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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 7, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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behalf. he wants you to be able to get them for your constituents. why is the word racism, racist used at all in the process of the mlb commissioner manford, pulling the game out of atlanta. he said, how is that even possible? why that word? >> how is the bill even racist? if you look at it with any form of neutrality, you can't spin that, the white house, or the courthouse or anywhere else around this country, it just does not add up. i've been telling a lot of people and i've been on a lot of different networks, not just conservative networks, i've been on predominately african-american-listening radio shows and other things and every question they ask me, i'm telling people the truth. somebody is lying to you here and it is not me. >> harris: one last one,
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atlanta's mayor is using her executive authority to expand access, we are told, to voting. "the new law's voting restrictions will disproportionately impact linda's residence, including people of color and minority groups. they did not expand access to the right to vote." what do you say to that? >> i read that article this morning and it sounds like they will put some notifications and bills and other things, so i'm looking forward to atlanta residents receiving their water bill and explaining that they now have the option to vote on the weekends more than they did in the last bill, so we will be interesting to see how they spend not one. >> harris: real quickly before i let you go, there is some comment from democrats, why didn't we all work together? i said yesterday, what gave you the idea that there would be
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bipartisanship from a democratic perspective? around the country, they passed bills with republican votes, so i want to get your thoughts on what happens going forward. >> i'm going to continue telling people the truth and i think what is going to happen, you're going to continue seeing folks walking this back and you see people like stacey abrams, who is actively working to have this happen with major league baseball and pressure these other corporations here in our state, they say, don't boycott, where were you before all of this started? that is the biggest issue, people need to know that it is the white house, stacey and all these groups, that this was the plan. this was the plan. it didn't matter what was in the
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bill but what happened was them not knowing what they were going to do at the end of the game, at the end of the final legislation, i think surprised them a little bit and they built a playbook around things that quite honestly didn't happen and now they are going to pay the price for that, politically, i believe. >> harris: what about corporations who say they will continue to pull out at this point? >> we have great discussions. we work with a lot of chamber of commerce groups, we even dealt with coca-cola and delta government affairs folks. they knew what was in this bill, there was no threat to pulling out. there was no working against this final bill. in the ceos might have a change of heart. but they are getting pressured in a smoke-filled room but most small business people, hardworking georgians that are losing out on this, they don't have a smoke-filled room but i am taking that form and pushing
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back and i will continue to do so. >> harris: it is so interesting, i have heard some clips from you and you say, i'm going to tell you the truth and the voices of those who speak for minorities and i'm going to include myself in this, obviously, when you reach out to those groups of people, those are often the only voices in the room. so really what you are trying to do, the 30% of businesses in atlanta that are minority owned and how they're going to be hit, that is the truth and it is necessary. i thank you for your time and we will bring you back as this thing falls together. the masters, i say it starts today because i like media day, but they kick off the tournament tomorrow. are they really going to start to pull out more? let's see what happens.
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george's governor bryan kemp, thank you very much for being with me. we have some breaking news now and we are taking a live look just past the top of the hour now because we want to show you, this is the funeral procession for officer evans, the 18 year u.s. capitol police veteran who was killed in the line of duty on friday when a vehicle rammed into evans and another officer and a barricade, 100 yards away from the u.s. capitol. remember the helicopter hovering and the presence of law enforcement, and that day on friday, we weren't quite sure what was going on and how this would unfold. there are two people at the time were being brutalized by somebody who decided to drive a vehicle through a barricade, and
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that officer who died is being honored right now. take a look at your screen. the u.s. capitol is all of ours. all of ours as americans. and that officer was serving all of us, should we ever take our families to the u.s. capital, should we ever find ourselves there. they serve all of america, all of americans. we lost someone, and now the details coming out on that suspect. state you're in for that part of the story too. it's important to know. the investigation that is ahead but for now, the police procession for the fallen capital officer on friday. he see a picture of him with his family to the right, and there are many people who have come out that are just, in addition to all of the law enforcement, some wonderful things has been said about both of these
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capitol hill officers, particularly the man who lost his life doing his job today. washington, d.c., very seldom does this happen that it is brought to a standstill. we see the gentleman in front of us, the police officer, it's always a tough day when you have a fallen officer but with everything we have been through at the u.s. capital, it matters that we recognize the sacrifice that some are making to keep us safe and remember the national guard members when they didn't really know? all of that was fair, that apparatus of protection there, and still, something allowed an individual to attack our u.s. police officers on capitol hill. the situation, no doubt, that needs to be looked at. that is part of the investigation too. question, how can you have that much force?
