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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 6, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it at all times. okay, good to see you. >> you're the best, here is. >> harris: i will let you go. that full interview is available on tucker fox news station show, "tucker today" and all that time you will make for tucker. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." it is high noon on the east as "outnumbered" starts now. florida democrats are going after 60 minutes over story on republican governor ron desantis. it suggest he cut a pay for play deal with the grocery chain public for the safe vaccine rollout. florida's director of emergency management says "it was his decision to recommend public." he calls the 60 minutes report absolute monarchy. that is a quote. the mayor of palm beach also a democrat pulls the report
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"intentionally false." today governor desantis said 60 minutes wouldn't even talk to florida democrats about the rollout. >> they are for the interview by cbs to explain kind of how the vaccine. cbs declined to talk to them. because they knew that if they talked to them, they would blow up cbs's narrative. all they were looking to do is a hit job on me to try to smear me just because i'm in the other party than them here that is only reason. they were based in new york. what do they do with the governor of new york who is and their party? they do tough pieces. they do all the stuff. would you rather get a vaccine as a senior in florida or new york? >> harris: you are watching "outnumbered" and i'm harris faulkner. today michael host emily compagno and former trump administration white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany who is beginning a new journey with us today as a regular cohost right here on "outnumbered."
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kayleigh, welcome. you know i adore you and i'm glad you are with this. >> kayleigh: so glad to be with you. >> harris: the obama administration, and in a virtual seat today former white house press secretary for the bush administration and fox news contributor ari fleischer. today, a trifecta of three past administrations on "outnumbered." forgive me for talking over little bit. i want to get to that so i can bring you altogether so we can welcome kayleigh. let's go around the block, emily. >> emily: kayleigh, we are so thrilled to have you as the newest member of the "outnumbered" team and it's truly great to sit alongside you and harris. welcome to the party. >> kayleigh: thank you. it is an honor to be here with both of you. this is my lunch time show and i love to be here. it is an honor each and every day. >> harris: we are going to make that happen and i like a
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little grilled salmon. all right, ari fleischer, the bottom half of your screen, three administrations represented an ari fleischer you are next on deck forwards for kayleigh. >> ari: , kayleigh you have been easy. >> kayleigh: oh, yes i did. >> ari: her president trump come up with questions, friendly reporters. i'm so glad to have you here now. >> kayleigh: thanks, ari. >> harris: and johanna. >> johanna: you know i watched from afar, kayleigh with great admiration balance a young daughter in the white house. i had my son when i was working in the white house and i know the joy of parenthood and the challenges of balancing that the white house. i was very impressed and really excited to be on "outnumbered" with you. >> kayleigh: thank you, johanna and hopefully you got to bring your little into the white house, a good show and tell.
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can you believe mine is nine but will forever be proud to come i'm sure. >> harris: all right we are going to scoot, kayleigh, i think we will do something a little bit later with you too so we are looking forward to that if we can what's going on on capitol hill, ari, and get your response to this whole idea of boycotts. the president also getting involved and waiting in as well. maybe he doesn't mean they should pull the mlb. i mean, this is really getting big. >> ari: you know, i've never been a fan of boycotts. i've never been a fan of that type of action. the left is very good at it, but i've got to say i'm coming around. because if you only allow one team to make its case, to put baseball commissioners, corporate leaders under pressure, you are only going to have one result and that is keeping to the left where the pressure comes from. conservatives are going to have to get smart to do things that
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we actually don't like to do. and that is organizing the boycotts. hopefully, we will get equilibrium and maybe everyone will stop this as a trend. i've always argued particular when it comes to sports if that is where we are off of desantis, politics and sports should not mix. sports should bring people together. you should leave your politics at the door and then enter the stage. i would like to get back to that. i am consistent and i said that about president trump and i said it about joe biden too. >> harris: you know i want to go back to governor desantis with you, kayleigh, you lived and have lived and have family down in florida. what is exactly going on when you see 60 "60 minutes" basking in journalism and in a position to have to apologize to the work that they have done on a big interview with the governor of florida? >> kayleigh: it is an attempt to take down someone who we can say in the republican party, someone who has a bright future in the party of being hailed for
