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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 7, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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can't trust them. no. i'm not doing it. jillian: you heard it here. make sure you download the fox news app., open your camera and scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen. >> set your dvrs for 4:00 a.m. every morning so you never miss a moment of "fox & friends." "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> how concerned is president biden about terrorists trying to take advantage of gaps in the border? >> those incidents are very uncommon. >> about a thousand people are coming across every day and not being caught? how many terrorists are in that thousand? >> moving the all-star games from atlanta will hurt the local economy where over half of the population is plaque. >> like most woke policies they make the folks in charge feel good while harming the people they insist they are helping. >> "60 minutes" say our story sunday night speak for itself. >> this is egregious and we need to take a hard look at journalism in the united states right now. it's a perilous place. >> getting ready to return to
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class and many have to pass by homeless camps. >> parents come in the morning and do a sweep to make sure there aren't any needles that need picked up before the chirp get here. >> check out incredible rainbow on mars. critics say the chances of the image being an actual rainbow unlikely. ♪ rock casbah. ainsley: brian hates this song. brian: it is the worst. it's one of those songs you can't wait for it to end. ainsley: how you cannot hear it and sing along. steve: the way it works, brian. when you hear a song it takes you back to that time in your life. brian: right. steve: so whatever was going on in your life, that song you just didn't like. brian: i remember no matter what kind of day i was having when i heard this song everything got worse. it just -- it's a song that goes nowhere. they keep saying the same thing over and over again.
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steve: what song do you like? brian: i like feelings, debby boone. she was -- it really touched me. steve: i don't think debby boone did feelings. brian: ed, do you know if debby boone did feelings. steve: she did you light up my life. brian: she would have done feels if she did you light up my life. steve: eric carmen. >> freddy fender. brian: joel is looking it up. steve: american top 40. ainsley: i'm glad we are all so knowledgeable. steve: no kidding. brian, we're sorry we put you in a bad mood. brian: unbelievable. i should have watched vh 1 before. i know rosie o'donnell was a vj. those were the days. steve: we start with the white house down playing the arrests of two yemeni member on the tear watch list who tried crossing the border illegally. we told you about this story yesterday. ainsley: there are their pictures. they are not on the website anymore though.
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this as cbp is deleting the photos of the men and press release about their arrest. brian: i'm sure they're the only two that ever crossed recently. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more as republicans demand answers. can i say americans demand answers, griff? griff: that's right brian, ainsley and steve, good morning. perhaps another relic of the 1980s prohibiters printing things out. never under estimate the value of printing things out. this now deleted press release from cbp announced a second yemeni man was arrested crossing the border in california and identified on the terror watch list. it's nowhere to be found now. cbp issued a statement yesterday saying this: quote, the news release in question was not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure and policy information related to national security that required cbp to remove it from our website. well at the white house, press secretary jen psaki was down playing it. >> encounters of known and suspected tastes are very
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uncommon. dhs works with international partners to prevent individuals on certain watch lists from entering the united states. this is rare. griff: now, all of this has prompted house minority leader kevin mccarthy to send a letter to the cia and fbi directors raising real concerns about over terrorists crossing undetected. meanwhile shocking video reportedly shot by a border patrol agent shows a little boy east of rio grande city stranded, scared, and sobbing in the dessert. griff: now, that child is believed to be between 10 and 12 years old. he was taken to a nearby shelter. meanwhile, dhs secretary mayorkas is reportedly are considering restarting some wall construction fill, quote, gaps in the current barrier. the white house though acknowledged that they are
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evaluating the possibility of filling some gaps but emphasized that wall construction is still paused, brian, ainsley, steve? steve: griff, they pulled the press release and they said national security. really, the administration was just embarrassed. because they now have instituted this news blackout because they can't have people saying oh, maybe the republicans were right about the terror threat. griff: you put your finger on it, steve. here is that press release. the headline which says two yemeni men arrested by border patrol identified on the fbi's terrorism watch list. the question americans should ask themselves this morning is do you have a right to know and see that or not? the cbp currently says the answer is no. steve: news blackout. great. perfect. ainsley: thanks so much, griff. kevin mccarthy wants classified briefings from the fbi and from the cia. he wants to know more about this. to your point, brian, as you were introing into griff, how many more have not been caught. ainsley: these are the two caught in the last few months
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since japan. are there others that have gone over? we can't forget what these terrorists, what their mission is to hurt the united states, to hurt americans. this should be an issue for every single person. it doesn't matter your political party. brian: yeah. here is kevin mckathy. >> when i was down at the border, almost a month ago, talking to the border agents, they told me that they had caught people on the terrorist watch list. when i brought that up at the press conference, my democratic colleagues weren't shocked by it. do you know what they did? they called me a liar. i sent a letter to the director of the fbi. the director of the cia to give a classified briefing to myself, pelosi, schumer, mcconnell and bring in the vice president, if she is so-called supposed to be in charge but won't go to the border, and when you talk about the two terrorists they have now caught on the terrorist watch list from yemen, they didn't catch them together, they caught two separately. and about 1,000 people are coming across every day and not being caught? how many terrorists are in that thousand? brian: yeah, they are just
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trying to stop this flood. the president stunt want to acknowledge it. the vice president doesn't want to take the portfolio. the hhs secretary went to the extraordinary statement of saying i'm going to look to fill the gaps in the fence in the wall because a lot of the technology is not completed. the road are being used by smugglers because they were supposed to be used for us. because the fans are now allowing them to go in and out. so maybe we are going to finish it up. after all it's costing us a million dollars a week not to build the wall. the steel that we already made. either we got to pay to destroy it or pay to store it. so it makes no sense to leave gaps like you are looking at right now. so mayorkas is considering filling those gaps. i would say yes. we paid for it already. can you just finish the job, please, and stop playing politics. steve: you know what, brian? it's the same thing as the yemeni guys. it's an optics problem for the administration. every time somebody and, you know, we have done a better job explaining what's going on on the southern border than the other channels, occasionally the
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other channels will show the people just walking through those gaps where there is the fence ends right next to the gate and it's like what genius thought about building a fence and leaving that gap right there? so they are thinking about filling that in. they will continue the same policies, the same executive orders, but the optics problems of okay, it's a national security problem. so let's just take the news out of news. same thing. let's just fix that little 20-foot gap and we won't have that message. ainsley: chad wolf said at the end of the trump administration 44 -- still more miles under contract. these are contracts are in place. costing you the taxpayer. we have already paid. we already hired contractors steel companies to come in and build. this now, you are paying for it. they are getting paid and they're not doing the work because this administration is saying absolutely not. and do you know what? i read that press release yesterday. we all did, the cbp press release, it really didn't say any information other than the
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age of the two guys that were arrested. these suspected terrorists. steve: general location. ainsley: general location. where they were arrested. what check point. said one of the guys had a cell phone and sim cards hidden in his shoe. other than that, what national security information was on that press release? i believe they just don't want you to know that there are terrorists come through because the narrative all along remember the headlines we read four of those headlines to you yesterday headlines in march blaming republicans oh, they are just saying that they're going to be terrorists we haven't caught any terrorists. now that we have they don't that narrative out there. brian: right. switching gears a little bit. for the longest time we heard that joe biden was the adult in the room. things are going to go back to normal. after all he has been doing this job on politics some way shape or form chairman of foreign relations vice president of the united states, long-time senator. is he going to be cool, calm and collected. then we watched as he called vladimir putin a killer and you thought to yourself was that really a good way to approach international relations? and then you remember when he was a candidate and he said if you don't vote for me you ain't black you thought wait, is that a little bit flying off the
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handle? is that something you want to take back? and then one day as he is given his press conference, he takes a question about the georgia laws and he comes out and says it is sick, and it is jim crow on -- jim eagle which is ridiculous, later he amends on espn this is like jim croix on steroids. he used to hang out with people that were for those jim crow laws like senator byrd. he snow was what jim crow is. and since that time, when he actually called on the major league baseball to boycott the all-star game and maybe move it, they actually listened and did, i wonder if he wants to walk that back because yesterday, when georgians woke up. they had 8,000 hotel reservations canceled in atlanta for july and they are expected to lose $100 million. among the people upset democratic senator jon ossoff and now stacey abrams is saying yeah, i may have brought up jim crow 2.0. but i never meant to happen.
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that could be just the beginning. steve: so joe biden and other democrats pushed for a boycott of georgia. they got it with major league baseball. now the people of georgia are realizing, wait a minute, that's costing money out of my pocket. what about the gigantic georgia sports event that kicks off, i think tomorrow in augusta, georgia? we're talking about the masters? yesterday peter doocy was the tv pool correspondent. the only person in the room who could ask the president questions. he asked him a couple, including this one. listen. >> do you think the masters golf tournament should be moved out of georgia? >> i think that's up to the -- the masters, look, it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about
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how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. the other side too is when they, in fact, move out of georgia, the people who need the help the most, people who are making hourly wages, sometimes could hurt the most. but it's the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up. ainsley: listen, the mlb players still get paid. the mlb still gets their tv revenue. guess who is hurt? all of these people who would have worked the game. all the hotels, all these restaurants, all these venues. all these taverns. this is an impulsive reaction and they pat themselves on the back and they feel good about what they have done. but, when they look at the faces of these people they are hurting in the midst of a pandemic, it is crushing to these businesses. they need to take a second look and they need to look at their own voting laws. look at delaware where president biden is from. worst voting laws in colorado or georgia. no drop boxes.
