deemed never to be hold a major sporting event again. >> harris: biden might not be in the white house if not for minority voters. it will crush those businesses. let's look at the list. other companies and organizations that have criticized the georgia voting law. we aren't saying they're
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boycotting but criticizing. that's where these things sometimes can start. i say sometimes. we can't tell the future. from what you're saying, atlanta, all of georgia can be hurt by these decisions and i want to point out who did their homework on denver? who did their homework on colorado and compare the voter laws? i.d. required in colorado like georgia? yes. to vote in person. sometimes you have to bring a picture i.d. if it's your first time. in colorado 15 days of early voting. less than the early days of voting and fewer than they have in georgia. 17 to 19 there. >> i don't think many of these companies really studied the bill or saw the fact checks that were done on them. i think honestly they are just responding to this woke mob on twitter that kind of really doesn't exist. they sound loud and scream about boycotts but in the end if you stand your ground in these situations and say look, we're not going to get involved politically. in atlanta with major league
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baseball we'll honor the great hank aaron in july. atlanta braves stadium and political stuff is for another time. right now we're staying and appreciate hearing both sides on this but not going the get involved. i guarantee it would go away. i think they think they are doing the right thing from a p.r. perspective. there are more people angry than cheering on major league baseball and the companies for taking a stand on again a lie. >> harris: a lot of companies. it was a scroll. i want to get to this. i've been reading your twitter on vacation. cbs60 minutes taking heat from all sides after airing a botched hit piece on governor desantis. they claimed desantis he gave publix -- >> publix donated $100,000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach.
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>> what you are saying in wrong. that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, administrator and palm beach county and said here are some of the options. we can do more drive through sites and give more to hospitals, do the publix. they said we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents. >> harris: even some florida democrats including the palm beach mayor called the report intentionally false and critics accuse "60 minutes" of selective editing because it did not air or present desantis's full explanation of the vaccine strategy. let's take a peek. >> that's a fake narrative. first of all when we did the first pharmacies that had it were cvs and walgreens. they were going to the long-term care facilities. they started going to the long-term care facilities the third week of december to do
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ltc. that was their mission and very important and we trusted them to do that. as we got into january we wanted to expand the distribution points. so yes, you had the counties, you had some drive-threw sites and hospitals doing a lot. we wanted to get it into communities more. we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, cvs and walgreens had to finish the mission and we will use you. for the publix they were the first one to raise their hands and say they were ready to go. >> harris: also worth noting quickly, joe, "60 minutes" had yet to cover controversies facing new york governor cuomo and california governor newsom. both democrats. joe concha. >> to quote, 0.0 minutes and seconds to those two governors. cuomo's case two investigations on federal and state level. they didn't include the full
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answer from governor desantis and don't tell me about time constraints. his answer was very telling. when he talks about publix. the most trusted company in the united states according to a poll last year. they have almost more than 800 locations in florida. they are in every community and the fact that the results are this. this should have been in the story, harris. by governor desantis's actions and the actions of the florida division of emergency management cases are down from the beginning of this year 80% with those 65 and older. hospitalizations are down 53% by those 65 and older because they prioritized getting it to the elderly first. that 60 minutes piece also had criticized. that's where we're @ this point. a governor a threat to win the republican nomination in 2024 if donald trump doesn't win. 60 minutes a 50 years on television, highly rated. almost no one in this business is defending 60 minutes today
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because of that hit piece on ron desantis. >> harris: they will need more than 60 minutes to clean this up if they aren't careful. we'll continue to cover the story. so much for unity. democrats now getting the go ahead to ram through trillions of new spending without one single republican vote. first this. >> don't confuse border security with immigration. they are two separate things. right now we have a border that is not secure. right now we know drugs, we know terrorists. >> harris: democrats ridiculed kevin mccarthy when he sounded the alarm of terrorists at the southern border. now the deafening silence after two men on the terrorist watch list were caught crossing into the united states. we have mr. garza on "the faulkner focus" next.