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coronavirus response. it is an attempt, the takedown of him. by cbs and cbs you have to ask yourself what is going on there. his not just basics to come they put out three waves companies to engage in activism. they had to take down a tweet. then that softball hunter biden issue. the takedown of governors desantis and harris. axios at the beginning of this year for the first time in this adelman to trust the media, it is below 50%. i think we are at a place in this country where there is tremendous skepticism of journalism. this kind of scrutiny we gave to the "60 minutes" we should give to journalism more broadly, not just when egregious but more broadly. >> harris: you know, johanna, you watched the story and you look at the full back and forth between the correspondent and governor desantis and you really see the gaps that were filled in with the facts of that
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in every video, not just edits but altogether as it can. and it does feel like there was a narrative that was written before everybody sat down. how much damage does that do? >> johanna: yeah, i don't think that this story was ready for prime time. i think you are saying that with the reaction of the democrats also so. democrats is a donor to the republicans and governor desantis but that has nothing to do to get the vaccine to the most people in a very populous state in our nation, which is really important. we should all be working together to get every effort focused on getting every person vaccinated. so i think cbs missed the mark, but i think it is important in the aftermath that you see democrats and republicans step up and say let's get everybody vaccinated. >> harris: you know it is interesting, emily because a
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collision of important events, right? you have a governor trying to organize as johanna said, something that is the most important issue biden said is the most important issue of our time. clearly, we have been in a pandemic more than a year. you don't want anything colliding with health, that situation come i would imagine and certainly not a misrepresentation of the facts. >> johanna: that is white the beach county mayor when he wrote the letter to cbs after the "60 minutes" errored and refuted all the points. i offered to sit down with you. where was that? you should be ashamed. he addressed that point. he said we confronted the pandemic for over a year and are residents like all-american are tired. the media is making it worse. you are essentially fabricating stories for click date and reviews and ignoring the fact. remind her that he is a democrat. he said it is because our states government leadership with county leadership that we
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have for our own county over 75% of the older leaks are vaccinated. he was part of the accomplishments there. he acknowledged that citizens made worse by best deceptive editing appeared to johanna's point, cbs knew over a month ago the democratic florida leader of their division of emergency management. he tweeted out, he addressed and refuted all of these claims about public. so cbs was certainly on notice over a month ago as to the actual pool facts. to kayleigh's points, cbs is hosting and viewing or airing the masters in augustine georgia that will begin next week. we will see if there is justice. >> harris: it is the color of my dress that it comes down to, ari, green. yeah, you know, ari, when you take all of this in, the damage that also calms is that people
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already are just looking for the answers appear they want the facts, right? if governor desantis has a bigger platform to give them today, the democrats literally just got shot in the foot by a biased media that was seen with that interview. >> ari: i don't know if this is democrats getting shot in the foot. it is the media shooting themselves in the foot much more "60 minutes." don't we want public providing vaccines to people? we should want them out and we want as many places in society and supermarkets, heavily traffic places to have the vaccine and administer it. that is exactly what florida did. i have to point out republicans, democrats in the urban link the same amount $100,000, desantis and the democratic party and the urban league. so this allegation is just not supported, and i'm glad conservatives and desantis are finally fighting back.
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>> harris: they are getting help with democrat as we were talking about. sit tight. coming up los angeles gives into the teachers union again. what the city just agreed to give teachers to get them back in the classroom. yes, they are still trying. plus, the white house accused of gaslighting after press secretary jim saki refused to back down on president bident george's election law. we will show you next. ♪ ♪ ts first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. new projects means new project managers.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ ♪ >> emily: welcome back critics say president biden is fueling divisiveness with claims about george's new election law, especially that it would end voting hours early.
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our room peter doocy asked white house press secretary jen psaki what happened. >> is the president going to change the way that he talks about the new georgia voting law because in that interview that you referenced, you said "we want to end voting. and it would end voting hours early for working people that after their shift is over." but "the washington post" gave that claim four pinocchio's. >> fundamental with the president doesn't believe that it makes it harder to vote. he believes it should be easier. but the thing he said has been determined by election law experts to be not true. swim just curious if he's going to -- >> again, i think the fact-checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of georgia to vote. and that is where he has concerns. >> emily: sean hannity arguing the president's false claims are hurting the country.