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there is a drop box in every county in georgia. no in-in person early voting. they have to have a specific reason to believe to vote absentee. in georgia anyone can vote absentee. colorado has 15 days of prevoting and georgia has 17 days plus two weekend days. and both have those voter i.d. restrictions. it's crushing. and some of these braves fans now are saying i want my money back. i hate to blame it on the braves it's not their fault. this is the only way can i protest mlb. give me my money back for season tickets. todd trainer long time braves fan said this is the only way i knew how to protest is not attend any games. brian: listen to what former major league baseball commissioner wrote in the op-ed in the "wall street journal." he couldn't believe it. he is over in connecticut now. he says activist urged commissioner rob manford to punish georgia rushing to do so without protesting the substance of the law. he made a serious mistake. major league can't become a
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hostage of the culture wars. it can't be only for the rich or for the poor. now can it only be for one race as it was until 1947. baseball must always stand above politics. and its dark elements of corruption, greed and sorted selfishness. by the way there is nothing cutting edge about that. that is called lodge call. why don't you be a good business person? you are not standing for jim crow because it's not jim crow. it is so unbelievably irresponsible for the president to keep saying that over and over again hearken us back to 1870s. have you got to be kidding me. ainsley: you want to hurt the black community? atlanta has 51% friend population. denver only has 9.2%. so you are hurting all those minority businesses that are in atlanta that would have benefited from this mlb game. steve: right. there is an interesting item today. it's the lead story in the atlanta journal constitution. it talks about how we know that democratic politicians are behind this law. but, also, there are a number of
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religious leaders in atlanta, they have told businesses we are going to boycott you. we are going to have our people boycott you unless you go ahead and you publicly denounce this law. well, now they are tapping the brakes on the threat of boycott. they are going to have a virtual meeting with these big businesses next week like home depot, aflac. brian: coke. steve: they already talked to coke. in fact pitch shown reginald jackson of the ame sixth episcopal district spoke with representatives at coke and also at delta last week and they said okay, we don't want to boycott. we are going to come out and say these things. now what he is doing is saying we are not going to boycott your businesses but your businesses had better, according to the atlanta journal constitution, you had better go ahead and denounce this law or else. brian: but why? they just assume that minorities don't have ids? isn't that an insult you have
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got to be kidding me. they offer free ids to get a rent a car to go to a baseball game to go anywhere if you want to go to will call. everybody needs i.d. ainsley: yeah, to get on a plane, to buy alcohol or cigarettes. do you know there are 200 companies that have denounced georgia for this. and those 200 companies, it turns out that you need an i.d. to go and work for them. you have to show an i.d. for employment. including paypal. what about the beijing olympics? are they going to boycott that? how far does this go? steve: great question. you don't need an i.d. to watch greg gutfeld's new show. he had this observation about what's going on last night. >> once the media decided the georgia voting bill was evil by demanding the same steps you would need to get a library carried, what did major league baseball do? they moved the game from atlanta, which is 51% black, to denver, which is 76% white. what were they smoking? [laughter] well, it is colorado so maybe
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weed. because you have got to be mile high to think this was a solution. for a number of reasons that aren't colorado's fault. it's just that in its new woke world skin color is everything. so to help black people, mlb moved the game to denver, which is whiter than the slopes in aspen and made sure black-owned businesses in atlanta just lost millions in profit. like most woke policies, they make the folks in charge feel good while harming the people they insist they are helping. steve: so we will keep you posted on any other fallout. there be more. brian: just real quick keep your eye on protest. american airlines is it will protesting texas' new voting laws. game on. steve listen, so you can watch greg gutfeld each and every night right here it on the fox news channel. are ratings on monday night. make sure you check it out at. brian: bafa good? steve: it is great. it will walk your casbah.
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brian: i love that song. steve: yesterday, we had ron desantis on, governor, and he was rail at how cbs did a hit job on him on 60 minutes because after digging for dirt on him for three months, they presented a very narrow view that made it seem like he made a sweetheart deal with publix in florida in the southeast because they had given him like $100,000 to his political action group and they were aiming vaccines at his supporters. that report so misleading even democrats say it's a lie. and he, for the most part said look, cbs, they are a bunch of smear merchants the and out to get me. cbs has come out and said we were just trying to clarify, ainsley. ainsley: cbs's statement says we requested an interview with governor ron desantis. he declined. we spoke to state emergency management director jared moskowski he declined to be interviewed on our story until
3:19 am
well after the deadline. the idea we ignored their perspective is untrue. we spoke on the record with palm beach county mayor david kerner for over 50 years the facts stirred debate and prompted strong reaction. our story sunday night speaks for itself. the palm beach mayor that they spoke with on the record after the story aired, he requested an interview with them and they said no because he was going to defend ron desantis. he's a democrat. he said we worked together on this. it was our idea collectively to ask publix after some of these pharmacies had already been involved but publix is so popular in florida. it's so close to so many senior citizens shop there and easy for them to get a vaccine. steve: ainsley, cbs said he wanted to do the interview after our deadline. listen, in the tv business the deadline is when you go to air. ainsley: correct. correct. steve: they could have figured out how to put him in. ainsley: it's called news. new information. brand new. publix did give money to democrats and republicans. they gave money to tim kaine.
3:20 am
they gave money to democrat mark warner. i don't know why they are focused so much on a negative story on florida. if you look at the deaths, florida had about 34,000 deaths. why not focus on california with gavin newsom and new york with cuomo. new york had 50,000 deaths so far. california 60,000. then there is that big scandal with cuomo. they are not touching that story. they want to go after the guy who might be running for president as a republican. brian: i think they are running for a number of accusers for cuomo to get to double figures. then it will be a story. they only have 9. in terms of sexual law harassme. kayleigh mcenany weighed. in a little bit later we are going to hear from kayleigh mcenany. you will hear her take on what governor desantis is experiencing and why he came out and said i'm not done with "60 minutes" yet. steve: look, they tried to kneecap ron desantis and ultimately, now that we all know what happened. it has backfired. meanwhile, straight ahead on
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this wednesday, in ceilings, students get ready to return to class. and many will have to pass by homeless camps on their school properties. parents there steamed. lawrence jones on that next. ♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer breaking new brian two schools homeless elm car. s in seattle. >> steve: look at that. parent are shocked after learning their kids will return to school, to the classroom, despite the fact that homeless tents are either on or near school property at least the one elementary school and one middle school. ainsley: we want them to go back to class but not walk through this to get there. lawrence jones joins us with parents and teachers take
3:26 am
action. what did you find. >> out of control. parents are outraged after a year reef moat learning some fear kid will being coming to school with homeless encampments next to the classroom. the broad view school k through 8 and will middle school both affected the seattle school district saying it's trying to resolve the issue but cannot guarantee homeless won't be there when students show up on monday. parent have been calling on the district to remove the encampments for months now but have had no success. the city is also refusing to insert themselves in the. it's not their jurisdiction it's the school district jurisdiction. it's another sign of a growing problem in the city which residents i spoke to last week they say they are fed up with it. >> i would like to see more leadership on the part of the city. and i do have a teenager. he is just really distressed about the situation.
3:27 am
not the only struggling. homeless camp at the beach. two l.a. councilman asking for temporary tiny homes to be put in the parking lot of three l.a. beaches. the proposal also calls for safe parking and camping areas for those livings out of their cars or rvs. at least one saying the issue in tia would bring crime and drugs into the community liberal cities out of control. brian: i remember you doing the story couldn't have soccer practice they took over the field. >> took over the field there is drugs everywhere. needles everywhere. methamphetamine. brian: whose idea was it to put them there. >> they decided that they were just going to come there by themselves. you would think that governments would have a responsibility to keep folks safe. would get them out of the area and put them in a safe area where they are not around kids.
3:28 am
ainsley: this is up sane. >> already three incidents with kids at these soccer field and parents have had enough. ainsley: have they done background checks? what if they are sex equalial predators what if they are on drugs. steve: woman od'd at one of the schools and the parent in the neighborhood said to the school hey these are dangerous. the schools came back and said we don't think it's a dangerous situation. it's a dangerous situation. >> the schools going back and forth with whose responsibility to clean up the area. all pitch in 50/50. pay taxes to both of the groups. pitch in so the kid can come back. ainsley: is law enforcement not able to go in there and tell them to leave. >> i talked to my law enforcement sources they have been told by the city to have a hands off approach. not get involved. these people are doing drugs and shooting up with needles. go to these communities seeing
3:29 am
needles stuck in these people too it out in the open. cook drugs out in the open. they have been told not to do anything about it. when you look at these communities, it's a beautiful neighborhood and right in the middle of all of this are these encampments. we want these people to get the help that they need. you cannot have kneels open everywhere where kids are it's common sense. brian: they are not looking for help though. that's the problem. lawrence, thanks so much. appreciate it. steve: thanks, guys. another reason not to send your kids to school. brian: i love country we are hands off when it comes to law enforcement. ainsley: teach your kids say no to drugs but stepping over kneels to get into the classroom. brian: point to the drugs to say no to, that drug, that drug and that drug. the border crisis forcing the biden administration to think about plugging up the gaps in the border wall. oh, donald trump's border wall? is it too late? we are going to talk to an illinois sheriff who says every state is now a border state next. and for our friends at fox bet cuethe music.
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jillian: back with headlines now. a sheriff's deputy at georgia jail stabbed to detective. christopher knight was moving the man from suicide watch to
3:34 am
another part of the facility when a fight broke out. officials say albert booze was able to grab another deputy's knife to use on knight while handcuffed. a second injured deputy is expected to survive. chilling surveillance footage shows the moments after a navy medic shot two sailors a business park in maryland. one of those victims stumbling into a nearby business pleading for help. the accused shooter was killed by military personnel after speeding through a gate at fort dietrich and brandishing a weapon towards security. officials are searching for a motive. one of the sailors remains in critical condition. overnight, new york governor andrew cuomo repeels a law that protects nursing homes from covid related lawsuits. the measure rolls back the emergency or disaster protection act which gives merck facilities immunity from some lawsuits. cuomo repealing the controversial law as his administration is under intense investigation for covering up 9,000 covid nursing home deaths last year.
3:35 am
and overnight a rebrief for america's founding fathers in san francisco. the city school board voted unanimously to suspend the plan to rename 44 schools as part of a racial reckoning that critics says wept too far. among them were schools named for abraham lincoln and george washington. the board voted to reopen schools five days a week in the fall. the remaining will be revisited when students return. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you, brian. brian: nuts. walls work. dhs chief secretary i should say mayorkas is reportedly considering restarting border wall construction in order to fill in gaps made obvious by people with vision who also noticed illegals walking through these gaps. our next guest warns the crisis doesn't stop at the border. it filters into every community in our country. livingston county illinois sheriff tony childress joins us now. how do you feel this in
3:36 am
illinois, sheriff? , good morning, brian, and thank you for having me. we feel this in illinois by way of the, i would say, the highways and the byways. we have interstate 55 that are ups right down the middle of our county for 31 miles. so, we are 90 miles south of chicago. so, interstate 55 is a main thoroughfare from chicago to mexico it. runs as you know there chicago to louisiana it is a heavily traveled route for drug traffickers and human traffickers. brian: i was watching this on another channel he a he came out and said do the right thing. take 5,000 illegal kids. really? are we out of kids that need help all the foster care homes kids already accounted for? it just makes no sense.
3:37 am
here is what the dhs secretary will mayorkas said reportedly spoke to ice officials last gheek a virtual meeting. said this: would you like to see him fill the gaps in these walls, put the technology in, and finish of the roads. >> absolutely, brian. who leaves their doors unlocked at night when they go to sleep. brian: no one. >> and when they leave to go to work? who leaves their doors unlocked? i don't know anybody who does that why would we leave our nation open for immigrants to come in, many of them, i'm not saying all of them, but many of them are criminals. why would you leave your nation unlocked so it leaves our public unsafe? unsafe.