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>> harris: democrats who down played the threat of suspected terrorists coming through our southern border are now silent as agents are saying they have apprehended two additional men on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list in just two months. house minority leader kevin mccarthy warned this is exactly what would happen. >> we go to monument 3 and you talk to those agents. it is not just people from mexico or honduras or el salvador. they're finding people on the terrorist watch list they're catching and rushing it all at once. >> harris: mccarthy was big time criticized by democrats when he made those claims. arizona congressman tweeted at
8:17 am
the time pretty sure he is either wrong or lying. mr. garza is with me now. who is really coming across our border and how it is that some people knew and predicted that we would see terrorists coming over and other people said it wouldn't happen. how do they see it so differently? >> you have to keep in mind a lot of the information that we have from the border is classified. there is a lot of information that is not for public release. we do have our senators and congressmen that do receive intelligence briefings on issues happening on the border. most of the time senator mccarthy speaks from that standpoint. in this case we did have two men from yemen that came across that were on the terrorist watch list. >> harris: so that's interesting, hector, what you are saying he wasn't riffing there, he is speaking from the intelligence that we can't see but sharing some of that with us. what else don't we know that
8:18 am
you think the public needs to know? >> it is a point to understand that we're in immigration crisis. there are two separate things. we are seeing family units and unaccompanied children but at the same time we're seeing the dangerous criminals and potential terrorists that are coming across and these people that do have ties to terrorism like i mentioned, a lot of the information and a lot of the people crossing our border illegally is not made available to the public for obvious reasons. >> harris: i learned of something from the former acting dhs secretary special interest aliens. i remember that from a couple of weeks ago when he brought that up. those are people who they really can't even trace and they do this at different countries' borders trying to get in. they've made an industry out of it actually. i want to show you this. a new poll finds 44% of people approve of the current president's handling of border
8:19 am
security. compared to 55% who disapprove. when hector, what is he getting wrong that the public sees? >> it's very clear that we have a mess on our hands at the border. it is a serious crisis and simple. the problem is the changes in immigration policies. we go back to the changes to title 42. it's causing the crisis on the border. because of this crisis we're seeing in the rio grande valley now we're seeing a border security crisis in other parts like in california where these two men were apprehended. it is directly related. unfortunately when we're overwhelmed on the border with family units and children at the border, we don't get to catch these dangerous men and women that come across the border like these two men from yemen. >> harris: there is a call for where is the vice president in all of this? she was put in charge and has yet to go to the border?
8:20 am
where is kamala harris on this? let's watch arizona's attorney general. >> joe biden's language is essentially telling everyone they have a green light. don't believe me. if you talk to the border patrol agents and talk to the border sheriffs tell owe tell you the people they're encountering are saying they think joe biden is welcoming them into this country and why vice president kamala harris needs to come and see for herself, talk to the people of the sheriffs, local officials to see exactly what's going on. >> harris: we had a president who would go to the border in former president trump and biden says he will get there at some point. those are his words. does kamala harris needs to get there now. >> they need to come down now. the message we have and understand is open borders message. for example, we still don't have a cpb commissioner. those are important positions
8:21 am
that need to be filled so people like president biden and vice president kamala harris can be informed on what is actually happening on the border. we would ask them to come down here. forget about the politics for a little bit and let's take care of your country. that's very, very important. >> harris: all right, hector garza, thank you for bringing your first-person knowledge and leadership to it today. appreciate your time. georgia governor brian kemp is calling out his 2018 democratic opponent stacy abrams over corporate boycotts saying her calls are just hurting local businesses and why he is labeling her a flip-flopper. and this. >> they can still force that on republicans and the country in a purely partisan vote. why would you walk away from a partisan agreement that could be made? >> harris: why would you? senate democrats are looking to
8:22 am
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into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> harris: democrats in the senate are looking to by pass their republican colleagues again. the senate parliamentarian opening the door for democrats to pass president biden's spending bill through budget reconciliation, the same process that let them past last month's massive spending package. not every democrat leader is on board with this plan. >> as the bill exists today it needs to be changed. that's what legislation is all about. this bill will not be in the same form you've seen it introduced or people talking about it. if i don't vote to get on it
8:27 am
it's not going anywhere. it is more than just me. there are six or seven other democrats who feel very strongly about this. we have to be competitive and we won't throw caution to the wind. >> harris: strong words. peter doocy is live at the white house. >> now the democratic leaders in senate are hoping to get permission to change the rules or at least to change the senate precedent from the parliamentarian so they only need 50 votes plus vice president harris to ram through whatever they want without republicans. that of course does still require all democrats to stay in line behind chuck schumer. the majority leader likes his chances. somebody from his office tells us this. the parliamentarian advised a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions confirming the leader's interpretation of the budget act and allows democrats tools to improve the lives of americans if republican