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>> sadly, he got caught once again playing the race card, dividing this country, is fueling nothing but vicious, divisive racial rhetoric about jim crow and voter suppression with zero evidence and no facts behind it. >> emily: kayleigh, this is a president who campaigned on facts and truth in unity. all the hours spent behind the white house press briefing room podium, what is your perspective? >> kayleigh: he was caught in a life four pinocchio's bright left-wing paper, "the washington post." but the completely mixed messaging coming out of the white house. yesterday the press secretary was asked, did president biden call for this? she said, no he didn't cope with this. in fact, let me give you context reading one of his quotes. she perceives to read i'm very supportive of the idea of a boycott, which underscored the
9:18 am
point that it is calling for this pair the same sound white, this is jim crowe on steroids ae cites the facts biden disagreed with this law. he absolutely had a part in the spirit over the state department, their spokesperson saying we will not give that advice to do with china but mlb, that is fair game. totally mixed messaging and they should be called out for this in the briefing this afternoon. >> emily: ari this is commander in chief calling for economic punishment for citizens over lawfully passed legislation. your thoughts. >> ari: and over issue in which he is fundamentally wrong for the american people. a poem that came out this morning american consult poll 46% of the majority support the law in georgia. and what is so disappointing about joe biden, the man who said this whole soul is for
9:19 am
unity, remember that? does it sound like his whole soul is for unity the way he reacted to this law? jim crow? does he believe that the american people are locked in the 1800s that we pass the laws on the poll tax forcing someone to read to show they qualify for oath? that is what jim crow literally did to stop blacks from voting. this does nothing, nothing, not even the same ballpark as that. in the president, president biden and the worst race baiting i ever seen it. he did it to mitt romney before a black audience and said "republicans want to put y'all back in chains." he said republicans wanted to return to slavery. now he says this is jim crow 2.0. this is what's wrong with joe biden. there is nothing unifying about this. this is terribly devices. he doesn't have the facts on his side in he's revealing his character, the corner he runs to come at racist card corner
9:20 am
whenever he needs to play politics. >> emily: johanna the life perpetuated as called out by "the washington post" and left organizations, all the more stark when you compare them to delaware or new york state or senator schumer coming for companies to move. why is the truth by itself just different, so harmful to democrats? >> i know there is a lot of focus on the democrats reaction and in general corporate reaction to the law, but i actuk how the republicans sold it to the voters of georgia or to the american people. and i think that is important. you know where they had a party line vote for a bill with the premise that this election was not fair and free, which is not true. so there is a lot of debate about this law. i think if they had actually
9:21 am
worked with democrats to try to enfranchise more people, democrats want to do that. as many people voted in the selection, and i give president trump a lot of credit for giving people energized around our democracy. we still had 80 million eligible voters stay home. so we need to work together to actually spam voting rights. and i would like to see us transition to a period where we can do that. >> harris: emily, if you will allow me to follow up with joe in a real quick. what gives you an idea they want to work across the aisle? where are you seeing evidence of that? i'm not saying that. they are getting ready to threaten and pass another huge package, trillions of dollars without one republican vote. they are willing to do things that don't look like unity. so what makes you think they are going to work together and work across the aisle, democrats, with anybody. by the way if they want to do good in georgia, they should stop this boycott because it's really going to hurt minority
9:22 am
owned businesses. >> johanna: so harrah's, it was georgia, republicans who voted for this bill, every democrat voted against this so georgia did a single party push it through. and i don't think it actually helped the american people. you know, if we back up and look at our democracy, our senators and our congress folks are supposed to represent the states and the people, not the party. >> harris: they are. >> johanna: and i think -- really, we've gotten away from that. >> harris: you think democrats in georgia would have sat down and said, let's start here. maybe we can have a discussion you can't drink water in line and come up in some way for election heads to, you know, deliver water or whatever it is? there was meeting in the middle. do you think they would do that? they haven't shown that. that is all i'm asking. >> johanna: well, before this stacey abrams actually did work across party lines to try to enfranchise more voters with women of the republican party.
9:23 am
so i know it is easy to say, oh, it is one party's fault, but definitely neither of them work together on this bill that the republicans forced through in georgia. >> emily: i think that is illustrating to the point, for example cobb county official who came on our network and when pressed for what exactly went with this new legislation it is so harmful, she responded to those the context. unfortunately when you drill down, this has much to do about nothing then if the boycotts are being put in place because of what is in it. yet, what we are hearing is the issue was actually the environment at the time. all right, just a had a major league backfire. moving the all-star game out of georgia to deliver a huge economic blow to black americans in atlanta. just weeks after many in the media dismiss g.o.p. claims of known expected terrorism at the border, border agents arrested two men on the fbi terrorism watch list. details next.