3:38 am
is so, no. listen, if they are going to be serious about this and be truthful about filling in those gaps in those walls, i would love to see it. absolutely. and i would support that 1,000%. brian: i want you to see this full screen i don't know if you have a monitor there. let's go to this. the southwest border encounters in march of 2018 there were 50,000. that seems like a lot. 2019103, that seems like a lot. got ahold of this last year got it down to 34,000. guess where we are right now in march, we think roughly 171,000. where are we going to put all these people? they might be great people we know nothing about it. and sheriff, i don't know if you heard, we are in a pandemic. they are going in. they have inspectors raiding kitchens in restaurants making sure cooks wear masks so they get huge fines, but it's okay to lee our whole back door open to let other countries to come in untested, some don't even get screened with a court order to
3:39 am
appear back to check on their status. your thought on that? >> well, brian, i would just say that, listen, that defies all pure logic. okay? there is no good reason or thinking that goes into leaving our doors up locked and leaving our nation unsecured. brian: if you bring stuff like that up, they think that's unamerican, i don't think it's unamerican looking out for americans first. sheriff tony childress, you have your hands full. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me, brian, have a good day. brian: you got it. not a five state problem, a 50 state problem. look at the republican senate candidate looking to make history. kathy barnett is here to take on everything from cancel culture to censorship on capitol hill. you will hear from her next. you can make the music louder ♪ going that rock this country ♪ we gonna rock this town
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3:45 am
ain't ains that pennsylvania republican running to be the first black republican woman in the senate calling out joe biden's record on race. army veteran and mother of four kathy barnett joins us now. hey, kathy, good to see you. >> hi, ainsley, how are you? ainsley: hi, doing well. congratulations, why did you decide to do this? >> i know what ainsley right now i have always believed for some time that the help that america is truly looking for that is not going to happen from the top down. i think we have all experienced that and looking at our leaders in various spaces right now. i have always believed that if we are going to do anything to really make the change that we want, it's going to have to come from people like us. aim always reminded of that edmund burke quote where he said the only thing that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. for so long, so many good people, you know, we have just been living our lives, paying our bills, sending our kids off to college, trying to retire. but because of that we have created a vacuum that has been
3:46 am
filled by some of the most despot individuals with some of the most ridiculous policies that are having a very real impact on all of our lives. i'm run for a variety of reasons but that is one of them is to preserve this nation because they are coming to attack it. ainsley: i'm sure you can weigh in on what's happening in georgia. they changed their election laws and mbl decided to pull out and boycott that state. senator tim scott, he's the only black republican senator. he tweeted this out. georgia voter i.d. 17 days of early voting. colorado voter i.d. 15 days of early voting. atlanta is 51% black. denver is 9.2% plaque. the mlb is moving the all-star game out of atlanta which has more day of voting right than colorado. the wokes are at it again, folks. and then joe biden called it jim crow on steroids. >> wow. ainsley: what do you say? >> wow. right? it's not so unbelievable. listen, i have been black all my life. i know a lot of black people. and i don't know one black
3:47 am
person who does not have an i.d. and i know black people across the entire spectrum of the socioeconomics spectrum. i have family who are still on that pig farm that i talk about in my video who are still there. and they have ids. i don't know one black person who doesn't have an i.d. ainsley: is it insulting to assume they might not? >> that is the democrat party. they are constantly. they look at black people as though we are all just a bunch of undifferentiated black souls that there is no nuances about any of us. it's quite, you know, racist. i mean, and think about joe biden. i mean, i call him, you know, one of the last living segregationists in politics who is now occupying the white house and billed as the black hope -- as the white hope for the black man. it's truly hypocritical. but, listen, here's the thing. if you look at that video that we did, i mean, i'm on the
3:48 am
battlefield at a very crucial point. it's the last battle that was fought on gettysburg in 1863. and i'm wearing my -- the last pair of boots that were issued to me in the army because we're in a battle, people. these people are not playing with us. they are coming for everything that is good. what i'm offering pennsylvanians are two things. one, i'm your best chance at ever getting anyone in office who will actually listen to you. and, two, i believe i'm offering an answer to the question that our nation is asking right now, and that question is who are we? it's the same question that was asked in 1776 in the revolutionary war. it's the same question that was asked on that gettysburg battlefield in 1863 during the civil war. and it's the exact same question that was asked in 1964 during the civil rights movement. who are we? ainsley: we are americans, we are free. you are a mother of four. you served our country.
3:49 am
we appreciate that and thank you and now you are running for u.s. senate. thanks, kathy. we wish you all the best. >> thank you so much, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. 48 minutes after the top of the hour. former president trump's appeal with latino voters may have been more originally widespread. a former bernie sanders adviser has a warning for his party coming up next. ♪ marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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jillian: good morning back with headlines, a murder suspect slams into a truck. watch this. [sirens] jillian: wow, the suspect taking police through three counties during the two hour chase. the driver and a passenger were taken into custody. but the passenger was later released and had this to say. >> they tried to chase us. it just didn't work out well. >> police say he was wanted for murder. >> he was wanted for murder? i didn't know that. >> the driver of the semi was not injured. a liberal supreme court justice pushing back on democrats court-packing plant. speaking at the harvard law school justice stephen breyer said activists should think long and hard before adding seats it
3:54 am
could erode public trust. he says the court needs to be guided by liberal principle not politics. nasa is releasing the first data from its perseverance rover. on february 19th it was minus 4 degrees fahrenheit on the surface of the red planet. the temperature later dropping to 14 below. nasa also releasing this incredible picture showing what appears to be a rainbow over mars. i love that steve, send it back to you. steve: wouldn't that mean be there is water in the atmosphere? that changes everything. all right. jillian, thank you. it is no secret that former president donald trump with the republican party won bigger with the latino voters in 2020. in a op-ed chuck rocha urges democrats to appeal now to latino voters, warning they stand to hand over crucial midterm races to the republicans and lose based on recent voting
3:55 am
trends. chuck joins us right now along with the president of the libra initiative daniel garza who is down in mcallen, texas. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: chuck is the one wearing the hat. i will point that out right now. so, chuck, you write this. what did the republicans do right in 2020? >> well, there is a lot of different things that the republicans did well and they did it well in a few different places. our study looked at miami-dade and the texas valley and as can you tell i'm from texas and spent a lot of time working in texas politics going back to ann richards. there is a couple factors, one of which covid was a wig factor for democrats and it limited us and didn't do as much canvassing and in person campaigning while republicans continued to do it. was that everything? no, but it was a big part. it was a long-term infrastructure that republicans had built in at least these two strongholds of miami-dade and cuban community and texas valley doing on the ground organizing, deep community organizing. and then you add on top of that
3:56 am
a president who everybody knew. donald trump had is hundred percent name i.d. we found with latinos you either liked him or didn't like him. the republicans were out there courting the vote. what i have been arguing for decades is latinos are a persuadable universe. we are not dyeed in the wool republicans or democrats. you need to convince us of an idea that you can make their lives better and they will show up. steve: the democrats spent a lot of money, i read your op-ed, in the final weeks of the campaign. but it wasn't enough because organizations like daniel's had actually been in the community since the early 2 2000s pushing conservatism. >> of course you have a grassroots army that does exactly what chuck was talking about which is mobilize and ache activate latinos to, of course, organize and activate other latinos. that is critical. at the same time, you also have to have a permanent presence within the community to grow
3:57 am
that kind of trust and that credibility so that when you go doo go and advocate and ask for their vote you have earned it. you have been there. you have been a part of the community. have you extended hand and helped remove barriers and opened up opportunity and access to the marketplace for latinos to thrive in america and also have been an agent in making sure that you are generating opportunities that are going to increase productivity in the economy. that's been critical. at the same time, too, steve, you have to be part of the conversation in the media both mainstream and spanish language media is critical in driving your message. steve: sure. one of the messages right now, chuck, and you know this, and this is a big problem. a lot of the latinos in the rio grande valley are working class and they work in oil and gas. and this administration and a lot of democrats are essentially trying to get rid of all those jobs in the oil and gas business. so it's an existential threat. you know, the green new deal
3:58 am
would mean a lot of those people would not have jobs. >> what we found in the valley when we looked at the study of those workers you are talking about a you are correct about folks not only working in oil and gas but a lot of folks work in around the immigration system. they also work in local and county government works class is a good barrier and a lot of these these latinos are. one thing we found interesting is that bernie sanders won all these counties along the valley. we went in there talking about economic poppism and system rigged against those working class people and people don't like to hear this but also a lot like donald trump was doing in his original campaign because there is lots of working class americans out there that feel like they are not heard. no matter if you are latino or white. steve: sure. daniel, ultimately, what you have noticed in the community is that the latino vote is up for grabs. it's ultimately just who works harder for it and does a better job at getting out their message. >> what's interesting, steve, in florida you saw that electoral
3:59 am
shift in favor of trump resulted from heavy party and candidate electioneering. that was a good old campaign fist fight. in texas there were no investments. the electoral shift in favor of trump resulted from, i think, organic self-activating groundswell of support and activities that were led by latinos themselves and frankly motivated by aversion to bad policy and desire to see good policy. republicans are best lessening the tax burden and arresting gla goer. it electing constitutional judges. democrats are best whether they're advancing immigration policy trade and criminal justice. that's what they need to focus on. steve: chuck, exit question real fast, will the republicans make inroads during the midterms? >> a lot of new people showed up for donald trump. the key will be who can get them to show up for donald trump or joe biden. steve: we got the two of to you
4:00 am
show up today for "fox & friends." chuck and daniel, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: all right. ladies and gentlemen, it's 7:00 in new york city, this is hour two of "fox & friends" for a wednesday. ♪ >> is the white house concerned that major league baseball is moving the all-star game to colorado where voting regulations are very similar. >> i think it's important to remember the context mere. >> mayor scas reportedly considering restarting border wall cop destruction in order to fill in gaps. >> who least their doors unlocked? i don't know anybody who does that why would you leave our nation open? >> the vaccination program is saving tens of thousands of lives, the pandemic remains dangerous. >> these people can't stand good news because that means you get out from under their thumb. they don't want you to be free of their mandates. >> a repre-for america's sounding fathers for san francisco. the city school board voted nap mustily to suspend the plan to rename 44 schools as part of a racial reckoning. >> all right, all right.
4:01 am
all right. how are you doing? >> who are you. >> who are you? >> a loophole shows 38% of dwayne "the rock" johnson for president and matthew mcconaughey for texas governor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: that's the braves stadium in atlanta, georgia. steve: it's empty. ainsley: home opener on friday. a lot of people saying they don't want the season tickets anymore because of what mlb did. they moved the all-star game from that stadium now they will go to colorado. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us. steve: good to have everybody with us. membership mcconnell ripped major league baseball. ripped delta, ripped coke. said, do you know what you are doing? is irritating a hell of a lot of a republican fans. brian: makes no sense. so many people ticked off. rand paul said it's time for republicans to boycott back.
4:02 am
boycott the people that are boycotting baseball because of this league. this is going to go down no good faith path. that's when you need good leadership. wait a second it was the president of the united states who started this by inaccurately labeling this jim crow on steroids. answered kind of recommended baseball pick up stakes and go somewhere else for their all-star game. unbelievable. steve: well, one of the things was when -- in the wake of what happened in 2020, regarding our election, keep in mind it was during the pandemic and there were lots of new changes. so a lot of states are responding to it by coming out with new laws. georgia was one of the first to sign -- pass it and the governor immediately signed it the next day. but, democrats have been very vocal in saying this is not good, even though when you look at the details it actually makes it harder in georgia to cheat. and they have expanded things instead they have moved the all-star game to colorado.