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♪ ♪ >> harris: president biden is not backing down in the boycott battle over the georgia election law and now critics are going after him for once again using an explosive term to shape the narrative amid fears it could end up dividing the nation and urging minorities even more but that is not stopping accusation, jim crow 2.0 when referring to
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the state's voting law. and he has been doing it when the controversy first erupted last month. >> this makes jim crow look like jimmy eagle. i will do everything in my power along with my friends in the house and the senate to keep that from becoming the law. >> this is jim crow on steroids, what they're doing in georgia and 40 other states. to speak of these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. when they move out of georgia, the people who need the help the most, the people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. >> harris: you're watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner here today. cohost emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. fox nation hope of "no interruption" tomi lahren. joining us today, fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo terrel. great to see everybody. it got heated with
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senator kennedy last hour. we had a real conversation about race and i wonder if democrats and the president and others are really listening and watching what is being said. they are dropping that r word like it's candy. >> leo: thanks for having me, kayleigh. glad you are a member of the team of "outnumbered." i am very intimidated here because this is a super eight team right here but i saw your interview, i saw your interview with senator kennedy and i told you come a spot on. let me be clear, i spent 30 years of my life as a civil rights attorney. there is no systemic discrimination, there is no institutionalized racism in america. jim crow ended with the civil rights act of 1964 and the civil rights act of 1965. joe biden is lying from the oval office. that is why he is constantly lying about this and is hurting people. race is an issue that divides
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this country and harris, i have been saying this for the last couple of weeks, why is he doing this? i think it is not only to divide this country but to -- this country from the disaster of the border and they are trying to bankrupt this country by spending more tax dollars because there is no racism, systemic, institutionalized, jim crow at all. one final point, you have a black mayor, look at this panel right here. look at this panel. we have diversity in this country, jim crow died in 1964. >> harris: i don't know if joe biden necessarily knows the difference. i might catch some heat for that but this is a man, when asked the question about voting, if you are black and you don't vote for me, you are not black! if you don't vote for me you are not black. i don't know that he necessarily
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has grilled down on the election law in georgia and figured out exactly what it says and gone back and looked at jim crow laws. wait a minute, i don't need to convert or put these two pieces together, i'm not convinced he knows the difference. he's welcome to come on the program and we can ask him about it. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right. he also praised a segregationist as his mentor so he has a rather checkered past when it comes to the issue of race. it's a pernicious lie for him to say that this georgia law is jim crow on steroids. let's look at voter i.d. for a moment. in 2005 georgia required voter i.d. to vote in person. in 2008, the supreme court upheld some of these voter i.d. laws. in indiana, john paul stevens was among the justices who were of the opinion. they weren't upholding jim crow, they were upholding voter i.d. guess what they saw?