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♪ ♪ >> yuko webb to monument three and you talk to those agents, it is not just people from mexico, honduras or el salvador. they are funny people from yemen, iran, turkey. people in the terrorist watch list and they are rushing all at once. >> emily: that was house minority leader kevin mccarthy last month and what the border crisis could mean for national security. some democrats at the time downplayed his warning, but now they have been silent after customs and border protection announced last week border patrol agents arrested a yemen man whose name was on the fbi terrorist watch list. the second quarter arrest in two months of the yemeni national whose name was on the list. ari come i would like to start with you on this. first of all they were on the no-fly list and it appears physically that border was something they could enter in with their own two feet. this comes on "the hill" and a
9:29 am
new disapproval and disapproval rating for president biden on the part of that indicates 52% disapprove of his handling and only 44% approve. your thoughts. >> ari: well, and also one of the things that we learned was one of the yemeni's captured had a cell phone hidden in his shoe. you use a sim card to avoid detection from authorities when you make phone calls. but i hate to say it, but my first thought when i read that is reading the 9/11 commission report about the hijackers and the various ways they came into the united states. some legally in the late 1990s, early 2000 and semiliquid with the gaps in the porter system or visa system. we have to take this seriously. are we going to forget the lessons of september 11 now that it's almost 20 years? this is one more reason why nations must have borders and nations have to be able to enforce who comes in and who doesn't come and appear thank god there have been no major terrorists attacks and we don't
9:30 am
know the motives and what they are up to but maybe we will get to figure it out as they are questioned. maybe they won't say a word. but do we want to be taking these chances? this is not just about illegal immigrants coming to america for a better life. this is about our national security. and we need to be wide awake to the threads of having an open border. >> emily: johanna, i will let you respond to that. border protection is a different issue than immigration. your thoughts on what ari said. >> johanna: yeah, i actually agree. it is a good thing they were arrested. and i actually give president bush a lot of credit because post 9/11 they created the national counterterrorism center. i know when president obama come it was very impressive and continue to look after our national security and her safety. and i would like to see us be more proactive at making sure that we are tracking both foreign terrorists and domestic
9:31 am
terrorists because we know both are a threat to our security. >> emily: kayleigh, earlier on "the faulkner focus," we have the national border protection council, garza with thoughts on the other side who he says is to blame for the border crisis. speak with the problem here is the changes in immigration policies. we go back to the migrant potential protocols and title 42 peer that is what is causing the crisis on the border. and because of this crisis that we are seeing in the rio grande valley, we see a border crisis and other parts like southern california where these two men were apprehended. so it is directly related. >> emily: is exactly right. president trump came and negotiated great deals with tribunal countries and mexico our partner and made them a partner to stop the flow. and to hit on what ari said because it is so important 9/11
9:32 am
component of this. this was underreported but a march 18th testimony on the part of the new dhs secretary where he said we have caught no terrorists, they are called atf, no known terrorist to match that profile to try to cross the border, the land border, not just this year but last year as well. he went on to lay out we've had a system since 9/11 to catch these kind of folks on our borders. it is extremely important. one last point, a report came out from "the washington times" that he has talked to i.c.e. agents and might be open possibly to closing the gap with the border wall that trump started. interesting been preparing his testimony with suspects crossing the border. >> ari: just one other point here, we don't know who we are not catching. >> kayleigh: exactly. >> ari: that's why we have to have strong borders. who made it across the border? that is the threat.