4:03 am
peter doocy asked jen psaki about these two states with similar voting patterns and whether or not moving to colorado was a good idea. watch this. >> is the white house concerned that major league baseball is moving their all-star game to colorado where voting regulations are very similar to georgia? >> colorado allows to you register on election day. colorado has voting by mail. where they send to 100 percent of people in the state who are eligible. applications vote by mail. i think it's important to remember the context here. the georgia legislation is built on a lie. but, ultimately, sir, let me add one more thing, it's up to major league baseball to determine where they're holding their all-star game. brian: built on a lie. what does that even mean built on a lie? what they are saying got 11 days. 11 days out, 11 weeks out you have got to apply for absentee ballot no excuse absentee ballot. put the last four digits of your social security number or put
4:04 am
your license number utility bill, that would work. we want to make sure you are who you say you are. even though you have same day registration and voting in colorado you need a photo i.d. so you need i.d. it's a subtle difference. steve: if you are going to ask for an absentee ballot you have got to have voter i.d. it's that simple. they are very similar. there are differences but there are a lot of similarities. ainsley: in fact, colorado has stricter voting laws. in georgia you have 17 days of early voting. in fact, tim scott tweeted out that he said georgia voter i.d. 17 days of early voting. colorado, voter i.d., 15 days of early voting. atlanta is 51% black. denver is 9.2% black. the mlb is moving the all-star game out of atlanta, which has more day-of-voting rights than colorado. the wokes are at it again, folks. keep in mind, he is the only african-american republican senator from the great state of south carolina. this is just an impulse reaction. these are all these companies that are patting themselves on the back saying good for us. we did the right thing. we moved out.
4:05 am
although it is built on a lie. it is not correct information. colorado is stricter than georgia is. and guess who is hurt? guess who doesn't make the money the people who would have worked those games. own the hotels the businesses and restaurant. just crushing to all those individuals. steve: we heard from the governor of georgia yesterday regarding those people and the people of atlanta where that stadium is located, the governor said it is 51% african-american. and they are moving the all-star game to denver, colorado, where they're 10% african-american. ainsley: not even that, 9.2. steve: exactly. who is getting hurt? and ainsley, you talked earlier the guy who works at the tavern, the vendor. the little guy getting hurt by big corporations who are announcing. ainsley: how much money $1 million. steve: 150 in some cases.
4:06 am
i was going to say, brian, loota booth on the ground talking to locals about what they have done and here is what tom some of the folks had to say. >> the governor, she shot themselves in the foot. all the events the super bowl, nba all-star games and et cetera are not going to want to come here. >> i think it's really unfortunate. >> it's ridiculous for the city of atlanta. >> should bring the blame to the atlanta fans. >> trying to boycott. and then in colorado, what, voting rights it's different than here. it's more restrictive here. >> there has been allegations that having to show an i.d. is racist. what do you think about that? >> i mean, that's appropriate. you know, showing i.d. you know. let's you know that you are really you, your true identity. >> you have to have an i.d. to do anything in america. >> yeah. brian: so a couple of things. colorado has mail-in ballots. you have to have signature verification. they don't ask for that in
4:07 am
georgia. they just say we want your i.d. when you request it you will get it when you see it. they also have 17 days as you know is a lead-up, too. a lot of talk, remember, it was sick. it was so sick that people say don't have water on the line? when it comes to water on the line in georgia what they're trying to say is no election neerg. they don't want people here is a water soda vote for my guy wearing a biden on trump shirt. that's it. nothing insidious about this. i didn't know, this 37 other states including delaware and now georgia prevent campaign workers from handing out water, food or paraphernalia. ainsley: including delaware where joe biden is from. brian: new york can you do it up to a dollar. anything worth a dollar can you hand out to, others say you have got stay a certain amount of feet away. so one braves fan has made it clear is he out. a trainer said this to wsbtv there number one station in the market. i understand the braves didn't make this decision. in fact, they were very much
4:08 am
opposed to it but my connection to the major league baseball is atlanta braves. the only way i knew to protest this decision was at least for this year to not attend any games. and a lot of people calling up and saying i want my money back from my season tickets. and, listen, if you are major league baseball and standing on moral grounds you should ask the braves to leave the league. you should add also i understand you are upset about texas' laws. you have to ask the rangers and astros they have to leave, too. ainsley: braves spokesperson says you will get your money back for the all-star game if you bought tickets. they said the atlanta braves are deeply disappointed by the decision of mlb to move 2021 all star game. we are saddened fans will not be able to see this event in our city. steve: ainsley had a great interview with kathy barn that the, you have seen her on the program a number of times. now running for the senate as a republican out of pennsylvania regarding the request that to get an absentee ballot in certain states you need an idea,
4:09 am
she had this observation about that i have been back all my life i know a lot of black people. dive not know one black person who does not have an i.d. that is the democrat party, they're constantly they look at black people as though we are a bunch of undifferentiated black souls that there is no nuances about any of us it's quite racist. joe biden i call him one of the last living segregationists in politics who is now occupying the white house and billed as the black hope -- as the white hope for the black man. i mean, it's truly hypocritical. steve: and so we have heard from coke. we have also heard from delta airlines and now we understand according to the papers down in atlanta that executives from aflac, tat, home depot, u.p.s.
4:10 am
at&t are going to essentially be given the all may tum. can you either denounce the georgia law or we might actually start a boycott. this is being organized by religious leaders in atlanta. ainsley: that is mlb. talk about the border now. turning to that crisis down there. griff jenkins joins us live from washington as the white house is down playing the arrest of those two border crossers, those suspected terrorists from yemen who are on the terror watch list. griff? griff: they are indeed. brian, ainsley and steve good morning. in fact, they have deleted this press release the head lane of which reads two yemeni men arrested by border patrol identified on the fbi's terrorism watch list. i will just read to you a quote. part of the border patrol's mission states we will protect the country from terrorists. said chief patrol agent gregory bovino. today like every other day, our agents did that well, they have expunged it but after doing so cbp issued a statement saying this, quote: the news release in question was not properly reviewed and contained certain
4:11 am
disclosure and policy information related to national security. they required cbp to remove it from our website. this oas house minority leader kevin mccarthy sends a letter to the directors of fbi and cia raising concerns other terrorists crossing the border possibly undetected. mccarthy had this to say. >> talking to the border agents, they told me that they had caught people on the terrorist watch list. when i brought that up, my democratic colleagues weren't shocked. they called me a liar. this policy has created this catastrophe. griff: meanwhile, heart-breaking video. this little boy, east of rio grande city, stranded, scared, and sobbing in the dessert. watch.
4:12 am
griff: the child believed to be 10 to 1 years old taken to a nearby shelter. meanwhile dhs secretary mayorkas is reportedly considering filling, quote, gaps in the wall. the white house who acknowledged there is some limited work already funded and allocated emphasized that overall wall construction remains paused. ainsley, brian, steve? steve: all right, griff. thanks very much. you know, that video of the 10 to 12-year-old little boy with the tears streaming down his face, we know that because although it is behind where we fuzzed out his identity, you know, he said he was dumped by a group, they abandoned him. he said they can rob me, they can kidnap me, and you could hear it in his voice. he said i am afraid. he had spent the night in the dessert with rattlesnakes and all sorts of wild animals. and the border patrol saying to parents who are considering sending their kids look at this kid. you have got to reconsider this. this is very dangerous.
4:13 am
as you know because what joe biden on the campaign trail essentially said if i'm elected i'm going to give the green light. those parents put that kid on the road to that dessert. up to that point. they made this possible by giving them hope that it is just, you know, a humanitarian thing. we are going it take everybody in. i don't know that it's so humanitarian having little boy lost in the dessert. ainsley: it's not humane at all. let's listen again. ♪ ainsley: joe biden and kamala harris did you this. you put this little boy out there because they are getting messages down in their countries that they can come unaccompanied. and that's what happens when a child does not have a parent and is appan donned and is unaccompanied. he is out there in the dessert crying. steve: can you hear it in his
4:14 am
voice. ainsley: three sisters thrown over the wall 3 and 5 years. baby throne in the water. thousands unaccompanied without their parent. lawmakers went through the facilities and we saw that little girl wiping her tears as she was huttledzed down. this is the video of the two babies, the two children 3 and 5 thrown over the wall, left in the dessert all by themselves. brian: unbelievable. how are they getting this message? they're getting it on radio and tv and facebook. the mugger. smugglers are spreadinghope. haphazard statements from joe biden and jen psaki saying not coming yet not reason nalgt and angers not only the border states but all 50 states. especially those involved in law enforcement. sheriff childress of livingston county, illinois says this is a 50-state problem. listen. >> who leaves their doors unlocked? i don't know anybody that does that. why would we leave our nation open for immigrants to come in,
4:15 am
many of them, i'm not saying all of them, but many of them were criminals. why would you leave your nation unlocked so that it leaves our public unsafe? listen, if they are going to be serious about this and be truthful about filling this those gaps in those walls, i would love to see it. absolutely. and i would support that thousand%. brian: evidently, that's "washington times" story yesterday that say mayorkas is telling people that he is going to look to finish the roads and the technology and fill in the gaps on that wall. the money is there. i only wanted a pause. i didn't say i was not going to do it to begin with. mayorkas also said on a virtual town hall that i am for ice. i don't want to disband ice. in fact, i'm going to crack down on sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with ice. really? i like to see that follow through. steve: brian, you just brought up because the past we have talked about how down in the
4:16 am
central american countries, the smugglers, the coyotes run radio ads, now you say that facebook, they are using facebook to connect and say look, this is the perfect time to get your kids, get your family into the united states. facebook said after that was highlighted, they said we want to make sure we always take down things that exploit human exploitation and trafficking. but this news outlet that pointed them out to facebook said look at all these things. so then they took them down. so, in other words, facebook cracks down on donald trump and republicans but they don't crack down on human traffickers? anybody else have a problem with that? who is running facebook? ainsley: all right. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. hey, jillian. jillian: good morning, begin with this. the officer killed in last week's capitol attack will lie in honor in the rotunda. officer billy evans died after
4:17 am
car rammed into him outside the capitol. the suspect then got out of the car and charged evans and another officer with a knife. new surveillance video shows the suspect buying that knife at a d.c. store just 90 minutes prior to the attack. a use of force expert will resume testifying this morning in the murder trial of derek chauvin. lapd sergeant jody took the stand yesterday calling the ex-cop's actions against george floyd excessive. >> typically, in a normal situation where you don't want someone that's a counterfeiter or someone who is using a counterfeit bill, you wouldn't expect to use any type of force. jillian: meanwhile preparing to ask questions of floyd's friend. hall with floyd before his encourt with police. he allegedly saw floyd use drugs that same day. hall has invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying florida lawmakers