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hispanic turnout increased by 60%, black turnout increased by 44%. there is no tide of voter i.d. it is common sense. that is why 73% of black americans support the provision. >> harris: it boggles the mind still. when i first started reading about where they were going to put major league baseball and move it out, i wonder, do people even read their own election laws? and if the president is going to weigh in on this, should someone not tell him that the same thing he is taking exception to in georgia is actually 2.0 in places like colorado, which also has voter i.d. legislation for voting, which has fewer days in colorado for early voting than the state of georgia. >> tomi: i believe every state should have voter i.d. i believe that is just logical and realistic. if we want about integrity. maybe that is not so important to the democrats but how pompous
9:18 am
and condescending for democrats to believe that black americans or minority americans are incapable of getting an i.d. and presenting it, or that they wouldn't care about election integrity and making sure that illegals, dead people and doubled voters are not voting in the election. that is incredibly insulting but back to something leo said, covid numbers are going down from a crisis at the border, joe biden wants to raise your taxes. gas prices are going to the roof so what do they turn to now? racism, racism, racism because that is all they have. they have to preach the victimhood narrative. the misinformation surrounding it, i am so happy you had the governor on your show in the last hour to talk about this and to explain, to not only black americans but all americans how important voter i.d. is, what their rights are, what election integrity means, because when you get down to the bare bones of this, this is about making sure that those who are eligible to vote are voting and their voices are heard. that is an american concept. that is not a white concept,
9:19 am
black concept, brown concept, purple concept, that is an american concept we should be able to rally around and i would ask these companies to explain exactly what they find about voter i.d. to be so racist and such a suppression of the vote. i don't think they could tell us. >> harris: i really want to start, and senator kennedy planted his feet on this with the mlb commissioner manford. how can you call legislation racist and then pull out $100 million of the economy and hand it to a place that has less diversity by droves than the place you just had your game in. i don't even understand that. the other thing we learned, he sat down with some of these people. he said none of those business owners are talking about boycotting them. nobody was bringing those up. stacey abrams, who is an
9:20 am
opponent, they are walking it back, they realize it's the very people they are trying to protect are the ones that they are hurting. >> emily: this is against a backdrop of almost 50% of black small businesses in this country being closed permanently because of the lockdown. that is part of the argument, why are these political leaders, the president most importantly, just continuing to racially divided and to stoke the flame when it's the constituents, it's all of us, americans who are getting hurt. most importantly insignificantly, those who are they purporting to protect. in "the wall street journal," they pointed out that in 2013, the supreme court overturned the voting rights act requirement, states histories of racially motivated intimidation, they had to have a doj or federal court approve voting legislation. they did away with that and at the time there was another uproar because the democrats always hearken back to 1964 with
9:21 am
the argument, there wasn't a resulting discrepancy between white and people of color turning out in voter turnout and in fact, the supreme court cited the uptick, the massive showing of people of color in the polls and the reason for it, rescinding that requirement. so the statistics do not prove end themselves toward this broken record argument by the democrats in that it is 1964, because certainly it is not. >> harris: i can tell you it's not. you are in a muscle car. you have seen cars the same year i was born in the '60s. we know we have moved forward. i'm just kidding. let's move on. this next topic is really something that people need to come to the television and watch because it is pretty unbelievable video and images we are about to show you now if the crisis at our southern border. the emotional clip of this
9:22 am
10-year-old boy in southern texas who has just come across the border and is pleading for help. he was abandoned along the way. [speaking foreign language] >> harris: i'm coming because if not, where my going to? the video is coming just days after the two toddlers at the center of your screen being
9:23 am
tossed over a border fence in new mexico before agents later rescued them. look at that fall, look at how far that is. now the new images of two migrant children ages five and six abandoned along the border in california earlier this week. reaching out for the other one, let me love you. agents sadie siblings had a handwritten note with their mom's name and phone number and her phone number written in marker on their arms. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris who has been tasked with handling the border crisis has not held a news conference in 13 days. i start with the pictures and would ask her about all that. still has no plans to visit the border, either. but did she have time recently to visit the boys & girls club in connecticut, baker in chicago yesterday about covid vaccine efforts, all important come all the way, and a water plant with governor newsom. but democrats often say they can chew gum and walk at the same
9:24 am