8:28 am
obstruction continues. we haven't heard from the parliamentarian themselves but that's the person who could give democrats the high sign. even if they don't have the votes to change a senate rule they can adopt a new precedent which in the senate is just as important as the republicans they may need if they lose democrats like joe manchin or kyrsten sinema. they argue it isn't about infrastructure at all the way they understand it. >> the roads, the bridges, the airports, the ports, all the money they propose spending on that is exceeded by the amount of money that they are willing to spend to set up electric charging stations all over america. the real focus here needs to be on the part of our infrastructure above and below ground that makes us compete and safe. >> the white house says they've coordinated 56 calls from select members of the cabinet to lawmakers on capitol hill about infrastructure. we don't know if a precise
8:29 am
breakdown of how many were to republicans and how many to democrats. harris. >> harris: i love how you dig down into the details and the facts that matter. peter doocy, thank you. power panel now. richard fowler fox news contributor. tammy bruce president of independent women's voice and fox news contributor as well. you know, it's interesting. i want to get into the weeds of we were promised something different from this president in terms of how they were all going to get along and pass stuff together, tammy bruce. >> yes, this becomes a question for the american people. is this what you voted for? it seems to be clear, harris, that when you really make the senate 50/50, you are sending a message. work together. when you really shrink that majority for the democrats in the house, you are saying work together. now i'll remind everyone when the democrats did this last time, which was with obamacare where they passed massive
8:30 am
change to the american system without any republican support and what happened in the next mid-term? massive losses for the democrats. 60 plus seats given to the g.o.p. eradicated their back bench. the american people were thinking if we are going to do something like this let's do it together, let's find some partisan way, some bipartisan waycountry. this seems like a -- when you told the democrats work with the republicans. this isn't what we voted for. not this kind of thing we want. in addition to the details of the issues here. this is the same party that in order to get obamacare through misled the american people time and time again as they reminded us. according to the stupidity of
8:31 am
the american voter. >> harris: as i come to you for your rebuttal. i will remind everyone some democrats might not have known what was in the law. the speaker nancy pelosi said pass it and read what's in it. it's not just republicans that didn't know what was in it. democrats were left on the fence to figure it out later. >> oftentimes no matter who is in power in these moments parties like to shoot over their skis when donald trump used reconciliation to pass the tax cuts. he lost seats in the house and senate. this is clear. this is the beginning of the process as peter doocy said carefully there. joe biden will try to find a way to work with republicans. over the weekend roy blunt said there is some things where they
8:32 am
can get an infrastructure build done separately. there is not clean water in flint, michigan. let's deal with that. on the other side figure out how to get other things done via reconciliation. that's probably the way we can go if republicans are willing to come to the table to deal with that. >> president biden: i never hear anybody who will help out people who lost their jobs on day one canceling the keystone pipeline. it comes to jobs. moody's analytics, 19 million jobs between the fourth quarter of 2020 and fourth quarter of 2030 if biden's spending proposal were to pass. it shows 16.3 million jobs over the same period would be added if the bill doesn't pass by biden. meaning that massive spending package itself would actually only add 2.7 million jobs. however, two biden officials said this. >> american jobs plan is about
8:33 am
a generational investment. it will create 19 million jobs. in doing that create again by some estimates 19 million good-paying jobs most of which don't require somebody to have a college degree. >> moody's suggests it would create 19 million jobs. >> harris: tammy, there is this fact. the white house disputes buttigieg and daoefp ever meant to say the plan would create 19 million jobs. they've always meant it would do so indirectly. i didn't hear that. your take. >> this is the problem. american people see this. they know what the difference is. if they want to own this package say it will create two million jobs. instead their inclination is to mislead. it is to tell people things that they think they want to hear. we've learned that does not work. the american people want real results. they want policy that works for everyone.
8:34 am
and for some reason -- i would argue on occasion the republicans do this as well -- they don't seem to care. it is their own little ballgame. they are looking internally and we seem to be cannon fodder for the disaster that continues to unfold to this day. >> harris: you are talking about the swamp behavior that happens only in washington, d.c. i'll bring you both back in a few minutes. thank you. add it to your tab. progressives are pushing president biden to use the power of his pen again for another controversial policy. and guess what? it's expensive. we'll get into it. piers morgan speaking out in an exclusive interview with our own tucker carlson where he stands on the duke and duchess of sussex since being forced out of his job. >> under attack to basically conform to her version of events and i had to believe her. if i didn't, i was a callous
8:35 am
racist and i should be condemned and ultimately as it turned out later that day lose my job.