4:18 am
call for it hundred million dollars to clean up and close a reservoir in the state full of toxic waste water. officials calling the site near tampa bay a, quote, catastrophe waiting to happen. the reservoir was deemed unsafe last week after it started to leak with one of the walls in danger of collapsing and causing major flooding. more than 300 homes are under evacuation. and journalists piers morgan claims the royal family has thanked him after prince harry and meghan markle's explosive interview. watch this. >> i have had some messages, communicated to me on behalf of several members of the royal family. gratitude that somebody was standing up. jillian: prince harry reportedly wants a royal apology for the alleged racist treatment of his wife. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: thanks jillian. 18 minutes after the hour. ohio's lieutenant governor under fire for calling the virus the
4:19 am
wuhan virus facing backlash. next guest says he should not apologize and how that would play right into china's hands. [sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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brian: in late march ohio's governor jon husted was called a racist by critics by tweeting this so it appears it was the wuhan virus after all after centers for disease control robert redfield says he believes the coronavirus originated from a wuhan lab might indeed be the case. in a new op-ed the next gest says he should not apologize for the tweet. joining us now is biotech entrepreneur author of the new book woke inc. vivek ramaswamy. you worked with the lieutenant governor in the past by calling it the wuhan virus you are
4:24 am
naming the city where you think the city started. you don't have a problem with that. >> i don't. let me tell you exactly why. let's get to it the zika virus, and ebola named after the person of mers stands for middle eastern respiratory virus that's older virus. china virus off listen. u.k. strain the south africa can strain the brazilian strain wuhan is off limits. we have to ask ourselves why. the answer is crystal clear to me. it is that china has mastered the art of using wokeness as a geopolitical tool back against the united states. and if there is any doubt about that, just look at the comments of xi jinping when european he cites black lives matter as a way of saying the u.s. is no better. top diplomat in alaska last month falsely claiming that black americans are being slaughtered and he hopes the u.s. does better on human rights. they have mastered this game and they are using americans here as pawns by now deflecting
4:25 am
accountability for covid-19 by claiming that any allusion to china is now racist and that's laughable. brian: vivek i hear you. what about chinese virus the kung fu or whatever you want to do that insights americans to take out anger on asian americans. >> i think the rising tide of asian violence in the united states is an issue and needs to be addressed. that is separate. i personally believe that it is more racist to conflate the feelings of all japanese americans, all korean americans and all chinese americans to say that they all ought to feel the same way about the criticism of a foreign government on the other side of the globe. i will tell you this, during world war ii we made a mistake in this country by putting japanese americans in internment camps by conflating their feelings with the corrupt government on the other side of the world. let's not make that same mistake again the criticism of that government had nothing to do with chinese americans or other asian americans in the united states. brian: the lieutenant governor came out and clarified his tweet he said this to be clear the
4:26 am
tweet only referring to chinese government a government of oppression and imprisons people of faith silenced media steals our technology and he is not really apologizing. is he clarifying and my last point to you vivek, why are people so more concerned with that than they are that they lied about the virus, they still have not come clean about how it started, made it almost impossible for us to prevent it from hitting our shores. we were not prepared for it because they told us it was something that was different than it was. did it go human-to-human and that it was transmitted you could be -- have it and not show any symptoms. so asymptomatic. so, those issues might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. but people are drilling down on what we call this killer virus. >> well, guess what? the same thing happened in 2002 and 2003 during the first sars epidemic. they actually tried to cover it up the cbp did until hong kong and when whistleblower in beijing revealed the by then
4:27 am
over 1,000 people have died. now we have seen that on a global scale. this cannot happen a third time. the only way to prevent this from happening again is through transparency holding the ccp accountable has nothing to do with racism here at home. to the contrary best way to stand up to for american values to get to the truths of what happened here this cannot be a taboo subject. i can tell when you other celebrities like lebron james criticized the united states for racial injustice but remained meekly silent in china turning into pawns of the ccp. proud of the lieutenant governor for standing his ground. brian: curious how they cut a multimillion dollars deal with china. we don't know the details yet but didn't seem to bring up evidently the genocide or steam rolling of what was once free hong kong. vivek, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: all right. meanwhile straight ahead, missouri's governor vowing to never mandate vaccine passports as the state prepares to expand vaccine eligibility to all adults this week. governor parson on how he is getting his state back to
4:28 am
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4:32 am
so you get more out of it. jillian: good morning to you. pack with quick headlines now investigators going global in a search for a man suspected of killing a yale student. u.s. marshal securing an international warrant for sean pon as you recall is charged with the murder of a u.s. army veteran who was shot near his new haven home on february 6th. he was last seen a few days later in georgia. investigator have not said whether they're certain he left the country a massive explosion leaves a philadelphia home in rubble. look at this surveillance video showing the moments the building partially collapsed. a 61-year-old man was rescued from the second floor by a good
4:33 am
samaritan. >> when i went upstairs he was on fire. i took him out and put him on my shoulders and came downstairs. jillian: unbelievable. map is in stable condition. police fire and atf are investigating. a majority of americans would support two movie stars running for office in real life. >> all right, all right. all right. how are you doing? >> i'm the tooth fairy. >> oh, yeah. a new poll shows 58% of americans would either support dwayne "the rock" johnson for president or matthew mcconaughey for texas governor. send it back to you whys. steve: let's see what happens. thank you. jillian: thanks, jillian. the white house shooting down the possibility of a nationwide vaccine passport requirement. echoing critics' concerns about privacy. >> the government is not now nor
4:34 am
will would he be supporting a system that requires americans to carry a credential. our interest is simple from the federal government which is americans' privacy and rights should be protected. brian: all right. so several governors already made such announcements against vaccine passports in their states including our next guest. steve: yoipg us right now from the great state of missouri governor mike parson. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning to everyone. steve: it's good to have you. governor, explain the difference, what's the difference between the vaccine passport and like when we all got our first vaccine shot they gave us a little card that you are supposed to carry around in your wallet? what's the difference between the two because pretty much everybody has got one of the two. >> yeah, i think a couple of things. one, it's all about the privacy of the individual who received the vaccine, who didn't. also, and do we really want the federal government to have all that information in its data base to be able to use it for whatever reason they might want to use it as time goes forward. i think the other thing is, we have been in the vaccination
4:35 am
business for four months actually with covid-19. this whole process for over a year now has had so many unknowns in it, so many people that were experts that really turned out not to be experts and all the things we have heard from this. so who knows where this vaccine is going to go. i'm not sure what the end result of this is going to be yet on what it does. i think it's way premature. we are never going to do that in the state of missouri. we are never going to have a mandate. a passport, a vaccine passport in this state. you know, if people want to carry a card, that's fine. that's called freedom. it's called individual rights. but it's not government's place to do that. and so, you know, we didn't do the mask mandate here in this state. we didn't shut businesses down. you know, and all those steps that we did, you know, we are now in the top 10 in the united states in our economy. top 10 of unemployment rate. we are second in the nation on second doses in this state. by not doing mandates. so i think everybody just jumps a knee-jerk reaction when i think you have got to mandate
4:36 am
the american people to do something and that's not who we are. ainsley: that sounds reasonable giving everyone the option. i have a friend whose husband grew up in singapore. they want to travel there. worried they won't be able to do that unless they have a vaccine passport. or go to a ballgame and might have to prove you have the vaccine. steve: or go college. ainsley: give people the option and make their own choices. >> most certainly. i think we have done that all along here in the state of missouri. it's kind of when we start talking about who can go to church and who can't go to church. how many people can have you in our own private homes versus who can we should have the right to be age to say who comes in our homes, when we go to church. and also events we go to. if somebody in a private business says hey, i want to be able to see a card when you come in here to have a meal or go to a ballgame. okay, so be it. then you have a choice whether you go or not. government should not mandate that nor should they keep that kind of information on everyone, not to mention the people that's got it, but also the people that hasn't had it.
4:37 am
and what do you do with herd immunity? where do those people come in? where does someone come in that has had covid-19 and already recovered from it? where do they stand with this. ainsley: good point. again, it's premature to be talking about that. we're not going to do that in this state. brian: governor, i understand it. you are saying if the cardinals say you want to go to a cardinal game show me a test, a rapid test within hours or 72 hours on the pcr test. if you want to say show me a vaccine it's up to the cardinals. however, when you think in the big picture, are you looking to up sent advise people to get the vaccine in order to get the herd immunity. >> yeah, you know, i do believe at this time, you know, it does -- it's a better deal to get the vaccine to really prevent. this and we know from early stages, especially here in the state of missouri where we did the most vulnerable people 65 years and older. people with health conditions. we know those numbers have went down in the hospital. people that are in the hospital we know that the fatality rate in this state has went counsel n
4:38 am
because we have done the vaccine. i will also add to that. these numbers started coming down before we started doing vaccine. there is no -- again, there is so many unknowns to this yet that we don't know what the end result of this is. and i think it will be years to know exactly how this virus works. so i, again, i think you have got to be very cautious as you move forward when you start talking about people's individual rights and their freedoms. and if there is one thing we have got to protect from this country and we as governors is that people of our state we have got to make sure that he would are not imposing on their freedoms but yet do everything we can to make sure people are safe and healthy. ainsley: a lot of these states that have not had a mask mandate like yours if you own a business and require a mask then in order to go in that business, if you make a choice to do it then you have to wear a mask. same kind of thing. >> yeah. most certainly. we just don't give the american people enough credit. we don't give people here in this state enough credit. you know, we have some smart people out there. they know how to make the right decisions to protect themselves, their friends and their families.