9:33 am
>> what ari just brought up is something that the former acting dhs, secretary told me under trump. that is that there is this list of special interest that many countries around the world know that. they are trying to bridge gaps at different borders. so you are right, ari, we don't necessarily know where they are being successful. they are called special interest because they are professional at doing this. >> in the discussion is being reduced to one of race and oversimplified, to me, we don't know then not only who is getting in but the risk associated with it. and it sort of -- >> harris: the conversation. >> it becomes oversimplified. moving forward, major league baseball decision to relocate the all-star game may be woke but could have severe impact with a city with a large
9:34 am
population. did the mlb make the right call? stay with us. ♪ ♪
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9:39 am
major league baseball is moving all-star game to where voting regulations are similar to georgia? >> well, let me just refute the first point you made. first, let me say, on colorado, colorado allows you to register on election day. colorado has voting by mail or 100% of people in the state who are eligible. applications to vote by mail 94% of people in colorado voted by mail in the 2020 election. and they also allow for a range of material to provide even if they vote on election day with a limited number of people to vote on election day. i think it is important to remember the context here appear the georgia legislation is built on a lie. there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election. georgia's top republican election officials have
9:40 am
acknowledged that repeatedly in interviews. and what there was, however, turned out especially by voters of color. instead, what we are seeing here that they didn't like the outcome here they are not changing their policies. they are changing the rules to exclude more voters. we certainly see the circumstances are different. but ultimately, let me add one more thing. it is up to people to determine where they are holding their all-star game. >> harris: interesting, kayleigh, i'm coming to you. do you think the white house at regrets that the united states got themselves into the middle of all of this? >> kayleigh: there is no doubt the way the question was answered yesterday about where he called for this. i wish i would have answered it differently friday and read the statement from him where he's very supportive of moving the game. what is so interesting, when she listed off the litany of colorado election rules, notice one item was left off. the fact that colorado requires identification to vote by mail
9:41 am
or vote in person. which that is the cross, the essence, the main central point of the georgia voting law. we want to see identification. we will expand early days to 17 days, do two saturdays but you have to show identification, which 75% of americans agree with the according to rasmussen. that was left off of the items she left off of colorado's law. >> harris: we may be able to put something up on the screen. i'm not sure if i or team can do it but to further what you are saying, kayleigh, you have more days to vote. >> kayleigh: exactly. >> harris: out of the election in colorado than georgia, right? or in georgia rather than colorado. in georgia is anywhere from 17 to 19 days in colorado fewer. peer they were all sorts of demographics mixed in here too appear there it is on the screen. we have compared the georgia voting laws to colorado. aunt johanna my come to you on this because it makes you scratch your head a little bit.
9:42 am
why move the game to some place that actually a little bit less access in terms of days and a lot the same access of voter i.d. registration? before one thing that was important the georgia law specifically said that you can't mail out to every registered voter absentee ballot and that is an important part of getting people engaged in the election system who may not otherwise be engaged. and on mlb i agree with jen psaki, it is their decision. this idea democrats pull the string of what is going on of these decisions is just false. if they have control of these major organizations, they would undoubtedly because you have democrats in georgia, please keep your business in georgia, have a different advantage point. so i think they made the decision independently. i would like us to all come together and work on in franchising more voters. >> harris: let's be fair,
9:43 am
particularly with stacey abrams. she may be saying that now, but ari, that is not what was said in the beginning. what minority businesses will miss out on in terms of dollars. it hurts them. >> ari: i want to make a further point here, actually three quick points. one it is emphatically not the business of the united states government, especially the white house with a state election law as a criteria or where an organization can hold a game. it is none of their business. number two what they did in georgia it was built on a lie. no, states routinely go through election cycles and tweak and change their laws. that is regular. it's been going on since the nations history begun. regardless of what happen in 2020 election. georgia always has the right to tweak and change its laws. m3, baseball, the only right thing for baseball to do was left wing democratic pressure and put pressure on mlb for us to say there are good
9:44 am
people who think the law is right. there were good people that think the law is wrong. baseball brings people together. we will not get bogged down in other people's politics. that is only thing baseball should have done. >> harris: it is interesting. senator mcconnell is saying something similar, but you're really drill it down there. moving on to my parents had to quit job to be with children who cannot attend school in person. but now some teachers in one major city are going to reportedly get extra pay for child care in order order to reopen schools. boy, their list of demands as long. is long
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>> harris: blowback against major league after the election law intensifies. brian kemp has a warning for both business leaders. he will join us live. plus desantis blasting "60 minutes" with handling of the vaccine distribution and why even some democratic mayors are rushing to the governor's defense. bret baier will weigh in on. brand-new next hour, president biden visiting the vaccine site in virginia is expected to lay out new guidance for what you can now do safely
9:49 am