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>> harris: let's pick up on news making headlines this hour. witness testimony continuing in the chauvin trial. in judge will set a future hearing to decide if george floyd''s friend in the car with him will testify. in maryland two people were injured at an navy base this morning. the shooter is now dead. currently no word on why this happened. president biden set to announce a change of date for states to make all adults eligible for the covid vaccine. the new date is april 19th. that's two weeks earlier than the previous date of may 1st. taxpayers could soon be on the
8:40 am
hook for federal student loans. progressives may have convinced president biden to go big on canceling student loan debt. white house chief of staff ron klain says the president is waiting for guidance from the secretary of education and justice department on forgiving loans of $50,000. jackie heinrich is live on capitol hill. i am so curious to know what will you do about all those people who worked hard to pay off their debt? do they get a refund? >> we'll see about that. the brookings estimate it would cost $1 trillion. right now the country's total outstanding student loan debt is $1.7 trillion. there are a lot of sticky calculations before we really get to a place where it could become a reality. president biden himself questions whether he has the legal authority to unilaterally forgive debt without an act of congress.
8:41 am
progressive democrats believe it gives broad support to the president and education to wipe it out. the trump administration lawyers concluded it would be illegal in a memo to former education secretary betsy devos. chief of staff ron klain president biden is awaiting word on his administration's legal reading. >> we would welcome a bill passed by congress to cancel $10,000 in student debt. he would sign that. that would be the first step before the larger amount beyond there. what ron klain was referring to there is an ongoing review. a policy and legal review. >> democrats laid the ground work for huge debt forgiveness with a provision in the coronavirus relief bill formerly any debt cancellation was seen as income by the irs. student loan debt forgiveness is now tax free. progressives are pushing biden to go big framing it as a matter of racial justice. pointing to black students
8:42 am
historically borrowing at higher rates and struggling more with repayment. harris. >> harris: jackie, thank you very much. georgia governor brian kemp is going after former opponent stacy abrams. georgia businesses could lose millions through boycotts. abrams is now trying to walk it all back. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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>> that is the biggest flip-flop since john kerry i have ever seen. for someone that has been pressuring these corporations, pressuring major league baseball to now come out after the fact and say don't boycott? people are getting screwed in this. >> harris: georgia governor brian kemp calling out stacey abrams who led the opposition against the state's new voting law. estimate is now urging companies like major league baseball not to boycott because of the potential economic impact on minority voters. might have wanted to do that research before you called for a boycott if that's what she did. mlb's reported decision to move the all-star game could cost the state $100 million in lost
8:47 am
business. some democrats are still supporting the league's choice. watch. >> i respect their decision, i understand the decision. but i don't like the fact that we have been put in this position by our state legislature and our governor because the people of georgia will suffer. >> harris: power panel is back. richard fowler and tammy bruce. those are the facts, richard. people of color are already suffering if those dollars are moving out. >> i think that's right. i don't agree with boycotts like this. it ends up hurting people who live in the metropolitan atlanta area where the all-star game was going to be held. they are already hurting. i think we need to really have a larger conversation on how we insure that voting works in georgia and how we also insure businesses work in georgia. i know there has been a lot of conversation around the voting
8:48 am
law. one fact worth pointing out. in the 2020 election 94 absentee drop boxes in atlanta, cobb county and gwinnett county. under the new law only 23 absentee drop boxes in those same counties. a drop of 75 drop boxes. it is a huge difference when it comes to people having the access to the ballot and ability to drop their ballots off. that's what we're fighting against. >> harris: tammy, i want to come to you as a response to that and i want to get to senator tim scott. >> those drop boxes were placed never existed before because of the coronavirus. this remains an expansion of access which did not exist before. but let me just say. >> isn't that a good thing. >> from charles payne at fox business network, $50 million lost for black workers and black businesses because of this. joe biden won that state. they sent two democrats into the senate.