4:39 am
just let them do it and they will. i think our state is proof of that. brian: i think every western country is having the same debate right now. i saw the hot and heavy in the u.k., too this morning. i was seeing. thanks so much, governor, appreciate it. >> thanks for everything you guys do every morning. appreciate you. steve: the state where they will not be saying show me your vaccine passport. the cause of tiger woods awful crash could soon be revealed. the brand new details on whether the golf legend is expected to face charges that is coming up. plus, outrage after a school superintendent told parents that racism was alive in their school, leaving some to say where? a maryland mom who fought back joins us live coming up next can ♪
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4:45 am
in queen anne's county and our schools. well, that surprised our next guest who started a parents group to stop the radicalization as she calls it of public schools. gore she joins us from maryland. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so you read that note from the superintendent. you are thinking i have no idea what's going on in my kids' schools. explain where the racism is, right? >> that is correct. it was a wake-up call. steve: it was a wake-up call. you started asking questions and what did you find out? >> nothing. i tried to call the board of education at the time. i got nowhere. i called the commissioners, they said it's not in our domain. i called pretty much everybody trying to find out who did what to whom? where was it? when was it? any police report because i am sending my kids to school, he
4:46 am
was 11 years old at the time. it was a year ago and i don't know what's going on and i need to know. if there is something that is so gruesome as racism, rampant racism then i need to know about it and i got nowhere for an entire year. steve: absolutely. and because you are a lawyer, you are trained. you are also an adjunct professor at the naval academy in law and economics as well. you wanted the evidence. there is no evidence. so it looked to you as if this superintendent was just using her forum to become political and to push a political agenda. so you started a facebook group and you found out there were a lot of parents who felt exactly as you did. >> that's correct. like within a couple of weeks we had over 2, 3,000 people joined in. and at that moment i realized that everybody were very concerned, just like i was. and we decided to step forward
4:47 am
and to elect new board member during our election time and that's when the entire town broke loose and the people started targeting me personally from the woke culture group to stop me from speaking out against. are just want to know where the evidence is. steve: right. i understand some of the blow back is now the superintendent last seen at a public event in octagon for months now she has announced she is on medical leave and the school district is now looking for a replacement for her, her contract runs through june so, are you taking that as a victory that you were able to force her out of that post? >> no. it's not a victory. she subsequently returned, i believe in january or december a
4:48 am
year ago to complete her term and to reopen schools, which was the biggest issue here. we needed to reopen schools. i think it's a victory for queen anne's county children because at the end of the day, it's all about the children. and the entire platform was no politics in school. no political indoctrination on children in elementary schools. there is no systemic racism against anyone in our public schools and we cannot make one unjust because it is politically fashionable at the moment. we cannot use children as social justice warriors. and that is what our parents and patriots who are in my group that i created stand strong. steve: interesting stuff. thank you very much for joining us gordana for telling your story. >> sure. thank you for having me. steve: you bet. we did read out to the queen anne's public school district
4:49 am
for a statement have not heard back yet. we will keep you posted. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour, the cause of tiger woods' crash revealed. we will have details next. and president biden campaigned against the border wall but a new report reveals his administration is thinking about plugging the gaps where the wall ends. tomi lahren on that coming up next. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back with some headlines. this just in. today the los angeles county sheriff's office is expected to announce that tiger woods' crash was caused by excessive speed. tmz reports he will not face any charges or citations. the golf will he jeopardy is still recovering after being seriously hurt in the crash. and rapper gmx will undergo multiple brain function tests today as he remains on life support that according to tmz. the results will help the family determine future care decisions. he has been in a coma after overdosing on friday night. ainsley? jillian: thank you so much, jillian. surge at the as it grows larger by the day, the biden administration reportedly weighing restarting some of the wall construction to fill in some of those gaps. tomi lahren just returned from the border where she got a
4:54 am
firsthand look of the unissue inned wall there she is in front of the border wall. she joins us now to let us know what she saw. tomi, describe what you saw and these gaps are they massive? what did you see? >> well, i spent some time in arizona a few different areas in arizona. and what you saw in that last photo was nogales and that was actually on the land that a rancher leases and you will see that gap there. a gate was supposed to go there. there is a monument on the other side. the gate was not put in. as you see, there is also materials for the border wall in areas about five mile stretch on his property alone that hasn't been furnished with a wall though it has been fully funded. the equipment is sitting there rusting and costing the american taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars. it has not been completed in several areas. you know, speaking to landowners and ranchers in that area. that wall meant everything to them. that wall helped them to protect and defend their property and gave them that ability to have some security and sleep well at night. but there is a five mile gap on this rancher's land alone as you
4:55 am
are seeing that gap in that photo right there in nogales. again, i want the american taxpayer to understand this has been funded. the equipment is sitting there. and i hope joe biden makes the right decision and he fills those gaps because lord knows we need it filled. ainsley: he stopped the wall construction or stopped the stay in mexico policy. he reimplemented catch and release. why do you think now they are talking about fill in some of those gaps? >> well, i think that it's really hard to ignore a lot of the reports coming out and what we are seeing coming across that border. i think it's really important to understand a lot of people right now are focusing on the detention centers, the processing centers the unaccompanied minors. it's important to discuss those things. what i learned whether i was in arizona and in arizona in particular. their biggest issue is got aways. in the month of year to date alone in arizona 50,000 to the aways. individual not fingerprinted. individual not detained or processed. those are individuals that simply got away because resources are being taken to other areas. border patrol is having to act
4:56 am
as babysitters in these detention and processing centers and not able to be patrolling the which is their job. that wall certainly helps that it's a force multiplier. all these things have to come together in order to have a secure border. you have to have the policies in place and you have to have the infrastructure and resources. when you are not able to have those resources and you have a shortage of border patrol on the ground because of the surge that they are seeing, that wall is really, really helpful. i hope joe biden looks at it and i hope he understands this is a national security issue. it's already been funded. the taxpayers already paid for it. fill the gap. ainsley: if you want to watch tomi's no interruption back to the border back next wednesday april 14th on fox nation. sign up on fox nation now to see this. thanks so much, tomi. we'll be right back. more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ ...
4:57 am
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
5:00 am
comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. encounters of known and suspected terrorists. >> the white house down playing the arrest of two men who tried crossing the border illegally. it's more than a crisis. it is chaos on the border. >> 60 minutes says the stories speaks for itself. >> i'm sorry. this is bias in broad daylight. >> former commissioner baseball takes on rob manfred, the current commissioner. >> mlb moved the game to denver , which is wider than the slope in aspen. and make sure black-owned businesses in atlanta lost millions in profits. brian: missouri's governor vowing to never mandate vaccine passports. >> we're never going to do that it's called freedom and individual rights but it's not
5:01 am
government's place to do that. steve: outrage after a school superintendent told parents that racism was alive in their schools. >> there is no racism against anyone in our public schools we cannot make one up because it politically backs someone. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: you are looking live in kansas city, missouri, where there's so many of our viewers and fans that we always appreciate you and just think how close your chiefs came to winning back to back super bowls in retrospect, perhaps i should. steve: see that's what you see when you look at it. you see a football team because you're a former sports guy. brian: reformed. steve: i look at that and look at kansas city as the home of the world's greatest barbecue, which you have i 35 in the foreground, i used to work
5:02 am
in one of those buildings back there, they have the greatest barbecue sauce. my kids get it for me and buy it on amazon, it's gates sauce if you've never had it you should try it. ainsley: how far away did you grow up from kansas city? steve: 180 miles. ainsley: i should know this but is that where the arch is? steve: that's st. louis. brian: that's the area in which supports fox. ainsley: i know, we love you all steve: america supports fox we're number one "coast to coast." ainsley: that's true. brian: meanwhile two minutes after the top of the hour. ainsley: that's where brian goes and gets asked to autograph. brian: they do say kansas city is one of our top three markets. ainsley: thank you everyone who lives there. steve: thank you. brian: absolutely. we begin with the white house downplaying the arrest of two yemen men on the terror watch list they got them separately too, who tried crossing the border illegally. steve: well this as the cbp deletes the photos of the men and got
5:03 am
rid of the press release about their arrest, because of national security concerns. brian: really? steve: that's what they say. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more as republicans are demanding answers. griff: they are indeed, ainsley, brian and steve, good morning. if you're looking for this press release announcing two yemen men arrested by border patrol identified on the fbi's terrorism watch list you won't find it because as you mentioned , steve they wiped it clean from their website and twitter account and cbp issued a statement explaining, the news release in question, was not properly reviewed and contained certainties closure and policy information related to national security, that required cbp to remove it from our website, at the white house. press secretary jen psaki downplayed the apprehensions calling it "rarety but it prompt ed house minority leader kevin mccarthy to send a letter to the fbi and cia raising concerns over undetected terrorists crossing our border.
5:04 am
meanwhile, dhs secretary is reportedly considering filling gaps in the wall like you see here, but the white house who acknowledged some limited construction, is already funded and allocated, emphasized that overall wall construction remains paused. now, earlier, on fox & friends, livingston county sheriff tony childress addressed those very gaps. >> who leaves their doors unlocked at night when they go to sleep? i don't know anybody that does that. why would we leave our nation open for immigrants to come in. many of them were criminals. griff: and the brew tail of the smugglers again on display, heartbreaking video this little boy east of rio grande city, stranded, scared and sobbing in the desert. >> [inaudible] griff: there's a
5:05 am
child believed to be 10-12 years old was taken to a nearby shelter and comes as the administration opens yet another emergency child shelter and this one, near donna, texas. ainsley, brian, steve? steve: griff, they can't, the government can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. we already have seen the press release, so for them to delete it, it just makes it, you know, people are going what are they trying to do? griff: well that's a good question, steve. here we printed it out, fortunately and it's only about four and a half paragraphs with that photo on the back. now unless releasing the photo which obviously the eyes are blacked out is a disclosure of national security it's hard to see what else might be. remember they had already announced on january 29 the first man, 33 years old was apprehended in the same california area with a sim card under the soul of his shoe and they didn't delete that then but now apparently after the second one, they don't want this. ainsley: griff when you read
5:06 am
that press release, we read it yesterday, there's not anything on there that other than the si m card, the ages of the guys, where they were, they are from yemen, there's not more information, what's the national security issue? griff: it certainly doesn't stand out. you point out a great aspect to this , all it really has is a quote, ainsley part of the border patrol mission states we will protect the country from terrorists said chief patrol agent, so i'm not sure why they pulled it down but it raised a lot of eyebrows and certainly with everyone in the press. brian: my eyebrows have been raised since january 20 and they have not come down. i don't think i've blinked, thank you very much, griff, appreciate it. ainsley: think about it all it takes is one terrorist to do harm to our country. brian: i'm sure those are the only two that crossed. steve: why doesn't the government want us to know that they caught them? that's a victory, right? brian: since when do you hide i d's they don't want us to see us or us see them? steve: because its not been adjudicated. they are being listed and --
5:07 am
brian: just because you can't see their eyes? steve: but brian they have been put on a terror watch list because they have some sort of connection to somebody involved in terror so if they put the identities out, that is a, because it has not gone through the legal system, that just is not -- ainsley: jen psaki says it's very uncommon for terrorists to come across the border they don't want us to talk about it and know there are terrorists being caught down there because it changes the narrative. brian: let's keep talking about immigration and there's a big push now to finish the wall, evidently washington times had this story, once deputy homeland security secretary knows the need to have border security and they cannot control the messaging. the word is out, and the triangle countries around the world that now is the time to come. even the new york times admits joe biden is saying now is not the time to come, is not resonating. one person, who last night, decided to go with border patrol to see for himself what is happening at night with night vision glasses, is common jim
5:08 am
jordan and he says this is beyond a crisis. listen. >> they are talking about building the wall, continuing to build the wall because we heard from every single agent that walls work. they funnel people to the ports of entry which is how you want the system to work and it's just good common sense, but understand, brian, two and a half months ago before president trump left office he said you undo our policies, you will get a tidal wave of people flooding our border that's exactly what we have because they undid his remain in mexico policy while you do the processing. they undid the deportation policy and as you said, they announced to the world, we're not going to finish construction on the wall even though they are now reconsidering, those three things have led to the tidal wave. it's more than a crisis, brian. it it is chaos on the border. ainsley: all those little kids coming across the border we saw a few weeks ago or last week those two kids dropped over the wall. one was three years old, one was five. no parents with them. mom, apparently is in new york. they are dropped in the middle of the desert to fend for
5:09 am
themselves at three and five years old and then you saw the little baby dropped in the water and hearing griff's report that child, there is the video of the kids being dropped over and then in griff's report that heartbreaking video of the abandoned boy at the border crying. it's not humane, and this administration is allowing it to happen. these children alone in the desert and these are the kids that we found. bless their hearts, there are more out there in the desert right now, as we do this newscast. brian: yes. absolutely. i mean, they are crossing through, i think mexican government is really ticked off they had to deal with the previous administration and theophano blew it up. ainsley: were you ever separated from your mom at the grocery store just for a moment you're terrified. this kid is separated from his mom in a totally different country in the middle of the desert abandoned by the people he came over with. steve: the government won't tell us about it because i'm sure they figure out a way to say it's a national security issue so we can't tell you. meanwhile let's talk about you know georgia has changed their voter laws in the wake of the 2020 election. they have essentially made it
5:10 am
harder for people to cheat, and they have expanded it, but it is being demonized, as being racist and that's why major league baseball moved their all-star game out to colorado. by the way, the governor of colorado, yesterday, said that in an announcement it was going to be at coors field, said that they think the state of colorado and the city of denver will make $190 million. not 100 million. that's what we hear from georgia $190 million. now the people of georgia are going hey wait a minute. we're missing out on all that money, really is that a good idea? well, yesterday, our white house correspondent peter doocy asked joe biden, all right, you were behind boycotting georgia, and applied to the all-star game. does it apply to that golf course? listen. >> it's a master's golf tournament to be moved out of
5:11 am
georgia. i think that's up to the masters look it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about these new jim crow laws are just who we are. the other side is when they in fact move out of georgia, the people who need the help the most, people who are making hourly wages, sometimes could hurt the most, but it's the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up. brian: he just casually says oh , the new jim crow laws as if they actually passed jim crow laws. it's not even close. they're saying 11 weeks he's got to apply for an absentee ballot, no excuses. if you want it, you will get it. they say hey, do me a favor. just give me a picture id, your social security number is something, your tax id, your
5:12 am
utility bill. that is not jim crow. we just want to make sure your vote is really from you, and then when it comes to these drop boxes, first time ever, it's on the books, every county, big counties you get more than one. these are subtleties not jim crow. steve: but as you pointed out, brian, as joe biden calls it the new jim crow laws, they've got that same id thing, the new jim crow thing, jim crow law thing, in colorado too. ainsley: do you know what? steve: is he talking about georgia and colorado? ainsley: why is it that big of a deal we had kathy barnette on and she's running for u.s. senate in pennsylvania and she said i have so many black friends we all have id's i don't know anyone in my community that doesn't have an id, or some sort of a bill they can vote with just to prove who they are. i don't understand why that's so much of a problem. you just have to prove who you are, so that we have voter integrity so that we can trust
5:13 am
in our elections. brian: what they did in georgia got rid of signature verification so said okay fine we'll just get rid of it and they have signature verification in colorado so the wall street journal -- ainsley: and fewer days to vote. brian: at 15 yeah, as opposed to 17 or 19 if you count the weekends for georgia. meanwhile the wall street journal had a column very interesting from former major league baseball commissioner pay vincent and he said to all-star error and the commissioner politicized baseball over a law he likely hadn't even examined yet. he goes on and urge the commissioner to punish and he says major league baseball can't become a weapon in the culture world, a hostage for one political party, can't be the only one for the rich or the poor, or the one for one race as it was up until 1947. baseball must always stand about politics and its dark elements of corruption.