if you have been vaccinated. see what he has to say, come join john and me on "america reports," top of the hour. >> harris: has many parents struggling to provide child care with their parents remote schooling still happening in these places, now los angeles unified teachers and other employees reportedly received $500 per month child care siphon if they have children under five years old. courtesy of... the taxpayers. this is they are preparing to return to the classroom after a year of closures. politico is reporting on that agreement after california's largest teachers union demanded subsidized child care before they resume in-person teaching. i mean when i say this list is long, i'm not kidding. it seems to get longer. i thought they closed this deal, ari. >> ari: this is the problem with spending sprees, isn't it? when the government gets in the business of handing out billions
9:50 am
of dollars to people, people will come up with new ways to spend money and lo and behold, once you start down that path, how can you take it away? how can you deprive a parent of the ability to send their child to child care? this is the whole problem when you put the government in such a powerful, dominant big spending role. you get big government, big demands, more money. >> harris: johanna. >> johanna: we are actually facing a teacher shortage. and it is a big problem here in california that we don't have enough teachers. we have classes that are 40 students in fourth grade class. you know i know austen who was the superintendent of los angeles unified school and he is not just a spender. he is trying to bring people together and get the classrooms open. as a parent of public school kid, i support that. let's get the parents back to work and teachers back to school and support them when they do. >> harris: kayleigh. >> kayleigh: the teachers
9:51 am
union here continues to move the bar. we have seen this repeatedly. first we need billions more in covid funding even though covid spending had not been fixed. then it was we need to have vaccines before we go into schools when the cdc director said that actually isn't the case. now it is demanding child care in l.a. county. harris, let me tell you my want to take a hat for the meat packers because the height of the pandemic when we didn't know about covid and it was new to all of us, guess who didn't have child care, didn't have the appropriate safeguards, but still went into pack our meat that we eat to put food on america's tables. it was our meat packers, health care workers, who didn't demand child care and showed up for work. hats off to them. >> harris: amen! i don't know how many got hit by all the shards with that mic she just dropped. i got some of my shoe there. emily. >> emily: i felt all the way over here on the west coast. of course, to johanna's point,
9:52 am
he is not a spender but merely having to capitulate to the strength of these unions and the power that they are wielding. this is on the heels of hero pay, extent of medical benefits, vaccinations and keep in mind this is not child care but a child care siphon. more money, more obligation especially in the state of california where in 1992, my district went bankrupt as a public school student. the issue is long typically and poor budgeting and one of complete power wielded by the union. to kayleigh's point, over 50% of women owned businesses are minority owned. and over 63% of small businesses in america are owned by women. guess who is more disproportionately affected in the pandemic? women appear at the notion that somehow teachers have borne the brunt of this more than anyone e is false. and the parents at home, those are the ones we should be concerned about.
9:53 am
>> harris: well, question here, have masts mandates gone too far? next one toddler briefly lowering her mask for a flight. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
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refiplus, only from newday usa. >> ; masked madness. video captures the moment a pregnant mother with a 2-year-old daughter and a special needs son pleads with spirit airlines staff as i forced everyone off the plane as her little girl removed her mask to eat. >> she's not wearing a mask. >> the baby? >> that's only a child, a 2-year-old. >> i understand. >> the airline a short time later allow the family and all of the passengers back on the flight from orlando to new york.
9:58 am
noticeably absent, however, was at flight attendants. harris, what are your thoughts on this? >> you know, i tear it up a little bit there because when you read the details of this, and a special needs child, i don't feel the heart coming from that flight attendant to say, was there a reason that this was necessary, and is there anything i can do for that child? you know, they are in the service industry, we are in a pandemic and they are lucky we are flying. i will leave it at that. >> and the mom when she explained more about the situation, she said the diaper was dirty and her child had to sit in it. the more we learn about the situation the more we learn it was so extreme with zero concern on the part of the airlines there. >> i remember traveling with a toddler, and it was not a pleasant experience for anyone. it is always, you are walking onto that plane saying, i don't
9:59 am
want to be here either, but we are trying to get to where we are trying to get to. and, let's assume that everyone is trying their best. and not just enforce things when we don't have all the information. >> to your point it's hard to travel as a mom. blake going all across the nation, taking wheels off the strollers, it's tough. but for this mom, special-needs mom and her son had missed his medication, she's trying to fight with the flight attendant but guess who had the heart to stand up? it was the fellow passengers saying on rising defense of this mom. that was good to c. >> i believe in my fellow americans above anyone else, thank you so much for today. harris, my cohost, kaylee, warmest welcome to you, our new
10:00 am
cohost. we can't wait to be with you every day moving forward. johanna, thank you. here is "america reports." >> john: we start this afternoon with the fox news alert. backlash is brewing against major, major league baseball and other companies as america reports on the intensifying battle against georgia's voting law. this is we learn the new site expected to host the mlb all-star game and already there are accusations of hypocrisy. hello, everyone, and thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts in washington. >> sandra: good afternoon to you, i'm sandra smith in new york. the league announces today that it's moving that all-star game to denver. the move is meant to be a stand against george's controversial new voting law but john, similar voting laws exist in colorado. >> john: that allows


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