time. she needs to chew, get some sneakers on and get to stepping. >> kayleigh: that is right because we were told by none other than vice president, here is that what the trump administration was engaging in was human rights violations at the border with these facilities. she needs to answer questions. is she now human rights abuser for stacking these facilities far more so than what was done under the trump administration? that video, what an absolute tragedy. that is heartbreaking. anyone with a hard watch is that and is upset by it. let me be exceedingly clear, there is one person directly responsible for that video and it is president biden and his administration. when he stands at a podium and says we will not send children back, you incentivize those children to come. when you rollback title 42 for children and say we will not send them back to their home countries and reunite them with their parents, you are incentivizing it. a journey where one-third are
9:25 am
the victims of sexual abuse and 68% of the victims of violence according to doctors without borders. joe biden needs to answer for this. this is his problem on his watch that he incentivized. >> harris: when we look at those pictures, you don't have to be a parent to understand this, if you have looked into a child's eyes and you know what it's like when they are fearful about something, our agents now are doing a task that is much bigger than anything that has ever been designed. americans help more people around the world than anybody else on the planet. that is why people want to come here, and we are doing this at our border in droves. if only those parents would think, they're coming to america and we are taking care of them. but is that what's best for them? >> leo: being a former teacher and talking about my parents,
9:26 am
but joe biden is responsible for this because of his hatred for president trump. we had a secure border up until january 20th when president biden undid everything donald trump accomplished at the border. let me go back to kamala harris. kamala harris is a political diva. she went to the willie brown school of politics. don't get your hands dirty and issues you cannot win back going down to the border, it is not a winning argument because all she wants is power. she will go to a bakery but she's not going down there. she's not going to take any press calls, not going to answer the tough questions because she doesn't have the answers and she doesn't want to go down there because there is no winning political upside for her. she is not confident to be the vice president, she's not going to go down there and basically, you will see kamala harris at a bakery talking about vaccines, dealing with recalled governor gavin newsom but going down there and securing our
9:27 am
national border, she cannot win because if she does the right thing, she has to has to reinstate donald trump's policies. >> harris: actually get chills when you say that because that tells me that, forgive the lunchtime word, that movement on this is constipated. it's not politically satisfying for them. >> tomi: unlike kamala, i visited the border last week. i was in arizona and i will tell you, those who are coming across know that joe biden is not going to send them back. the parents know that. by the way, these parents that are sending their children across the border, unaccompanied, with drug traffickers, they are criminals and horrible parents, i will go ahead and say it. i will tell you this, my many border trips, border patrol agents, a lot of the work that they do beyond detaining and
9:28 am
arresting what they do illegally, a lot are rescue missions, especially in the arizona desert when it is 120 degrees. i have been there, i have seen it. they have call buttons that they respond to his migrants are stuck in the middle of the desert and they need help, who comes to the rescue? not kamala harris, not joe, not a single democrat, border patrol agents do that. another shocking thing i want your viewers to know, i was in arizona last week and there is an arizona area by the border, there is a spot in the desert called the rape tree, and this is where the drug smugglers, the human traffickers, and they demand $1,000 and if you don't pay up $1,000, it is a message for those coming across, that is how disgusting r kamala harris to not acknowledge it, for joe biden to not acknowledge it is disgusting so think it has for our border patrol agents because they are
9:29 am
all we have right now. >> harris: it is so true. and some of these other checkpoints have now been emptied out of some of the agents because they are having to deal with those problems away from the actual checkpoint. we could go on because we know that part of the country well. cbs news is still defending that "60 minutes" piece on governor ron desantis of florida. even as democrats are backing the governor. did you hear me? democrats are backing the florida governor. now there are calls for governor desantis to take legal action. uncertain times, homeowng money in the bank can bring you and your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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>> harris: cbs doubling down over the disputed "60 minutes" piece on florida governor ron desantis in a pay for play scheme involving covid vaccines they accused him of. cbs released a statement, when florida state data have revealed
9:34 am
the people of color were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors, "60 minutes" reported the facts regarding the vexing rollout, which is controlled by the governor. we conducted interviews with thousands of sources involved. we requested an interview with governor ron desantis. he declined. we spoke to stay in emergency director twice. he declined to be interviewed on camera for our story until well after the deadline. the idea that we ignored their perspective is untrue." however, jared moscowitz is firing back. here's the tweet. "i did speak with "60 minutes." never said i didn't. they were very nice but i told them that the public story was bowl blank. walk them through the whole process, the fact that i didn't sit down with them on camera doesn't change the truth.