5:14 am
greed and selfishness and just on a pure marketing and pure capitalist standpoint, to tell 50% of the country or georgia or certain states like texas you're not worthy? you're telling fans that you are shedding anyway, because your game skews to go do something else. i'm walking around over the weekend people are like i'm done with the mets and yankees they are one week into their season but that's how ticked off they are about this. ainsley: it's an impulse reaction. we don't like this happened based on a lie, based on misinformation from our president, because what he's saying about the new laws is not true. brian: every was saying boycott , i want out of a state. ainsley: look at the atlanta community you're hurting all these african american businesses. steve: $191 million. ainsley: in atlanta 51% black, denver only 9.2% black so as greg gutfeld says that's who you're harming, listen to this. >> the media decided the
5:15 am
georgia voting bill was evil by demanding the same steps you'd need to get a library card , what did major league baseball do? they moved the game from atlanta , which is 51% black, to denver, which is 76% white. what were they smoking? >> [laughter] >> well it is colorado so maybe weed because you've got to be mile high to think this was a solution for a number of reasons that aren't colorado's fault it's just in this new woke world skin color is everything. so to help black people, mlb moved the game to denver which is whiter than the slopes in aspen, and made sure black-owned businesses in atlanta just lost millions in profit like most woke policies they make the folks in charge feel good while harming the people they insist they are helping. ainsley: just crushing for the hotel, crushing for the businesses in atlanta that many think about if you own a hotel and know this huge group is coming in in july you're getting your hotel ready and they spent a lot of money to do that your restaurants ready, your staff, all the people
5:16 am
planning on working at that game , and all the people who bought tickets to go to that game, major league baseball is saying they will give you your money back if you bought one. brian: i think 30-plus states are changing and tightening up their election rules, not to x anybody out but just to do the best they can to eliminate fraud, and we're is baseball going to play in three states, or are they just trying to get momentum towards nationaliz ing and federalizing the election system with a little measure called hr-1? steve: so ultimately, what this is doing is it's saying to all of the other states hey, you change your laws, we could come after you, like we came after georgia. meanwhile, cbs -- brian: is this supposed to bring us together? steve: brian that was just a sound bite. brian: oh, i guess so. steve: we're fast forwarding. meanwhile, they came after ron desantis, the governor of the great state of florida, on 60 minutes with a very one-sided piece that essentially said that the governor had a sweetheart
5:17 am
deal with the big grocery store publix after they gave his political action committee something like $100,000 in campaign money and he aimed the vaccines at his supporters. that report was so misleading, even democrats said it was a lie and what people saw is they saw 18 seconds of ron desantis saying that's a fake narrative, it looked like there were no facts when in fact cbs edited out his two minute very detailed granular response. what they should have done is if they aren't going to run the entire two minutes, i understand that time is money, but they at least could have summarized it, but instead, the way it works at 60 minutes is they know how the story is going to end before they leave the building to shoot it, so ron desantis said they had an agenda , they had a narrative, and ultimately, they've shaped the story so that you thought oh , he's doing something shady.
5:18 am
ainsley: why didn't they go after cuomo or california's governor gavin newsom? steve: well have they done anything shady? ainsley: exactly right and if they do that that's not journalism. you can't leave the building and already have your story. steve: they know how it's going to end. ainsley: exactly. so this is a statement from kevin tedesko, cbs news spokesman, he says we requested an interview with governor ron desantis. he declined and spoke to state emergency director twice, but he declined to be interviewed on camera for our story until well after our deadline. the idea we ignored their perspective is untrue. counter to his statement yesterday, we also spoke on the record with palm beach county for over 50 years, the facts reported by 60 minutes have often stirred debate and prompted strong reactions our story sunday night speaks for itself. but to go back to that mayor from palm beach, they said they spoke with, they spoke with him after the story. he requested an interview and they said no, he's a democrat he was going to defend ron desantis
5:19 am
, and he feels like they didn't like his narrative, they didn't like his opinion so they didn't want him to be a part. steve: they said oh, you missed the deadline. ainsley: by the way, publix gave moneys to democrats and republicans,. brian: yeah it was a little bit of a ground swell and people watterred to start protesting publix saying they should get their stories straight and they said we'll be ready to go in 72 hours and governor desanti s's staff said that's good for us. steve: publix has got a delicious sourdough bread. they make it in every store. ainsley: get your vaccine and pick-up sourdough bread. brian: jillian can't have stars and can't relate to this story. jillian: but i do love carbs. i will have some today. good morning, let's begin your headlines with this story at least 21 people including 16 firefighters are hurt in a massive fire at a queens apartment building in new york city. officials say the eight alarm fire started in a top floor unit and quickly spread throughout the building. more than 350 firefighters were
5:20 am
called into battle the flames and more than 240 new yorkers are now without a home. >> chilling surveillance footage shows the moments after a navy medic shot two sailors at a business park in maryland. one of those victims stumbling into a nearby business pleading for help. the accused shooter was killed by military personnel after speeding through a gate at fort dietrich, and brandishing a weapon towards security. officials are still searching for a motive. one of the sailors remains in critical condition. >> well, had billion dollars in tax hikes are coming to, know. governor andrew cuomo approving the increase as part of the states 212, excuse me, billion dollar budget. the tax hikes will affect those making over $1 million. reportedly putting them at the highest combined tax rate in the country. the budget also includes more than $2 billion in unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants. that's double the 1 billion included to support small businesses. that is a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you.
5:21 am
brian: all right, jillian thanks. meanwhile remember when vice president harris laughed off plans to visit the border? so where is she now two weeks after being put in charge to handle the crisis? think about that on the break. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at near record lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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ainsley: its been almost two weeks without any press conference from vice president kamala harris on the surge at the border, after joe biden tapped her to fix it. our next guest says she should never have gotten this role in the first place. aurtie pruitt is the ceo of the new journey political action committee and he joins us to explain. >> good morning to you. ainsley: why do you think she hasn't had a news conference or visited the border for that matter? >> vice president harris' appointment was simply because
5:26 am
she has brown skin. president biden is trying to inoculate himself against attacks, after all of the images have come out, after all the mistreatment of kids at this border, after the surge, he needs someone brown so he can ward off criticism. it's simply that fact. what other reason is there? is she some kind of border expert? has she spent years at the border? she won't even go to the border. ainsley: so how does this affect the children that are legally here, that are black and hispanic? does it hurt them? >> of course it hurts them. politics is simply the allocation of resources, right? if you think political science 101 course it's one of the first things you learn. politics is allocation of resources and resources are finite. it's not that we don't care as americans, but guess what? if you have $5,000 per student, and you doubled the amount of students, now you have $2,500
5:27 am
per student. that's the problem. that's the problem with biden's policy. it ignores mathematical reality. ainsley: how do you deal with this from a faith perspective, because when i look at these pictures, as a christian, i love everyone, they are all god's children, but legally it's not fair to the people who have done it the right way and they are getting free tickets when our own kids aren't but then i think about jesus serving everyone. how do you deal with that? >> how ideal with it is this. the money we donate through our church, the money we donate through personal charities we go out and do what we're called to do by christ and that's help our fellow man. at no point did christ say you have to take the government and forcefully remove money from people's pockets or things that they need that your citizens need. you're never called to do that. those who are able to help volunteer money, time, what have you, they are called to help, but at no point is the government, by gunpoint, by
5:28 am
the way, supposedly forced to take money from you, and give it to someone else because whatever government does, it's by force. ainsley: and then you have the choice to give money to your church or an organization that's helping instead of being forced to do it by the government. autry, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much. ainsley: still ahead a new jersey family kicked off a flight because their two- year-old would not wear a mask. >> you're not flying without a mask. ainsley: dr. marc siegel says these fear-driven enforcements are disturbing and he's going to join us live, next.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
the two-year-old wouldn't wear a mask. >> you'll have to get off. i don't want to do this. >> what did we do? >> not complying with a mask. >> we're wearing a mask. >> he's not wearing a mask. >> he just turned 2 a month ago >> i understand. >> he's trying to wear it. brian: wow the parents telling fox news the experience was traumatic for their daughter and special needs son who was also on board, so is this another example of a restrictions gone too far? let's discuss with fox news medical contributor and under of covid the politics of fear, dr. marc siegel. if you're there and they ask you your opinion, what would you have told the flight attendant? >> well, as a physician, i would say start with kindness and compassion, and regulations are not meant to be superimposed cruel and that's the first thing then i would say, brian, what's the actual risk of covid here
5:34 am
because a two-year-old rarely gets covid and rarely spreads covid. third i would point to the study that shows that on planes there's almost no spread whatsoever. you know what spreads covid? marching people off the plane, and then putting them back on including this family. that's what can spread covid within the airport. also, i would say two-year-olds don't like masks. they almost will never wear a mask, a two-year-old. some will, some won't. you try, also, the airlines would have provided a user- friendly shield if they took it that seriously but what they did makes no medical or public health sense whatsoever. brian: absolutely not spirit airlines said this , we're aware the incorrect information circulating about spirit airlines flight 138 from world to atlantic city and the flight was delayed due to compliance issues with the federal mask requirement and we allowed our guest to continue on the flight to their destination after their insurance of compliance and the safety of our guests and team members is of course top priority. the lethal two-year-olds are out to kill everybody, everyone knows that. meanwhile, senator rand paul
5:35 am
said this about the new news coming out about the coronavirus that seems to be good. listen. >> what we need to do is not push fear mongering. is it perfect? we know it's 1,000% perfect? no but the burden should be on government to prove that there's widespread, you know, people who have had it or now getting it by the tens of thousands or people being vaccinated still passing it along. these people can't stand good news because that means you get out from under their thumb and you're allowed to go back to living your life. they don't want you to be free of their mandates, they like the idea of submission because most of these people are at heart, big government people. brian: of course he was referring to good news. if you're vaccinated the cdc said you can't spread the virus. number two, this coronavirus can't spread on surfaces, which means for about a year, we've been wiping down all our groceries for absolutely no reason, so this is good news. why can't the medical community embrace that?