8:49 am
is this what you voted for? not just 8,000 hotel rooms that had been booked and are now going to be dropped because of the crush of this. it is obscene and unfair and especially with the misrepresentations of what this voting law has done. >> harris: you know, it seems to me that the conversation around race and racism is just so red hot right now i'm not sure that people are actually having the words come out of their mouths they wish they could so we could all move forward. senator tim scott tweeted this quote. take in the details of this. georgia voters identification, 17 days of early voting. colorado voter i.d.15 days of early voting. atlanta is 51% black, denver is 9.2% black. the mlb is moving the all-star game out of atlanta, which has more day of voting rights than
8:50 am
colorado. and as senator scott says the wokes are at it again, folks. tammy, back to you. >> look, i think this is what is clear. the democrats have not -- rarely think about their constituents. you can look at the chaos at the border, you look at the chaos now in atlanta. everything is political. everything is about what they can get when it comes to what they say their agenda is. if their agenda is really to help people in the urban areas and people of color, they should be doing the opposite of what they are doing now. >> harris: good to see you both. thank you very much. he says he won't be bullied by the woke brigade. there is that word again. piers morgan defending his comments about meghan markle. tune in at the top of the hour. brand-new co-host kayleigh mcenany joins the virtual couch. we're excited to welcome her.
8:51 am
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>> because i said i didn't believe meghan markle. a huge thing erupted through the day. i was outraged and i was not allowed to have an opinion that i didn't believe what she was taking. i was told that you've got to believe meghan markle. if you don't believe what she is saying, you are a racist. >> harris: piers morgan standing firm on what he said about meghan markle. saying she made up allegations of racism because of the royal family. in an exclusive interview on "tucker carlson today" morgan said he wasn't allowed to have a opinion on that day and he left his job because he was given a choice, apologize for those
8:56 am
remarks or leave. he told tucker he no longer considers cnn don lemon a friend after the prime time host accused him of being racist for questioning her credibility. fox news radio, so much news from across the pond. yes you might say. so racism is like such a buzzword now. did it come into play with piers morgan at all? >> no. we have cheapened the word of the meaning of the word racist that it's insulting of real racism. harris, there was a time in this country if you called someone a racist, it would stop traffic. you kick the dj table at the party in the record scratched. now the term so often is like a greeting. morning, racist. come here you big white supremacist you. we have watered it down to nothing. the only thing that piers morgan did was have an opinion. if that is grounds for personal ruin needs to understand that is a slippery slope for them too
8:57 am
because of having a wrong opinion means you can be ostracized from society and lose your job, it is only time before we end up in that same position. >> harris: piers morgan also had this to say about what i think you are alluding to wouk's him -- woke-iism. ultimately, democracy dies and it's the bed bedrock and you become totalitarian state run by a liberal mob now. is that what anybody wants? do the liberals want that? i don't want that and i'm a liberal. >> he's 100%. >> harris: he's very serious there. >> he's 100% spot on. when the movements start silencing people, they are not being done for any other reason than control. there is nobody a friend to this movement, even if they think they are garnering currency,
8:58 am
yeah i'm with you on the piers morgan thing. what they don't realize is you can't be with them movement like this because it is soulless, no moral standards were decency. this motion you are guilty with some type of bias against an entire race of people because you criticized one of them is absurd on its face. piers morgan has an opinion that according to a gallup poll 50% of americans agree with. this notion that meghan markle is a victim or is being silenced is absurd. if anybody is being silenced, it is prince harry. every time he speaks in public, he looks like he's reading off of an index point at gunpoint. i feel bad for prince harry if anybody. >> harris: i feel bad for him he would look what happened to his mom. he is trying to protect his family. i get it from his perspective, i really do. "the washington post" doesn't seem to have an interest with canceling people. you just use these words but it does have an issue with the
8:59 am
term. a new article called the word "cancel" a white word and in black culture only to be appropriated in the white mainstream and subsequently pressed to death. what does all that mean? >> it means whoever wrote this article is crazy. they are completely crazy. this article is based on the '80s home, and harris, we will not get our values as a society from 80s songs and if we were, we would be pouring some sugar on each other like def leppard to. although at their age, harris, it is not splenda, harris but the fact is we are not doing that. this idea of the left will keep being cultural arsonist where they set these fire to claim virtual by putting them out will burn down our whole society. >> harris: it really doesn't make sense, too come if i say the word cancel culture and a white grievance term, where does that leave me?
9:00 am
i talk about it and push against it at all times. okay, good to see you. >> you're the best, here is. >> harris: i will let you go. that full interview is available on tucker fox news station show, "tucker today" and all that time you will make for tucker. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." it is high noon on the east as "outnumbered" starts now. florida democrats are going after 60 minutes over story on republican governor ron desantis. it suggest he cut a pay for play deal with the grocery chain public for the safe vaccine rollout. florida's director of emergency management says "it was his decision to recommend public." he calls the 60 minutes report absolute monarchy. that is a quote. the mayor of palm beach also a democrat pulls the


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