9:35 am
leo, it must be complicated when people hold up signs and say you were wrong and you are cbs news today and you are going, i can't quite read that, what does that say? >> leo: this is so funny, harass, because even cbs is playing the race card. they are concerned about people of color. my god, it is just all over the country but it is just amazing. the press release, that doubling down, they don't talk about the end of the tape they left out of their peace because the narrative they want to follow. we want to trap governor desantis who happens to be the best governor in this country. the governor who happens to be a rising star in the republican party. they are afraid of governor desantis because he is doing everything right whereas in california, where i live, where we have a recalled governor and new york, doing
9:36 am
everything wrong. >> harris: apparently there is no curiosity around why some diverse communities that we are talking about, this vexing project, the reason why it's a challenge for them to get a vaccine. and for some as a community. when you have conversations, you can eliminate it on the fact that it might not mean they might not want to go to the grocery store, they just want information on how to stay safe. they didn't have any curiosity about that part of the story. but there is this legal part i want to get you. what can you do? >> emily: there are calls for him not just to sue but to sue specifically for a reason and that is to overturn "new york times" versus sullivan and that was the case 50 years ago that required an actual malice standard for public figures. the argument is that standard has created a monster, that the press has run unfettered without
9:37 am
a check to keep them honest, and we have seen how that goes. this is on the heels of a d.c. circuit court of appeals judge calling for this to be overturned as well as of course justice clarence thomas, and there is an additional argument which i believe firmly as well that he would actually succeed on the standard of actual malice. so there are growing calls for him to make this that seminal case that could change the game and the landscape of these journalists moving forward. >> harris: you know what is fascinating to me? in politics all you ever want to do is get your name out there so the people will listen to your policy ideas and all that. "60 minutes" just put ron desantis on the map and you heard leo to roll talking about how he might be a threat to democrats? they put him on the map. >> kayleigh: is exactly right, with the press did to president trump you they continually lied about him over and over and over and brought a
9:38 am
lot of attention to his name although he was very well known even before this, before he ran for office and same with governor desantis, they are doing the exact same thing to him. to underscore emily's point, it is so important, she mentioned the d.c. judge who came out with this breathtaking opinion -- to american democracy because it allows the press to run lies with impunity because it is nearly impossible to prove somebody intentionally misled although in this case you have a democrat mayor who has said that cbs intentionally misled so he should take this to chris because for far too long the press has run forward with impunity, saying there was russia collusion for two years when there was not. ignoring the hunter biden story which we now know is true. they run wild with conspiracy theories that only serve one interest, and it is that of the left. >> harris: how did they get away with that?
9:39 am
>> tomi: the sad part is when these things come out come of the american people trust to the media even less and we realize a lot of the media is fake news and it is provable. for cbs to double down and not admit any wrongdoing, they would have had to edit it and select what they were going to put out there if they were trying to mislead the public but i think if we are going to look at the silver lining here, i think this is a moment for ron desantis. just like you saw donald trump take it to the media and fight back, this is his chance to shine, to make a name for himself, show that he has great aunt is resilient, that he will not back down. great things in the making for 2024. i think this will be great for him and we will see him shine even brighter. >> harris: i couldn't be a politician because i'm not smart enough to be but even i could succeed after this. you just put my name in lights and got the country behind me by saying. he managed to do what joe biden couldn't. through "60 minutes," he might
9:40 am
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speak of the l.a. sheriff holding a press conference to talk about these circumstances surrounding tiger woods' crash on figure 23rd. was speed the only factor in that car crash? also coming up, nikki haley, the former u.s. ambassador talks about the georgia border in the u.s. possibly joining the iran nuclear deal. she has a lot to say about all of that. and a plan to reopen the state of california on june 15th, but why not april 15th? i'm john roberts, joined the sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> emily: thanks, john. some pretty explosive claims
9:45 am