5:36 am
>> they should, brian. by the way, the veneer is gone off all my countertops and i'm sure you have the same problem. brian: i have. >> listen the science is evolving and we have to put the good news together with the bad or nobody is going to listen to us. the superimposition of all of this fear mongering and scare mongering is so, there's many reasons but one is because they don't want to be caught under reacting but do you know what it does? it makes people think well why should i take this vaccine? we'll have a problem with vaccine compliance now we only got 1.5 million doses into people's arms yesterday. we have to convince them to take the shot, and the way to do that is to point to new mexico and south dakota where there's a higher compliance rate, more shots in arms cases dropping, deaths dropping, israel 60% of the population vaccinated, the entire place wide open, only eight deaths yesterday. that's the way to message this , not the fear mongering. brian: we got to get 4 million a day and by the way 50% of the cases are in five states so maybe we could adjust that in terms of whose getting the
5:37 am
vaccine. dr. siegel great stuff, thank you. >> thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile, going straight ahead, maryland parents fighting back against woke politics in their school district, douglas murray sounds off at least he promised to, next. and from our friends at fox bet download the fox bet super 6 app and play for a chance to win $10,000, douglas murray will. all you need to do is predict six outcomes of the fox bet super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports, it's free to play, download the fox bet super 6 app right now. here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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5:42 am
hey, edward. reporter: hey, yeah, these are businesses that are coming out of a covid shutdown, so they needed this money. the governor here is saying that this basically hurts the businesses that the commissioner is saying that the law discriminates against. now the cobb county travel and tourism bureau says $100 million is how much money will be lost this week if people are not spending money at minority businesses also, in fact, major league baseball has asked for 19,000 hotel rooms in this particular area that will not be filled now, and that money would have been spent around here. >> all these other ceo's o of these companies that are in new york and new jersey and former ceo's that are pressuring people like delta and like major league baseball, coca cola and others, they should be truthful with people. they should look at their own damn laws in their own states. they are more restricted than ours are. reporter: and i have talked to a lot of people in the airport from last night at the gas
5:43 am
station, at the hotel, republicans, democrats, who are down here. all of them, very upset at how fast this happened, and the fact that the money is now gone. back to you. steve: $190 million they are estimating going to the great state of colorado. edward, thank you. meanwhile, it's major league baseball takes heat for caving to the woke left, the big question now, will the politics of getting involved in this back fire? ainsley: joining us now is author douglas murray, and he is with us this morning thanks for being with us douglas. >> it's a great pleasure. ainsley: do you think it will back fire? >> i hope it will. i think everyone should hope it will, because what's been going on here with major league baseball is a very clear example of something we've seen across individuals, across corporations and it's this. a person, or in this case, a state is found guilty, and then
5:44 am
the punishment begins and nobody even spends enough time on thinking am i actually guilty of what i'm being accused of? do i really deserve the punishments that come and sometimes this is individuals and sometimes it's a state and it's decided by who? i don't know. the state of georgia is racist because of voter requirements and therefore, you have to take your business out of georgia. this is an example of the problem of our time. there's no attention is paid to the detail of whether or not the accusation is either sincere , or true. it just passes by and then is straight on to the punishment beating that's what happened with georgia. brian: douglas this whole thing came up over the weekend and they are talking about the ncaa championship and charles barkly is talking sports but this came up when he was talking about race once again popping up when it cops to elections or everything else in society. i wanted you to hear this and comment. >> man, i think most white people and black people are great people. i really believe that in my
5:45 am
heart, but i think our system is setup for our politicians, whether they are republicans or democrats, are designed to make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp of money and power. they divide and conquer. brian: he's fed up. what do you think of this theory >> yeah, i saw it and i thought he was absolutely dead right. what we really have is what's going on underneath this? why would major league baseball make a decision like this that cost them, costs others, clearly doesn't actually help minority businesses as we've just seen, why would they be doing it? and i think we have to start asking that question. what is it that they are distracting us from, while they play these race games? what is it that's going on in their own house that means they have to sort of advertise themselves in this way as being against things that frankly, are phantom problems very often, and
5:46 am
that's a question that consumers , that customers, the fans and others have to start asking about this. what's really going on here? what are these people covering up because they must be covering up something in order to do something so transparently virtue-signaling. steve: you know, douglas, what is happening down in georgia is there are people who have been knocking on the doors of big businesses and then saying okay, you've got to come out and you've got to speak out against it, and in fact, the atlanta journal constitution this morning has a story about how religious leaders in georgia have been leaning on these big companies. you've got to publicly denounce them and we've heard from delta and we've heard from coke and they said yeah, it's a terrible law, but there's so much enormous appreciate precious on these companies to remain neutral but if you are a shareholder in those companies, you want the company to remain neutral. >> that's right.
5:47 am
basically, the companies have to decide whether they are actually profit-making companies or whether they are sort of weird ngo-like things that have to sort of be playing some other game, and that's what seems to be happening. as i said, this is how the woke warriors are picking people off. they are terrifying major corporations. they are going for whole states, and we have to come up with the answers against this , because this is a totalitarian move picking people off, intimidating people, smearing people without charge, without trial, and this has got to be addressed in america. ainsley: okay, douglas thank you so much for joining us if you want to pick-up his book, it's called the madness of crowds. douglas great to see you thank you. >> great pleasure. ainsley: 47 minutes after the top of the hour coming up after an uber eats driver was killed in that carjacking more than $1 million was raised in a gofundme for his family. one of the donations was from
5:48 am
pro-wrestler chris jerricho. steve: first let's check in with dana perino. good morning to you. >> good morning guys good to see you. we've got a lot coming up as is always a lot, but of course, we're coming off a great 8:00 hour. we're going to talk about this there's a heartbreaking video of a boy abandoned at the border fearing he be robbed or kidnapped. tom homan is here to react and president biden says he respects major league baseball for moving the all-star game out of georgia to protect the states voting rights bill plus are school districts caving to teacher's unions demands and some los angeles teachers are going to get a $500 child care stipend, so all here, up next.
5:49 am
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steve: we've been following the tragic death of a food delivery driver in d.c., for uber eats, as two teenage girls have been charged with his murder. 66-year-old father, grandfather, and pakistan immigrant mohammed unwar was working his shift for uber eats when the deadly carjacking took place a gofundme page has been started and has raised more than $1 million for the family.
5:53 am
aew wrestler chris jericho donated $2,500 to that campaign and he joins us right now chris, good morning to you. >> good morning and thank you. steve: thank you very much for joining us from down in florida. chris, where did you hear about this story? it's awful. >> yeah, i just heard about it on the news and it really resonateed with me because it's such an awful story in a year with so many awful stories, this one just stood out because this had nothing to do with a virus or any type of a reaction to it. just kind of this won ton story of violence, just really, it just really like i said it really hit me, it really struck me. steve: particularly the vicious ness of it, and how it involves a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl. it is alledged they assaulted him with a tazer while carjacking him which led to an
5:54 am
incident in which apparently the gas pedal was floored and he went crashing into a tree or a building and it killed him. why did you decide you wanted to make a donation to this family, because now, after you did, so many people have heard about it and now the family has $1 million in their gofundme page. >> well like you said, $2,500 doesn't change the world but i wanted to try and do my part to, i guess, give myself some kind of closure on this just terrible story. something out of a horror movie these children just murdering this guy who was just working, and it did put a little bit of a spotlight on it. it's a small solace for sure i don't care if it's $1 million or $100 million obviously it doesn't replace the life of mr. an war, but just like i said its been such a gloomy doom it
5:55 am
year for so many reasons that i just really wanted to try and shed some sort of light, maybe, on to it, or at least some sort of awareness so that other people like me could see this and want to help this family. once again what does money even mean when you're talking about this but what else can we really do? i don't live in d.c., and it's the least that i can do to try and, like i said, give some sort of sense to it from my end, and for the family's end as well. steve: you know, you mentioned the coronavirus pandemic. during the pandemic, guys like him, the uber eats driver, the grocery store people these are our frontline workers because a lot of people are terrified to leave the house so they call up and get the food delivered. >> well yeah, you're right. it is kind of a version of a frontline worker for us in this day and age, because when you're talking about curbside service or talking about uber eats like you said, i mean, these guys fed the nation in a
5:56 am
lot of ways. steve: indeed. >> once again, like this is a guy who was somewhat a hero, i won't say as much of a hero as a firefighter or whatever, but the point is he was on the frontlines, just doing his job. steve: he was. >> trying to achieve and live the american dream. steve: right. >> it's just a fate that should not have happened to anybody. steve: absolutely, chris jericho , we thank you very much for joining us. catch chris in all elite wrestling events which has fans back in the stands, thank you very much. >> thanks guys. steve: stepping aside, right back. here's exciting news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> go out there and rock the kasba today. >> bill: good morning. we begin this morning with a heart-wrenching video from the border. you are to see a young boy found at day break as he was abandoned in the desert. [speaking spanish]


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