from comedian dave chappelle about what went on in the obama white house right before trump took office. in 2019, she told a radio host, we came into the white house and i will tell you something, every office was filled with obama books and we had nose left behind that said, you will fail and you aren't going to make it. dave chappelle said he witnessed it firsthand when he attended one of the last parties then president obama held in the white house. >> when the trump administration moved in, he said, the obama administration left dirty notes for us and all the doors and the cabinets. i saw this happen. i'm not going to say who did it, but it was celebrities writing there, and i saw him do it. so when i saw them doing it, i -- >> emily: this is appalling, frankly. we are all americans and i would hope we all brewed for the success of our leadership, so my
9:46 am
question to you is are these stories of this incredibly petty behavior, is that just the tip of the iceberg? what did you hear there? >> kayleigh: it's incredible. stephanie grisham was called a liar by susan rice, no room to be talking about lies, since she claimed the benghazi attack on video, but this is what she did come all of my predecessors, they would just throw out the word liar when stephanie grisham has backed up those notes did exist but i will say this, i do think it is extremely appalling that you wouldn't route for the trump a administration or any administration to leave a note saying "i hope you fail." i left a note saying "i wish you success. of course i don't want the so-called equality act to pass but i want our country to succeed and that means wishing joe biden doesn't have a border crisis on his hands and hoping the economy succeeds. that is what you do, not leaving a note like this from
9:47 am
celebrities, it is appalling. >> emily: it is so below the office, they are supposed to be grayson's office in the stories blow wide open, is this more proof that they wanted trump to fail? that they were willing to burn the house down if it meant that they could see that person fail? >> kayleigh: of course they rooted against this country when president trump was in office but this is really trump derangement syndrome, they would haven't recovered even though he is no longer in the white house but i will tell you this, this is what i miss her dearly about donald trump, he really took it to hollywood, he didn't care, he didn't need to tap dance for them and get their approval, hillary clinton, joe biden, kamala harris, certainly obama, they wanted the praise and the affection of hollywood, entertainment and sports. donald trump didn't care. he wanted the american people to like him, believe in him, shine
9:48 am
the light on forgotten americans and that is exactly what he did but the fact they left these notes shows how petty and ridiculous they really are. i'm glad the story has been validated so their true colors can show once again. maybe that is why we are not watching their award shows or their grammies. quite frankly we don't care about them anymore. they are showing exactly who they are. >> harris: to see dave chappelle throw some celebrities under the bus after what he has been through, cancellation and the reinstatement of his show, he has had quite a year. he must really be feeling it. he must be fed up with those hollywood celebrities, what she's talking about. but what i have always known, classiness is free. without it, life can be very expensive. let's see what happens to some of those people who left notes out. if we ever know who they are, maybe their careers could take a ding. just saying, it could happen.
9:49 am
>> emily: this stuff is proof -able here. what are your thoughts on this? >> leo: it shows the mere fact that dave chappelle and naomi campbell are laughing about it, they wanted trump to fail. the problem is, he didn't fail. it's one of the reasons he became a republican. he gave up four years of economic prosperity and national security, so they were wrong. this man accomplished so much in the four years. i am proud to be a trump supported because the man had put americans first and if you are outside of the west coast and the east coast, outside of the beltway you know that the trump message resonated with americans. >> harris: that is exactly right into your point, there is a distinction between supporting policy and having respect and routing for the end result being leadership and strength, especially in the eyes of the
9:50 am
rest of the world globally and this kind of behavior does nothing to show towards that and i wonder if there has been some undercurrents historically of that or if you felt with your experience this was just brand-new come out of left field only in that transition. >> kayleigh: there were always those rumors. as an intern in the bush administration, there was a rumor that the clinton administration remove the ws from the keyboard. whether that is true i don't know. but there was a memo, let's treat those coming in with grace and respect and that tends to be the way things are done and it's the way it should be. >> emily: that is right. we are waiting for a news conference regarding the recent crash of tiger woods. we will bring it to you it begins. and united airlines is on a publicity blitz, touting new plans to make sure half of their pilots are women or people people of color but critics are asking if the company's prioritizing identity politics over ability. stay with us. owners.
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>> emily: critics are united airlines with identity politics over ability. the airline will train 5,000 pilots over the next decade and pledges at least 50% of them will be women or people of color, including some with no flying experience. this after united slammed georgia's new election integrity law despite requiring an i.d. to board their own planes. leo terrell, you are the civil rights attorney here. is this the way to achieve equity and equality in the workplace? >> leo: no! absolutely not! let me tell you wife, let me tell you why. it is the deepest blue state, emily. they tried to pass during the election, and affirmative action bill. i was on the committee and lost in california. people don't want to have quotas, affirmative action. these quotas, these gender
9:56 am
quotas are wrong. pick on qualification. look at this panel, look at this panel. there is no mandate by fox. pick people who are competent regardless of skin color, gender and that's what they said 50 years ago, wrong! >> emily: tomi, recruiting students up color from historically black schools and sort of training them from stem to stern so that they will be ready but then the counterargument is, it's not on the same plane and there are some worries about the process itself that it will lend itself to that caliber based on the procedure of this new process that they are instilling. >> i think there needs to be a discussion between equal rights and special rights because there seems to be a certain group in this country who much preferred special rights to equal rights. but i tell you this when i board an airplane, i don't think about my pilot and think oh, boy i hope they are a woman or person of color.
9:57 am
i don't think about their race, gender or how they are to identify at all. i think about how they fly the plane and that is what we should be discussing. there are certain areas affirmative-action might work or might feel nice and warm and fuzzy. not somebody in charge of a plane and flying in the sky. that is not the area for affirmative action to take place. we need people to fly of merit and no matter what color they are or how they identify their gender or sexual preference, let's get to fly point a to point b, my goodness. >> emily: harris, is this a misguided solution to a true issue, but to tomi's point with life or death at stake if the process is not maintained in a certain way? >> harris: so my dad was a combat pilot. two code tours in vietnam. his fitness testing and reporting and all of that never asked a question, are you black enough to fly right now? they wanted to know, can you
9:58 am
help us win make this work? can you land that plane and bring back everybody who be safe and complete the mission? there are areas where we can use more diversity, right? we need more diversity for our doctors during the pandemic to reach out to minority community. there are places that we can look to do that, but again, you want your doctor to be based on merit. and what happens when -- you can do both is what i'm saying. but what happens when they can't get enough people of color or diversity in lgbt, the way that you think and i hope we go beyond the color of her skin. it encompasses a lot. what of those people don't want to work for the airline? are they going to fly a plane? >> emily: kayleigh come up representation in the workforce starts years prior us with access and representation in the education system. and all of those ancillary aspects which here, it seems,
9:59 am
and the last year, that disparity between communities with privilege and without has widened here there is nothing about the decisions being made recently that has done anything to close that gap. so it seems that without these programs, however, what does the future look like in that way? >> kayleigh: it is a great point. harris talks about diversity in one way. one way is financial diversity. it takes about $100,000 to get the number of hours you need to become a pilot. so why not prioritize people who have the skill and talent like leo said but not the financial means to become a pilot? i think it is key, important but to tomi's point, white, black, hispanic, man come i want you to land the plane. >> emily: safely. thank you so much to everyone. this is such a great conversation as always, kayleigh, you finished your first week and we are so glad to have you come i new lead by example every day, tomi, we are honored to have you here.
10:00 am
leo, you are the absolute best. >> leo: i was intimidated by this piece. >> harris: you were a rock star appearance before you are the shining stars. thank you for everyone at home and now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> john: thanks, fox news alert any moment now. we are expected to learn the cause of the february because crash that seriously injured golf legend tiger woods. the los angeles county sheriff's office told a news conference and moments to announce the findings there of their investigation. we will bring that live as soon as it begins. it looks like we are getting ready to go there. >> john: absolutely heartbreaking video of a young


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